my favorite concept is when yoongi breaks his usual timid and quiet self just to hype the love of his life (hobi) and make everyone appreciate his precious munchkin (hobi) by screaming his lil fluff’s name (hobi) for 30 times and how he deadass told everyone during a live broadcast that out of all the people in the group, all he can see is his bub (hobi) and how he wants everyone to look at his sweet pea (hobi) and his fingertips bc why the hell not

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A continuation of Jamie washing Claire's shift please! Where she'd woken up and learned than Jamie washed it. Hahaha! (Fluff and maybe wee smut?)

Well alright! I can do that!! Though I’m not sure how smutty it’ll get. I guess we’ll see what they want. ;) You can find the other post here.

Well, the smut didn’t come, but the feels certainly did. Sorry ‘bout that…

I woke groggily, but in less pain. My mouth tasted stale, likely from the tea Jamie had brought me.

I sat up slowly and looked around our room. When I’d fallen asleep, I’d just been curled up on top of the quilts. Now I was tucked snuggly beneath them, my hair brushed from my face. A plate sat on the table in the corner, bread and cheese piled on top of it. He’d left me something to have for lunch. 

Now that most of the pain was gone, I was ravenous. I slipped out of bed and walked slowly to the table where I sank into the chair and began eating. A note sat beside the plate.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there when you woke, Sassenach, but I’ve duties to attend in the stable. I’ll be back to check on you as soon as may be.

Yours, J

I smiled to myself and finished the small lunch he’d prepared for me. When a gentle breeze came in through the window, something caught my eye. 

Frowning, I looked closer and saw my soiled shift hanging near the fire to dry.

“He cooks, he cleans,” I mumbled to myself. “Is there anything he doesn’t do?”

By the time dinner rolled around, I was feeling much more myself. The first day was always the worst, and this one had hit me particularly hard. I dressed as comfortably as I could and went down for dinner. I stopped by the kitchen to thank Mrs. Fitz for the tea.

“Och, dinna mention it, Claire. I’m just glad it helped. Young Jamie was a right mess when he asked me for it.”

“A mess?”

“Aye. Worriet sick o’er ye.”

I tried to suppress the smile that wanted to come out and Mrs. Fitz saw it.

“Aye, he’s a good one.”

“It seems he is. Thank you again for the tea.”

“Anytime, Claire. He’s probably just coming in for dinner now, ye ken. And right worriet sick o’er ye. Go to him.”

“I will.”

I wound through the corridors into the great hall and saw Jamie pushing through the crowd of people until he saw me.

“Sassenach! Are ye alright, then?”

“I’m much better now, thank you. You really didn’t need to clean my shift. I was going to get around to it after I felt better.”

“Och, dinna fash. It was only a wee bit o’ blood.”

I cringed.

“But it’s not just blood.”

His face paled a little.

“It isna just blood?”

“Perhaps that’s something I can tell you later. Not right before dinner.”

“Aye. Are ye hungry then?”

I nodded and walked to his side. He put an arm around me and we went to find a place to sit. 

After dinner, we went up to our room as I was too exhausted to do anything else. Jamie stopped by the kitchens again and brought up more tea for me. 

“Are ye still in pain?”

“A bit. I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“Jenny always had the worst pains on her second day.”

I blinked up at him, shocked to hear him talking so easily about a woman’s monthly.

“You knew Jenny’s cycle?”

“Oh aye. I didna want to get on her bad side on a good day, let alone on a really bad day.”

That made me snort as I let the tea steep. I stretched my back, trying to rub at the sore spot. Jamie came up behind me and began working on the laces of my skirts. As soon as they fell away, I breathed a sigh of relief. The pressure they’d been putting on my already pained body had been getting to me. But now I was feeling better.

His warm hands pushed my shoulders until I was facing him. With a soft smile, he began undoing the laces of my bodice. It reminded me a bit of our wedding night, less than a month before. At least my breasts had stopped aching.

“Better?” he asked as he gathered up my clothes.

