i don’t think we appreciate enough the years voldemort spent working in retail.

voldemort dealing with angry customers trying to return items. voldemort explaining that the sale actually begins tomorrow you can see it in the sign on the window. voldemort being forced to listen to loud arguments between a parent and their angry child. voldemort kicking out people who insist on staying half an hour past closing time. voldemort. in retail. 

It’s still about the hair ...

Imagine Alec being really pissed after Izzy got him to get a haircut because they had to almost drag him inside and when he gets out he’s like ‘Well, okay, I got a haircut, stop getting on my nerves now.’ Izzy also had to promise him not to complain about his sweaters if he gets an undercut. :3

Then he gets home and Magnus who is working on some spells is instantly a fan of the haircut. So, when Alec comes inside and just wants to let Magnus know that he’s back because he knows to leave Magnus alone when he’s working (apart from the occasional coffee). But Magnus abandons everything the moment he sees his boyfriend …

… about two hours later Alec texts Izzy that he’s not mad anymore while Magnus leaves lazy kisses between his shoulder blades. :)

quick commission info

super rough commission information post im putting out there for now until i make a proper chart and page!

I’m including links, so click on them for examples

First and foremost I work by the hour, so in my area is $10/h so that’s what I charge. I work as efficiently as I can and ensure you get what you pay for. I’m willing to do whatever you like, with the exception of formed backgrounds (just for now) so it would either have white background or some colors!

  • Sketches cost $15 and lineart is $25 (my lineart is a lot crisper now the exmaple is old but the only one i have atm sorry!)

  • I draw ocs, fanart, aliens, robots, everything  

  • I do flat colors, and I also do soft shading over lineart. it depends on if you want a bust or full body. But it would be $40 or more. 
  • I am willing to draw/paint nsfw and gore as well 

  • I do painted busts, such as the last post I made, that range from $80-$150 since I go by minimum wage (so $10/hour)! personally those are the most enjoyable for me!
  • If you’d like something more complex and painted I’m totally willing to do that, depending on what you want it will cost extra.

for all pieces, if you let me know from the beginning you want the step-by-step progression shots of how i drew your piece beginning to end, i can send the progress chart to you for an extra $5

if you’re interested, send me a message or email me at v0nvamp@live.com!

at the moment i have 0/10 slots full, so get at me!


(( sry for posting these under submit instead as an ask but I have so much to say. You don’t have to reply or post it if im breaking any rules I am 100% cool with it! :D ))

I stumbled upon this blog because tumblr recommended me and I spent nearly half-an-hour reading through all the head-cannons! But my internet started bugging out so I didn’t get to read everything. :( 

This is an amazing blog nonetheless and I will be checking it once in a while when Im free again! Thank you for making this!

As someone who get to work on this show a little (I wished I could have contributed more but im not experienced enough sob), some of the fanons i’ve read ARE actually canon (and also unintentional spoilers)! IT IS INCREDIBLE. (but I won’t say which it is just in case i may get into trouble.)  

But I can help confirm/contribute a few things I’ve read here since they don’t affect the story majorly:
- Cat noir and ladybug do fistbump after every fight but there are exceptions in some episodes.

- Their jewelry do in fact turn into another color when it is not fused with their kwami, it isn’t an animation error.  

- Marinette doesn’t have a pet cat. (but the post I saw about her having a black cat is so adorable)

- Cat noir is really good with puns. In fact I laughed when I heard some of his lines. Well actually, everyone tells puns here and there in the show so it could be just a style of the script not a personality thing but cat noir’s are the best to me.

- Cat noir’s tail-belt thing is most strange. There are times when it behaves like an inanimate object on its own but at times it also behaves like an actual cat tail to add humor or more flavor to the scene if needed. Is just an animation thing. (is the same gimmick like how a character’s hair would rise when they are angry or scared in a studio ghibli film)

- It is not going to be shown immediately but there will eventually be an episode explaining their backstory and all your questions will be answered when that episode is released! :D

Sry for being so long-winded here. I sincerely hope you will all enjoy the show! Once again I feel really lucky to have stumbled upon this blog!

