I’m pretty sure that Emma knew what she was getting into when she decided to ask Captain Hook out on a date. Oh, he’s a pirate, he has a dark past where he lied and cheated and was obsessed with vengeance and did some bad things.

No. Really? I can’t be sure, but I think she might have figured that out back when he introduced himself as Captain Hook, left her in a dungeon, fought against her, and tried to kill Rumplestiltskin.

I mean… there’s trace evidence that Killian Jones is no angel. Even a smart, intuitive woman like Emma Swan can probably see that.

So the first thing I hear when I walk into school today was someone screaming “THE DRESS IS FUCKING BLUE AND BLACK”, my friends knew about it, everyone in the hallways were talking about it, my teachers knew about it, my mom heard it on the radio, I even went to the doctors and she said not to even mention it.

This is the only meme I know of to come off the internet.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry about the ask about the spoiler images, I didnt mean to stop your excitement, I just think it's kind of rude to ishida, I wouldnt be happy if I knew people got to read it earlier than expected..

I know. I know that I can just turn away from the spoilers that get posted and just wait for scanlations. Or at least until the official release which is on Thursday. Scanlations also come out earlier than the JP release too actually.

I just wanted to help people who wanted to view them, that’s all. I didn’t mean to show disrespect to Ishida-sensei’s work. It’s just that since people want to see them, I just told them a way on how they can do so.

I personally buy the actual volumes of the manga to show my support once they get released. I really didn’t mean to be rude to Ishida at all, it’s just that since it’s there, I want to see it. If I don’t catch the images, then that’s fine with me. However, I think it’s a bigger issue if people started tweeting about the latest chapter to Ishida-sensei himself before the actual release of the manga which I’ve been trying to warn others not to do and I personally don’t do that either; all I do is look at the images and do rough translations here and there.

I understand where you’re coming from anon and I really have no excuse for this.

Coming Out (slightly)

So this, this is my official, online, coming out I suppose. I’d like to ask those of you who know me in real life to please not say anything. I’m not really at that stage yet. If you’re seeing this then that means I’ve had the courage to post it, and get it out of my drafts. Well, as about 5 people on this earth knew, (well sort of knew) I’d like to say I’m bisexual. I’ve known for a while, but I’ve always kept it hidden… even from myself. I’d always tell myself, “this is just a stage”, but a stage doesn’t happen from age 8 and continue. If this was just a stage I would have grown out of it, but I didn’t, and I think I’m finally starting to accept it. I think the point where I decided I needed to at least some what let it go, and accept myself, was the night I got drunk. I cried and felt ashamed, and was told that it was okay. I basically told them I was bisexual, but still continued to deny it.  I know so many people will still accept me, but the thing is accepting myself. I’m working on accepting myself, and this journey is just starting.  I have all the support in the world, but I’m still nervous about the whole thing. So thank you to anyone who reads this and still accepts me. These past years have been increasingly harder on me and I think one of the reasons is the fact that I’ve been hiding who I am, even from myself. 

It’s Late, Lets Sleep

When Your Neighbor thinks its okay to play music at night. Based on a tumblr post.


I stirred slightly in my sleep I try to hold on to every piece of sleep I could, I knew if I woke up the chances of me going back to sleep was very unlikely. I would  most likely stare at my laptop  until Mikasa would coming in and drag me out of my hole of misery, which is welcomed but I don’t think I could deal with her and her constant nagging its draining and it just makes my short fuse shorter.

I hear a piercing sound come from crashing through my walls, it was over that was it. The sound shattered all hopes of sleep, opening my eyes I knew it was over. Sleep was gone I knew it will take some time for me to go back to sleep or I might not even go back to sleep. I just wonder how long it will take. Sitting up I groan bringing bring my face into my hands. There was no way I was going to get to sleep now. I look towards the clock in a silent pray that it wasn’t that early that I would not be a total mess the next day.

Looking to the clock I groan and fall back into my mattress, what ass plays an instrument at 12:32 in the fucking morning? Who the fuck does that? Sighing I get out of bed tugging on my large tank top. I reach for my laptop, I might as well see if I could type anything while I’m up.

After messing around for about ten on my email checking for deadlines and what not, I open up my document to get back in to it. I read what I had previously wrote, changing my font color to pink I began to type a little out.

I listen to the sound of the strings penetrate my walls. It was soft and soothing, with a hint of melancholy it made me smile softly as I felt like it related to my feelings right now, suddenly it changed direction up beat, sad, fast and it was breath taking. I reach my hands out and it just seemed like the story was just flowing out of me.it was crazy and addictive it seemed like it was effortlessly like it was always there, like I was never struggled to write like I was before.

