As soon as it’s released who is in charge of the movie I’m hopping on that ship. I’m not even kidding, the studio where the liveaction segments are going to be recorded is twenty minutes from my house. It’s my end goal to get hired at that office but I WILL SETTLE FOR THIS IN THE SHORT TERM. I wanna be an extra, in the distance I don’t even need to be facing the camera, JUST SLAP ME IN A GROUP SHOT DUDE


YA GIRL IS OFFICIALLY DONE WITH SUMMER SCHOOL! (lmao, here’s my way over due selfie tag cause y n OT)

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consider: nancy finally goes to confess her feelings to jonathan and she's just ranting/babbling on and on and he's just listening patiently with a tiny smile on his face and when she finally finishes and she's like "wELL??? WHAT DO YOU THINK?" he just goes over and kisses her

You know, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Mainly because I’ve been drafting my fic over the last couple weeks and I’ve come up with a few different routes I want to take as far as them finally getting together goes. I’m going for slow burn so it will be a while, but I can absolutely see Nancy babbling like that. I’ve actually written her kind of fumbly so far. I think it’s rather endearing. 

Jonathan is tough though. As the writers put it, “he is a complicated guy”. That he is. It’s hard to say for sure exactly how he would react in that situation - Nancy confronting him with her feelings. Do I think he would grab her and kiss her? I don’t think so, not with what we’ve seen of his character development so far. Head canon wise? Oh absolutely. It’s such an appealing head canon. I’m a stickler for realism though so if you read my fic, brace yourselves hehe thanks for writing!

What do you guys think? How would Jonathan react in that situation? 

I just want to take a moment to tell you all how happy I am to see your submissions and messages in my inbox and chat. I haven’t responded to everyone yet because I have been crazy busy this week - but please know that if I haven’t answered you, I will! I’m so grateful for everyone one of you. You’ve all brought a smile to my face this week.

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you totally should post a selfie

this is one i took a few days ago, here you are, graced by meeting the face of absolute marvelousness, you might as well pull out your eyes now because there’s nothing else that’s worth seeing, this is my major contribution to society, my big bang, truly I understand if you want to give up on everything now, after all I am pretty great, but don’t put yourself down, you are beautiful too! 

Just not as beautiful as me.


Oli is me around friends in relationships being all lovey dovey.

