Cress vs pants

Ok to begin headcanoning, because I am both a beacon of sin and utter cresswell trash let’s start with this

•fun fact: women who wanted to fight in the American civil war would have to dress up as men to do so.(I’m going somewhere with this I promise) sometimes they were revealed when they didn’t know how to wear pants. Crazy, right?

•cress first encounters pants after she gets to the rampion for the first time (post desert, pre abducting Kai) they’re laid out neatly for her after she showers.

• she knows what they are, obvs. she’s totally seen pants before, and she’s not dumb, so she figures out how to put them on. The problem is keeping them on. These are like 20 sizes too big and when you haven’t worn pants ever in your life they feel hella weird.

• she does the logical thing and says “fuck it.” And goes about the ship wearing a size XXL standard issue military t shirt as a dress.

•it’s pretty functional. It comes down to just above her knees and is perpetually falling off one or both shoulders, so she struggles to keep it up, but at least she doesn’t have to wear pants.

•crew reactions to this range from cinder finding it adorable, wolf completely understanding somehow, and Jacin rolling his eyes a little bit internally finding it endearing.

•but honestly RIP Carswell Thorne.

• he is being such a fuckin gentleman about this.. . Like he’s totally hands off eyes up but she is making this s o diffi c ul t…

•that shirt looks exactly like one of his shirts (but bigger) and jeez now he’s thinking about cress wearing one of his shirts????? H e ck

• cinder knows. It is taking all of cinders willpower not to make 174892 sassy comments about thrones MASSIVE CRUSH.

•cress is, meanwhile, totally oblivious. She is far too busy /not/ staring at Thorne to notice that he’s staring at her. She has hacking to do, yo.

• no she is NOT thinking about how she’d rather be wearing one of thornes shirts right now and also secretly daydreaming about what that would do to him

•(hint: it fucks him up. It’s currently fucking him up. Turn AROUND CRESCENT)

• meanwhile Thorne makes the most valiant attempt to keep his thoughts pure. Sinnamon roll x cinnamon roll.

•iko thinks it’s cute. Cinder and wolf have exchanged bets. Free Jacin from his suffering honestly he is so done.

•after a few days of this nonsense iko helps cress get the hang of pants and the nightmare is over

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: BokuAka
A/N: based on this prompt. I don’t know why I’ve never written for these two before, but all of @shizuos’ yelling is a good motivator. haha

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Somewhere nearby, cricket chirps are louder than Keiji remembers them being. Loud even through the closed windows of Koutarou’s bedroom, shrill and demanding to be heard. Or maybe it’s because Koutarou’s voice, normally much too loud, much too boisterous, is now dropped to a murmur so low that Keiji strains to hear it. 

There’s a wistfulness to it, a pensiveness Keiji is used to after years of acclimating to Koutarou’s moods, and he steels himself, braces for one of the lows he expects with so quiet an admission. 

He shifts on the futon next to Koutarou, lays on his stomach and presses a cheek to his forearm. “Most likely die,” he says, half teasing because Koutarou is like a child with too much energy, too much of everything all contained inside a body that sometimes doesn’t know when to stop, when to go, when to breathe and pause. 

He closes his eyes.

Sometimes he worries. Worries that Koutarou would forget to eat breakfast and his energy levels would suffer. Worries that he’ll be so caught up with volleyball that he can’t concentrate on schoolwork. Worries he’ll have episodes and mood swings he won’t know how to handle. 

But most of all, he worries that one day, Koutarou will forget him. Forget there had once been someone there to worry, to care. To cherish the highs and the lows he’ll miss but never say so out loud.

And so he worries.

“Yeah, probably,” Koutarou says. He faces Keiji now, his breaths warm on Keiji’s face. Deep, even, comfortable. Keiji feels a finger trace down the length of his nose and he wrinkles it; an automatic reaction. “Akaashi?”

He doesn’t open his eyes and instead knits his brows in response. “Mm?”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he repeats, and Keiji’s chest contracts, aches. 

He sighs. “It’s only a year until I graduate, but maybe you’ll have figured out how to fend for yourself then.”

“I don’t want to wait that long.”

Keiji’s eyes open, slowly then all at once, half-lidded and narrowed in confusion. “Bokuto-san?”

“You think I don’t know how to take care of myself. That I won’t know what to do when I’m sad or when I can’t sleep or when I get overwhelmed. But I do. Because I think of what you’d say, what you do when I get that way and I know I’ll be okay.” Keiji waits, silent, and Koutarou continues when there’s no response, “but I pretend I don’t know how because I don’t want you to forget about me.”

