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Hello! You posted that you finished a fic? What is it about and when will you post it? Sorry for all the questions, i just love your fics :)

Hi Anon! I did just finish a fic but it will be a while before I post it. I’m in the middle of posting a multi-chaptered story already and this one still needs to be edited. Plus I have several other fics already completed that I’ll probably post first. But it will be up eventually - I didn’t haul ass writing it this week just to keep it to myself. Haha

It’s basically a River/Twelve version of this 1940s movie His Girl Friday. Here, have an excerpt:

“Ten years, Doctor! Without a word from you!”

For a moment, he looks stunned by the revelation before the scowl returns. She’s beginning to think it’s just his new resting face. “How the bloody hell was I to know? You’re supposed to be -”

She raises an eyebrow when he stops himself mid-sentence. “What? Dead?” She raises her chin, shrugging. “Tried that once. Ever so dull.”

He gapes, promptly snaps his mouth shut and marches forward, right into her personal space. Some things never change. She struggles not to so much as breathe, reluctant to catch the scent of him as he leans in close, those blue eyes serious and intent as he reaches out a bony hand and pokes her in the chest, just above her hearts. “Not a ghost.”

“Not anymore.”

Gods help her she draws in a breath despite herself, filling her senses with the rich smell of coffee and spice, the familiar underlying scent of time lingering as always. Her eyes fall shut against her will and he stays close, hovering, fingertips at her elbow and his nose brushing her curls. “River -”


Her eyes fly open and she nearly chokes on her next breath.

She’d forgotten all about him.

idk what’s happening but i started re-reading old comments on one of my videos and im starting to,, crY ??

like i guess in my old ‘clubpenguin music video’ days, i would have never expected to read comments like these and having people saying “ Dude, you have become my top, to which I want to reach.”

im lame & emotional, i apologizE

for nicola | ilu ♡

So, I wasn’t too thrilled with what she told Akane in the movie….but hey, that’s just me. Saw an edit similar to this a while back and decided to do my own version

Kill me if you like, Shimotsuki fans.

Hello minna!! I reached 500 followers yesterday on my birthday! So I thought I’d make this post to thank everyone! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Sorry for the crappy edit ;A; How do I even start this… I never expected to have such a wonderful experience on tumblr. I created my blog 3 years ago, but left like two weeks after that, haha. I came back in January after stalking niuniente‘s blog (please follow her~), and started making graphics in April. 

I’m scared this will be long because I talk too much, sorry ಥ_ಥ 

Thank you for following this crappy blog and sticking with me! Thank you for watching me grow as a graphics maker, your support through likes, reblogs, and comments is very important to me! Reading your tags on my graphics always manages to lift up my mood, I never would have thought people would compliment them and like them! 

Thank you to the people I follow for making my dash wonderful and making me feel inspired by your gorgeous graphics! And even if you’re not a graphics maker, your reblogs fill my dash so beautifully! 

Thank you to my friends who stick up with me and my lame puns, and all the shitty things I complain about. Thank you again for the gorgeous graphics you made me for my birthday! I love you very very very veryyyyyy much! ♥

And finally, thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!! It was the first time for me to spend it on tumblr, and I had the best day thanks to all of you ♥ 


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helloo!! so it’s been a while since my last follow forever and i just reached my next thousand so i thought i’d make one! i just wanna thank you all for following me, you’re all lovely human beings and you make my dash so pretty and tumblr a great scape. thank you for being amazing and keep up the good work lol love you guys! (sorry ‘bout the crappy edit)  let’s go:

First things first, of course i have to give a special shout out to this lil nugget:

jaureguisms AMY where do i begin honestly i don’t even know how to start lol i followed you a long time ago and  and i’ve always wanted to be your friend bc i had this feeling we’d click very well (AND I TOLD U THAT WHEN WE STARTED TALKING REMEMBER). we would always send each other asks and stuff until one day one message turned into a conversation and here we are now. we’ve talked everyday for almost 5 months (whaat): we’ve talked about the most random shit ever, we had deep conversations and we opened up to each other. im so thankful you are a part of my life because you brought so much light to it. i get so happy when i’m talking to you, i laugh so easily…i’m so confortable with you, it’s crazy. i can tell you anything and everything cuz i know you won’t jugde me and when i need it i know i’ll have someone to vent to and cry to. ((btw y’all amy’s going straight to heaven bc this girl is an angel for putting up with my shit specially when it comes to my rants paoskla)) people who have someone like that in their life are some lucky nuggets and well i’m one of them hehe anyways u know i could write so much more but this would be long as hell just know i love you so much i love that i had been given the chance to be your friend,  you are such a kind soul you deserve eveything good in the world. never change who you are bc you’re perfect K LOVE YOU CHICKEN  also your blog is freaking amazing and everyone knows it

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yeah you’re all faves okay love u


(sorry if i forgot you it wasn’t on purpose okay my memory sucks a lot but ily)

  • Ambulance live edit
  • My chemical romance

Use headphones :)

sorry for like destroying ur soul

Ya know if u can’t have live mcr just close ur eyes n spend a moment in heaven pretending like u can.

