Felt like watching Pacific Rim and it made me realize once again how angry I get over people saying it’s a bad movie because of the story.

I don’t think the story is bad. It’s old, yeah, and incredibly predictable, almost line by line. For what it’s worth, though, I think it handles itself very well. But that’s the not the point of the movie, is it?
When you watch a Godzilla movie, or a Transformers movie, you don’t do so to see character development and rich lore. You just want to see awesome-looking giant things beat the crap out of each other using amazing weapons and abilities, and boy does Pacific Rim deliver on that. Anyone who critiques the movie on anything but the action and Kaiju/Jaeger designs clearly doesn’t have the right mindset going in.
Sometimes it’s okay to just like a movie for the action alone.

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I want to cry look at him! Look at his face! He looks young and relaxed. He looks happy, look at him with Lottie! God I didn't know how much I needed to see him just be in London with his family.


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Do you ever get cyberbullied? And if so, how do you deal with it. I get it everyday. I try very hard to stand strong, but it eventually begins to take its toll.

I sure do. Ever since I first started posting photos of myself online 10 years ago people have said that I’ve ruined my appearance with modifications, that my ass is too small, my ribs too big, asked because of my small chest in I’m trans, that I look like a man, that I have bad skin, that I wear too much makeup…

I know it’s hard. Just remember these people do this because who they are, not you.

When I realized it was the bullies who were the ones dealing with these thoughts and issues, I stopped seeing them on me. My body is exactly how I want it, it’s beautiful, and I can continue to do anything that makes me happy with it, and that’s perfectly okay.

Until you can find that strength to not see the problems they are projecting on you, focus on the positive. Surround yourself with good people. For all the terrible things I thought were true about me when I was younger, I now know I have amazing people who would talk to me about anything, stay up all night just to know about my day, call me a goddess…

So it gets better. Surround yourself with the right energy, remember those are their issues, not yours, and try to see the things that are true about yourself. 💕

Look people, I know I’m not famous artist so you can attack me as much and as hard you want, because I don’t have fanse to protect me, but it’s really painful to see how you are dicks to me JUST because I drew Chara and Frisk as females.

Really? Maybe you will go and hate on famous artists who draw them like I do? Oh wait, it’s easier to attack someone who can’t defend properly

Very clever…..

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dude what the fuck is with this fandom and "sinning" recently? are they not aware that they sound like zealots wishing the trio and humanity ill because they "sinned"? who the hell even gets to determine what is and isnt a sin? jeez man, at least we're close to the next chapter and that might finally shut these people up.

They call Eren and Mikasa selfish, snakey brats for wanting to save somebody they have a strong personally connection with over somebody who is only their commander.

They see him purely as a leader and that’s okay because funnily enough they didnt sit with Erwin Smith for years sharing an awful event together (The fall of the wall) and talking about seeing the ocean and frolicking amongst the fucking waves.

I just I cannot believe that some people can look at Eren and Mikasa, look at how much they care for Armin, look at how much they’ve lost in the past, and come to the conclusion that they should have put all of that shit aside and lost their best friend to learn a fucking lesson in loss. Even though they’ve lost so much already, (Eren lost his parents, Mikasa lost her parents and Carla and Grisha, they lost Hannes,) but the fandom hasn’t decided they’ve learnt their fucking lesson just yet so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry kids the fact that you’re orphaned children who only have one another doesn’t apply apparently.

All the strong hate is fucking awful. Saying they want EMA to die is childish as hell and when people relate to these characters so strongly seeing things like that is genuinely upsetting. Seeing all the wailing about how Armin’s a bad character and they hate EMA is like watching babies fight.

Have these people ever thought about their own needs and who they place high in importance before they go criticising Eren and Mikasa? If it was between, say, your favourite teacher and your best friend whom you love you’re going to chose your fucking best friend, because you have more of a personally connection with them.

They can wail about Eren and Mikasa being awful (Despite them being, you know, fucking CHILDREN who have nothing left but each other) all they want to but in the end their choice was entirely fucking human and for them to chose Erwin over Armin would have been very out of character.

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If Harry decides to grow his hair long again, we'll probably see bandana!Harry again, OMG! I really love all of his hair styles, but bandana!Harry and 2013/14!Harry was one of my faves! xx


The idea of this coming back makes me incredibly weak. Because, look at him. He is enough to make people weak.

I’m weak.


