Okay, here’s the thing, I think Damon’s been over Elena for a long time.
It might just be my Bamon shipper heart reading too much into little things but let me explain how I see things.
I think in the last episode we got Damon realising and finally admitting to himself that he loves Bonnie more than anything.

First of all, the look on Damon’s face when Caroline mentioned Elena. It just didn’t look right, not the kind of look one would give when someone mentions the so-called “love of their life”. It felt like Damon wanted to stop and tell her something, that what she had just said wasn’t entirely right but then he let it go.

Then we have the epic battle between Cade and Bonnie for Damon’s soul. Like, the way Bonnie fought for him, she just didn’t want to let him go and Damon was just so shocked. When she said that she would fight he just looked like he couldn’t believe she would do something like this for him. This scene for me was really a way to show both’s love for each other.
And the look. The look he gave her when he was hugging his brother. For me this was the point where he finally realised that he loved her and needed her. And Bonnie looking back at him, just smiling… guys, she looked so in love. Maybe she wasn’t even thinking about how much she loved him and that she could actually be in love, I don’t know how to explain this, she was just looking at him, relieved, and in love.
(And little random thing, that scene, the hug between brothers and him looking at Bonnie, reminded me soooo much of Elsa and Anna’s hug at the end of Frozen where Anna then looks at Kristoff while hugging his sister. That kind of look just feels like something people in love would do).

And then, Damon being excited when Bonnie comes over. The whole scene had such a big meaning for me.
Damon was smiling down at Elena, then he closed her coffin and turned around to welcome Bonnie with champagne. They were of course celebrating Cade’s death but it felt like he was celebrating something more. For me, the look he had when looking at Elena was him finally letting her go. They had their time, a relationship that belonged to the past. Of course he was also happy that she was still ‘alive’, both her and his brother, but it just felt so much like he was letting her go. And closing the coffin and turning to Bonnie, with the champagne, saying “Yes” almost in a whisper to himself, then him saying “You came!” in that way like he was afraid she wouldn’t come because he had something to celebrate for with her, it just felt like he was ready to finally move on with her.

The thing I actually wanted to say is that through all this season we always got Damon mentioning Elena and his love for her but for me it was like he was saying it because everyone was expecting him to say it. It was like he had to mention it because everyone knew he loved her and it had to be that way but this love just went away and he was afraid of admitting that he loved someone else instead, to everyone else and to himself.
I’m not sure if this makes sense but it also adds to Damon not saying Elena’s name when telling Stefan about the girl he hopes to marry one day (and Bonnie not saying Enzo’s name when telling her grandma she’s in love with a vampire).

Again, I wasn’t hoping on Bamon becoming endgame anymore, I had lost all my hope, and I’m still a bit wary about it, but I got my hope back with this episode. I don’t want to deceive myself but the thing is, we got some pretty big hints and scenes and I know that it might just be my shipper heart hoping to see this ship finally sail and become canon, but I guess we just have to wait and see.

We still got a great character development from both Bonnie and Damon and we also have some great episodes and scenes so if it doesn’t end the way we hope, let’s remember what we have ♥

He watched clary grow up, he cares about her. And he says it. Magnus can’t do anything to stop the dark magic from killing her, only to help with the pain. It’s just sad bc you can see it on his face. Magnus wanted nothing to do with Shadowhunters and now look at him, in a relationship with one and slowly starts to create a family will all of them. I know Clary’s going to be fine but still no matter how it all end Magnus is gonna lose these people he’s grown close to….It’s just not fair but when is life ever fair. He knows what he’s getting himself into.

*A masked character is unmasked at the end of the series.*
Me: … (gently puts the mask back on) here you are sweetie, you dropped this.


I always feel so much safer with you 

it’s like an emergency blanket 

I don’t have nightmares with you 

I only have them alone 

Someday I’ll never have to sleep alone again 

I loved you from the second I met you 

every hug was special 

You remember what I was wearing the first time you ever saw me 

my red hair in the wind 

oversized leather jacket 

trying to get a much needed cigarette 

without giving up a kiss 

I didn’t want to kiss that boy that held cigarettes out of my reach 

I wouldn’t stoop that low for a lowly addiction 

I remember you 

I always remember you 

I remember the things I wish hadn’t happened back then 

like that girl 

but she’s the reason I met you so I guess I should thank her 

you always gave me the world in a hug\

everytime you saw me 

but you never looked twice 

even though I can now see how you should have anyway 

I don’t ever want to lose you 

I need my safety found in you 

I will always just need you 

only you 

touhou-and-zun  asked:

Just wanted to say, thanks for uploading more ZUN art. I was aware that you uploaded ones before, but I just wanted to see more since I love his art so much and they are hard for me to find. I was sad to see ZUN's tumblr page become deactivated since I liked to see his posts on there. Though it is not a question, since I am new to Tumblr I'm not sure how to get into contact with you other than this, but I just want to say keep up the good work! I always look forward to your new posts!

ZUN’s art is so beautiful! Thanks for requesting to post more of it. It’s quite an adventure to find all those pics since I don’t know any Japanese and I need to use Google Translate to help. And of course, sometimes the translation makes no sense and I just end up clicking random links from those Japanese Touhou-themed blogs.

It was a disappointment seeing toho tumblr deactivated, but we can’t do anything about it right now. At least there are other websites that have uploaded content from there so it is not entirely lost even though the blog does not exist anymore.

And about contacting me, well I guess through this tumblr asks? Tumblr also has a private messaging feature (different from this asking system) but I restricted it in the settings and not everyone can message me. Also, I disabled anon asks because I want to know who asks me questions.

Anyways, thanks for the message!

