“Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.”  

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I really don't want this to sound rude or snappy so I'm super sorry if it does, but what evidence is there that the animals are being treated "very well"? Wild orcas live from 50-80 years normally, whereas captive orcas can live lives as short as 25 years. Most (if not all) of the dorsal fins of the captive whales are limp and flopped over, whereas this is rarely seen in wild orcas. Many of the whales have rake marks on them. I do respect your opinion, I just don't understand it. xx

No it’s totally fine! I respect yours as well entirely. If it was my way I’d want them all to be healthy and in the wild. Yes a lot of them do have injuries i.e. Rake marks, cut fins, sometimes even missing fins. These are injuries received in the wild, often time by hunters of the animals. You can learn about each individual animals stories simply by asking trainers or those that work with them!

And granted, if I didn’t have my own personal experience with sea world I would feel completely the same- probably without even having to see blackfish. However, I MYSELF have personally been behind the scenes at sea world many times over the past few years of my life since I was very young, doing my own investigating about the treatment of the animals. I have met some of the whales at the park, as well as many other animals- and their carers. You can see the bonds between the animal and human. You can FEEL it.

I do not promote captivity or the caging of animals as this DOES impact their lifespan, however, they do have life and they are loved. And like I said, they are returned to the wild if they are able to be. The GOAL of sea worlds rehabilitation program IS to return them to the wild. xx

my favorite moments are the ones where you are flashed with these moments of clarity. where everything just feels so right in your world. i’ve realized a few things lately and the biggest thing is that i don’t want to wake up when i’m 80 and look back at my life and think “was that it?”. i don’t want to live a life full of regret and i don’t want to miss out on ounce of fulfillment. 

so as a part of my year long happiness project i’ve come up with a concrete list of things to never forget or pass along the way. it’s a long list, you’ve been warned. 

  • eat when you’re hungry
  • wear red nail polish 
  • drink coffee regularly
  • say i love you, and mean it
  • don’t say sorry for things that aren’t your fault 
  • don’t feel obligated to always wash your hair
  • sing loudly 
  • dance in the sunshine 
  • drive with your windows down 
  • sweat daily 
  • dress up for yourself 
  • never say no to ice cream, or bagels, or pizza, or french fries. actually scratch that, never deny yourself the pleasures of any delicious food. 
  • drink lots of wine 
  • use lavender fabric softener 
  • read 
  • hug your family tight
  • laugh, a lot, and loudly 
  • kiss random boys
  • travel, EVERYWHERE you can
  • listen to the same song on repeat 
  • don’t surround yourself with negative people
  • cry whenever you need to
  • pay it forward 
  • fall in love
  • be kind
  • always be yourself 

this list will obviously be added to along the way, but for now it is perfect. 

all i want to do is is get a 1st class Honours and look good and also win a debating competition and so far none of those things are happening

Helloooo Taylor! taylorswift tree-paine

This is Katie. I just wanted to show you the outfit I’m wearing to the Ottawa show in FOUR DAYS!!! I decided to dress as an ‘80s girl! I had a ton of fun decorating the shirt and bracelets, and making my sign. (Although I need another strand of lights…I’m getting those tomorrow. Haha.) 

This is the first time I’m seeing you live since the Fearless Tour in ‘09, and I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. The year 2014 was extremely difficult for me. My mom injured her ankle pretty badly in the spring and had to get her appendix out in the summer, and I really worried about her. I have the kind of relationship with her that you have with your mom - she’s my best friend and my rock. The sight of her tripping and crumpling to the ground haunted me for months. I’ve had anxiety for most of my life and depression since I was 15, and I started having more panic attacks and sad, hopeless feelings after my mom got hurt. I’m doing okay now, but I am still healing from all the events of last year. Your album 1989 has made me really happy. I absolutely love the songs, and I love how confident, independent, and strong you have become! You are such a great role model for young women. 

