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A continuation of Jamie washing Claire's shift please! Where she'd woken up and learned than Jamie washed it. Hahaha! (Fluff and maybe wee smut?)

Well alright! I can do that!! Though I’m not sure how smutty it’ll get. I guess we’ll see what they want. ;) You can find the other post here.

Well, the smut didn’t come, but the feels certainly did. Sorry ‘bout that…

I woke groggily, but in less pain. My mouth tasted stale, likely from the tea Jamie had brought me.

I sat up slowly and looked around our room. When I’d fallen asleep, I’d just been curled up on top of the quilts. Now I was tucked snuggly beneath them, my hair brushed from my face. A plate sat on the table in the corner, bread and cheese piled on top of it. He’d left me something to have for lunch. 

Now that most of the pain was gone, I was ravenous. I slipped out of bed and walked slowly to the table where I sank into the chair and began eating. A note sat beside the plate.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there when you woke, Sassenach, but I’ve duties to attend in the stable. I’ll be back to check on you as soon as may be.

Yours, J

I smiled to myself and finished the small lunch he’d prepared for me. When a gentle breeze came in through the window, something caught my eye. 

Frowning, I looked closer and saw my soiled shift hanging near the fire to dry.

“He cooks, he cleans,” I mumbled to myself. “Is there anything he doesn’t do?”

By the time dinner rolled around, I was feeling much more myself. The first day was always the worst, and this one had hit me particularly hard. I dressed as comfortably as I could and went down for dinner. I stopped by the kitchen to thank Mrs. Fitz for the tea.

“Och, dinna mention it, Claire. I’m just glad it helped. Young Jamie was a right mess when he asked me for it.”

“A mess?”

“Aye. Worriet sick o’er ye.”

I tried to suppress the smile that wanted to come out and Mrs. Fitz saw it.

“Aye, he’s a good one.”

“It seems he is. Thank you again for the tea.”

“Anytime, Claire. He’s probably just coming in for dinner now, ye ken. And right worriet sick o’er ye. Go to him.”

“I will.”

I wound through the corridors into the great hall and saw Jamie pushing through the crowd of people until he saw me.

“Sassenach! Are ye alright, then?”

“I’m much better now, thank you. You really didn’t need to clean my shift. I was going to get around to it after I felt better.”

“Och, dinna fash. It was only a wee bit o’ blood.”

I cringed.

“But it’s not just blood.”

His face paled a little.

“It isna just blood?”

“Perhaps that’s something I can tell you later. Not right before dinner.”

“Aye. Are ye hungry then?”

I nodded and walked to his side. He put an arm around me and we went to find a place to sit. 

After dinner, we went up to our room as I was too exhausted to do anything else. Jamie stopped by the kitchens again and brought up more tea for me. 

“Are ye still in pain?”

“A bit. I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“Jenny always had the worst pains on her second day.”

I blinked up at him, shocked to hear him talking so easily about a woman’s monthly.

“You knew Jenny’s cycle?”

“Oh aye. I didna want to get on her bad side on a good day, let alone on a really bad day.”

That made me snort as I let the tea steep. I stretched my back, trying to rub at the sore spot. Jamie came up behind me and began working on the laces of my skirts. As soon as they fell away, I breathed a sigh of relief. The pressure they’d been putting on my already pained body had been getting to me. But now I was feeling better.

His warm hands pushed my shoulders until I was facing him. With a soft smile, he began undoing the laces of my bodice. It reminded me a bit of our wedding night, less than a month before. At least my breasts had stopped aching.

“Better?” he asked as he gathered up my clothes.

“Yes, much better. Thank you, Jamie.”

With his back to me, he began undressing for bed as well. I wondered what he was thinking about.

I’d heard some of the whispers at dinner, the other married women making comments bout my lack of pregnancy. Had Jamie heard the whispers too? Was he upset that I wasn’t pregnant?

Slightly more troubled than before, I finished my tea and burrowed beneath the quilts. Jamie joined me, pulling me close to him as he settled comfortably into the bed.



“Are you… Are you unhappy?”

I felt him sit up and looked over my shoulder at him.

“Unhappy? Why would ye think that?”

“Well it’s just… I heard some of the women at dinner whispering and… Are you unhappy that I’m not pregnant?”

His nose flared a little as he thought over his words.

