okay, but like Calum is so affectionate. He just loves to hold people and show them he loves them and it makes my heart warm


aw look. group hug!!

and he loves to put his arm around people.



and oh boy do I want to hug him

plus he will carry you how cute????

and he just likes to be close to people

In short, Calum is so into PDA, I cry.

I do not own any of the pictures and credit to gif owners.

I was still in love with him. You were still in love with her. A recipe for disaster. We were each other’s fill ins, something to push our heartache aside, to try and forget the ones who broke our hearts. You were my distraction from the pain he caused and I was your distraction from the girl who ruined you.

We had an understanding, you and I. Both of us knew what it was. No, we didn’t see other people but we weren’t together either, not really. It was a little fucked up but that’s life, life is a little fucked up, right?

I still wanted him and you still wanted her. I’m certain you saw her face when you lay in bed next to me, just as I imagined his mouth whenever yours was on mine. Sometimes I felt guilty, sometimes you did too, you were using me and I was using you.

Along the way something changed. It was subtle at first, I’d catch you smiling at me and I could see it in your eyes that you were focused on me and not thinking of her. That day you took my hand in yours and insisted we go for a stroll to clear our heads, you didn’t let go for ages and I remember how disappointed I was when you finally did. From that day on whenever you kissed me I no longer pictured him, it was only you, did you still picture her when you were with me? Probably. That’s okay though, I understand.

Sometimes we pretended. That we were together, that it was real, that it wasn’t fucked up. It never lasted long enough though, the pretending, reality soon hit. I still thought of him, I still loved him but I felt something for you too, though I didn’t dare say it out loud. I didn’t want to ruin whatever it was we were.

I remember so clearly the day it came crashing down. “She called me today.” I knew it was over as soon as you said it, whatever we were, it couldn’t compete with her, you still loved her, I knew that. “I’m sorry.” You said to me, the look on your face wrecked me and you sounded so sincere, I could tell you meant it. I could have told you then, that I felt something for you, that I wanted to be able to fall in love with you and for you to fall in love with me but I didn’t. All I said was goodbye. I didn’t watch you as you left, I couldn’t.

We bumped into each other in the street not long after, remember that? It was horrible. She was with you. I wanted the ground to swallow me whole, to just get me away from you and her, to allow me to disappear. You introduced me as your friend, do you know how that felt? It was awful. So fucking awful.I hope you know that. God, she was so beautiful too, you were such a beautiful looking couple it made me feel sick. It took all I had to wait until I got home to break down in tears.

Does it make me a horrible person to still love him but miss you too? Maybe, maybe not. I feel horrible though. Maybe someday we can be more than a distraction to each other, maybe someday we’ll be over them and ready for something and someone new. I hope so.

—  But even if you’ll always be my ‘almost’ I’ll be okay with that too

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Could you do a sastiel fic where Dean walks in on their first kiss, and sam is all embarrassed, but Cas is just like "fuck it" and kisses him even harder?

(aslkdfja;lskdjf - I love this prompt, sweetie! Hope you enjoy <3)

Kissing Cas for the first time was everything Sam wanted it to be - soft, and curious, and just perfect. He let Cas pull his head down farther and knew that this was right. When he kissed Cas, he felt at peace.

At least, he did until Dean showed up and made him break the best first kiss (and kiss in general) of his life.

Sam pushed Cas away quite reluctantly and continued to look nervously at his older brother, who was staring at the pair in shock. Sam had only seen that expression on Dean’s face a few times in his life - and it never meant anything good.

Cas glanced at Dean quickly, paused, and then turned back to Sam with defiant determination in his eyes. Cas laced his fingers in Sam’s hair and, after a split second of hesitation, Sam allowed the angel to initiate their second kiss. This one was much more violent, more heat than warmth. Sam assumed it was at least partially a show for Dean, but he didn’t mind helping Cas put it on (and, though he would never admit it, Cas taking control like that didn’t exactly turn Sam off or anything).

A few moments later, Sam heard the door click shut behind him. He would’ve checked to see if it was properly closed, but Cas was keeping him occupied at the moment and he honestly didn’t have either of his hands free.

Sam knew that he and Cas were going to have to face Dean at some point, but for right now the only person he could think about was the one locking lips with him. And he was more than happy to indulge those thoughts for as long as possible.

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Why do people not like Tony? Like, sure he has made mistakes, but haven't we all? Hasn't the rest of the team made mistakes too? I don't understand their reasoning. He has PTSD. He is afraid and he cares so much and all he wants is to save everyone. His worst fear is his friends being dead. And yeah, his plan goes horribly wrong but it's not like that's what he wanted. He just wanted to protect them. Why do people hate Tony Stark?

