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not trying to sound homophobic but only you gay people seem really bothered by this and are acting like its an attack on women as an excuse when your actually just mad that everything isnt gay like steven universe and then giving this excuse to sound better than everyone else when called out for it. your the one trying to kill the love with your negativity because you just want to be negative so stop trying to be better then everyone else and guilt trip ok??? do you want the show to cancel?

You think I’m guilt tripping people by just saying I don’t like something? Nobody is going to shut down the show because I said ‘I like what they are doing, but they can do better’. 

I’m not going to kiss butt because I enjoy a show. We are beings with the ability to think critically. I have the ability to express what I like and what I don’t like, and give reasons why. I am ONE voice, and my humble opinions aren’t hurting you or anyone else. I’m sorry if seeing my comment sparked a displeased feeling. Or do you feel that by having someone disagree that people are hurting you? Do you feel that it makes you question what you like? It shouldn’t, you know. You are allowed to have differing tastes and it can be equally as right as mine are. Or as wrong. That’s what’s so great about differing opinions. You shouldn’t think of them as being negative.

That said, saying ‘I’m not trying to sound homophobic’ and then proceed to say ‘you gay people’ is kiiiiinda being homophobic my friend. I’m sure you didn’t mean it, but I would caution how you phrase things. 


Since this is technically my blog as well I just have some news to share😂… I just accidentally tripped and fell in love with my best friend whos super hot model attractive and he just broke up with his girlfriend because he wants to get to know her better so I got hopeful but he said he wasn’t going to date anyone else just wait for the right time with her. I honesty throw myself into these fucking situations so fast and it pisses me off cause the only reason I’m skinny is because I’m constantly running trying to catch my heart it’s like diving off cliffs and shit I have no control whatsoever. So he asked why I’m mad and I said I just couldn’t tell him so he’s like “fine” and I’m like “ok well we’re just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be and that makes me angry.” And for some reason, being my book loving self I guess I expected something, something big or some confession… But no you guys. I just got a text that reads “sorry, it’s ok though”. Stupid books set up stupid expectations and now mine are so effing low now and I just respond all chill like “omg forget all of that.” And he says “I did”.
So yeah my heart is over there in little tiny fucking shards if he tumblr janitor can come to my aisle and clean up bc it’s a real mess and I honestly don’t know what to do 😶 agh feels are too much help me

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you know i have to admit that while rey being luke's would still be okay to me (the lesser evil so to say), i just dont want to give the rey skywalker people the satisfaction of being right because as you said it - most of them are incredibly shitty to people with other views on the matter. that's the main reason that drove me away from believing in rey skywalker, the fandom i encountered has been so incredibly rude

don’t worry we won’t give them that satisfaction (they have so many holes in their theory its painful to me tbh) they’re making me bitter over this shit and i never wanted to be. i mean i think the main thing im trying to do here is keep things positive and interesting but its so damn hard when im getting slammed all the time just for thinking something different - like even if there was none of this huge fuckin pile of evidence for rey organa solo then it still wouldn’t be ok bc we are literally doing nothing wrong?? 

  • Somebody:Andy! Edie's naked and trying to hitchhike to Canada again!
  • Andy:That's ok, if that's what she wants to do she's allowed to, she's a grown woman.
  • Somebody:Andy! Edie's going on a date with Bob Dylan!
  • Andy:she WHAT I told her ass (I DID) I told her NOT TO ASSOCIATE WITH HIM I said don't LOOK AT HIM don't LISTEN TO HIM don't SMELL HIM don't even breathe near him and she FUCKING dates him this is unbelievable I'm going to MARCH RIGHT DOWN THERE just WATCH ME she is GROUNDED I SWEAR

Ok so I wanted to create an art style that I could draw really quickly, considering the other 2 take a little more effort and I used to draw chibi characters quite a lot a year or so ago so I figured I’d try that again only this time it actually looks good :P

ok i’m actually in a photoshoppy mood for once, so mutuals like this for an aesthetic post (of your muse, of our muses’ relationship, maybe both if i’m feeling it); these will be posted sometime between tonight and tomorrow!!