Jeon Jungkook As Your Best Friend

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  • Watching horror movies at midnight cause’ he likes to scare you and use it as an excuse to keep you in his arms for the rest of the movie
  • Sleeping over at his place as he’d pretend he’s scared to sleep alone just to hug you to sleep and maybe even take this excuse to bury his face on your chest
  • Building forts with your bed sheets and him snuggling with you as he’d tell you the weirdest things you heard in a  while “ Do you want to see my seagull dance?”
  • Him being obsessed with Seagulls.” I relate to seagulls on a deeper level. My seagulls understand me unlike you! They fly and they like fries just like me”
  • You, stealing his white shirts and hoodies while the guy cannot survive because of you. “ WHY DID YOU STAIN MY FAVORITE WHITE SHIRT *CRIES THE HAN RIVER*. “ Come on Jeon, you have like 100 white t-shirts”. “ Don’t take my white shirts for granted you cruel woman.They’re all precious to me. My children  * rubs his cheek on the fabric on the white shirt* ” he’d pout
  • Him stealing your beanies and you pulling on his cheeks as a payback because you never find them afterwards. “ I did not take THEM!!!”
  • Him randomly putting his arm around your shoulder, because he likes the feeling of showing off that he has a girl even you’re not even his girlfriend.
  • You, teasing him because he always calls himself “International playboy” yet he can’t even approach girls.
  • Him pushing your back with his head when he wants you to move because that’s how he rolls
  • Him turning casual and normal backhugs onto a fight because he picks you up along the way and throws you somewhere god only knows why. “ I like picking up things and throwing them. My BAD” he’d giggle at you
  • Him randomly grabbing your hands and staring at your fingers and finger nails because he’s fascinated over how girly they look and how tiny they are compared to his larger hands. “ You’re so tiny” he’d comment and you’d fire back “ Yeah, just like your dick” you smirk. “ HOW DARE YOU”, he’d glare at you
  • You and him going on an adventure at night because you like breaking the rules and getting out of the dorm after curfew.
  • Eating ice cream at 3 in the morning because Jungkook can’t eat alone and ‘he’s scared’ Yeah bullshit
  • Watching the Titanic and him getting all teary but not wanting to admit it so he says that his eyes are sweating.
  • You ,making him pigtails with your hairties when he’s asleep because you like to take pictures and use it to blackmail him for future purposes. #TrueFriendship
  • Him trying to pull down your American Appereal Tennis Skirt cause’ they’re too short apprently .  “ I CAN’T.” he’d hide his eyes before snapping out “ WEAR PANTS OR SOMETHING PLEASE.I CAN’T PROTECT YOU ONCE YOU FLASH PEOPLE”. What he doesn’t know is that you’re wearing safety shorts lol.
  • Getting Ice cream and him licking onto yours as if it was everyday’s normal shit and you finding it utterly gross but then you cope up with it,cause’ jungkook never makes sense.
  • Him touching your boobs or your butt by accident and freezing because he never thought something scandalizing like this could happen to him . “ I-I-I-I DID NOT MEAN TO T-T-TOUCH IT.” he’d blink before regaining his composure “ But damn, It feels so soft can I touch it again?” he’d grins at you “ Come on, WE’RE FRIENDS!! I’LL let you touch me too– “ he replies and you smirk at him.He panics as he replies “ Uhm no, you know what? On second Thought, I don’t think it’s a good idea If I let you touch me”
  • You accusing him of watching porn because all guys do it and he’s trying to seem innocent in your eyes. “ I DONT’ WATCH PORN Pffffft. * stares everywhere except you*”
  • Sharing your first kiss because Jungkook has these uncontrollable hormones that begged him to jump on you when you were freshmans in high school.
  • Shopping for you lingerie together because Jungkook likes how Victoria Secret’s bra shops smell good.People think you’re a couple because jungkook even helps you out to pick your bras. He chooses the most scandalous ones most of the times. “Ooh~ I like lace. Try this on~”He’d pick the most racy bra in the entire shop and you’d roll your eyes“ I’m buying this to support my boobs not to impress you, romeo” you nudge his head
  • You , patting his butt in an adoration manner , because he’s like your son in some kind of way and this is also the reason why you didn’t freak out when he touched your butt by accident.
  • Going to the movies and him being all sneaky and eating more than half of the popcorn because he does not give a single F and he’s too hungry.
  • You, glaring at him cause’ he always steals your food without permission but then he pouts at you and gives you the puppy face , so you can’t even retort
  • You, pulling on his cheeks endlessly because he’s so squishy and him cringing his face cause’ it’s hurting him so badly.
  • Getting asked out on a date by a senior, but jungkook randomly steps in and cockblocks you for no apparent reason cause’ he doesn’t like the guy.
