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For the AP Sciences, would you recommend Bozeman Science or Khan Academy?

Hello! I like Bozeman — but that’s just a personal preference (especially for AP Bio)! Khan on the other hand (IMO) goes more in-depth on some subjects/provides more info. But if you’re struggling with a specific subject I’d recommend just watching both? What’s another 5 minutes? 

[FALLEN LONDON SPOILERS] out of curiosity i just went poking around on where the “intimate of devils” storyline leads and I am HEARTBROKEN. I thought I was having flirty fun times with the damned that might lead to something serious not that I was being USED for my SEXY SOUL. 

but seriously, considering that the spouse options don’t include the quiet deviless or the affectionate devil after having built up my investment in them as characters i am really, really, really disappointed that there’s no other way for the story to turn out but that they’re out to get my soul. they are the characters in the game that I have had the longest interactions with, and the relationships that seem to have the slowest burn. like I honestly haven’t really been that bothered by any other romances in the game so far because I was invested in what was happening with the devils. I was delighted every time I got an intimate of devils card in the opportunity deck. Getting to know them and building up a relationship with them seems far more in-depth and intricate than any other romance I’ve had so far - some of that is probably projected but it just seemed slower and more natural than clicking buttons over and over to build up a certain amount of numbers to seduce someone. And on top of that a lot of the writing really lead me to believe that they honestly cared about me as a person (she said, sobbing into her tub of ben and jerrys). I mean I guess arguably they do but apparently the story ends after they get your soul and that’s the end of it. I knew they weren’t available as spouse options so I wasn’t even going to get a spouse, and I thought the ongoing flirtation could continue indefinitely. MAN. HEARTBROKEN.

Dear Sugar,

I’m transgender. Born female 28 years ago, I knew I was meant to be male for as long as I can remember. I had the usual painful childhood and adolescence in a smallish town because I was different—picked on by other kids, misunderstood by my (basically loving) family. Seven years ago I told my mom and dad I intended to have a sex change. They were furious and disturbed by my news. They pretty much said the worst things you can imagine anyone saying to another human being, especially if that human being is your child.

I cut off ties with my parents and moved to the city where I live now and made a new life living as a man. I have friends and romance in my life. I love my job. I’m happy with who I’ve become and the life I’ve made. It’s like I’ve created an island far away and safe from my past. I like it that way.

A couple weeks ago, after years of no contact, I got an email from my parents that blew my mind. They apologized for how they’d responded when I told them about my plans for a sex change. They said they were sorry they never understood and now they do—or at least enough that we could have a relationship again. They said they miss me and they love me.

Sugar, they want me back.

I cried like crazy and that surprised me. I know this might sound odd, but I believed I didn’t love my parents anymore or at least my love had become abstract, since they had rejected me and because we’ve not been in touch. But when I got that email a lot of emotions that I thought were dead came back to life.

This scares me. I have made it because I’m tough. I’m an orphan, but I was doing great without my parents. Do I cave and forgive them and get back in touch and even go visit them as they have asked me to do? Or do I email them and say thank you, but letting you back into my life is out of the question, given our past?

I know what you’re going to say, Sugar. I read your column. But I need you to say it to me.


I really cannot survive like this anymore
Like the sudden mood changes are really awful I’m becoming borderline suicidal again and it’s not good. I probably need to be on an antidepressant… Fucking hell I need to beg my mom to take me to another psychiatrist again because she doesn’t believe in depression. Wish me fucking luck.

I’m so sorry to all my followers that are excited for that pin, but I really think we got shut out of an amazing deal. I get it Japan owns the games origins, they get the best pick always, but come the FUCK on.

You’re telling me that the American aspect of Square Enix couldn’t just get us one of those sweet packs?

They had five to choose from

Five fucking packs

And we get a fucking pin?

I’m insulted.

As an American fan of an originally Japanese game…I’m so insulted. I feel like such a privileged asshole for saying that, but it’s just so upsetting to me.

Thats fucked up.