We’re leaving town way too early tomorrow for a week and a half, and I’m so excited about the trip and seeing the mister’s family, but, you know, also looking realistically at very little writing time and alone time and *pines in advance*

First time participating in shipweek and I already know I won’t go all the way. The first prompt is killing me already  @___@ 
If I wasn’t already working on it YES I NOE ITS TOO EARLY AAAAH //PANICS this little thing here wouldn’t make it in time.

The story is kinda lame but I SWEAR ON THE HONOR OF MY COW my artwork will compensate. Or not.

Stay tuned for August, 8th!

J JK (Pt. 7)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Gengre: Smut/Angst

Word Count: 1,759

Warnings: Sexual content

A/N: I have no idea where I’m going with this. Please, tell me what you think. I’ll go through it later, to correct the errors. Enjoy

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Early morning, six o’clock precise and I can’t see the lonely November sun rising, its rays too weak against the tall, dark trees.

I don’t know how I made it through the night.

 He ran out of the room, into the hallway

“Say you fucking will”


Through the doorway, then a last look back
He ran all the way down, to the tracks, climbed the stairways and found a clear rooftop.

”Got a gun, here, by me.”

 October, 2016


When you wanted to get away from everything, you and Jungkook would just get in the car and go to your favorite place, far away from Seoul.
It was a very small town, near the mountains. Not a lot of people lived there and almost everyone knew each other. It was secluded and welcoming. It was small, but lively. The town just had a certain warmth to it and it guarded all of your dearest memories.
The city has been a witness of your raw love, of your maddening youth, your chaotic affair. The sex, the intimacy, the romance, the fights. All your violent emotions. They were the town’s biggest secret.

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Junkrat. I know you’re here. You wouldn’t leave a jump mine in plain sight and not be around to see someone get blasted by it.

She was way too tired for this. Even so early in the morning she was sharp. She could sense disturbance even if unconscious. Hibiki was just trying to go to the mess hall when she saw at the end off the hall there was a jump mine sitting there. The ninja sighed and walked up to the junker’s dorm, crossing her arms.

I know you can hear me.

Ok everyone so i am working on the next chapter and have it about half way done (it starts the night of calvin’s accident and i’m not positive where it will end yet, suffice to say its mid may to very early june) and i wanted to put it out there that if you’re bored or something i wanted to say that you can feel free to send me your ideas about “what happened next”! you can send me them on anon or Submit and i wont publish them (you know,spoilers) but if you have ideas about any of the following i am all ears bc getting other viewpoints helps me be creative about a time period about which we literally know nothing about:
– Things taylor and tom talked about before they had their first actual date that continued to draw them to each other or whatever 
– Feelings that Taylor had or things she was thinking after she broke up with Calvin but before she and tom hooked up. 
– Her moms reaction ! Or her friends. things they talked about. about either the break up or to tom or anything 
– anything else random 

please read!!

ok so this is really only relevant to my followers and im gonna queue it up a few times but im making this post so you guys know that i am really really busy this summer, and have way less time to draw than i’d like!! i’m taking 2 online courses this summer (i need the credits bc im graduating early) as well as AP homework for 2 classes, which gives me not much time for art. AND when im drawing, its likely gonna be a lot of style tests/studies so i can improve my art, which i’m not sure you guys would be interested in??? but lmk if u want me to post them bc i definitely can. anyways thats whats up i hope you guys can understand?? im just really overwhelmed and need to focus on this stuff im sorry.

Spencer Reid x Reader  Why don’t you call me by my first name anymore?