It’ll grow out into curls and they’ll curl around his cute, little baby ears and I’ll be even weaker and I may as well dig myself a grave because I won’t make it to the end of 2016, at this rate. I’m already weak with his short hair, I don’t think I’ll make it to end of the September, to be honest. xx

The last few days have been really busy for me because of a new semester, but I just wanted to tell you how blown away I am about your response to my half-finished crusader. Like I honestly have no idea what to say. I’ve always struggled with accepting praise because as an artist the first thing I always notice is my mistakes. That sort of thinking has been really detrimental to me in the past, where all I see are my own faults – in construction, in painting, in how I look, and how I’ve acted.
So I just want to take a minute and thank everyone who’s seen something I made and thought “that’s cool”, reacted to a photo I’ve posted, or thought I was interesting enough to follow on social media. There are so many of you and I’m greatful for every one of you ❤

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

GOT7′s Jinyoung ; fluff (part 1)

What good can come from a fake scandal, even if it’s meant to protect you?

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Ayeee what do you know about five minute poopy paper halos? (*´꒳`*)

Finally got off my ass from playing Overwatch to a quick little costest for my Mercy cosplay!  I just wanted to see how my wigs + ponytail clip (from the beautiful Epic Cosplay) looked before I did anything to it.  And if anyone wants to know what style it is, it’s ‘Helios’ in Natural Blonde + curly ponytail clip in Natural Blonde <3  Gonna have to do some cutting and hair spray stuffs.  I’m going to style a little bit closer to young Mercy in Overwatch (◡‿◡✿)

Small dedication to @sorin since he wanted to see my Mercy (⑅˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )  Also, little cyborg ninja boyfriend because Gency/Emergenji yooooooooooooo.

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can i just say how much i love seeing a trans gumi with a feminine body type? I'm a trans male with a feminine body type similar to Gumi's and it's really nice to see it represented instead of genderbends that always look like the opposite gender or smth. also i love his personality a lot he's all around a great gumi

[aaa thank you thank u!! I’m also a trans male who has a very feminine body type so,, i wanted to represent that w gumi,,, hehe,,,  

here’s a dood for u: ]

One Shot: Rescue Mission

AN: No lovey dovey. Just a simple look into how the new story will be once I hit 200 followers. I have been seeing so many stories of bombings and different things in the news it made me want to write something.

Word Count: 1085


“We have to go in.” You walked back and forth In front of the TV screen.

“You aren’t exactly in charge, Y/N.” Tony sighed as he finished a small glass filled with alcohol.

“I am now. We can’t sit back and do nothing just because there isn’t need for our fighting ability. We can use our abilities to help search for survivors!” You grabbed your pack with all your belongings. “I’m borrowing a jet. Who else is in?”

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I apologize for the length of time it took me to produce this. I just finished my Masters degree and I have taken a full-time job in my field, so I’ve been a little out of the loop. I have rewritten this three times, trying to figure out how I wanted it to go. ~Admin R~

Warning: Smut

*Ding Dong Daeng* The bell rang signalling the end of the day. Your class quickly packed up to exit the room and you found yourself calling out after them, “I expect to see improvement on that combination tomorrow!”. You sighed and looked at the stack of papers on your desk. You’d assigned the project 2 weeks ago and you weren’t looking forward to the grading. As the chatter in the hallway dwindled you could feel the familiar ache in your sore feet as you stretched. You grabbed a paper off the stack and began reading while you tried to stretch your sore muscles at the same time. You had your leg on the desk, bent over it writing notes on the paper when someone walked into your classroom unexpectedly. You yipped in surprise and nearly pulled a muscle in your attempt to right yourself. Whipping around, you expected to find a student who had forgotten something. You had quite the collection of odd sweatpants and warmups sitting in the corner. To your surprise, it wasn’t a student. “May I help you?” you asked breathlessly, brushing the escaping tendrils of hair out of your face. The tall man seemed unsure, but stepped forward, “You teach Jungkook, right?” You nodded, quickly recognizing the man as Jin, from Jungkook’s group BTS. “You’re Jungkook’s bandmate, Seokjin yes?” you questioned as you attempted to appear professional. You introduced yourself and invited Jin to sit on the other side of the desk. His movement was graceful despite his size and you couldn’t help but stare as his thighs flexed in his tight jeans to take a seat. You swallowed hard, this was a student’s bandmate, you couldn’t be thinking these things.

