This is Callie. She’s going to be staying with us for a little while.

i love this particular moment a lot because Elsa is so hesitant in opening her arms to hug Anna, as if she was afraid she wouldn’t want to hug her and the way Anna takes a moment to realize what Elsa is offering and the way her face lights up is so perfect because she literally cannot believe her sister wants to hug her and she just jumps into her arms like she was waiting for her sister to hug her for her whole life *which she technically was* i just love it so much

“I know, it just sucks that I can’t see you. "Cecelia grinned to herself as she stepped out of the airport. God, it was so much colder than she expected. She hugged her scarf to her neck as she spoke to Ivan on the phone. "I miss you a lot. ”

She had managed to convince her dad to pay for her ticket to Russia. He knew how important Ivan was to her and didn’t want to see her mope around for two weeks.

i love the young handmaid a lot her character is beautiful and tragic and as much as i love the sassy side of her that i emphasize when i talk about her on here she had to suffer through so much and i recognize that and it is the reason i pay homage to her

damara/the handmaid are both such tragically beautiful characters and i love them to bits okay

i love megidos and i love damara and the handmaid most of all

she went through so much pain and suffering

and her story never got better

A lot of people seem dissapointed that Laura didn’t flat out tell Carmilla she loved her in the finale


Hasn’t she already?

“I just wanted to save you.”

“I’m sorry I hugged you so hard if you’re hurt.”

“You’ve got a little something right there.”


There are lots of different ways to say it, and I’m pretty sure Laura’s said all of them.

If Rick Grimes does not tenderly wrap Michonne in his arms and give her the hug fest she deserves in 5B then I am going to crawl into the tv like the girl from the ring and do it myself. And also more snarky banter between her and Daryl. It’s adorable and I miss their friendship.

i met this really cool girl a while ago and she’s just… so great!! these Friendship Feelings™ are so overwhelming, you know?? i care about her a lot and i want her to care about me and she gives really good hugs and being near her makes my stomach do flips and i want to make sure she’s safe and i kinda think about her really often but that just shows how strong our friendship is!! yeah!! these are 100% Platonic Feelings i don’t have a crush pfft that’s ridiculous

hey guys! for all you know about what happened to Kim recently, i was thinking of having a ‘Add and Share’ thing and getting it around (just like that Alphys undertale post that i can’t find it anymore)

Basically, you can add in any character you want - be it Rythian, Zoey, Xephos/Lewis, any yogs, nanosounds/echo of any variations (or you can even draw yourself or your OC inside the picture!). It can be hugging her, buying her a trolley filled with noodles for her, anything that makes you feel that it’ll makes her happy. The goal is some sort of an open collab. (Expand the canvas if its too cramped for you)

Let’s spread the love! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

(EDIT : please check the notes that has the most recent reblog with their art. This is to avoid anyone’s art getting left behind. 

Also, save your collab in png instead so its easier for other people!)


7 years ago vs now

I know I’ve been fixated on the hug in “Melinda,” but I just honestly think it’s one of the most important moments for May in the episode because it shows her growth during those seven intervening years. The moment with the hands in the immediate aftermath of Bahrain is incredibly significant as a visual demonstration of the trauma that she suffered because of that mission, and it explains a lot of what we generally interpreted as her being “prickly” in season one. In fact, all those times that she shied away from physical contact (initially wanting to stitch herself up in “T.R.A.C.K.S.,” for example) were lingering effects of Bahrain’s emotional and psychological impact on her. 

But here we have the present day, when she doesn’t initiate the hug with Jemma but allows it to happen without visibly flinching away. She’s a little uncomfortable, sure, but she smiles at Jemma’s reaction - at long last, she’s allowing herself to move on from that trauma. I believe that letting herself get close to the team and form strong bonds with people like Jemma is helping her move past her pain, and, although she will never be able to leave Bahrain behind, perhaps she’s finally allowing herself to heal.

[To BOM] You take care too..It was hard to watch you when~,Well to cut to the chase, I’m telling you to stay strong. And that people like us really love you. So don’t ever feel lonely. Seriously. I want to hug you. (*hugs BOM*) I don’t want you to have a hard time, don’t be lonely. I hope you become happy…truly. You are an amazing woman. // [In Interview] How do I say it? I thought that even though she must be so busy, on the other hand she could be very lonely and having a hard time. I just wanted to tell her, a lot of people care about her. So I just gave her a big hug.
—  Comedian Jo Seho’s Mom (140629 SBS Roommate EP 9)
do you ever just want to hug Bellamy Blake because he’s the only person who’s ever been in love with Clarke Griffin that hasn’t forced himself on her or made her feel uncomfortable and respects her boundaries and is protective without being possessive and knows what she needs and will wait for her to make the first move because he actually understands what love is
—  because i do, i want to hug him for that
Lesbian Coming Out Story : this is so silly, why am I crying

She was drunk and wanted to tell her friend that she is a lesbian, its a cute story read it :)

It took me 6 years to accept that I regularly developed feelings for women. And once I accepted it, it took me 2 years to get up the courage to tell just one person.