When all the ideas slowed down and I could find a point to end the chapter, I had written maybe two if I cut it up properly and add the extra backbone the words would need, maybe three if I did it right. I felt tired, I saved my document, closing my laptop and pushing it to the other side of my large bed, laying down I close my eyes. I felt it in my bones I was ready for sleep but I know it’s not going to come to me, sighing I close my eyes and listen to the soft melody that was playing. I wondered what instrument it was. I glided endlessly on one of the drawn out notes. The song depressed me, it sounded so sad. I roll in my bed trying to find sleep, but sleep would not come.

I felt like something was mocking me in the distance. 

It had to be the sandman.

I glance at the clock 2:27 no way I typed for that long. Why the hell was this person even playing at this time of night? How did they play for this long? I can’t I’m tired and pissed it seemed like the music was taunting me with its beautiful squeaking; it was getting sadder and sadder. I could not take it no more. Jumping up I left my bedroom right out the front door, after I propped the lock so I Could get back in.

I knock angrily on the door, the door is opened by some short black haired man with bags under his eyes, which could rival mine, and he looked like he could drop at any moment. I was going to lash out at him but I couldn’t I understood the feeling of not being able to sleep on nights on end..

“What do you need Brat?” he asked after that I snapped back into reality, did I fall asleep?

“Can I join you?”

        Levi has no words for the young man before him, he looks him up and down, he wore a loose shirt and really short shorts. There were rings around his gray eyes. Why did he come here in the first place, wasn’t that a face of anger before? What’s wrong with this kid? Levi didn’t know what came over him but he moved back to let Eren in, slowly retreating into his apartment. Eren grins before it occurred to him that he should get his laptop and keys so his house could be secure. He moves back slowly, the short man shoots him a look.

“You coming, Brat?”

“Let me get my Laptop” while Eren ran to get it, Levi takes his phone out and blogged quickly ‘My neighbor knocked on my door at 2:30 am this morning. Can you believe that? 2:30 am! Lucky for him, I was up playing my violin.’ he waits for him to come back, Eren comes back holding his laptop, Levi closes the door once the young man makes it through the door. He shows him to the living room. Eren sits on the couch to getting comfy, Levi watches him with slight interest.
"Do want tea or something," he looks at him Eren nods while opening his document to write.

"That would be great." He says flashing a smile. “So what are you doing up so late?" Eren asks as Levi makes the tea on the kitchen.

“couldn’t sleep” he retorts “I’m guessing the same for you kid or are working on your paper due tomorrow.”

"Oh no, I’m not in school." Eren says typing away, "I’m only up because of you had woke me up.”  He sighs softly, slumping against the couch "now I can’t get back to sleep." Levi hands him a cup of tea.

"Sorry to hear that kid" he says sitting on the couch on the other end, Eren suspects that’s the closest he would get to and an apology. They sat in silence as Eren types thing to have the story flow bit he wasn’t getting far.

"Are you going to play?" Eren asks gesturing towards the violin.

“Do you want me to.”

"Yes it beautiful. Your music is." Eren comments with a grin, Levi looks away glad that he had to do so to pick up the violin.

He stands looking away and started to play a slow sad tone. Eren began to type away at his laptop. Eren stops long enough to watch the man play as he was bathed in moon light his raven hair highlighted with the rays from the moon that filtered through the curtains to the balcony. His pale skins looks as if it was glowing, suddenly the man before him felt bigger than his height, he was grander, something that he was unable to reach or touch, it was beautiful.

Eren opens a new document and begin to type away before he knew it, he was starting a teen novel, it was to be less morbid than his other writings or just the right touch of tragedy to keep the tears flowing. Suddenly he felt the story rise with in him, he stopped typing looking at the  man.

“what instrument is it?” he found himself asking breaking the silence that had fell upon them, he had no idea when the man had stopped playing, when he started to simply staring at him, watching him.

“Violin,” he was told, Eren types it in, and the man watches perplexed as Eren’s hands dances about the keyboard “have you ever played piano.”

“hm,” Eren looks up at him through his long bangs large eyes taking in the other man “When I was younger, my mom wanted me to, so I took classes.”

The man nods, before he too sat on the couch and began to read a book that had lied on the coffee table. Eren paid no mind to what it was, he just typed on and prayed nothing was to stop him for getting the idea down, or that the ideas didn’t stop. To leave him, this will cause him to feel the pain of staying up so long without proper sleep.
He glances to the man he wondered if he felt the same, like the sandman hated his guts and caused him the daily struggle of no sleep. As if he had a personal problem with him, that the sandman was an evil being that only lived to serve himself. Eren shakes his head, his mind has become distorted it was time to at least relax it without the added pressure of pushing ideas out.

