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Speedpaint Video

CS6; (no bloody clue how long it took cause of the number of times I needed to restart Photoshop after it crashed… )

I wanted to have a go at “creating” an image rather than just copying a reference… so I drew my two fav gamer bros hanging out.

Hey guys… if it’s cool, could I request you please don’t tag this with “septiplier” or leave any comments alluding to that either. Shipping real people is not something I can get behind. Sorry! But thank you for understanding!

i’m not looking for attention kiddo, i’m looking for justice. i’m looking for equality, i’m looking for peace. i’m looking for life. you don’t fucking understand it, do you? the pain you feel when you’re falsely accused? racist, cracker, troll… that’s what they call me. and it’s not just here either. it’s everywhere. high school, for example. every day of my life is a fucking battlefield. if i don’t wear the right clothes, i’m not dark enough to hang out with the goth kids. if i’m a little too free spirited, i’m not cool enough to hang out with the popular kids. i’ve spent my entire life being told where to go, what to do, and how to dress, and i am sick of it. so i’m here to seek justice. to seek rightfulness. i want people to know my name and to know that not only am i not racist, but i expect apologies from the people that bullied me off this site in the first place. i have power now. i have an army. and i won’t stop until this battle is won. bow down.
Right. Because you’re letting them in. At the same time, you’re like, What, I don’t want to let anyone in? And, honestly, I’m super real with people. Incredibly. If someone’s really cool and nice and just wants to talk, I will fucking hang out and chat all day.

Kristen Stewart

Can’t risk eye contact with strangers, right?


People get upset when I don’t want to be friends with them, yet I ask for other people to hang out with me. It’s hard because a lot of the people who want to be close aren’t ones who I feel I can easily talk to. A lot of them feel like they only want to be friends because I know cool peeps who they want to get closer to and I’m just more accessible \o/ Others expect me to be something I’m not. hhhhhhhhh

Some resources for people who want to be the super cool and intellectual person who hang out at the coffee house, read plenty of books, listen to hella cool music, and seem know a bunch on just about everything from philosophy to science. 

Click on the (m) to check the thing out!

Hope you enjoy!

M U S I C  R E C S

  • Arcade Fire(m) [|||] Arctic Monkeys(m) [|||] The Black Keys(m) [|||] Blakroc(m) [|||] Cage The Elephant(m) [|||] Darkside(m) [|||] The Dead Weather(m) [|||] Forest Swords(m) [|||] The Frames(m) [|||] The Format(m) [|||] Glen Hansard(m) [|||] Janelle Monae(m) [|||] The Kooks(m) [|||] Lorde(m) [|||] Marketa Irglova(m) [|||] MGMT(m) [|||] M.I.A(m) [|||] Modest Mouse(m) [|||] Mutual Benefit(m) [|||] Natalia Kills(m) [|||] The National(m) [|||] Pond(m) [|||] The Racontuers(m) [|||] Radio Moscow(m) [|||] Sam Sparro(m) [|||] Scissor Sisters(m) [|||] Steel Train(m) [|||] The Strokes(m) [|||] Tame Impala(m) [|||] The Vaccines(m) [|||] Vampire Weekend(m) [|||] Volcano Choir(m) [|||] The White Stripes(m)

T A L K S   A N D  D O C U M E N T A R I E S

(hover over the (m) to get an summation what they are about)

  • Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight(m) [|||] Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius(m) [|||] Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability(m) [|||] Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are(m) [|||] Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation(m) [|||] Deb Roy: The birth of a word(m) [|||] Nilofer Merchant: Got a Meeting? Take a Walk(m) [|||] Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity(m) [|||] Elon Musk: The Mind Behind Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity(m) [|||] Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action(m) [|||] Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders(m) [|||] Andrew Solomon: Love, No Matter What(m) [|||] Bryan Stevenson: We Need to Talk About an Injustice(m) [|||] Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs a Champion(m) [|||] Pranav Mistry: the thrilling potential of SixthSense(m)
  • Documentary masterpost(m) [|||] 