Jin walked through the school, looking for room 113. The office secretary had let him know where Jungkook’s choreography class was. He hoped he wasn’t too late after class to speak to Jungkook’s teacher. Jungkook had been falling behind with his classes and grades since the latest set of shows and he wanted to help. The door to 113 was open and the soft sound of music trickled into the hall. Jin rounded the corner, stepping into the room and stopped short. There was a beautiful young woman, her leg up on the desk, stretching, as she scribbled on a paper in red ink. Upon his entrance she turned quickly, taking her leg off the desk and righting herself, flush with embarrassment from being caught off guard. She introduced herself and invited you to sit. He clenched his fists as he sat, her shirt had ridden low and as she gazed at him she inadvertently licked her lips. Steeling his willpower he asked,

“How has Jungkook been doing in this class?” Jin appeared to be all business, but you could feel the uncertainty behind his professional facade. You chewed on your lip for a moment, Jungkook was arguably one of your best students, but his grades had been slipping steadily since he’d been travelling to promote the new BTS single and he’d failed to hand in an assignment this past week. “He could be doing better”. You finally admitted. Jin nodded resigned. “But if he had some guidance I’m sure he could bring his grades up” You smiled brightly, the sad look on Jin’s face hurt you to see. He nodded slightly, a light knock was heard and Jungkook walked in, “Hyung?” he a˙called tentatively as  he entered, “We’re going to be late for practice”. Jungkook looked mildly surprised to see Jin sitting with you, but shrugged it off as Jin stood and thanked you for your time. The men left quickly, leaving you fumbling for thoughts once they exited.

You sat in awe for a few moments once the men had exited. Images flitted through your mind from just moments before. The tight jeans, stretched across muscular thighs, the concerned, but warm smile on his smooth skin. You blinked a few times and swallowed hard before you were able to steer yourself back to grading. You’d gotten through just a few papers when you decided to take the rest home and finish them with a glass of wine. The hard wooden chair at your desk had you feeling numb and your muscles bunched up in a knot. You stretched lazily before shoving the pile of papers into your bag and slung it over your shoulder. You hit the lights and locked the door, waving goodbye to the receptionist in the main office on your way out the door. As you hurried down the street you saw the traffic backed up all the way light to light and blew a short sigh of relief that you didn’t have a car. Your relief was short lived as you rounded the corner and you heard the crackle of thunder. The summer heat lifted the escaped tendrils of hair around you as you felt the air grow more humid. The sky grew dark quickly as the wind picked up and you quickened your pace and began digging in your bag for an umbrella. You groaned as you realized it was sitting in your other bag. A loud smash  from above sounded right as the downpour opened above your head. You were soaked within a minute and dodged underneath a nearby awning to reassemble your bag and protect the contents. You looked out at the rain pouring for a good five minutes, there was no let up. You braced your now shivering form and dashed to the next awning down the street. You were still 2 blocks from home. You sludged along through the puddles, feeling the blisters begin to form on your wet feet. Traffic was backed up even more now and you could hear the rhythmic wiping of windshield wipers. A loud honk from behind you made you jump. You whipped around in surprise and tried to peer through the downpour to see who was there. You didn’t recognize anyone so you turned back and continued walking, feeling uncomfortable when you heard the horn again, the car had inched up next to the curb.

Jin drove through the downpour, nearly swearing as his windshield became near impossible to see through. Jungkook sat in the passenger seat, staring out his window, ipod plugged in. They were already late for practice and the traffic combined with the rain meant they’d be working late into the night at any rate. Jungkook perked up as the car inched forward. “Hey, Hyung, look, its my teacher”. Jin stopped at the light and squinted to see. There was a small figure, soaking wet, dashing from building to building, failing miserably in trying to keep dry. “She looks like she could use a ride” Jin said sympathetically. He inched through the light and honked his horn as you walked by them. You whipped around, hair stuck to your face, searching for the source. It was obvious that you didn’t see them when you turned back around and scurried to the next awning. Jin followed you, pulling up to the curb and honking once more. This time Jungkook rolled down his window and called to you. “Teacher!”

