My first time watching Sherlock
  • Me:three episodes a season?!?
  • Me:oh, is he crying??
  • Me:poor baby!!!
  • Me:awwwwwwwwww
  • Me:ok ok so he's Watson
  • Me:his voice is actually that deep?
  • Me:he doesn't look like his voice should be that deep.
  • Me:oh. I see people shipping them.
  • Me:even the landlady ships them!!!
  • Me:give into it, Watson!
  • Me:you know you want to!
  • Me:oh you don't like Sherlock?
  • Me:he is beautiful! Look at him! He's adorable! And super smart and Sherlock-y!
  • Me:why, when they have these Sherlock Holmes shows, do nobody know who Sherlock Holmes is?!?!
  • Me:oh look, he's being all Sherlock-y!
  • Me:I love this. Why do I love this?
  • Me:give into the homosexuality, john.
  • Me:oh he's solving the case!!!
  • Me:oh I love this
  • I love this.
It is good for a Muslim here. I enjoy London. Before I came, I spoke to Luka Modric [Real’s ex-Spur] and he said: ‘London! What a great city, it’s unique, beautiful, a place you have to experience.’ I thought to myself: ’ Hold on, it can’t be so beautiful if people drive on the left!’ But it is beautiful. I look around and see the many cultures living here. I’ve met lots of people in London. In Madrid it was not really like that. I lived there for three years and didn’t get to know many people. Now I understand what Modric meant when he talked about life in London being unique. Whenever I come back here, I feel I’ve arrived back home. I feel comfortable here.
—  Mesut Ozil on life in London (x)
a guideline to studying abroad in london

some of this is tailored from my own personal experience at regent’s university, so some advice may not apply but it’s all pretty sound i think   

1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEEE be careful when you go out to bars/clubs/pubs. i’m going to sound like a total mom, but just always watch your drink. don’t take your eyes off of it. if someone offers to buy you one, go with them and watch the bartender pour it! there’s like a scarily high rate of roofie usage there and i know like three people who it happened to and i’d be so sad if that happened to you :( 

 2. do as much travelling as physically possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never say no to a trip. rule of thumb, everything is two hours away. take the eurostar to france, take the greater anglia out of london, use the tube! there’s a lot of discount flights for uni students as well for trips to ireland, italy, or spain. don’t worry about your grades so much that you forget that you’re doing something that’s quite literally a once in a lifetime experience  

 3. if you’re going to a well off, posh uni, don’t let your mean, rich-european classmates upset you. they were raised very differently from you, and do not follow the same social cues in educational situations and social situations. be nice to everyone, but know that there will be people you will not see eye-to-eye with   

 4. there is a universal wifi in london called ‘the cloud’. i am not convinced it is real. it does not exist. however long you are there, your phone will try and connect to it, but it will never work. you can only hope and wish that one day, you will be a part of the cloud.  

 5. the tube doesn’t run 24 hrs like the subway in new york. if you’re out late make sure to have the number for a black cab. these cabs know how to get anywhere (they have all passed this test called The Knowledge, they know what they’re doing. also download the Tube Map app because it will save you so much stress and time, it easily maps out routes for you)  

 6. always keep an eye on your bank account. at one of the ATMs on baker street a lot of kids from my uni were getting their information stolen and their money was rapidly depleting. so make sure to have a mobile banking app to monitor not only your spending, but if there’s anything suspicious going on 

 7. the gap is an actual thing there. not like in the city where they’re like 'watch the gap’ no. there is a gap. you can fit several humans in it depending on which tube line (metropolitan) you’re taking. watch. the. gap. 

 8. things close very early even though you are now living in one of the biggest/infamous cities in the world. not even mcdonalds is 24/7. if you’re hungry, you better eat, because later it’s either ordering delta pizza online, or pining for a full english in the morning 

 9. it is not customary to tip for services you would typically tip for at home. wages are higher there, so they do not work for tips. if you would still like to tip, feel free but you will save a lot of money in the long run. (the only time i would tip was if i ordered a food delivery, and when i got my tattoo, even though my artist straight up refused to take my money) EDIT: if you receive good service it is nice to tip your server/bartender. you don’t have to do it everywhere the way you would in america though. just be a decent person, yeah?    

