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((Yay new story! I’m actually working on ‘chapters’ if you will and I’m super excited for next weekend. XD Cuz that’s when they’re gonna be up.))

Being a Galactic Ranger is more stressful than Ratchet originally thought and the Lombax is, quite literally, losing sleep. Clank finds the answer to help in a strange place.

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I know this sounds like a dumb question but is it soy or estoy gorda. I thought it was soy as it's a characteristic but my wife thinks its estoy (she's a native speaker) as she says weight can change. So we discussed it and now we're both confused and now we can't work out if it's soy or estoy gorda. gracias!!

They’re both technically correct. I personally would go for ser

To me, estar gordo/a feels like it’s a very temporary thing you gained weight all of a sudden. It would also be used to say “to look fat”, like I would use estar gordo/a if a piece of clothing isn’t particularly flattering.

In my experience, your basic height and weight are done with ser. And estar for weight feels like it’s highly unusual for that person to be fat.

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Hey Alyssa, I want to lose weight really bad but I can't seem to motivate myself to keep going because I don't really believe in myself.. Are there any tips you can give me to keep up with this?

don’t think about “losing weight” think about “i want to be healthy”. Losing weight is not just about exercise, it’s about what you put in your body. 

So when Sam and I started dating, she was about 20lbs heavier and we didn’t go to the gym and she didn’t workout, when I figure out I was lactose intolerant, we both stopped eating dairy and she also stopped drinking because I couldn’t drink so she didn’t see a point to anymore and without exercise, she lost 20 ills because she changed her diet. I’m not saying do this I’m just saying I’ve seen this work for sam and it might work for you. Good Luck and remember you are beautiful no matter what the scale says. <3 

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I’m breaking up with running.

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I’ve sorta fallen out of love. The reason? I’m finding that I have to run, I don’t want to run.

I want my week to be a variety of things. I’d like to pack my gym bag the night before and go ‘I fancy swimming tomorrow’ not ‘I need to run x amount of miles’. I don’t want to just run. Just running makes me hate it. Exercise should be something you enjoy, not dread.

If I get through the London ballot then I’ll train and run it, there’s no way I’m throwing away that opportunity, if I don’t get in then after Amsterdam half marathon I’m going to cut back. I’ll still run but I’d just like to be at a point where I can comfortably run 10k, running further if I feel like it not because I have to and if there’s a half I fancy then I’ll train up for it. I guess this is more me breaking up with long distance running?

I love spin, I love body pump, I love a ton of other classes that I haven’t had time for because of running, I love just going on the cross trainer for ages and making up life stories for all the regulars. I LOVE EXERCISE. I don’t need to worry about giving up running and becoming a lazy slug.

My goals are no longer run further and faster but keep fit and be happy.

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“Noooooo. I don’t want to run anymore. No more exercise. I just want to lay here. No I want to shower then lay here. No. A bath. A warm bath.” Clay whined looking at the other man he had no more drive to do anything but be lazy and whine. “I want a bath and cuddles. Can I have that?” 

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Kinda a weird question but does exercise increase sex drive cuz I've been working out for a month now and I just want it all the time lol

Exercise can enhance self image which in turn makes you feel sexier. It also releases endorphins which have been linked to an increase in hormones that regulate sex drive or boost your libido. So yes regular exercise can not only help you feel sexier but can also increase your desire for sexual activity. Just a few more perks of working out! ;)

Little victories

Despite my momentary motivation, when it came around to it I just did not want to exercise today. Overall I was feeling tired and lazy with a major headache, but I sucked it up and did a short 10 minute arm workout. Of course I wish I had done an hour long super intense cardio session to burn some serious calories, but after not exercising almost all summer at least I did something. I gave it what little energy I had, and that will always be better than doing nothing.

TMI it’s shark week and it’s bad because I’ve had daily anxiety attacks so I’m super worn down and I haven’t had any exercise and I just want to stay in bed all day and cry and watch dumb romantic movies but I have to go out and see a friend who I haven’t seen in over a year and I can’t reschedule because she has to go back to Boston soon. 

I need snuggles, dammit.

FMLS90 day 19.

What exercise is your “biggest demon?” The one thing you have always wanted to do but struggled with but vow you will do someday!