The man stood before him, “more tea” Eren only nodded numbly, watching the man go, more like watching how his hips unknowing move on their own in a more than tempting way.

With a new cup of tea he drew his knees to his chest and sipped lightly the man went back to his book, sipping no, drinking the hot tea. He didn’t know how long he was staring at Levi for but when the tea was done and he had set the mug down on the coffee table.

Eren just leans back, relaxing it was nice to sit in silence but still know someone was there beside him. He didn’t notice the soft music play, the haunting words imposing on them, he found himself humming along.

Give up your way, you could be anything,
Give up my way, and lose myself

He meets Levi’s eyes before sliding closer to him, he stairs a little longer before laying down and resting his head on the man’s lap, after he didn’t say anything Eren turns to his side facing away from him. Continuing to hum the song he knew this song well albeit sad, he still loved it.

You’re just so pretty in your pain

A hand began to stroke though his hair and he lets out a sigh, ‘it feels good’.

So run, run, run
And hate me, if it feels good
I can’t hear your screams anymore

He glances up at the book with wonder. It looked familiar, looking closer he knew why, it was his book. Of The Giants, published under Erin Hunter. He let out a breathless chuckle, he was under a girl’s name to protect his identity, he remembers cross dressing as her for the authors blurb. Also that book signing a year or three back.
Eren closes his eyes hearing the song sing on before tapering off in soft hums.

I found my way out
And you’ll never hurt me again

I felt like I’m floating on a cloud of warmth,  but when I’m grounded it felt to cold, I don’t think I wanted the warmth to leave me. Reaching out I hopped that I grabbed the warmth, when I did I smiled.

"Don’t go" I rumble when it felt like a hand was trying to force my hand off. "Please"

"Hush, brat it’s late, let’s sleep"

"Won’t leave?" I try to speak but sleep made my mind riddled and not working.

"I’m not going anywhere"



I let go, I knew I had to but doing so was hard, how I could not, he promised I trusted him. And he didn’t disappoint I soon felt warmth next to me. I soon was enveloped in it. Something heavy pressed to my chest. I sigh and let the black take over not after hugging the warmth to keep it from leaving me even for a second. It was pleasant to be in the arms of sleep and the arms of warmth.

I wonder if sandman loves me after all.

moonflower0759 answered your post: How is everyone doing tonight?

I got the last romance scene for Solas tonight…I already spoiled it for myself (I’m always the one who peeks at the end of the book) so I knew it was coming…and I’m very sad. :( I need hugs.


It’s such a beautiful sadness, isn’t it?

Red Throwback [3/?]

What were you thinking when you went to record your new album [Red]?

When I went in to make this record, I recorded the songs over a two-year period. Every time I would come up with a new song that sounded different or unique or new, compared to what I had to done before, I knew we were getting closer. What I wanted was an album that explored the edges and broke new ground. One of my big fears is people saying my songs are all starting to sound the same.


revenge appreciation week | day five:  favourite character

you look like the loneliest man in the world

if i see one more ‘but hook just gave up a boat - an inanimate object - to get to her. wow what a great sacrifice, it’s not like neal gave up his life for her or something - and emma swallowed it all up and kissed him?! way to go ugh cs is disgusting’ i’m gonna fuck some shit up because you’re totally missing the point of it all hE GAVE UP A BOAT YES A BOAT THAT HAD BEEN HIS HOME YES WE KNOWS IT’S AN INANIMATE OBJECT YEST BUT THE THING IS HE GAVEIT  UP BECAUSE HE MISSED HER






HOW FUCKING DAFT CAN YOU PEOPLE BE THEY SAY THAT LINE AT LEAST 6 TIMES IN THE DOUBLE EPISODE FFS i understand you hating a ship and not being able to stomach it i really do but please do yourselves a favor and stop coming up with the most ridiculous arguments to make it look stupid or invalid in your eyes (such as ‘emma is ooc!’ ‘hook is a stalker!’ and so on) because holy fuck this is gonna be a looooong hiatus 

  • Sailor Moon Fandom (United States):We need the old Sailor Moon anime to be licence again with new dubs in the States. The old dubs where terrible because they cut out so many things.
  • Viz Media :*Gets the licence from Toei to not only show the sub on hulu and redub the old anime with no cuts to be release on dvd but also Sailor Moon Crystal ending the 10 plus years Sailor Moon drought in the United States.*
  • Me and others:*throws hands in the air*
'Deleted Scene' between Obi-wan and Padme from Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith


PADMÉ and OBI-WAN sit on one of the couches.

Has Anakin been to see you?

