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Magic Kaito started in 1987.
Detective Conan started in 1994.

I don’t care if Detective Conan (or Case Closed) was your childhood, I’m sick and tired of the times I see people hate on Magic Kaito. MK has it’s own story, it’s own characters, and it’s own style. If you don’t like it, fine, but don’t hate just because it’s not like a completely different series that came after most of its story was created. It can’t ruin anything if it came first, the occasional cameo is the worst you get and it doesn’t even drag Kaito’s story into Conan’s.

i was going to do something for my last follower milestone, and then i was going to do something for this most recent one – and i didn’t !! so i’m just going to take a second to say some nice things about some people who mean a lot to me – you guys !! honestly, i was so terrified to make a jack blog. i mainly roleplay with original characters after having a Bad Time with canon involving duplicates or fleeting muses. but jack has been such an – experience! and honestly, i’ve met. so many amazing people? i could tear up ( i am tearing up ) thinking about what amazing friends i’ve made here. i still have anxiety about being here and doubts about my jack and worries about things – but living in the moment right now, i’m so happy to have met you guys. it’s three a.m as i’m writing this ( and i’m going to queue it up !! ) but i just felt a lot of love for my friends who are hopefully tucked away in their beds safe and asleep. ( or at work. ) anyway – here it goes ! ( art cred. ) 

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hi its 17 jan & its my birthday!!!🎂 and i alw do this ff thingy anw 2016 has been terrible but i am thankful 2 all of u for still being here and always being v nice and sweet 💞 i dont talk much on here but just know that i love u all v muchzies!! hope all of u find the happiness and love that u deserve and may 2017 b yr year :^) 😋

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Raindrops and Gumdrops

As promised, for my boo @tardisdementor, based upon this post and the subsequent little bit I wrote for it even though I was told not to think about it. 

Also tagging @soullessfandomprincess because they asked so nicely! And @littlesasquatch because she has to be tagged.

I hope you guys like it, it took me ages to write because I wanted it to be good!!!

Below the cut.

Let me know what you thought!!!

Love always, C xx

P.s. if someone does draw it (as per the original post) I will love you forever and never let you go.

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heavily john zylstra inspired normani 


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue