So….I havent been reblogging other people’s giveaway posts on here because literally every time I do, someone sends me an ask saying they deposited for someone else’s giveaway and it’s really annoying. This legitimately happens every day I reblog someone else’s giveaway post and that’s why I haven’t been doing that.

Any ideas?  I was thinking about maybe making a sideblog for this but idk?? Someone suggested me adding something onto the original giveaway post but I always forget and honestly I shouldn’t have to. I mean I love promoing people but I’m sick and tired of people like not reading my tags on the post that says its not my giveaway and/or looking at the original poster’s URL. It takes 2 secs, folks.

I dunno, I guess I just wanted to make this post saying I love yall and want to reblog your giveaway posts but am tired of people not reading :/ if anyone has suggestions let me know.


Tisha rewatches the finale (spoilers)

I’ll admit when I watched the final episode last night I did not cry, not once. I made a lot of upset gestures but I did not cry.

Why did I just finish it again and literally cried about three different times but the hardest when Rae and Kester parted toward the end? I guess everything is just now hitting me, and I’m extremely emotional now. 

I have something I want to get off my chest though, and I know I talk about it in my tags but I just want to actually post my opinion on this topic::

I know the show is  not about Rae and Finn’s relationship. I completely understand that. But you can’t help but be frustrated over having a OTP for so long and then them not ending up officially endgame. Although I was happy with the way things turned out between them (because I HONESTLY didn’t want Rae back with Finn primarily because of her mental health and him hurting her respawning everything, imo), I guess I was one of the many fandom members who perceived Finn as perfect. 

But no one is perfect and that is reality and I have accepted that. 

Also, although these are fictional events, it’s still real. Very real. So I will not roll my eyes and tell myself ‘It’s just a TV show’ over everything that has happened (besides the obvious unnecessary events, AKA, Katie who?) because it’s not. 

Not to me. 

I’ll just accept the ending and be happy there wasn’t any bad blood between the characters we care about the most.

Other than that, I really don’t  have any other words except I will miss this show so much. and we never know, in a few years they can decided to make a spin-off of the show with the cast or the characters’ spawns. Anything can happen. 

For now, MMFD is at a rest. 

But I truly believe it will not be the last we will see of it.

‘Forever and ever an Emu!’

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Im such Hangrid trash too xD it just all happened so fast Im like woah...

Like I’m wondering if we really are grasping at straws but I don’t know, it seems like there really is/could be something. I guess some people are saying it is a case of “two people are gay, they must be dating,” but I really don’t see it as that since the MDK & Ingrid’s channel’s video were filmed before she came out, meaning she was actually friends with Hannah prior (ie it wasn’t just Hannah being like “someone’s come out, let me enterprise on that and make a video”) and she did want her first big “post-coming out” video to be with someone who had helped her. Then there’s the whole France thing; as someone who adamantly ships hartbig and who used to have grester blacklisted on xkit because I was afraid of starting to like the ship, it practically is confirmed (it pains me to admit it as someone who is called Captain Hartbig by friends) and Chester came to France as Grace’s +1 even though he didn’t have a panel. Ingrid did the same with Hannah I think. I don’t know. Hannah looks at Ingrid very differently from how she looks at anyone else, and even in such a small time frame we’ve had soooo many indications they are much closer friends than we think ahhhh I’ve been rambling but it’s just my thoughts. I love to overanalyze things help

Since I’m always obsessed with birthday parties and all of those cool birthday stuff, I decided to make a birthday calendar! 🌞🌻 It’s nothing much actually, I’ll just place your name in my journal and probably a calendar page on my blog! 💝  I thought it’s nice to make people feel wonderful for their birthday! So hoorah 🌼🌲🌹.