“Yes, much better. Thank you, Jamie.”

With his back to me, he began undressing for bed as well. I wondered what he was thinking about.

I’d heard some of the whispers at dinner, the other married women making comments bout my lack of pregnancy. Had Jamie heard the whispers too? Was he upset that I wasn’t pregnant?

Slightly more troubled than before, I finished my tea and burrowed beneath the quilts. Jamie joined me, pulling me close to him as he settled comfortably into the bed.



“Are you… Are you unhappy?”

I felt him sit up and looked over my shoulder at him.

“Unhappy? Why would ye think that?”

“Well it’s just… I heard some of the women at dinner whispering and… Are you unhappy that I’m not pregnant?”

His nose flared a little as he thought over his words.

“No,” he said finally. “I’m no’ upset about it. Me being an outlaw, us newly wed. Perhaps it’s for the best that ye are’na wi’ child yet. A life on the run is no place for a bairn.”

“Oh,” I said lamely. “Alright.”

“Get some rest, Sassenach.”

I nodded and settled myself again.


The word stuck with me like a flashing light.


He didn’t know, how could he? Frank and I had tried to have children to no avail. I was barren. He would never have a child to pass on a name and lineage to, no one to teach about the Scottish Highlands. Because he’d taken a barren wife without knowing it.

What surprised me most was the feeling of sadness I had, knowing I’d never be able to give him a child. Like there was a sense of loss that I didn’t fully understand. 

I shuddered as another wave of pain, dulled by the tea, came over me. Jamie, who was already sound asleep, held me tighter against him. I took comfort in the strength of his arms and let myself drift off.

Ayun nga, uuwi na kami ni boyfriend sa MNL this Tuesday pero mukang ihahatid ko lang sya don kasi babalik rin naman ako agad dito samin. I totally understand mom’s argument about me living with my boyfriend with nothing that binds us together. I’m not sure tho if she and dad meant about marriage. Pero kasi panget rin naman talaga na titignan kami ng mga tao na parang nagli-live in. I don’t want people saying those kind of things to us. Altho we don’t really have to explain ourselves to those people. I just do not want our families name getting dragged with negative issues dahil lang gusto namin magkasama.

Nakakagaan ng loob to see how Paul has been taking these things calmly. Looking at how focused he was earlier while talking to Dad tungkol sa mga plano namin and how he carefully explained every little details about our plans together, it made me think, damn, he’s a boyfriend goal. Alam ko he’s sad about us being in an LDR again in a few weeks. Still, he keeps on telling me to wait for a little bit more. To be more patient because he knows everything’s gonna be worth it. He gives me courage and strength to not give us up.

I really thought we’re not gonna sleep in a different houses again or surviving a day without seeing each other again. I thought we’re done fighting distance. This is perhaps one of the most difficult thing we’ll ever go through. 

FT: 507 quick notes

This chapter was incredibly underwhelming about the only good thing I can say is “thank god this mess of a fight is over.” 

My biggest take away was honestly complete disgust with Mashima’s drawing habits. In particular, those three panels of hug. 

I want to make it clear. I believe the artist decides what they draw, how, and how it’s presented (in terms of details). Remember back in 504 or so when I was complaining about Lucy seeing her boobs as she looked down in first person pov (and how it didn’t match anatomy)? Well, the crux is that Mashima could have chosen to just not draw them at all, whether it’s “realistic” or not. You know what else people see in first person pov? Their noses. No one draws that. You could just not draw the boobs too. 

Manga is not about perfect realism. It’s representational. The main point is to draw objects in a way that lets the audience understand what they are representing. For that, you sometimes actually don’t want to be too realistic because manga also has to drop details that help judge depth and perspective in real life. 

So Mashima drawing Erza’s boobs like that? His choice. He could have done it differently. 