“You’re an idiot,” Keiji says, staying the smile that quirks his lips. “I could never forget about you.” 

Then Koutarou does something he doesn’t expect. It’s not the mood drop he had braced for, no rabbit hole lamenting he’s learned to drag Koutarou out of. Warm lips press against his. Soft, chapped with how Koutarou has been breathing through his mouth to calm himself, but nice. Pleasant. Enough to ease the knot in his chest. 

“I could never forget about you either.”

It’s then Keiji realizes that sometimes Koutarou doesn’t need saving, that he knows how to save himself, but chooses to have Keiji there with him. 

“Good. Because I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

And he kisses Koutarou again, feels like maybe this time, he’s the one that’s been saved. 

How to Get Motivated to Study in 4 Steps || Med School Monday

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Studying isn’t always fun nor easy. If you’re going into an academically demanding career like medicine, it’s important to know how to get motivated to study even when you’d rather be doing something else. It’s not always easy to just hunker down and crack open a book, which is why I’m sharing my 4 steps to getting motivated to study that I used as a postbac premed!

  1. Make a Plan Make a plan of what you need to cover and how you’ll do it in succession — be specific. You can do this right before studying but I prefer to do this the day before so that I know how much time I’ll need to dedicate the next day. You can use a to-do app, a journal, a post-it, whatever. Just get it down somewhere that is easily accessible. Here’s an example, but yours may look different. Do what works for you!
    External image
  2. Clean your Workspace This is the holy grail tip, guys. Clean your desk, fold your laundry, and make your bed (assuming these are all in your study room). It makes the world of a difference to have a clear workspace that is inviting to your study materials and the knowledge that will soon be transferred into your beautiful brain. It should take no more than 10-15 min. Don’t worry about sifting through everything and conducting an impromptu and time-consuming spring cleaning, just:- stack papers/mail/receipts into a pile and place them in a drawer or on a shelf — away from the desk
    – put writing implements in a holder (a mug, cup, anything will do)
    – books you wont be using should be neatly stacked on a shelf or the floor
    – wipe off crumbs/eraser shavings/etc. straight into the trash
    – fold clothes quickly. if you don’t have time to put them away, just stack them in the basket and do that during a study break.
    – for your bed, smooth the sheets/blankets and pull the comforter on top
  3. Get the Right Materials Grab books, powerpoint lectures, PDFs, review books, practice questions, old exams, whatever you need during your study session. The point of this to ensure that you have everything you need in one place. This is a way to loosely plan your study time based on your materials. It also prevents you from wasting time during dedicated study hours getting up and looking for the resources you need.
  4. Minimize Distractions This one can be difficult but also liberating. Here’s how to free yourself from the outside world in order to study:- Put your phone on silent and either leave it on the other side of the room or deeeeeeep in your bag where it is not easily accessible
    – If using an iPad as a resource, turn off iMessage and all notifications in order to use it solely for studying
    – Put on headphones to detract others from interrupting you (this is if you’re in a public space). You don’t need to be listening to anything, it’s just a way to signal to others that you’re not available.

You don’t need anything extra to carry out these 4 steps and motivate yourself to study. Not only will being organized motivate you to study, it will give you clarity. A clear mind enables you to focus dedicated time on studying, adding to your efficiency and increasing the quality of your study time.

How to Get Motivated to Study in 4 Steps || Med School Monday was originally published on Premed to MD

Sunday Olicity Fic Rec

Well, well, well. It looks like I have yet again remembered on a Sunday to write a rec post! (Your eyes do not deceive you…this is my third week in a row. I KNOW.) I’m quite proud of myself, actually. 

If you’re interested in last week’s post, you can find that here: (X)


Let’s start with the WIPs…

The Strange and Unpredictable Power of the KissCam by @storyteller0311
Pretty sure I’ve had this in a rec post somewhere before…but regardless, I really like where it’s going. I will fully admit when I read the first chapter I would not have thought the story would be where it is now, but the moves have felt organic and right for how the characters are written. Don’t let the title fool you - this is a S1 rewrite chock full of olicity goodness. 

Finding Sunshine by @pinklassie
I am a very big fan of different first meeting fics … not that I don’t love the canon meet/cute for olicity because of course I love it. But what is a true marker of an OTP, in my not always humble opinion, is just how well the couple works in AU/canon divergent stories. So yes, I love different first meetings/AUs/Soulmate AUs (shut up Jenn, we KNOW), and this one is pretty delightful. What I think rings true anytime it’s written in fic is the initial pull Oliver felt for Felicity. We all know he kept coming back to her for more reasons that she’s a genius and the world’s best hacker and he did his homework. There has always been something there between the two of them, acknowledged or not, and I love to see that idea played out as many times as people are willing to write it. 