- Rules -

Reblog this post to enter (so other people can see i guess) 🐣

Send / Message to me your name, birthday date and url! You can also tell me other stuff about yourself if you want 🐳

Will be nice if you followed me but if not, that’s alright (it’s flowurine btw) 🐟

- Perks -

You can self promote in my ask on your birthday or a full blog rate or something, just ask for it, i’ll try to give it 🐝

A feature on my birthday page weee 🐋 🎒

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Not really sure if I can manage all of these but prolly a surprise birthday present 🐼! ( perhaps an edit, banner, doodle, long message, long post, idk )  🐶

I can reblog some of your selfies and stuff like that so you’ll basically be the center of my attention on your day 🎍  (unless you have a birthday twin ofc but that’ll be cool!!) 🐰🐹

- Others -

No deadlines by the way. You can just submit whenever whatever. Love you all. 🐽🐷

I made the banner but the graphics aren’t mine, tell me who owns them if you know any of them 🐧🐴

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Im sorry I know this is a slightly big request but could ya PLEASE tag any of your adult content a head of time? I really don't want it to happen again. I want to not get mad but it makes me mad to see. Thanks. Regards.

I guess it depends on your def of adult. I don’t post pornography. If you are talking about seeing a nipple, that’s something I’ve usually avoided in the past, and something I rarely post, unless the image fits into this art project.

I don’t want to get into a whole thing here but this blog is one big years-in-the-making art project. if one or two images out of the 4 years i’ve been doing this offend you (that seems really trivial) but then just unfollow. I won’t tag images as Adult because I dont post adult imagery. I post art. 

I’m not posting to offend, I’m expressing myself with this blog and not everyone is going to like every post. So be it. 

Life goals

“Do you think we should tell the world?” He asks, as they are sitting on the couch watching TV. His hand rubbed Taylor’s pregnant belly. They had found out they were having a baby about three months ago and managed to keep it a secret from the world.

“My fans deserve know, right? I could care less about the press, I just want my fans to know.” She replies, continuing to eat the ice cream she had been craving for the whole day. He nods. “How do you think we should do it?” She wonders.

“You post something on tumblr I guess and then we could probably do an interview with Ryan Seacrest or Ellen or whoever you want.” He suggests, smiling. He kisses her cheek, softly.

“That’s a good idea but right now I really really want to sleep. We can do it in the morning.” She yawns and he laughs standing up and offering his hand. They walked together to their bedroom, laying on the bed and snuggling closer to each other. “I can’t wait for the baby to get here.” She says, half asleep.

“Me neither, love.” He kisses the top of her head before closing his eyes.

In the morning, Taylor woke up first. She got out of bed and walked downstairs. She sat down in the kitchen table, with her laptop on and her tumblr open. She still loved to check up on her fans. They were as committed and wonderful as ever and she loved them to pieces. She was trying to think of a way to tell them that she was pregnant. She was excited to see their reactions, she knew they would be happy and supportive as they always were.

She started writing. ‘Hey guys. I’m writing this message because there’s something that will happen that will change my life forever. You have been there for me through a lot of chapters in my life. Recently you watched me enter a new chapter. Marriage and now I’m about to enter a new even bigger chapter in my life. I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You have been the most beautiful and amazing people in the world and I’ve always said that you were my friends. That’s true and now I’d like to invite you to witness the one thing I know will be the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I’m having a baby. I’m unbelievably excited for this chapter of my life and I can’t wait for you to meet this tiny human that I love so much already. You have been standing by my side and have loved me for sixteen years and now, as I prepare for this journey, I cannot wait for you to love this person who is part of me and Adam as well. I felt that you should be the ones to know first. You deserve to know about this and I’m so glad that this relationship that we formed over the past years has become stronger and stronger. I’m so lucky to have you guys in my life and I hope that I’ll have you here for the rest of my life.


She waited for Calvin to wake up so she could post it, along with a picture she found on her phone of Calvin kissing her stomach kneeling down in front of her. The photo was taken a few weeks ago and Taylor had forgotten about it but it seemed like the perfect picture.

“It’s done. My fans officially know about the baby.” She smiled and he pulled her close to him. “Maybe i should call Tree and see how she thinks we should go with the interview.” She said, laying her head on his chest.

“Later. Now I want to keep holding my wife for a little longer.” Her stomach still fluttered when he called her his wife even after almost a year. They stayed there holding each other, their baby in the middle of them.

A couple of weeks later, Taylor was getting ready to go on Ellen. It would be just her because Calvin had work to do in the studio. They would do one together somewhere in the future. Taylor loved Ellen, they had known each other for years and Taylor was comfortable talking with her.

