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Ok ok, I'm gonna start calling Deo, but if I call you rebby or Rebs I just want to say ahead of time I'm sorry I forgot and I'm gonna try hard to remember.

its okay as long as you aren’t doing it on purpose ouo/

Just read it

Illegal immigration and the presidential election are hot topics right now and I just want to have my thoughts out there. Ok so Obama was just trying to make every undocumented worker that ALREADY live here legal he is not trying to legalize random people. If they’re already here and have been here for a while, I don’t see what the problem is. They take jobs we DONT want, like jobs in the field. Something small so they can establish their lives. I’m sorry people want better for themselves and go in and get their education because they want more money and more opportunities. I thought people of all races do shit like that. And claiming that we have to earn our citizenship is stupid. I was born into this country I didn’t earn it. I didn’t go through what every immigrant has to go through to try to be apart of this country. It’s a long process! That is why Obama made that process easier! America is the land of opportunity, you brag about your freedom and the job opportunity so much obviously people are going to want what you have. Some people act like the uppity rich white people who lock their doors with the button a bunch of times when they see a black person around when it comes to illegal immigration. Like this country is too good for foreign people. Read a fucking book, we are foreign people. And give Obama his fucking credit, sorry he had to try to fix a country after a dumbass fucked it up. It takes some time to fix a country in the condition Bush had it in. Stop acting like a abortion hating, sexist ass, money hungry, racist ass white guy is going to fix our country. We need someone who can make EVERYONE happy and someone with some fucking experience. It truly scares me that some people have to green light to vote nowadays.

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Suicide anon again (sorry) your response made me cry. I just gave my son the biggest hug. I definitely need him and my husband. And I need help. I'm going to try. .. thank you. You are an amazing man. *hugs* 💙

Yaayyy!!!! You really make me happy!!! Yes you have to try!!! Btw I am Antonio and you can talk to me whenever you want ok?. If you wanna come off anon we can talk and I will always respect your identity.
Be strong!!! TONS OF BEAR HUGS FROM SPAIN!!!!!!!!!

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okay hi im sorry i'm not trying to antagonize you i just wanted to know why you don't like the 4th of july? personally idc about the holiday either way but im just curious about your aversion to it

nah it’s not the holiday it’s just how everyone on this website freaks the fuck out about it?? like ok this is my 5th fourth of july on tumblr and the jokes are literally always the same. and they’re literally never funny. it’s such an insignificant holiday and i don’t understand why it gets this extreme reaction every. single. fucking. year.


Wow, 50 subs! And it even when I went silent again. Life is total “meat” (space-demonic meat puns), kind of, in real life and in internet too, so sorry. I hope I will find some time and strength to do something. 

The same problem goes with all think i try to do, basically, everything was going OK, and then just stopped. 

Other comic (no english version still) nearly totally lost my interest, due to, well sorry for selfishness,  absence of interest from people, so “everyday an update” schedule became “once in a eternity”.

Team of creative people I was got split apart, because… well, at first our leader wanted too much, and when he understand, that small projects based of existing games will be more than enough, it was too late. Other guy wanted to do something, and went “full unity” but, let’s say he was quickly colded out to this (is it even words?), but couldn’t admit it, so he is still silent and, if he is to believe, doing things. Basically, he want to do something big just instantly. Musican is in army, so it will be an year, before he will be back. That is not too important, I agree, I mean this team stuff. Just sad, that we could be OK at something, if not for too much ambitions like “let’s do something totally and absolutely 1000% unique”, “let’s not work on someone else’s characters”, “lets do a 3d game with normal skirts” (don’t ask), “word ‘fairy’ is not to my likeness”. So, i lost the team, and team lost itself at the same time. At least, we’re not hate each other, that’s good thing, right?

Back to me. Every project i try to start is crumbling right away, only two of projects which was going for long (being my “Riverside Shenanigans: FortStuck” and this DemoAU) crumbling away too.

I won’t call this anxiety, more of total bump into wall in my trying-to-do-stuff life, becoming afraid of everything and accepting thought that me am useless. Well, maybe it is called anxiety, i just never called it like that before.

Because I always try to find reasons, i think, that i found problems of both comics. RS:FS is basically wrong thing in wrong style in wrong language-place. TF2(although TF2 part in comic starting to fade away) isn’t too much of fandom in Russia , as a game fro play. I couldn’t find any public blogs about it as about fandom. Only hat-trading blogs, lame. And being based off homestuck style RS:FS is kinda under punch of some fans, who are just crazy about HS and always scream about it as brilliant thing and such, not accepting any similar thing, saying it’s stealing (how much things HS actually stolen itself is another question). and to think that RS:FS have more than 930 pages (some of them multi pages, counted as one, some mini-flash-movies) and that art is at least some getting better overall, i can say that I gave my soul to this project (although, I always more work on soul, than anything, one can say).
Demoau is more recognized, seeing we have 50 watchers here! It is most recognized thing i have done! Sadly, team went split around the time I finished tech demo of Demo game, hence my sadness on “let’s not work on someone else’s characters” part of ambition. Sadly, i couldn’t find any power to work on it alone.