  • Lesbian Novels(m) [|||] the collected poems of c.p. cavafy(m) [|||] 20th Century Ghosts(m) [|||] The Bloody Chamber(m) [|||] Hell’s Angels(m)  [|||] Women’s writing(m)
  • Boy meets Boy(m) [|||] The Crimson Petal and the White(m) [|||] valencia(m) [|||] the virgin suicides(m) [|||] Crush(m) [|||] Infinite Jest(m) [|||] Atonement(m) [|||] Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself(m) [|||] A Lesson Before Dying(m) [|||] Blood Meridian(m) [|||] The English Patient(m) [|||] The Adventures of Augie March(m) [|||] All the King’s Men(m) [|||] Animal Farm(m) [|||] Appointment in Samarra(m) [|||] At Swim-Two-Birds(m) [|||] The Suicide Shop(m) [|||] Catch-22(m) [|||] In the Labyrinth(m) [|||] Suffragette Sally(m) [|||] Heart-Shaped Box(m) [|||] Giovanni’s Room(m) [|||] One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest(m) [|||] Reading Lolita in Tehran(m) [|||] I Never Promised You a Rose Garden(m) [|||] Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit(m) [|||] The White Hotel(m) [|||] The Hippos were boiled in their tanks(m)


  • Pocket Survival Guide{for the apocalypse}(m) [|||] Where to download things and stuff(m) [|||] background noise(m) [|||] stuff about trans ppl(m) [|||] feminism and etc(m)[|||] Recovery(m

Hi, this might be a long shot but basically I’d love to follow/be mutuals with more people who have similar interests. Here’s a short list of things I like:

  • art (illustration, concept art, fine art, your art!!)
  • soulsborne
  • dishonored
  • dragon’s dogma, fallout, saints row, bastion, transistor, dragon age, darksiders… lots of games.
  • photography (nature, urban, architecture)
  • knights. lady knights.

If you post some of these things can you like this please or reply so I can check out your blog (same goes if you already follow me, I’m guilty of not checking every follower’s blog properly ever since everyone’s favourite bots are on the loose)!

Thank you!

Preferences #94 You run into your abusive ex


You held your hand tightly around Calum’s, his grip strong as you made your way through a large crowd. ‘What do you want to do today?’ He asked as you walked along the busy street, you shrugged just wanting to go around a few shops. ‘I just want to hang out with you.’ You said and he smiled, ‘Aw, you’re so cute.’ He said in the babyish voice he could find. You giggled leaning your head on his shoulder. You walked past a shop you desperately wanted to go into but when mentioning it to Calum you saw his negative reaction. ‘Fine, why don’t you go into that shop and whoever is out first can go meet the other?’ You said smiling and he nodded kissing your lips before walking off. You entered the cool shop, seeing not a lot of people around. You walked along admiring the products available when you heard a certain voice. You froze, he was standing right behind you. ‘I never thought you two would separate.’ He said in your ear, you could smell the smoke radiating off him. You kept walking hoping ignoring him would help. He kept following you, talking to you as you tried to get away from him. ‘Why don’t we go into the toilets, I need to show you something.’ He said and you turned around to face him, disgust shown on your face. ‘Please, can you leave me alone?’ You asked and he shook his head a smile on his face. He subtlety grabbed your wrist, holding it tight. ‘Not until you tell me why you left.’ He whispered his lips close to yours. You tried shaking off his grip but it didn’t work. ‘Get off me’ you seethed. But he didn’t respond, he started walking you outside, a smirk on his lips. He was staring down at you when he bumped into you. You looked up to see Calum standing there anger evident on his face. ‘I would advise you to get your dirty hands off my girlfriend.’ He stated and your ex shook his, ‘He’s your boyfriend. Wow, you’ve gone low since I left.’ He laughed and that’s when Calum lost it. He threw your arm away from his, pushing him to the ground. You stood there as Calum punched him, his one hit giving your ex a bloody nose. You gasped in shock, moving to Calum and guiding him away. You had tears in your eyes as you left the shop. ‘Are you alright?’ He asked a worried look now permanent on his face. You nodded smiling, ‘Thank you.’ You whispered kissing his cheek as you wondered away from the chaos.


