“Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.”


If permitted I want to grow old with you.

If we live to be 70 to 80 years old, I’ll take care of you. I’ll show you that even if we’re old you’ll still experience a happily ever after. And I promise to buy bouquet of flowers for random occasions just to show you how much I love you. I promise you that you’ll still have butterflies in your stomach and I promise to put you to bed if you fall asleep watching our grand children playing and I will kiss you in the forehead just to show you that even if you’re sleeping, I’ll always keep my promise that I will love you.

Even if we’re old, I’ll cuddle with you, I’ll take you on dates and I will still make you love letters and tease you. I will show to the world that we’re not old to be in love because love has no boundaries, it has no age and it has no limitations.
And if you’re sick, I’ll always be there. I’ll feed you, I’ll make sure that your tummy won’t have a tummy ache, I promise you that I’ll fulfill my promise that I’ll always be with you in sickness and in health.

And when the time comes and you are gone even though we are far apart, I’ll still love you dearly with all my heart because my vow of “Till death do us part” Can’t measure my love for you because my love for you is bigger than forever. And if they’ll ask me what I loved most about my life, I will smile and I will say you. Because the only way to see a rainbow is to look through the rain. This is not a goodbye but a “see you soon”. Then if we see each other again, I will love you all over again.

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Tips on how to live without being jealous all the time or comparing yourself to others? I'm sick of how miserable it's making my life.

You just have to remind yourself that there is no possible way you can be anyone but yourself. Comparing your life to someone’s seemingly perfect life will do nothing but make you upset. There is absolutely NO point. Sometimes i scroll through facebook and i start comparing my life to every single person I know and it’s horrible. I have restricted myself from using facebook because i always end up with a sinking feeling in my chest. You just have to tell yourself that no matter how perfect someone’s life seems, they are going through hard times too. And no matter how much you wish you were like them, there’s no possible way to trade lives. So live YOUR life without comparing yourself because you will be at your happiest. :)

You don’t want to end up being 80 years old thinking “I was such a beautiful girl…. why did i waste my life wishing i was someone else?”

honestly this is just my Onion™ but i dont want a gnr reunion like… i love the band but it just wouldnt be the same. no offence but i think they should just let the magic of the ‘80s/‘90s live on rather than have a half-assed go at rehashing it, making a joke of What Once Was™

chocolate-cream-soldier replied to your post: one of the best things about today is …

oh gods SAME, was just saying how awesome it felt when others associated me with AC and were rushing to give me the good news and congratulating me, every1 has been adorable and supportive about my love for AGENT CARTER, it’s wonderful, we BELONG:’)

hahaha omg it’s honestly such a great feeling! bc like people watch/see agent carter and thiNK ABOUT US??!!! that’s so awesome and nice and same same same people congratulated me too and just … “i want to thank the acedemy for this opportunity” haha

sAME sO much support for being utterly dedicated to a tv show that is set like 80 years ago. we mADE IT!!!! KLFDJALKFLKASFJDLKAJFLKFDSJLKFA IT GOT RENEWED I STIL CAN’T BELIEVE IT

(i gotta be honest with you all i’ve been thinking about all day was the fact that peggy and angie literally live together in one house they live together this is canon this is something we’ll see in s2 let’s cry im so emo)

Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions.

Artist: Relient K

What is your gender?: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”
Describe yourself: “Nancy Drew”
How do you feel?: “Can’t Complain”
Describe where you currently live: “Oasis”
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: “Anchorage”
Favorite mode of transportation?: “Jefferson Aero Plane”
Your best friend is: “In Love with the 80′s”
You and your best friends are: “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”
Favorite time of day?: “High of 75″
If your life were a TV show it would be called: “Crayons Can Melt On Me for All I Care”
What is life to you?: “Up and Up”
Relationship status: “The One I’m Waiting For”
Your fear?: “Manic Monday”

I’m going to tag some peeps!