DemoAU have not too good art (but I think that halfway Nevada’s story i got better!) and a little out of place setting (i am guy of the family values, so this is my normal AU idea), also, i think some dislike idea of armkinesis (which was put here due to be a little more logical) and some references to HS (yep, i got style of storytelling, but everything else is coincidence, such as miss Vrecket was named like that in the “honor” of wreck-it ralph, as she was based of Donkey kong, but given spider look to be a little creepier. Color thing was accidental too, and is not works the same as color-of-blood in HS. How’s hair color works was going to be explained. Also, maybe there was too much Demo-hype, so another art-based thins, especially with said art being very average, is not too much of a good idea. And space demons are very specific thing to began with. And I really wanted to give them more of back-story and such - history, socium, families, logic. Sometimes I almost forgot, that Space demons aren’t my idea at all, so much i thinking their history and all that over.

Right now I’m trying to find myself again, sometimes sweeping dust off myself, mailboxes, blogs and such. Some friends trying to patch me up (like two and a half of them) but it’s not too much of working, I still grateful for their attempts.

I’m sorry for this big pile of nonsense and complaints, this may not be my main blog, but this is my blog, where is my most original content are. (again, not counting RS:FS as it have it’s blog on other site and it’ own site) And I want to say sorry for silence. I really don’t know, when at least something will show up. I check inbox on some times a week basis, so, if something, i still not in the mind of deleting this blog. Still watching raocow, as he is only let’s player, that is still source of joy, free from any innuendos like stupid screams, mean political jokes (any political jokes at it) and overall cool guy, happycow or angry or anything. It is kind of like that, that he is reason to check some parts of internet daily, except my friends’ social pages or skype or steam.

I still don’t want to give up, so it’s not farewell, its just bye-bye.

Thanks to everyone, who is here and who tried to read all of it. This means a lot. I don’t have anything related, so here is Visual-novel-esque Denmark and his assistants made for thing that most likely will newer be done too. (Violet one called Vici as in “Veni, vidi, vici”, and green one is Geerls, whom Denmark calls “Girls”)

*armkinetic hugs*

I hope the next time your with someone and they ask you why your last relationship didn’t work , that you let em know it was because of you . Because you decided to stop trying . Because you decided to give up . Because you decided that leaving someone who treated you with the greatest love in the world and gave you everything you could ever want was just ok . I hope next time you tell em , it was your fault .
—  Hyannis D
SMTM4 Mino 1st audition

here lol thanks kwonoona i got it from her

-film starts-
Mino: Wow I wasn’t nervous at all, but now that I’m here, I’m nervous (claps LOL)
Camera guy: who made you the most nervous?
Mino: My boss… he said, if you fail, you’re out of YG (forced laugh). He packed all my burdens into one sentence :-) (hits shoulders)

rap trans:

zico: show me what u got

Yo, my name is 불꽃 카리스마 민호 (flaming charisma minho you guys all know this ok)

사람들이 나에게 말했지 내 둥지는 Winner
People always told me that my nest is Winner

괜히 나와서 인지 돌리고 자리뺏고 할생각 죽어도 없어
Even if I were to die, I don’t have a single thought about taking away other people’s recognitions or spotlights

단지 시도하고싶어 나와서 YG 등딱지 떼고
I just wanted to try, without the YG label hanging off of me

가둬놨던 MINO 산책좀시키러
To take my caged mino on a walk~ (he’s referring to a minotaur from Greek mythology I’m guessinggg)

친구들은 이정도면 성공했대 what the fuck!
My friends say I’m already a success with what I have, what the fuck!

