Age of Ultron. (spoilers!)

Captain America: precious perfect dorito of perfection.

Black Widow: I’m a little miffed at her characterization in this movie, but I understand it. She’s been through so much crap. that scene where she talks about the Red Room just killed me. I think she just wants to be free, and just wants to be loved. Protect Natasha Romanov at all costs. she’s a bamf.


Tony Stark. Dude, you messed up. You messed up big time. But I understand your reasoning. I would go beserk too, if I saw all my friends dead, and i knew it was my fault.

Hawkeye: Perfect. I’m so proud of my archer. Perfect.

Thor: you handled the whole Vision/Hammer thing impeccably. And I like your arms. *looks around* did I say that out loud?

Scarlett Witch: NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER. What a freaking beauty she is. Ugh. I love her.

Quicksilver: HES JUST WALKING IT OFF. HE’S ONLY DRAMATICALLY PAUSED. HE’S NOT DEAD. Only Uncle Ben stays dead in the Marvel Universe, right?

Vision: I miss JARVIS. But you are a cinnamon roll. too precious. too pure. nice cape.

Joss Wheden: Not as good as the first one, but BOY OH BOY CAN YOU MAKE GOOD MOVIES MAN.


yesterday was so good

I laid on the beach and read a good chunk of love does. got sunburned on my back. walked to get a California burrito. ate it at the skatepark while watching these dorks push each other around in a shopping cart and then try to jump over it with their skateboards. then I went to church and mark nailed it. speaking about diversity and love and unity between people. and then after church I wanted to say hi to him as he was walking around so I did! he actually came up to me because I was standing alone. I told him that we had talked on Twitter before and he remembered and then we talked about how I live in long beach and blah blah. we talked for a good 5 minutes and he’s actually the sweetest person you can imagine. we hugged at the end and said it was good meeting me. 😭 I just love him and jan so much. then I came home and their book was waiting on my doorstep!!!! so I ended up reading a few chapters and bless their hearts…such wonderful and smart people. and I love the stories about jon and tim as kids. wow.

chubby patrick is so cute i lvoe him so much??? hE IS THE CUTEST PATRICK? ???honestly i just want to give him a big hug and nvr let go and bury myself in this chest and close my eyes and feel him stroking my hair and im so madly in love???? im cryingn 

sakuratsukikage said: 

Awww. *hugs* OKAY. FLUFF. So, sometimes it’s Steve who can’t sleep, but Tony’s sleeping off staying up for three days so he doesn’t want to bug him. But he doesn’t want to leave their bed either, so he stays there, just looking at Tony sleep. But then Tony will roll over and throw an arm over Steve’s chest and pull him close and nuzzle his cheek into his chest and murmur his name sleepily, and Steve just melts and slides down in the bed and pets his hair, and he always finds himself asleep, dropping off with his hand still in Tony’s hair.

I MET FRANK IERO! He was so sweet and gentle and kind and I just 😭 I was already crying when I came up to him and I asked him to sign my (unfinished) drawing and I said ‘sorry, it’s not finished yet’ and he said 'that’s okay we’re all a work in progress’ so he basically turned my drawing into some deep and inspirational quote. I had so much I wanted to say but I was limited for time and I was so nervous that I barely said anything so I just asked for a hug and he gave me one and it was such a good hug and he was just so nice to me. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life.

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Hello! Good luck in your blog! May I please request for the Gom and Tatsuya's reaction to their gf trying to hold their hand in a walk but she's really shy? :3

Hello, lovely! Thank you so much <3 And thanks for all the likes too! You may ask everything you want to.
I see you really love Kuroko, so I’ve written a bit more about him ♥

Kuroko’s slight smile appeared instantly after he easily understood what was going on. His girlfriend was so cute that he wanted to hug her and do much more then just hold hands with her, but he was well aware that it wasn’t the right time yet.

With a smooth and natural motion he hold her hand and kept talking to her about something else, but his smile stayed on his lips.

Kise teased her with small strokes and “accidental” caresses until she was at her limit. Laughing enjoyably, he took her hand and made her spin into his arms.

Midorima couldn’t do it in front of other people even if he wanted to. He needed an excuse, like they were in a hurry, and when the opportunity was there he took it.

