“I am passionate about curvy women having access to flattering, feminine, pretty clothes that they feel confident and beautiful in. I think that a lot of plus size ranges offer only dark shapeless sacks so this collection is so far away from that.”

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Two questions. 1, can I draw the dream guy, and 2, what's the full story? Do you just keep seeing him each time you dream?


So I feel like I’ve dreamt about him before, but he looks slightly different every time I’ve seen him. He feels so strange, unrecognizable, and mysterious, yet he feels so familiar and comforting to me at the same time; though I’m sure I’ve never seen or met him before. Dreams are really weird, okay? I’ve been having a lot of dreams taking place on buses lately, and each dream bus looks totally unique and travels to a completely different destination, too. But for this exact dream we were traveling through space, the stardust acting like a road almost.

Sometimes he sits in different seats but he’s always right there on the same bus as me, and I’m always sitting near the window, looking out. This time, he was sitting right behind me, and as I turned to look at him, he was trying to tell me something. But I couldn’t make out what it was. Every time he’d speak, it’d just go radio silent. And I don’t know if he just wasn’t saying anything, or if I couldn’t hear him, or if my brain was just blocking it out???  But I could see his lips moving, so I knew he was saying something after all… but what?  I feel like it was a very important message. He kept looking me straight in the eyes, unblinking, and I could see him repeating the same message over and over and over again, yet I still couldn’t hear him each time.

Until finally he said, “Wake up.” And that’s when I did…


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Part 1: Hi. I am a lesbian and I love Ruby and Sapph in SU for representing something I often feel quite bad about. My mind is filled with hugely complicated interconnected LGBT lovestories. For the longest of time I have been unsure of weather or not I should write any of them, I think I lack the skill and patience, and building a completely new world as all of the stories require is hard. Just to think about doing it makes me sweat.

Oh gosh, send help, I’m weak.

I absolutely understand the hesitance to write - it’s a huge undertaking. Tenacity took me the better part of two months to throw together, and that was only 20,000 words; many novels start by exceeding that twice and thrice over! It’s especially difficult when you feel like you don’t have the skill to manage what you want to convey, but the best thing to do is just start. Even over the little while I’ve been writing Steven Universe stuff, thanks to suggestions by kind readers and my own criticism, I’ve seen improvements in my work. You won’t get better until you begin, and practice. You could start with drabbles (does anyone still use this term?), but I’m a fan of “go big or go home”. If you’re always telling yourself to write small pieces until your writing is good, when will you know if the time is right to move on? Will you even be able to translate your small skills into a big story? How is characterization and worldbuilding and dialogue different in literature with chapters versus a stand-alone publishing? You’ve got to play with it to understand how it best suits you. Don’t be afraid! You have the capacity to make magic. It’ll be tricky, but in the end, it’s so worth the effort.

As for your choice of topic, don’t be fooled - there is a screaming, violent need for more LGBTQ fiction, especially for the non-binary, lesbian, and asexual crowds. If you have ideas, the absolute saddest thing to do is keep them to yourself, because stars know there are folks out there that could read your writing and see themselves for the first time. I for one await (and dare to try to add to) the world with as many bookshelves full of queer stories as there are cis- and heterosexual ones.

Bless you for your kind words - it means so much to me to hear that my stories helped you. The fanart is beautiful, and more than I feel like I deserve sometimes. Also, Jen is amazing - she did the covers, and she’s going places with her art, no doubt. It still floors me that she made those for me as gifts. 

It’s like 3 in the morning and I’m doing a lot of reflecting because what else do you do at 3 in the morning and I’ve honestly come farther than I ever could have imagined? Like I definitely still have stuff I need to work on, and I’ll always be growing and changing, but I am so proud of who I’ve become over the past year and I am so excited to see where the next one will take me. I’m just completely washed with an ‘everything will be okay’ feeling. And it will be.