 10. get a UK mobile phone from carphone warehouse. they are literally everywhere. don’t be scared to get a tiny, shitty phone. no one is going to make fun of you for it. it’s about 30 quid to buy a small plan for while you’re there and it helps you with phoning a cab, sending emergency texts, or keeping in touch when you’re not connected to wifi

 11. always make sure you have money on your oyster card (tube/bus travel card). it’s super embarrassing to have the gates not open on you during rush hour and there’s 20 other people in a rush behind you. plus if you’re mid-commute and low on your oyster card, and you’ve travelled through too many zones you’ll emerge with negative money and you’ll be fined. never scan getting on and try and skate through the gates on the way out. you’ll have all of the money erased from your card as punishment (this happened to me on accident one time when the gate i was at was broken and stuck open. then i had to beg the men at the desk of baker street station to fix my card)  

 12. do something you’ve never done before! go off and explore on your own. if you have something that you’ve always wanted to do, live it out, because you’ll never have that kind of freedom again. just be safe and have an amazing experience!

Danny: Do you believe in soul mates?
Alex: No. But not only do I not believe in them, it’s not even a nice idea.
Danny: Not a nice idea?
Alex: That there’s only just one other person out there for you. What are the odds this person would be in the same country? Or the same city? That their paths would even cross? It would mean that almost everyone in the world is with the wrong person. If it’s a way of saying we’re good together why not just say we’re good together? But if you mean it literally…
Danny: You think there are better people out there for you?
Alex: There might be, for both of us. But since we don’t know them, it’s just a theoretical.

 - London Spy, Episode 4 (I Know)


Josh: How many people do you think I meet a day?
Arnold: I don’t know. On average, like three?
Josh: How many is that a year?
Arnold: One thousand and ninety five.
Josh: How long do you think I’ve been capable of love, romantic love?
Arnold: Ten years?
Josh: Okay, so I fall in love with two people in that time, right. So that’s two people in ten thousand nine hundred and fifty, which is one in five thousand…
Arnold: …four hundred and seventy five…
Josh: …chance that I’m going to meet someone that I am in love with. And there is a one in five thousand four hundred and seventy five chance they’re going to love me back. Okay. What’s the chance of my one meeting someone where I’m their one?
Arnold: That’s assuming that everyone you meet could be someone that you could fall in love with when actually it’s more likely to be a subset of that number based on, like, a defined criteria around love.
Josh: Okay. If we ignore the subset, what’s the number?
Arnold: One in, like, twenty nine million.
Josh: Okay, so, there’s a one in twenty nine million chance I’m going to meet someone, I’m going to love them and they’re going to love me back. How many people are there in the world?
Arnold: Seven billion.
Josh: What’s the chance of us meeting amongst that seven billion by the chance of us…the twenty nine million?
Arnold: Well, that’s just not really a thing but the calculation would be just like a very very very small number.
Josh: A tiny number. Very small. And that’s not even taking into account whether I was charming that day or whether or not they were charming on that day. Okay?

- Please Like Me, Season 3 Episode 9 (Champagne)


I just really like these two conversations juxtaposed. 


“Hey Troye!” Connor says happily as I answer the facetime call and I wave at him through the screen.

“Hey babe.” I reply, blowing a kiss at the camera with a giggle.

“How is London so far?” He asks, tilting his head to the side to show he’s listening as I begin to babble on about how it’s been so far.

“It’s been great! Only one sort of annoying thing though.”

“What’s that?" 

"I have my own few paparazzi people. It’s not that annoying because it’s like three or four people when it happens but like, you know.” I say, sighing and raking a hand through my mop of hair as he nods.

“That’s cool though Tro! Aw my baby boyfriend is becoming famous.” He coos, pretending to wipe away a tear from his face, eliciting a giggle from me.

“Sure, sure.” I say, waving off his comment completely and just watching as he goes on his laptop, absentmindedly clenching and relaxing his jaw.

“Ooh Tro I was wondering…” He begins and I nod, gesturing for him to go on, “If I could watch the first episode of transparent without you?” He asks in a pleading voice, pouting and batting his eyelashes at me. I sigh.