Aomine didn’t realized his girlfriend’s intentions until she was feeling a little sad. Then, he hold both her hands grunting and asked her why didn’t she just do it.

Murasakibara knew that a good technique to avoid her shyness was doing it in a subtly way, so he asked her if she wouldn’t mind holding his pinky because it was cold.

Himuro asked directly if she wanted to hold hands as he caressed hers. He stroked every finger on her hand slowly and finally hold it smiling lovely at her.

Akashi had his own methods, this time he placed his hand on her girlfriend’s, waiting there with a scheming smile for her to hold it.

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Your post about Steroline in last night's ep was so beautiful and on point. The way Stefan was looking at her in that last scene with tears in his eyes, I AM SLAIN

I am so with you, anon.

I mean, is it just me, or was Stefan just…particularly adorable last night? There were so many moments I re-watched over and over because he was so cute. Like when he says “I thought your veins felt like sand paper,” and how helplessly turned on he was getting by that kiss (I love the way he draws his knee up), and also the puppy look on his face when he was waiting for Damon to shoot him. He’s just so lost and hurt and in love and I just want to wrap him up in the world’s warmest sweater and give him a big hug.

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He gets jealous - Liam Dunbar

A/N: Okay that sucked ass damn… thank you so much for your request though<3

It was another match between Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep and you were currently standing with Brett and his mates.  “Anyway, I just wanted to wish y'all good luck for the game. Oh and Brett? Please don’t be to harsh on Liam, yeah? He’s  having a hard time already”. “I’m not making any promises”, he smiled smugly. You rolled your eyes at him before pulling him into another hug. “Just play fair, you idiot”, you couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll try”. And with that you went back to your friends.

“You like him don’t you”, Liam asked as you approached him. “Who?”. Liam rolled his eyes. “Brett”. “He’s a friend of me, I guess I do like him then”, you said and looked at Liam questioning. “Don’t forget that he’s also the reason I’m here and that he has been making my life a living hell”. You looked at Liam and then at Brett. “I know that Li, but he’s also a friend of mine and I was just wishing him good luck back there”, you told him. You were getting really annoyed with the way Liam was acting. “Yeah whatever”, Liam replied and walked away from you. “Liam!”, you said and got a hold of his arm. “What is wrong with you? Why are you all of a sudden so pissed just because I talked to Brett?”. Liam looked away from you clearly trying to find a way to avoid that question. “Hold on. Are you jealous?”, you couldn’t help but laugh at the face Liam made. “Aw look! Baby Liam is jealous”. “Have you seen him though? I have reasons to be jealous”. You looked at him and tried to hold back the laughter. “Like what? He being taller than you?”. Liam rolled his eyes at your remark. “No. But look at him! He’s tall, good looking, he can play Lacrosse and he can get every girl he wants”. “And now look at you”, you said and turned to look Liam in the eyes. “You’re also good looking, you can play Lacrosse like on one else on this team and let’s be real, you don’t need to get in every girls’ pants. Now go out on the field and kick his ass. I’ll be standing at the side cheering for you”. Once the words have left your mouth, you could see the sparks in behind Liam’s eyes. “Make me proud”, you said before pulling him in for a kiss.

The only thing I ever truly want in my life is a hug from Darren. Like. I feel like my whole life is culminating around getting myself a decent career so I can afford to attend all future Darren events until I can finally be one of those lucky people who get the chance to meet him and tell him how much he’s changed me from a scared girl who hid in her room and cried herself to sleep every night from anxiety to a (mostly) confident woman who looks great and feels good about herself (like 90% of the time). I just want to tell him how much he has helped me grow these last five years and then I want to give him a hug. That is really, truly my life goal.

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I hear you about Percy. I feel like HoO made everybody forget just how much he suffered to help everybody in PJO, how much he cared about them. And the worst part of it is it's like HoO made /Percy/ forget those things about himself, too. I just want to hug the dweeb and tell him that I still love him.

Oh thank you so much! I needed to know that someone else sees it. For a moment I thought I was the only person who still remember these things.

All I see about him lately is people saying how he did everything wrong and how he was a jerk and only cares about Annabeth. Hurts me see so much hate to my favorite character, you know, and what hurts most is that he was really different in HOO. 

