“Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.”

The Original Bamf by Lightsintheskye
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Hey guys…. SHE COLORED IT.

lightsintheskye enjoyed this drawing so much she colored it AND she put it up on redbubble, so if you want to have the world’s most badass cellphone case, coffee mug, or just want to be wearing the same shirt I am when Apocalypse comes out YOU CAN LIVE THE DREAM.

You know what i feel so lost? Like I could have been friends with so many people if my anxiety would just have never existed. I should be happy rn??? Cause I have a hot boyfriend and a hot datemate, my hair is PURPLE, and I got more coffee but?? I’m not. And I’m poor and my mom feels like shit for that and my useless step dad yells about chores when he does nothing and my brother and sister fight like an old married couple and I can barely sleep and I,,, just want to be happy and feel whole but I only feel like that when it’s cold and I live in 80-90 degree weather and I just feel empty.

And I,,, just want to be happy. I don’t know why I’m not happy. I want money. I want security. I want a phone so I can call people, I want courage to talk to the people who want to talk to me or think I’m cool and I want to scream that I’m valid and I want to sleep for a week and I want to sing I want to draw I want to be happy

But I’m not and read more refuses to work on this piece if shit blog and you might read this entire thing and I’m so sorry that you did.

idk i just wanna rattle off some facts because i feel like it

  • they live in noah’s garage
  • hector and noah are actually cooworkers and carpool together somtimes
  • hector is a gym teacher
  • he makes robin run harder than the other kids
  • hes actually a really nice guy though
  • Kuritsa is a writer and owns a small coffee shop.
  • he changes his name every 80 years or so
  • his new name change is coming up but he hasnt decided what he wants to be yet
  • Kuritsa cut off his own comb
  • hes super ugly like holy shit. im bad at drawing it but he is not a handsome man
  • hector grows a beard because hes afraid he doesnt pass well without one. 
  • Kuritsa had no intention of keeping ricardo. he’s very happy he did and is super proud.
  • He wishes he spent more time with the Algonquins. 
  • even though kuritsa is from nepal, he is not nepali. he’s not even human. due to his albinism and weird nose he’s able to tell people he’s russian. if he werent albino he would have grey skin, like a chicken. 
  • Hector’s title is “Hector of the parrots” even though he is a quetzal, and not a parrot at all
  • Kuritsa’s title is “king cock” and hes very happy with it. 

Selling this satin corset! Zippper at the front.  I bought this to wear for my ladies lingerie party last month but found something else. Worn only once to try on thought I would want to wear it sometime but it stayed untouched in my closet so I figured I should just sell it to help pay for a little of my wisdom teeth removal. Tag size is 18/20 and I’m usually a 16/18 and this fit snugly. For reference, my bra size is 42C. 
Original price is $108, I used a coupon and got it for $80. Selling for $65 + shipping (depends on where you live)!


So I’m Tumblr Famous now?

I mean, not really, but 80 new followers and 20K notes on a post is nothing to sneeze at. I guess that’s what happens when Tyler Oakley reblogs you…

Anyway, welcome everybody! My name’s Nick, I live in Texas, I’m 25. I don’t post anything specific, just stuff that tickles my fancy. You can always message me if you want to talk about anything, yadda yadda yadda. 

Anyway, the thing people usually ask about when that post gets a spurt of notes is: “So what happened next?” Nothing particularly long or complicated, but full story after the jump…

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So it’s been a couple months since I’ve had these accounts (JP & EN), and not ONE of them has a SR Kotori. She’s my waifu and I can’t live knowing I’ll never be able to scout her.

So if you’re interested in one of the accounts above, reblog and tag on whats Kotori cards you gave! 


  • Must have AT LEAST 1 UR that is NOT a promo
  • 1 UR or 2/3 SR of Kotori Minami
  • LVL is 80/90
  • Your teams are well balanced 
  • Screenshot of your deck through my submission

I’m not asking for much, I just want my precious cinnamon roll is all.


This trade will end by the 31′st of AUGUST, this also make my decided if the event Kotori was worth tiering for (since I’m idolizing her for sure)

10 people I want to know better…

I was tagged by wildflagsure to do this. Thanks, Andie, here we go:

Name: Leandro (but everyone just calls me Leo)

Gender: Male

Height: 1.80 m / 5′ 9′‘

Where I live: Argentina

Time/ Date: 14:32 ;  July 29th 2015

Average amount of sleep: about 6 hours a day on weekdays, a couple more on weekends.

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: Ant-Man, I guess.

My favorite band: if this rules out solo artists (so, no St Vincent or Laura Marling) then I have to say Pixies. Or The Velvet Underground. But yeah, those 4 names are at the top of it all.

One thing that ticks me off: being told to do shit in a rude way

Favourite drink?: white russian!

Meaning of URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_Qo2-vQXQ4.

Most used phrases: can’t think of any in special rn

Favorite movie soundtrack: The Jurassic Park theme song has always been a personal favourite. But, as a whole, the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack is great.

I’d like to tag bonoism, ndrlnrs, maplewine, insertsonglyrichere, n1ghtrock3r, monete-universe, gooneronthehill and luckythelab. And I might be playing with fire, but I’ll tag stupidfacemarling as well. Of course, if you are interested in doing this!

That’s not even 10 people, but whatever.

Thanks for reading, if you did.