It was another early morning and as usual you where on your way to the meeting room of the BAU team with your best friend and crush, Spencer Reid. “And the best part of it all is that not only did Egypt become a dominant country but it also developed its own language and culture with insanely strange rituals and practices!” Spencer rambled on about some kind of article he read in his sisters textbook. “Spencer, let’s just get to the meeting already.” you begged. “Oh yeah sorry you know how I get sometimes. I get to talking and then I just go on and on an-” You cut him off by putting your hand over his mouth. “Lets go pretty boy.” you said sarcastically. After the meeting all of you where off to the jet to head to LA, California for your next case. While you where  on the plane you usually sat with spencer because both of you where best friends and could talk for hours in which you did. The ride with spencer was oddly quiet. The silence was soon broken by spencer  speaking to you. “Hey um (y/n), can I ask you something?” he asked you. “You just did but yes you can ask another I suppose.” you said trying to sound superior but still funny. “Well um, you see I like this girl, but um, well im not sure if she likes me back. I want to ask her out but I dont quite know how to approach it.”He asked awkwardly. Your heart sank within your chest. You always knew spencer didnt like you back but always had a secret hope that he did. “Well, You should probably just try to keep calm about it. Dont make it to obvious. Tell her a funny pick up line and make her smile. then make it suttle but ask her out somewhere.” you told him trying to hold back your tears. “Thanks I hope it works.” he said. “I um, Im gonna go to the bathroom if you dont mind.” you said about to break. you ran to the back of the jet and sat down in the back room and began to cry your eyes out. It wasn’t until you heard the door open that you dried your eyes and looked up. It was Penelope. She stopped for a moment and stared at you before shutting the door and sitting next to you. “Oh sweetie youve been crying your eyes out back here whats wrong?” she cooed to you. “I fell in love with a boy I can never have.” you said simply. “Oh sweetie its okay. itll be alright.” she said. You soon heard Hotch knock on the door and yell “Girls we’re here  hurry up we need to get to the scene.” You hurriedly got up and ran out the door and off the plane. At the police station you saw Spencer writing down something from the computer. Rossi Suddenly slapped your shoulder slightly and said “Do me a favor and go work with boy genius with the research on the latest victim and her family. You slowly walked over to spencer and tapped his shoulder. he looked up at you with those beautiful brown eyes that you loved so much. “Hi (y/n), mind helping me with this?” he asked. “Not at all Reid.” you said. Reid. You never called him that. It was always Spencer. That was back when you stood a chance with him. When you where special, but now you where just another girl so now it was Reid. Days passed and the case was starting to close. Eventually the case was over and you where back home. Sadly for the next few hours home was the office. You where finishing your report on the case when spencer came up and sat a cup of coffee next to you. You looked up and gave a small pitiful smile. “Hi Reid.” you said as the twist in your stomach grew larger. “Why dont you call me by my first name anymore?” he asked. You froze. “What do you mean?”you aksed as if you didnt know. “You dont call me Spencer anymore. why is that?” He asked. “Because…. I…I-I..I love you.”You said quietly. “But, I dont get it. If you love me then you should call me by my name.” he said confused. “I call you Reid because Im not special. You like a girl and Im not important anymore.”you said as you felt tears begin to well up. “If you dont mind my asking, who is the lucky girl anyway?” you looked at him and asked. He was crying. “Its you.” he said. “Why are you crying you big idiot?” you laughed. “Because you are special and hearing you put yourself down like that tore me apart.” he said. “If you want to I’d really like to go to dinner with you sometime. I understand if you dont want to and you dont have to if you dont wan-” you cut him off by crashing your lips onto his. Surprisingly he kissed you back. he slid his hands to your waist and held you tight. after the need for air became apparent thr two of you separated. “I’d love to go to dinner with you Spencer.” you said. Spencer. Your Spencer. Not Reid, just Spencer.

Totally had one of those spontaneous pokemon go friendship moments on the walk home. A growlithe appeared on my radar so I started speedwalking trying to narrow down its location. I pass two – not sure if they were late teens or early 20s – and the guy goes “she’s trying to catch growlithe too!” To which I reply “well, yeah” over my shoulder.

I proceed to point them to a squirtle I found on the way, then when the growlithe got further away I doubled back, crossed the street, and found it in the park. I caught it (which I’m so happy about) and then waved over to them to let them know where it was. We parted ways, wishing each other luck.

What a goddamn glorious game.

About friends

Does this make sense? We all know that Y/N when to study abored for 2 years. What if I said she graduated a year early because she skipped a grade. Then Friend is in 2015. Then Part 10 is going to be 2016. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. The way its written, *Jungkook says it been a year* thats why. Wtf am I doin.

wakandandperthshire  asked:

Shouldn't they have released the SDCC poster by now? What I recall, they published the last year's one early July. And do you know if shooting's already commenced? Anybody posted any set photos or videos? :)

Hi @wakandandperthshire

As we all know as good as my predictions are story wise I completely and utterly stink when it comes to the promotional stuff.  I swear the ABC promo team goes out of their way to prove me wrong.  And we are still waiting on the comic con poster….unless its come out while I’ve been off in lala land here.   So hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer since Comic Con starts tomorrow, so at the very least attendees will post it.  And If i remember right the first year they had a comic rather than a poster.  

So far here are the Panels that we know of that will have AOS at them.

  • 7/21 Fleet Science Panel w/ Craigy Tilty 1:30pm
  • 7/22  Main Panel w/ Full Cast 3pm
  • 7/23 Nerdist Panel w/ Full Cast 3:30pm
  • 7/23 EW Panel w/ Full Cast 5pm
  • 7/24 Men of Shield w/ Clark, Henry, and Iain 10am
  • 7/24 Women of Marvel w/ Ann Foley 12:30pm

This doesn’t include the one on ones they will all have with reporters throughout the weekend.  Also not all of these will be streamed live so we’ll have to wait until either the interviewer or a kind soul that was at the panel uploads it for us.

