GRANT WARD || S1 || Self-fulfilling Prophecy || S2 || A false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true  || AGENTS OF SHIELD

  • A false definition of the situationThey think him Hydra “S1”
  • Evoking a new behaviour They treat him like Hydra “S2”
  • Makes the original false conception come trueThey make him Hydra “S3”

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Sending twice because I want this to go through: I just wanna say that there are times when my Autism is such a dark and crushing thing to me, and you kind of softened the blow by making it seem less aggressive. Thank you so much for your work, I'm a big fan!

Hey no problem! I was just about to make a comic with Powder and Autism later too.

I have a slight feeling that it might soften that blow more.

Normally when Dan reveals his feelings to us he pushes them aside and makes light of them later so I’m going to say this now: 

Don’t message people who actually cared about Dan’s mental health saying you “told them so” if (and probably when) Dan tells us to not take what he says seriously. A lot of people invalidate their own feelings after revealing them so they’re not seen as weak or complex- it’s easier to be viewed as relaxed and uncomplicated over emotional and someone to worry about. Dan has done this before whenever he expressed something that wouldn’t make him seem funny and #relatable, and i wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again. 

But that doesn’t mean that he felt nothing, and it certainly doesn’t mean that he was just joking. 

If there is seriously something wrong with Dan’s mental health, we don’t want to be the fandom that didn’t care. We don’t want to be the fandom that sat by and watched as the person we adored deteriorated in front of us. Even if we don’t want to write long, cringey letters to Dan on tumblr (because that’s a common solution to problems that we see on tumblr), we still shouldn’t belittle or undermine anything that Dan is feeling. 

TL;DR: Dan may say that what he said was a joke or that we shouldn’t take it seriously, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about him. Of course we don’t need to baby him- he is a 24 year old man after all- but please, please, please don’t act like you don’t care or like you “knew he was fine all along”. 

requestapalooza 2k15

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of opening the twitter account that started it all, I decided I should do some kind of giveaway. And since I am a poor college student with little to no artistic ability, I will give the only thing I know how: stupid captions and mediocre screen caps.

I’m taking a break from Sailor Moon: Another Story because it is a long, long game, so now it’s up to you what I do with my life, whether it be watching things or making things. I plan not to stick to any one thing all the way through, because variety is the spice of life. Remember how I watched all 200 episodes of the anime before even looking at anything else? I remember. It was a long ten months. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.

So what shall it be? Re-watch episodes that had disappointing liveblogs? Old dub? New dub? French dub? Manga chapters? Musicals? PGSM? Crystal? Utena? Headcanon? Onion headlines and assorted memery? 12-page critical analysis essay of the philosophy in Sailor Moon? Anglo-saxon elegaic poem based on the reign of Serenity? Cover of an SM song on French horn? Literally nothing is off the table right now. Use your imagination.

And of course, thanks again for three hundred and sixty-five days of support! Here’s a gif to validate my claims of gratitude and make this wall of text seem more dynamic.


I’ll honestly make a far better one but I’ve had Geoff for quite awhile now without tumblr fucking me over. Course he only has 230+ followers but wow I’ve been happy nonetheless. Yes I’ve remade him a few times, one due to my stupidity and one due to TUMBLR FUCKING ME OVER. But still, all of you have stuck by my side and I wanted to just outright say a few things about a few people that are wonderful to me and include all y’all that deserve to be loved. <3

sunchucks / wingshead / mogars - Sam, I met you through Raine ( obviously ) and by golly am I glad that we did meet? We haven’t spoken much to each other besides randomly on tumblr posts only cause I’m still outright shy to do anything about that– You’re WONDERFUL and you show so much care for anyone who sends you any sort of ask on any account that you have. People love you and boy do you deserve it <3 I’m glad that we have met.

bvrnie - raine can i tell you how much that you mean to me? Because you mean quite a damn fucking lot to me. You’ve helped me through very difficult times and ever since then I’ve been doing my damn best to make sure that you’re okay. I might have fallen off the face of the RT side of tumblr for awhile there but I still kept an eye out on you and all that. I didn’t like to be away too long and boy I am never really leaving now. You are wonderful, you care for everyone and you give your best to give your close friends neat gifts that you work very hard on– ! I’m so happy that you have such dedication to your friends and I’m just always gonna be over here waving my little flag for being by your side. I promised you awhile ago that I would outright be your body guard and I’m not taking that back any time soon. I WILL be the body guard and I WILL take anyone out who is being a complete and utter SHIT.