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i don't understand why people feel the need to call people ugly in the first place... if you don't like someones looks just stfu especially if you're a fan of the group ... Namjoon is beautiful inside and outside... it makes me so sad to see how he's affected by it ...

you and me both…and I know it’s hard to see it happening all the time and to see how it affects him. god :( I just want to tell him how amazing he is


[x] [x] [x] - REQUESTED BY harleyquinnfanboy18 (edited for clarity) 

Y/N: Hello, what can I get you today- *turns around and see the Sirens* Oh! Uh… *reaches to dial 911* 

Catwoman: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. 

Harley: Calm down, cat-girl. Shit, what was that? *looks at the floor to see a puppy, blows hair out of her face* Aw, look how adorable he is! *turns to you* We just want to see the cute puppies and kitties! 

Ivy: Can the two of you please hurry up so we can get out of here? I really don’t have any interest in small animals. 


Okay but can we talk about how pretty Carl is? Like forget “handsome” or “dashing” or “good looking”, Carl is a pretty boy. With the long hair that is starting to curl and the full lips and the slender frame. And you just KNOW that Negan wouldn’t be one to shy away from telling Carl how pretty he thinks he is whenever and wherever he wants. Seeing Carl’s cheeks flush in embarrassment every time he calls him pretty is just another benefit for Negan. I don’t know where I was going with this but we should talk more about pretty Carl.

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What are the requirements for being a mod?

Well you gotta

-be able to draw
-have some form of communication with me (skype, discord, tumblr messenger, etc)
-willing to share and mix ideas and follow the plot
-be nice and patience (i’m a but slow sometimes and have difficulty w simple things haha)

other than that, i just need to have a nickname and know pronouns, and I want to see how your art looks!

-Mod Wolf

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Hey! You get so many requests for fics and drabbles and stuff and I was wondering if there was anything on your mind that you'd want us to try our hands at for you! (aka im bored and want to write and you deserve a little something something)

Oh man.  First of all, no one needs to write me anything.  I do this for funzies and my own entertainment, so I’ve got no problems going on the way I do.  But I also get being bored and looking for something to do, soooo:

So, uh, honestly?  Just about anything Shiro Centric will make me a happy toaster.  Any variation of Shiro gets a pamper/spa day is A++ and needs more love (look how much he enjoyed the decontamination shower!!  He loves to be cleaned.  Let him have it).  Alternatively, Shiro + dogs or any sort.  Or Shiro sick fics, especially when he’s too out of it to really control himself and they see more than he wants.

Go wild and tag me and I will probably read it <3

Every time I see that stupid post talking about how people with kids are the ones who are “missing out” and “look how happy we all are without kids FUCK YOU IF YOU WANT KIDS you’re a DUMBASS” I’m always just amazed by how hateful everyone on this site is toward children Jesus Christ

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Am I the only one who finds it odd that Steven never asked the CGs about the temple fusion? I mean just look at how he acted when he saw Sardonyx and Sugilite, he loves fusions. He even sang about how much he wanted to see Opal so the fact he never questioned this very fusion looking temple that he sees daily because that's where his house is just... the fuck.

Asking questions would progress the plot quicker and we just want have that now, can we? ;)

introvert club

for the wolfstar club blog i am thinking we’ll start with 20 members because otherwise the tag will be flooded and i’ll be overwhelmed. i’ll choose by looking at which blogs have tagging systems and stuff but if all goes well then i will add more people later on!

anyone can follow the tag/blog and see content that gets posted there though.

we’ll try and see if it works :) how to apply post is coming shortly.

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Hey, i just wanted to let you know that i understand your feelings. I eat too much, cut to deep and i cant stop. But i can tell you; on some days you you feel better, you start to smile bc you see a child laughing and you feel the sun on your skin, and u start to wonder how u could ever possibly hate that life, and on other days you dont understand, u just dont understand. But thats ok, life goes on, and one day u will be 60, looking back on ur life and smile, bc u made the best out of it.

I pray everyday for days like that. Thank you for sending me such nice things to hope for. Thank you for being so kind. I hope you get all the good things that you deserve, and know that you have a friend in me.
Message me anytime.❤

thevaloroushearts  asked:

(( Hrm even though she's not askable just yet, why don't see see how a child between Caprice (under Staff) and Apollo would look? vuv ))


I was already dead cause Caprice is SO pretty even for a Meloetta so drawing her made me squeal numerous times. And Apollo…Apollo bae WHY DON’T I EVER DRAW YOU IN YOUR FULL ARMOR MORE?!? SO HANDSOME!!! My gosh these two! THEY KILL ME AND LOOK AT THE BABY!!!

Sonata! OMG LOOK AT THIS BABY BONES! GIVE THAT GIRL AN OVERSIZED SWEATER CAUSE SHE IS TOO PRECIOUS!!! Mons like her need to be protected at all costs! She’s got Daddy’s Houndoom/Houndour bones but looks SO much like her momma! I am dying from how overwhelmingly adorable she is!

Just watched Moana yesterday, and one thing that is just very satisfying is the use of symbols, like I don’t want to go into everything and I feel it’s all pretty straightforward, but there’s just this very clear sense of the film’s visual language and I enjoy seeing it, especially in the musical numbers

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I saw a picture of a cars back window covered in snow and somebody had written "You're so pretty" in the snow,imagine Jonathan doing this to the car that belongs to someone he likes because he's to shy to say it in person. Like maybe he sees someone making fun out of how they look and they seem insecure and down about it and he wants to make them feel better. And he's walking past when they go to their car and when they see it they have the biggest smile and Jonathan's heart just melts.

what if…………………………..

they see him do it

and then they ask him out bc of it

i love jonathan so much