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look I have had four drinks and I am very tired and I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT how Yuri can fit into a fuckin costume Victor wore when he was sixteen, how like, when Victor gives Yuri a hug, Yuri feels safe and surrounded, loved, protected, I ESPECIALLY DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT how when Yuri wears one of Victor’s jackets or shirts it hangs over his shoulders and wrists and makes him look so delicate, so small, that Victor has to take a deep breath before he cuddles up to Yuri and kisses him all over because he’s just so delightful, Victor just loves him so much.

I just want to talk about richonne being so utterly happy in 7x10. Here they are in a total 100% shitty situation but when Rick said they made a deal they were soooo happy. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve seen them smile so hard??Then they hugged still extra happy and he kissed her on the forehead and they just did not let go of each other and kept walking all cuddled up and HAPPY?? then when Rick was talking about enemies to friends and Michonne gives him that little sly smile?? Wow 10/10? And finally when michonne did that cute little precious, innocent ‘why are you’ when Rick gave her the cat and she was grinning ear to ear??They would’ve never thought that in the middle of the whole negan, zombie apocalypse thing that they would find their soulmates. In the middle of darkness it’s like they’re in their own little world. They are so in love with each other you can just see it in their eyes and the little things they do for each other such as get gifts or reassure one another .it’s truly the most precious and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen pls protect them at all cost


I’m watching episode 10 reactions and so many fans just aren’t getting that Carol and Daryl are in love. It’s so frustrating!

I don’t know who this guy is👆 but he’s a diehard Caryler and his reaction is amazing 😥 I want to give him a hug.

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I watched the ILY scene again and I know most people are talking about Molly's pain, but to me she also has a strength about her, she's hurting and she's fragile but standing in her own energy somehow. Sherlock on the other hand is just fucking breaking down, and especially at the bit where he says „Molly please“ – look at his eyes!!! Like all you want to do is just tell him omg babe it's gonna be ok, don't worry, and give him a big hug… My heart just broke for him.

I can see what you’re saying but my heart just breaks for both of them in that scene equally.

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"NO!" Comes a yell from your balcony; Kara's there. "No, that's not... that's not what I'm saying! I learned from then, Lee. I know that's not the answer. I just... I know we have two different viewpoints, and I know we don't see eye to eye on Clark or Mon-El, but... I still want to give him a chance. That's all. I'm just afraid that this could escalate, that's all. I don't want either of us upset because of a guy, you know?"

“If you want to give him a chance, that’s up to you, I won’t stop you. And I never said I was against that, the thing I love the most about you is how you see the best in people and are willing to give them a chance.”

Lena sighs, and hugs Kara, nuzzling her neck. “I just don’t like how he’s always all over you. And it’s not your fault or anything you’re doing, that’s not what I’m saying, okay? …I just don’t like him…”

No way was Nagi going to sleep now. Not when he had just had ten bags of his favorite gummy bears, which no one dared to get anywhere near this time. Eiichi had always told him not to eat a lot of sugar because he can never sleep after, and idols needed their beauty rest. But hell Nagi always stayed up late on a normal day so why stop now when he was still marathoning too cute. Eiichi wasn’t here anyways and he’s the only one in Heavens that can intimidate Nagi. “Nagi stop eating so many gummy bears! You know Heavens doesn’t like the person you become when you had too many!” Yamato complained. “Just remembering the look in his eyes after Eiichi and Kira let him have as many as he wanted gives me shivers.” Van hugged himself close trying not to think back to that time. Nagi just laughed and slowly stood up. “I have an idea! Let’s all play a game called twister! Yamato and Van can get on the mat and I’ll call out the colors!” “Why should we take orders from you!?” They shouted in unision. Nagi looked down with fake tears in his eyes and a pout. “But because you guys are always so busy I end up lonely… Its no fair!” They pailed. If Kira found out they’d made Nagi cry there would be hell to pay, so they stepped onto the map without a complaint.—————————A while later————
“It hurts too much!” A very undignified scream came from Van. “I didn’t know my body could bend this way.” Yamato complained, his voiced strained from the position he was in. Nagi smiled. “Next color?” “NO!” They both, once again screamed in unision. Suddenly the door swung open and in came Eiichi and Kira. They both stared at the sight in front of them in shock. “Did you steal Nagi’s candy again or something?!” Nagi giggled and let go of the spinner. “Looks like neither of you are gonna win anytime soon! I’m bored!” He ran back to the T.V and resumed watching Too Cute. Van and Yamato crumpled into a boneless heap on the floor, probably not to move for another hour or so.