You sat in the coffee shop, Luke opposite you as the two of you chatted away. You looked up to see your ex with the workers uniform on, his body behind the till. Your breathing hitched, your heart started beating fast as all the memoires you tried to block out came rushing into your mind. ‘Hello?’ Luke said as you sat there frozen. You came back into you reality a weak smile on your face. ‘Yeah, um do you mind if we like go soon? I just remembered I need to get back.’ You said your voice shaking. Luke nodded slowly, ‘I just need to go to the loo.’ He said smiling standing up and you nodded. ‘I’ll just be outside.’ You said and he nodded walking away. You walked past people, hoping that he wouldn’t notice you. You thought he didn’t, until you were outside and he was out there just after you. ‘Well look who we have ere.’ He said and you tired walking away but he stopped you. ‘Why are you running?’ He asked a smirk present on his face. ‘Please don’t hurt me.’ You whispered your instincts coming back from when you were in a relationship with him. ‘Here?’ He said almost laughing. ‘No, you’re coming back to mine.’ He said sweetly and you felt sick. ‘No she’s not.’ Luke said suddenly standing behind him. ‘Luke.’ You almost whimpered and you glanced over to you before he scowled at your ex. ‘Well if we don’t have lover boy.’ He said walking towards him, ‘Are you going to try and save her. Be her own hero.’ He mocked and Luke shook his head, ‘No, I’m not lowering myself to your standards.’ He spat before walking swiftly past him and towards you. He gently grabbed your hand before walking away, looking at you all the time. ‘Are you alright? Did he hurt you? I swear to God if he touched you-‘Luke seethed but you shook your head. ‘No, you came just in time.’ You whispered your body still shaken up. ‘Don’t worry I’ll always be here.’


You sat alone in the classroom, everybody was talking having their friends surround them. You looked down at your phone, your conversation going strong. You heard the door smash open, you looked up to see your ex-boyfriend walk in. ‘You told on me?’ He shouted directly on you. You felt your heart beating faster as your eyes widened. You immediately dialled Ashton’s number, hoping he would somehow be there. His feet stomped across the classroom, everybody looking at him as he walked towards you. ‘Can I talk to you outside?’ He asked and you shook your head. You looked at your phone to see that Ashton had picked up. ‘No.’ you spoke your voice shaky. No body helped, as he grabbed your wrist. Their own fears over powering them. He threw you back against the wall, looking at you with anger and disappointment. ‘Who did you tell?’ He asked his face getting very close too yours. You shook no words forming. ‘Who?’ He shouted louder and you crumpled to the floor. A teacher came rushing along, seeing you crying on the floor as he stood over you. Teachers surround you asking if you were okay, you cried as you felt your arms numb. The pain he bought you, you recalled everything. Suddenly you whisked away, cradled in someone’s arms. You cried into their chest, not knowing who it was. ‘It’s okay.’ A voice whispered to you, which recognised to be Ashton’s. You looked up with wide eyes, a smile brightening your face when you saw him. ‘Ash?’ You spoke and he nodded. ‘I heard your phone call. I came as soon as I could.’ He said and you nodded. Your head fell on his chest as he walked you towards the front office. ‘It’s okay. You’re safe now.’ He said and you nodded. ‘You’re safe with me.’


‘Lets go.’ Michael said as soon as he saw who you were staring at on the other end of the room. You agreed standing up, you watched as your ex stood up as well. 'Fast.; You whispered and Michael nodded taking your hand and leaving the club. Your heels clicked down the steps as you walked as quickly as you could. You heard the footsteps behind you, walking faster. You turned around to see him right behind you and Michael. 'Michael.’ You said your voice higher than usual. 'It’s okay.’ He reassure you, 'Where are you going?’ The horrible voice suddenly said. 'Away from you.’ Michael said not looking back. 'Oh please.’ He replied, 'Why run?’ He asked and Michael kept going not wanting to stop. 'Don’t stop.’ You said and Michael nodded leading you towards the taxi. You felt your arm being tugged at by the disgusting man. 'Get off me.’ You said scared and Michael let go of your hand punching him square in the face. 'If you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend again..’ He said before walking away not bothering to finish the sentence. 

so i really wanted just a chill group of people who are into aesthetically pleasing stuff and we could just hang around so voila here we go

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I’m still watching the Onion episode and it’s like I just feel uncomfortable and sad

it’s so obvious that Onion’s really trying? Like everything he’s doing, it’s stuff that’s considered odd by conventional standards but it’s all to show that he wants to hang out with Steven and be his friend? And at every turn Steven’s like “nnnnnnnothankyou”?

and if Steven doesn’t want to be his friend, then that’s obviously cool, and he’s not obligated to give people chances, but he’s not even acknowledging that this is what Onion’s trying to do? he’s even brushing off the fact that Onion has like the cutest snake in the world and might have to feed it sometimes as something that’s “creepy” like

idk it’s just not fun, this isn’t fun at all

[17’s Diary - Jisoo]
“I’m Back Home.”

