And the Award for Best One-Liner of the Night goes to...

I’m going to zip-tie a can of Reddi Whip to a CNC machine

…and outline my body with it

…like a delicious crime scene.

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gardenofthequeen said: People that belittle others for cursing are weak cowards that know shit about witchcraft or its history. *could rant forever about this*

Seriously. I’ve noticed your blog heading deeper into root magic and traditional witchcraft and I gotta say I love it. Its people like this though that make me want to shake them and scream.

Witchcraft is becoming this fluffy white cute thing, and thats fine if people are into that, but at its core and at its beginning witchcraft is so much darker than people acknowledge.

We should just scream about this at each other soon because I feel like I need to vent to someone.

In a weird way i feel like this the biggest “life turning point” I’ve ever had I have been so full of apathy and lethargy for so long and now I’m just angry I’m mad and sad and I’m about to turn 21 and I want to move and I want to get things done and scream and shed off this skin and make things happen for myself

you know that moment when one person is doing something dumb and then another person looks at them like, oh this dork, I love this dork, even though they might not even admit they love them yet, but you know you can see it by the way they look at the dork that they love them and it’s sO CUTE THAT YOU EXPLODE! I am sorry I am just very emotional about cute things like that. Have a nice day

this headcanon turned out wayy longer then i expected to

t'is i, the one who said i had steven falls over headcanons a few hours before (had to get two hours of sleep to rearrange my head first actually).

so i was thinking that at first mabel and dipper were tasked by bill cipher (their boss) to go and investigate earth to see if the natural resources were good enough for their home planet and speculatively most of it were located in gravity falls but the twins had to disguise in order to avoid suspiscion from the earth’s government (who probably would waste more natural resources if they were alerted) and disguised themselves to live among the humans. thus they met the two stans (who were working on a portal based on the “gem anomalies” happening there, the portal is actually a warp pad that could be a gateway between earth and the gems’ home planet but it isn’t complete yet) and lived among the two.

while mabel was seamlessly adaptable because she was a pretty rebelious gem, dipper adaptation process was long and he would secretly read up the stans’ research to sabotage the making of the portal so that humans don’t find out about the home planet. but time went on and both dipper and mabel ended up being pretty attached to the stans and the citizens of gravity falls and at one point didn’t dare to give a vital information to bill because they didn’t want bill to destroy gravity falls (and earth).

meanwhile, amy was one of the higher ranked gems and heard about what bill was planning and didn’t like the fact that they were taking natural resources from a planet that still needed it (maybe so far the home planet gems just took it from planets without living beings like humans) and decided to rebel. wirt used to be a technician class sort of gem who used to be under mort that was pretty undervalued until amy came in and liberated him, she invited him and a handful of gems to rebel against the main government of the gems (and the face is bill cipher, maybe with those other shapes the gf fandom had thought about like tad strange) and went to earth (situated in the outskirts of gravity falls but the opposite side of the mystery shack).

mabel and dipper heard about the coming of amy’s army and decided to give their knowledge of earth to help her win the war and thus they met wirt too (who used to not stand any other gem except amy, thus finding how dipper and mabel are already in touch with earth’s culture as annoying or smth).

at first they refused to leave the mystery shack because they thought of it as their home but one of the stan twins (probably grunkle stan) was killed during the war and mabel and dipper knew that they needed to get away from the humans for a while if they wanted them to be safe.

the war ends in amy’s victory with lots of casuality from both sides (thus a handful of monster gems that added into gravity falls’ anomalies) and the portal being destroyed. the stan twin who lived ends up having a lineage of family with dipper and mabel feeling responsible to protect them so his lineage referred those two to something like guardian angels but dipper hid stans’ research from the lineage.

on amy and wirt’s side they didn’t interact with the residents of gravity falls as much as dipper and mabel did (more of admiring on the sidelines in amy’s part and more of disgust in wirt’s part) but amy met human jonathan and fell for him and ends up destroying her current physical form to have greg.

though wirt spited the boy, he is very protective of him because the gem belonged to amy before. mabel knew that it was pretty toxic for wirt to be overly protective like that (especially with /that/ reason) and with jonathan, tries to introduce the young boy to earth’s culture and is pretty lax with him - acting like an older sister instead. the one who teaches him about gem culture (reluctantly at first, but mabel insisted) is dipper and wirt (once he has warmed up to greg though he ends up getting more homesick than expected) and the two boys ends up acting like greg’s (gem) parental figure.

and thus the four of them go on missions to bubble up the defective gems and learn more about the why gravity falls seems to have more potential for gem power than any other places in earth whilst teaching greg on how to control his gem powers. but little did they know that this generation of stan pines’ lineage (who might’ve been twins again with the same name as the ancestor who met dipper and mabel?) seems to have uncovered the two stans’ research and has the intention of turning on the gateway/portal to homeworld without their guardian angels knowing. and maybe, just maybe this would open up the chance for bill to get even with the rebels… (or reinvade earth? i dunno)

wow this took longer than expected. i was expecting a few asks but this turned into a submission. and there’s still a lot of plot holes anyways like where does the other gf and otgw crew fit in and all especially since i just basically made a “reincarnation” of the stan twins to be greg’s friend. this is probably more gf related than ever but i really don’t know how to fit the unknown in this, yet. so enjoy reading this mass of headcanons and feel free to add some of your own!!! (maybe i’ll return more when i’ve thought out about it more) and hope you stay healthy skim!!

and i cross my fingers so that you would receive this submission, amen.