Oh wow, I’m thrilled someone who worked on the show is a fan of this blog!!

I’s actually great to hear about the pun thing. Chat Noir is genuinely funny: CONFIRMED.

But mostly, thanks so much for contributing! Ah, I’m getting pumped about this show again. <3


Gig recap:

  • We killed it. They’re begging us to come back once more this summer but the calendars don’t work.
  • Though I also killed my voice. Turns out drinking a bunch of heavy craft beers the night before a 4-hour gig is a poor choice.
  • I recall the exact moment it died in the second set when I couldn’t get to the harmony for “Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band. Poof. Froggy and Peter Brady and late-era Burgess Meredith, all rolled into one.
  • A freak rainstorm exploded down just as we were finishing, extending our rainmaking streak to three gigs there. We should hire ourselves out to various drought-stricken areas. Could make billions bringing rain.
  • I ran up on the catwalk (had my wireless) for a solo, and a lady with a selfie stick took a pic of us while I played. I hope she sends it to us.
  • That other lady in the white t-shirt, though. Have mercy.
  • Gary’s 13-year-old son rode home with us. If you’d have told me in 1982 that I’d be playing gigs with these same guys—with our kids hanging around—in 33 years, I’m not even sure how to finish this sentence.
  • I forgot my belt, and my shorts were falling down, and you can see there is nothing gaffer’s tape cannot do.

I’d suggest keeping the wrap on for more than 45 minutes if you want to see a lot of results..you can keep up to 8 hours. Yes, you can sleep with it on.

No drinking or smoking while on the wrap! Or after. Remember, you want to only drink water for 72 hours. No juice or soda! What you put into your body, you get out. No JUNK/FAST food either. Watch what you eat. You won’t see results when you’re not eating correctly. No working out when on the wrap. You don’t want to sweat with it on.
I’d suggest wearing your waist trainer right after you wrap! Don’t shower immediately after wrapping. You’re gonna notice excess green tea on wherever you wrap when you take it off, just rub it on you & wait a hour for it to exfoliate.
If you don’t go to the gym, I’d suggest working out 1-2x a week. You will wrap every 72 hours to keep seeing results.
How does it work? The defining gel inside of the wraps help tone and tighten the skin while the green tea and Guarana extracts exfoliate and pulls the toxins from you.
If you’re interested in purchasing wraps through me, please send me an email to info@alexisabella.com (at Hit me up if you want some wraps)

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I feel like my boyfriend cares more about weed than he does me, like we smoke together and that's cool but today I accidentally broke his ash catcher for his bong and he nearly kicked me out of his house he told me to clean his room top to bottom or get out of his house and then I cleaned his room and whatever and then he was like oh i realized it was an accident but you owe me 11 hours of work. It just makes me so upset because I just don't think he cares about me anymore

you need to cut that shit off ASAP he’s a fucking shit head


I went out to dinner with my family and came back and what the heck happened?!?!?

SO last time I reached a milestone like this I didn’t really do anything?? And I kinda feel like I should?? I cant do a giveaway cause I got nothin to give away and art requests are kinda hard to control and my inbox is backed up as it is so heres what  I’m thinkin-

maybe do a livestream when I get back from work tomorrow where Ill take requests there and draw almost whatever you guys want for a couple hours!! if its Koga or Nathan Prescott Ill be MORE THAN HAPPY TO DO THOSE LMAO