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5, 24, 80 & 99 :D

5. If I could be anywhere else right now, I would be .  .  . well, the Romantic in me is crying out “1840s BRITAIN!” (even though the question didn’t imply that I could choose a different time period) – but the realist in me just wants to have MY OWN PLACE, somewhere closer to Nashville and not out here in the boondocks.  IDEALLY, though, I’d live farther north – say, Virginia or Maryland.  Maybe Pennsylvania.  :-)

24. None of our pets are MY OWN, really – they’re the family’s – but we’ve got three pugs (Bunny and Babi - pronounced ‘Baby’ - are fawn, and Emmy’s black) and a boxer, Betty.  We’ve also got a tortoiseshell cat named Lily, who stays outside.  Btw, my brother Matthew named her after the girl he had a crush on in first grade. :3  Oh, but I DO have a little tank in my room that’s inhabited by three goldfish.  So those are my own.  :-)

80. The one actual *organization* that I strongly support is the National Eating Disorders Association.  I’m also an advocate for:  TRUE gender equality (abolish misandry!!!); domestic abuse awareness, destigmatization, and support; LGBT+ awareness and equality; mental health awareness AND DESTIGMATIZATION; and animal abuse awareness.

99.  Do I believe in love at first sight? .  .  .  .  . The short answer is no.  Infatuation?  Yes.  And lust, of course.  But not *love*.

Thank you so much for these questions, dear!  <3

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Hey Shinji, I was just rereading WoTN and i cant recall you ever getting this question- but how old do wolves typically live to be? And what was the reason Ymir and the pack decided to usurp the old ruling pack? Sorry to bring up an old story, but i was just curious! Thanks in advance!

I did get that question once upon a time, but it’s all good!  Wolves typically live for about 200 years, give or take 25 years in either direction.  Being 50-80 years is the prime of life for wolves, and Hanji is getting toward middle age (about our 45) at 97.

The reason Ymir made the pack was to take the throne of the north, and they all joined her because they were young, brash, and wanting to show power and talent.

Annie accepted her offer because she wanted to prove that she was more cunning than any other wolf, Reiner and Bertholdt wanted to have the power of the army to protect all the north, and Ymir…well, Ymir was a giant asshole.  She just wanted to prove her family horribly wrong for abandoning her as a runt, and taking control of the north was the best way to do it.

Thank god they all genuinely love each other or the north would’ve been fucked.

And no worries about sending me asks about Wolves!  I love the story dearly and I love getting asks about it!

          [ blog psa ;; ] at least for the time being, all but a thread or two will be put in the QUEUE when I reply. I’ve already been doing that, and the replies are all shoved down to the bottom to make me look super active while we’re in New York. There’s already 30 - 40 replies in there, and I have about 28 more thread drafts in my box right now. If you’re doing the math you realize that I probably have anywhere from 60 - 80 active threads going on at any given time. I drop threads a lot, especially when someone moves blogs or I just lose muse, but I RARELY drop partners. I live for plotting, and I write so much on skype and kik it puts those active threads to shame. I just like to write a LOT when I write on tumblr, so plotting is good for short stuff for me. anyway, I just want ya’ll to be aware if you haven’t seen a reply from me in AGES it’s either in the queue, or will be soon. <3

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Any healthy weight loss plans you can think of?

I can think of lots, but I’m not going to recommend any. Pretty much every diet plan that exists is dangerous in one way or another and leaves you bouncing back the second you stop, and weight yo-yoing is actually more dangerous for you than just being overweight. I mean, I’m a historian, not a doctor, so do your own research and talk to your doctor, but odds are a weight-loss plan is not what you need.