  • Sending little silly notes to each other in class when the teacher is talking cause’ jungkook absolutely needed to share his discomfort about you going out on a date with Jimin while stating that he’s a pervert
  • You teasing him about his crushes in front of them because you just like seing jungkook acting all shy and embarrased.
  • Him threatening you with his eyes to shut it because he can’t bare with the embarrassement.
  •   Clubbing together and you chose to wear a short sparkly dress meanwhile he tries covering you up for the entire night with his vest no matter what cause’ he’s worried. “ STOP EXHIBITING YOUR BODY . I BEG YOU!!”
  • Getting drunk together and stumbling your way back home as he’s sobbing a river on your shoulder over how he’s sad that Sailor Moon is a fictionnal anime character and not his girl.
  • Him bitting your shoulder when you’re cuddling because that’s his way to show affection while staying close.
  • Him engulfing you in his arms whenever you try arguing against him cause’ he knows how much you soften up the second your face is buried on his chest
  • You, telling him about all of your crushes and how much you find Zac Efron sexy meanwhile he’s getting salty as hell and you don’t notice it.
  • Him pretending to be your boyfriend in the most random moments cause’ he doesn’t like it when other boys hit on you. “ She’s my fiancee. Don’t even f*cking try it.”
  • Sometimes he takes his game a bit too far . “ We’re having a second kid and she’s three months pregnant. I suggest you f*ck off sir” he’d smirk . “ WHO’S PREGNANT–” you’d be ready to shout at him but he’d put his palm casually over your lips “ Don’t shout babe,It’s not good FOR THE BABY!!” he’d keep on playing
  • You nagging him for not letting you date any guy because he’s always acting way too overprotective. “ Boys are dangerous Y/N. They’re savage!! Don’t go near them and find a man you can trust. Just like me” he’d reply with a smug look
  • You playing with his black silky while haor pulling on it a few times to get his attention and him complaining because his scalp is too precious to get totured by you. “ My hair is worth millions, don’t go around pulling on it as if I’m your doll”
  • Him randomly picking you up bridal style whenever he’s happy about something cause’ He likes to show off his strenght “ I’M THE MAN!!!”
  • Moving in together because it’s easier to pay the rent that way and you’re used to each other
  • Playing fight or having pillow fights as you make so much noise that your neighbors complain.
  • Sharing your shampoo and products because jungkook loves to smell the same as you. “ SHARE IT.” Jungkook would pull the conditionner away from you “ Dont’ all stingy. I still play half of the rent. Lets be eco-friendly oki doki?”
  • Him playing with your hair and making the most hideous hairstyles ever seen in history. “ Oooh~ you look like a witttcchhhhhh!!!!” he’d laugh “ Now you look like a poop” he’d play once again “ How about I turn you onto a Seagull? Do you have hair gel somewhere?”
  • Him bitting on your forearm with his bunny teeth when you work on your school project cause’ he believes that playing with him is better than getting a good grade. “ Come on Y/N. Get up or I’ll eat you” he’d bite your shoulder and you’d give him a  scandalized stare. He takes back his words “ O-Oh U-Uhm…* cough cough* NOT IN THAT SENSE OF THE TERM ” he’d blush franctically
  • Him stealing your nivea lipbalms because he likes to test them out but never gives them back “ I feel like I kissed you when I wear these lipbalms” he’d chuckle
  • Making out accidentally when you’re both drunk because Jungkook has been single for too long and he cannot keep his hands to himself. “Come on, It won’t hurt to just kiss. I promise I won’t go further than a kiss” he’d giggle at you
  • Him trying to get more everytime because once he got a taste he’d like to have more. “ Come on~~~ Y/N!!! I even chose your underwear with you.There’s nothing weird about this!! It’d be more weird if we’d stay away from each other “  but he eventually feels weird for wanting this since you’re supposed to be friends. “ Why am I feeling like this?” He’d feel hot and bothered when looking at your lips
  • You rolling your eyes over how horny he gets on a daily basis and him feelling extra embarrassed because you’re a witness. “ Sorry, it’s not like I can control this” he’d bite on his bottom lip
  • Him falling for you with time and you being oblivious.
  • Him looking at you with adoration for no reason and making up excuses just to keep you close to him. “It’s winter, lets not waste money on the heater and just cuddle instead.”
  • Him wanting to save money in other naughty ways too. “How about we shower together too? We’d save lots of money for tuition” he’d smirk at you and you being scandalized “ STOP BEING SO ECO-FRIENDLY. I’M NOT SHOWERING WITH YOU” you’d spit back “ Girl, Please!! Don’t be all stingy! I just wanted you to wash my hair for me” he tilt his head to the side charmingly “ HELL NO” you glare at him

