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D&D: So Gendry’s meeting Jon… do they have any important relationships in common that Gendry could mention?? …..

D&D: Nope don’t think so nothing comes to mind let’s have them bond over their fathers instead

“we need to spread love”

Something is up with Shiro

So i’ve seen this around a bit, but I think most off us can agree something is wrong with Shiro. In the start of episode 5 we see this “Project Kuron” and another Shiro. A clone? Or… the actual Shiro? His hair was so long too, far too long for how short a time he seemed to be away from the Paladins. I don’t think the Shiro we have right now is the one we have had since season 1. I don’t even know if the Shiro we had in season 1 is the REAL Shiro, all I know is that something is up. And the Black Lion must know it, as she did not let this Shiro pilot her, despite finding him and saving him. Hopefully season 4 will give us more answers, as well as a return of Shiro as the Black Paladin. 

Do you realize that in the beginning of the story the two characters who wanted to leave Winterfell the most were Jon and Sansa? Jon wanted to join the Night’s Watch and lead a life of honour protecting the country like the songs despite being warned by Uncle Benjen that he didn’t know what he was getting into. Similarly, despite Catelyn’s warning, Sansa wanted to marry a prince and become queen someday like a song. Instead, they got monsters (literal and figurative), deep wounds and battle scars. 

Finally, when Sansa is running away from being Ramsay’s prisoner of a wife at Winterfell and goes running far North to Castle Black, Jon is also giving up his position of Lord Commander after being betrayed by his brothers and about to go South. With Sansa walking in, Jon finds purpose again in his second life and Sansa derives strength from the fact that she is around someone familiar, someone kept a distance from when she was younger, someone who was family, someone who felt like home. Jon doesn’t want to fight anymore, but for Sansa he builds allies along with her and goes to battle to take back Winterfell. Sansa, in turn, who finds it hard to trust anyone after what happened with all the men who objectified and abused her starts trusting Jon. Together they take back Winterfell that they walked away from and rebuild it. 

what i was expecting from that article today:


what i got from that article today:

  • daisy paraphrasing the first chapter of at least 500 reylo fics i’ve read
  • rian basically quoting verbatim one of our common otp tags
  • the article writer describing their relationship like they’ve matched on a dating app
  • rian metaphorically comparing kylo’s storyline to a stage of rebellious adolescence
  • rian saying a figurative ghost of han haunts the movie in the form of kylo’s regret (listen i know he didn’t say that part but it’s IMPLIED)