내게 성공은 60억 박수받으면서 죽는 것! 
My definition of success is dying with 600 million hands clapping for me! (claps again LOL)

누구는 말해 여긴 내게 도박
Some people say that this place is a gamble for me

근데 난 항상 돌을 넘어 박을 터뜨려 매순간
But I always skip over those rocks in the way and break open the gourd every time! (There is a Korean folk story with a guy and he breaks open a gourd that grew on his roof and it has treasures and good things in it, he’s referring to that and the line rhymes well with the Korean word for ‘gamble’)

놀부 욕심에도 흥부는 끝까지가 
Heungboo keeps going despite of Nolboo’s greed (Heungboo is who got the gourd with treasures. He used to be poor, but he became rich by the gourd. Nolboo is his older brother. He’s rich and greedy and didn’t help Heungboo at all when he needed help. When he saw Heungboo getting rich by the gourd, he also tried it for himself, but in a bad way ugh the story is long but anyway his gourds had poop in it haha)

바비로 금가있는 편견 다 부셔
I break all the prejudices and expectations set up by Bobby (I missed some syllable in this line sorry!!)
Show me the money!! No~ show MINO money 

정정당당하게 하기위해 밀은머리
I shaved my head so we could play fair

I got these last lines from here thank you!!:

트로피에 소주 타마실게 불알 두짝 꽉
I’m gonna pour soju on my trophy and drink it from there, better hold your balls tight(???)

Bobby drop your crown 턱 미리 붙잡아.
Bobby drop your crown, hold your face before it falls

anyway his rap was so good


Little reunion comic for therealgonzoldyck. I wanted to give her something special bc she’s a sweetheart and is always trying to make others happy with her writing.

In this AU, Killua and Gon haven’t seen each other in 5 years (not that I actually believe that would happen but for the sake of this AU…) and after Gon rejected Killua’s request for a picture of his face (because then it wouldn’t BE A SURPRISE WHEN THEY SAW EACH OTHER), Killua was like FINE THEN I WON’T SEND YOU PICS EITHER. So they actually don’t know what the other looks like before this!

Egos, trips and tributes: 2015 BET AWARDS REVIEW

1.       Dej Loaf looks good. I just wanted to acknowledge that. I don’t know what I was expecting from “Try Me”, but it’s not what I got. Her, her new management, and brother fought her old manager…she was suppose to perform. smh

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2.       Kendrick’s performance was really dope

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3.       Mama Minaj was on stage like “What do I do now? Do I stand like this? No…How about this? No…ok…me stand like this”  

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4.       Sanah’s wig was a mess. Yea, I notice stuff like that. You mad? LOL

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5.       Haven’t we done the “Woe is me, my husband isn’t paying attention to me, so I date the psycho” movie enough?

6.       Janelle…I love her. I was waiting on the haters..It’s called evolution…It’s called empowerment

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7.       I’m a classic man

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8.       MeeK Mills gets his polos from Marshall’s…I’m convinced. Nothing wrong with that. But he always looks like he has on the newest Beverly Hills Polo gear.

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9.       The game…awkward moment indeed. No more (Random moment from show)…I haven’t watched The Game since that chick Eggs was on there.

10.   Chris broan and Tyga…Illum….nevermind…show Rihanna’s face

11.   Why can’t you sing with your backup track???!

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12.   Everyone is waiting on jhene aiko…and she never showed up

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13.   I just want Omarion to do “Touch” right now…that was my jam

14.   They show Rihanna on Jhene’s part…petty

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15.   They wanna be illuminati so bad…smh

16.   Who thought it was a good idea to make a new colonel sanders? Let’s make a new Walt Disney and see how that goes

17.   The Weeknd and this five finger hand hair…but people fail to realize that he is an International star. Dude is getting paid. 50 Shades of Grey and Arian Grande pretty much locked dude in for a ton of checks that will flow for a lifetime and there after…but one thing is for sure…Abel ain’t worried about us.

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18.   I’m a huge fan of the weeknd…I just play his music at home and just let my emotions run…usually ……wait….is he saying the f word?!

19.   Alicia messed the song up…Gotta take it off the “Timmy take down” list

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20.   Kelly Rowland…lawd

21.   When Kelly messed up Destiny’s Childs’ name lol

22.   Uncle Charlie..That guy is awesome

23.   What you thought?!

24.   Anthony Anderson as Sam Smith…funny

25.   “Arriving, but definitely not coming (You know what they mean)”…what?! This is the tagline for your new show, TVOne. Born Again Virgin? OK…smh

26.   When Donnie McClurkin walked on stage, the internet did this…

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27.   Folks out here acting like Tori Kelly is on amateur night at the Apollo. The girl is sangin’

28.   Ugh, robin. Stop looking like you haven’t washed your man parts…get up and move on.

29.   Keyshia cole- People have been making “She selling fish plates outside the awards show” jokes for years and this was your moment. And what did you do? Let us all know that you no longer have a record deal. Not only did you walk out looking like an Instagram bundles boutique, you did it in a way that on you could. Kudos? Does that deserve a Kudos? I don’t know. I mean…It’s Keyshia.