“No,” he said finally. “I’m no’ upset about it. Me being an outlaw, us newly wed. Perhaps it’s for the best that ye are’na wi’ child yet. A life on the run is no place for a bairn.”

“Oh,” I said lamely. “Alright.”

“Get some rest, Sassenach.”

I nodded and settled myself again.


The word stuck with me like a flashing light.


He didn’t know, how could he? Frank and I had tried to have children to no avail. I was barren. He would never have a child to pass on a name and lineage to, no one to teach about the Scottish Highlands. Because he’d taken a barren wife without knowing it.

What surprised me most was the feeling of sadness I had, knowing I’d never be able to give him a child. Like there was a sense of loss that I didn’t fully understand. 

I shuddered as another wave of pain, dulled by the tea, came over me. Jamie, who was already sound asleep, held me tighter against him. I took comfort in the strength of his arms and let myself drift off.

//I’m trying out a new style and I need characters to sketch out with this new-ish [tbh I can’t tell if it’s really any different… maybe my eyes are tricking me?!] style ;v;

So if your an ask blog and would like to help me out, please reply [I will delete asks… I don’t want my askbox clogged orz] to this post with the blog you want me to draw a muse from (preferably a blog YOU own and has some sort of about/ref page???)… IF YOU’RE A MULTI MUSE BLOG, GIVE ME AN EXACT CHARACTER. I HATE CHOOSING TT_TT
Please and thanks!
I really like the style but I need to experiment and see if it will work on other kinds of characters… ;w;//

EDIT: for the ref part - A face is good enough~ I just need something that is easy to look at and understand how to draw~ I will most likely be drawing only waist ups…

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What about an imagine that you feel really insecure because you've broken out in spots and your bf Dylan or Eric tries to comfort you telling you your perfect no matter what

I feel like this isn’t very good but I hope you like it anyway

“Hey babe check it out, I took it from the computer room, Ha” turning around Dyl had a camera pointed at you zooming in and out on your face “Stop it” you turned away covering your face, he walked closer touching your cheek with the camera “Why” it was funny at first and you giggled along before smacking the camera out of his hands landing on the floor with a thud “What the hell, why did you do that?”

“Because I don’t want you filming me” he picked up the camera checking it for damage “But you always let me film you” you let out a sigh “I just feel insecure today, I broke out on my cheek” Dylan leaned in examining your face “Yeah I see it” you felt your face get warm with embarrassment and you walked away from him “Asshole”

You avoided Dylan the rest of the day and ran out of the school when you saw him looking for you, finally home you slammed the door and dropped your bag on the floor. Finally you were alone but halfway up the stairs you hear knocking on the door “Are you kidding me” the last thing you wanted to do was deal with people. Opening the door you were met with Dylan “Can I come in” you just opened the door further in reply. He came in and you curiously looked at the bag in his hands as he went to the couch and sat down, “What’s that” you gestured to the bag and he reached in pulling out a container “It’s an avocado mask or some shit, and I got this I saw it on a commercial apparently it works really good” he was so sweet and you couldn’t stay mad at him “Dyl…I’m sorry I freaked out on you” “It’s cool, I think you look perfect no matter what but I want you to feel beautiful, so I guess you can go see if this works or not” and he handed you the bag

You don’t even know how you did it but you were able to convince Dyl to try it, and you couldn’t help but laugh at his green face hair tied back in a ponytail “Why does it feel weird” he reached up poking at his face “Dyl stop, you’re not supposed to touch it” you giggled and while he was watching TV you snuck into his backpack and pulled out the dinged up camera taking careful steps behind the couch turning on the camera “Hey Dyl” he turned around “Yeah” and you watched his eyes go wide at the sight of the camera and he turned away “Babe don’t” but you continued to film “Come on Dyl show the camera how you look like a cute alien” he turned and looked at you with a frown “Cute??”

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Ok so I saw your biggest sexual fantasies is something with a sugar mama but do you have anymore than that? I'm rlly horny and I need to see them rn.


Like…specifically surrounding the sugar mama thing? Or just in general my sexual fantasies?

In general, lately I’ve wanted to tie up a cute girl, have her spread out nice and wide for me, and just spend hours teasing and pleasing her. Toys of all sorts, dildos, vibrators, something either hole. Eating that pussy until my face is soaked and then fucking her deep and hard however and whenever I please. I’m normally not the dominating type, but I’ve been bored and deprived lately.

