Imagine Request: can you do one where Justin is drunk and Y/N has to go get him from the club?

Warnings: none

Word Count: 665

Letting out a sigh you parked your car and killed the engine, the deep bass of the blaring music could be heard-and felt-all the way out in the parking lot. Climbing out of the car you locked it and continued into the club “ID.” The bouncer mumbled lowly, slipping your hand into your back pocket you handed him your ID “Hey do you know where the VIP section is? I’m here to get my boyfriend and I’ve never been in this club.” You asked nervously chewing on your bottom lip, the bouncer mumbled something under his breath before walking you through the entrance of the club “Just up the stairs and to the right.” You nodded and thanked him before weaving through the mob of sweaty drunk and high people jumping to the beat.

Climbing the steps you were caught by yet another bouncer “Name.” You sighed looking up at him “I’m here to pick up my boyfriend, that’s all.” He shook his head stepping in front of you “If you’re not on the list you can’t go in, sorry sweet cheeks.”

Slipping out your phone you dialed Za’s number and brought the phone to your ear “Yo Y/N, you here yet?” He asked rather loudly, obviously drunk himself “Yes I’m here, tell this bouncer to let me in.” You yell whispered angrily through the phone, you heard him yell something before the line went dead.

I waited for a moment impatiently tapping my foot before Khalil stumbled over “Yo she’s good.” He yelled to the bouncer who nodded and moved so I could enter “Are you in your pajamas?” Glaring at him I narrowed my eyes “Yes I’m wearing my fucking pajamas because I was sleeping when you called me!” He parted his lips but you were quick to cut him off “Just show me where he is.” You grumbled impatiently.

“HEYYYY THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” A stray giggle escaped Justin’s lips “You look so bootiful.” You couldn’t help but smile at his word choice, Khalil helped up and slung of his arms around his shoulder helping you get him out to the car “See you later Biebs! Thanks for getting him mami.” Khalil smiled pulling you into a sloppy hug before he stumbled his way back into the club.

“You look so preeeeeeety.” Justin sung loudly as you pulled onto the road, rolling your eyes you turned on the seat warmers in attempt to warm up “Someone’s touching my booty making it warm,” He giggled squirming slightly against the seat “Is that you Y/N, are you touching my booty?” He jabbed his index finger into your cheek repeatedly until you seized his hand and placed it back into his lap.

“C’mon Justin, try not to crush me here.” You groaned as he shifted more of his weight on you as you struggled to get him through the door, finally after much struggle you got him upstairs and onto the bed.

You stripped him of his clothes leaving him in his boxers “Y/N.” He whined rolling over to face you, sighing you went into the bathroom and grabbed him a glass of water “Drink all of this, it will sober you up a bit.” And he did, once he was done he set it on the bedside tables and got under the covers “Come to bed.” He pleaded quietly, muffled by the pillow he had buried his face in.

Climbing under the covers his arms wrapped around your waist pulling you flush against him, his soft warm lips planted themselves on your neck “I love you.” He whispered softly against your neck “I love you too Justin, now please go to sleep.” A tired yawn escaped your lips, he nodded slowly mumbling something under his breath.

“Do we have any beer?”



“Shut the fuck up and go to sleep.”

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