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If you’re expressing your love of Kate Mulgrew by insulting other women and calling them ugly,

I’m pretty sure Captain Janeway would like you to cut it the fuck out.

So I was just caught in one of those GhostKing!Danny Phantom moodswings and I-

I’m pretty sure there’s already been a theory somewhere about how Danny defeating Pariah Dark (even if with some help) makes him the next king of the Ghost Zone. But what if, to really become the king, you have to be acknowledged by the subjects themselves? Pariah Dark would’ve done that through sheer power of terror, and who knows, maybe he was even a good king before he went power crazy…

But with Danny, you’d need approval from at least a few minor kingdoms/counties/regions (ex. Far Frozen, Princess Dorathea’s home, Pandora’s lair), the subjects’ support (like how all of Danny’s enemies basically acted as an army to combat Pariah’s skeletons while Danny went after Pariah himself) and lastly… the subjects following his orders.

Unquestionably. En masse.

Like in Phantom Planet, when they all followed him (Danny in the lead, mind you) to help him save Earth (and the Ghost Zone too).

Only then will he be officially acknowledged as the Ghost Zone’s king.

And then Skulker goes out of his way to tell Danny he’ll still hunt him, and waits until Danny gives some sign of vague approval, like a smile, before he goes on his way. Like Danny just unconsciously gave Skulker permission to continue hunting him.

Also, the ghost population in the back didn’t exactly look happy that they saved their home. Maybe they’ve been trying to avoid this happening, but there was no choice and now they fullfiled the last requirement needed to make Danny king.

Or maybe the second to last. The last would be Danny becoming AWARE he’s the Ghost King. They’re not gonna be the ones to tell him that, though.

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When I was a freshman in high school I hooked up with this really popular senior. He took me on a ride on his quad, and we ended up in the middle of a clearing somewhere (his family owned all of the land). Things got intense pretty quick. I had only had sex once before, and he was really experienced. However, when he bent me over the quad seat with the intention to fuck me from behind, he slipped it in the wrong hole. I didn't know how to tell him. He came. He still doesn't know.

no waaaay

And it’s like, why is it that the politically, religiously and racially motivated harassment and displacement of a three-thousand-year-old community that was fifty thousand strong is sort of something we can gloss over because they went somewhere else, but someone’s got to get in their two cents about Israeli racism before we hit a thousand notes?

The Yemeni olim went through a lot of inexcusable trauma and oppression in Israel, at the hands of people who were their own people, and should have goddamn well known better, and I do not want to deny or minimize that—I know people whose parents and grandparents suffered greatly, and it still affects the community in myriad ways.

But every time I post pictures of Mizrahim and mention the basic fact that they were thrown out of the countries in which they had lived, with extreme state-sanctioned legal and physical violence, and normally with just the clothes on their backs, if the post gets a little circulation, it’s a matter of waiting the clock out until someone pops up to mention how much Israel (not one of those nations) sucks. NEVER does anyone bother to pop up and be sad or mad about the behavior of Iraqis or Yemenis or Syrians or…well, the list does go on.

This has been your irritated morning rant. Carry on.

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I saw this somewhere recently but who posted it? I’m seriously going nuts because I know I’ve read this somewhere before but I don’t know who posted it. The story is called I’ve Always Been Around (Camren) for those who would like to know #camren #angst #fanfiction #wattpad


hey guys! tomorrow night (3/28) some of us are going to have a movie watch-along with a drinking game! haven’t picked a movie yet, so suggest away if you want to join. we need to pick something that a) is widely accessible on short notice, like something on Netflix, and b) has a drinking game listed somewhere online that i can post for everyone to see and follow. i’m thinking a “crowd pleaser” movie that we generally already know and like.

happening at 9:00 Pacific, 10:00 Mountain, 11:00 Central, and 12:00 Eastern. i’ll set up a tinychat about 20 minutes before and we’ll try to get started on the dot!