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I'd hate to think that I've become numb to the plight of people, but there seems to be this whole sub-culture brewing on tumblr that like to toss around things like "trigger word". I saw someone demand a blog mark "Olicity" (oliver/felicity pairing) as a trigger warning. It's super great that so many young folk want to feel special and unique, but by claiming things that annoy you are trigger words, it only insults people who actually SUFFER from certain words. It's just...upsetting.

Thank you anon, this exactly how i feel about this whole situation.
It really is  becoming a bad part of tumblr, and I feel like it makes people grow a victim complex. If these people were suffering from actual triggers they would need to seek out professional help, and there they would most likely be met with the expectation to not push everything away and shelter themselves, but actually meet their fears and get through them in a healthy way.
So yeah, it kinda is insulting and upsetting for people with mental ilness who deal with actual triggers.

/trigger warning: trigger warnings!!!!11!2!!!

5180) People's ignorance make me hopeless. Things are going in the right direction, but not fast enough. My youth is almost over and I haven't been able to be myself for any of it. And the future is just going to be filled with the storm that is existing in a transphobic and misogynistic world. I am too young to be this tired. I no longer have the patience to teach or educate. I find myself wishing I had succeeded in trying to kill myself at 15. I don't want to have to keep being brave.

why are people so against the Minions? Like I have no general feelings positive or negative. but i have seen some fucking pissed off as fuck people who have given no discernible reason for why this movie angers them


is it the color yellow????

the fact that they’re shaped like pills and it reminds you of your pill popping days???

what is it????

it’s a kid’s movie. 

and like all kids’ movies is supposed to be ridiculous and nonsensical and just generally meant to entertain a younger audience

but this movie has made some people really angry

i just want to know why 

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Would you ever date a girl who wanted to wait a fairly long time to have sex or even wait till marriage? I was sexually assaulted when I was younger and every guy I've ever tried to date doesn't seem to understand that the whole sex thing is terrifying and hard for me. I've started to think that maybe I should just force myself to do it to make them happy so that I can actually be in a relationship and have the possibility of finding love.

I more than welcome the idea, possibly even better that she wants to wait till marriage :)

sometimes i wanna enjoy things that i know arent totally in line with complex social justice shit without having to scroll down my dash and see posts like “Is [This Thing] Feminist? Yes, And Here’s Why” when i know it’s not… stop lyin to yaselves… you are allowed to enjoy things that perhaps may not be feminist and it doesnt make you a bad person for it so stop pretending that this thing u like is feminist when it isnt just bc u want social justice cred

“you guys just want people to be problematic!!!!!”

that literally makes no sense. why would i want people to be awful and say gross things

Being with him

I don’t know what’s happening with me. But ever since I met him, it seems like I’ve become attached. His smile is all I want to see. His smell is my favorite thing to smell. To feel his body, especially when he’s shirtless, pressed upon mine, is like touching a rare and addicting texture for the first time. Hearing him say my name never fails to make me smile even if I was trying to stay neutral around him just for me to prove a point. I want him to lay his head on my lap as I sit and stroke his hair and beard and ask him to kiss me gently. That feeling I crave from him is that having an early afternoon siesta with him, and him staring at me like I’m some kind of rare jewelry. 

Hearing his poems never gets old. Seeing him cry in front me as he tells me his poem of how much he’s missing me dearly. Every facial hair, every blink, every mole on his face, I adore. That touch from his hand, feeling the warmth of his palm pressed against mine, I feel like i’m handcuffed to my favorite person and never will I ever want to be un-cuffed again. 

But the worst thing of being with him is getting on that bus again. Not knowing when will I ever see him again. Back to skype sessions, phone calls and text messages. Imagining him being here with me. That look on his face, after that goodbye kiss, it tears me apart. Remembering that one time when we both wanted to spend more time with each other, I rushed to my seat on the bus to avoid crying, texting him how I felt, not knowing that he was feeling the same thing. 

I’ve never felt this electrifying feeling before. This is a different person, and I think I’m falling. It may be too early to say those 3 words, but when he’s ready, I will be too. 