Best we can tell filming hasn’t started yet.  The cast is back but they haven’t started filming.  That’s not to saw they won’t reveal some  special scene with one or two of the characters filmed just for comic com  But don’t be surprised if they don’t even have a table read in by the panel.   

[text] I know it’s 3am, but come over and cook for me.


July 2014

You awake?

Yeah. But why are you? Weren’t in the studio early this morning?

Yeah but I took a nap when I got home. Can’t sleep.

I’m sorry. Wish I could help but I probably shouldn’t giving advice on sleep schedules.

…I mean, there is a way you could help.

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teen wolf got cancelled! (after a long time coming) it's such a shameful spot on the sterek fandom. This is the best news I've heard all year, everyone in the sterek fandom is rejoicing

Fair enough, dude, I don’t know why you’re dropping this here though.  I feel pretty meh about the whole thing.  I’ve never watched the show, so I never felt  betrayed by it as other fans who had to cringe through its downwards spiral. 

Honestly, I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping all the people working on it, from the actors all the way to the dude who has to scrape the latex makeup off the actors’ faces are able to get steady, well paying jobs when it’s done.  Thankfully, it was announced early on, so I guess that’s a given.

I’m just looking forward to seeing Holland Roden in other stuff, I want that girl to be successful, dammit.

ace-yugi  asked:

Which of course would lead to sweet kisses and cuddles. Or something else... You know, it just depends. I have no shame omg why is this my otp?? How did I fall into this hell? But do I even want out?? Honestly??

Yes indeed lol. I also think since Atem would be adjusting, Yugi would feel like its too early to go further than that. However, I think Atem would be the first to ask about that topic, and Yugi would be afraid to ask. Mainly because he’s just shy expressing his feelings about that stuff. Yugi is a muffin by heart.

We will sail with this ship! Haha, no way out. :P

HI EMMA (and joe if i tell you to check tumblr)

This is my way of coming out to you because I am so shit with people. I am bi (sexual) and I know that both of you would be okay with this but I’m an actual potato so I couldn’t do this in person. I feel like this should be long and meaningful but its also early in the morning and I’m half asleep. Emma, maybe a party wouldn’t be the best idea, i know you want to, but if you really want to maybe like some cookies or something…. (or maybe you could buy me that japhan sweater *cough cough*)

“Ad Hoc” Veganism

Get ready for my musings. For those who don’t know me: I became a vegetarian at age 8 after being inspired by one of my icons, fellow 8-year-old Lisa Simpson. After struggling with weight and eating disorders as a teen, I later transitioned to a vegan lifestyle in my early twenties as a way to heal my body, develop a better relationship with food and animals, and reduce my carbon footprint. 

I’m old enough now to admit that I was once a proud member of the “militant vegan” crowd, buying into its extreme, cultish, sometimes strangely arbitrary demands of perfection. (No, really. At one point some people advocated against brushing your teeth because toothbrushes contain a polymer that is derived from sheep fat.) As the community became more widespread, the holier-than-thou propaganda became an omnipresent force in my everyday decision-making. Like an anorexic with caloric memorization, I could tell you the exact content of animal suffering associated with any product, food-related or otherwise. This eventually turned into paranoia. I was never “vegan” enough, and anyone else was instantly branded as “other.” As each day passed, the more black and white my worldview became.

After a few years, that, of course, led to a supreme level of burnout, met with chronic health issues I began having. I spent two years trying to mend myself physically and emotionally, having found a better balance of both.

My primary goal has always been to reduce what I believe to be the three most deplorable means of suffering: the suffering of humans due to a lack of food, the suffering of animals abused for food, and the suffering of the environment under this unconscionable food system. With experience comes wisdom and my eyes also see the world’s moral greys with better clarity.

These days, I’m pushing 30 and I’d say that I partake in more of an ad hoc form of veganism, and have for quite some time now. I use “ad hoc” to express the flexible manner in which I share food. Why? Because I am still first and foremost interested in reducing my carbon footprint as well as being a role model for compassion in my community. This also comes with a better understanding of the intersectionalities of class, race, the exploitive consumerism structure surrounding plant-based foods, and privilege. 

TL;DR: People from all different walks of life will offer me non-vegan food, and I will eat it. Down with black and white self-righteousness, up with communal understanding. (As long as there are no eggs. I’m allergic to eggs.)