The lengths I would go to hear her laugh — there were no limits. I loved her and loved making her laugh. She would do these crazy things and make me do these crazy things, but I really don’t think they were crazy after all. In a way, it was a defense mechanism for her. She was so off the wall, she could use it as protection. Part of what was so poignant about her was that she was vulnerable, that there was this glimmer of a little girl that was so appealing and it roused the protective nature in my personality.

I’m grateful that we stayed friends and got to have this second act with the new movies. I think it was reassuring to her that I was there, the same person, that she could trust me, as critical as we could sometimes be with each other. We ran the gamut over the years, where we were in love with each other, where we hated each other’s guts. “I’m not speaking to you, you’re such a judgmental, royal brat!” We went through it all. It’s like we were a family.

When you were in her good graces, you couldn’t have more fun with any person on the planet. She was able to make you feel like you were the most important thing in her life. I think that’s a really rare quality. And then you could go 180 degrees opposite, where you were furious with one another and wouldn’t speak for weeks and weeks. But that’s all part of what makes a relationship complete. It’s not all one sided. Like I say, she was a handful. She was high maintenance. But my life would have been so much drabber and less interesting if she hadn’t been the friend that she was.

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 

The day I apparently broke the internet! From Dallascon16

So I have come to learn that quite a lot of people have seen this photo and only about half know the amazing story behind it. So I thought I would finally tell it here on tumblr!

I had bought a mishalecki photo op ticket on the Thursday before the convention but had absolutely no clue what pose to do, until it hit me. I am a hug Misha fan, and every time I have gotten to talk to him I am usually sarcastic and try to match his wit. I also love Jared, he is like an actually giant puppy. Anyway way the whole fandom knows that Misha had bragged about how flexible he is, well I am quite flexible too. Just as flexible as Misha actually,lol! So then this pose came to mind. I knew it would crack Jared up and it would give me a chance to show off some skill. I didn’t want to many people knowing what pose I was going to do because I was afraid volunteers might not be keen on the idea or I just wanted it to be a surprise.

So I was third or so in line for the photo and Misha and Jared set the tone pretty quickly with their entrance that screamed fun and sexy. Half the people in the room knew what pose I was gonna do and the other half didn’t. When it came my turn I walked up to Jared and Misha, I had to repeat it twice but for the sake of just retyping the same things I will write once.

I stood between Jared and Misha, looking at Jared while I kept Misha in my sights. I said this, “ Hey guys so I am going to do a pose you have never done before. (They began to smile; I then gently put my hand on Misha’s chest to direct Jared’s attention) See I am more flexible than Misha is, (Jared chuckled, Misha looked curious) so I am going to do a reverse table top yoga pose and I want you two to arm wrestle on my stomach. Look as extreme as possible, got it!?” I had to repeat this twice, but both were smiling and went ok, I have a feeling they were still confused, that was until I hit the ground. I heard half the room gasp,slightly, and the other half sorta whispering. From above I heard Jared and Misha go at the same time, “OH”, they had finally understood. Jared actually signaled for Chris to do another picture because he realized they both were not ready when the photo was taken, I am so glad he did cause it turned out amazing.

As I started to come out of the pose Jared helped me up, which was basically pulling me 3ft into the air, I am 5′2! He went, “Damn girl that was kick ass!” and gave me a high five. I told both of them thank you and started to walk away when Misha decided he was not done with me yet. Misha gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his scruff and he whispered, “ Your not more flexible than me.” As I turned to look at him he gave me the Casifer grin and winked. And to put the cherry on top of me walking away I started smiling and wagging my finger going, “No no no no no”, and the damn music stopped. Misha and Jared chuckled and I left. Later that day I showed Jared the photo, he cracked up laughing and decided to sign it, even though I already had his auto. I was like Jared stop and he went, nope I am signing this. He also signed it with AKF.

