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listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo

what your fave les mis character says about you

Valjean: you’re a genuinely kind and loving person who believes in the good in people or a tenor who really wants to play starring role

Javert: you’re VERY sad & gay or really edgy

Fantine: either you’ve gone through a lot of shit in your life or I Dreamed a Dream is YOUR solo song and you kill it EVERY time

Young Cosette: your childhood SUCKED, i’m so sorry

Grown-up Cosette: you’re very, very boring, sorry it’s true

Marius: you’re a hopeless romantic & probable soft boy, Empty Chairs never fails to make you sob, also you’re kind of extra

Eponine: you’re very very bitter about your unrequited crush

Enjolras: you’re a social justice warrior, also very gay

Grantaire: you’re very, very, VERY gay, maybe an alcoholic

Any of the other Amis: you read the BOOK holy shit i’m proud of you, also you’re extremely gay

The Thenadiers: you’re a chaotic neutral

Gavroche: you love suffering


Deep Fight ft Rakuzan
Kamiya Hiroshi ft Wataru Hatano, Osaka Ryouta, Toshiki Masuda, Takahiro Fujiwara
Deep Fight ft Rakuzan

It’s so worth it to buy this album and waited for months. I finally got a hold on this. 


Niall Horan is beautiful and wonderful. He’s a genuinely kind person, with a good heart. And he FUCKING KILLED HIS FIRST SOLO AMA PERFORMANCE – and I’m so proud. I love Niall with my whole heart. ❤️

Kylo Ren is a mess, but he’s a competent mess. Powerful, witty, and intuitive. The majority of Ren’s failures stem from a lack of faith in himself.

  • He senses something in Finn, but doesn’t act on it.
  • He clearly senses that Rey is a powerful force-user, but instead of trusting himself to handle the situation he runs to Snoke.
  • He knows - the Ben part of him, at least - that killing Han Solo isn’t right (I’m being torn apart), but follows through anyways because Snoke commanded it.
  • And as a result, he finds himself weakened. Subjugating grief into anger, already wounded, he impulsively chases after Rey and Finn.
  • When Luke’s lightsaber doesn’t come to him, you can see Ren lose faith in himself. It’s plain on his face. Later, when Rey starts to meet him stroke-for-stroke, he grows even more uncertain. Rey - who remains focused and furious - gains the upper hand, and kicks his ass.

(let me know if I’m missing any examples or counterexamples)

And ever Ren’s mirror, Hux’s failures are a result of him trusting himself (or at least, the institution and ideals that he identifies with) too much - placing too much faith in the stormtrooper program, in his weapon’s shields.

Aaa I finally got the last non imperial city skyshard with Taliith now aaaa :)

There was one pact gate that was never ever open, the other one usually was but never this one, id needed this one for ages.

Taliith after this goes back to eyevea and has a nice relaxing bath with Valaste, as Valaste massages her loudmer spellsword wife and asks her about all the most memorable skyshard places she has seen :)

okay look. i’m not huge in the tumblr world, and i don’t necessarily understand everything that people talk about all the time. in particular, the business of kylo, his relationship with rey, his potential redemption, etc. 

and there seems to be so much hate around the character of kylo which sucks because he is *such* a star wars character. and he is perfectly positioned for redemption

george has mentioned multiple times that star wars is not only the story of the skywalker family, but a story of anakin’s rise and fall, and his eventual redemption. not only that but the star wars movies parallel and feed off each other in what feels like every scene. it makes so much sense that the character who is literally obsessed with anakin skywalker/darth vader would follow a similar path: i.e. a redemption story. 


okay yes, yes, yes he can. that’s the whole point. it’s no secret that harrison ford has wanted han solo to die for a while now. we all practically knew that one of the reasons he signed on for VII was probably because han solo was going to die. harrison says that he always envisioned han’s death being a sacrifice, a necessary evil in order for the group, the rebellion, the resistance, the *something*, to survive and move forward. 

if kylo ren is not eventually redeemed, han solo’s death is meaningless. 

you can see it in kylo’s eyes after he kills his father: this is not the rush of feeling, of power, of darkness that he was anticipating. he assumed that killing his father would consume any of the light still within him. but it didn’t. if anything it increased his self-doubt and confusion. 

this moment has to serve as the catalyst that pushes kylo to his inevitable redemption. whether or not he continues in vader’s shoes and accepts the light in his dying breaths, or he goes on for reconciliation with his family is yet to be determined. 

but without a doubt, kylo is the most interesting character in the star wars universe right now. the balance of light and dark is constantly shifting and changing within him and makes the kind of unstable and dangerous character we have yet to see in the saga. he is controlled by his emotions, by his push to be darkness in a way that anakin never was. anakin took the darkness as a means to an end, a way to save his wife. he was tricked and manipulated and then trapped within its confines. for reasons that have not been made clear, kylo choose that darkness, even while the light is still within him. 

as both padme and leia say, “there is still good in him, i know”.  padme was right about anakin…and i’m guessing leia is right about her son too.