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I saw a post about drawing for Deo and I wanted to know if I could even though we've never spoken?

Well of course! I just want to have as many people as possible draw something for Deo to try and make their day better basically. So it doesn’t matter if you know me at all or not, I just want to I guess influence people to maybe draw something right now;;


I was tagged by erzuh to do this appearance ask meme (thanks so much btw!!)

eye color: brown

height: little bit over 5′

hair (color/length/style): brown, short, straight (how exciting)

do you have freckles?: none

sexuality: straight

do you tan easily: yeah

do you wear glasses: sometimes (in class if the board is really far away or something and while ‘driving’ {only have my permit})

do you have any tattoo’s or piercings?: only have my ears pierced

what would you classify your style as?: t-shirt or tanktop (depending on if its summer or not) and jeans or athletic shorts

what celeb do you look the most like?: not quite sure there

are you athletic/curvy/skinny/normal?: curvy I guess? Mostly skinny

what’s your favorite feature?: my hips maybe

least favorite feature: MY STUPID NON-FLEXIBLE WRISTS I JUST WANT TO SPIN A RIFLE PROPERLY (sorry color guard rant)

post a selfie: aight

somehow my dog got in the picture whoops

I tag the-archangel-of-zeref thebigbadwolf101 asuna-bean miss-portionality totally-not-an-artist-okay and allthefandomsallday-everyday

Anyone want a copy of FNAF 4???? (DONE)

You all are cute and I like you a lot so I’m gonna buy someone FNAF 4!!

I guess this is like a quick giveaway. You don’t have to follow me OR reblog, just like the post and I’ll pick randomly who gets it. If you already have the game and I choose you, I’ll pick somebody else to get the game but make you a quick cool drawing of the FNAF character(s) of your choice!! I know some people don’t have the money to get the game and I wanna be able to share this experience with all you lovely people!

I’ll pick a winner at 9 pm EST, I hope every one is having a nice day!

Thank you everyone for entering!

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I've got to thank you for something weird. I've always been really self conscious of my nose and thought it made me ugly, but then you were posting pictures of Waltz and I noticed that my nose is a lot like his, and he's considered super handsome, and that's actually making me feel a lot better about it. So I guess I just wanted to thank you for your old dude thirst.

This is so cute.

Aside from the whole idea that feeling attractive or unattractive shouldn’t be the thing that controls your self esteem (Because we all know that that’s easier said than done. I dislike my nose too.) I think I’ve posted about it before but IMO what you consider flaws aren’t always things that other people consider flaws, the biggest mistake you can make and worry about is thinking that there’s only one way to be attractive. And that you’re dealing with a make or break facial feature. 

And this is just me, but I think that noses that aren’t textbook “hollywood plastic surgery perfect” are always so much prettier and give people way more interesting faces. I love interesting faces. Everyone loves different things. And in the end it’s really your overall vibe that really counts to the people who actually matter. Inside and all. Even if it’s hard to believe that sometimes.

fyi: reposting my art on instagram and saying ‘credit to the owner’ doesn’t do shit for me unless you indicate that I am the owner. and you shouldn’t be reposting it regardless of crediting me—it’s not about you giving me credit, it’s about me giving you permission.
Katie out.

To Mark - A Friend I Don’t Know Personally

I actually really didn’t want to post this.. I didn’t want any publicity.
I wanted this to just be for Mark, not the fan’s. A ‘Get Well Soon’ card so to say.. I know He doesn’t check his E-mail to often and I can’t send it to him privately on Facebook or Tumblr. So I guess I’m Publishing it anyway.

To Mark:
As we all know, something happened recently, something that made you upset. That’s okay, you know the majority of your fans don’t mind that you can’t always make videos, wether due to physical, mental, or emotional health reasons. All of your fans want you to be happy just as you want us happy. That’s why I wanted to make you this. Not some fan art of you or anything special. Just a painting of a sunset, some nature, and yourself enjoying it. Something that can bring a sense of peace to most, something I hope gives you a sense of hope and peace.
Imagine yourself here, a light breeze, a warm night, birds chirping. Something you cant always get in the city life style. I took a memory of Alaskan wilderness and mixed it with a Minnesotan sunset. Two places I think are great for just getting away form things. 
Enjoy your time off. Enjoy your life. We love you markiplier

every fucking "opposite sides of the signs" post
  • aries:u may think they want to fight all the time, but actually, they just want attention
  • taurus:they don't want to eat food ALL the time. also, they keep secrets SO DEEP you'd have to be Nick Cage himself to discover them
  • gemini:they aren't two faced, they're just trying to be like you.
  • cancer:they crazy
  • leo:they're really nice i guess? i don't see how that's the opposite but whatever
  • virgo:GIANT. NERDS.
  • libra:they're like man's best friend or something
  • scorpio:not evil!!!1!! just insecure
  • sagittarius:they're gr8. still not sure why this is the opposite
  • capricorn:they are not actually motivated to do anything ever and they'd rather play video games than study. good friends i guess
  • pisces:they are really sad but pretend like they aren't

I feel like I can never get my photo just the way I had hoped, whether it be through the lens or in post, there’s just something that I can never get right.