Hey lovelies :)
My name’s Amber, I’m 15, and I live in the quite rainy state of Oregon. I have submitted on here before and I just wanted to re-submit. I’m a band kid and I play the flute. I also play a touch of guitar, but just scales and a few easy little tunes. I’m going to be a Sophmore in the fall and I will be taking my second year of German.
I have a love for music, nature, reading, writing, camping, hiking, and many other things. I have a slight obsession with Supernatural and 80s movies.
I listen to a lot of music, but I tend to listen to rock, punk, and their sub-genres a lot.
My perfect penpal would be someone that is 15-19 I don’t care what gender or anything else really. Do not message me if you are against equal rights though.
Contact information
Tumblr- Falling-stars8675
Also, as much I would love to be able to snail mail with people my mom is not okay with me doing it, so it’s internet only. I would love to Skype once I got to know you though! Looking forward to talking to you. -Amber

From this point I will consider unfollowing any blog comparing race and/or inequality. I think people should stick to their own business unless they want to share. Whining without knowing all the facts is completely stupid and uncalled for. Without knowing someone closely you don’t have a say. We only have 80 years more or less to live, so why waste it on drama and depressing subjects? I’m just trying to be happy like every other human and shit happens, be yourself and don’t give a fuck, let it pass.

notajournalist sent me an ask to be answered and tumblr ate it - here it is below:

  • elder:what do u expect to be like in your elder years?

A few years ago, my friend Janine and I made a pact to become those sassy old ladies who live in Manhattan and DGAF. This was based, though, on our experience of NYC in the 80s growing up, when it was possible to be an old person on the UWS and eat more than cat food, so I doubt it’ll pan out.

So here’s what I expect (hope for): to be settled and wise; to be loved and cared for; to be surrounded by the people and things I hold dear. I don’t want to ever cut my hair short (it would just look hideous), but I’m not opposed to wearing housecoats and slippers all the time, and I won’t ever, ever live in Florida. 

androgynies replied to your post: ddisconsolate replied to your post: Ye…

honestly tho mea is if theyre dicks theyre not worth your time. youre super cool & great and if youre interested in d&d im sure there are way better people whod be interested in you joining their group

Thanks. x Tbh I think the boyfriend is getting sick of their shit too. They’re really uncooperative and honestly just aren’t great at role-playing? They have really standard characters and only care about being ~cool~ and ~powerful~ which is fine if you want to play that way, but we play to have fun? Like Brian’s character is an eccentric wood elf who has lived in a temple for the past 80 years and has social anxiety, and my character is a dwarf noble who wants to be a hairdresser and wears flowers in his beard.

Idk we just don’t fit in with them at all lmao

I get so frustrated because like I’m 19
But i don’t go out amd party like most 19 year olds. Because I’m not into it. But than i get even more frustrated because if i dont like parties and drinking im lame. I just feel like im ready for life amd adventure but thoes take money and im 19 and poor. I don’t know what i want to do with the next 80 years of my life, so I’m not in college. All i know is i want to love passionaty and hard, i know i want to see and taste all the world has to offer. i want to cry at the beauty of a happy family in Africa who have nothing but eachother and i want to laugh with brits about how informal my accent is. I want to live not work than die. I want to be rich with experience not materials. Only problem is… Im 19, and at 19 its hard to understand why you feel how you do or why we crave what we crave. I just want to feel free and happy.

anonymous asked:

What's up with the parrots?

PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE THEY AREN’T PETS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR HUMAN IS A MATING RELATIONSHIP. They also live for 80 years. Having a parrot is a full time job. There are so many parrots out there in sanctuaries and people keep surrendering them and breeding them. The parrots will literally pluck their own feathers off if they are mad and for other reasons and so they are like naked. People just want them so they can stick them in a cage and teach them to talk, but that’s not what buying a parrot is about. Watch Parrot Confidential on Netflix and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

anonymous asked:

hey watson! i had a questions about how you decided what you wanted to study at Uni. I see how passionate you are about writing and literature and I want to make sure that I choose something that I am equally as passionate about. X

i just knew that i absolutely have to be a writer - i can’t imagine my life without that being a part of it and i definitely can’t imagine a future where i’m happy doing anything else but that, particularly since i never want to get married or have children so my aspirations are very career-focussed. ask yourself what it is that will make you be able to answer yes when you ask yourself if you’ve lived a good life when you’re in your 80s and follow that.

So, at the beginning of the summer my roommate freaked out when I wanted the a/c on when I was hot, and she argued with me that it wasn’t hot, when I tried to explain that I just got off my bike and I was dying she insisted the back door would say open for fresh air, and I was like nah nah nah, that’s wasting energy save the planet bitch, and now after not living here for two months she comes up to me and says"I’ve been really hot and I couldn’t figure out why and it was because the a/c was at 80 (which is bullshit it was at 76) so I’ve been turning it down" she keeps it at 65 now. What the fuck is wrong with girl?

baked-sale replied to your link “Y40-80 | Our Best 14" Gaming Laptop Under $800”

You dont want a laptop.

baked-sale i really do tho. although i’d prefer to have a desktop, i have absolutely no room for it and i really love the portability of a laptop. living with my girl too adds to it cuz we’re not gonna wanna want me to be with my back to her for hours on. we like to sit together and chill alot so having something i can just put on my lap and still be able to chill with my girl is an ideal situation.