‘will you move in with me?’ Draco asked, not taking his eyes off Harry but trying to hide his face with his hands a little bit, a hint awkwardness glowing from him but you could barely see it by the hopeful look that overcame it. 

Harry said nothing and just smiled. 

‘Of course i will.’ 

It was like nothing changed but now Draco knew that what ever happened, he’d have the love of his life to come home to. 

Jake: ‘Cause a Halloween party’s a rad excuse to put your body through mad abuse—

Jeremy: Gets harassed by Chloe; still doesn’t leave the party

Michael: Has a panic attack in the bathroom

Christine: Stays at the party even though it’s making her uncomfortable/she doesn’t like it

Brooke: Is ignored by the guy she invited to the party and her best friend for basically the entire night and cried her heart out because another guy cheated on her

Jenna: No one probably talked to her at the party except for Dustin like what the fuck

Rich: Fucking sets a fire/his SQUIP forces him to set a fire so he can die

Jake: Fuck, no— wait— that’s not— that’s not what I meant—!

ok i’m reddie trash,,,,,, but imagine eddie and richie going to a carnival for their first date, and richie’s hesitant bc “seriously, eds?!? you know i hate clowns!” but eddie convinces him to go anyway bc he loves playing the games, and he’d like to beat richie at them and make him eat his dust. so,,,, they play all the games,, and richie wins a huge stuffed bear and he gives it to eddie ((who blushes like a maniac omghgh)). then, they go through the fun house and richie’s clinging to eddie’s arm and squealing and freaking out and eddie’s flustered bc richie looks so cute w his glasses perched crookedly on his nose, and his hair all tousled and disheveled, and his cheeks are flush from shrieking every time he sees a clown,,,,, and then finally they go on the ferris wheel and they have their first kiss and it’s the cuTEST MOST CLICHE SHIT EVER AND MY BABIES ARE SAFE AND THERE ARE NO CHILD EATING CLOWNS THAT LIVE IN THE SEWERS THANKS :)))))