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Hey dude! Just wanted to say i absolutely adore your blog. Thanks for the nostalgia of my early childhood years!

Thanks and you’re welcome. Long live 80s cartoons

"I am a believer in not repeating yourself too much as an artist. I think it’s a shame if you make the same kind of stuff over and over, even if you love it."

I was off work sick last week and just talked to Ash about it

apparently Americans don’t have paid sick leave

you have 12 weeks of unpaid leave but only if the company you work for has more than 50 employees

you guys, in Sweden, after one initial ‘waiting day’, you’re entitled to 80% of your income for 364 days and subsequently 75% for a further 550 days

It’s just, people get cancer and have no support, no safety net, fuck the hunger games you guys are straight up living in a dystopian nightmare already, what the fuck is this??

Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenager years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go out for breakfast. As a teenager you’re like no, I want to sleep. But as an eighty year old looking back you have that breakfast with your dad. It just little things like that, that helped me when I was a teenager in terms of making choices you won’t regret.
—  Taylor Swift

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Question for Mun: My area is having its first anime festival this year and I really, really want to cosplay Grell (just for an excuse to make the chainsaw! lol). Anyway, the problem is, I live in Louisiana. And the festival is in July. I can easily expect triple digit temperatures and humidity in the 80-100% range. Do you have any advice for a Louisiana summer friendly costume variation?

(( I wish you luck! *chuckles*  Any of Grell’s outfits are going to be death in the summer, just because that wig is a beast.  It is so hot, and so heavy x_x

Last summer I walked in a parade dressed as ‘Classic Grell’. We had to stand around on the hot asphalt for about two hours before walking the parade rout, which took an hour it self. Dear gods.. I thought I was going to die x_x  With no one to reap me but myself… lol.

So, I definitely feel your pain!

All I can really recommend is that you remain inside as much as possible, with AC. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and maybe take off the red coat from time to time if you start feeling overheated.   You can also, if you wish, put together your own take on a ‘casual Grell’ cosplay, that might be a little more summer friendly :)  ))

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I am still in shock & heartbroken at the sudden passing of Steve Strange

He was the pioneer of the New Romantic movement & a legendary music & fashion icon. He started the most famous The Blitz Club in London & band Visage. 

Steve is what introduced me to 80s music fashion & counterculture in the first place through discovering new romantic movement & watching 'Worried About the Boy”. He was my fashionista icon. He will be forever missed. It is an end of an era.

Rest in Peace Steve <3

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Y do u think we as humans try so hard in life when we r just gona die in the end and all of it went for nothing?

Because we are too obsessed with power and success and very much afraid of failure.
It’s a bit sad and it always gets to me; just disappearing all of a sudden.
I will tell you a story about my great grandmother: she had four kids that she raised on her own in a time where things weren’t completely amazing in Iran. She had so much power, respect, and so many people relied on her. But her kids grew up and moved out and started their own lives (the usual). She got Alzheimer when was 80 and her kids had to take turns to take care of her but none of them truly wanted to do it except for my grandmother. None of her other kids wanted to make time to take care of their mother who spent so much of her life time on them. I remember her telling me how she wanted to travel the world but she never did. She spent her life taking care of the people she cared for most but at the end most of them didn’t want to make a little bit of time to take care of her. She eventually passed away and it’s been almost 10 years since then and she is slowly disappearing completely. Everything she worked for, everything amazing she ever did in her life time, all the impacts she made on people’s lives; all of it is just being forgotten and disappearing slowly.
And I find that quite sad but it’s life and that’s how it works.

But do we truly do all of this for nothing? What would you do if you weren’t actually trying in life? Nothing. That’s quite boring and you would became very depressed if you lived that way. No one can live that way.

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Hey, I saw your post about Shoah. I'm currently working on a Art Project at College about the Holocaust and Antisemitism. So I just wanted to say thank you for recommending this documentary, because it's going to be extremely helpful towards my research. So, thanks. c:.

No problem - that particular documentary contains no archival footage, but to be fair it doesn’t really need to. The accounts from both survivors, those who lived near the camps and the SS Guards speak for themselves, and they have some quite eerie footage of the existing structures (or what existed back in the 80’s.) If you’re looking for archival footage I’d recommend Night and Fog, that you can watch here. Just a heads up though - some of the footage and images are horrific.