 Thinking about this concert has brightened a lot of my bad days, and I can’t believe the day is almost, finally, here. I can’t wait to meet other fans and dance and sing along with you! I’m especially looking forward to the Clean speech. I feel insecure a lot, like I am never good enough, and your words have been really inspiring. I will probably cry when you do the speech at my show. Haha. :p I would LOVE to meet you and tell you how much your music means to me in person!

I’ll be in Section 115, Row M (the 13th row!!), Seat 9. See you in a few days!

Love, Katie <3

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I feel like i'm not good enough for anyone and i will never be good enough. I'm 24 and I honestly just want to give up

What’s the average life-span these days? Around 80? Something like that? So you'be only lived about 30% of your life at this point. 25% because I feel like people are gonna be living long kickass lives moving forward. So like, you’ve got so much left to learn and discover and experience. You have so many people that you haven’t even met yet. There is so much life to live. I can understand the feeling of wanting to give up. I’ve been there. But your adventure is far from over if you choose to go for it. 24 is so young. Like, I know we’re surrounded by savants and prodigies who fucking cure obscure diseases in their teens and it’s like, yo chill you’re a teen get acne and do your homework like the rest of us. It’s so easy to feel lost and like we’re not successful, but you’ve got so much time. There’s always time.

So uh…. Yeah. This is a thing.

For those who don’t know, in their 2014 line-up, the game paired with The Walking Dead: Season Two for Telltale was the incredibly deep, dark, artistic and above all intelligent The Wolf Among Us.

The Wolf Among Us is a prequel to Fables. It follows fairytale creatures living in New York City after they’ve been pushed out from their homes. The Wolf Among Us specifically follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf tracking down a serial killer in the 80s.

It was, in short, fucking. Brilliant. so much so, that I wanted to read the comics it was based on.

But Fables is dumb. It’s just really stupid. I might have enjoyed it, but I was expecting The Wolf Among Us, and that’s not what I got.

Then, Vertigo had to go and do this.

They decided to invalidate the game from series canon and make a comic series. From the writers of Fables, not The Wolf Among Us.

And that’s when this shit happens.

Up until recently, while it was generally offensive to fans of TWAU, it wasn’t too bad. I mean, they made Bigby into an asshole, and some situations were handled horribly. I mean, R.I.P TWAU Gren. The new Gren is just shit.

They basically reduced TWAU to fan-fiction.

But then, they decided to do a story on Bloody Mary’s origin.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been reading the comics. So I don’t know the context to this scene.


Bloody Mary DOES NOT need a sympathetic backstory. It practically ruins the character. The Crooked Man was good as a deep and nuanced villain. As was Georgie Bloody Mary didn’t need to be that. Bloody Mary was a completely amoral psychopathy and she’s best kept as that because that’s what made her interesting.

She was entertaining to watch, and the character was better without a backstory. She didn’t need to be given a reason for why she did the things she did, she was better without that.

But if you do make the awful decision to give her a backstory and everything.

Don’t fucking do whatever the fuck that shit is.

(I’m a little angry, if you couldn’t tell)

All the scattered things...

I forgot how hard it is being the new kid in town. The last year that I was living in Chicago it all felt so familiar and comfortable. I knew my way around. I knew a handful of people. I could get into the city on public transportation without anxiety.

It was easy. But it still wasn’t where I wanted to be. I hated living there 80% of the time. 100% of the time if it was December-March.

I told myself that if I found myself hating San Francisco that it would solidify that maybe I’m just not meant to live outside of New Orleans. Because yes, Chicago was boring to me. But how could San Francisco be? 

I mean it has an ocean and so many outdoor things to do. And the most beautiful places are just a drive away.

So far it isn’t terrible. I’m slowly, slowly adjusting. Maybe. I get wrapped up in my head and then I go outside and I forget I was ever hating our little apartment.

I applied to a particular office job that I think I’d be really good at today. It’s entry level so they’re willing to train the right person and I know exactly how to get to it on public transportation from my apartment. And the pay isn’t too terrible and it’s full time. And I’d be off on weekends. Just gah.