Several times… I was so happy to hear he was accepted on the Jedi Council.

I know… he deserves it. He is impatient, strong willed, very opinionated, but truly gifted.

They laugh.

You’re not just here to say hello. Something is wrong, isn’t it?

You should be a Jedi, Padmé.

You’re not very good at hiding your feelings.

It’s Anakin… He’s becoming moody and detached. He’s been put in a difficult position as the Chancellor’s representative… but I think it’s more than that. I was hoping he may have talked to you.

Why would he talk to me about his work?

OBI-WAN studies her.

Neither of you is very good at hiding your feelings either.

Don’t give me that look.

I know how he feels about you.

PADMÉ (nervous)
What did he say?

Nothing. He didn’t have to.

PADMÉ is a little flustered. She stands and Obi-Wan follows. She walks to the balcony.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I know you both too well. I can see you two are in love. Padmé, I’m worried about him.

PADMÉ looks down and doesn’t answer.

OBI-WAN (continuing)
I fear your relationship has confused him. He’s changed considerably since we returned…

They stand on the balcony and look off at the early morning city.

From the novelization:
“A soft chiming came from within his robe. ‘Excuse me,’ he said, and turned aside, producing a comlink from an inner pocket. ‘Yes…?’

A man’s voice came thinly though the comlink, deep and clipped: ‘We are calling the Council into special session. We’ve located General Grievous!’

‘Thank you, Master Windu,’ Obi-Wan said. ‘I’m on my way.’”

OBI-WAN starts to leave. PADMÉ stays looking off into the distant city.

OBI-WAN (continuing)
Padmé, I’m not telling the Council about any of this. I… I hope I didn’t upset you. We’re all friends, I care about both of you…

Thank you, Obi-Wan.

Please do what you can to help him.


i dont think ive seen enough appreciation posts about niall in these shirts…

so he doest use this one a lot but its great

mad af



we knew that








the rest of the world was black and white…

"whats up buddy"