The window rolled down and Jungkook stuck his head out, calling to you. You approached the car and bent to to window, “Yes?” He smiled at you and Jin nodded from the driver’s seat. He gestured to the back seat, “Get in, we’ll give you a ride”.  You protested, “I’m almost home and you must already be late for practice”. Jungkook’s smile dropped a fraction and Jin stepped in “We’re late anyway. Please get in, you’ll get sick if you stay out here”. You smiled at his concern and finally nodded as the car behind became impatient, honking when the next car had inched up several feet. You swung into the back seat, doing your best not to soak the upholstery, but it was a losing battle. As you clicked your seatbelt, Jin pulled forward into traffic. Jungkook rooted around in a duffel bag at his feet and passed you a clean practice towel to dry off. You accepted it gratefully and proceeded to wipe off before sitting on it. You gave Jin directions to your apartment building and sat in uncomfortable silence. Jungkook went back to listening to his music, but you could see Jin glance at you in the rearview occasionally. Maybe it was because you couldn’t stop staring at him. He pressed his lips together briefly and you could imagine their soft warmth pressing into your collarbone. You flushed and quickly looked down at your lap, hoping he hadn’t noticed. Jin pulled up in front of your building and you thanked him hurriedly, jumping out and dashing to the lobby. You turned in time to see the car pull away from the curb. You got into the elevator and pressed the button for the 7th floor, leaning back against the railing and letting out a long sigh. Grading papers was going to be difficult with your imagination running wild. You scurried into your apartment and shed clothes as you walked towards your bathroom. A hot shower should sort this out.

You lathered yourself with fruity smelling soap, the entire time thinking of how Jin smelled when he had leaned over your desk. It was a manly scent, spicy and warm. You felt yourself become wet at the memory, his scent combined with the tightness of his jeans when he sat. Perhaps a cold shower would have been more in order, but you couldn’t bring yourself to turn the tap as the hot water cascaded over your sore muscles. You groaned as the heat seeped into your bones. You could still feel the flush on your cheeks as you kept thinking of Jin in his tight fitting jeans and t-shirt, a look of determination on his face. You tentatively brought your hand down to feel yourself. Your clit was swollen in anticipation and your tentativeness quickly dissipated into waves of pleasure. Your free hand braced against the wall as you stroked yourself rhythmically. You inserted two fingers and nearly buckled at the sensation. You gasped as you imagined it was his long, bent fingers inside of you. You vaguely registered that the water was becoming cold. You could feel the orgasm building, a warm pool of energy and excitement swirling in your abdomen as you continued to stroke and massage your clit in circles. It built slowly, but came suddenly and you shuddered violently as you rode the waves. The water had become icy, but you barely felt it. You trembled as you finished washing your hair and stumbled out of the shower. You felt guilty fantasizing about Jin. Even if he was interested, you could never date a student’s bandmate. You felt heavy as you shuffled into a sleep shirt and plopped on the couch to grade papers. You stared at the stack of papers for several minutes without actually seeing them. You finally gave up and trudged to the kitchen to find a bottle of wine and a glass. The papers left much to be desired, but they at least served to distract you from your own thoughts.

You woke on the couch with a pounding headache and the feeling of fuzziness in your mouth. There were papers spread across the coffee table with half a glass of wine and a bag of chips. Blinking past the pain you fumbled for your phone to check the time 5:30am. You were up half an hour early. You rolled off the couch and dug in your bag until you found a bottle of pain meds. You took them with a swig of orange juice from the fridge and felt your stomach grumble with hunger. You were out of almost everything in the fridge, it looked like another morning grabbing breakfast on the way to school. You were ready in record time and swung by the small diner-type restaurant down the street. They had a standard breakfast of seaweed soup and eggs that you enjoyed. You chatted with the manager for a bit before going to work.

The cacophony of car horns, engines, and doors slamming greeted you as you approached the school and traffic thickened. You breathed a sigh of relief when you timed it just right to get across the street without nearly being run over.  You cut across the teacher parking lot to the main entrance of the school. A familiar vehicle was paused at the door, Jungkook swung out of the vehicle and grabbed a bag from the back. You froze for a moment as Jin turned his head and spotted you. You turned pink as he smiled and nodded to you. Your nod was delayed in surprise. Jin drove off as you entered the building and walked mechanically to your classroom, still pink, remembering the shower.

