Okay ML fandom listen up!

Heres a thing thats been bugging me for fare too long 

We can all agree that hawk moth has a wicked awesome cane right?

you think so too, right hawk moth?

Thats what I thought. I mean…

I dont think we ever

see you without it.

Except maybe once……… 

So heres my question: When you are doing the whole akumatizing thing to the butterfly…

Yes that one 

…Where does the cane go? 

I mean you’re using both hands to do the evil butterfly trick that we all know and love. Is it a magic cane? does it stand on its own? Can it fly? do you have a flying cane? is that like a flying brome? There HAS to be magic involved right?? Right???? 

I sense some conflicting emotions here. Maybe an inner turmoil that you have to work out. I mean if MY magic cane disappeared and reappeared out of my hands without me noticing i’d be pretty freaked too. 

Take your time hawk moth I’m just gonna leve this here

  • magnus:you must give up a memory of the one you love most!
  • alec:*gives up a memory of jace*
  • jace:why of course my dude, we are magically soulbonded together and it is perfectly reasonable, even expected, for us to be emotionally close
  • alec:indeed, and even if i personally recognize my feelings go deeper than that i am protected by plausible deniability and there is no reason to panic
  • everyone:i am so glad we did not almost get killed by a demon today

I can’t believe this “next time” trailer tacked on the end of the episode

“Ever had a substitute who just wasn’t as cool as your regular teacher? That’s the way Rex and the clones are feeling about Jedi Master Krell. But instead of getting too much math homework, they might not make it off Umbara alive.”

all with some sort of funky cartoon trailer music in the background.

Krell is completely dehumanizing the clones, treating them like disposable items, sending them off to be slaughtered en masse in battle, using strategies that give no regard to their lives, instead relying on brute force and numbers to try and take control, executing them for disobeying those orders that would have gotten them killed and doing other stuff that actually achieved better results, and all sorts of bs like that.

I mean, there’s “maybe this is kind of dark for a kids’ show” and this complete disconnect between that trailer and what’s actually going on. This is war, the stakes are people’s lives, and they compare it to math class with a shitty sub?

[tfw you take your main mid champ as supp and end up being the worst supp ever. >_<]