brownmxn / geckositter - Okay Arty pls come sit down with me. You and I are so— we jumped into FDTD together and we haven’t been able to get out of it for the longest time. I still can’t get away from Seth Gecko being a fluff ball and I’ve been making sure EVERYONE AGREES with me. B) You’ve been with me since near the beginning of Ryan and Geoff and I’m very VERY happy to have you in my life <33

murderbreaking / obstinatvs - Noah… Noooah. You’re the one that gave me this url in the first place and I am SO grateful for this. You deserve all the damn care in the world and love and friendships all over. I get all sad and upset when you’re down and I wanna try my best to get you to smile again even if it’s just simply saying ‘I’m over here when you need me!’ cause space does matter when we all need it. You’re the most caring little fluffball I know and I’m gonna outright say that psychotiictheory and you are two FLUFFBALLS that are dangerous and could hurt people but are my fluff <3

hotlikealazer - I know you probably won’t see this for awhile but Cash, cash you’re my loser and the only Geoff for me really. I might be Geoff as well but hell that’s what you and I admitted to each other. We really can only stand each other or close friends that we have. You’ve been there for me through thick and THIN at the most strangest times of the morning/night. I’ve been up crying before and hell, you were there to help me smile and being the adorable little mISTER YOU ARE. I’m so glad you’re in my life, man, god.

sirlarrisms / richieisms @ all the other accounts you have - VAL. VAAAL I ADORE YOU SO MUCH and I promised I would be there for you and I WILL always be even if it’s the most random thing ever, just come to talk and I’ll answer!! You’re the cutest and most adorable person I know and GOD do you deserve all the good things in the world.

sniperborn / havwood - Michael please, you are literally the BEST with helping others in situations and god I know it’s hard to think that you do but you do! AND I’m always there to help you as well. We’re in this together man, and you ain’t leaving my side any time soon.

hxyman / adamkoviic - I could go on and on about you missy but let’s just go with the whole fact that I’m gonna start acting like the actual parental figure you need 8l You deserve love and care and boy am I gonna make sure that you get it <3 I’m SO happy to have you in my life right now. SO happy.

Okay to make this post not fucking GIANT LIKE IT ALREADY IS, I’m gonna promise that I’m going to go through askboxes at the most randomest time of day/night to tell people that I love you and want you all to be happy. And here’s totally a list of who I want to know that they are loved and I want to do anything in the damn world to make sure they’re okay!! IF I MISS ANYONE. WHICH I KNOW I WILL… I love you guys okay?

veiliismssethiismsseriadux / hiscoquies  / alwaysxlatealphxx / combatsituationjerseydevllmadxkingryan / mogarmichaeljones / devotxd / cfstardust / cfmadness / thelittlestarprince / unbeliiever / karideewilson / tvggey / tvrney / vesanxs outofmxnd / pinupiisms / rcbelgirl / handsomelybearded / daggerrs / skullisms / stupxfied / combatsituation / criminalcoded sexyslowmotrash / dxllwithagun / ravenousdeath / hcsted

please!!! do not!!!!! make!!!! promises!!!!!! you dont!!!!!!! intend!!!! on keeping!!!! especially!!!! if!!!! you made!!!!! the promise!!!!! to someone!!!!!! on!!!! the autism!!!!!! spectrum!!!!!!!!

Reblog this you care about Dan and hope he feels better

I’m not trying to be manipulative, I just want Dan to see how much we love him.

danisnotonfire We all appreciate you so much. Even if you don’t personally know us, you bring so much sunshine and happiness to our lives. You make us all feel so much less awkward about our lives, and affirm that we aren’t crazy for thinking and feeling certain things; something very few can properly do. You bring us together, and you make us embrace some of the messier things in life

Dan, you matter to us so much. Your fandom may sometimes tease you more then they should (something they don’t necessarily do to Phil), but it is just because we feel like we can relate to you. There is a whole army of people whose hearts ache when you are upset because you do so much for us, and we wish we could help you in return.

So whatever existential crisis you are having, just know when you get your feet back on the ground there is many, many people who are here to support you.

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Can you please tell me the story of how you invented berry sims?

Once upon a time in the forums of yonder, I believe the year was 2009… lol I’m just kidding. Back when the Sims 3 official forums started to take off there was a project that began to explode across the threads. That project was called the “Modeling Competition” there were hundreds within just a few weeks and I think I joined about 20 of them. 

After a while I decided I wanted to run my own so I figured the best way to make it stand out was to create something unique. The closest thing around was something called the Next Top Non Mortal. I’d always been a fan of sweet names and in fact all my Ragnarok characters were named sweetly. Blueberry>*<Muffin and Espresso>*<Twist were just a few of the names in my arsenal. So I opened my competition with the following requirements.

“There are 2 Requirements to these entries, after that I leave it up to your creativity:

Requirement 1-Tasty treat: Your model should be named after and if they
emulate the tasty treat even better!
Whether it be dessert or snack. Be creative!

Note: this does not mean gorgeous! I am looking for
Cute, homely, Unique, ect.

Here are 2 Examples of the kind of thing I am looking for:
Please do not use these examples! :)”

The competition took off and we had 8 cycles before it’s run ended. You can see the blog here if you wish, but almost all the photos are missing now :|


After that I was approached with a world project? And of course I said YES YES YES! A fabulous group of simmers started creating Sugar Valley. From there the stories began and the concept and community began to grow. Before long it had snowballed into a pretty gigantic thing. Something I never ever expected. Then I decided to take it tumblr and I was delighted to find some folks were already sharing their Berry Sweet Sims when I got here! From there we have been growing the community and it has been such a wonderful experience.

