Agent Carter

I’ve seen quite a few complaints about Peggy’s back story in the most recent episode, a lot of them mentioning that it doesn’t line up with who she is now. This, my friends, is called character development.

Peggy wasn’t born a confident badass, she was born an Englishwoman in traditional times. Of course her mother wants her to be a lady and her fiancé wants her to stay away from danger. She has been conditioned her whole life to ignore and hide who she eventually became, and it took a nudge from the person who knew her best to remind her that that person is pretty great.

As far as being a woman in society goes, I’ve never met one who at one point or another didn’t have insecurities or hide parts of themselves because the world wasn’t ready for it. Eventually, we all figure out our worth, as Peggy did, and go on to believe in ourselves so others don’t have to. But first, yes, it does take a little help from the right friends and family to say being who you are is okay and hiding it is plain dumb. We all need a shoulder to lean on and an encouraging word every now and then.

Not to mention, in Captain America, Peggy tells Steve she knows what it’s like to have all the doors closed in her face. At first she accepted that, but then she re-grew that amazing backbone of hers and kicked those doors down. In conclusion, I love knowing that Peggy started from the bottom now she here, just like the rest of us.

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do u have any headcanons abt leia?? (as a princess or a general or just a badass idc) ((also i hope u feel better <3))

leia is the princess of my heart

  • leia is constantly trying to imagine what her son looks like as a man. she looks at the faces of the men she knows and wonders if they have any features of her son.  she searches for his face constantly even though she isn’t completely sure what it looks like
  • she didn’t cry when han left.  she knew it wasn’t goodbye forever.  she could feel him in the force and that is part of what kept her going each day.  he was doing what he was best at and that was what she was doing.  they both just needed to survive.
  • leia saw so much of herself in poe and that is why trusts him so quickly.  she saw her younger self and knew that he would continue to fight with our without her help and she decided to help him.
  • leia attempts to stay clear of any conversations about kylo ren.  she can’t defend her son’s actions but she hates to listen to people express a desire that he die.  she understands their anger but she can’t stand to hear it as a mother
Forbidden Part 6

Part 5


Dean was at a loss. He didn’t know what to do. So he did the only thing he knew how to. He went to talk to Cas. He knocked impatiently on his friend’s door.


“Come in, Dean.”

Dean rushed into the room, radiating frustration. He began to pace, words flying at a mile a minute.

“Can we talk? Great. Dad’s being a son of a bitch again and this time I don’t know if I can let it slide. I really like Y/N. and I mean really like her. She’s beautiful, and smart, and a total badass. I mean, I saw her training with Bobby. Girl can take care of herself if she needs to. And she’s so different than all of those princesses Dad has tried to get me to court. They all treat a spider like it’s a dragon, and talk about dresses and posture. I could see myself marrying Y/N. I know, I know what you’re going to say, ‘You only just met her’ but I don’t know…I just feel a connection to her.”

Dean finally stopped pacing, only then looking at Cas. The dark-haired knight had been calmly observing the prince from a chair.

“Which connection is more important?”

“You’re right Cas, thanks.”

Dean rushed back out again, making a beeline for his next destination. Cas only went back to reading his book.


A knock at your door startled you from your thoughts. You straightened out your nightdress, making sure you were mildly presentable, you answered the door.

“Dean? What are y-”

He crashed his lips to yours. You didn’t hesitate in wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him back. The two of you stumbled into your room. He kicked the door shut with his foot, moving until he had you pinned against the wall.


He looked into your eyes, his green ones dark with desire. He groaned, pulling away from you.

“Y/N. Before we do…this, we need to talk.”

You nodded, feeling slightly flustered.


As a child, I knew a fascinating woman.  She was a tiny redhead with a voice like nicotine-crushed gravel and a habit of adopting as many injured or orphaned animals as her house would hold.  She was a contractor/carpenter by trade, and always had these long, Morticia-Addams-style curled eyelashes.  She grew up with a large pack of older brothers and they taught her things like putting dogshit in a bag on someone’s front step, lighting the bag, ringing the bell and running away.  She taught me how to play Blackjack.  She was the first woman licensed to ride a two-wheeled motor vehicle in her home town.  She adopted a son and raised him, though he died as an adult before we crossed paths.  I later found out the reason she’d never had biological kids was because her mom was exposed to DES, but that’s another story.

I met her because she lived up at the top of a hill with a park at the bottom of it, and I saw her cats out in the front yard in these little harnesses and wanted to pet them so I climbed the hill, knocked on the screen door, and asked.  I was maybe seven.

-The cat-harnesses turned out to be more for eagle-protection than cat containment.  The eagles could pick the cats up, but they couldn’t fly away with them because of the tethers, so they had to drop them.

She taught me a lot.

So wife and I were looking at some Valentine’s endcap that was full of Star Wars merchandise with Kylo Ren on it and laughing once again at the absurdity that someone in charge thought Kylo Ren would be more popular?

And this random employee was walking by and was like “Hey! Kylo Ren blows!” And gave me a fist bump, and then a few minutes later finished up whatever he was doing and started following me and wife and kid around, rambling about Star Wars at us, and eventually another coworker joined in, and it was so utterly refreshing to hear these two dudes going on about how “Rey is the most badass, she’s stronger than Luke Skywalker man, she’s going fuck Kylo Ren up, I can’t wait.” and talking WITH about it and, when the conversation led to MCU, like we knew what we were talking about, instead of talking AT us.