Hearing her name being called, Taylor smiled and waved at the audience as she walked in. She gave Ellen a quick hug before sitting down.

“Well, hello, Taylor.” Ellen greeted, smiling.

“Hi.” Taylor grinned.

“How are you doing?” Ellen asked.

“I’m doing great. Thank you for asking.” Taylor answered.

“I forgot that I have to ask how are you three now. You, Calvin and the baby.” Ellen mentioned. “Congratulations by the way.”

“Thank you. We’re really happy.” She looked at the screen behind her and picture of her Calvin showed up.

“You know this is really amazing news. I’ve known you since you were like sixteen or seventeen and I think we’re friends and I’ve seen you grow up to be an amazing woman. It makes me proud because you deserve to be happy and lately. I haven’t seen you be anything but that and that makes us all really happy as well, right?” Ellen looked at the audience and they cheered.

“The past seven years have been so great and I’ve actually been really happy. Now I’m even happier because of the baby. I’ve never been as excited as I am right now.” She tells Ellen.

“And that’s true. I’m really happy for you. I’m sure this baby will be the cutest baby ever with yours and Calvin’s genes. I mean let’s just take a look at your husband, right there.” A picture of a shirtless Calvin appeared on the screen. “That’s ridiculous, look at that.” Taylor laughed, hiding her face. “Are you okay, Taylor?” Ellen smirked, looking at Taylor. “She gets to go home to that, everyone, she’s winning at life.” The audience laughs.

“It’s not bad.” She giggles making the audience laugh harder. “Husband goals.”

“Taylor you actually are 'life goals’. You have an amazing husband, you’re super talented, you’ve got a enormous successful career and a baby on the way. Life goals, Taylor.” Taylor smiles.

They really are life goals. Taylor never imagined her life would turn out like this but she was so happy it did. She had a beautiful life and after all that was all she wanted.


Surprise, you can always send requests 😘

To be honest I never moved on from the childhood thing of playing pretend? So like whenever I’m alone and I have a scenario going on in my head I get the urge to physically act it out. Like full on walking around and acting out everything that happens and redoing it over and over because I’m not getting it right how I want it to be. And that happens a lot. Which is super embarrassing. Or if I’m just walking along or doing something else and there’s a scenario in my head I end up at least whispering things to myself bc I end up acting it out (again) and saying everything that the people in my head are saying and oh my god I look like such an idiot just walking home from school talking to myself it’s so so awkward when I know people have seen me.

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Heyoo! So, I'm a newbie on Tumblr, and I have a few questions. One, how do you to italics/bold/strikeout? Two, can I get a link to the guidelines for requesting? I tried scrolling because I dunno how the app works with the archives and stuff...

Oh, goodness, this is so overdue! Sorry! 

So, I’m gonna guess that you’re asking for mobile since on desktop you just have to highlight the text you want to change and select what you want to do with it

Anyways, so, the first thing you want to do is change your post settings to the HTML format

Now, if you want to type something so that it has a special font or form, you’re gonna have to put it using HTML. So, what does HTML even stand for? I can’t think about it at the moment and I’m too lazy to google it, but it doesn’t even matter. The thing that matters about HTML is the coding form.

You always have to open and close something with brackets like these:

So, if you want to type something, it would look like this:

You get my gig right? So, that’s basic HTML and how you can use it! :)

2.) Here they are!

I was planning to write a thoughtful review/reactions post for Persona 4: New Days but it kind of turned me into a gross sobbing wreck so I guess I’m not going to be as eloquent as I want to be. But I want to say something now while the feelings are still so fresh, so here we go.

This is such a gift to the fandom. I knew it was something special when I first started and it made me tear up from how hard it hit the nostalgia button but now I’ve finished my first playthrough and I’m just overwhelmed.

This is the story that I love and the characters I love. Right here. What I got in New Days was so much of what I wanted, so much of what I filled in around the edges with headcanons and “what I wish had happened instead of this.” Canon let me down. This made up for ways that it let me down.