A Million Pieces (strewn out across the ground) by @serenasnotebook
The first chapter of this 4-part work went up this week, and I absolutely love the role reversal. Felicity is more Thea than Oliver, but the idea still really works. Plus, it’s just written well. I’m excited to see where this goes, and what the obstacles are for the olicity of it all. PS - bodyguard/heiress AU.

Now, the one-shots!

Love Is In The Air: Olicity Drabbles by @spaztronautwriter
Ok, fine. I’m cheating by rec’ing a collection. But really, who is winning here? You. You are. I particularly like 3, 4, and 5 (OMG OLIVER 2.0 IS SO THAT GUY). It’s all fluff (…so far…don’t let me down on the fluff @spaztronautwriter!!!) and just delightful reading. 

room for a little one?: chapter 10 Consider Yourself by @wagamiller
Can I just blanket statement rec everything this lady writes? Because yeah, just go read all of it. ALL OF IT. But back to this little gem…again, how much do I love the early olicity spark and S1 dumb sad murderous puppy Oliver? Too much, truly. After reading this, I have to wonder if he ever mentions to her just what he thought of her in that gold dress…because he definitely had some thoughts. (*coughs* take that as a prompt if you want writers…Oliver and Felicity pillow talk … “do you remember that dress you wore the night we took out the Dodger?”….*coughs*)

Collection to Be Named Later: Chapter 83 by @machawicket
The caveat for this rec is: read 83, then go back and read 80-82 because you will need the fluff after you cry for an hour over this. Here’s the thing: I have a lot of feelings on S4 and the story arc being written for Felicity. There is a lot coming that I do not understand why it’s being handled how it appears, and maybe, what to me is worse - I have no idea how they will fix it without making her a fool. With that being said, what I appreciate about this work is what we will not likely see but is completely necessary - space for Felicity to grieve. This might a bit of a spoilery rec, so if that’s not your thing it’s ok. Read 80-82 instead. But if you’re like me and have a lot of FEELINGS about a lot of THINGS, I encourage you to read this. Cathartic in a way, I feel. Oh, Macha. Always making me feel the things. *le sigh*

Echoes of Your Heartlines: Chapter 48 Shadows in the Light (No Need to Hide) (Post 4x 11) by @dust2dust34
This is more than a smut fic, let’s start there. Is it smutty? Sure, if that’s how you want to see it. But to me, this is a fic about intimacy and navigating a relationship after a life-changing event - how to still be a partner, an equal, a friend, a lover for both Felicity and Oliver. I’m just incredibly impressed with this work. It’s beautiful and genuine. This is the one that stayed with me this week, and I bookmarked immediately for this rec list after I read it the first time. Just a really good piece of writing. 

After last week’s rec list, I decided to add a “Throwback Rec” each week (because I do what I want)…

ain’t it fun by @magneticwave
As I was looking through my AO3 bookmarks, I stumbled across this gem (which I labeled as “THIS IS A GEM” to remind my future self of obvs). Felicity is HILARIOUS in this fic. She’s pure comedic genius. The roommate? I wish she was canon. Oliver? Oblivious per usual. Diggle? Omnipresent per usual. Chaos and hilarity ensue. Seriously, read the thing. It’s too good. 

Happy reading! 

Things Booklr Has Done to Me
  • I used to never know if or when a book’s sequel was coming out
    • I lost so many series halfway through
    • Now I know five months ahead of time because everyone’s freaking out and making me freak out
  • I used to just have one neat list of books I wanted to read
    • Now I have??? I don’t even know??? A vague awareness of the cloud of books I need to read hovering forever at the edges of my vision?? A huge TBR pile
  • Signed books literally did not matter to me
    • …now they do. authors are real. they?? exist??? they can reblog my posts? sign books? before it was just like “yeah of course there is a human out there somewhere who wrote this, look there’s the name” but now it’s important like if my favorite author is writing a new book, releasing a new book, breathing air near a new book i have to know?
  • Book photos
    • would not have thought looking at photos of books had any point
    • why look at photos of them when you can read them
    • and now it makes perfect sense to follow blogs full of book photos ok
  • other people who will also talk for hours about good books this is wonderful
After a Long Day

Summary: After a long day, Mettaton still needs to meet Alphys before going home, but as he was looking for her, he meets with Papyrus instead and decides to wait for the scientist with him.