Also i feel like this is kinda crappy like it keeps clicking but this is my first edit so i don’t rlly know how to solve that :/

Also also i used the cheering from mcr live in mexico bc no sound effects sounded right n @ the end u can hear gerard blow a kiss to the crowd n i thought i’d keep that in bc like lets be fair by this point theres no chance ur heart is in one piece.

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post/125351281827/truce-twenty-one-pilots-my-edit-please-dont sorry to ask but how did you make this ?? I keep trying but they look no where near as good as yours

Alright, Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Photoshop ( i have the most recent one on trial to get the hang of it before i start my photography and graphics courses at college. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll get a 30 day FREE trial!!!)
  • A nice ass picture to edit with a clear view of the window and the light coming through
  • The lyrics for the song you want or whatever else you’re going to put on!

So open your picture in photoshop. We’re going to do the text in the window first so get your text and put it there make it a dark colour (lighter than black!). Next go to layers-rasterize-layer.Then using the blur tool, blur it very slightly so it doesn’t have a ‘ I just put text there from photoshop’ sorta look. then you can go onto the shadows.

Type your text in then Rasterize this text too. Then, go to edit- perspective wrap and follow the instructions (que visual aids)

One you’re happy make the text bigger if you need to (ctrl+t then press shift to keep the shape even). Finally use your blur tool again but a little harder this time. Result:

I hope this is easy to understand? If you make anything with this please link me to your edits!! 


Character requested by April giveaway winner hope-in-resonance!

iPhone 5 wallpaper of Samon from Enchanted in the Moonlight! >w<

I’m sorry it took me so long! School and other obligations have been keeping me busy, but I wanted to put my time into making it. All the EITM CGs are cut off, so I did my best to draw in the bottom half of the CG after editing out the onigiri; I hope it doesn’t look too weird ; w ;

You can find the GO Locker version for Android phones on my edits page. I hope you enjoy!

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Hi, I noticed that u had 'autistic!Dan' TAGGED as 'mentalillness' and I just wanted to say that Autism isn't a mental illness so can u change the tag to 'nurodiverse' or 'autism'? Thanks!

ah right sorry yes i wasnt the admin that posted that and i actually do have autism so i know it shouldnt be classed as that and i’ll change it right away (i’ll add neurodiverse and autism!)

edit: laughs i just remembered the reason it’s classed as that is the anxiety/self harm; i’ll keep that tag but add the others



So Happy BJD-Day I know this was from last weeks doll meet. However I was really busy editing a model shoot I worked on. So I wanted to focus on that and not keep her waiting any longer than I already have. So sorry it is so late!

I will probably also take some doll selfies too!

The meet itself was really awesome, and well I hope it is the start of some friendships with some of the people I met for the first time. Plus I think everyone new does seem like they will fit into the rest of the group just fine. So it was all lots of fun. 

Sorry for being so inactive lately. Thank you to those who have stuck with this blog, I promise that there will be plenty of fresh edits every week to keep things up to date!

Oh and you can now submit posts if you wish :) (nothing inappropriate please)

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Do you have any advice for those of us attending the first preview if the tube strike happens?

Edited entirely to say many are pointing out that the strike starts at night (sorry can’t keep on top of everything!) in which case they usually do a go slow on the day (meaning fewer tubes) so leaving yourself plenty of time to get there is still wise. Afterwards either plan a walking route or look to book a cab in advance (I’d suggest Addison Lee but book now as they often literally run out of cabs on strike days.) as you’ll struggle to get a black cab. 

can someone explain how people are still editing other peoples captions? like as a joke/for memes (i’ve seen with john green and support and the gun meme)

like i assume people found a way around it but it’s freaking me out cause i thought you could only delete or keep and my sense of reality is so fragile this is making me question it

EDIT: i have been informed it’s a glitch