“You promise only one episode? I want to catch up when I’m back in LA in our reunion cuddle session.” I say and he nods.

“Yes sir.” He says in monotone, pretending to salute at an officer.

“Well I’ll leave you to watch that. Only one episode remember,” I say sternly, pausing for dramatic effect, “Call me when you wake up tomorrow.” I command and he nods again eagerly.

“Okay, I love you.” He promises sincerely, blowing a kiss as I did when I answered the call.

“I love you too, bye kitten.”

“Bye, baby.”

*        *        *

I’m on my way to the BBC place, walking through the semi-busy streets of London, when my phone begins to ring in my pocket. I look at the contact to see who’s calling and smile when it reads ‘Con my Bon’

“Hey babe.” I say softly, before noticing there were a few paparazzi stood off to the side of the pavement, trying to be subtle as they followed me to the BBC building and took photos. How rude and invasive.

“Hey Tro, so… You know I said I’d only watch one episode of transparent?” He asks, sounding guilty.

“Yeah.” I say, keeping my voice down so the paparazzi wouldn’t try to figure out who I’m on the phone to.

“Well I sort of watched, like, what, pfft, the whole season.” He tells me and I sigh out in mock anger.

“Connnnniiiiiieee.” I whine as I walk, “You promised.” I tell him, glancing back behind me to see one of the paparazzi noting things down while another aimed a big camera at me. For fucks sake go away.

“Oops?” He says in a questioning tone and I just roll my eyes.

“Whatever babe, I have to go now, I’m at the BBC building. Gotta record my internet takeover segment.” I say and I hear him hum.

“We can watch the whole season again when you get back.” He reasons and I nod, even though he can’t see me.

“Yeah okay. But seriously I have to go now Con, love you.”

“I love you too, bye baby.”

“Bye kitten.”

*        *        *

I go on twitter when I arrive back at my hotel and the first thing I see is an article on me that’s been tweeted multiple times to me. At the top of the page there’s two photos of me on the phone, and someone has edited in a speech bubble saying on the first image, where I’m wearing a soft smile as I speak on the phone, “Hey babe.” and on the second, which has me laughing and still on the phone, “I have to go now Con, love you.”

“Shit.” I mumble, looking at what the actual article has to say.

This morning, on his walk to the BBC building, some co-workers and myself spotted Troye Sivan Mellet walking along the surprisingly not too busy streets of London. Upon one of us getting closer, they began filming and listening to what he was saying. As of when we got closer, we realised he was picking up the phone to someone, and the first thing he says when he answers the phone, with a bright smile on his face, is “Hey babe.”

I know what you’re thinking, 'this could just be a joke he has with one of his friends’ but it isn’t, because he carries on to joke around and talk to the person, calling them 'Kitten’, 'Connie’ and 'Con’ multiple times during the call. Our suspicion for who was on the phone is none other than Sivan’s labelled best friend, Connor Franta.

Now why are we so certain that this is not some platonic inside joke? At the very end of the phone call, Sivan says “Yeah okay. But seriously I have to go now Con, love you.” Then pauses, probably waiting for a reply, and continues with a lovesick smile, “Bye Kitten.”

Video linked below.

“Shit shit shit shit shit.” I mumble to myself, texting Connor to see if he’s seen it. I get a reply in less than a minute.

'FROM; Con my Bon

Tro how did they hear all of that? x’

'TO; Con my Bon

I don’t know babe! I’m really sorry. I didn’t see that they were that close, I just saw people with a camera a while behind me x’

'FROM; Con my Bon

What do we do? x’

'TO; Con my Bon

Ignore it until I’m back in LA? x’

'FROM; Con my Bon

Okay, just tweet something so they know it’s not fake. We had to tell the viewers at some point anyway x’

'TO; Con my Bon

I guess you’re right, and don’t stress to much my love xxx’

'FROM; Con my Bon

I won’t, ttyl I love you <3 xxxx’

'TO; Con my Bon

I love you too <3 xxxx’

“ @troyesivan: @ConnorFranta last night: 'hey can i watch 1 ep of transparent w/out u?’
                               @ConnorFranta this morning: 'so,, i finished transparent season 1’ ”

I tweeted this out and hoped Connor would say something to hint about our relationship in reply.