Can’t say I have a “biggest demon.” I don’t have grandiose expectations or dreams of any sort; certainly not exercise-wise. I just want to be capable of doing the Arc Trainer, elliptical, and Stair Stepper at a moderate resistance for a reasonable period of time. That’s where I’m at right now.

Just a heads up

I’ve deleted a couple of tips (#5 & #10) because I’ve decided I’m going to try and avoid giving out advice that may be considered dangerous or supposedly false [if there are any more tips you may find unhealthy please let me know and I’ll take them down]
My blog isn’t really an ‘ana’ blog, but I’ve decided I’m going to focus on the more healthier aspect of weight loss - and I might start recording some diary logs too if that’s ok. Tips will still be posted but they will be healthy tips like help with exercises and HEALTHY diet. I just want to make this slight change because I both don’t want to spread unhealthy advice and I don’t want to lose my blog from tumblr.
I’ll still be open for helping you guys out if you want to message me.
But I hope you guys understand, and remember to stay safe 😘

I’m having one of those mornings that’s difficult. Not that anyone is doing anything wrong or things are particularly flustering, no just mentally difficult and tired. Babies are hard, babies with chronic illness is extremely hard, and then I’ve got the doctor run around to do, nevermind her needs. Top it off with guilt and frustration that I can’t do as much as I want and feel like I should and I’m just a little miserable today.

And like, the fact that recently someone said something shitty to me just makes it worse. Yes, I actually do want to exercise, but at this point I need medical supervision and guidance because my health is all over the place. That isn’t a cue for you to say “please, you just don’t really want to do it, you’re just making excuses.” Like, no, fuck you, I would love to be active and have always wanted to be, but I’ve always had health problems and they’ve just gotten worse.

This same person had the nerve to make a similar comment about my getting married. I want to get married, but I don’t have the money even for the license. It’s not making excuses to say I literally cannot afford even 70-80$ for the license, much less a ceremony. If I had that money I’d have better things to spend it on, more important and immediate things. That doesn’t mean I “don’t actually want to get married”. Don’t fucking insult me, I said I want to, you invalidating me and blowing me off as flaky and insinuating I’m a liar isn’t changing that I said what I mean and mean what I said. It sure as shit isn’t making that money appear in my pocket or my budget, it isn’t making me want to get married more, but it sure is making me not want to invite you when I do.

Then there’s my parents. My mom is better about this stuff than she used to be, but ugh, if she don’t still be spouting the most ableist crap sometimes. Even just being in denial or brushing off my problems is an issue. She blew off the fact I’ve had palpitations for years as the stress of adulting, but like, no? It certainly shouldn’t be that, but ok? Then again she still does the whole “omg you’re not disabled” nonsense like she’s trying to encourage me but it’s like, you’re not encouraging me you’re just dismissing me and not listening. I’m done bitching.

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Ana confession: My friends all think that i'm cured of my ed but secretly im harshly starving myself and exercising most of the time. I just want someone to notice how not-ok i am..


so i guess i wrote some undertail content since sex is like directly referenced instead of vaguely alluded to but it’s pretty boring

it’s kind of like “if i was going to write something about sans and grillby fooling around in that series, how would it go that would be interesting to me” but at the same time i don’t want anything actually set in stone there because i’m…not really invested in that?  and it’s fine for people to decide what they want there.  

at the same time i kind of want to post it, just as like a writing exercise?  I’m thinking about how I’d rate it if I was in another fandom where I was less drawn to G rated stuff.  It’d probably be T.  

I dunno.  Anyone interested in reading it, while taking it with a grain of salt?  Anyone deeply opposed?  

I travel solo a lot more now but I have so many stupid moments you don’t even understand

“well I guess I’m too dumb to figure out this elevator key so I’m gonna lug all my shit up three flights of stairs and pretend I just wanted the exercise”

My workout went well! My headache disappeared woo. A man who I see all the time at the gym was there as well today, and helped me out with some exercises. Thank you sir!

I normally just want to be left alone but I’m really grateful when people want to help out. Sore sore soreeeeee haha

I feel like I want to exercise or something, like just get a little more fit for myself, but

Pros of exercising:

- I look a lil better
- Feel a lil healthier
- I think it would help me pass a bit better and I would be a little more confident

Cons of exercising:

- Excercise
- It’s more comfy to cuddle with my boyfriend when I’m squishy
- Excercise