Jin turned his head to survey the road around him before pulling out of the drop-off point. Jungkook had grabbed his bag and hightailed it into the building. He caught a quick sight of Jungkook’s teacher, the same messenger bag from yesterday slung across her chest, hair blowing in the wind behind her. She was looking directly at him and turned pink when he nodded to her. It was cute, and he couldn’t help but notice the body hugging leggings and tank she wore. He couldn’t believe she was a teacher, she looked too young, but he knew she must be at least 2 years his senior. A noona, he pondered. He could feel himself twitch in his jeans at the thought as he pulled back into the flow of traffic.

“Jungkook, we need to talk about your paper”. You had grabbed him on the way out of class. He had looked crestfallen at the poor grade when you’d returned them. “I’d like to go over it with you for corrections after school”. He looked at you in surprise and responded affirmatively. You smiled and let him exit to gather his things before he’d come back. You stretched for a moment, watching the door to avoid any more embarrassing moments. Jungkook returned shortly, informing you that he’d arranged his transportation. You sat with him and went over his paper. Jungkook was a bright young man and very determined, but it was quickly apparent that it was time and energy that he lacked when he was on tour. Jin sauntered into your room without warning after about half an hour. You swallowed hard as his muscles flexed and relaxed under the well-fitting clothes. He wore a smug smirk on his plush lips. You stood to greet him. He was friendly, and stood close enough to you to feel his radiating heat. He reached around you to pick up Jungkook’s paper and you involuntarily leaned towards his heat. You stopped yourself before you fell into him. For what felt the upteenth time, you turned bright red and stuttered. He thanked you again for your assistance and sent Jungkook to the car to wait. He questioned how Jungkook had been doing in class, and you pleasantly provided a positive update, including his time coming to work with you. Jin nodded and bid his adieu. He made it to the door before turning around, “By the way..”
You looked up from a paper, “Would you like to go out tomorrow night?” You blinked for a moment, “What?” you asked. Jin turned red, despite His cool demeanor and you stuttered as he turned to escape, “Yes! Yes, I’d like to go”. You were standing now, hands on your desk. He turned back at you with a big, goofy grin. “Great! I’ll pick you up at 6”.

You were left standing in shock, before falling back into your chair, barely catching yourself. This was a student’s bandmate. This is wrong, you thought. This is so wrong. You had to cancel. This was not acceptable and yet… the giddiness rose in you like you were a schoolgirl again.

You couldn’t sit still the entirety of the next day. The close of the school day came and Jungkook said he’d be leaving directly after for practice. You smiled and sent him on his way before dashing from the classroom to make it home in time to get ready. You put makeup on with practiced ease, despite not having worn it in months and flung outfits all over your bed in an attempt to pick an outfit. Jin hadn’t said where you were going, so you settled on your favorite jeans and a well fitted top that dipped dangerously low in the front. Your jeans hugged your figure and molded against your muscular legs. You looked in the mirror. You looked damn good. You smirked at yourself before realizing you still had half an hour before Jin would arrive. You huffed in anticipation and plopped on the couch. You grabbed your handheld system and started playing some Final Fantasy. It proved a fine distraction as you didn’t notice the sky become dark until there was a knock at your door. You jumped up, grabbing your bag. You almost threw open the door, but chose instead to take a breath and open it tentatively. Jin smiled at you, clad in worn jeans and a button down with the sleeves rolled over a t-shirt, your outfit choice was validated. He held out his hand and you took it, still shyly staring at your feet. He led you out to the car and politely opened your door for you, making sure you didn’t hit your head as you slid into the passenger seat. You felt the nervous jitters in your stomach again as he smiled at you and started the car, pulling out smoothly. You watched him as he drove, the muscles in his forearms flexing as he turned the wheel. The drive was short. He’d brought you to a small restaurant, nestled between businesses a few blocks from your apartment. The restaurant was busy and you were led to a table in the back by a frazzled looking waitress.