I don’t know what the p4 fandom did to deserve such an incredible thing. It’s such a full and complex game that fits into the source material so well with an amazing, emotional story that we should have had to begin with. Of course it’s about the dating routes the original game never gave us but it’s way more than that. It is emotional fanservice taken to the max. It means that much to me.

Thank you to everyone involved in p4newdays for what you gave us. I’m sorry I’m not able to find all the words I want to explain how important this is, but I hope I managed a least a bit. 

All my followers who are p4 fans, if you haven’t played it yet, please, consider it. Even if this sort of game style isn’t your thing, at least give it a try. Because I got so much more than I expected, a sense of rightness and even a kind of emotional closure, and I want everyone else who would benefit from it to have that same chance.


I just want to get all the icky things out of the way at once. I really do feel distraught after reading this comic despite being a person whose sensibilities are far from delicate. I guess I’ve just come to love these characters so much.

So the wives, or at least The Dag, seems to think there’s something sexual to the way Joe views his War Boys. The narration implies it as well when describing how Joe likes the women prepared for him. 

I’ve posted a panel from the first comic before of Joe with his War Boys: http://redcandle17.tumblr.com/post/120150951572/this-almost-makes-my-skin-crawl-theres-something It was creepy enough on its own, but it retroactively becomes even creepier. 

Personally I don’t think Joe actually molests the War Boys or anything like that, but it seems plausible that he would get a sexual thrill from being worshipped by a bunch of physically fit and badass young men who would do *anything* for him. I’ve made jokes before about him not issuing them shirts, but damn, I never expected it could actually be a real thing. 


Just gonna’ share this because I feel… idk, accomplished or something? It’s not much I guess, and they’re not really new themes, It’s just the old Redux theme there. I made backgrounds for the theme that are based on Hoshido and Nohr in Fire Emblem Fates/If. I’m currently using the Nohr one!

If you happen to want to use this or something, kinda like as a theme, please reblog this post so I know you’re using it and just use the “Redux” theme that can be found here. Then download the PNG file of your choosing within the bottom two pictures in this photoset, and go to “Edit Theme” where you can change the background photo.

EDIT: To make sure you get the full image, please click on the image first and then right click + select to view the full image, THEN download it.

EDIT 2: NEVERMIND ABOUT DOWNLOADING FROM TUMBLR, JUST USE MEDIAFIRE INSTEAD. Tumblr ended up shrinking down the image, so here:

Hoshido Background: http://www.mediafire.com/view/t4mbwbcdspvrimh/tumblrbg_Hoshido.PNG

Nohr Background: http://www.mediafire.com/view/bbi6foct12pmar7/tumblrbg_Nohr.PNG

Well! Ironic considering I JUST made an introduction post, but well, guess I oughta make a goodbye post as well. Consider it something like a revolving door? 

I’m going to keep the theatrics at a minimum because I’m 90% sure I’ll be back…I always come back, although I’m especially hoping it’ll be with the same muses this time around!  You’re free to unfollow in the meanwhile, or forever if that’s what you’d prefer. I wanted to apologize to those I was threading with alongside those I was plotting with–I’ve been in a very evident slump for a while, but emotional and work related stresses have exacerbated that severely.

Mentally, I’m not in the best of places right now and I know that a hiatus isn’t going to help me with that–I really just wanted to cut the strings entirely, even if I didn’t know for how long. I’ll be back! Maybe in a few months, maybe in a few weeks for all we know. 

Regardless of what happens this time around, know that:

1) I love citta, I love you guys and these past 8 months have been wonderful and probably my best experience here thus far. This place has served as a second home to me when my home wasn’t really, well…an ideal home! Proud to see this place is growing with every single day, the mods are devoted and wonderful people and seeing this seed from 3 years back grow into a man eating, giant venus fly trap sure has been something!

2) I’m here if any of you need me, I don’t think I’ll be going indie buuut my askbox is still here for you to invade if you need to and I do check it every so often!

3) Connor isn’t allowed to leave the city, he’s never leaving, he’s actually watching you from Hive Purgatory/Hive’s recycling bin unless another mun says FIM-FLAM to that. He’s right there, you just have to squint, maybe rally up some dogs and place a bowl of ice cream in front of a mirror and he’ll appear. (Read: this is a joke.)