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Top 10 worst canon human names? I personally don't know, but I know aph Greece would be somewhere in there

Hahaha, surely watermelon is an excellent namesake for a nation. But I don’t recall all that many nations actually having a decisive canon name, just some suggestions? Out of the ones that are confirmed, Raivis Galante, Gupta Mohammed Hassan, Heracles Karpusi, Ludwig (because he has no last name and we’ll never know why????) are the ones I have the most issues with. Lovino Vargas is a little weird but I don’t have that much of an issue with it I guess and I unfortunately don’t know enough about the other nations to know how well they suit them, only that Timo is more proper just as Erzsébet is for the names Hima gave them

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hi love. i could use some advice. how long did it take you before you found your first sugar daddy? i've been in the bowl for about a month now and i'm beginning to lose hope because all i've experienced is SALT. men who are asking to see me twice a week for $1000 a month, men who won't compensate for travel, men who think $3000 is "too high". i'm not settling because i know i'm worth more than that. i'm a physically appealing girl, great personality, profile is excellent... whats going on :(

There could be a lot of other factors involved. Maybe you live in an area that doesn’t have a high income? There is a post floating around here somewhere of how much a pot has to make before he can actually give you a 3k allowance.

It could be the time of year. It’s tax season and a lot of men don’t have the extra income to be giving it out. Summer is usually the best time to sugar in my opinion.

Maybe you should try free styling. It’s been years since I’ve been on the sites and I truly believe that the more mainstream this lifestyle becomes the more salt there will be.

Okay, guys...

I’m not sure if I’m really ready to be back from hiatus, but I have five fanfiction reviews in my drafts along with six chapters of Tutor Me that I want to post. Plus, I get lots of messages /day asking me to come back, so I guess I am.

BUT, there are a few things I have to say before I reopen.

Somewhere along the way, I lost sight that I made this fanfiction blog for myself. I love each and every one of my 850+ followers, and I love that you love my recommendations and stories, but I needed reminding from a friend that I shouldn’t be running this blog for everyone else if it makes me unhappy. Please know that I don’t plan on changing much and I’m still going to post my fanfiction reviews and recommendations and my original stories, but that I’m also going to run it how I think it should and not cater to what other people want.

I am also taking off anon, and I’m not sure if I’ll be turning it back on anytime soon. I know this means I’m going to significantly lose people sending me messages, but I can’t deal with anon asks anymore. If you have a message for me and do not want it posted, just write that in parenthesis and it will stay away from my blog.

I am sending an advanced notice that if something like that message happens again, my hiatus will be much longer next time, if it isn’t shut down completely. I like to think of myself as a strong person, but I’ve now learned I can’t handle unsettling messages.

Thank you for your support and I hope you accept this as a final apology.

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✉’ for an unsent letter from my character to yours.


It’s been months since I have seen your face around the row. I’ve no idea where you’ve gone, nor is anyone around that can tell me. You were always someone that I enjoyed running into when I walked through the city, as was Fen. I hope you both are safe and well, happy wherever life has decided to take you. I can only imagine you both must be somewhere standing side by side, fighting off whatever it is that comes your way. You know, sometimes I think about that day when you approached me at the light post and told me that I should not let anyone else dictate how I live. That is something that I can’t seem to rid myself of. Nobody has ever said such a thing to me before… It meant a lot. Really.

I haven’t seen your brother around either. (Not that I’ve been looking…)I hope you haven’t gotten yourself into some sort of trouble between you two? I don’t know if Fen is there with you, but if he is, can you tell me if he is well?

I think you’d have been proud of me Allasticus. Since you both left, and the dark portal was opened to the old Draenor… I’ve come to actually do something somewhat important with my time and money. I’ve built up a trading business, and we’re doing quite well. Nobody has threatened my life at all recently either! There’s so many things I want to tell you. So much that happens that you miss.

Just, come back safe.

Your friend always,