Then the original dude was talking about how his girlfriend is like Rey, like stoic and silent and strong, and not as emotionally available, and he was her kinda goofy Poe (though he quickly told us that he doesn’t ship anyone and hopes that they all just stay friends and keep romance out of it), and she was depressed lately, so he bought her the BB-8 you can control with your phone and put it outside her door, then knocked and ran away, and I was like….bro…I have hope for the universe yet…

But Velvet tho....


But wait… There´s more…

She is so adaptable that changed constantly the weapon/style and she didn’t hesitate. SHE FUCKING KNEW HOW TO USE ALL THOSE WEAPONS


So I noticed how much this badass lady whose name I wish I knew looked like the Unbeatable Master from the very first time I watched Bandoleer of Brothers, but upon my most recent rewatch, I noticed that she also has pointed ears and is CRAZY tall. Not as tall as Kord, but she pretty much towered over Eli.

Maybe Slugterra does have elves and we just haven’t been privy to their presence?

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Headcanon that Sam's great grandmother personally knew Peggy and was a mentor of sorts to her. Okay, because great grandma Wilson was a hardcore badass who is probably still living to this day. She's Sam's hero and she has lead an extraordinary, fulfilling life. Working as a soldier and spy, pilot and courier, activist and community leader. She personally knew people like Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt, Maya Angelou. Talk to me about great grandma Wilson

Oohh yes maybe she did code breaking and analysis in the war (I’ve been watching Bletchley Circle idk how exactly it worked in the US but maybe she’s a UK transplant like Peggy) and she’s incredibly sharp and could see patterns in everything and because people would’t suspect her she was one of the ones set to looking for leaks and moles in their own department, as well.  Maybe they meet on this mission when working closely with Hollywood they meet Josephine Baker and her friends including Sam’s great grandma. 

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+ but i never saw that way or even comprehend this thought, they both are so different, allison always was a badass, she always knew what she wanted to be and how to be, kira is evolving, she knows nothing about herself or about being a kitsune

i never really understood people who just assumed she was there to fill a gap? i mean, kira was introduced and probably written before they even knew allison was going to leave. she’s one of the most different characters compared to most people in the pack? she always knows she wants to do what’s right but she’s always learning more about herself and changing at the same time. she’s really interesting!

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What do you think about the scene from 4x03 (Felicity with a machine gun)?

What do I think? I think that is the umpteenth try to make Felicity someone that she’s not. She’s an hacker, just let her be an hacker for God’s sake! Those scenes with her shooting with a machine gun, with her knocking out a member of the League with a candlelight, with her knocking out a Ghost with a pipeline are a useless try to turn into a badass character that she’s not. She is an hacker, she doesn’t have fighting skills. She’s not helpless but she’s not the person that can knock out trained fighters. In that scene she was also reckless cause she shot with her eyes closed, she shot randomly without looking and even if when she started there was no one in the lair, for all she knew someone could enter while the bullets were still flying. 

So I think that scenes like that are just stupid and useless. And I wonder how FelicitySue doing that is believable and Laurel fighting is not. 

Rewatching Snk ep 14

I was peeling an orange during the opening theme and to the German I yelled I AM PEELING AN ORANGE, PEELING AN ORANGE!
I kept making sociopath puns about Davies Zackly “Its a hot day” “UEAH CAUSE YOU GET OFF ON TORTURE” (read the manga)
in my heart, I knew. I fell ib love with the character of Hange Zoë when she said OH POO among other adorably funny things. I also can recreate her entrance scene (Sounds a bit wrong now)
I tweeted Jess Calvello and told her I was now kinkshaming Hange for bringing the handcuffs she and Levi use
Then I couldn’t take Pastor Nick seriously
I saw Levi use his honest sass
And badass kicking to save Eren
I kinkshamed Hange again for a second abour her excited DESCRIBE IT TO ME
I was sad how they didn’t show the manga part where Hange seemed to be scolding Levi and telling him he shpuld apoligise to Eren (I should write abput That)

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I have to say, what I liked the most about Astrid was she took fate into her own hands. She wanted to see some mothereffin' stars, so she got a job on a cruise-liner and worked it out for travel. That's strength, and independence, and I admire that.

i’m posting this because this is so so so true and i too admire it very much. she was a badass yo. she knew what she wanted and tried to get it herself because she knew no one would hand it to her. AND when it still didn’t work out how she planned, she wasn’t upset about it; she took it in stride. AND even though she had the chance to finally fulfill her dreams? the doctor’s safety was more vital and she ensured he would leave the Titanic alive, even if it meant she didn’t.


Was just told that Sexist POS waited until I was in a meeting (literally the only time I was away from my desk all day) to ask my coworker about the issue for an application she knows nothing about, just so he could check the “I did ask a girl!” check box.

At this point his very deliberate avoidance can only be chalked up to the fact that I must be the most intimidating and scary thing in a modest dress and cardigan sweater that has ever existed.

This former Marine who will go on for hours about how amazingly awesome and badass he is, is so scared of asking me a question about a database he creeped my Outlook calendar and then asked someone he knew didn’t know anything about it the minute I stepped away.

Oh my word my roommate and I are so tipsy she’s def drunk. We’re currently arguing over the order of Star Wars. She’s confused bc we’re watching ROTJ and she didn’t remember that Luke knew about Vader being his father.

She’s really drunk.