I remember the day, in my car killing time with my best friend. She was a little bit drunk and I was a lot nervous. I kept crying before I could speak and all she could do was give me a hug and wait for me to talk. I remember thinking “this is so silly, why am I crying?!” But it was scary, because I knew that if she turned around and hated me, it would feel like the worst thing in the world. I kept almost saying it, but the words wouldn’t leave my lips, like I was out of breath or out of energy or something. And then, just like that moment when you decide to jump off a cliff into water or flip off a diving board, I just did it. “I’m a lesbian”. I remember not being able to look at her, and I remember being pulled into the most bone crushing hug of all time and whispered the words “Sweetie, I love you so much. You are amazing.”. And I remember the feeling of a weight being lifted, of sucking in a deep breath.

And then I cried, and so did she (because she was a little bit drunk and when I cry, she cries). And we spent the night discussing hot girls and almost relationships that I’d kept to myself. And on that night I was completely 100% myself, and she didn’t care one bit.

She gave me the courage to come out to my parents, 2 weeks ago.

Thank you Mary.


Tess Mercer + aversion to touch/closeness

Tess always seems hyper affected by other characters physical proximity to her. Any kind of touch, especially when the situation is tense, even if it’s from someone like Lois or Chloe, causes her to jump. When people get too close, or start to walk towards her, she almost always takes a step or two back. She is a brave character, she’s strong and she can defend herself, but she still has unconscious tendencies to fear others being close to her, ingrained since childhood. 

let’s talk about finn’s little smile when rey hugs him

Okay so I’ve given this a lot of thought, and every time I watch this hug scene, Finn’s little smile just kills me. And I just love it, and I love it even more when I think about the fact that his smile sort of slowly grows, and he holds her so quickly and urgently, and half of his face is just hidden in her shoulder/neck. And I think that’s because he wants to hug her - he really, really wants to hug her - but he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable with the affection and touching, but then she throws herself at him, holding him completely out of her own choice, and he’s just sososo happy about this. He can’t believe it. And that’s why he smiles and nuzzles his face so many times and practically throws his arms around her, holding her so tightly, because it’s what he’s wanted to do for a while but he hasn’t wanted to do something too much. And the fact that she’s willingly hugging him and holding on to him for dear life just means a lot to him. To both of them.

I’m a mess tbh

I want a girlfriend.

That’s all. Just one who’ll laugh at my (sometimes) dry humor and I’ll laugh at hers. One who’ll kiss me a lot…a lot a lot. A girlfriend who points out the moon and how beautiful she is. One who loves hugs just as much as I need them. A girlfriend who understands that I’m distant sometimes and that’s okay. One who knows that time and love is all that I need. I just want a girlfriend to love me for me and I’ll do the same.

Don’t even get me STARTED on them crying faces tho.


Okay, hold up, I gotta say it. 

The face Tip makes when she’s about to break after her phone dies while looking for her mom. The face of utter defeat.

It gives me chills on how accurate and REAL it looks. How it FEELS. It’s unbelievable. Before I know it I’m the one crying, because honestly that is what some people look like when they cry. Like- legit cry. It’s what I look like. It was almost like watching myself when I sobbed in the mirror this one time when I had gotten so upset. (For a completely different reason than Tip..) The scrunched up face, teary eyes, shaky hands and then just- just collapsing down.. I-

Yeah, that piece of animation really hit me hard. 

Not to mention they way Oh reaches out desperately for Earth, for his best friend, as the Boov ship rockets away. How it limply falls at his side and he knows he really just effed it up big time this go around. The regret in his eyes, how blue his skin turns, and how he cried too. He honestly looked.. Helpless. Then he understands what Tip was saying about family. That you never turn away and leave those you truly care about.
He could have gone away ya know. He saved his race, he’s a hero Boov and he could have left ran from the Gorg again.

But he didn’t.

If there’s one thing Oh learned from humansgirl that he’s more than “just a Boov.”

Woo, Okay.
Lemme stop now, before I get carried away.

So yeah, animation is magical..

Akashi Seijuro is a very awesome chara in KnB.

He was misunderstood as a scissors-psycho at first due to his first official appearance but now that the anime-only fandom have seen both sides of Akashi and can finally understand him better, I just want to say…