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there’s something really comforting in knowing that the video game industry is still as embarrassing and silly as it’s always been. I finished that 20 minute video about mass effect andromeda by crowbcat and for some reason, it just made me really happy.

people act like these mess ups are new, and I will admit that they can be very large mess ups(no man’s sky being a kinda recent example) but I wonder when everyone will realize that the video game industry in general is still very new in relation to other entertainment, and this shit is still going to happen a lot.

I think that’s why I find comfort in it. people have always been laughing at stuff like ME:A and other various major video games that fall on their faces. Stuff like E3 or the game awards have always had lots of stupid and embarrassing moments. don’t forget the awkward faces of these events like Todd Howard, Major Nelson or Geoff Keighley(random examples), who just kinda embody the faceless entity that is “video games”.

the video game industry is still a baby (or an annoying toddler), and even though video games themselves are always getting better and improving, there’s still so much about it that’s a huge joke.

it’s like watching your old high school get larger and improve after you graduate, but when you go back to visit it still has the same old dysfunctional staff and awkward-looking students you remember it having

(granted I haven’t been around for the 90s video game craze, but from what I can tell it’s still the same old video game industry)

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Okay but imagine a Sweet girl badeul AU

ooh this is cool because I’ve always felt like their personas in Sweet Girl take actual characteristics that they have and kinda amplify them (for all the members actually).

A Sweet Girl badeul AU… I feel like would have to take place in an university/school/work environment where you have the brooding Baro, whom no one really associates with. Maybe he had a girlfriend in the past, his ‘sweet girl’, but it ended badly and messed with him to the point where he puts up a wall and no one has the patience to break it down.

In comes Sandeul! Candy-like and fluffy and sweet with poofy pink hair and a wide grin. He’s the new guy, who everyone wants to get to know better, to steal some of that sunshine for their own. One day, by chance, Sandeul gets told he’s to work with Baro for an important project. There’s a deadline they have to meet, which means they have to meet up quite often to get as much work done as possible.

Sandeul begins to uncover the parts to Baro he’s kept hidden for so long– his lyrical talents, his unique music tastes, his love for animals. And slowly, Baro finds the over-cheerfulness of Sandeul to be less annoying and more endearing. Now I’m no fic writer, but maybe there’s some additional angst where something from Sandeul’s past comes back to haunt him that breaks that candy exterior, and Baro for the first time sees there’s more complexity to Sandeul than he thought, something they can both relate too.

And they’d take those similarities and help piece each other back again, their hidden similarities making up the center of the puzzle, and their polar opposites (Baro’s seriousness with Sandeul’s cheerfulness) helping to fill in the missing edges. All while managing to meet their project deadline, of course~

WINNER 2014 S/S. Runway 01. Modern Suit.

“WINNER exhibited tasteful suits in this collection. The monotone or colorful suits create a classy yet modern look. By choosing suits with different number of buttons, each member contributes to creating a witty ambience to the suits that one could deem dull. TAEHYUN looks young and classy as he fully buttons up his shirt inside the three-button suit while going tieless. JINWOO creates a classic and vintage look by wearing a tie to go with his navy three-button suit. The three-button suit that used to belong to middle-aged men was reborn as a classy one through WINNER. By wearing different colored tinted shirts, SEUNGYOON and MINHO stand on the opposite ends of the spectrum. SEUNGYOON’s green suit is funky while MINHO’s navy one is masculine. The materials stand out as well. SEUNGHOON’s suit jacket that uses different material to the collar makes him powerfully individualistic.”

ugh this group of kids in my math class always laugh at me whenever i kinda take too long on/mess up on a question the teachers asking me like thanks I already know I’m stupid no need to remind me and rub it in my face

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I was in grade K and we were getting ready to come home for a county fair. It was late may so it was boiling hot out and the bus was late picking us up. The heat was getting to me and I was crying and nauseous the whole time until the bus FINALLY came. A literal hot mess ✨ 


I had a different vent/rant and it just disappeared. So, I’d say this tumblr mobile app is kinda trash? This is the second time today, first it crashed and now it vanishes my whole post, hahah!

Congratulations for 10M+ subs, Jack!
I’m late with yet another drawing, I’m sorry. I’ve been working on so many drawings lately like those two dumb drawn gifs of Jack I posted earlier and I didn’t have time to finish this one. The most difficult parts of this drawing were his face, all the 62 (?) layers I had to edit more than once, and adding text to this… it was tiresome, but I kinda like how it turned out (I really hope anyone who sees this does too) and I learned some new things as well, which is great. Since @therealjacksepticeye likes space too, I thought something like this would be nice. It’s quite simple but I really hope it’s good enough… Thank you so much for all the smiles and happiness, Jack!!!