30.   Janet Janet tribute- Ok, for years, I have said that Ciara would do well with a “Pleasure Principle” cover…along with a full reenactment of the video. Maybe, that would be good for her “Career”. *shrug* Just always been something I thought. So what does BET do? They present Janet with a “Comeback Plug” award and finds artists/dancers that haven’t had hits or haven’t had a hit since “Body Party”….THEN…THEN…ON TOP OF IT ALL…You have Tinashe gives us a middle school recital version of “Pleasure Principle”…and I was like…

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Then Jason Defoolo came out…and I was like…

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Then Ciara came out….and I was like…

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Very unclean dancing…It looked like they practiced this Friday…and that was it. Then you have the offspring from the “That’s the way that love goes” video slide around to the new track…man…I was done. Janet looks good though.

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31.   What was this award for? Nicki…come on, babe. Even if you didn’t know, you could have turned around and looked. That was a little tacky to me.

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32.   Rihanna-You know, she actually made the show a little more interesting. But I could have done without the 1 minute trailer. Sorry, babe. I had to say it.

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33.   Tracee and Anthony did a good job.

34.   Smokey Robinson will always like that bachelor uncle that has all the H*** to me. I loved his speech.

35.   Did I talk about K.Michelle and Tamar? No? I didn’t? Ok. It was on purpose.

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36.   Ladies, where is the book that said “Men love booties that make you look like a toddler with a messy diaper on”?

37.   Some people just don’t sing well live 

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38.   YOU DON’T SING AN EPIC SONG IF YOU AND/OR YOUR VOICE ISN’T JUST AS EPIC. I ALMOST THREW MY IPAD AT THE TV WHEN “If only you knew” started. I was thinking, “Patti better come out here and save the day”. Patti stepped out there like…

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39.   The Bad Boy Tribute had me in my feelings…

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it was great. Diddy is getting old…clearly…and that fall was epic…but let’s address the Lawsuit elephant in the room. Where was Da Band? Danity Kane? Day 26? Carl Thomas? Mario Winans? Hell, Cheri Dennis?! Where were they? Craig Mac!!! Bruh!!! Like…how could you have tribute without them? Diddy didn’t want to pay for Megabus transfers?! I’m so lost.

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40.   Fetty Wap ended the show. You know, I can respect him. “Trap Queen” is not the ideal love song, but she’s helping him commit a felony, so he treats her well. Plus, he had a pretty dope post about marriage equality so we definitely see eye to…eye. Sigh…that was petty. Wasn’t it?

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HONORABLE DIDN’T WANT TO MENTION GOES TO BOBBY VALENTINO for his new role as the Fierce Ranger in Hedwig and the Angry Itch. Bruh really came out the house looking like he was going to an all-white party in Atlanta…Comic-Con Power Rangers table…a dance battle in Dubai….looking like one of the Jacksons…bruh doesn’t have friends.

Until next time…

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TMI gang beach trip headcanons: 

  • Magnus “borrows” a huge SUV to drive everyone down. 
  • On the morning of the trip Alec is running around making sure everyone packed properly. 

“Izzy did you pack enough sunscreen?" 

"Jace! Stop trying to shove Church into your bag! I don’t care if you bought a pet sized life vest." 

  • Once they get to the beach Jace and Alec take off into the water. Izzy and Magnus lay out in the sun to tan while Clary gets out her sketchbook so she can draw the waves. Simon stays under the umbrella reading manga because he burns like a delicate flower under the summer sun. 
  • Jace and Alec have boogie board races which end when Jace loses his boogie board to the current. 
  • Simon attempts to get into the beach spirit by making a sand sculpture of Isabelle. 

"Simon your whale looks great! Who knew you had such artistic ability?" 
"Jace that’s supposed to be Isabelle." 
"Well I can kind of see the resemblance…if I tilt my head this way…and close both eyes…" 
But Izzy appreciates the attempt anyways. 

  • Alec somehow gets volunteered by Jace to get buried in the sand so everyone delights in pouring sand onto him until his head is the only thing aboveground. He is not happy. 
  • Alec also is very adamant that everyone re-apply their sunscreen at least every two hours because their gear would be 100x more uncomfortable if they had to wear it over sunburn. 
  • When it finally gets dark, Magnus makes fireworks appear in the sky, making the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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i dont know how to ask stuff like this politely but um. could u maybe draw some danny phantom? or like, im suggesting danny phantom as a thing that some people (me) rlly rlly would want to see drawn in your style, that you could maybe consider next time u want to draw something and dont have any other ideas??since i think i remember u referencing it at some point?????i dont know im sorry nevermind

ok so i REALLY dont like people trying to guilt me into drawing shit for them so normally i would just delete this but i was actually ok w drawing these kids at least once

danny tryin 2 talk to his non ghost friends abt ghost things

dont ask for these guys any more bc i like danny phantom but i am in 0 ways interested in drawing it.