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I just recently discovered that I am a lesbian. While I feel really good about my identity, I also feel silly for not recognizing it sooner. I'm 23 years old and a lot of women that I talk to have known since they were young that they're gay. I think I knew, but I repressed my sexuality so heavily that I might as well have not known. Is it okay to not know your sexuality until you're older? I feel like I missed out and I wish I could have accepted myself sooner.

hmm yeah it is totally okay to discover it on a older age. some people know it when they are 8 some people know it when they are 35 so yeah don’t worry , by happy that you know it :D so you can live your life happy 

okay can I just say that rude comments don’t hurt my feelings mainly because I don’t give a shit what people think but for a lot of people it’s hurtful and it causes them to have a gradually lowering self esteem. so don’t be assholes and send anyone hate because you never know what position they are in you made just be fueling the fire

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DiD yOu KnOw: Misha Collins is a cutie, but not as cute as you! :D (well maybe he's AS cute)

:OOO!!! thank you for thinking i’m on at least the same level as such a kind, doe-eyed, personified honey bun ♥♥

Anonymous said:

I always read your anon asks and I’m always too shy to ask anything >~< But… hello!

well, i mean, you’re also in running with this:

Anonymous said:

I really want to lick your face if that’s okay

so really, anything’s cool! it just takes me some time to get to a lot of asks. i get so many anons to keep up with and i feel bad about my inability to do so. however, i know that a lot of you like to use anon for the shyness reason, so i keep it on, and a lot of you have had some really incredible things to share with me. so hello!

Anonymous said:

Hai. I love you. Bye.


BAW thanks you guys!!! so much kind and loving anonymous stop-ins! hope the rest of your weeks’re fantastic!

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Hii.I feel so lost, I think i'm gay but i'm not sure. I'm 17 and i've had one serious relationship with a guy before, but I never felt real butterflies when I was with him. I always feel like somethings missing when i'm with guys or making out with them. And for some time now i've been questioning my sexuality because I saw this girl and I felt butterflies like i've never felt before. But I fel so confused because I think that guys are hot and i've had a lot of crushes on boys. Help :( <33 hugs!

maybe you are bisexual maybe not, it just need time, it is okay to have crushed on boys that doesn’t have to mean that you are gay or not, i sometimes find guys ‘’hot’’ but i don’t fall in love with them, so don’t worry to much give yourself time

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Hi, I just wanted to ask if it's okay to find your identity later in life? I found out I was transgender in my late teens and didn't feel too uncomfortable until I started thinking about what I was called and that was when it started feeling wrong. I'm worried that this is some kind of mental force I'm pushing on myself because most others I know knew when they were much younger. I just feel like I'm faking if I didn't have any dysphoria or thoughts about it before.

Sometimes people learn a lot more about themselves as they get older!  There’s no right or wrong time to find an identity that fits.  Your identity is valid no matter how late in life you come across it!


My thoughts on Episode 27

So when I went in, I was like, okay, this is okay. Then I got to meet Priya. I honestly feel for Candy. I honestly do.

I may be ace but I know what it’s like to have a crush and suddenly I’m noticing a lot of girls seem to ‘attach’ themselves to the guy. I know what Candy is going through. I’m not personally upset by this because I’m an adult, I’m not worried about that stuff right now but I can’t just stand here and say that I’ve never been in Candy’s position before. 

She’s just admitted to herself and Rosa that she likes someone and then there’s new girl, who’s pretty, she’s smart in certain areas, she’s seen a lot of cool things. Priya’s traveled around, she’s probably seen just about every personality there is, she’s reads people pretty well.

She’s also pretty fucking confident with herself and for me, Amber has stepped on the tail of a lion if you want my opinion. Priya won’t let Amber push her around and I hope to gowd she and Candy become BFF because I would love to have Priya as a friend. Maybe she’ll teach Candy a few of those anti-bully tactics. 

Some great stuff from this episode, I’m going on a double date with Leigh and Rosa. (Some time in the future episodes) and Nina forgot to take her meds. 

It’s just a guess but I think she’s probably decided to tell Lysander of her own feelings for him. So far, this could actually be really messy. Candy tells Lys she likes him, Nina walks in, oh shit. All guesses but we’ll see.