I feel like in a lot of fanworks Bucky (and to a lesser extent Steve) tend to be the messed up irresponsible ones whereas Sam is the put together voice of reason and that’s cool to portray Sam as a smart mature person but idk I kinda wanna see Sam being a mess once in a while. Like Sam neglecting his relationships, Sam not ever wanting to get out of bed in the morning so sometimes he’s just doesn’t, Sam getting himself into situation that he only realizes halfway through that he can’t handle. Sam having a lot of emotional shit he thought he’d dealt with only to have it come back up when he least expects it

With this whole Caitlyn Jenner thing, I’ve noticed how quick people are to call others transphobic. It’s okay to mess up sometimes, no one is perfect especially since Caitlyn went as Bruce for 65 years! I’m seeing people call other transphobic for a little slip, not everyone is going to remember right away. She just revealed herself today/yesterday!

I have 2 trans friends, I’ve known one as Dean since I met him, but due to people around me, I have slipped and called him Becky a few times. My best friend’s name is Charli, I originally knew her/him(genderfluid little darling) as Ally and I try my damn hardest, but I make mistakes sometimes. I’ll be the first to correct someone on her behalf, and I will still slip and call her Ally. Does this make me transphobic? No, it means I’m a silly human who gets confused sometimes. 

So darlings, if you make a mistake that’s okay. You shouldn’t be called transphobic for accidentally using the wrong name or pronoun. If you’re purposely calling her Bruce and a man, then yes thats transphobic. But people chill, mistakes happen!

ok story time. like 2 weekends ago i met this boy at a frat party and he was p sober but him n his friends came in w/ us to the party and we talked a good amount and then he had 2 go do frat stuff.. but he asked for my # and i gave it to him. and like he gave me his jacket later that night when we saw him again n he shared his fries even tho i was a hot mess. anyway then he added me on snapchat like halfway thru that week and i got so happy and he like snapchatted me twice then just stopped responding :( and then ok this weekend i was at his school again and i asked if his frat was throwing down and he was like yea come through. and then we kinda talked and met up and then he just didnt even come into the party he got us into?? and then he texted an hour later when i was already gone asking where i was… and then we kinda talked a little but idk he just stopped responding again. AND THEN he texted me yesterday randomly just being like sorry i was a dick and bailed i had stuff to deal w/.. so i responded and i was like it’s nbd but it was so cute u know?? and then we like actually had a good convo but he just stopped responding again :( and then today, to make things worse, his snap story was like him n this girl in a field w some fucking horse????? like who is this boy why is he doing this 

Shawn Mendes - The luckiest guy

Request:  I love your imagines!! I was wondering if you could do one where Shawn asks y/n to be his girlfriend, but y/n has to think about it because she doesn’t know if she can handle the hate, and she has a self harm past and stuff. Thanks 💕!


I was so nervous when Shawn texted me he would come over. Our relationship was kinda messed up because of his schedule and my problems in my life, but we were obviously more than just friends and I was afraid he would end this whole thing between us. He meant so much to me and I just didn’t want to lose him.

It was around four when the doorbell rang. I took a deep breath and stepped to the door opening it and finding Shawn standing there all perfect and handsome as hell.

“Hey,” he smiled at me leaning closer and kissing the corner of my mouth.

“Hey, come in.” We sat down to the couch in the living room and it was just wrecking my mind that he looked so calm and confident. Do boys look like that when they get rid of their almost-girlfriends? “How was the studio?” I asked trying to take my thoughts away from what was about to happen.

“Good, we recorded a new song I wrote a month ago.” A month ago. We started to “hang out” exactly a month ago. I immediately thought that the song may be about me, but then I just let it go knowing I was an idiot to even think about it.

“Sounds good, what is it about?” I asked smiling at him. He smiled back at me and he gently took my hand in his.

“It’s about a girl.” My heart started to beat faster. “A beautiful girl I know.” Oh my God. “I really like this girl, and I want her to be my girlfriend, but I don’t know if she is willing to be with me.”

He looked into my eyes and leaned a bit closer, like he was about to tell me a secret. I tried hard to contain myself, but my chest rose and fall back really fast.

“I think you know this girl very well,” he smirked at me and father help me, he looked so damn good.

“Do I?” I asked whispering.

“Yes. Because this girl is you and I would like to know if you want to be more than just friends that occasionally kiss,” he added chuckling.

