In the Depths of the Sea- Prologue

Hello friends! At long last, I have decided to take the plunge into Out lander fan-fiction, and now grace you with the first chapter of my new story In the Depths of the Sea. The Really snazzy part is that it is a Pirate!AU, taking place in Barbados and the Caribbean in the early 18th Century. Before we get into the juicy bits, i’d like to give a massive shoutout to the best editor, adviser, and tumblr friend a girl could ask for @mibasiamille! With that I leave you to my writing with lots of hugs, kisses, and nervous anticipation


In the Depths of the Sea- Prologue

At a young age, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp had been taught to fear the ocean. Escorted by hand along the rocky English shores, she was advised to stay clear of the powerful, commanding currents–ones that could drag a little girl down to the darkest depths of the sea. She had been regaled with gripping tales of fearsome men who prowled the waters for the treasures of gold and crusaded through the seas in search of bloodshed, gleefully displaying the Jolly Roger upon the masts of their ships. Compared to the placid lakes of Oxfordshire and the gurgling streams of Europe, the mighty sea possessed a titan-like supremacy, power enough to uproot the life of a young girl on three separate occasions.

The first wave had taken her parents from her, when the merchant ship carrying her father, mother, and worldly possessions was lost to the depths of the Atlantic. It left in its wake the shattered remains of a family. The elder Beauchamps had been sailing towards a new life in the colonies, leaving young Claire in the care of her Uncle Lamb, promising to send for her once they had established some subsistence. Her summons never arrived.

Claire vividly remembered the moment she was informed that she was an orphan. She was peering out of the second story window, gazing into Brighton Harbor, believing that if she waited long enough, her parents would materialize before her. Solemn footsteps delivered a letter, an impersonal declaration of her loss and pronouncement of her future, the value of her estate, and the bestowal of her person onto her dear Uncle. Claire was unable to look at the sea for years after.

The second offense came during Claire’s adolescence, when she was shepherded aboard a ship and sent off with her Uncle, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, sent to the West Indies where he was to lead in the inception of a new university. Haunting memories of her last goodbyes, both to those still living and those long forgotten, flitted through her mind, and she wondered whether she should write a note to them,a last will and testament to serve as evidence proving her existence for the sake of history? The thought loomed over her, growing ever darker as she realized her potential fate. Would she share the same destiny as her parents? She bid farewell to the rolling hills and bustling towns of England and boarded the vessel, the shadows of her parents watching her wavering steps as she prepared to face the unknown.

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how i know

i know i love her
because i wasn’t looking to love her
i wasn’t looking to love
or to be loved.

i thought it would be fun
and i thought it would end
and then in the most spontaneous
she took my hands
and kissed my wrists
and she loved me.

i wasn’t expecting her
to feel like that
i wasn’t expecting me to
feel like this.

that’s how i know i love her.

My heart skipped a beat when you looked at me, goosebumps became present on my arms when you touched me. My lips went numb when you kissed me; from that moment forward, when I found myself looking at you and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. I knew I was falling in love.
—  my own
(Explorell-Blog) #11

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EZAREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please do a scene when Ezarel is possessive when another dude kisses guardienne's cheek? THX SO MUCH!!!

A/N: Hello dear anon!! I hope this is good enoug? :v I feel like it´s not very good :/

Ezarel was ready to murder Nevra as he saw the damn vampire kiss HIS girlfriend´s cheek.
Taking rather quick steps, Ezarel pushed him away from Guardienne, pulling the girl to his chest as he glared to Nevra.

“I´m warning you Nevra, dare to touch my girlfriend again and you will regret it!”

Nevra simply turned around and went away, whistling happily, not afraid of the Absynthe´s lider threat.
Irritated, Ezarel looked down at Guardienne, pulling her to a violent kiss

“Ez, calm down. You know that Nevra enjoys to see you like that.” Guardienne said once the kiss was broken and Ezarel placed his head on the croock of her neck, breathing her scent to calm down.

“I know that, still…I don´t like him touching you like that.” Tightening his arms around Guardienne, he said.

“I love you Ez.”

“Hm…” The elf smiled as he hear that, knowing quite well that was indeed true.


I always feel so much safer with you 

it’s like an emergency blanket 

I don’t have nightmares with you 

I only have them alone 

Someday I’ll never have to sleep alone again 

I loved you from the second I met you 

every hug was special 

You remember what I was wearing the first time you ever saw me 

my red hair in the wind 

oversized leather jacket 

trying to get a much needed cigarette 

without giving up a kiss 

I didn’t want to kiss that boy that held cigarettes out of my reach 

I wouldn’t stoop that low for a lowly addiction 

I remember you 

I always remember you 

I remember the things I wish hadn’t happened back then 

like that girl 

but she’s the reason I met you so I guess I should thank her 

you always gave me the world in a hug\

everytime you saw me 

but you never looked twice 

even though I can now see how you should have anyway 

I don’t ever want to lose you 

I need my safety found in you 

I will always just need you 

only you 

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So Jungkook are Jimin are dating and both are gays they kissed its obvious