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Do you know of a spell to like, thank Aphrodite? I don't have very many supplies, I have pink candles and tealights and some mint and cinnamon. I just feel like she's had a lot of influence in my life lately and I don't want to take it for granted <3

You can just light those candles and have those herbs in a little bowl and just say everything to her! No spell required, just a small little ritual to her. ( if you get emotional, it’s okay. It happens to me too. )

Okay this is going to be controversial and please don’t hate me i’m honestly just curious. 

what is demisexual? how is it a sexuality?? I mean I get it, from what i’ve heard it means that you only feel sexually attracted to someone once you get to know them but…how is that a sexuality? isn’t that just a kind of normal thing that a lot of people have? I mean isn’t personality a big factor in how attracted you are to someone anyway? (well for some people). 

I mean like nobody’s ever going to be like “mum…dad….I only want to sleep with people after I get to know them, please don’t disown me”


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Hey! I just read one of your recent text posts and even though I'm not 100% sure as to what's going on right now, I just wanted to make sure that you are okay! I've been following you for a little while now and you have always seemed so kind and so hilarious. Tough times like this can make people feel their worst, but I'd like to hope that kind friends, laughter and good music can make anything better. All my love and support.

Really?! I can’t believe this message, honestly. :’) Thank you so much for saying that. I honestly try my absolute best to be so nice and caring to everyone i talk to because it honestly just makes life a lot easier, you know?  This has definitely made me feel so much better. ❤️

Sappy post

pretty much every day i’m like “i wish i had a friend like harry styles” but the truth is i already do. hetrippedandsaidoops is so much like him. she is funny, dorky, incredibly clever, has great hair, excellent fashion sense, and a huge heart and i just love her a lot okay?? (however i would still also like to be friends with harry. that would be dope)

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hey jen! I am wondering, if you haven't given it already and if you have excuse me, but what is your opinion on the About Ray movie that is coming out? a lot of people are upset that Elle Fanning was cast as a transgender teenager in the film. Is it okay to cast famous cisgender actors to play pre transition trans characters? or should trans characters always be played by trans people? Just curious because I have seen arguments for and against it.

I prefer to withhold judgement on these kinds of things until I see the full product, but the quotes from the filmmaker reveal an astonishing lack of understanding, so I’m not feeling optimistic.

As far as more general feelings about cis depictions of trans people, I just answered that question in a forthcoming interview, so I’ll just post that when it comes out. My hands hurt from typing so much! Short version though: I want honest, high quality performances by anyone who can provide them, AND there a lot of trans artists who can do just that if given the opportunity.


Michael Clifford is so fucking important okay. He cares about social issues, he loves his family, he appreciates his fans, he works so fucking hard to be the best musician he can possibly be, he gets help for mental illness when he needs it and he is brave enough to talk about it in the hopes that other people will get help too. He’s so loyal to his band. He gets so excited about such tiny little things. He hugs so tight and he loves so freely and so hard and he’s just really really fucking important. Love this little angel and protect him because the world likes nothing more than to take souls that are made of pure light and turn them black like smokers’ lungs.

Me at the gates of Heaven

God: Sorry, it looks like you can’t enter.

Me: Okay but why??

God: Well, there are some questionable “ships”, and also some fanfictions you read..

Me: I see


Me: I’ll just let myself out

many mothers

I already reblogged a thing about Mad Max: Fury Road and Avengers: Age of Ultron and the contrast between how they deal with motherhood, infertility and what it means to be a woman.

It’s surreal to think that these two movies came out just two weeks apart from one another in the US. In a way I feel a little bit sorry for AoU, because it would have looked like a perfectly okay summer blockbuster if Fury Road hadn’t come barreling down right on its tail and smashed all our pathetic lowball expectations to flaming shards in the sand.