I’m not sure where or what the hate for him was born of, honestly. It seems like lowkey dislike of him turned bitter overnight, like spoiled wine. Not liking a character is fine, some of my best friends don’t like him, their feelings are valid, your felings are valid, but so are mine. 

Hating him for some imagined slight, or just for existing? That’s not okay. Everyone has a right to exist, even fictional characters. Spreading that hate to others, like poison in that wine, isn’t okay. Refusing to acknowledge his PTSD and history, isn’t okay. And if that’s how you treat people who’ve made mistakes, I’m sorry my friends, but I have no time for you. 

Tony, at his core, despises himself. He loaths himself so completely that he tries to erase who he is so often, to become better and more and he never realises he was already enough. Every mistake he makes, is a weight added to the scales of why he should give up.  This is a man whose greatest fear was seeing his friends die, not being good enough to save them and not being good enough to die with them. This is a man who tries to protect them, save them and then fails. He is an act of creation, who sees himself only as destruction. A burden to be held, he doesn’t matter, Tony Startk hates himself more than they ever could. He is lost, and falling and grasping the sun as if he doesn’t already hold it’s truth in his palms. He is great, but he is lost. 

I think hate is easy, cowardly even. A fool’s path through life. But don’t worry, dear fools, I love Tony Stark more than you hate him - more than he hates himself. 

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Cleptophobia: Your muse steals something from mine.

“Whoa whoa! Hey! Please give that back, it’s all I have to remember him by!” Hopeful looked terrified as the other took her vest. Her late boyfriend had given her it and she didn’t want to lose it or damage it more. “Please, don’t! Just give it back. Please!”

Imagine #14

I was laying in my bed, with him laying beside of me. His hands playing with my hair as mine was just laying on his bare chest. We were completely silent, and all we could hear was cars, people laughing and birds through the window. My family was gone for the weekend and I wanted to be home with Grayson.

We was finally alone, Ethan being with us all day and now leaving us alone, finally. All I wanted to do was to cuddle, just to feel his presence. I took a deep breath as I moved closer to Grayson.

“You know when I said I knew a little bit about love?” Grayson whispered, breaking the silence and I nodded while looking into his eyes. “That wasn’t true, I know a lot about love”

“I’ve seen it, I’ve seen centuries and centuries of it” Grayson continued as I looked at his features, remembering them. “And it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable”

I smiled to my cute and crazy boyfriend, he could make me get goose bumps. Just by talking with his wonderful deep voice.

“All those wars, pain and lies, hate, made me want to turn around and never look down again” He let out a breath and looked into my eyes. “But to see the way mankind loves”

“I mean, you can search the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything so beautiful” Grayson grinned to me as I blushed. “I know that love is unconditional, but I also know it could be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and a strangely to mistake for loathing”

I took a hold of his hands and hold onto them. My both hands couldn’t fit around his so much more bigger ones.

I think that I love you, my heart, it feels like my chest can barely contain it” Grayson was smiling at our hands and then me, the smile never leaving his face. “Like it doesn’t belong to me anymore, it belongs to you”

“And if you wanted it, I’d wish for nothing in exchange, no gifts, no goods, no demonstrations of devotion, nothing but knowing you love me too” Grayson continued still with a smile on his lips and then kissing my cheek lightly. “Just your heart in exchange for mine

“I realized something about you, about us” I whispered and looked at him with a smile playing on my lips. “I’m telling you its the most real thing I have ever felt in my entire life, I love you

Grayson smiled as our lips met and we shared an amazing kiss. I laid one hand on his cheek as our lips was dancing togheter. I could kiss him forever, but we broke apart to breath and he leaned his forehead against mine.

“Gray?” I whispered as we was still leaning our foreheads against each others.

“Mhm” Grayson whispered back to me as he opened his eyes to look at me.

“You’re freaking sexy” I smirked to him as he laughed.

“You’re so weird right now” Grayson laughed and his eyes squeezed shut.

“I’m always weird, you dork” I said as I sat up in the bed smiling down at him. He pulled me on top of him with a smirk playing on his lips. I took a hold of his hands and moved them to my cheeks, leaning against them. Grayson smiled at me before bringing my head down to give me a light kiss. 

We broke apart and I let my lips move down to his neck, leaving love bites all over it, as Grayson was moaning my name. I smirked and continued sucking on his neck. Suddenly his eyes flew open and his hands pulled me away from his neck. 

“I have a photo shoot soon, I can’t have hickies in it” Grayson smirked as he flipped us over. “The fans will notice, and they’ll never leave us alone’‘ 

’'But..” I pouted and made my famous puppy face as Grayson started to give back to me, slowly sucking on my neck. He then got bored of it and started tickling me, I was laughing while trying to squirm out of his hold. “Gray.. stop.. please”

Grayson was also laughing while he tickled my side and I was crying of laughter. Suddenly he stopped, smiling down at me before kissing me again. He then slowly laid down on top of me and leaned his head against my breasts. My hands went to his hair to play with it. I was playing on my phone, still running my hands through his now messy hair. 