This is a little gift to you guys for making me reach 6.5k followers<333 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it!! Tbh I like Jungkook as a best friend more than as a Boyfriend lollll.

I made Jungkook and Yoongi as your Boyfriends a while ago and I thought this idea sounded kinda cute <3

Here’s the links to Jungkook and Yoongi as your Boyfriends : Jungkook / Yoongi


Luke & Lorelai- Favourite Moments- Season 4

Drunken Actions

I didn’t make him 40 years old, because I was a little uncomfortable writing that but I hope I did ok :)))

Words: 1,647

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Smut at the end

“You called?” I enter the booth Mister J is sitting in, trying to sound un-amused.

“Ah, yes.” Mister J replies, sounding almost relieved. I sit across him, silent, waiting for him to continue. He continues to stare back at me as if he’s trying to mock me.

“So?” I pause, “Who do you want me to kill?” I assume, being his best hit man.

Mister J tries acting offended, “What if I just wanted to chit-chat with you, doll face?”

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I’m passionate for her. How she says my name and leaves half empty coke bottles on my nightstand. She always forgets one of her shirts at my house. And the way the sun hits her face like a fucking godess you’d see in a movie makes you just want to smile from ear to ear. Boys will talk about her and girls will wish they were her or with her. I’m passionate about her desires and dreams and want to be there to support her through the journey. The 2am talks in my bed about our past and how we never knew we’d be a couple for all the years we knew each other and had a mutual crush. How she knows every inch of me and how to make things all better when they aren’t so good. I never knew I’d meet someone like her.

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jonathan byers for the ship meme?

i noticed that @kurtwxgners has had a bit of a thing for stranger things and jonathan lately, so i hope you don’t mind me tagging you <3

also, this is my first time writing jonathan, so i’m sorry if he’s ooc, but i’d love some feedback if you guys have any!

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Where was their first date?

  • Jonathan probably takes you to go see that movie that the two of you have been talking about for weeks, and after, you guys walk down to a diner just around the corner to get some food and milkshakes.

What my muse would do to cheer yours up:

  • Jonathan would pull you into this really tight hug, letting you bury your face in his chest, and he’d just hold you until you stop trembling. He never pushes you to talk because he understands not wanting to, but he lets you know that he’ll listen if you do decide to tell him what’s wrong.

Who wakes the other up with kisses ( and where )?

  • You’re hardly ever awake before Jonathan is, but if you are, you’ll place kisses all over his face and comb his hair back off of his forehead until he peeks up at you with a sleepy smile.

Who would pour water on the other to wake them up?

  • Neither of you. He considered it once when you were being particularly stubborn, but he never actually did it.

How my muse would wake your’s up:

  • Jonathan always wakes you up with a gentle kiss on the forehead, telling you that breakfast is ready.

Who would start a food fight while baking or cooking?

  • You would, and you’d give Jonathan this really innocent smile, but you didn’t really expect him to flick the flour back at you with a loud laugh.

Who would suggest putting marijuana in the brownies?

  • You would say it jokingly just to see Jon laugh, but you two never actually do it.

Who said i love you first and how ( or when ) did they say it?

  • He did. It happened one day when Jonathan was having a particularly rough day at school or work, and he was just really upset. You wrapped your arms around his waist from behind, placing kisses along his neck and shoulders, and he’s just so overwhelmed that someone like you actually cares about how he’s feeling that it slips out.

Who would get into a physical altercation over the other?

  • Jonathan would definitely get in a fight if someone is talking bad about you. If he’s one thing, it’s loyal, and he can’t just let someone talk bad about his family or his significant other.

Who insists on purchasing a pet together ( and what kind of pet )?

  • You would, but Jon wouldn’t argue because he loves dogs.

Who is louder ( in and out of bed )?

  • Jon really isn’t that good at talking, so I’d have to say that you’re louder both in and out of bed.

Who takes more risks ( in and out of bed )?

  • You’re more likely to do something risky out of bed than Jonathan is, and for that reason he’s constantly worrying about you, but he’s usually by your side even if he’s just telling you “this is a bad idea”.
  • In bed, neither of you really take risks because you prefer to keep your sex life really private. The riskiest thing you’ve ever done is take a few dirty pictures to surprise him with when he’s developing photos in the dark room.

Who would bring up the word ‘daddy’ first?

  • It’s more likely to be you, but Jonathan would get really flustered.

What is their shared, favourite kink?

  • Praise kink!

Describe their typical kiss:

  • It’s quick and kind of shy, as if you two don’t kiss each other all the time, but overall it’s so sweet, and it always puts a smile on Jon’s face.

How my muse shows their love for your’s:

  • Jonathan is always taking pictures of you. He almost always makes you breakfast or dinner. He’s always there for you if you need him. He drives you to school every morning and drives you home every afternoon. He never lets you walk home alone at night. He makes mixtapes to give you with music that reminds him of you or music he thinks you’ll like.