There you have it, my crazy story!

I just want to be with Daddy already.

I wanna sit in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms squeezing him into the tightest hug he’s ever had. I want him to hug me back tightly, but then softly lay his palms on my shoulders and grip lightly to peel me away from him, but just for a moment– just long enough for him to look me in the eyes and tell me how much he loves me. Then he’d pull me back into his embrace, and as he did he’d give me a kiss on my forehead. His lips would linger for a moment, then he’d continue pulling me into his chest. He’d gently twirl his fingers through my hair and tell me stories. And I’d feel safer than ever before.

100% scientific grading of all (most) Dragon Age companions/advisors


Alistair: Is a sweetheart who does his best and is a fantastic tank and has great hair, great sense of humor, I just want to hug him, rating: A+

Dog: Faithful, loyal, pees on things, (Happy bark!), rating: A+

Leliana: looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you, likes the way you do your hair, is a sweetheart, rating: A+

Morrigan: will put a spell on you (and now you’re hers), #1 witch, becomes a great mom even though her own upbringing wasn’t that great, rating: A+

Oghren: goes into the Deep Roads to try to find his wife, doesn’t give a flying nug, rating: A+

Shale: is a giant rock, great voice, great backstory, rating: A+

Sten: so Qunari he makes the Arishok look small-time, learns over time to respect the Warden, rating: A+

Wynne: #1 Grandma, great healer, is playing the long game so she can troll everyone in Asunder, rating: A+

Zevran: Best accent, beautiful hair and skin complexion, “for you I would march into the Black City itself, never doubt it!”, rating: A+

Loghain Mac Tir: honestly you don’t have a daughter like Anora unless you’re kicking ass and taking names yourself, rating: A+


Anders: is fucking adorable, will save all cats, ~Anders’ spicy shimmy~, #1 healer but seriously make him an Arcane Warrior for a good time, rating: A+

Justice: Fade spirit just doing his best, wants to help everyone, looks good in plate, rating: A+

Nathaniel Howe: Loves Amaranthine, defends his family but also learns to see their faults, is definitely gonna bang my Cousland on top of his dad’s grave, rating: A+

Oghren: “You joined the Grey Wardens?  Really?”  “You said it would be hot!”  “WE WERE ROLEPLAYING!” rating: A+

Sigrun: oh my god she’s so cute but also smashes darkspawn in the face, DESERVES A BETTER ENDING for sure, rating: A+

Velanna: Goodnight shemlen b/c Velanna is coming for you, doesn’t give any shits, is prob. one of the biggest badasses in the series, rating: A+


Anders: WAS RIGHT, fuck the templars, how can one feathermage be so pure, has loved Hawke for three years oh my god? voiced by Adam Howden who donated money to a GoFundMe for my sister’s sick cat (true story), rating: A+

Aveline: WILL TANK ALL OF THEDAS, do no harm but take no shit, will beat Hawke’s ass if necessary, “real nice night for an evening!” rating: A+

Bethany: who’s the best BETHANY’S THE BEST, Hawke’s #1 biggest most supportive fan, definitely best haircare routine and the most pure, rating: A+

Carver: does his best, actually secretly loves Hawke deep down inside, they probably built pillow forts together as kids and were def. best friends, rating: A+

Fenris: best spiky broody elf in any franchise, prob. the smartest individual in the entire Kirkwall Crew honestly, trying his hardest to move on, voiced by Gideon Emery and everything that guy touches turns to gold, rating: A+

Isabela: #1 pirate queen, has a heart of gold and loves Hawke, she just loves Hawke so much????? she’s going to let the Kirkwall Crew live happily ever after on her pirate ship I’m so proud of her, rating: A+

Merrill: dESERVED BETTER in every respect, just wants to help everyone??? Loves Mahariel and Tamlen so mucH?? Merrill/FHawke is such a pure ship omg, rating: A+

Sebastian Vael: definitely tries his best and wants so hard to live up to his name, will shot you with bow, makes that outfit look honestly stylin’, #1 accent in all of the Free Marches, rating: A+