The end LOL :P

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hello! I'm very apathetic and find myself faking emotions in most situations. I understand that it's not normal and I'm secretly a bad person, but I can't make myself care enough. Is there anything I can do to not be like this? Thank you!

You’re not a bad person, just different. That’s perfectly fine. You might have to put a little effort into making sure that you don’t hurt someone else’s feelings, but not having them yourself isn’t a bad thing.

If you really want to do something about it, seeing a psychologist might help.

-Lou the Lobster

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I have such a thing for you. I just wanna sit my ass on your face and let your tongue glide all over my hole as I deep throat your meaty cock. Then, I'd lick a little further; eating your ass. After that I'd get on all fours and slide your dick in. As you pound my ass I reach around and finger your warm hole. Then, wanting more of it I throw you off of me and slide my cock in. I pound you until you sweat and start to shake. We both climax and make out with each other's ejaculation everywhere.

Marry me please

I would like to make it known that as of today, August 28th, I have made the personal decision to go singleship with heraldofdoubt

Additional information about this decision under the cut if you’re worried and want to read it. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line in my ask or on Skype/Kik. With this, as with all things, I am an adult and prefer to talk things out. I don’t bite. In fact, I’m probably just going to say sorry 100 times until you tell me to stop.

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Is it ok to have a dog such as a Shiba Inu for a fursona if you aren't Asian? My fursona has sorta Shiba characteristics (the type of eyebrows + rounded ears) but she isn't a Shiba. I just wanted to make sure I might not be doing anything racist/possibly racist before I post a WIP of her :< I'm not making her into a characiture (sorry if that's misspelled) or using anything of Asian culture besides somewhat of Shiba traits

Dude. You can have a shiba character if you want a shiba character. It’s a dog. If people think making a dog character is racist, unless the character is SPECIFICALLY stereotypically a race AND making them extremely stupid (or doing something else disrespectful to the culture), they need to get their stick out of their ass.

The only thing that makes you racist, is belittling/directly disrespecting another race. “Cultural appropriation” is bullshit designed to make you feel bad while simultaneously excluding you from learning about and enjoying other cultures.

- Mod Mod

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Question! I'm going to have some free time on my hands and I want to start a blog where I caption images (initially for you mainly, but also for anyone VI who stumbles on it), what kinds of things would you like for me to look for?

h o l y  s h i t  where do you even come from you lovely person you?? my friend arbi captions a lot of stuff over on sultry-accessible-vixen which is like, literally what you just described, but i’m so not opposed to there being more blogs like that if you still have the time and motivation to make that sort of thing happen. seriously, captioning and awareness about captioning and encouraging captioning have become my life :p 

wait just a minute. sultry-halo-vixen arbi is there a way you could let people submit captions with a link to the post they’re for? if that’s something someone like this anon wants to do? is that a possibility that you’re open to? 

but nonny, to answer your question, harry potter and lord of the rings and les mis and captain america and the raven cycle are all on my list of “like a lot”. and book piles, like from the booklr community. i like those. 

also captioning artwork / photography. it’s a little more intensive and time consuming, and it requires subjectivity, but i appreciate it a lot. ALSO you could totally go through the #blind art / #blind poetry / #blind artwork / etc tags and caption the shit outta those. bc man i wanna see what’s going on in those tags but i can’t see lol 

sorry this got kinda long. you are so awesome to even think of doing this! 

‘You’re such a great friend’
She looks at the text and begins typing away.
‘But I want to be so much more. I want to kiss you and take naps with you. I want to stare at your smile and run my hands through your hair. I want to hold your hand and I want to celebrate stupid anniversaries. I want you to need me as much as I need you. Hell, I even want to fight over the most idiotic things with you and yell at each other until we’re both in tears. We would make up and kiss each other like our lives depended on it. I just want you to know that I love you. And I want you to love me too.’
Her thumb hovers over the “send” button, before she swiftly highlights the text and presses “delete”. She closes her eyes and takes a second to collect herself.
‘So are you’ is all she responds.
—  all she wants, the book I’ll never write

I think Imma make this a thing. Just dump out all my chub related pics on weekends only. I don’t want this to become a straight up chub art blog, cuz I know a lot of ya’ll don’t want all that squishy stuff. So I think coordinating it so a specific time would be somewhat convenient for everyone. That being said, this weekend is gonna have a lot of chubs (or maybe a few… chubs regardless) cuz I’m messed up. Aren’t we all?

hi everyone I just wanted to apologize for that big bang post I made. I understand now that some of the things I said were very insensitive and rude and I should not have said them. I’m very sorry if I upset any of you and I’ve deleted all the posts cause I realized how horrible they were and I would appreciate it if people stopped reblogging them. next time I’ll make sure I think about what I say before I post because I can understand how horrible it was of me to say some of those things. I’m going to be taking a break from tumblr for a bit and I hope I will be back soon