Their favourite ways to give affection:

  • Lots of forehead kisses and hand holding.

Who is more dominate?

  • You’re both a switch, so it probably depends on the night.

Who sings in the shower?

  • If you wake up early enough, you can catch Jonathan singing whatever song he listened to last.

Who washes the other’s hair in the shower?

  • He washes your hair when you’re particularly tired that morning or if you’ve had a hard day at school or work.

Who initiates shower sex despite being in a rush?

  • You do because Jonathan is usually worried about being ready to go to work, but he can’t deny you even when he is in a hurry.

Who teases the other under the table at dinner with the family?

  • If anyone does, it’s you. You’ll run your fingers along his inner thigh, never getting high enough to give him any pleasure.

Who has the weirder taste in music?

  • You have a similar taste in music. Although you probably tease Jonathan about his taste in music (“come on, Jon, not this song again!”), but you really love it.

Who would initiate dancing in the rain?

  • Jonathan probably tries to run to his car before you guys can get too wet, but he stops when you tug him back by his hand giggling, and he just can’t deny you when you say, “I’ve always wanted to dance with someone in the rain.”

Who would be the one to suggest marriage?

  • Jonathan. He totally saves the majority of his paycheck for months until he can buy you the perfect ring because he believes you deserve the best.

What would they name their children?

  • You definitely name at least one of your children after either his mother or his little brother.

Who would their children take after more?

  • They take after you personality-wise, even though they look more like him.

The best part about this amazing, crazy journey is being able to share it with my number one source of inspiration; my daughter.

She is the reason I decided to start to take my health seriously, why I chose to save my life with Weight Loss Surgery, and why I fight every day to beat my food addiction. Seeing her beautiful face every morning gives me the energy and drive to go to the gym and workout for an hour. It’s the reason why I’ll walk 30-45 minutes uphill to the nearest park for her to play, rather than just drive.

Most importantly, she’s the reason why I try to put such a huge emphasis on loving my body and body positivity. I want her to know that you can love your body no matter what it looks like. I tell her all of the time that every tummy is a cute tummy, every body is a good body, no matter what wrinkles, scars, birthmarks, or even loose skin it may have.

I am beautiful, she is beautiful, and you are beautiful. Hopefully we can all remember that, even on bad days 💕
#WLS #bodypositive #bodypositivity #selflove #looseskin #wlsjourney #weightlosssurgery #effyourbeautystandards #belly #beautiful #momlife #mombod #rny #vsg #inspiration #mattjosephdiaz

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[trans] Onew & Lee Jin Ah - Starry Night Lyrics

Do not re-translate into another language

It’s hard to fall sleep as my heart is dark
The complicated world busily bothers me

Even when the sunshine outside the window fully covers my face,
I don’t want to open my eyes
If this reality of not being able to see you anymore
could change again

If I were to become the dark night, please be a star
Please will you be a twinkling star?
Over the night of silence when everyone is asleep,
please be my friend
Please be my friend

How nice would it be?
If dreams came true and
you and I could be together
If I could see you
just like a star that always come
at the end of a hard day

If I were to become the dark night, please be a star
Please will you be a twinkling star?
Over the night of silence when everyone is asleep,
please be my friend

If I spend a night of tears, please be the light
I will be the light in your anxious night

If I get lost and wander around, please be a star
Please will you be the star in the unknown tomorrow?
Over the night when everyone is on their way to somewhere,
please be my friend
Please be the starlight

I Care *smut*

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Stiles x OC

Word count: 1,666 (i’m dead serious and I don’t wanna talk about it lol)

Warnings: smut, sex

A/N just an idea i’ve been wanting to mess with, I hope ya’ll like it! Let ya girl know whatchya think. -Er


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“So am I going to see you later?”

“Hmm, we’ll see,” I wink, pushing Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome away from leaning against my body against my locker.

Once he walked away, I turn around and begin spinning the lock and swinging the door open.

“Really? That guy?” Stiles asks, popping up to my left, his face all contorted.