You both ordered and sipped nervously at your drinks. You had felt his hand brush your back as he pulled out your chair for you to sit and you could feel the ghost of his fingers linger. Your food came promptly despite the busy dining room and helped fill the awkward silence and small talk.You’d barely had a bite of food when you heard a loud squeal. “It’s him! Jin! Jin-oppa!” a group of young girls had spotted Jin and drawn attention to your quiet corner. Jin cursed under his breath and turned and smiled at the girls, giving a little wave. As more heads turned you almost cursed. The restaurant was getting a bit crowded and Jin looked uncomfortable. You reached over and tapped him on the arm, “Hey, go ahead, I’ll get our food to go. Raincheck?” Your smile was slightly strained. His fake smile dropped into a look of desperation and gratefulness and he stood quickly, grasping your hand quickly and exiting through the back door faster than you knew someone could move.  Your waitress came over quickly with to go boxes and the bill. You handed her a few bills and quickly boxed up the food before anyone noticed. You grabbed the boxes and went exited. You were standing on the curb when you realized you didn’t have a ride home. You turned to start walking as Jin pulled up and reached over the console to open the passenger side door for you. Jin drove you deeper into town and parked in a nondescript garage. He grabbed you by the hand and led you quickly down the staircase of the parking garage and through the lobby of a nice building. He cut through an employee hallway and you found yourself on a pretty veranda. You ate quietly, enjoying the nice weather and clear night sky. Jin was a perfect gentleman, even bringing you home afterwards. You washed off your face and got ready for bed smiling, but when it came time to fall asleep you squirmed uncomfortably, unable to sleep for the memory if Jin’s warm hands and the scent of his cologne.

You hadn’t slept well and you could feel the tiredness drag at your body as you led class the next morning. You’d opted to do a class on stretching and proper injury care. It kept you from using too much energy and your students gave you little trouble for the break. There was an assembly at the school tonight and your students were performing in groups for their parents and the school board. You let out a long breath as you stretched down and heard the groan of your students as their hamstrings felt the tug of the stretch. The day seemed to move so slowly it hurt. You were ready to collapse at lunch time when Jungkook came to go over details of the assembly. You looked up at him from where you had laid your head on your desk to rest and he smiled. You gestured for him to sit and pulled out the schedule for the night. You gave your last few classes a free pass on homework, because you were too tired to grade it and as the final bell rang you leaned back in your chair, hoping to catch a few minutes nap before you had to supervise the assembly set up.

You woke abruptly and nearly shot out of your seat, the assembly was starting in a few minutes. You rushed out to the auditorium to see that your students had outdone themselves and were finishing rehearsal. You smiled and waved to a fellow instructor. Parents and friends were starting to wander into the school and you went to greet them.

Jin walked through the open doors to the school and followed the crowd of people towards the auditorium. Jungkook had stayed straight after school to set up. Jungkook had made him promise not to tell the others that he had an event today, because he did not want the others to come embarrass him. Jin smiled as he saw a familiar form greeting others as they entered. He paused to watch her. She was still in her clothes from class, underdressed compared to most of the attendees, but infinitely more beautiful. Jin turned to see a concessions stand, run by some of the business students. He pulled out some change and made a purchase before approaching.

You held your breath as Jin sauntered towards you. His tie loose around his neck and white shirt sleeves rolled up. He approached you and you felt the butterflies in your stomach do flips. He looked fantastic. Even more fantastic was the styrofoam cup he presented to you when he reached you. It was coffee. “You look tired. You should get more rest” He scolded you, but you didn’t react other than to down the hot coffee. Jin was drawing attention from students’ families and you cursed yourself for looking so happy to speak with him. Shortly thereafter the auditorium darkened and the Dean of the school introduced himself. You sat in an uncomfortable chair, Jin taking the one next to you. As the lights turned down you could feel your pulse quicken and his heat radiate through you. You fumbled nervously as the Dean kept speaking.

Jin reached over and put his hand over yours. You gasped slightly and looked around to see if anyone noticed. He smirked at you and you quickly removed his hand, giving him a scolding look. He pouted, but did not try again. You sighed heavily and turned your attention back to the stage. It was not long before you felt a hot hand rest on your knee, the thumb brushing back and forth lightly. You shuddered and turned to Jin again. His eyes were dark and his lips full. You bit your own as you felt your body respond. You sat like that for several silent moments before making up your mind. You took his hand from your knee and stood quietly. You were in the back of the audience so no one bothered to notice. You tapped him on the shoulder and gestured to meet you out in the hall. He gave you an intrigued look as you walked away.