When AoU came out, I had a lot of discussions with people about Natasha’s plotline. Because my gut reaction was certainly a massive eyeroll that the one female Avenger’s deep, dark secret is that she can’t have babies. But also, it’s not like a story about a woman who underwent forced sterilization is something we shouldn’t care about. (And in the US, this is a particular form of restriction of reproductive rights that’s disproportionately affected poor women of color.) And if she internalized the line that was fed to her, that she couldn’t be both a killer and a mother, that certainly doesn’t make it her fault.

But it still frustrated me, and my frustrations were really, really well articulated by this article. You should go and read the whole thing, because it’s excellent. But this is the relevant quote:

There’s nothing wrong with stories about women who are housewives or stories about women who struggle because they were forcibly prevented from having kids as a condition of whatever mission they chose to undertake. The problem is that with so few women in superhero movies, each of these portrayals stands not only for the choices Whedon made, but for all the choices he and many others didn’t and don’t make. The portrayals of Natasha and Laura rankle at some level, for me, not because they are stories about a woman traumatized by not having children and a woman waiting for her husband to come home, but because it’s another story about those two women rather than any of the other bazillion women who could exist in this universe and don’t. If you had five butt-kicking women in this movie, it would seem perfectly logical that one of them might have a story related to getting pregnant or not. Why wouldn’t she?

These, for me, are scarcity problems. They are problems because there are so few opportunities to show women in action blockbusters that I tend to crave something very much capable of moving discussions of what those portrayals can be like forward.

…Scarcity will always drive us back to these same conversations about how every woman carries the obligation to represent What This Director Thinks Women Are For, and absolutely no answer to that question will ever be a good answer.

I think this is an interesting discussion in the context of Fury Road, because, intentionally or not, the movie takes on the scarcity problem in a couple of different ways.

On the most basic level, it gives us lots of women. In a context where studies have found that even background crowds in movies are on average only 17% women, Fury Road is FULL of women. Young women. Old women. Women who are disabled. Women who are physically strong and as skilled with weapons and vehicles as any of the men in their world. Women who are not physically strong but fight anyway. 80-year-old women who ride motorbikes and talk about all the kill shots they’ve made.

Look at the shot at the top of this post. Twelve women on screen at once! That’s more women in a single frame that some movies have speaking parts for.

Max may have his name on the title card, but he spends the movie surrounded by women. Team War Rig starts out as one man and six women; later it’s two men and five women; then it gets supplemented by a bunch more women in the third act. It’s almost an exact flip of the 20% rule of thumb, where one woman for every four men seems normal.

But Fury Road deals with the scarcity problem in another way, too, one that I think is particularly important given the film’s content. It gives us six women all reacting to the same circumstances of slavery and sexual violence, and allows them to have different, individualized, and sometimes contradictory reactions, all of which are presented as valid.

So we have Toast, who counts bullets and loads weapons, who hacks off her hair to spite Joe, who grabs his gun at a key moment and gets pistol-whipped for it, who spits on his corpse when he’s dead. Angharad, who self-injures, who uses her status as Joe’s favorite against him, who can be fearless, or reckless, with her own body, but also clings to nonviolence even when that tactic has limitations in a violent world, who stops Furiosa from killing Nux, but then pushes him out of a moving vehicle seconds later. Capable, who holds onto kindness, understanding and compassion, despite all the violence around her, who trusts Nux when Furiosa is pointing a gun at him and growling, “Get out,” and proves to be correct in her instincts. Dag, who retreats into her own head, but is often the first to sense danger, who hurls insults at her abuser, and also at Max while he’s pointing a gun at them. Cheedo, who gets scared and tries to run back to the person who hurt her, but then later uses her perceived fragility as a weapon. And Furiosa, who holds on to her rage even as she fights her way up the ranks to become Joe’s trusted lieutenant, and finally uses it to end him.

And none of these reactions are treated as better or worse or right or wrong or the correct way to be a survivor of violence. It’s okay to be angry; it’s okay to be kind; it’s okay to be scared. Because there are so many women in the movie, each one of them gets to be a unique character instead of an avatar of What This Director Thinks Women Are For.

Extend that to all of filmmaking, and to all the many kinds of identities that are underrepresented on screen today. That’s how you deal with the scarcity problem.