“What? Tanner’s sweet,” I smile, flipping through folders and binders stacked neatly on the narrow shelf.

Tanner is an idiot. He asked Coach this morning what economics was…in economics class!” he exclaims, arms flailing in every direction, “He’s not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, G, just some dumb jock.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not seeing him for his brains then,” I smirk as I shut the locker door.

“Can you at least just pick one? Instead of stringing a whole slue of guys along,” he asks, throwing his arms up in defeat, sounding slightly annoyed.

“Oh my god, dad, calm down,” I snap, walking past him.

“I’m not being a dad, Griffen, I’m just-” he begins.

“You’re just what? Worried about me?” I cut him off. I knew very well what he was going to say, he’s said it enough times before.

Stiles opened his mouth to say something, but stopped and looked to the ground, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he sighed, looking up to meet my gaze.

“It’s not a big deal, Stiles, I’m just having fun,” I insisted, patting him on the shoulder before walking away down the hallway.

Sure, I’ve been around the blocks a few times. I’ll see a guy for a week or so in a completely platonic we only want sex kind of way and then we both move on. My friends have never judged me for it. To be honest, they don’t really care enough to have an opinion. Nothing I’m doing is hurting me, so it’s not a problem. Stiles, however, has always seemed to find something wrong with the guy. Connor was too short for me, Ethan talked about himself too much, Tanner’s too dumb. The list goes on. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Stiles had a crush on me, but I apparently don’t know any better because Stiles Stilinski does not have feelings for me.

Later that night, I sat in the bleachers with Lydia, watching the last few minutes of the lacrosse game. I told Tanner I would come see him play, but I was really only there for what we were going to do after. The final buzzer sounded, leaving the score 5-2 Beacon Hills. The players started slowly making their way off the field, grabbing their gym bags from the bench. Tanner walked over just as Lydia and I made it off the stands. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, placing a chaste kiss to my lips. I started to say something when he pulled away, but Stiles interjected.

“Griffen, I need to talk to you,” he spoke so quickly, his words seemed to all blend together.

“Can it wait?” I asked in an annoyed tone, looking back up at Tanner.

“I need to talk to you, like now,” he pressed.

I took a deep breath and rid my face of my annoyance, switching to a smile for Tanner.

“I’ll be right back, okay?” I smiled, patting him on the chest.

He mumbled an ‘okay’ as Stiles grabbed my arm and practically dragged me towards the parking lot.

“Stiles, will you tell me what you’re doing?” I exclaimed as we came to a halt next to his beat up jeep.

Instead of answering me, he lightly pressed his body against mine, leaning me against the jeep as he rested his lips on mine, exhaling deeply. It took me a moment to realize what was happening. I was so mesmerized by the way his lips were moving so in sync with mine, pulling back didn’t even cross my mind.

“Stiles, what the hell,” I mumbled against his lips as I took his lower lip in between my teeth.

Stiles pulled his head away just enough to look me in the eyes and he took a deep breath.

“Do you know how fucking insane I go every time I see you with some new guy?” He asked in a raspy voice, sounding slightly angry.

“What?” was all I could muster after Stiles literally just took my breath away.

“Every fucking time you tell me about your new boy toy of the week, every fucking time I see his body pressed against yours like mine is right now, I go out of my mind, G,” he says, his voice a bit more calm.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I whispered.

“Why didn’t I tell you?” He laughed as he completely broke all contact between us.

“I didn’t tell you because you were happy, G. You seemed so goddamn happy hooking up with those guys because that’s all you wanted,” he sighed, “All you wanted was sex and that’s not all I wanted with you.”

“That’s not all I want…” My voice in a hushed tone once again, my bottom quivering slightly. “That’s all they wanted.”

“What’re you talking about?” He sighed, walking closer to me once again.

“They’re the ones who only wanted sex, Stiles, they didn’t want to actually be with me,” I exclaimed, becoming frustrated.

“Then why do give it to them?” concern filling his voice.

“Because no one wanted me!” I shouted a little too loud and looked around to see if anyone was standing by. “It’s a win win if you think about it,” I laugh.

I carried on when Stiles didn’t answer.