If you really want to know what I’d recommend, it’s that you make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise for 30 minutes a day, or for an hour ¾ times a week. It can be simple stuff, like just going for a walk (I like to listen to audio books when I go for walks, or bring a friend, so it feels less like a chore. I like listening to 80s metal/rock when I run because then I feel like I’m in a training montage). And try to eat tons of vegetables and enough lean protein. So many people starve themselves when they start to work out, which is the opposite of what is good. Your body starts using more resources when you rev up your exercising, and so it needs more. If you’re cutting off the supply then it’s going to go into starvation mode and the exercising won’t even help as much and then it’s all going to be for nothing. If you were sending a team of construction workers off to build a bunch of homes would you tell them they could only have a bit of salad with some chicken and then a snack of carrots? No, they need more fuel than that, and without it they’ll build shitty houses and also be pretty hangry.

I personally love doing weights, and since muscle burns more calories than fat, getting ripped is actually a lazy way to do cardio, cause then your resting rate is higher. I had a trainer once tell me to use the 80/20 rule: whether it’s for food or exercise or booze, be “good” 80% of the time, and treat yourself 20% of the time. If you try to deny yourself good things for too long you’ll crash and eat a whole chocolate cake while not leaving your couch for like a week.

But honestly, I study dead Romans, not nutrition or physiology. Ask someone irl who is a trained professional and who can help you out. And for god’s sake don’t do this to change who you are or how you look. You’re gorgeous and lovely. Just do it because you deserve to have a healthy vessel at your disposal while you’re here.

Local language

Technically, the language in Ireland is English however, just like in ‘Merica, there are local terms, sayings & customs in each area.  Cork (pronounced kind of like Kaaurrk by the people living here) has plenty of their own.

We will start with the word like, added to the end of every sentence, similar to the 80′s/90′s valley girl.  “How did you find the holiday weekend, like?” or “D’ye know what I mean, like?”  It starts to catch on so I have to be careful, like.

You want to say thank you?  Thanks a mil is heard all across town.  Frustrated with something, shout out “oh sugar”.  Planning to sleep in a little late over the weekend?  You might tell someone “I’m going to have a lie in Saturday”.  Need to put something in the trunk of a car?  You better ask someone to open up the boot.

During a gathering with friends here, they were talking about a man wearing a jumper. I paused, trying to shake out the mental picture I had, then asked what specifically was meant by a jumper.  Here, that just means a pullover sweater/shirt.  Phew!

Now, the big one.  If you are ever visiting, do not ask someone for a ride.  That is, unless you are looking for a giggle or it is a late night in the bar…  Apparently, around here the verb ride has a bit of a different meaning.  It refers more to an amorous act.  Thank goodness I was told about that one earlier.  Didn’t stop me from letting it slip in Dublin when I met up with the random stag party.  They asked how I got to Dublin for the the weekend and I quickly said “oh, I rode here with a friend”.  Crap.  “No, I mean I took a car with a friend?”  Too late, they were already laughing.  You an also take that tidbit of information and apply it to the new Nicholas Sparks movie, for which posters are hanging about the cinema.  “The Longest Ride” has a whole new meaning round here…

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Working on a line sheet for @inkatthebay and figured I’d answer an email I received about how I stencil out images, simple solution for some painting and tattooing application is I use #sketchpro on my iPad then just turn down my opacity to 80, from there I apply second later using the pen tool to trace and bam. Perfect sizable line sheet that you can see your reference in true colors. Hope this helps ! And if you want to see me paint this and a few other pieces live buy your tickets for @inkatthebay here @wavestreetartcollective -We will have a raffle for rad prizes, paint demos and merch #monterey #salinas #digitalart

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On my birthday, since I ran a 5k at my Annandale High school, I wanted to see my Suitland, Maryland roots! I visited my old house & wanted to knock on the door to ask to see the inside, but I got scared the current owners would say: “African, are you crazy?” Lol. I saw my old schools and apartment, broke my diet just for today, and ate at my favorite restaurant, Popeyes, the place I ate from 1988 to 1994! Almost every business went away, but this same Popeyes still stands, proving we love good chicken lol. I also played basketball in my old hood. I lived in Suitland during late 80’s & early 90’s, when Drug Kingpins Rayful Edmonds & Alpo Martinez (from the movie Paid In Full) ran this area! It feels safer now :). #suitland