I wanted to say yes immediately, but then I felt his fingers on my wrist and my stomach turned into a knot. I thought of all the hate I would get if his fans would figure out that I am his girlfriend, and knowing myself I would go back to something I wouldn’t want to do. I started to cut about two years ago when my classmates made fun of me for different things. But I managed to stop it about half a year ago and I had been clear since then. Shawn didn’t know about it and I also didn’t want him to, because it was my dark past, but I really needed some time to think about how this all would affect me.

“I… I need some time,” I said quietly. I could tell this wasn’t the answer he was expecting and I wanted to explain it so badly, but I was too proud to admit that I had problems like this.

“Um, okay,” he said looking confused. “But I really hope that we can make this work. I need you more than you know.” He leaned closer and kissed my cheek.

After this little conversation he left me alone so I could make up my mind. I started to scroll down on his social media platforms and I saw all those girls that would hate on me if they knew what just happened.

I saw the same happen to many others when they put their relationship out there, but I didn’t think I would have the strength to cope with it.

It had been a few hours since Shawn left when I got a message from him. There was nothing in it just a link to a song. I opened it and when I heard Shawn’s beautiful voice I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. It was the song he mentioned earlier that was about me. He sang about the first time he saw me and how he thought I was an angel. The refrain was about our first kiss, how nervous he was and then how he got the chance to kiss me over and over again. Then he sang about his insecurities about me and how I feel towards him, then the refrain again and he closed the song with some beautiful lines about hoping we would last forever.

This was the most breath-taking thing anyone ever did for me. I knew I had to be with him, but I also knew he needed to know about my self-harming past.

I immediately texted him to come back. He was there in twenty minutes and was totally worrying if something happened to me.

“Are you okay?” he asked walking into the house.

“Yes, I just really need to talk with you about something.” We sat down and then I started it from the beginning. I told him about how the people in my school used to pick on me and that I cut for a long time before I could quit. He listened to me silently and let me finish my story.

“This is why I told you that I need some time earlier. I’m afraid I would do something stupid again,” I said avoiding his gaze. He didn’t say anything for a few moments, and then just lifted my chin so I would look into his eyes.

“I won’t let you get hurt again, okay? I would do anything for you, just remember that.” He leaned closer and took my lower lip between his and gave me a gentle kiss.

I knew he told me the truth and it made me feel safer than ever. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He meant so much to me and I was thankful that I had him in my life.

“I just want you to be happy and I’m here to help you in anything. Just let me,” he whispered resting his forehead against mine. I nodded gulping hard.


“Does it mean that you are officially my girlfriend?” he asked with bright eyes and I just nodded smiling at him. “Then I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

Hi there lovelies~

I’ve been quite absent from here for a long time and I would like to let you know a bit what’s going on.

I never intended to stop updating daily. I love this place, my little babies and all of you so much and it breaks my heart to not be around something that had been my thing for nearly a year, every day.

But things IRL kinda messed all up. For sometime I had quite tough time at work, burning candles from all ends and kinda was stretching myself too thin with no extra time to actually get in to do anything else after getting home, exhausted.
It all just got worse, until last month when, out of blue, the place I worked in went down and all the workers lost their jobs, me included.

I’ve still had some work-gigs, but right now, my work seems to be at it’s end and I’m really trying to find a new place right now.  I’m also working with my girlfriend Emil to get them to move back to hometown, back to me.

Stress, anxiety and everything between has kind of messed things from updating my dear blog. We’re short of money and energy, but we have every intend to come back and create more on both of our blogs. I have great plans for my two nerds on this blog and want those to come true~

I do have things done though: i have made quite big updates, finalized Ocu’s demonform-look, written some comic-script and I can’t wait to get to show everything to you finally.

Stay tuned, you cuties~ and hope you’re having the greatest time of the day that you’re having <3

i can’t make edits to save my life so have this pic of me!
anyways! this is my follow forever! this is the first one ive ever made so i hope i don’t mess this up. but! i appreciate you all following me and sticking around! you all mean a whole bunch to me. if you weren’t mentioned im sorry! i tried to include lots of people in this and it was kinda hard to do. i hope u have a merry christmas if u celebrate it! if not i hope that u have an enjoyable next few days! ALSO in case u are confused who i am, i changed my url from puppypda to sayakakin today!

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    Wrong number and he hadn’t realized just yet until he received a message in respond and a smirk pulled up from his lips. Though, once the application was opened and the picture has loaded, mouth gaped open — both in confusion and surprise. Wait, wasn’t it…

“Shit!” Valon chuckled as he lifted a hand to rest against his forehead, eyes never leaving the screen of his phone. One number wrong and someone else had received that picture.

In a way…it had turned better than expected.

[text] Woah, definitely wrong number.

[text] But now I’m kinda glad I messed up.

[text] May I know the name of who I should apologize to?