“They win because they get laid and I win because for a little bit I actually feel like I’m with someone, like they care about me more than to just sleep with me.”

I was past feeling upset now. I’m frustrated, and annoyed and a little pissed off at Stiles for making me admit all of this.

“I care,” Stiles said nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders.

“About what?” I snapped.

“You! I care about you, you big idiot!”

“Shut up, Stiles,” I brushed him off as I went to walk back towards the field.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Stiles exclaimed, pinning me against the car with his hands on either side next to my head.

“How the hell can you stand here and tell me that I don’t care about you, huh?” he said, his face inches from mine. “Why the hell would I be standing here, Griffen? If I didn’t care, you’d be over there with the guy who’s dumber than the his goddamn lacrosse stick.”

“His name is Tanner,” I giggled.

“I don’t care what his name is, I only care about you right now and the fact that I’m trying to profess my goddamn love for you and you’re going on about yourself, do you know how selfish you are?” he joked, a smirk creeping across his face.

I craned my neck forward and pressed my lips to his roughly. His hands moved from the car to my face to cup my cheeks. My hands found the hem of his jersey and I slowly slid my hands up, moving over every one of his toned muscles. I felt him tense under my touch and his hands flew to my hips, pulling me flush against him, revealing the growing bulge in his lacrosse shorts. I dragged my hands down, stopping at the elastic band of his shorts and pulled slightly at the front of them.

“If you keep doing that, I’m throwing you in the car right now,” he mumbled as his breath hitched in this throat.

I’m pretty sure he only meant to think it in his head instead of saying it out loud because his lips froze and his eyes were open wide.

“How about I save you trouble and get in myself,” I whisper huskily, reaching for the handle of the back door.

We climbed inside and before I knew it, hands were grazing all over bodies and clothes were flying off. I straddled Stiles after I assisted him in removing his boxer briefs and me my panties. He stroked himself a few times before lining himself up with my entrance.

“I love you too,” I exhaled against his lips.

Stiles stopped his movements and pulled away to look at me.

“Don’t say that just so this will happen and because I said it,” he gestured towards our current position.”

“I’m not,” I smiled shyly, “I do love you, you big idiot.”

Kissing again, we smiled against each other’s lips. I slowly lowered my body onto his, letting him fill me completely. We both wait a second for me to adjust to him before we both started slowly thrusting our hips up and down. His lips left mine and found my neck, licking small strips before placing a kiss over top. His breath was hot against skin, sending an electric feeling throughout my body.

“Oh my god,” Stiles mumbled, his breathing getting shallow.

I moaned his name as his thrusts became harder and faster while profanities fell from his lips.

“Griffen,” he moaned.

His breathing became calmer and deeper and his movements became sloppy. His cock twitched inside of me, followed by liquids filling me completely. He offered a few more thrusts for me to ride out my high, which sent me over the edge and I came around him. We sat in the same position as we tried to calm our breathing, our foreheads resting against each other’s. I raised my body up, pulling him out of me and plopped on to the seat next to him. He leaned over and placed his hand just below my ear, pressing his lips hard to mine.

“I’m the only one you do this with now, got it?” He smiled, nudging my nose with his.

“Got it.”

“In The Light Of The Time Rotor” - Digital Oil Painting

I saw a lovely edit a while back with this shot of Nine in blues and purples instead of green and orange and I wanted to see if I could recreate that, give it a little spin. I took the original screencap and played with the colors until I found a combo I was happy with. I love how the painting turned out. The light blue highlights are my favorite part, they just grab the eye so well.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair.

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At this point on Sunday I think the photos and autographs had started lagging behind schedule so as we approached the dual photo op they kept yelling at us “No poses, no requests.” Well…. not to mean any disrespect but we’d paid a lot of cash for two dual ops and we were going to get something more than just a stand-and-smile. We ditched our original idea for a flashlight photo (see our previous ops in Philly and Salt Lake) and decided on the fly to kiss first. So as we went into the photo op room I explained to Gillian and David, “We’re going to suck face in the first one, and maybe you guys could look surprised or thoughful or whatever you want.” I’m not exactly sure what we got but it was funny! The second photo op we played straight but I was still laughing as you can see from my toothy smile.