Autism Training

Wow. I must say that I am really impressed by the training I went to today to become a buddy in my school’s autistic unit(They do not know I’m autistic myself). It sounds really bad, but it’s actually a really calm, quiet environment and everything is visually structured which is nice!

The resources used were created by actually autistic folks(I recognised a few!), there was absolutely no mention of functioning labels and instead it was explained like a colour wheel where people have different levels of different skills. The teacher stated that there should be no insistence of eye contact, that we are to speak to these young people just as you would speak to anyone else, and that they might take longer to reply or not reply at all but that’s okay! There was no ‘Autistic people don’t feel!’ Or ‘Use person with Autism’, and they actually mentioned that sensory processing is a real challenge, and not to overlook the effect it can have on people. Another good thing that was mentioned was that some autistic people look neurotypical, but that it takes great energy and effort to do so much to the detriment of that persons mental and physical wellbeing.

We then did activities on what it would be like to have sensory issues, which was quite funny because I could do all the tasks having lived with these issues for years while my NT friends struggled. Sadly, the audio task sent me into a meltdown but I managed to mask it until I could escape: however I did bring up my own difficulties and showed the teacher my stim toy collection which she was impressed by. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use the sensory room when I’m having any difficulties.

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“I’m not like him. I will save the Water Tribe.”

Floating ineffable husbands. This is my contribution to the Good Omens fandom. Please note the tartan behind the ducks.

Ways Brian Kinney said ‘I Love You’ without saying ‘I Love You.’

I was thinking about this while blow drying my hair this morning.

  • ‘I want you safe. And I want you around for a long time.’
  • ‘You are never to play violin music in my presence again.’
  • ‘You’re making me fucking nervous.’
  • ‘Before you and you husband tied the nous around your necks he was perfectly happy.’
  • ‘As for the times when you’re not around. I wouldn’t particularly mind it if you were.’
  • ‘And when I come home, I’ll be doing exactly what I want to do. Coming home to you.’
  • ‘By the way. I missed you.’
  • ‘The point of having a cell phone is that you leave it on. [nervous voice] Where the fuck are you?’
  • ‘I care about him.’
  • ‘Hey, stud. Wanna dance? I promise you won’t forget this one.’
  • ‘Even if it was ridiculously romantic.’
  • When he paid for Justin’s college even after Justin dumped him.
  • How he wore the blood stained scarf around his neck until he had Justin back in his arms.
  • When he bought Justin that computer so he could still draw.
  • When he fucking bought Justin’s drawing of him.
  • Every time he pushed Justin to be an artist.
  • ‘There’s this new restaurant. Want to check it out?’ (Purely because for two years he had a ‘no dates’ policy.)
  • When they were walking hand in hand trying to help Justin’s anxiety after the bashing.
  • When they were in the parking garage trying to make Justin remember and Brian was almost in tears.
  • Every moment between the bashing and Justin getting better.
  • When Brian picked up the platter when Justin asked.
  • ‘I hope you get what you want.’
  • Brian punching Michael after Michael insulted Justin and said Brian should have left him to die.
  • ‘After Justin got bashed and I didn’t know if I was going to make it…’ (the line is something like this. I don’t remember)
  • When they were tossing the ball.
  • The 5x02 sex scene. At the end where they’re giggling. Brian Kinney wasn’t one to giggle unless Justin Taylor was right there.
  • When Brian bought Justin the house of his dreams.
  • When he called Justin beautiful.
  • When he told Emmett they were going to have golden gardenias at their wedding since Justin wanted them.

When you tell someone not to do something, and they do it anyway right after you tell them not to: 

“Did you just do the thing?”

“Seriously?? You were JUST told not to do the thing, and you did it anyway." 

"Dude, did they just do the thing?" 

"Yes. Yes they did." 

"Why?! Did you NOT JUST hear that you weren’t supposed to do the thing?! Like TWO SECONDS AGO?!?!" 

"Really though, how hard is it to NOT do the thing?" 

"Apparently it’s overwhelmingly difficult for some." 

"Dude. I can’t believe you did the thing." 

"You’re an idiot for doing the thing." 

"You shouldn’t have done the thing. What were you thinking? At least now you know not to do the thing again, right?" 

*person does the thing again*
















No but seriously, Neal laughing when Emma asks him to not break Henry’s heart like he did with her?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! 

I feel I need to say this and I know some people aren’t going to like it.  

About the whole “Cas is Dean’s Colette” thing.  I think people (in general) have focused WAY too much on this as a potential ongoing storyline.  The Destiel “B” plot was told through Cas’ POV last year, and it was told through tragedy of someone not being able to leave behind an old life (old teachings) and this produced a romantic partner left to grieve over their death.  Sound familiar?  I just described 9x23 through Cas’ POV…

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super junior as the seven deadly sins >> inspired by (x)


*starts crying* THIS TOOK ME SO LONG i’m so sorry

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So imagine Courf asks Ferre out on a date (finally!!!) and when Ferre picks him up, he brings him yellow roses. Ferre got yellow because they reminded him of Courf at the boutique - bright and sunny - but Courf knows that yellow roses are supposed to mean friendship (of course he does. If I know a flower fact, I’m considering it common knowledge. I know jack about flowers) so he thinks that was Ferre’s gentle way of letting him down.

Cue this super awkward date where Courf is trying to stay casual and friendly but Ferre is trying to push for more and neither really understand why they’re not clicking until the end when Ferre finally says “screw it” and kisses him breathless.

They always buy each other yellow roses after that.


You know that’s really special to me. That scene was very moving to shoot. I don’t remember the last time you experience silence in real time on television like that. It’s one thing to say one minute, but it is truly one minute of silence. I think it is so breath-taking — and so brave on the part of writers and producers. I was also honored that they trusted us to fill that space with enough emotional life for the characters. That is would be interesting, and that people wouldn’t fall asleep. For me, the first time I saw it, it was such a gift because we were in that embrace as I’m snuggled into Tony’s arms, so I never saw the work that he was doing. So when I saw the episode for the first time, I was so moved by what was going on for his character. A lot times when you’re doing a scene, you’re looking at your other actors, so you’re aware of what the other actors are doing, but that was not the case in that scene. So for the both of us to be really struck by the intensity of it, I’m glad we were on the same page. It was so emotional. - Kerry Washington

The thing about ace/aro-phobic nonsense about how ace/aro people don’t belong in the LGBT community is that if you don’t pay attention or really understand the core issues of the matter, the arguments of the aphobic people actually almost make sense.

They don’t, with just a little extra thought, but insidiously, this stuff does almost make sense, which is probably one of the reasons it comes up so much.