Wow , you really love assuming things on appearances lol A MAN CAN KISS A MAN ON THE CHEEK JUST LIKE A GIRL CAN KISS ANOTHER GIRL ON THE CHEEK , WHY WOULD YOU ASSUME THEY’RE GAY …? SERIOUSLY 😩Shippers and fans are delusionnal sometimes and I feel like These comments might make Jungkook and jimin extremely uncomfortable. Not because you called them gay , but because you assume things without knowing them.Bts have that strong brotherhood and I don’t believe in those conspiracies that fans like to invent because they enjoy shipping their “oppas” together lol tbh I cringe whenever ppl take ships within bts seriously 😧 BTS are not romantically involved lol all of these ships are a fantasy ,so STAHP trying. I may love all of jungkook’s ships within bts , but I only consider them as brotherhoods ! Anyways ,you’re free to fantasize about what you want, but pls don’t go overboard with this kind of thing in BTS’ comments sections. Jungkook is learning english, he might feel extremely uncomfortable to see comments like these…


Omg so I’m back from my partyweekend. Andddd AHhh I have been such a bad girl but my lee-  side approves very much. BUT STILL Aaaaa~

You see, I actually told myself I wouldn’t let this happen anymore while partying but alcohol + me is a very kissy slut girl AND OOPS I DID IT AGAIN. 

sfw but still under the cut- Also, I’m still dying.

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so today marks 2 years since love live! sunshine!! was announced

to be honest, i thought the girl in the middle of the reveal picture was kasane hasekura and was really disappointed that all nine girls were new characters. however, i grew to love all of them as time went by; from the unit poll results leading to them being known as aqours, to the subunit poll results that formed cyaron, azalea, and guilty kiss, to the mvs and anime being released. i felt like aqours changed my life just as much if not more than μ’s since i discovered them in early 2015, a year before their last live. aqours has led me to create this blog, where even though i’m not as active as i used to be, it’s still really fun to run. right now, all i know is that i’m going bawl my eyes out when aqours has their last live roughly 4 years from now.
i know that i’m not that great with words, but for now all i can say is thank you. thank you for making a huge impact on my life. thank you anchan, rikyako, shukashuu, arisha, ainya, suwawa, king, aikyan, and aiai. thank you chika, riko, you, dia, mari, kanan, hanamaru, yohane, and ruby. thank you aqours.

I kissed a girl (and I liked)

So… yeah. haven’t been here for a HUGE amount of time, but i thought i would share with the world wide web that after many many years of ‘nah i’ll won’t ever do it because whAT IF I LIKE IT’ and things like that, i did it at the beginning of this month. and im continuing to do it since then. and yeah, i like it. i might even be very much into this girl. i might be liking her for reals.

is this a ‘coming-out’ post? maybe… or maybe not. im not sure what i am or if i should put a label on myself, because rn im just enjoying the moment and enjoying her. but the thing is……………… i like girls i like this girl and i felt like sharing

Supercorp mini song fic thing

Kara I won’t lie to you

That daxam ain’t right for you

And you can tell me that wrong

And he’s the one you want

But I can see the doubt in your eyes

And your spending all your time

Interviewing me with donuts

Girl you don’t know what to do

But Kara I can treat you better than he can

Cause any girl like you deserves a lesbian

Tell me why are you wasting time with his misogynistic pride

When you could be adored instead

Kara I can love you better

Bette Than mon el can ohhhh

I’ll stop my mom for you

Any minute you ask me too

I just want to show you the devotion you aren’t seeing

I’d die to get one kiss from you

You everything I need and if you just saw it I could the true love for you

Cause Kara I can love you better than he can

And any super like you deserves all the pot stickers

Tell me why are you wasting time on that daxamites pride

When we could be hugging instead

Kara I could love you better

Better than mon el

Give me a sign

Take my hand will be fine

I promise I’m not like lex

Will be just fine

Falling into each other’s eyes

I promise I’ll never let you down

Cause Kara I can treat you better than he can

Cause any girl like you deserves pure devotion

Tell me why are we wasting time

With all his lies

When you trust me instead

Kara I can love you better

Better than he can

Yep I’m dork

I camt belieb Im only jist now realizing how much of a good girl i am like i’ve been on??? 1?? Maybe 2 dates???? i have smoked about 5 weed and the only ppl i remember kissing are my best friend, her bf, and my sis in law…,,,,… i am…. and i hate to say it……. vanilla……. meanwhile the boy who stole hot topic merch for me in 2007 is a dad and my cousin who is 2 yrs younger than me is engaged and abt to have another baby wow……. i peaked in high school and i didnt evn lose my virginity

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OK, did you flip when you saw that kiss? She said it was her jam and looked adorable being a girly girl waiting for her man. I haven't been a Blake fan long, but from everything I've learned I'm just so happy for him to have a gf as committed as Gwen. It must make him feel 10 ft tall.

I flip when they so much as breathe these days, sadly for my state of mind…

I LOVE how much she seems to love that song, actually. It’s very sweet. And like he isn’t tall enough, smh!