I quickly took a picture of him and posted it on twitter with a heart eyes emoji as the caption. Suddenly a loud bang came from downstairs and I pressed Grayson closer to me, as a reflex. We could hear foot steps walking upstairs and slowly making their way to my closed door, I took a hold of Grayson’s arm as the door opened. Grayson stood up and was met with a smiling Ethan. 

‘’ You scared us dude!’’ Grayson shouted at his brother as I laughed at how stupid we are. 

‘’Are you two coming, we’re gonna do the photo shoot’’ Ethan said and turned around to walk out. I quickly changed from sweatpants and a oversized t-shirt to a black skirt and a white crop top. My hair was in a french braid and I let it look like that. I then put on mascara and filled my eyebrows. Grayson fixed his hair quickly and when I walked past I quickly messed it up again. 

‘’Hey!!’’ Grayson screamed as he followed me outside, his arms suddenly caught me and I was jerked back into his chest laying my head on his chest as I giggled. Someone suddenly snapped a photo of us and I looked up at Ethan standing there smiling at us. 

‘’I’m so jealous of you two’’ Ethan said and looked down at his hands, slightly blushing. 

‘’Aw, Eth’’ I said and let go of Grayson to hug his brother. ‘’You’ll find someone, I promise’’ 

(Grayson’s speech is taken from some youtube video, so I didn’t come up with it)


Concerning the situation involving @paintedbats and kingofthelames posting talking about abuse and the housing situation from Gerar’ds movement between Seattle and New York.

Just some small clarifications:

 I was the one he was staying with the past two months in Seattle. 

Yes, I did actually ask him to leave my house. No, he did not go back to New York because his grandma got sick. She is sick, but that’s not the reason he went back. After two months of everything that was going on (which I do not want to go into detail in right now on this post), I texted a friend of mine and asked if he could stay the weekend there until he could get on a plane back to New York.

I would never back anyone homeless, so I made sure he was gonna be able to get back to his old home before asking him to leave Seattle and my house. It was not safe for me or my friends for him to stay here and he had to leave. He did something that was the final stray and therefore, yes, I kicked him out.

If you have any questions that absolutely need a answer, you may message me off anon for a private reply. Thank you

Rose Petals
By Organization for Transformative Works

Relationships: Markiplier/Jacksepticeye, Mark Fischbach/Sean McLoughlin
Additional Tags: Fluff, Crack, Terrible terrible french, Rose petals for days, What is Jack even doing, Collabs


Rose petals. There were rose petals everywhere. Why were there rose petals everywhere and why were they leading into their bedroom? With a sigh Mark just decided to follow the path and braced himself for the worst. However, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw in the bedroom once he opened the door.

Jack lied on the bed surrounded by rose petals and candles wearing a fake french moustache with a rose in his mouth while a beret surrounded by even more rose petals covered his crotch, cheesy eighties porn music softly playing in the background.

I don’t even know what to say about this fic except that I love it and that I giggled so much when I wrote it together with waws.

I hope you guys will like it as well :3

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              ‘ that’s NOT mine. ‘ 

      those are the first words that leave his lips when he finds his fake i.d.
      in his aunt’s hands. such a dumb thing to say when his picture is clearly
      on it && instead of sixteen , the age reads eighteen. he panicked , and
      the look on his face was giving it even more away than his words were.
                                              he was so screwed

A lot of people say how Will seemed indifferent to pretty much everyone in Aperitivo. I just wanted to share some thoughts on this.

My opinion is that he has to block his empathy. He can’t empathize with Hannibal’s victims because he feels responsible for what happened to them. If he had left with Hannibal, nobody would’ve died, nobody would’ve been hurt. But at the end of the day, it was ‘too ugly a thought’ to run away with him. That’s why in his ‘better world’ fantasies he sees himself killing Jack - it’s an effort to convince himself that running away with Hannibal wouldn’t have changed anything - somebody would have to die anyway. Will tries to convince himself that there was no good ending for him. It could be the coping mechanism he uses to justify his choice to himself.

We don’t know Hannibal’s plan. We don’t know what would have happened if Will had chosen his side. They could have run to Europe without killing anybody. But Will can’t bring himself to imagine such an outcome because it hurts too much, because it means he failed everybody: Hannibal, Jack, Alana, Abigail. He could have saved everybody with one 'ugly’ decision.

In that case, would it be morally wrong to run away with a psychopathic murderer if it meant saving lives? Will could’ve sacrificed himself for the sake of others; but he didn’t do it.

And that’s what makes him seem so indifferent - he has to shut off from everyone in order to process the unbearable amount of guilt he feels towards every single one of them. 