Varric: Actual #1 Bro™, there is no bro who has ever bro’d harder, HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH HAWKE IS honestly, probably the best friendship in any game, like this if you cry every tim, rating: A+


Blackwall: Can we discuss that beard tho, just doing his best, honestly the best banter, “What can a grey warden do?” “save the fucking world if pressed”, rating: A+

Cassandra: holy shit is htere a bigger badass in Thedas no there is not, did you guys watch the anime holy shit.  if she met Aveline it would be the unstoppable force meets the immovable object honestly, rating: A+

Cole: pure spirit child, “he’s only 12 years old and already more psychic than his dad” - dril, dies a lot when he’s in my party i’m sorry Cole, rating: A+

Dorian: actual most  styling man out there, had to leave Tevinter because he was so damn stylish he was putting the rest of the Imperium to shame, oh my god he’s just like, best friends with your Inquisitor and it’s so?? pure? rating: A+

Iron Bull: lmao it’s over for you if you get in trouble with this guy also the Chargers are basically? great? and he’s so good to Krem?? voiced by a guy who loves this job and loves video games, rating: A+

Sera: is gonna throw bees at your head and is looks good in plaidweave, deserves better, most unique accent in the series, has good taste in ladies, rating: A+

Solas: it was Egg who caused the trouble but honestly he’s doing his best, gets approval anytime you’re nice to like anyone, GREAT artist, i heard there was a secret chord that david played and it pleased the lord but you don’t really care for music do you? it goes like this the fourth the fifth the minor fall the major lift the baffled king composing hallelujah???  rating: A+

Varric: guess who’s back, back again, Varric’s back, and tbh he’s just so good and he helps everyone and is helping the inquisitor b/c he cares so much, rating: A+

Vivienne: WOW has anyone ever looked so goddamn gorgeous, probably not, way too stylish for you plebeians, i only wish i could raise myself to her level, but i also don’t want her to ever lower her standards which she would have to do to even talk to me, rating: A+

Cullen: has been through a lot of shit and come out surprisingly chill, admits his mistakes, loves dogs like all good Fereldans, definitely got that lip scar from Hawke though, rating: A+

Josephine: honestly the best fashion sense in Skyhold, those ruffles though, is very pure?? I just want to cuddle her on the couch forever, make her some rice krispy treats and then take her on a vacation because she deserves it, rating: A+

Leliana: Murderpope best pope, rating: A+

Being Best Friend's with Newt Would Include:

• traveling the world with him to rescue various beasts

• being one of the only people in the world who even try to understand him before he became famous

• consistently standing up for him whenever someone mentions him being odd

• him teaching you all about the creatures and how to take care of them

• ‘just in case, I can’t have anything happen to them if I disappear’

• ‘nothing’s going to happen to you you’re not disappearing,’

• 'please Y/N, I just want to know they’ll be safe’ *newt looking away like he does with that cute little awkward almost smile*

• 'you know I’d never let anything happen to them, and if I lose you they’re all I would have left’

• cue newt giving you a huge grin and pulling you in for a hug because you’re his best friend in the whole world and always have been

• smacking the back of his head when he goes to give Picket away in the deal

• 'he has attachment issues and you’re just going to give him away! I cannot believe you!’

• automatically forgiving Newt for his small lapse in judgment when you get out

• newt being attacked by Grindelwald while trying to protect Credence

• you managing to put a protection spell in front of newt at the last minute

• just basically having each others backs in everything you do

• being totally platonic best buds who live in a suitcase together and have 50+ various magical beast babies

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honestly though?? i wish that robbie had gotten character development because like.,.. we all know that he isn’t really evil, he’s just socially awkward and needs some sleep! it was revealed the episode the first day of summer that he really loves everyone, and in the greatest gift when he’s so happy to be at the party and he’s so happy people invited him and he was so nervous…. robbie just needs someone *cough*sportacus*cough* in his life to help reassure him that he means something to people. i just wanted to see robbie become more happy and become nicer to everyone in town, he can be as lazy as he wants either way.