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I almost regret that I like FE13. I feel so unwelcome in this Fandom and it makes me sad. And even though I'm tempted to buy Fire Emblem If when it's released, I won't. I don't want more unwelcome reactions when I try to fit in in this Fandom.

It’s too long to make into a confession but I’m not going to just delete this one. This made me a little sad…

Please don’t feel that way. I know some people in this fandom are like that but please don’t let other people decide what you should like.

If you like Awakening that’s awesome, it was a good game.

If you don’t, well that’s ok too, just don’t go around hating the people that do like it.

It’s like me Radiant Dawn is my least favorite Fire Emblem, but do I hate on people that love it? Absolutely not! Who am I to say what is enjoyable or not to someone else?

So please don’t feel bad about liking a certain game. 

I will never judge you for a game that you like or not, so you will always have a friend in me.

Day 25. It’s time for your 1 legged wheel pose!! Ok I know the stretches are getting harder and harder but I want you to try! If you can’t get your one leg up, do not worry. Just give me a regular wheel pose with both feet on the floor. As you get more and more comfortable, raise your leg a little bit at a time. Maybe you’ll wiggle, maybe you’ll topple, but just get back up and try again. #TheStretchProject is not supposed to be easy. It’s meant to push you. #blogilates

Why It’s Totally Ok To Feel Sad & Lonely

Mind Body Green writes:

Most of last year I was sad. There were lots of moments I felt myself trying to talk through the feeling with friends with the hope that I could rationalize it until it went away. But it just wasn’t going away. And all the while, I was resisting my sadness BIG time.The irony was that I wasn’t even really feeling it.

Then I read a book by Osho and something he said really struck me. He explained that most of society is built around not wanting you to feel extremes of emotions. The people around you just want you to be OK, and what “OK” actually means is that you are mostly numb, neutral, disengaged with extreme feelings.

It was then that I realized that I was existing in that space. And ironically, I ended up having to deal with extreme discomfort in my attempt to resist sadness. Instead, I was trapped in a cycle of denial, numbness and dissatisfaction.

Of course, when sadness, disappointment, and loneliness set in, the feelings are deeply uncomfortable. But what if we just invited them in, and allowed them to sit tight for a second?

Read the rest here.

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My girl and I have been fucking for maybe a month now but she has always been about doing it on the bed and I wanted to try something new. One day her parents were not home and we she gave me some amazing head, I asked if I could blind fold her and she said ok. I grabbed her hands and tied them too. I grabbed and spanked. We went hard and she screamed so loud. Short version, great sex and she came twice, which had never happened. She asks to do it all the time now and it just gets better.

Why are many people here arguing about the fact that you can marry your siblings? like, what the fuck guys? i don’t have any problem with that, IS A GAME, and, is better than put some paraphilias…isn’t? we know how bad some philias are… aren’t we?

People who first was arguing about the marriage wasn’t confirmed, now are arguing about the thing that you can marry your siblings -_-… Like wow, “thats a sin you are all dirty” okay, if that makes you happy to think that about those who want to marry Marx/Ryouma,Leon/Takumi, Camilla/Hinoka….., okay, be happy, but this is a fucking game, we’re trying to enjoy.
No, why…many of that people was first arguing about the marriage wasn’t confirmed and they wasn’t able to marry any of their siblings, and now are arguing because YES, you can marry your siblings.

There’s many countries when bad persons take away babies from their mothers and real families saying they born dead, but was a lie and they just sell the baby to a “good family” (THIS IS NOT A JOKE, read about this)

Years later some brother and sisters are reunited, living in marriage, with childs and all, without know they’re siblings, and the society doesn’t have a problem with it because they doesn’t know, but when they discover these two are siblings, are disgusted for that, like, wtf? -_-…

Then people was arguing about “no same-sex marriage?, ugh! bad game bad game!” then, WOW they added the same sex-marriage, but with a few restrictions.

Girl x Girl in Hoshido
Boy x Boy in Nohr

Both in the third route.

People complaining about this is super annoying because they actually knew it about the existence of a third route since months. So, what?…

They was complaining about female clothes too…like…ugh seriously? Charlotte is the same class as Vaike…and Vaike…was shirtless….or i’m wrong?-.- and Charlotte dress in the same way, so don’t be childs *sigh*

In conclusion, many people here wants a lot of things, like players, we are, but when they got the things they was asking, They are suddenly without reasons to argue, so they need new reasons..to be shouting at things in the game..and this is sad and truly annoying…