you know something that pisses me off about reylo shippers? how they think rey and kylo’s relationship is only valid if it’s romantic.

like, okay - I hate the concept of rey being responsible for kylo’s redemption arc. it’s sexist and demeaning. but let’s say, for the sake of this argument, that rey decides, of her own free will, to try to help kylo come back to the light from a safe distance.

why can’t rey, as nothing more than a friend, help kylo?

why can’t rey skywalker, or rey solo, help kylo?

why are you assuming that romantic relationships are somehow stronger or more legitimate than platonic or familial relationships? why can’t a hypothetical friendship ever take place between a hot guy and a pretty girl without people yelling at them to fuck?

why are you manipulating and disrespecting rey’s character so much that you think she would only care about kylo if there’s romantic feelings present? rey is kind and rey cares about her friends. if she CHOSE to help kylo come back to the light, she would do the exact same thing as a friend or family member.

like I said before, the notion that rey should be a pawn in a whiny grown man’s redemption arc is gross and misogynistic. but the argument that “reylo has to happen for kylo’s redemption arc!” is even worse.

stop completely mischaracterizing rey for the sake of putting her into your gross ship. stop disrespecting m/f friendships. just…. stop.

Okay but what if Marie saw Stein for the first time after almost a decade away from Oceania and she saw the screw and the scars and knew he was the one who did that to himself? What if, when she left, he didn’t have any of that, that he was a little weird and a bit shut away, and he had his scars, but none of them were from his own hands? What if she feels her belly bottom out when she sees what he did to himself? What if she spends moments just looking at him, wondering how badly it had to hurt, and why why why did he have to do that? Why wasn’t she there? Why couldn’t she be there to tell him he was fine? That he didn’t have to do this? That there were other ways to cope? 

What if she looks at him with the most broken hearted expression because, God, her Meister, her partner, what has he done? What if she wants to shutter his hurt away in her chest forever just so he’d be okay but she’s already hurting so much over the pain he’s caused to himself? What if she sees that screw and knows he put it there to control himself, because he’d become so convinced that he was a menace who wasn’t meant to be around others, and something was wrong wrong wrong with him and he had to fix himself?

What if that’s why, in the anime, she puts so much emphasis on him not needing to fix anything. He’s not broken. He was never broken. He was always who he was and she was always fine with that. And it almost ruined her to know that he lived so long believing he was some machine in need of new or better parts. 

What if she knows Death City has always had Stein’s blood on its hands?

What if, after they get together, she sees him bare for the first time and just starts crying because it hurts her so bad, this man that she loves, that she has loved before when she was just a girl and loves now that she is a grown woman, because she knows how stitched together and wounded he is and was? And he’s so confused, had he done something wrong? Is she okay? What happened? But she’s just got one hand on the scar that runs across his chest and her fingers are shaking and she’s glowing so bright with her healing wavelength but she can’t take that hurt away. She’s trying to heal wounds long since scarred over, though the meaning behind them is still so fresh, and she wonders, for a small, sad moment, if it was because he was all alone.

If, maybe, just maybe, she didn’t leave, he wouldn’t have lobotomized himself. 

If she has her Meister’s blood on her hands, too.

im a slut for platonic cuddles

esp with brot3 OiKuroBoku where they’re all sharing a tiny bed they managed to fit in. Oikawa’s in the middle, Bokuto’s on his right with his head on Oikawa’s chest, curled up againt him. Kuroo’s on the left, sitting up with his head resting on Oikawa’s. His toes casually trying to find Bokuto’s.

And it’s all sweet and great when they’re awake, but once they’re asleep it’s a mess. Kuroo steals all the pillows to shove against his head. Oikawa some how is at the foot of the bed, with Kuroo’s foot on his face. And Bokuto’s on top of both of them slightly drooling on Oikawa’s head whispering in his sleep “Akaashi toss to me, you’re the best”

They wake up in the morning sore and in pain arguing over who took up the most space. Oikawa also wakes up with the sudden urge to never toss to Bokuto again.

140130 Suga's Tweet

안녕하세요 슈간데요 방금 끔찍한 악몽 덕분에 잠에서 깻습니다… 꿈에서 막 작업을 하다가 완성을 시켰는데 저장을 안해서 한번에 다 날아가는 꿈… 아아 여러분 저장 버튼을 수시로 누르는 습관을 기릅시다 데헷

Hello it’s Suga and I’ve just woke up from a terrible nightmare… I was working on something when all of my work disappeared all because I’d forgotten to save it… A-ah everyone, let’s all cultivate a habit of pressing the ‘save’ button often De-het

현실로 응어ㅏㅇ어아아 안대에에 이러면서 깸 끔찍하다 끔찍해…. 휴

I literally cried “eung eo ah eoahh noooooooooo” as I woke up it was horrible, horrible…. phew

Trans cr; Juliana @ bts-trans