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Papa,I know I shouldn't be saying this but for some reason I feel as though you've been ignored by Mama. Is this just me?

Mama is probably just very busy :)

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i know you will say i shouldn't take this seriously, but don't you think is also annoying for him when everybody spams the thing whatever he talked about with 'dan send me here' like no, he didn't send you, stop. like I can't even see the comments of ingenue without cringing. we are not better

of course it’s annoying that some people spam the videos of these artists but it literally doesn’t matter to those artists in the first place? the only people affected by the spamming is really dan and phil. every time dan mentions an artist he thinks is too inaccessible for his audience he seems to be talking down to us like we just won’t ‘get it’ as if art and music is something that can’t be interpreted and enjoyed by other people in different ways. the phandom is of course annoying but the patronizing way dan sometimes talks is more than a little overbearing as if his audience doesn’t have the capacity to have already found or like listening to these artists.

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Just wanted to say I love you! Especially with how polite you are even when people are asking about stuff you already answered! So, yeah, we all love you!!!!

Thank you (´△`) 

I know a lot of people don’t always see all my posts and I do have a lot of new people cycle through here so I try not to blow up. Even if that other question was as a joke, I don’t really care.  I’m so tired after all of the stuff I put up with this morning and now my depression is flaring up 

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Gosh I KNOW I shouldn't say this but you are my dream agent and I am TERRIFIED and SO ANXIOUS to query you. Help!

Okay so I’ve already told you that you shouldn’t buy into the whole “dream agent” thing (even if it’s me). Of course I’m awesome, but there are a lot other of really great agents out there too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if I read your book and love it, I will totally tell you all the reasons I think I’m the best person to represent your work. 

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But the truth is, your dream agent should be the agent who loves your work. The best agent for you will be someone who’s passionate about your story, who has a vision to make it its best self and knows how to help you get it there, who’s going to go sell the crap out of it to editors and then fight for you and the manuscript every step of the way during the publishing process.

So don’t be nervous. Work on your query, perfect it, then send it out. 

Also if you’re like me and logic is your thing (I’m an INTJ, aka the super villain of every story):

If I read your query and don’t request it or if I do but then after reading the manuscript I pass, it’s okay. You will literally be in the same place that you’re in right now. That means things cannot actually get worse.

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No, I’m serious. It really would be fine. If you send me a query, here’s what might happen:

I might love it. 

If I don’t, someone else might. And you might change your mind and realize they’re your dream agent.

Or if I don’t, you can still revise and try me again. Or you can write something else and try me again (I represent a few authors who sent me queries for projects before I realized I needed to work with them). 

Don’t forget, publishing is a long game. Nothing happens overnight here. Trust me, even those “overnight success stories” have a lot of lead up that we don’t hear about.

Romance Scholar Problems:

(A guide in Disney gifs)

You find an article about reading romance critically:

But the comments are full of ass-hats claiming that romance is to lit what fast food is to cuisine, and is undeserving of any kind of consideration:

The ensuing disgust: 

…violent rage:

… and ultimate heartache of feeling like you’re fighting up hill:

What do do:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Remember that they are fucking idiots.
  • Go pour a BIG drink.
  • And get back to your research
Delirium by Ellie Goulding for the Signs + Lyrics
  • Aries: Holding On For Life // You and me just running towards the light, giving up the fight, hoping we survive, you and me just strangers in the night
  • Taurus: Aftertaste // I know there's nothing that I can do to make you stay, but one thing I know that will always remain- and that's the aftertaste
  • Gemini: Paradise // And it's a thing that only we know, oh and you lost all on your own, always has to be a new scare to keep us falling over the edge
  • Cancer: Army // We both know what they say about us, but they don't stand a chance because when I'm you I'm standing with an army
  • Leo: We Can't Move To This // I go up without you bringing me down, such a rush, So now I'm staying to dance on my own
  • Virgo: Heal // I can't show you the love that you showed to me, when it isn't enough I won't make-believe, let it heal
  • Libra: Love Me Like You Do // I'll let you set the pace cause I'm not thinking straight, my head spinning around I can't see clear no more
  • Scorpio: Devotion // I am lost, you're the only one I see, our bodies in motion, I am caught, floating in your gravity. Whenever you break, I'll fix it for you, I'm the one who drives to you at night
  • Sagittarius: Keep On Dancin // People like to talk because they don't know what to say, running from the truth because the truth's too much to take, I keep raising glasses cause I only got today
  • Capricorn: Codes // You give me some, but you've been holding most of it back, so it's no surprise everything you do I over analyze
  • Aquarius: On My Mind // You don't mess with love you mess with the truth, and I know I shouldn't say it but my heart don't understand why I got you on my mind
  • Pisces: Scream It Out // I've never won a fight to understand, I just move as my heart commands, I've always had a thing for silence but lately I just need a voice I recognise
a kiss is just a kiss.