I’m ready for someone to cut me a break and give me an interview. Please.

I think once I get a job and have a purpose for the day and have my own money and can interact with people I’ll love west coast living.

This post hasn’t made any sense and it took a complete 180 from where I thought it would go when I started but, c’est la vie and all that.

P.S. I don’t want to say I’m going to BUT I may have found a ‘fat’ girls jazz ensemble in the Berkley area and it looks so entertaining. They have open rehearsals every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month and you can go do it if you’re interested and you could maybe eventually join the company. I did dance for like 8 years so maybe? I need to throw myself out of my comfort zone man.


P.P.S I did yoga yesterday and it was good. Hopefully I can push myself into doing some more today.


Top surgeryy

Hi, I’m matt, I’ve just started T after being out for a year and I hopefully want to get top surgery in a year. I’m currently living with my girlfriend who pays all our expenses including my testosterone (its likr $80 a month) and I’ve been trying to find a job but its been really difficult and no one is getting back to me. We put small bits away if we can but it’s not a lot so i’m hoping anyone could donate so I can hopefully get it soon. Please if you are able to donate it would be much appreciated, if you cant please please just reblog :)

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So I was always overweight but about two years ago I decided I was tired of my body not being healthy. I couldn't keep up with my friends, I always felt tired. I changed completely. A while later I relapsed into my depression and started taking anti-depressants. I'm 8 months into recovery now, and have stopped my meds and am better but I've gained almost three stone and I am so unhappy with my body and health. I don't know how to work on doing it all again. Any advice? I just want to be healthy

Hey Sweets :)

This sound exactly like my story so I understand how hard this can be.

So first of all I want to say a massive WELL DONE ON YOUR RECOVERY!!

Okay so getting healthy. Here is my advice:

Don’t suddenly try to rush back to how you were before, take things slow. Baby steps.

Don’t restrict yourself. Life is for living so eat that slice of pizza gad damn it!

Stick to the 80-20 rule. You eat healthy 80% of the time you can treat yourself 20%. Be smart with your foods eat plenty of whole foods, fruits, veggies and unprocessed foods.

Drink lots and lots of water. If you’re struggling to get your water in do what I do- 1 glass first thing in the morning and 1 before each meal. I also keep a refill bottle that I sip on throughout the day.

Exercise wise I think it’s important to find something you enjoy. You are much more likely to do it then. If you’re not sure what you enjoy then try something new every week. Maybe a zumba class or a new workout dvd or running etc.

When it comes to motivation just try to remeber how good being healthy makes you feel. Keep a diary or write about it on tumblr and when you feel like you’re slipping look back on the good days and see how better you feel. 

But remember that this is a lifestyle so sometimes you will over or undereat or you wont exercise and that is okay. 

I hope this helped love 

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honestly i cant say i've ever done anything as dumb as my brother because he is on a completely different level like probably the stupidest thing he's ever done was stick two bare wires into an electrical socket (hello fireworks in the HOUSE!!!) like i cannot live up to that standard

good GRIEF that sounds kinda painful did it shock him? 

i feel like boys just love playing with electrical things. 80% of the guys in my life have licked a D battery. It apparently gives you a little shock. and I’m like WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT? and 90% of the time they say their dad told them to do it so maybe it’s a weird dad/son bonding thing. 

it’s like how it feels when you’re in a car with a bunch of your friends listening to music you all like and it’s almost like you forget that you’re in a car or you’re even on earth or living in any world everything that matters to you is sitting right next to you going at 80 mph towards somewhere you don’t even remember anymore and then somebody asks you where the exit is and all you can think is why would i want an exit here i want this road to just be it like in that salvador dali painting i want the sky to be one shade of sky blue and for this road to be the only thing there is except for some other weird shapes in the road there should be no exits here, google earth can’t tell me my location here they can’t take pictures of me in here the only exit here is to fly upwards spiral into another moving object. 