Your heart beat fast in anxiety and excitement as you heard the doors open and close behind you. Jin followed you down the hall. You stopped in front of a nondescript door and pulled out a key to open it. You slipped in after checking to see that you were alone. You stood in a dark utility closet and as Jin followed you, you turned to meet him with your lips. He met you eagerly. He was hesitant at first but quickly pressed against your body, your back hitting into the shelves built into the wall. A bare bulb swung overhead, illuminating you in pale yellow light. As you broke for air you watched Jin’s face, his gaze half lidded and his lips plush. You pulled him tighter to you by the waistband of his slacks and moved against him as you begged for more contact. His response was eager, but hesitant as he wrapped his long fingers around your hips. His hands were strong and you could feel the energy he was holding back as you begged entrance into his mouth. He was playing hard to get, even blushing as you pushed him back against the door. He gasped in surprise as you moved to nip at his neck, tugging on his tie to loosen it. His fingers twitched across your stomach as he readjusted himself. You could feel a need grow in your abdomen as his warmth spread over your skin. All thoughts of propriety be damned. You ground against him, desperate to feel his touch and you could hear his groan of response echo through his chest. It seemed like magic, how quickly you’d both managed to shed your clothing. He fumbled awkwardly with the clasps on your bra and you pulled away to discard of it and your panties. You pulled him close, skin meshing with skin as you felt his muscles roll with his movement. As you met his lips again you reached down to feel his alert member through the thin cotton of his boxers. He twitched as you ran your finger up his length, he grunted, and cleared the shelf behind you with one sweep while simultaneously managing to hoist you onto it with one arm around your middle. He wasn’t shy anymore.

You held back a moan as his lips worked down your neck and he pressed himself hard against you to balance you as he took your breasts in his hands. You felt his thumb brush against your nipple and you bit down on his lip in surprise at the sensation. He responded by pushing harder against you, you could feel the wetness of his excitement on his boxers and felt yourself moisten even more. Your hands ran down his back, raking the smooth skin with your nails. Your hands came to rest on the top of his buttocks as you grasped him closer, grinding into him. One hand travelled from your breast to the apex of your thighs, his thumb traced circles down until he reached your clit. You moaned into his kiss as he lazily stroked you. He was taking his time teasing you as he brushed his finger against your opening without entering several times. You whimpered as he did so once again and left a hickey on his neck in protest. Almost as quickly, a finger was inside of you. Your wet heat pulsed around it as you grew used to its presence. His fingers were slightly crooked and you could feel the unique shape as he inserted another and moved in and out of you. His thumb continued to massage circles as he crooked his fingers to find a sweet spot that left you breathless. You could feel the energy building in your abdomen , breathing heavily, you leaned back and let the feelings assault your senses. He brought you to the brink of the energy pouring over when you abruptly felt the sensation stop. Mewling, and scrambling to feel it again you were relieved when you felt the tip of his member pushing against your entrance. In a short thrust and a brief pinch of adjustment he was inside of you, your walls pulsing around him as he moved within you. You could feel the hard shelf leave marks on the back of your thighs. Your hands travelled Jin’s body as he grasped you by the hips to angle you just right. He made contact with the same spot he had found with his fingers and the energy began to bubble over, leaving you feeling hot and your body heavy. His strokes were long and powerful, leaving you feeling filled and yet wanting more. You felt as if you couldn’t take any more when you felt the energy rush over you. You bit down on his shoulder to muffle the screech of pleasure that overwhelmed you in waves. You could feel his own energy waver as his thrusts became ragged and shallow. Still riding the waves of your pleasure you urged him to continue. With a short grunt his thrusts slowed to reach deeper as he came inside of you. You both collapsed into each other, the combination of your body weight keeping you from slipping from the shelf as he stood, still inside of you. After a few long moments, sweaty bodies pressed against each other, he kissed you deeply and braced to move away. You felt the hot fluid drip down your leg as he pulled out and went to help you down. As you slid from the shelf you heard a loud crack and felt it give underneath you.

Jin caught you and you stood, holding him for a moment before reality set in. You were in a custodial closet during an assembly. You both turned red at this and hurriedly found your clothes. It was close quarters, and Jin had to hook your bra as you shimmied back into your pants. You primped quickly and stepped out of the closet, Jin waiting a moment behind you. You noted that it was all clear down the hall and opened the door to gesture Jin out. He came out with a large, but shy, grin on his face and you couldn’t help but grin in return. You slipped down the hall to the assembly and found your seats. It was the end and everyone was giving applause as the students meshed into the crowd from the stage. Jin was quickly swept away and you stood somewhat uncomfortably, saying goodbyes to students and their families as they passed. Jin reappeared shortly after with an arm around Jungkook. You smiled broadly and congratulated Jungkook on a performance that was surely above average and winked slyly at Jin, as he passed by you stood on tiptoe “My place later?” he stared out you the rest of his walk to the exit.