Pairings:  Papyton/ A little bit of Alphyne
Words: 1 942
Ratings: G
Genre: I seriously don’t know, Fluff (yeah, that’s mainly it).
-Set in a post-pacifist route.
-I also posted it on Ao3 for those who prefer reading it there.

Keep reading


The World Was Wide Enough

I know I saw this posted somewhere before, but I couldn’t find it and I want it on my blog.

if i could have 3 wishes the third one would be to own a giant light up billboard in times square that says “FUCK” and have a button at home to turn it on and off at will and every time i get pissed i just mash my giant FUCK button knowing that somewhere across the country theres a 12 foot tall FUCK sign flashing with every press ive made a post about this before

ok i asked this before i officially had a spot but NOW I OFFICIALLY HAVE A SPOT IN WOMEN OF THE WORLD POETRY SLAM IN BROOKLYN so i must ask do any of y’all live in NYC or its surrounding areas?? i’d love to meet some of you in the flesh!!! let yr girl know and i’ll keep you posted on where i’ll be performing (all of the bouts will be somewhere on the Pratt Institute campus!). 

cha0sbuster asked:

except it wasn't it was an academic project that's now inactive because all this crap. if it were an ARG then you'd really think that it would have gone somewhere in the nearly 10 months since UCIS last posted.

lol wtf are you talking about. we’ve talked to the gamemaster before and they proved they were the gamemaster and they would tell us to tone it down whenever players would start to go outside the boundaries of the in-game universe so we wouldn’t bother people not involved with the game, all this ZDK stuff was very clearly a game. i’ve been following this since the very beginning, i know for a fact it’s a game, cite your sources, dude.

and most of us assume it hasnt updated in a while because the GM was in highschool during its heyday, and is now too busy to currently host a game of that magnitude again. if it was an actual real academic project by a legitimate group of mysterious rogue college programmers with convenient bird-themed names creating nearly perfect robot sentience that loves to post skrillex midis on its own accord, wouldn’t it be more likely that they WOULD update instead of just disappearing? 

anyway this rudeness is seriously not called for. we’re not idiots, we know an alternate reality game when we see one.

I miss you @majoraop

Talking about OP is not the same without you around. Even though we mostly talk about personal stuff now, but I miss that too.

Don’t feel pressured to write to me because of this. Take care of your work. I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts. ^w^

geritashipper asked:

Oie :D I didn't know you could draw (??), how silly of me. xD I just saw your loveful art. Do you still draw frequently? Do you post your stuff somewhere else?

Oiii! Ah, I think I forgot to tell you before sorryyyy xD but yes, I usually try to make at least one drawing each month. Right now I’m working on a drawing for the GerIta week and really soon I’ll start one for the frukzine <3

Ohh I’ve been thinking about making an account on deviantArt one day, but for now I’m only posting my stuff on this blog. You can go here if you want to take a look :D


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Idk I just feel so ugly today and I don’t know why but every way I look at myself I’m not pretty or good enough, I’m sorry for posting this but I needs somewhere to express this before I explode, sorry again, you’re all amazing

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw your tag on the post about Yixing being EXO-M's leader before Kris came along, and that part is actually true. He was slated to be the leader, but for whatever reason they ended up changing it to Kris. I don't know what the reason for the change was, I just know the part about Yixing being the M leader is a fact.

i think i do remember reading that somewhere else before too but i got a little ???wait was that true or not?? moment ….. i cnt belive…. the lost oppotuunities the born leader the possible savior of exom….gone….like this… no wonder sulay are so close ajkhfskhjge


alright i guess i probably should say something about this. i’ve had to mention it once already but i’ll say it again. i really don’t mind people reposting what i’ve made but please, please please give proper credit. it really sucks to see your work posted somewhere else, knowing that there will be individuals to see those posts and not know who the works belong to. it’s even worse when someone else takes the credit for your own work and i’ve definitely seen that happen before. i don’t appreciate it because i’ve put effort into making what i do and to have someone else take credit for my work really doesn’t feel nice at all. i’m sure a lt of people who runs icon and layout blogs can relate to this and maybe it doesn’t matter to them as much. ‘  © tumblr ‘ on your bio/description ain’t gonna cut it. please credit what tumblr user you’ve gotten the works from. 

I didnt get to go to transfer day today cause I didnt know you were suppose to sign up before going but oh well 🙌🙌🙌 im planning on having a tour instead and spend more time ✨ buttt i ended up going on a date so it was great ❤️ Also just a heads up Im going to be pretty busy this weekend bc of superbowl and titanfall out tmw but Ill post somewhere on sunday and stuff 😬😬😬 #selfie #update #me #headshot #update