harry trying to be funny…



idk know what to say anymore i need time…

"You’re my perfection"
Imagine you come home to your boyfriend Luke’s and your appartment after a day out with your girlfriends and hear him yelling through his phone at someone. You could tell he was really upset, so your quickly kicked off your shoes and made your way into the kitchen. Luke was wandering around in the kitchen, wildly gesturing with his hands and shaking his head.
“No Calum I will not calm down! I told you you I never wanted that pictures posted. I told you! And you promised you wouldn’t upload it. I knew I should have made you delete it…”
Luke stopped talking instantly as he realized you were home and standing in the door.
“Whatever, cal.”
Luke replied to something Calum said, you couldn’t quite understand and a second later Luke hung up the phone.
“Hey you.”
He said softly, but you could tell he was still pretty upset.
“Hey you too. What’s wrong?”
“Nevermind. Calum is just being a dick once again.”
“Actually I do mind. I can see your upset. Please talk to me.”
Luke looked at you for a moment as if he wanted to see if you really cared. As you raised your eyebrows at him, he sighed hopping on the kitchen counter burying his face in his hands.
Your heart ached seeing Luke like that. He was honestly upset about that picture Calum posted. You carefully approached your boyfriend, taking his phone from the kitchen counter in your hand. Luke instantly snatched it out of your hand.
“No! I don’t want you to see it.”
“The picture Calum posted?”
“What’s wrong with it? Why don’t you like it?”
“It’s just … that… Umm.. I don’t…”
Luke groaned not finding the right words to express how he felt. He let his head fall back into his hands and covered his face.
“Hey, hey. Luke please look at me.”
You stepped in between his tangling and ridiculously long legs, resting your hands on his thighs. Your face was only centimeters away from his hand so you decided to whisper as he didn’t look at you.
“Please don’t hide your face from me.”
“But I should! I should start wearing at bucket over my head all the time so noone would have to see me ever again.”
You chuckled slightly at his words, but once you realized he was dead serious you grabbed his hands and intertwined them with yours.
Luke didn’t look at you. He stared at the tiles on the floor with a broken look on his face.
“Luke, can you look at me for a second?”
Your thumb was stroking the back of his hand. You brought his left hand to your lips first and placed a soft kiss on it, you did the same with his right one.
“I love your hands. I love how they are so big that they can completely cover mine when you hold my hand. I love how soft they are even though they should be rough from playing, but they aren’t. I love how you fist your hands whenever you hug someone.”
Luke looked up at you surprised. He didn’t expect you to think so much about his hands. He felt flattered by all those little things you noticed that he hadn’t even noticed.
“I love your neck. I love how it tenses when you sing and sometimes one can see your veins so clearly. I love how it looks so muscular and hard, but whenever I touch it it’s the softest thing.”
Luke was now smiling.
You looked down at his feet letting one hand go and traced the outside of his legs.
“I love your legs. I love how they look so skinny and long like the ones in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and I love the kick you do a if you had no bones in your body. It amazes me every time. But at the same time they are so muscular and damn you can jump high baby! That’s so got damn hot.”
“Y/N I …”
“Shut up, I’m not finished.”
Luke chuckled as you stepped nearer and were now staring at his flawless features.
“I love your face. It’s perfect. Your eyes make me melt into a puddly whenever I get lost in them. The color reminds me of the cloudless summer sky. I love your eyebrows. They make you look so cocky and cheeky and I love the thing you do when you wiggle your eyebrows. It’s the cutest thing.”
As if on cue Luke raised his eyebrows just the way you loved it. You grinned as you saw he was waiting for you to continue.
“I love your lips.”
“I know you do.”
Luke laughed and you smacked his arm slightly at the comment.
“I’m not talking about the kissing. I love your smile. You don’t just smile with your mouth, but you smile with all of your features. Your face gets soft and cuddly and cute and your eyes light up and your nose, oh don’t get me started about your nose! I love it when you scrunch your nose whenever something weird happens. I’m literally drooling over the screen whenever you do that in interviews. If I hadn’t been so in love with you in the first place, I would have fallen for you as soon as I saw you scrunch that nose.”
Luke chuckled and his cheeks flushed as you mentioned you were in love with him. You had told him before, but this time it was different to him. This time he believed you. He had always thought he wasn’t good enough for you and sooner or later you’d realize that and leave him, but in that moment he realized you had just as much fallen for him as he had for you.
“I love how I can still make your cheeks flush even though we’ve been dating for over three years. I love how they flush in deeper red when someone makes a sex joke. I love how you still get flustered whenever I am naked in front of you even though you’ve seen it a million times. And I love your hair. In every stage and at every time of the day. I love it in the morning when it’s flat and it matches your adorable puffy eyes. I love pulling on it when you kiss me and i love how it smells. I love the way you style it in that ridiculous quiff and I love it when it’s darker when it’s wet when you step out of the shower and the water is dripping at your chest.”
Suddenly Luke grew quiet again.
“Hey, where did that smile go?”
Luke mumbled something you couldn’t understand, even though you were only millimeters away.
“What was that?”
Luke sighed looking at you, but except for repeating what he had just said he unlocked his phone and turned it around to see a picture. Your mouth fell open instantly and Luke suddenly regretting showing you wanted to pull it back, but you grabbed his hand.
“That’s the picture Calum posted?”
“Ok, give me your phone I’m not ok with him posting this either.”
Luke’s face fell. He knew the picture of him half naked was ugly, but he didn’t expect you to react so straight. You usually build him up after bad press or other things that upset him. But this time you seemed genuinely disgusted and it broke Luke’s heart.
“I do not want pictures of him hot as boyfriend especially topless on the internet. Imagine all those girls and probably even guys masturbating to that picture! I mean come on, this is like the fucking hottest things I’ve ever seen. I am so not ok with sharing your body with other people. You are on house arrest my friend.”
Luke’s eyes were wide. For a second he was unsure of what just happened.
“Cal is probably not going to delete that picture now is he?”
Luke shook his head still shocked about your reaction, but blood already rushing in his cheeks by your compliment.
“Alright then.”
You took out your own phone from your back pocket and typed something. A second later Luke’s phone vibrated with another twitter notification.

@y/t/n: thank you @calum5sos for posting that picture. Now it’s official. @luke5sos is walking perfection! #secretlyperving

Luke chuckled to himself as he read the tweet pulling you into him and kissing you passionately, before pulling away and whispering against your lips.
“You’re my perfection.”


Lucas Silva’s post-match interview | February 14, 2015

On his Real Madrid debut at the Santiago Bernabéu:
"I’m very happy, very content. This is a dream come true. I’m going to remember this very fondly. The first pass, making connections with the players on the pitch, It felt very good to feel the applause from the crowd. We knew this would be a difficult game. We scored a goal and we felt the pressure. We tried to control the game and we could’ve scored a second, which we did in the end. It’s a great feeling to be around all these great players. Everything in my life is happening very quickly. My first steps in Real Madrid have been very good. They gave be a lot of confidence on the pitch and I know I have to appreciate and respond with my good play. It wasn’t just Ancelotti, but all the players congratulated me and wished me good luck. I’m very optimistic about the future. I’m going to continue working hard to earn my place. I want to face Schalke if possible. Now come the most difficult opponents.” (x)