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whats their url??? Im afraid that i follow them„„ aaaaaaa are you okay rn??? Do you need to go to my self calm tag??

i ddont want to give out their url becauswe i dont want to start drama or interact with them ever ever again also i dont have any evidence to call them out because it was like 2 years ago and i deleted everythign on impulse but a few of my friensd know everything that happpenbed and they still interact with them and its HHHHHHHHHHHHGHGH

but yes im okay i gues s im jst upset. also yes what is the url to your ta g ?

anonymous asked:

My friend touched me in my sleep last night. We slept together a thousand times but nothing ever happened, we were affectionate but in a friendly way. Last night he touched my breast kissed my face and caressed me all over. I froze and didn't know what to do just pretended to be sleeping. Today we woke up and I didn't have the guts to call him out. He probably thinks I don't know I dont kno what to do we were such good friends. I'm also in an abusive relationship and I just feel so alone n sad

R u sure nothing happened? What if u were really asleep so u didnt know? That is not good nd you need to either speak with him immediately and imo cut him out of your life but if you dont thinik you can or you forgive him or whatever I just know its hard to do stuff we feel we need to do, then at the very least tell him its UNACCEPTABLE and not sleep with him again and also try to limit your alone time. I just think u dont need people like that who dont respect u and are just CREEPS period. Im sorry about the relationship. If u ever wanna talk I am here or u can add me on fb or something. I love u we are together


Hey guys… 

I really dont know what to say, it’s just so much. 

My mom called me fat and she knows about my relations with ana and mia. like doesn0t she think I know? Seriously, i now I am disgusting and fat, fuck I’m not even pretty. I know ….but did she seriously hve to say that

And I just can’t because of that comment yesturday I overexerted and I woke up two hours later still having difficulty to breathe properly. I don’tt know what happened, And i said I was going to try and get better but I can’t, Not like this and never again. So yeah I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry sister. 

I’m sorry K, C,N, Nu, G, Ma,Dc, and Df. 

God i’m so sorry!!! 

But i cannot do this anymore i can’t pretend for your sakes and I’m sorry KI’m saying this but I hope this kills me so I am finally free. So please don0t stop me.


i had a dream about you. 

we were back at school and you were telling me about going to france when you dont even speak french.

in my dream you wanted to hug me and hold my hand but i refused,

i didn’t want it anymore.

im proud of that version of me.

i refused to open up to you, so you couldnt hurt me again.

i woke up with knots in my stomach after this dream.

i felt like i was going to puke after i woke up,

so i didn’t move for a while.

i just thought,” what if this actually happens?”

am i going to do what i saw myself do in my state of unconsciousness?  

am i going to just forgive him?

am i just going to continue to hurt without him knowing?

i dont know. 

this has messed me up & you still have no idea. 

Last night I had dreams where I just kept watching Amber die over and over again. Slaughtered, drowned, shoved off a cliff etc. I saw her actually die from the cancer at first, but then it got more gruesome. And I had dreams of me going to her funerals and in one her body was rolled into a carpet, and then me and Garrett borrowed a car and it was in the backseat. And I was screaming but Garrett wasnt bothered at all and unrolled it and it was only her clothes. I woke up not knowing what to do because I still thought she was dead. I mean, I know she probably isnt but what if she did pass away last night, like Garrett hasnt texted me yet so she could have. I dont know, this is all really awful and all I can think of is her and Ashley and that I want to talk to Mrs Desmelik about this