Take care!! Stay safe, fuck scientists. Until next time!


Entry 16

I don’t know what to do. One minute he’s yelling at me, the next minute he’s on the floor.

He blew up on me again. Just when things were going well, just when I though we were finally going to get things back on the same page, he flips. I’ve never seen him so mad before. I swear his eyes changed color.

I went to hold his hand. That’s all I did. We were coming back inside. I had been out doing the yard work for Stan while he was there watching me. I finished up the last of it and patted my hands off on my pants. I looked over at him on the porch. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. He met me half way to the door and we walked side by side. I just wanted to hold his hand.

He yanked his arm back so hard you’d think he’d just touched a hot stove top. He looked at me, like he had no idea what I was about to do. And then he was shouting. He was shouting at me to give him space. To mind my own business. He told me he was sick of my melding. Sick of everyone constantly on his back.

Stan and Mabel came out soon after and watched from the door, looking as confused as I was. He didn’t even look at them. He just kept yelling at me. Telling me to stay out of his business. He paused, and I was speachless. I waited for him to pick back up, but he just kept his eyes on mine. His face twisted as different emotions swam across and I bit my cheek. Finally, he took a step back. He rubbed his face and mumbled under his breath. That he shouldn’t have come back.

I inhaled sharply, and he turned to leave. Heading out towards the woods behind the shack. I wanted to call after him, make him stay and tell me what was going on, but the words got stuck in my throat and his shouts from earlier echoed in my head. Mabel came up next to me and held my arm. Stan stepped quickly after him.

He was on the ground before Stan could grab him.

He shook violently and Stan jumped back. Mabel and I rushed over, but the look in his eye made us hesitate. His arms stiffened up and he clenched his jaw hard. He was trying to control it. He was trying to suppress it.

He managed to roll over on his side and Mabel touched his arm. He gave a shout and jolted away from her touch. His eyes lept from her face to mine to Stan’s, before he squeezed them shut and folded in on himself.

He puked.

It was pitch black.

okay so after a long brutal and probably still ongoing week of feeling down in the dumps i’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus. i don’t really want to be on tumblr now i wanna like idk do some shit that i miss doing. and maybe catch up on writing as well. i feel like i haven’t done any of that. i thought maybe i had worked up a pace the other day when i had made like a shitton of gifs and posted  them. but i didn’t. i just don’t feel good right now like at all really. and nothing is helping. i think i’ve pulled myself out of it and then i go and do something and i slink back into the sadness i guess. so i’m not going to be around. i have a queue set up that should last a few days. it’s got 100+ posts lined up so. i’m not sure when i’ll return and i’m sorry if this lets anyone down. but i think that this is something i just need. to be away for a while. and yeah. if you need to message me just send it in i’ll answer whenever i return or have my friend respond for me. you guys are awesome and i’ll see you soon. :) feel free to tag me in stuff or whatever though while i’m gone bc it will be nice to see like stuff when i get back. okay yeah. see u guys on the flip side.

so last year when i told my uncle about how i wanted to go into addiction counseling, he tried to argue with me about it and told me that just because im passionate about something doesn’t mean im good at it

and it infuriated me and ive been feeling so insecure about it because these last few years of college had been a series of terrible mental health and not being sure that i have what it takes to actually be a legit licensed counselor

but hey guess what i just passed my classes with straight As and im looking to get an internship and get my hours done so he can just SUCK it

sometimes I remember that on the TV show Grimm they once had creatures called Mellifers, which translates to honey-bearers

and their equivalent of the queen bee was called Mellischwuler because I guess they wanted to say “honey queen”, so they tacked the German for “queen” onto the end

except in English, “queen” has two meanings, but in German those are different words, and they apparently just went with the one that sounded better or something

so their term translates to “honey gay man”

and I just

Often, I will offer Small Sandwich several choices (“milk or water?”) and she will demand something else (“I want beer!”). My response?

Well, I guess you can probably figure it out based on the fact that I just told her it was nap time and she screamed “THAT’S NOT THE OPTION!”