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I just want to be pretty so bad that it hurts. I want guys to actually want to talk to me and I want them to stay and I want to go out and feel okay with how I look and I want to not weigh myself everyday like maybe somethings changed and I want to wake up and look in the mirror and not hate what I see. I mean goddamn it I just want to be pretty

I think most fans consider Yurio’s need for Viktor as his coach to be mainly based on his wish to win at all costs. He knows Viktor is the best, so he needs his coaching in order to win. Yuuri on the other hand finds Viktor as his idol and pure inspiration in the sport he loves, so his connection with Viktor is more emotional. Yet, I feel that Yurio skates for far more emotional reasons than we can expect. I’m sure his back-stori will end with me in tears. Besides, Yurio is a rising star, so he can have any good coach he wants. Yet he ditches his training (which is obviously very important to him and may be the main thing he does at all, because I don’t see him having many friends…like…at all) just to travel so far away and find Viktor. Viktor’s promise means more to Yurio than we can imagine at the moment. Just look how soft he gets when he remembers Viktor’s promise. ^_^

Okay. So. *sweats nervously*

I want to write an ace character in one of my next fics, and I would love it if anyone who identifies as ace (everywhere on the spectrum) and is comfortable sharing could drop me an ask, anon is on, of how you would like to see ace characters portrayed.

Just some points you might want to talk about:

  • What would you want to be mentioned/ what not?
  • How would you talk about it with a non-ace partner?
  • What would your sex life look like? (Again, strongly depending where on the spectrum you place yourself)
  • What kind of stereotypes are often used and should be left out?
  • What aspects are never talked about but should be mentioned?

This is not, in any way, meant to be disrespectful. The reason I’m asking is simply because even with all the sources you can find online, they often contradict each other, and personal experiences are still the best to write from. Since I can’t use my own for this, I’m asking you - and you don’t have to share anything if you’re not comfortable with it.

Feel free to signal boost to help a blogger out, I’ll be over here patiently waiting :)

(Castiel would be the ace character, if that is important for anyone)


One day when I will learn how to draw horses I’ll look at this and laugh. Right now I’m just surprised it actually looks like it might be a horse despite being less-than-10-minutes doodle~ xDxD

Im melting whenever I see fanarts of yuuri taking care of yurio like let me get this straight to the point,I love them together so much not just because I want them to be romantically involved with each other– Not that. What I want is yuuri being a big bro to yurio,someone who will look after him. He’s 23 and yurio is 15 and its perfect also because freaking viktor who is a 27 yr old adult doesnt know how to treat a child right.

//I’m trying out a new style and I need characters to sketch out with this new-ish [tbh I can’t tell if it’s really any different… maybe my eyes are tricking me?!] style ;v;

So if your an ask blog and would like to help me out, please reply [I will delete asks… I don’t want my askbox clogged orz] to this post with the blog you want me to draw a muse from (preferably a blog YOU own and has some sort of about/ref page???)… IF YOU’RE A MULTI MUSE BLOG, GIVE ME AN EXACT CHARACTER. I HATE CHOOSING TT_TT
Please and thanks!
I really like the style but I need to experiment and see if it will work on other kinds of characters… ;w;//

EDIT: for the ref part - A face is good enough~ I just need something that is easy to look at and understand how to draw~ I will most likely be drawing only waist ups…


About 6 months ago, I was commissioned to do Bobby’s portrait. I shipped the original, but it was taken off his porch. That’s never happened before, and he didn’t pressure me to redo the portrait, but I wanted to give it a shot. I just did it recently and it’s funny seeing how my eye has changed, just in 6 months. The older portrait is more coarse. The newer is more refined and present. How will my portraits look in a year?

While working on it, I refused to reference the piece I had previously done (aside from working from the same pencil sketch foundation) and instead referenced the original photo reference to make sure I was working from observation, rather than copying another piece and matching the marks etc. 

y’all who can afford like multiple VIP passes to the various Comic Cons….GO YOU

I really, REALLY wanted to go to Tulsa but yeah no…but like, I’m becoming fans of those people I keep seeing? I know that’s weird but it’s just like..hey, I know them! Lookit what they did for THIS photo OP! haha They slay me!