I’m really bad at shopping. When I’m poor I’m like “man I’m tired of these clothes I have” and now that I have some money to burn I’m like “but what do I actually want??!” when I’m online shopping I’m like “nahhh I gotta try this on” and in the stores I’m like “this stuff is boring” or “its ok but I don’t love it” anyway nobody cares I’m just here by myself

Park Jimin’s fucking tongue

So this is just a big post of Jimin’s tongue doing sinful things and just Jimin being really sexy in general because his tongue needs a whole post to itself.

None of the gifs/photos are mine, complete credit to the original owner and jimin for being sexy as fuck  

So we’re starting with a young Jimin just to show that even early on he was trying to kill me

Too cute


He thinks this is a game


ok i wanna play a little bit

I wanna play a lot

I’m struggling to stay calm





i want to see his head between my thighs

look at him


Now we’re just looking at him being sexy/my favourite gifs

Cuddly and sexy at the sAME TIME, I want him to sit next to me in all of my classes

Holy motherfuck

These are two of my favourite gifs

gotta love this


I want to leave scratch marks on his back and bite marks on his shoulder

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My mom passed away this past summer and people keep asking me if I'm okay and it is very sweet and it is obviously well-intentioned but I'm kinda sick of it. Like my mom died obviously I'm not "okay". I don't know what to do. Is there any way that I can get people to stop asking?

This may be dubious advice, but you seem fairly well adjusted so I’ll just say…hear what they mean, not what they say. It would be really weird for your friends and such to just walk up and say, “I care about you and want to help” so they have to say the thing people say. But every time someone asks you if you’re OK, what they’re trying to convey is that they care. Hear what they mean and not what they say, and maybe it will be a little easier to deal with this question, which is meant to be caring, but ends up just being annoying. 

another school doodle

i wanted to draw Stan and Ford being awesome and kicking butt haha. i guess this could be a kinda continuation of my one Scary-oke AU doodle from a while ago?? i imagine these two would never try to sing a 3 part harmony together so they go straight for bashing the zombies’ skulls in haha

(just forgive each other and reconcile and fight monsters together dangit hug it out you two)

People want high functioning mentally ill characters that don’t talk about their illness and just wear it as a lable so they can point and go “I support the mentally ill!!!” Without actually having to see the ugly side of mental illness the second a character mentions violent urges they work tirelessly to control

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or has a panic attack, a hardcore shaking and throwing up panic attack

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then suddenly it’s a bit much and makes them uncomfortable. Fuck that, I want more visibly mentally ill characters like matt murdock and Jessica jones. More mentally ill characters that aren’t ok but fuck they are trying fuck your neurotypical comfort. I want to see the ugly side of mental illness represented in media

as a bi person i love clarke being bi BUT i DO NOT WANT HER WITH LEXA FOR THE SAKE OF A SAME SEX SHIP!!! that’s like saying u want hillary clinton for president just because shes a woman!! i never liked clexa and i always liked bellarke— not because im homophobic, but because the relationship is just better. this is getting out of hand ok guys lexa literally had her fucking KIDNAPPED U MOTHERFUCKS yes that is SO romantic shut the fuck up look what bellamy did trying to get her back and when he failed he still fucking tried WHILE BLEEDING OUT. idk about anyone else but i dont think anyone loves me that much. so yeah there’s the thing

otter puns

(from the productivity of art class)

what did the otter say to his partner when he wanted to break up?
let’s see otter people.

what is it called when otters form an army?
otter destruction.