Vitiate - Sehun

Find me just once. You know how much I want you. More than your faint image, more than the thick night, I’m afraid of being alone.

       He was there. But she wasn’t sure.
       She thought she caught a glimpse of him. In the dim atmosphere, past the gaudy hues of ball gowns and glittery masks, she saw a tall figure move between the crowds. His gait too familiar to overlook.
       Then again, maybe her mind was just playing tricks on her. Anything related to him had a tendency to do that. Besides, he was just part of the past; a ghost. But traces of him still haunted her, made sure to follow her wherever she went.
       She focused instead on the surroundings in front. She had an assignment to complete, and to her delight, a relatively simple one. All it required was a target and a tracker. All she had to do was make sure the two were together, and she was done for the night. The organization had been generous to her this time.
       Spotting her target in the periphery, she moved to catch him, footsteps drowned by the contemporary piece the orchestra was playing.
It was then that she saw it. Him. In all his dark glory. A name echoed in her mind. Sehun. He was a distance away, too far to make anything of. But he stood out from the rest of the crowd; she could spot him from a mile away. She could never miss that deep jawline, those icy eyes, full of only hatred and animosity, and she knew that was all for her.
       Seeing him brought with it flashbacks of the former. The exultant days, the easier ones. There was never a time she regretted that she ever met him, because those times that she spent with him were the highs of her sad excuse of a normal life. She often found herself contemplating if she ever loved him, only to smile a second after because she knew that wasn’t even a question.
It was those incessant push and pulls that frequented her sleepless nights. Because she knew she loved him, only made it harder to deal with what she did to him.
        She broke his trust, and that wasn’t an easy thing to come by. They led similar lives, similar professions. If anything, it was this congruence that led to their connection. But they played for different sides, they were enemies before they even met, and that ultimately became their downfall.
        Their relationship wasn’t built on trust in the first place. Their meeting wasn’t exactly fated either. Those contented days soon turned into a cluttered mess of lies and confusion. Those highs in her life were now mere shadows of a dream she long ago surrendered.
       Among the chaos, they had once promised each other that they would release themselves from the world in its entirety, run away side by side. But she crossed him in that way too, even if she thought running away with him was the only thing she truly wanted to do.
She left him nonetheless, and that was the only thing that mattered. She ended up destroying him, all in vain in an effort not to destroy herself. That’s why she knew, somewhere in the back of her mind, that his ghost was real. She was the one that created it.
       He was there. And now she was sure.
       She felt him before she saw him. A steady arm wrapped around her waist, another draped itself over her shoulder, keeping her back against a firm chest. She breathed in the familiarity of his scent, and felt sick to her stomach when she realized a part of her had longed for it.
       Her target and assignment long abandoned, she couldn’t even think about the consequences she would face when she got back to the organization. Not when he was right there, dangerously close, holding her in place even if she was unable to move.
       She felt as his grip around her tightened, and he leaned down to whisper something, his lips ghosting around the shell of her ear.
       “Miss me?” he whispered. And his voice was like poison to her, invigorating and toxic all at once. There was no one else that could make her feel that way; like fighting for life one second, then waiting to die the next.
       When it came down to it, their relationship was quite uncomplicated. Both had the mission to get rid of each other. And when it came to a standstill, she had pulled the trigger first.

The Catch
Farkle actually not knowing what to do when Zay asks him out. Zay kind of losing a bit of confidence and asking Farkle if he doesn't want to date him and Farkle rushing to disagree with him saying, 

"No, I do want to date you! It's just... Well nobody's really wanted to date me before. Not like without a catch or something. I'm... I'm waiting for the catch."

Zay's features softening as he takes Farkle's hand, gently playing with his calloused fingers. 

"No catch. Promise." Zay says sincerely, and Farkle just kind of stares at him, watches as Zay fidgets nervously with Farkle's fingers as Farkle feels his heart beat out of time.

"Okay." Farkle says softly and Zay's head whips up like a rocket.

"Okay?" Zay asks hopefully, and Farkle's brow furrows even as he nods, his smile flickering into existence as Zay's grin widens to ridiculous proportions.

"Okay." Farkle repeats with a laugh and Zay actually fist pumps, which startles a laugh out of Farkle. And the rest of the day Zay is just so dang excited and bubbly, but won't tell anyone why, just keeps looking at Farkle like he's won the littery or something.

Zay being absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of dating Farkle.

Farkle being completely bewildered by that because nobody he's wanted has ever wanted him back until now.

Zay being a kick ass boyfriend and making Farkle forget the feeling of ever being unwanted completely.

Freaking Zarkle man.

..so if I wanted to try to be me and a 100% just me, no matter who is still in my life down the line I will at least be happy with who I turned out to be. and if anybody likes that and if anybody wants to join me in loving who I am, ‘cause I know I will be loving who I am, more power to ‘em. (x)