Also had a really cute idea when I laid in bed last night. It was freezing cold in my room, and I thought it’d be wonderful to have a cute girl with from frigid, hard nipples ask me to warm her up, and I’d suck her nipples until they were nice and wet and warm.

Uh…not sure what else to mention! >.<

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I just love your stories! You are such an amazing writer and I wanted to let you know you bring a smile to my face every time I see one of your writings! I really love your Draco and Serious stories!

Thank you very much! This, brought a smile to my face!

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I hope you kill yourself you dumb white bitch. We dont want your support after the shit ur fam pulled

I’m mexican, i’m no where near white. You must be one of those dumbasses that hear a race and think of only one color. The “ I hope you kill yourself “ line is so overused it’s become my anthem of living. I live to annoy you and everyone else.

I would go into detail about how stupid this whole fucking hate comment is, but I just want everyone to see this and laugh.  Aahh yes, my family they did pull some shit coming across the Rio only to become citizens, go to war, become nurses, artist and lawyers. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY.  

I don’t always answers anon, but when I do I make sure it’s the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen. Next time when you go around talking some lyin bullshit how about you show me your face. Cause I have no fucking qualms showing mine to talk shit. But, i’m not a little baby who hides behind a shady circle with shades.

Estoy en lo cierto? La proxima vez que alguien llama blanca asegurarse de que realmente sabe lo que su decir. I pueden burlarse de usted, pero yo también estoy diciendo que deje de ser un payaso y muestra su cara cuando se quiere hablar. Vale, vale tener un buen día  . 

Adios y chinga tu madre.

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That's without a doubt Jonghyun. The hair-Taemin clearly has dark hair in the other pictures from that day, the profile, hands (that's not a rosary ring and Jonghyun sometimes wears rings too though not as often) the shirt-the print on Taemin's comes all the way up on his shoulder and Jonghyun's is a smaller print on the chest. I'm sorry, I don't mean to get hung up on it or be a pest or be rude. That's not my intention at all, I just wanted to point those things out.

no problem!  as long as you don’t call me names, i’m absolutely ok with being told i might be wrong.

do you think i think the blond is taemin?  because that’s clearly jonghyun.  the faces go jonghyu, jinki, minho, with taemin behind jinki.

here’s the picture in question:

& here’s a front view of the shirts.

you can see the pattern of the sleeve visible in the first pic matches taemin in the second.

now, if we’re going to assume the ring isn’t taemin’s we have to look at the other piece of jewelry available, specifically the bracelent.  

look at their wrists.

for me it breaks down to the simple logistics.  i tried to stand next to my brother, on a stand three inches above him, & in the same position as jonghyun & make my hand touch his chest & i couldn’t without being nearly on top of him.  our heads were next to each other.  the only explanation is someone behind jinki & that, as evidenced by the sleeve, ring, & bracelet suggests it was taemin.  (i think we can all agree that kibum is very unlikely source.)

thank you, actually, for being so passionate on what might seem like a trivial topic.  it’s important to me that i be factually accurate if i’m going to post “oh look at my otp being cute!”  you’re doing me a service by making me double-check & i really do appreciate it.


I had a shit day at school and I was not prepared for this. huh then again maybe Bentley being here was a good thing, I mean I could take my anger out on his face after all. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I don’t keep the snark or disdain from my voice. 

Bentley sighs and doesn’t look up,”Look Kit I’m not in the mood for your shit, I  just want to see Em.” 

I laugh, not because it’s funny but because he is so pathetic, I cant even believe it actually. 

“Well she’s not here, so get your sorry ass out of my door way.” 

He stands up and I walk past him making sure to slam the door in his face. 

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Hey I know you've gotten a lot of garbage for your comic and I honestly want to say that I thought it was adorable and sweet. It honestly changed my mind about Litten's final evolution in a big way, and I want to thank you for that. Also your style is so adorable! I love how you draw expressive faces! So I hope things get better, and I hope you and your future Litten have lots of fun adventures!

Oh man thanks! I’m happy to see that my comic had such an impact on you, it’s really flattering to hear as an artist. And I’ll definitely be having a lot of fun with my Litten once I get the game, I just need to figure out which one to get!

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

Yes this shawl is too big for me (im only 5ft and the shawl is waaaaaaay more, maybe it’s 8ft) also this is a weird face. I’m in a car. That’s a seat belt. I’m pretty sure this shawl is from mardan, so I’m kinda bias.