“ @ConnorFranta: @troyesivan GREAT now the whole world knows how antisocial & unproductive ive                                        been today  ”

“ @ConnorFranta: @troyesivan PS do you still love me? *bats eyelashes* *pouts* ”

“ @troyesivan: @ConnorFranta ya i love u to the moon and back babe

On Each Other's Teams, 15/15 (Thor/Avengers)

Given that this Lokane/Fosterson College!AU crested 25k words, I’m prepared to concede that it is, perhaps, maybe, a slightly long-ish drabble. Still a drabble, though.

Previous bits here.


It’s Darcy who decides to stay.

“I met this guy,” she says as Jane boggles at her. “Name’s Ian. Took me like three weeks to remember that, which made it kind of weird in bed—”

“I didn’t need to know that.”

“—but I thought maybe I’d stick around for the summer. Get some milage out of him. And I’ve totally mastered this driving in London thing, anyway, so it would be kind of a shame to waste it.”

Mastered? You keep running over curbs.”

“Better than running over people.” Darcy takes a break from stacking textbooks to give Jane a quick hug. “If you don’t have a new roomie by the time I get back,” she tells her, “send me a text. You keep things interesting.”

That’s one way of putting it.


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ONE ( NAME / ALIAS ) -Michaela, I go by Mkay also 
TWO ( BIRTHDAY ) - September 6th 
FOUR ( HEIGHT ) - 5′4″
FIVE  ( TIME ) - 4:12 PM
SEVEN ( FAVORITE BOOKS ) - Maximum Ride series, Warriors series, Inheritance series, Lord of the rings series, and anything by James Patterson. 
EIGHT ( FAVORITE ARTISTS ) - Flyleaf, Paramore, The Civil Wars, anything country, and AmaLee (youtube artist) 
NINE ( LAST MOVIE WATCHED ) - London Has Fallen 
TEN ( EDUCATION ) - Agriculture major, planning on becoming a vet tech 
ELEVEN ( DREAM JOB ) - Vet tech 
TWELVE ( THE MEANING BEHIND YOUR URL ) - Really doesn’t have a meaning I just couldn’t think of anything creative and too lazy to change it xd. 

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ONE ( name / alias ).  faerie
TWO ( birthday ).  may 23rd
THREE ( zodiac sign ).  gemini
FOUR ( height ).  5′2
FIVE  ( time ).  20:01 PM
SIX ( sleep ).  4-6 hours
SEVEN ( favorite books ). probably definitely cider with rosie 
EIGHT ( favorite artists ).  sweats..      lady gaga, sia, iggy, lana, susanne sundfør, porter robinson, EXO, marilyn manson, depeche mode, london grammar, mother mother, panic!, lorde, daughter, BIGBANG, gorillaz, mike oldfield, the neighbourhood, soap&skin, muse, bmth, some florence is okay, marina and the diamonds, VNV nation, scissor sisters, the dø, youth lagoon, i listen to a lot of the weeknd but ive got to be in the mood do you feel
NINE ( last movie watched ).  the wolf children
TEN ( college ).  i finished college on the 24th july, currently i’m at the university of lincoln
ELEVEN ( dream job ).  i really want to move to india to do some sociological research of my own, but i will probably just end up teaching sociology. (i am particularly interested in class conflict and suicide.)
TWELVE ( the meaning behind your url ).  its just??? what yuma calls her lmao. it translates to..literally..   sow .  and fun fact, if you google it (mesubuta), you get a fucked up porn site.

anonymous asked:

Sure.. but he HAS traveled places undetected before - and his sister was the one that snapped three passports. IDK seems like this might have been intentional? But I also agree that I don't think he would have wanted it to be known he was in London/London adjacent near the charity event and didn't go.... so I'm not sure

His fam posts actual pictures of him or snaps wth his voice in it when they want us to know they’re with him. Fizzy didn’t do anything besides the passports and TBH even that was mildly ambiguous, and most people didn’t catch it right away.