Ill put up a time tomorrow and maybe Ill see yall there???? 030

kuradoodles#just imagine how it could be if they spent the time used for fanservice in developing his character and the plot#i find the series very empty for that exact reason#since fanservice breaks the 4th wall and drive you out of the story#imagine if they spent that time working on dick’s psych#following his possible trauma after forever evil#show us more about how he’s feeling lonely and isolated#show us how he’s lying to spyral and playing them#show us how paradoxical dick is#you have the perfect occasion#unbelievably honest but manipulative#dark and somber: a tactician#social and outgoing at times if spyral is a community#you advertised spyral as this grey area where dick might start to question his strong morales#where he’s going to ask himself if the lines got blurred here#show us more of Helena#show us her past#show us her thinking#make her complex#she’s still a shell to be filled#tiger is just as interesting#are we going to see a funny friendship#it could be cool#I’d lile to see the roles beimg inverted too#tiger pushing dick into enjoying himself and dick is just like :|#make dick more responsible#show us the scary part of spyral#all we see is an office

aka things that would make me enjoy this series

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Hey so I got spotify ( I think that's spelt wrong) for my phone but when I clicked that 5 hour playlist it played the song once and went to other 1d songs and I even followed the playlist. Did I do something wrong or mobile spot just sucks??

I can’t figure out how to get it to work on mobile either!! Same thing happened to me too. Does anyone know a work around? 

mykki blanco is the strongest live performer ive ever seen in my life. i was blessed to see it with my bare eyes but even in video i have never seen anybody with so much control, precision, volume, constantly going for an hour without a pause all while never standing in one place. people don’t understand that its like an olympic level of athleticism, from somebody with a chronic illness. right now my goal is to be working out every day just so i could one day be fantasizing of having my craft even slightly resemble mykki on her worst day

a sip of vodka, shattered glass

Word Count: 352

Pairing: Mark Fischbach/Sean McLoughlin

Warnings: Implied/Referenced Cheating, Unhealthy Relationships

A/N: This is very short. And very angsty. I just needed to get how I was feeling out, and this is what came out of it. Oops.


“Fuck you.” Jack sneered, pure hatred etched onto his features. He was very obviously drunk of his ass, having gone out that night and not coming home until the late hours of the night. “I don’t even know why I stay with a fuck-up like you. I probably just feel sorry for you.”

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So, I didn’t end up going for a bike ride, although the rain did hold off this afternoon for about 2-3 hours (with just intermittent drizzles). Instead, I worked my ass off pulling weeds and pulling weeds and pulling weeds! 

I finished around 6:30 and was exhausted. Honestly, pulled a pick-up truck full of Mexican Needle, blackberry briers, and other lovely weeds out of growing beds at the farm (which means I have to be careful to not pull up the GOOD plants while getting the weeds, or stomp on them or cut them or anything else like that, which makes it 10x harder).

Anyway, as normal, fitbit didn’t count that as ‘active minutes’ because I wasn’t actually moving around a lot (just bending and pulling and digging and then tossing the weeds into a big pile), so I logged it into MFP as a workout, cos it was! 

I’m still trying the carb-cycling thing, high carb on the weekends. Today’s carbs came from a really horrible, not-very-sweet watermelon which I shouldn’t have even eaten after the first bite but I paid $5 for it and therefore it must be eaten (so dumb, I know!), and a nectarine and a peach.

if I don’t see any real results from this carb-cycling this month, I may drop it in September or change it up somehow.  

Tw for weight loss and body image talk

ok for for the past couple of months, ever since work has picked up for me, I’ve found that doing like my hour long walk jog cycle air walker hybrid thing that I do where I just move and zone out of the hour has really helped out with the concentration side of things. Like honestly the only reason why I do this is because my work is so…. still and the movement helps so much. I’ve had to change my diet up a little so I can maintain my energy and shit but like, for the most part my life style hasn’t been tweaked much. I can honestly say everything I do now is for sustaining my standard of work over anything.

the side effect to changing the eating and moving thing up is that Im losing a little weight so I’m looking a tad bit slimmer which tbh I am not happy about. I’ve battled with body image for most of my life and it’s only been recently that I’ve come to love my body and my body fat. And in all honesty the fat has helped me in filtering out the kind of people I want in my life. Like if you can’t find me beautiful and worth while when I am fat but you can suddenly bare to be around me when I’m losing a little, I don’t want anything to do with you. And that’s what I’m hearing a lot of lately. There are assholes crawling out of the woodworks who would have never dared to look at me are now asking me for a drink or an ounce of my time. I’m starting to really hear the garbage thoughts people have about you when you were a bit fatter. It gets me so mad tbh like I am this point where I wanna print out older pics of myself and stick them under a banner saying “if you thought I wasn’t worth adoring at this size, then I don’t need your pissy adoration at my current size fuck you”.