what do otters call the schools they used to attend?
alma m-otter



  • badass lady trying to save his husband. man that cold open was creepy, too
  • mildred. just. everything about mildred.
  • the songs?!
  • I missed this Dean
  • lol dean basically doesn’t have a real conversation with cas for 20+ episodes, the second he has the chance to talk to him he spills all his darkest secrets.
  • “attraction, connection…” now now what are you trying to imply
  • the second time dean asked, sam admitted he wasn’t ok, and he told dean why later. good.
  • eileen. is deaf. and a hunter. and her deafness helps save the day. just slap me in the fucking face this is the content I want to see.
  • basically mildred and her comments on winchester looks is all of us but also robbie thompson in spn commentaries
  • mildred hates to see them go but loves to watch them leave
  • sam, you should shoot a message to eileen in the future. I’m just saying. aww can you imagine. I’d ship that
  • 💩
  • dean telling cas(ifer) about his irrestistible attraction to amara and how that scares him
  • but also, dean telling cas(ifer) about his *irresistible attraction* to “amara” and how that scares him and casifer-pretending-to-be-cas tells him it scares him too? i just. ok
  • the screaming of the banshee was actually just the sound of destiel subtext in this episode. make it stop! make it stooooopp!!! *bangs head against the wall*
  • all the talking about living a full life and then being content with retirement
  • and following one’s heart
  • mildred could sniff the pining from one mile away
  • i said this in the tags earlier but that line was just. it was just magical. one could, in theory, connect that with amara. but dean is definitely not in love with amara and definitely not “pining” for her. but he’s been pining for years for a mysterious someone. hmm
  • PINING. my knees are weak. pining
  • them ladies saving everybody’s bacon ayeee
  • like did you see his lucifer? and even when lucifer tries to get “in character” to impersonate cas? his lucifer at the park was simply hilarious. I was actually laughing, it was so entertaining. perfect.
  • hehe personal preference but mildred went for the real cute one ;)
  • and taken one
  • i feel your pain mildred
  • robbie creates all these secondary/one-off characters who feel so real and convey so much genuine emotion and a lot of them are female and I could marry him for that. they’re such a delight to watch.
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • makes me wish for this kind of quality always
  • entire 40 minutes of episode need to be watched sitting down on stable surface


i’ve been binge watching this gem from my childhood * g*///

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Hypocritical thing to say Frisk. Your afraid that they may hurt your family so you want them dead. Don't you think that's a terrible thing to say? Just because they might do something doesn't mean they will.

[*…Do you wanna talk…?]

Frisk: *…

[*It’s ok. I get it. It’s difficult… But I promise I’m not here to hurt anyone…]

[*You freed all the monsters, you made my family happy. You’re trying to help Asriel too… That means a lot to me. Your life is filled with so much peace and happiness…]

[*I just wanted to be a part of it.]

Debate rundown:
  • Paul:Here's some isolationist nonsense, casual lies about my competitors, and BS about being the only fiscal conservative.
  • Kaisich:Jesus told me to be a socialist!
  • Christie:Let me try to hide my incompetence and lack of qualifications with some rhetoric about Hillary Clinton!
  • Bush:Look, it's been pretty obvious for a while but I don't have any kind of shot in this, so what have I got to lose saying whatever I want?
  • Carson:Maybe if I awkwardly recite the preamble I'll sound like someone with some kind of relevant qualifications.
  • Rubio:Ok, looks like everyone, including the moderators, wants my head on a plate. I guess I'll just do what I always do and combat their rhetoric and smearing with facts and reason.
  • Cruz:Now that Trump isn't here, someone else has to be the childish baby with no actual debate skill and a tendency to be a slimy liar. Of course if Trump were here I would be licking his boots.
Sick Kitten
  • <p><b>Daddy:</b> oh Kitten, I'm so sorry that you're sick. C'mere let daddy take you on his lap *picks kitten up and softly rubs her back*<p/><b>Me:</b> *curls up on his lap and nuzzles the palm of his hand, her droopy eyes show just how sick she is, she sighs and lays on Daddy*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *pulling his kittens face to his, he whispers* it's ok kitten Daddy's got you<p/><b>Me:</b> Don't get too close Daddy, kitten doesn't want you to get sick too :(<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Daddy will make sure he kicks viruses ass... I gotta take care of you my beautiful kitten. I love you kitten, just try to relax, I've got you<p/><b>Me:</b> *purrrssssss, so in love with her Daddy, her Owner, her Master and lays her saddened face on daddys lap*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Wish I could make you feel better in an instant and see that smile once again kitten *Daddy grins and gets up, going to his car he comes back in* I know what will cheer you up... *Hands kitten a new stuffie*<p/><b>Me:</b> :O Stuffie!!!!!!!! *she quickly grabs it with a smile n her face as Daddy takes her back on his lap, she wraps her arms around Daddy and her new stuffie and quickly falls asleep*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *He whispers into her ear as she sleeps* Daddy loves that smile :)<p/></p>