but there it is, exit 356 and all of a sudden we’re stopped and google earth can see me and the trees are looking at me and the sky is laughing at me because i’m not moving and i’ll never be able to look at the sky like the sky looks at us and we’re turning left and the roads make a map here and this looks nothing ike the dali painting i saw in spain. and everybody is thinking about their home now or where they want to eat or all the good times they had and the we’re rolling by gas stations and i’m thinking to myself how much i hate being something permanent. i want to be like a highway or a gas station or a hotel or an airport something so temporary by nature something that doesn’t exist in one moment of time but exists in several in several different people and how many people have laughed on a highway and how many people have cried in an airport and how many people have had sex in a hotel and how i want to hold that in me i want to hold all of those things but i can only hold me and imagine what it’s like to be somebody else

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80,000 people going to the shows in denmark last year (let's just imagine no one went 2 nights in a row for the sake of argument), that means over 1,4% of the danish population saw 1d live last year (not own calc, used website).

Wow, that’s impressive!

I finally got my shirt from Mark’s charity live stream that he did (I blame the USPS for delaying it 3 days) I’m so glad that I was able to purchase one of these shirts. And I’m so glad the money went to a great cause. The last time I checked I think we raised over $80,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation. So YAY! But I truly want everyone to know that You Are Loved. If you think no one out there cares about you, just know that I do. I firmly believe that the world would be a way better place if we were a lot nicer. Tell someone that they’re awesome, or that you care about them. You never know what someone is going through, and your kindness towards them may make their day 10x better. I know better than anyone how hard it is to believe in yourself and to love yourself, so just be kind to each other and let someone know you love them. And thank you Mark for being an amazing person. You have such a beautiful soul, and I know you will continue to do amazing things. I believe in you. #markipliersheroes #markiplier @markipliergram #makeawishfoundation #iloveyouall

Feeling good

So, I am loving summer. I love that I can go outside in a dress and feel the sun on my skin, or even a gentle breeze.

I love that I can get so much fresh and delicious produce that is in season and full of flavor (the perks of living in ‘the garden state’).

I love having barbecues with my friends instead of staying cooped up in someone’s house.

I love that I can go for a run outside without the cold air making my lungs hurt.


I am drinking a cup of coffee with cinnamon in it right now and it is making me yearn for autumn.

I want to put on a sweater and bake an apple pie.

I guess I could do that now, it just wouldn’t be as fun in 80+ degree heat.

Why do people think it’s ok to tell young people in a relationship that they’ll get their heart broken and that it’ll never last???? Like….. Ok you’ll probably get your heart broken too at some point, along with everyone else you know. That doesn’t make it ok to announce it to people.
Like why are you so hateful? Like should I break up with my boyfriend just cus you say young love never lasts?? No. Im so sorry you are so bitter just let people be happy.
I hate it when people bash on young people for being in relatively long term relationships because this is the time to"experiment and have fun" ok dood fuck you I have my whole life to live I’ll experiment and have fun when I’m 80 if I want to. College/youth is not a once in a life time chance to experiment and have fun and fuck people or whatever just let people be happy with what they are doing for Christ’s sake

Yah!! ✨✨ @ricelove is throwing in another bag so here it is ~ @kikei_kelly @honeywithspice @wholesomedaily @beccsmill Thank you for spreading the cause and I enjoyed the facts you included for example, did you know that half of the world lives on less than $2.5 - day … Lives~ not just on food .. and 80% lives less than $10 dollars a day. Total reality check for me… Also, this is awesome ~ Rice Love gives the families local quality rice from local vendors instead of large manufactured low quality rice. Even though it would be cheaper to go that route they really do want to make a difference~ that’s what I love about @ricelove ✌🏼️🍚✌🏼🍚. Have a great weekend 💙💙💙 (direct message @ricelove to exchange info😉) (at congratulations 🌎✌🏼🍚✌🏼🌎✨)