“Just wait. One day everything will fall together and you’ll have a true family. You must face these hardships though.”

Requested by: —-


Supernatural S12E01

This marks the return of my semi-regular segment of “chloe reads too much into jensen’s body language and microexpressions”. I’m sure you were all waiting for this with bated breath :)

Okay so since the hug itself has already been discussed a lot, I want to focus on the moment before. His face in the first gif - for me this is relief and just general emotion at seeing Cas again, knowing that’s he’s okay. Cas and Sam have been on Dean’s mind, so it’s only logical that some of the tension is relieved when he sees that Cas is okay and that he immediately asks for Sam after the hug.

But what I find interesting in mostly in the second gif. So it’s definitely Cas that goes in for a vigorous hug, but Dean moves into it as well. He doesn’t lean back or cross his arms to subtly discourage a hug. Actually he does the opposite - his arms are wide open.

And yes, his arms were already in a sort of open position due to him stopping Mary with one hand and putting his own gun down with the other, but it takes like less than a second to let your arms fall down. Holding them raised like that is unnatural and it tells me that, subconsciously at least, he wanted that hug, was ready for it. It’s actually easier for him to let Cas take the lead in hugs, because then Cas can be the more emotionally “vulnerable” one, but Dean still gets to reap the benefits (aka the hug).

I see what you did there Dean.

i desperately want a clone wars documentary where you just see a bunch of jedi interviews and shots of the life on the front lines. framed with like this promise for hard-hitting coverage, and inspiring acts of bravery by the jedi heroes and then…

“So Padawan Tano, what did you think about the Hero with No Fear’s plan to recapture the planet?”

“It was the dumbest thing I had heard in my li-” Anakin runs in screaming. Ahsoka can’t even keep a straight face for five seconds. “Screw it, it was actually the second dumbest thing I heard in the last hour. Just yesterday his plan involved nearly blowing up the planet and asking Jar-Jar Binks to flirt with someone.” 

Anakin’s robe is on fire. All the troops of the 501st are panicking.

“Anakin is just so reckless.”

Cue shot of Obi-Wan leaping out of a building, sassing Maul about his new legs, wearing no armor, literally being the most reckless motherfucker in the galaxy

“I just don’t understand where he gets it from.”

“That plan against the Separatist forces was so daring, Knight Skywalker. Would you say that’s the secret to your success?”

“Well yeah of course, but a lot of it’s subtlety too. Quietly reading your opponent. Masking your moves and motives to confuse-

Holo-phone (i don’t know what kind of phones they have, don’t judge me) rings. “Oh hi, Padme babe. Sorry, I’m being interviewed right now. Love you snookums, no love you more, no love you more, okay but seriously, I’ll talk to you later, angel.”

Awkward look at the reporter and slowly dawning horror on his face. “Senator Amidala and I have a very close platonic relationship. Now, back to that question about my successful use of misdirection and subtlety?”


Jeffree Star’s SKIN FROST Highlighting Powder by Twinksimstress

Avaliable in all 4 shades <3 

Please tag me if you use them so i can reblog ^^


I know that Jeffree will be adding more shades in the future so i will be updating this post whenever new shades come out,I wanted to make this as a set with the BeautyKiller palette but @hallowsims already made one and its absolutely gorgeous so i wont be posting my version for download for now since theyre pretty similar.
I made all the shades slightly transparent so they will match all skin tones(base game and CC)
Also added lots of screenshots with the different shades so you can see how it looks in game(all pictures are unedited just poorly cropped ;-;)

  • Custom Thumbnail
  • 10 colors
  • 2 different version -All face highlight and just on the cheeks
  • Avaliable in Facepaint


ABOUT THE V2: Added new swatches + NOW COMPATIBLE WITH @xmiramira Melanin pack! 

V2 DOWNLOAD: MEGA // SFS (recommended for deeper skintones)


Do I want you to stay? Of course I do. 
Because being around you makes me happy in an entirely new and special way. 
But I have no claim on you. 
And I’ve traveled halfway around the sun without you before and I know I’ll be just fine. 
These next six months are going to be monumental for me-and I feel like for you too. 
This time as I watched you walk away, I had a smile on my face. 
I’m excited to see how much brighter our two stars are the next time we collide. 
Maybe we’ll be bright enough to spark something.
Or maybe I will have learned how to be bright enough to light up my own journey.