I lied. I’m submitting more art.

I might work on this more later, but basically I love the idea of emo loner Sato-kun and beefy babycake Miro-kun talking about how much they like Senpai. I mean look at him. He has an octopus on his head. Neither of them can handle it.

I’m thinking of drawing another really cute picture later on, but idk how it’ll go because I’m not super proficient at couples’ art, so we’ll have to see.

ANON-KUN PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF IT’S OKAY TO USE SATO-KUN like if you want this taken down I’m fine with that just thought I’d share.


pls…this is so cute i love senpai in the background gmdkmsjdnek


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If you hate Kaname so much then surely you should also hate Yuuki who condones his actions and even gives up her life for him so he can find happiness. How can say you love someone (zero) but continue to care for the person who destroyed his life? I don't know how zeki shippers reconcile the two. If Yuuki loved zero surely she would abandon the man who distorted the course of his life. It makes me laugh how yuki is supposed to represent Hino's sense of justice.

I believe that I have answered this type of question before. I really am curious if you anon hate mongers have the ability to think of any fresh and new questions/ideas. So if you want this question, that has been repeated numerous times, answered please search my blog to find the answer. 

I just have no intention of repeating myself. Stay on your little side of the fandom and I will stay on mine. You don’t see me going into yume inboxes looking for trouble and unless you have a valid question that I have not already answered, please stay out of mine! Thank you and you have a wonderful day!

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Do you have any head canons on how the different planswalkers would write (my friend has this head canon that Gideon writes with a lot of hearts and stuff)

lmao not until now!

Gideon: Utterly pragmatic and the worst hand writing most of the time–it’s utilitarian just to get letters out, orders to the front, that sort of thing. But I am so down with him wanting to have prettier hand writing, especially after seeing how well the rest of the Gatewatch can write. And hearts look pretty

Jace: I’m sure you can find some canon on this but I imagine he is a human typewriter. He can mimic fonts perfectly if he needs to and is a decent forgery (usually through telepathic means) though he doesn’t find much use for it

Liliana: This is a task she really wishes zombies could handle. It’s all show, and being able to write well and presenting with well-written hand is important. It’s a display of power in its own way–while you were working in the fields I was able to cultivate this indulgence of aristocracy beyond all usefulness. She is a good calligrapher but hates the time and effort she has to put into it

Chandra: They were big on writing at Keral Keep and while Chandra appreciates the lessons, she loathed writing for prolonged periods and the emphasis on perfectly matching the original. She scrawls hastily and adds creative flourishes when she feels like it, but she’s a little burned out on writing in general

Nissa: Very flowy and beautiful, her words look like intertwined roots or branches. Little loops in cursive Ls and the like look like leaves. It looks a lot like her runic magic

i dunno its not really a big deal but i always feel insecure about my blog when i see people who’ve had theirs for six months have like a thousand followers, when i’ve had mine for like two years and barely have six hundred. usually they have the same content as me so i’m like??? is it my theme? i cant change from the default because it messes up how i want my theme to look on mobile. is it just me? do i have a bad personality or something? is it because i suck at talking? i try to write and make my own content but it’s never recieved that well so i just kinda gave up. i dunno it just makes me feel like my blog isn’t that good

ok no icon this time, just ep 20

- tell me again why they’re staying here

- dax checking out dat booty 

- cute

- beyal communicating with ghosts confirmed

- saving beyal from his near death experience has rebooted his original deeper voice. i approve

- ship it

- look at how sad he is. 65 percent of monsuno consists of chase’ lack-of-parents angst

- bOI your ass is getting chewed out

- uGH 


- lmao you wanted to see ur dad so u better take da heat


- good to see you son




- i can’t believe that kidnapping jeredy was so damn easy omg

- uM exactly !! going to jeredy was exactly wHAT HE DIDN’T NEED and guilt-tripping dax into taking you to him did you shit. i hope ur proud of urselves.

- launches their monsunos at the underside of the hoppers 

- and then their monsunos are on the roof

- nO they’re using jon ace’ monsunos ;A;



- “finally, the kid’s speaking my language.” bren, im p sure dax is older than u

“so you really are that good. and here i thought it was just me, making u look that good.”

- chase could u be more of a dick

“i’ll be back chase.” hA WHERE IS THE TRUTH IN THAT


- haha how about nope