I’m crying right now because I can’t even bring myself to clean my room like I know it’s gross I hate it I hate how messy everything is and I wish I could clean up and do laundry and put things away but I can’t bring myself to do anything because anytime I try I get tired but I’m always so tired im so fucking tired all the time and it sucks it really does, i want motivation but at the same time I just don’t care anymore I just don’t and it’s so confusing and hard and I hate how small chores are so hard for me. You’d think that with me having work now that maybe i would shower more than once a week but the answer is no. And it’s a bad habit but i have no energy and i just dont know what to do because im so tired and i dont even ugh im tired im going to bed

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name/nicknames: starts with a b and ends with an h, take a lucky guess.

gender: giiirl

height: im like 5′4 

hogwarts house: don’t.. have one? 

favorite color: blue and any type of purple.

last thing i googled: haven’t really googled anythin since i woke up.

fictional character id like as a sibling: amethyst for sure.

number of blankets i sleep with: 2, no matter the season.

favorite bands/artists: really insecure about these, sorry but no..

dream vacation: i’d like to go to any place, as long as its pretty.

what I’m wearing right now: khakis.

when i made this blog: hm.. in may? im not really sure.

how many blogs i follow: 474.

what i post: anything related to steven universe or stuff i just find funny. occasional drawings and my own personal posts.

do you get asks on a regular basis: sometimes. sometimes its just one though. if not always. 

aesthetic: dark places with a dim light and dark clouds, probably.

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