I don’t know why Rick did it, I really don’t know why he changed so much some characters from PJO but sometimes seems like he throws out all Percy’s development, his fatal flaw, the way him interacts with other characters… Like, only remember Annabeth? What about his mom, the most important person in his life? He forgot about Calypso? What the fuck happened with the guy who gave up immortality so she would be free and to all children in the camp be claimed. What happened with the guy who was not giving up on Nico even thinking that he hates him and want he dead? The guy who was always looking at Nico, who kept that mythomagic figure to give back to him, who always asked him to stay in the camp but he understood when he said he could not because he did not feel comfortable, who put the suicide prophecy in his own shoulders to keep from falling on Nico’s shoulders?

But I’m not stopping love him. Because even if everyone is only looking at his mistakes I’m still paying attention to the little things that make him be my precious baby. I’m still seeing that is not only Annabeth and how much he cares about Hazel and Frank, and how he feel when he saw Nico in that jar, and even if he said he doesn’t, he trust so much that literally put his and everyone’s lives on Nico’s hand. 

He made mistakes but he is really trying to fix it. So stop crucify him, stop using his mistakes to make him looks like a bad person, he is not like that, come on everyone forget how he really is? it seems that everyone forgets how many things he went through and how much he suffered on his life.

And you know what? Fuck them all, I’ll always love this stupid boy

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Please write more of the dystopian hockey/captain punishment verse!!!! I love everything you write but I am SO WEAK for your dark!fics. Like SO WEAK the way you do them is beyond compare

Anonymous said:
can we have one more angsty thing before all the happy baby prompts? i’m so sad and i’d so love to see sid sad or hurt or whatever and someone hug him. whatever verse you want.

Anonymous said:
Oh, man, that punishment story!!!!! I’ve read it three times already because PAIN, and you do it so well! You’re probably swamped with prompts, and it’s perfect as is, but if you ever feel inclined to write the aftermath (comfort? or even more bleak desperation?), it would also be much loved and reread.

Anonymous said:

oh my gooooood the thing where sid takes the punishment after every loss is so sad and so good and i just *cries* i want like five million more words but also to go drown my feelings in cake and cats because it hurt so good holy crap

Game four was bad.

Game five, though.

They don’t need Sid anymore—they don’t—

It goes until Sid isn’t jerking anymore, until he is just limp in the Chair, all of his limbs slack.  He doesn’t open his eyes when they pull him out and toss him to the ground.  He just sprawls there.  Geno isn’t sure if he’s breathing.  He lurches forward—he is beyond caring what they do to him, and what are they going to do to Sid, if he is already dead?—and falls to his knees, curling over Sid, his ear held close to Sid’s mouth.

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i have the belief that mickey gives REALLY GOOD hugs like the best hugs ian has ever gotten in his life. ian just wants to hug mickey for hours because its so comfortable and mickey knows just how tight to hold ian and give him the comfort and love he needs and i just need more hugs

okay i just really can’t speak much to this because i hate when people hug me lmfao but i’m just saying that mickey has the kind of arms that, if i were to get hugged, i would want to be hugged by.

like, have you seen them? all strong but still soft, all pale smooth skin that ian loves getting under his hands, loves them sliding around his body, and mickey grips him so tight like he doesn’t ever, ever want to let him go. sometimes it’s his arms around ian’s waist, snuck up behind him making breakfast or dinner, face nuzzling into ian’s back, such…pure love, really, it’s just pure, he just loves him. sometimes it’s mickey slinging an arm around ian’s chest to go to sleep, hugging him tight to his body, letting him know that after everything, mickey’s there with him, he’s not going anywhere, he wants ian close. sometimes it’s ian’s low days, mickey holding him and rocking him and reminding him that mickey loves him, that everything will be okay. sometimes it’s mickey’s low days, his panic attack days (i’m really invested in the mickey-has-anxiety hc) when he clutches at ian like he’s the only thing tethering him to earth, and ian can barely breathe with how tightly he’s being squeezed, but he pets mickey’s hair and kisses mickey’s cheeks and shushes him and reminds him that he’s safe, that it’s okay, that ian’s there. sometimes it’s hello hugs, goodbye hugs, hugging while they fuck, i-just-love-you-a-lot hugs.

look, all ian knows is that nothing’s ever felt as good and safe and perfect as mickey’s arms around him. :))