I wish they acknowledged in the comics that they’ve all been around for over 50 years

Tony will be talking and then suddenly say “At least it’s better than when Nixon was around” or “It was the 80s and that perm was cool.” 

I want so much out of comics and yet most of the time I just live in disappointment 

You know I really adore these 80’s movie posters (like the Drew Struzan, Bob Peak ones). I wanted to do some fake posters for PotO and maybe some other favorite musicals or movies of mine. But right now especially Phantom! I made the first concept sketches over a year ago. And I just started a PotO poster.

Tbh this post probably makes this sound bigger than it is because it’s just me fanarting in my free time and hoping to learn some nice stuff about composition and color scheme while doing so. (Also for some reason I really want cool posters for ALW PotO) Well, I’m just happy that I finally managed to start that, no matter If I do more than one or two of these.

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bloodstone, diamond, emerald, peridot, ruby, and turquoise ♥

bloodstone and emerald are already answered ♥

diamond: how important is money to you?

Like, for myself, it’d be super important. One of my goals is to have enough money one day to be able to go on vacation once a year ;A; 

But I don’t really look for money when I meet people. I don’t care tbh.

peridot: how old do you want to live to?

As long as I am healthy and independent I guess? I’d love to be as healthy as my grandma at 80. Yeah 80 sounds nice.

ruby: what kind of love do you value the most?

Hmm I don’t really get 100% how this question is meant but I value platonic love a lot. Like really deep platonic love and if I feel that for somebody and have the impression that they like me aswell I just can’t lie to them anymore. Which means I get sad more easily but yeah. I value people that are honest to me and show that they appreciate me I hope that answered the question.

turquoise: how often do you lie?

Ah not that often anymore. I don’t even make up stories anymore when I forgot homework or anything. Maybe when I break something at home and know my mom would be furious. Those little lies.

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You have this big struggle with money and your "wedding" but you bought a new DS and a Surface?

Brandon bought a new ds and I got his old one.
We decided together that financing a surface would be beneficial to me with me feeling so cramped at my desk and so unhappy at my job/needing to work on my portfolio. We can afford the price of one over a year.
The thing about our wedding or literally any wedding is that you need to pay for like 80% of the costs with cash. You can’t charge catering or venues. Having that kind of money up front is hard.

We NEED a car, I need a way to make a living without being miserable. We don’t need a wedding. We want a wedding. But we have other priorities. That doesn’t mean we aren’t bummed about it. Just because I’m no longer scraping together pennies for rent doesn’t mean that something as expensive as a car or a wedding is easy. But a couple hundred dollars is easier and not so scary.

Also why is my wedding in quotations? I literally posted pictures of my engagement. It’s a thing.

"I think the best advice that I ever got as a teenager was to think about your actions, because if you are 80 years old looking back, you know if your dad calls you at 8 in the morning and wants to go to breakfast, as a teenager you are like, ‘No I want to sleep,’ and as an 80-year-old looking back, you go to breakfast with your dad. It’s just those little decisions like that."

Someday I hope to travel the world, by myself or with someone I love. To just explore and see the things people dream of and the things that arent beautiful enough to be in magazines. To feel invaded with gratefulness for my life and the things I have been given. Most importantly I just want to live before I die.

Time does not support equality, everyones share of time on earth is unknown. You could be the greatest person alive, and drop dead with no warnings at a young age - or be the worst person and live to be over 80. I have always pondered about how this world works. To me some things just dont seem fair, but again who said we deserve fairness? Maybe this life is all about accepting what we have, being thankful we have a life at all. Though things may be thrown at you, whether it be little or big - always believe in yourself that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. If you dont make it all the way to your dream, be proud you have made it thus far - you have every day to keep trying until you die.

Just please dont wait until you are married or have a job or a family to start living. Take opportunities and risks as they come up, you can always go back and keep progressing. Those opportunities may only come once, the excuse “I have my whole life to do that” is not a good one. Make sure you let those you love, know they are loved any moment they could be taken away from you. Every day do one thing that makes you smile, you control your own happiness.