Also, people who come up with creative ideas for poses during the photo ops…HOW? I was just like…standard side hug in the first one and “Can I get a hug?” “Sure!” in the second one - but y’all are f-ing creative dudes. ily

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ohhh my god your art is incredible im so glad i found your blog !! i love your mature and dark style, your poses, expressions and backgrounds are fantastic to look at aaa so much raw emotion all over omg * w * how do you come up with ideas to draw certain scenes/poses ? im so curious !! keep up the wicked work dude !

aaaaa aa aaaaaaaaa it’s so embarrassing omg thanx \
soo i don’t know how it happens really
i.. i just sitting somewhere, listening some music, spontaneously draw some scenes in my head and in one fckng moment WOW WOW YEAH BABE OH GOD I JUST WANT HERE AND NOW DRAWING THIS, grab my sketchbook/ipad and
u see what happens in a result hahahh

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I adore your art, I gush about it on the regular. It's incredibly beautiful, and somehow you capture the dynamics of the pairing (at least, speaking from my BuckyNat experience) so well even through just a still frame painting. How do you do it? Who knows, I do not--but I sure do appreciate it fully and whole-heartedly. Seeing your artwork is something I look forward to, please never stop! (Unless you want to because lol than of course do. I just pray that day is not soon to come xx)

Oh gosh, I’m going to float away from embarrassment here. I think why I embody buckynat a certain way is mostly because it’s why I truly love them and why I think they’re such a beautiful couple. I guess by understanding what they are, who they are for each other, what they stand for and how I translate it is because of how beautiful their relationship’s foundation is. Thank you though <3 This is so sweet

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I just really hope that Zayn will be free soon. Seeing how Niall is getting promo that is really quite good just makes me so sad for Zayn because that's the type of promo he should've had. I know it's all for sabotage and that we can't go back but hopefully looking forward, maybe Zayn will be free soon to promo and to do whatever the hell he wants to do.

We shall see. I’m not sure why people are so happy about solo Nialler. He’s with Modest. His promo is happening via the same shitty 1DHQ tween outlets. RADIO DISNEY were the ones who let us know it was coming. Those aren’t things I ignore. So…solo Nialler isn’t that great, IMO. We may get some major bullshit around it, and I won’t be surprised in the least.

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How do I get over a man who betrayed me? I'm not looking for him but we have mutual who reblog him, he's already moved on, but he's still the same crappy person. I just want to let go before I self destruct. I'm so angry. I'm so hurt.

Yeah it’ll hurt but at least you see him for what he is. I’d just keep reminding yourself of all the things he betrayed. Everything from your heart to the way you did that thing he loves. He doesn’t deserve yah.

Ok it is actually really fucked up when you look up “f1” in tumblr right now bc u dont see any actual posts about REAL f1 u only see random girls who tagged “f1” in a post about how excited they are bc taylor swift is coming and that they watch free practice bc they hope to see ts as a vip in one of the teams garages. That seems like nothing but it is a pretty big deal for me.
They are all just watching f1 bc they want to see her. It annoys me a little bit that they just say they are watching a f1 show and i am literally looking up their blogs bc i was excited but in the end its just some crazy fangirl.

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Hey! i just wanted to say that whenever i see those post about offkey it really makes me happy to see how excited you get about it!! like its so precious because i know that you absolutely looooovveeee shticker and to see both of your characters interacting and to see it actually become canon is just?? I fuckin love it! i hope you have a great day today <3

i got this message earlier and thought it was so sweet i wanted to wait until i got home so i could show this to shticker and reply to it properly

we’re now both screaming about how cute this is in skype

honestly its probably overwhelming for a lot of people about how excited i get talking about offkey and stuff

but i love it so fucking much and i think shticker does too (we havent gone a day not talking about it im honestly really surprised i thought she’d get bored or annoyed by it but i dont think she is thankfully) so its just so much fun talking about it and drawing art for it

like love is an understatement man

she is the moon to my stars, the day to my night, the paint to my canvas. shticker honestly completes me and i couldnt ask for a better best friend i really couldnt (sorry shticker but thems the rules of being my best friend in the universe)

honestly im so glad its gonna be canon and stuff bc we have discussed how timelines and stuff fit together and it just intertwines pretty fucking well

i went on a fuckin tangent but im so glad that shticker is in my life and im so thankful she gave me the opportunity to experience this

its so weird but i cant imagine my life without her or what it was like without her

Edit: this post has raised a few questions, and I’ve tagged further analysis with ‘sandra’s signature’ - please please please check that tag before messaging me about this. Thanks!