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How do you feel about the obvious plot holes in the show? I personally found it very very upsetting, especially when they tried EzrA thing. I'm not saying writers should write the show as fans wish to. However it just lowers the quality of the show and makes integrity of the show questionable. Oh, and I always appreciate your posts :) I hope you have a nice day!

Writers should never cater to what fans want. Fan-service can be detrimental to a show. Buuuut, I’m reserving my judgment about plot holes for now. I want to see 6x10 and see how it all goes down and then we can think about plot holes. I really loved the Ezra is A story. I actually would have preferred if he had gone legitimately dark instead of just creepy stalker dude. >.< But anyway. I think plot holes are inevitable. It happens. The best shows have ‘em. Hopefully they’re able to fill a lot of them up by the end of summer!

Big Thanks

Hi I just wanted to give you a big thank you. When making college decisions I ran across your blog and it defiantly played a factor into my choice to attend SFSU this past fall. I had an amazing time at SFSU and the city brought so many nice and genuine people into my life. Being back home makes me realize how much of a great thing I had living in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I miss it so much and can’t wait to be back home this upcoming semester. So for now I’ll just look through the San Francisco tag and at your amazing blog(:
Thanks again iloveyousanfrancisco

iloveyousanfrancisco says: You’re so sweet for saying that. Thank YOU so much. This made my day!  =)

Being in multiple fandoms, I’m seeing a pattern of a character getting a lot of hate from the fans because they a) made a terrible decision during the story or b) are flawed. (Of course, there are more reasons. I’m just saying this is what I see most of the time)

Like what the heck. I thought you want complex, realistic characters. Making mistakes or having flaws IS realistic. Real people are like that; they don’t always make the right/most appropriate decisions; they aren’t always kind or considerate; they sometimes say hurtful things or have problematic views. It doesn’t necessarily make them a horrible person. A complex character isn’t just clean-cut good or bad; they’re often both. You can’t just look for one thing and say “See, this character is so problematic. I hate them”

Another thing is understanding why a character does something, doesn’t mean you’re justifying it. Like, just because you can understand why a character who feels abandoned and betrayed would lash out, doesn’t mean you think it’s right for them to do so.

I know a lot of people on Tumblr is quite young.  But really, you need to realize that nobody’s perfect. No character should be “perfect”, and that’s what make them interesting.

Woo here, going to take a break for a bit because I’m honestly reaching my snapping point. Mark made it clear, keep it PG-13, keep smut out of the tag, and yet somehow people still want to argue over something that seems pretty damn cut and dry. I’ve been drilling the idea of consent into people and to still see that so many just do not get it just makes me weep.

Poor Mark, honestly, he deserves better than this. He asks one simple thing and people who claim to adore him treat him like he’s meat. Way to make the community feel safe for survivors of non-consent guys, thanks for shoving your bullshit in the tag. Where exactly are those of you who were yelling at me to be more considerate of others feelings now? 

Followers and people who have been sending nice messages, thank you, I love you. And I’ll be back later.


Okay so I literally just got off work and I come on here and literally ALL I SEE is posts about how people are mad about what Ashton said in his interview with Rhythm magazine. Okay 1) Get the fuck over it. 2) how many times have reporters twisted things that people have said to make it seem harsher than it actually is? All. The. Damn. Time. Okay so we don’t even know if he said those exact words. And 3) I’m sorry but if he said it… He’s right. Granted, there are members of the bandom that started liking the boys because of their musical talent and not for their looks. (Aka me and literally everyone I’m actually friends with because of this band) okay when I first started liking 5SOS it wasn’t because I was blown away by how incredibly hot they were (or rather awkwardly cute since the pink speaker days were not the boys we have today lets be real). Unfortunately, most people in the FANDOM are only here because they fell in love with their eyes and what they saw instead of their ears and what they heard. These boys aren’t here to be fucking eye candy. They’re here to make music. It’s what they love to do and it’s their music that should be bringing everyone together, not the fact that they’re attractive. And if I’m being honest… People getting mad at him for generalizing the whole fanbase as 14…. He’s got a point. How else is he supposed to view us when we have people egging his rumored girlfriend and sending her hate and literally doing everything that a decent human being shouldn’t do. I get that it’s difficult to see your fav with a gf sometimes (I’m an Ashton girl so I know. But I literally don’t give a fuck anymore. Like let him live his life). I think what he’s trying to get at is NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THE MUSIC. THATS WHAT WE ARE ALL HERE FOR PEOPLE- THE MUSIC. And if you’re not here for the music then you shouldn’t be a fan of the band. Because those boys aren’t paid to be models, they’re paid to make music and play music. That’s all. Stop getting your panties in a twist because the boy said “14 yr old chicks”. If you don’t want to be generalized like that, don’t give him a reason to generalize us like that.

Btw, I’m 18, so I’m not some younger fan making a post about what he said being right. I’m just saying yall need to stop taking everything out of context and taking it way out of proportion. That’s all. I’m done.