I went to my hometown, Los Angeles on January to take my GED. It has been over 9 months since I’ve left L.A. Although the reason I went was to take my GED, I’m glad that I had the chance to see my friends and family. Once I arrived I took a visit to the highschools that I attended before coming to Korea, DMHS and Grover Cleveland Highschool. I thought there would be many changes to the schools but everything was still the same. I saw all the friends that I used to hang out with and all my old teachers which made me reminisce all the good times that I’ve had in highschool. During my visit many people that I didn’t know recognized who I was, which was pretty cool because just nine months ago I was attending school like them.

During my trip I wanted to visit my friend’s house so I took the subway to get to his house. After getting off at my stop I went outside and tried walking to his house. I used to go to his house often so I thought I would remember all the streets, but I couldn’t. In the course of nine months I had forgot all my streets. I had to eventually call my friend to pick me up. What would have taken me 15 minutes, took me over an hour after getting lost!!!! XD

I also ate the In N Out I was craving so much while in Korea!!!! Yay!! :] I’m glad I was able to see and spend time with all my friends and family. This trip, I can say was one of the most memorable trips that I have ever had in my life. After not being able to see my friends and family for so long, I now truly understand the saying,”you don’t know what you’re missing till it’s gone.” The next time I go I hope I can go with all the members and show give them a tour of my hometown, L.A.

so my mom really likes juuzou too and she bought a jason keychain to hang in her car
we thought it was gonna be a little plastic thing like one of those cheap unofficial merch things? but it turned out to be like 5 inches long and made of metal so now she just has this giant scythe hanging upside down from her mirror with the tarot number for death on it and she’s like “people are going to think im a satanist”

Model Call: Hailey Clauson

Photo Courtesy of One Management

WWD: Do you have lots of model friends?
No, I don’t hang out with a lot of models, actually. People are usually surprised by that. I have some model friends, but most of my friends go to NYU or are just artists, photographers, cool people. At the end of the day, you don’t wanna go home to your friends and talk about modeling. It can feel really competitive. I never personally feel competitive, but I don’t want to be around that sort of thing. For More

anonymous asked:

My friends arnt talking to me. No one wants to hang out. I'm alone in the house. I broke my piano. I go to work in an hour. I'm a bit depressed. And My cat just vomited on the floor. Could you tell my something cool about hanji to brighten my mood?

Oh wow. Uhm,,, Hanji often forgets to eat and then binge eats and plunders the Storages at night. People often mistook Hanji for a thief or wild animal already.

if secret avengers gets cancelled i’m going to haunt axel alonso from beyond the fucking grave

buy the book

I know I have a lot of people following me for agents of shield stuff and i promise you

this is everything you want from agents of shield

gays in space? we have that

phil coulson ! specifically! look here’s phil just buy it

it has clint barton! tumblr loves hawkeye right? here’s clint barton being clint barton

maria hill! being cool! do you like your lady heroes morally ambiguous and super cool?? read it

and look here’s the team lineup! here’s black widow! spider woman! here are two cool ladies who hang out at spas and shoot things together!

look, I don’t normally make “save this comic!” posts but there are maybe three “big two" comics I’m reading right now because I’m sick to death of marvel and dc’s combined bullshit. this is one of them. do you know what that means? it’s a good comic.

It’s also nearing cancellation. So, if you’ve got the money, put it on your pull list, buy a copy, buy a copy for your friend who doesn’t have the money, love yourself. Love this comic. It’s everything you want and then some. But it won’t be for long if nobody buys it!

Honestly anyone can do what I do. Anyone can build bikes, cars, guns, furniture ect..ect.. All it takes is hard work and follow through. That “Follow Through” is the most important ingredient. You need to want it so bad that you are willing to make some pretty big sacrifices. You need to work, and anything that gets in the way of work gets kicked aside. One of the biggest reasons I quit drinking 15 years ago is I could no longer have is fucking up my next work day hungover. My craft became more important. It’s really Awesome to own your own shop but it cant be a hang out for people that will be distractions from your work. Lock the Door, Set Boundaries. Tell them you have to work. Eating healthy and getting rest is also something that will help you work harder, longer.
I know some of you may say “Fuck That I want drink and see my Homies!” Well thats cool just don’t bitch when your work isn’t what you want it to be. I honestly live like a hermit in my shop, and my work show it.
I would have it no other way.