Okay but Rogue One and how they’re hugged and how they hug back headcanons. Hug headcanons. I live for platonic hugging, anything I like must have headcanons or fic for it.


  •  Baze hugs Bodhi by picking him up and squeezing him super tight.
  • Chirrut holds his arms open and waits for Bodhi to come over. (The first time, Bodhi was a little unsure. “What? What are you doing? Is this some Jedi guardian thing?” “It is a hug so come here already. Are you really denying a blind man, I can’t see you to hug you so get over here.” Baze laughed and laughed and laughed.)
  • Jyn hugs Bodhi like she wants to be covert. She’ll hug him fiercely and quickly and then act like she didn’t just bruise him.
  • Cassian pats Bodhi on the shoulder first, like a warning, and then gives him a one armed hug.


  • Baze just puts an arm around her shoulders and lets her turn into him for a hug. Chirrut usually shows up a moment later to make it a group hug. (If she shrugs them off at first they’ll let her be for a little while before trying again.)
  • Chirrut just tells her to hug him when he senses she’s nearby. (“Come here little sister, and give me a hug.”)
  • Bodhi hugs her nervously. He’ll do it impulsively and then stammer and try to explain until she tells him he doesn’t have to explain wanting to hug her.
  • Cassian hugs her like he never wants to let her go. Even when its just a one armed hug he holds her tight.


  • Chirrut just leans into him mostly. Or drapes himself over him.
  • Bodhi is too scared to straight up hug him so instead he pats Baze on the back or shoulder. (And then Baze grabs him in a bearhug.)
  • Jyn just leans against his side, puts an arm around him.
  • Cassian, much like Bodhi, is a little unsure about hugging Baze and usually waits until Baze is sitting so he can squeeze his shoulder, or prop his elbow on him and just lean on him. (Cassian also gets bearhugged.)


  • Baze just leans against him. Unless he did something that made Baze scared for Chirrut’s safety, in which case he wraps his arms around him like a shield and hugs him tighter than anyone else.
  • Bodhi always asks first if Chirrut wanta a hug, and then hugs him gently. (At least until after the first couple times Chirrut hugs him back with more umph than Baze. After that Bodhi just hugs him normally.)
  • Jyn does the same thing to him that he does to her; when she sees him she tells him to give her a hug.
  • Cassian hugs him briefly and reassuringly around the shoulders at random.


  • Bodhi hems and haws for so long before hugging him that Cassian hugs him instead.
  • Baze and Chirrut always tag team Cassian and hug him from either side. They usually do it because he’s overworking or stressed so they make him hold still and breathe for a moment. (He doesn’t actually mind.)
  • Jyn likes to hug him from behind, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her face into his back.


  • Hugging him is irrelevant to him since he can’t feel and uncomfortable to the humans because he’s made of metal. So instead they pat him or, in Jyn’s case, rap their knuckles against him. Eventually he starts patting them back too, sometimes.

*Bonus* Group hug:

  • If Chirrut and Baze are hugging Cassian, Jyn will squeeze in to hug him too and drag Bodhi along. When K2 walks by and sees them he sighs, and points out to Cassian that “the odds of this happening every day keep becoming higher, you know.”
More Important Things

• The way Fenris’s hair is so fluffy over his pointed ears and how it sways when he teases about practicing his flattery
• The look he gives Hawke when he says that he’d never wanted anyone before Hawke and that things might be different with him
• The deadpan manner in which he jokes with Varric
• That heartbreakingly sad and vulnerable smile on his face when Hawke says, “I’m here, Fenris,” when Fenris thinks he’s all alone
• His adorable friendships with Sebastian, Donnic, and Aveline
• The way his ears glow (the way all of him glows, really, but look at his glowing ears in cutscenes! So cute!)
• The way he caresses Hawke’s face
• That look of hope on his face when he first sees Varania and recalls a fragment of a happy memory of her
• Those very full and very kissable lips of his
• Those bold, expressive eyebrows
• The way his bangs hide his eyes when he’s feeling vulnerable and self-conscious
• His dry sarcasm and wit
• The way his eyes light up and he smiles when Hawke suggests giving him a few more problems
• The way he finds happiness, love, and a home when he thought he never would

All very very important.