Not even in the phandom any more, but oh my goodness, fellow autistic people, PLEASE take care of yourselves when you watch Dan’s new video, the 3D audio experience. I overloaded like hell - keep pausing the video, keep stimming - if you start to overload then just take the headphones out, seriously.

please signal boost

Miraculous Ladybug Interview - Jared Wolfson
Miraculous Ladybug Interview - Jared Wolfson ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for waiting for this exciting and n...

This is @thekitsunenetwork‘s interview with Jared Wolfson, executive producer of Miraculous Ladybug, and Head of Production, Development, Animation and Acquisitions at ZAG Studios. Originally the interview was supposed to be with Jeremy Zag but he unable to do so due to business duties so Jared Wolfson filled in his place. The video was uploaded earlier today.

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I get the worst second hand embarrassment … It takes me 12 minutes to watch a (embarrassing) 3 minute video BC I have to keep pausing to take breaks so I can regain the life I lost