I wanted to go on a long bike ride today. I had everything planned. The only thing I needed to do was pump up my tires.

I had to use this little adaptor thing (technical term) to pump the tires with our air compressor because the valves are different. The front tire worked great - although I have no idea how to tell how much air is in there - but the back tire was a disaster. After I unscrewed the bike valve and put on the presta valve adaptor, all it did was let air out when I used the air compressor. I spent an hour trying to figure out why. It’s like the bike valve was really loose and not stable. I’d get the tire pumped halfway up, and then all of a sudden, all the air would just come back out. It’s like the valve was only letting air out and not in? Ugh I’m such a newbie!

All this to say, I’m going running instead :-(

I’m so excited for my senior year I’m in national honors society, I’m treasurer of key club and I’m part of art club and seniors steering also in a week I’m going to school to get my schedule fixed up cause they messed up but it’s fine also this year lunch is an hour and there’s only one lunch so there’s no worrying about not having friends in lunch and my friend drives so me and her will go out to lunch sometimes and I’m taking like 3 ap classes but I don’t mind because I wanna work hard and get college credits since I can’t do duel enrollment but that’s okay and this year I’m only gonna surround myself w nice people who like me and I just have such a positive attitude about school this year I hope my year is lovely and I hope all my friends years are lovely and I hope the person who’s reading this year is happy whether it’s your last or first year of highschool or college I’m just so positive right now :))))

Austin is the fun and sexy but completely unreliable boyfriend you always/never had

I saw parts of this town yesterday that I had never seen before. It’s absolutely gorgeous. But. BUT. No way in hell could I deal with the hipsters, the college kids, and most of all THE TRAFFIC on a regular basis. The city outgrew it’s infrastructure about 15 years ago, and it shows. It takes a solid half hour to get anywhere, even during non-peak times. I love you Austin, but this just isn’t gonna work out. I’ll definitely call you up for the occasional weekend fling, though.

I can’t wait until I get some hours at work so I don’t have to bend over backwards just to get a small amount of money loaned to me, from people and have them call it a “favor”
I was maybe 16 when I moved out of my mother’s house and never looked back, I couldn’t handle it. I was being abused and I wasn’t being fed enough. Since then, I’ve mostly had to rely on myself for money. I never had a stable place to stay to get a job until now, I have done things I didn’t want to do, ever… just to get by. And I have shoplifted, shame on me right? I know some of you think that’s such an unforgivable act. I pay attention to my dash, always, I’ve seen it from many. Not everyone lives like you do though. Some of us don’t have a choice. I’m just glad to have a job I can actually get to without relying on the terrible bus system, or walking in the 100°+ weather. I can’t drive because I have epilepsy, and I could never afford a car in the past anyway. So getting around has always been awful. That won’t change for awhile. But maybe eventually if I’m seizure free I can start driving again, bug a cheap car. But other things are going to be easier now that I have this job, that’s for sure. It’ll still be hard, but it won’t be like it was for so so long.

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To the anon about the long distance: go out with him. It's just a half hour. My ex girlfriend lived in Brazil. I live in the U.S. We made it work. Look at Felix(Pewdiepie) and Marzia. For a while they were long distance. It's about loyalty and belief. You can make it work. All you have to do is believe in the relationship. As long as you do that distance doesn't matter anymore. Follow your heart.


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do you read any narry fics? if so do you have any recommendations?

 i do! not much lately tho and the fic drought doesn’t help too much either but yeah i will make a page soon when i have time but to keep u happy and content i have my 5 recent (within the last 6 months) faves under the cut :)

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