I am inspecting the Sandra Bland arrest documentation (available to view here) and I actually… think I have found… some fucked up shit…

Here is a sample of Sandra’s signature from every signed page except for page 7:

I underlined strange spelling errors in the paperwork because I’m not familiar with American police policy and was unsure if documentation would be created anew for each inmate. I’ve enlarged her surname in each of these pictures, because this is where I found a discrepancy on page 7:

For reference, page 7 is the female inmate intake form, which is the form in which Sandra states she is not taking any medication:

compared to the unsigned page 2, in which she states she is taking medication:

It’s kind of hard to spot - and to be honest, if I didn’t deal with contracts on a daily basis at my own job, I might not have spotted it - but that B is not the same on this signature. I noticed a difference in the way the base of the letter was formed, and on closer inspection, it’s apparent that it has been formed in an entirely different way to any of the other signatures in the arrest documentation, which is unusual for a signature as the individual generally writes it the same way each time. That’s, y’know, the point of a signature.

I’ve made some comparisons of my own to show exactly how this signature differs from all the others.

Firstly, here are the other signatures again:

And here is the signature on page 1 compared with the signature on page 7:

Here are my own attempts at replicating each letter B. The first B is a copy of the letter as it appears in the image. The second is an exaggerated depiction of the letter to show how the letter was formed. The arrows on each second picture show the direction of the line I was drawing to form the letter in one fluid moment without having to remove my pen from the page (as you would in a signature).

This is a copy of the letter B as it appears in Sandra’s signature on pages 1, 4, 5, 9 and 10:

And this is a copy of the letter B as it appears in the signature on page 7:

This image shows each individual component / pen stroke required in order to form the letter in each signature:

As you can see, the only stroke that these two letters have in common is the first downward stroke. The second stroke takes the letter in an entirely different direction - Sandra usually forms an upward stroke behind the first one, then comes around to form the two curves, then makes an upward stroke to join the B to the next letter. The signature on page 7, after the initial downward stroke, makes a horizontal and upward stroke to form the two curves, then a downward stroke to form the base of the B and join it to the next one. 

This difference cannot be explained due to normal signature variation. No-one’s signature looks exactly the same each time they sign it, but they write it the same way – they make the same fluid movements with the pen. The letters are formed the way they usually write them, and any apparent variation is simply due to circumstance – pen pressure, paper quality, time etc. This signature is not the same signature as the others. There is no reason for Sandra to form her B this way in one signature only. The only conclusion to be drawn here is that Sandra did not sign her name on page 7. 

I also noticed this funky looking area on the very first page (the booking sheet) which definitely looks like the paperwork has been doctored, but without seeing the actual paperwork, it’s hard to speculate whether the actual arrest template has been amended (ie all booking sheets use this edited template and have this unusual area on them) or whether Sandra’s has been doctored after the fact.

I don’t think it’s uncalled for to ask the Waller County Sheriff Department to explain the inaccuracies in this arrest paperwork, and I strongly suggest that people inspect the documentation themselves to see if anything else is amiss – I know literally nothing about the American police system, so I can only spot errors like this. I don’t know if any of the actual information is inaccurate. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was.

Edit 25.07.2015: Another reading that has been presented to me of this signature is as follows:

I do not personally agree with this reading, and view it like this:

but it’s important to keep both ideas in mind and rely on fact rather than suspicion, which is why I’m adding this amendment here.