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Honestly, my favorite thing about Stranger Things was Steve’s trope subversion. 

I was legitimately surprised by it and it was beautiful, wonderful, absolutely glorious.

I loved it for so many reasons, the biggest one was it just being a nice change of pace but then on top of that it’s so wonderful not to see a semi-love triangle where one boy isn’t intentionally made a monster to make the ~artsy, sensitive, nice guy~ seem like such a damn hero(I mean, I like Johnathan though…I’m not shitting on him). It was SO AMAZING that they didn’t use Nacy losing her virginity to him as some sort of ~woe is her, if only she had seen the REAL catch sooner~. Steve was so realistic, so relatable, so many teenagers(boy and girl) do that shit, they’ll hang out with shitty people and act like a big asshole just because it’s the ~cool~ thing to do and because they want to be accepted and it doesn’t make them bad people, it just makes them human. 

It’s so wonderful to actually show a teenage character going through that very realistic peer pressure process. Teen characters rarely show that; so often they’re either the nice, wonderful unpopular kids who are the ideal people or they’re the ~evil~ popular kids who are true monsters and totally unredeemable. An in between is rarely shown and if it is it’ll be a one episode stint where they never really take part in the #truebullying and ~learn their lesson~ at the end and then it’s all forgotten. Steve was different, Steve was real. Steve even actively tried to make up for his mistakes!

A lot of teenagers could actually relate to Steves character arc and that’s such a good thing. A character like Steve could actively help a lot of kids stuck in the middle like he was.

We need more Steve Harringtons, teenagers need more Steve Harringtons, I demand more Steve Harringtons!


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

I met Mr.Bryan Stars yesterday at Warped and I thought he was pretty rad. I hope I wasn’t awkward, heck who am I kidding I was but who cares it was still cool meeting him either way. I don’t really have a heart felt story I just want to hang out next time he comes by Florida, it’d be sweet to be friends. So yea keep being a kickass dude Bryan you mean the world to a whole lot of people.


Congratulations for small stuff!

Yahoo! We just got the official copyright registration on the Periodic Table of Parasites and the Periodic Table of Viruses. On top of that we did the ISBN registration, so that they are “real” documents. If you want either one before they go out for sale and distribution let me know.

This was one huge pile of work!  People ask “Why did you do it?” and I usually say 1 of 3 things back. “Clearly the periodic table of elements needed to be rewritten” or “Biologists need something cool to hang on the wall” or “I’m insane.”

With around 240 wee beasties, if we post 2 a week that will keep things busy for more than 2 years. Of course I haven’t finished the Periodic Table of Microbes book yet, but it’s almost there.  I mean the Table is done, but the companion book isn’t. Oh, and I need to do the companion books to the Table of Viruses and the Table of Parasites. Yes, I think it’s insanity. But think of the challenge: “What can you say about small life forms in around 300 words that will be memorable and cool?”

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp and Kyzyl Agach virus are my current favorites. But Mad Itch, Titi Monkey, and Strawberry Crinkle are  pretty awesome too.

The ISBN for the Table of Viruses is 978-0-9961456-7-1.

The ISBN for the Table of Parasites is 978-0-9961456-8-8.

when someone takes your chair @ lunch

i’m not looking for attention kiddo, i’m looking for justice. i’m looking for equality, i’m looking for peace. i’m looking for life. you don’t fucking understand it, do you? the pain you feel when you’re falsely accused? racist, cracker, troll… that’s what they call me. and it’s not just here either. it’s everywhere. high school, for example. every day of my life is a fucking battlefield. if i don’t wear the right clothes, i’m not dark enough to hang out with the goth kids. if i’m a little too free spirited, i’m not cool enough to hang out with the popular kids. i’ve spent my entire life being told where to go, what to do, and how to dress, and i am sick of it. so i’m here to seek justice. to seek rightfulness. i want people to know my name and to know that not only am i not racist, but i expect apologies from the people that bullied me off this site in the first place. i have power now. i have an army. and i won’t stop until this battle is won. bow down.