Maybe it is my ever changing tastes in what I want my photos to look like that’s keeping me from satisfaction, but even when I know what it know what it is that I want my photos to look like, I just can’t quite grasp the end product. There’s just so much to learn. I have model photos I have seen that capture what I desire but I’m not sure how to ask the question to get the answer. Further research required, I guess.

This pair of photos are of my friend, Neely, paddle boarding in Mt. Hood National Forest. I took the risk and brought my camera with me onto my own board without water protection, and luckily enough, it made it out on the water and back off without a drop hitting it. Got stuck in the center, though. Could have been worse.



so i guess bottom line is this:
i did tag you in a post but tumblr isnt posting that post rn idk why
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so if you saw that i flooded your activities with me tagging you in this one post which you cant find im so sorry i didnt mean to be annoying~
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ill try posting it again later
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if yall could just open each repetitive post that i tagged you in pls bc i want yall to see it :

Ok guys I just remembered something;

In 2012, the day before the Arias (an Australian music awards), I was in art class talking to my friends about what if I met Taylor tomorrow at the Arias and anyway this girl decided to pipe into our conversation and started to insult me and say I was “just another Taylor Swift fan… like you will ever meet her anyway,” she kept saying mean things that I really don’t want to say incase Taylor sees this, but yeah they were pretty rude. So… guess what happened the next day? You guessed it. 

I met her.

Moral of the story: don’t let anyone tell you you will never meet Taylor. You will meet her and trust me, it will be when you need her the most. Please never listen to them okay? 

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Hey Raph it's been a while I saw that you liked my post right after you told an Anon what your favorite photo was so I just wanted to say thanks and also sorry if it sounded corny or mushy I guess your favorite photo brought something back from my past. :)

Hey, You’re welcome. It’s just a picture, but yeah…means something.

okay i just wanna

i don’t want to reblog the original post and say this bc i don’t wanna start something w/ op bc it seems like they had good intentions so

this post makes me uncomfortable i guess?? it’s very important to address the above problems and work to stop them but. why do u have to say that the post is not for white girls specifically i don’t understand bc

okay it’s like my friend said

“people of all races can have thick hair on their bodies and hair doesn’t have to be thick for girls to hate it on themselves/society to ridicule them for it”

i’m a white girl (i’m using the term girl loosely bc i’m not a girl all th time but) and i have a literal jungle of hair on my stomach that makes me really insecure if i dont shave it which is why it’s the only part of my body i shave

and the first time i saw this post it was only the top part and i was like?? o nice, and i felt kinda good abt my stomach hair for the rest of the day? and then the next time i saw it it had the second part and i just?? o. o okay. 

idk i’m probably just being dumb and i’ll probably get hate for this or smthn so i’m just going 2 delete it later but yes these are my thoughts an i’m sincerely sorry if they upset u or smthn

Little story….One day in class we were having a class discussion and usually I’m just a listener, cause I’m too shy to talk in front of everyone. But something was said, and I had this response that I wanted to say back soooo badly!!! But again, I’m completely and utterly shy. So while others were still discussing, I was mentally preparing myself for when I wanted to speak, what I wanted to say and how to present myself and I guess I got too nervous just at the thoughts of what to say and talking in front of the class that I almost passed out. Like my vision started getting spotty, my face went cold, my heart beat was racing, and I hadn’t even said anything or brought any kind of attention to myself yet. I was just sitting there quietly and to myself.

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So I was perusing Twitter as I'm wont to do at work in liue of actually work when I saw this pair of what I can only guess are trolls saying that the wage gap and cultural appropriation are myths. And I wanted to tweet something back at them but I just couldn't because that level of stupid is a level I fear to tread. So what I'm asking is, how is posting a Mean Girl's gif in response ablist?

Oh I have no idea. I have a sneaking suspicion one or both of those accounts are run by dudes (here is why!) and they just kind of appropriate language they don’t understand to irritate people, because this is what they do all day. And one day they’ll grow up and either feel really bad, or completely forget that this was how they spent their all day, every day, once. And, no, you can’t really respond. I am curious as to why they are so, so, so fixated on *me*, but whaddya gonna do. I figure they probably won’t try to kill and eat me, so, eh.

I don’t see how you could argue cultural appropriation is a “myth” though… I mean it’s like… a thing that happens… that’s like saying people having different accents are “myth.”