I was tagged by jovipanther  thank you! :D

1. What’s your all-time favourite album?

Probably Ride the Lightning by Metallica

2. What’s the song you want to be played at your funeral?

Instrumental of Fade to Black maybe

3. If you could live the life of one band member, who would it be?

Maybe  Dead (Per Ohlin) from mayhem, just to see what was going on in his crazy head 

4. Who is your favourite guitar player?

Dimebag Darrel (cliche I know) or Satchel cose he’s one talented babe

5. Is there a band from the 80s you can’t stand?

How could you hate any of those beauties 

1.Favorite picture of your favourite band member

2.What is a song you always cry to?

I don’t cry

3.Do you have band t-shirts? What bands?

sacred reich, poison, cinderella, motley crue, kiss, pantera, LOTS of Metallica, david bowie, kiss, van halen, slayer, guns n’ roses and more that I can’t even think of at the moment

4.What is your fave concert you went to?

Probs Eminem last year

5. If you could play in any band, what band would it be?

Sepultura is the first band that came to mind????

And I tag thunderstruck73 kk-that-was-rude slashvevo unsettledrain jamezhetfield sassyvandark britneydeville mxtley

Patti Smith on The Biggest Misconception About Her

What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

The thing that bothered me the most was when I had to return to the public eye in ’95 or ’96 when my husband died. We lived a very simple lifestyle in a more reclusive way in which he was king of our domain. I don’t drive, I didn’t have much of an income, and without him, I had to find a way of making a living. Besides working in a bookstore, the only thing I knew how to do was to make records—or to write poetry, which isn’t going to help put your kids through school. But when I started doing interviews, people kept saying “Well, you didn’t do anything in the 80s,” and I just want to get Elvis Presley’s gun out and shoot the television out of their soul. How could you say that? The conceit of people, to think that if they’re not reading about you in a newspaper or magazine, then you’re not doing anything.

I’m not a celebrity, I’m a worker. I’ve always worked. I was working before people read anything about me, and the day they stopped reading about me, I was doing even more work. And the idea that if you’re a mother, you’re not doing anything—it’s the hardest job there is, being a mother or father requires great sacrifice, discipline, selflessness, and to think that we weren’t doing anything while we were raising a son or daughter is appalling. It makes me understand why some human beings question their worth if they’re not making a huge amount of money or aren’t famous, and that’s not right.

My mother worked at a soda fountain. She made the food and was a waitress and she was a really hard worker and a devoted worker. And her potato salad became famous! She wouldn’t get potato salad from the deli, she would get up at five o’clock in the morning and make it herself, and people would come from Camden or Philly to this little soda fountain in South Jersey because she had famous potato salad. She was proud of that, and when she would come home at night, completely wiped out and throwing her tip money on the table and counting it, one of her great prides was that people would come from far and wide for her potato salad. People would say, “Well, what did your mother do? She was a waitress?” She served the people, and she served in the way that she knew best.

Via Alan Light interview in Medium

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"dated ass trash rock" Yeah cause that isn't disrespectful to Hyde's taste or to anyone who actually likes the genre. I'm just saying, the man is 46, he is living out the dream of having a band of his own liking, he is meeting the people he has been a fan of since he was a teenager. I feel like you guys want Hyde to only act a certain way when he wants to just be himself. Just let him have his fun without having to be so judgmental about it.

Come on anon, there’s no denying that 80s heavy rock is dated - it’s straight from the 80s! One reviewer at Download last year even told vamps to check what year it is, so it clearly isn’t just me. The US market is far more judgmental than I am, anyways. The fact is that the influences and music that vamps is putting out is dated, and that it’s only seen as “current” to a niche audience. There’s nothing wrong with that, but placing your entire US “debut” on such a narrow sliver of the music scene is a bit foolish. Again, not saying that I want hyde to fail (quite the opposite actually), but it would’ve been a bit smarter for him to go another route with a more relevant genre.

And honestly, where’s the harm in wanting your favorite artist to err more on the side of things that you find them good at? hyde is an incredible (albeit accidental) jazz composer, and of course I’d love it if he’d go back to do that sort of thing. You’re acting like I’m a staff member of his, and that I’m actually preventing him from achieving his heavy rock dreams by disliking his genre choices. My opinions here have no influence on what he does, and I’m fine with that. 

Since when did being a fan of someone require you to enjoy and agree with every single aspect of said person?