          Felicity paces, AGITATED.

         FELICITY                    OLIVER
What do you want from me? I'm sorry. FELICITY (CONT'D) Are you telling me you've changed your mind? That what we talked about months ago doesn't apply anymore? Why now? Things are getting serious with Ray and now you say that you made a mistake? Oliver shakes his head and tries to interject, but Felicity won't let him get a word in. FELICITY (CONT'D) Was the mistake telling me we couldn't be together or was it letting me go? Or did you expect me to just wait around until you decided you were ready? Oliver jumps in. OLIVER (fumbling) No. I haven't changed my mind. I still don't think that you and I, that...i still think that it's too dangerous. FELICITY (dismay) Then what do you want from me? OLIVER (frustration building) I DON'T KNOW! I know what I said to you and I stand by it, but...it's not easy...being near you. FELICITY (voice rising) I am trying to move on with my life, Oliver! OLIVER (matching her tone) I know! It's just...it's hard to see you with him... Felicity dumbfounded. OLIVER (CONT'D) And when you're near me, I just want to touch your skin, and kiss your lips. And I KNOW I shouldn't say this to you and I'm TRYING to keep you at a distance, but-- Felicity steps forward quickly and kisses him full on the mouth. He's blindsided and he pulls back and searches her eyes. OLIVER (CONT'D) FELICITY (emotional) Felicity what are you-- Please. Just kiss me. It's as if the words have flipped a switch. The tight control he exerts every moment in her presence is lost with those words. He pulls her towards him and kisses her passionately. Maybe because it's the first kiss or maybe because it's possibly their last, either way they kiss with HUNGRY DESPERATION, oblivious to all except each other. Finally, reluctantly pulling apart because of the chime of the Foundry door, the heavy footsteps that approach. They jump apart, breathing heavily, looking at each other in shock, dazed.
And yet still fighting the urge to come back together, the magnetic pull that always exists when they are in proximity of each other. Diggle enters and stops short. Like always, He sees everything and he takes in the scene in front of him. Even though, Oliver looks down and Felicity quickly turns her back to him and faces the monitors. DIGGLE (warily) Hey. Off Diggle noticing how Oliver guiltily cannot look him in the eye. DIGGLE (CONT'D) Everything okay here? Diggle searches out Felicity's face, as she has slowly turned back to him. She nods, intimating that everything is okay and he drops it. OLIVER What did you find out?
  • Me: Look I know I shouldn't say this and please don't tell my boyfriend, but I love you. I need you in my life
  • Him: ...
  • Me: Please say something, anything!
  • Him: ...
  • Friend: You know he doesn't feel the same way, and he's never going to talk to you
  • Me: But why?!
  • Friend: Because he's a saxophone
  • Me: Oh...right
I know I probably shouldn't say this

but can we all just acknowledge the fact that when the CPR ‘moment’ happened, there were a few artists who redrew their scene nicely… But when 685 came out, literally eVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHERS ARE DRAWING THEIR OWN VERSION? Like, I swear I’ve reblogged 68 different versions of the SS scene and I regret nothing.

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My "friend" said I should be careful because I could get "fat." I work out at my gym 3x per week and watch what I eat.... I know I shouldn't care what she says but it really hurt me for some reason, it's like I amTRYING to be healthy and I sill get this..... I just need some comforting words from unbiased eyes. <3

You’re beautiful no matter what you look like, beauty is not on the outside but in the inside and what your friend says only shows that they have more insecurities that they need to work on for themselves. You take care of yourself and you love yourself so that is all that matters. Stay strong <3

-The Daily Feminist