Chowder’s Letter to the Journalist

Hey, you punk-ass bitch…Hi Chad…Mr. Johnson,

HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!  I was disappointed with your recent criticism of Mr. Zimmerman. MY FATHER IS AN AMAZING MAN! I believe that Jack is an excellent role model and a great example of a successful rookie! I would literally die for him. After all that he has been through in his life, it is inspiring to see someone work hard and not take for granted getting to live his dream. I just want him to be happy. Please don’t hurt him. In conclusion, Meet me in the pit motherfucker. I would urge you to think about the comments you make about Mr. Zimmerman in the future. I have no doubt Jack is able to stay focused if it made him sad so help me…, but there are many young hockey players who look up to him and are affected ME! I’M AFFECTED!! by the negative comments you make regarding his past and how it has affected his hockey career. 

I Hate You and your stupid face Thank you for your time,

Chris “your worst nightmare Chowder” Chow


Mr. Johnson,

I was disappointed with your recent criticism of Mr. Zimmerman. I believe that Jack is an excellent role model and a great example of a successful rookie! After all that he has been through in his life, it is inspiring to see someone work hard and not take for granted getting to live his dream. In conclusion, I would urge you to think about the comments you make about Mr. Zimmerman in the future. I have no doubt Jack is able to stay focused, but there are many young hockey players who look up to him and are affected by the negative comments you make regarding his past and how it has affected his hockey career. 

Thank you for your time,

Chris “Chowder” Chow


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Describe yourself with 3 fictional characters! 

Yuki Sohma. On a very personal level, Yuki is the character I relate to the most. Regarding his past, his thoughts, his flaws, I think it was the first time someone put my own feelings into words, and also he was a character that inspired me and gave me hope for myself.
Forrest. Just like him I’m a religious person, I am compassionate for people because I don’t want them to suffer and, hey, aren’t we both healers?
Toph. I’m too honest and sometimes it comes out too harsh, and that’s why many people say I’m mean (but at least they know I’m not gonna backstab them right hahah) 

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Life isn’t easy sometimes. I have found during those times when everything seems like it’s falling apart that those are the times I need the Lord even more than the good times. It’s then that I need to turn my will and my life over to Him and pray that His will be done in my life not mine. And when I do this I find God has a way of putting things together for me just the way He wants it. I can always trust He only wants the very best for me, because when I look back on those tough times He was always there doing for me what I could not do for myself. 

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omg okay hi Isaac, how are you? (your name is one of my favorite names of all time btw) I just wanted to point out how you call Derek's teeth bunny teeth and go into detail sometimes in your fics about how cute they are and that is so important to me because my teeth are sort of the same way and i was always kind of ashamed but when you say his are cute it makes me so happy and makes me smile so big!!! it makes me feel better and more confident about mine!! thank you Isaac, i love you so much!!

OMG DUDE <333 Hoechlin’s teeth are probably the cutest things about him - apart from the personality, of course. I freaking love bunny teeth and I think they’re adorable! One of my friends has bunny teeth too and just aaah…

Seriously though man, I’m glad my fics make you feel better about yourself ^^ I’m sure you’re beautiful <3

I don’t get why people dislike “career politicians.” Like, when you’re trying to hire someone to do a job, don’t you usually want that person to… have experience doing that job? Maybe even have devoted their lives to that job?

“I have an appointment to get my taxes done today.”
“I can’t believe you’re trusting your taxes to a career accountant. My neighbor offered to do mine. She has a calculator and everything.”

“Do you have any recommendations for pre-K programs in the area?”
“Oh, I don’t want to hand my Billy over to career teachers. I just drop him off by that overpass where the hobos live.”

“Looks like you’re going to need your appendix out. I’ll go get a surgeon.”
“What? No, I don’t want a career surgeon. I’ll just call my cousin Frank. He has an MBA!”

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hi. do you think niall is gay as well? I do & I believe one of the many men he hangs around with could be his bf/lover/partner. just wanted to know your opinion. cheers

I’m not exactly sure how to go about answering this because you’ve answered your own question directly after asking me what I think, implying that you just want me to either validate your opinion or try and change your mind, neither of which I particularly feel any sort of compulsion to do. 

I’ll be honest with you though, personal knowledge of Niall’s love life through mutual friends and a close friend of mine seeing him on a date with Selena in Shoreditch House aside, if you look at the narrative of Niall versus any of the other members of One Direction it’s a clearly “one of these things is not like the other.” 

It was the fact that Niall, the only member of One Direction who I am entirely confident likes women, hasn’t been through this stunt cycle we’ve seen with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam, is part of the reason I really started to side eye Ziam. Before I was even a fan of 1D I remember hearing about the Zerrie engagement and being like “…seriously? That’s a bit…premature.” If you look at it in the context of needing something like an engagement to solidify a certain narrative then it starts to make more sense that as Liam and Zayn got closer and started getting matching tattoos that they would need a different kind of closeting than Larry because there was no way they could create a second massive divide within the band, so they allowed Liam and Zayn to carry on blatantly Ziam-ing whilst simultaneously ramping up their individual stunts with long-term commitment girlfriends.

So, why is that collectively we could make a scrapbook of tabloid articles about Larry/Ziam beards over the past six years and there’s only a handful of Niall stories about girlfriends? To me it seemed like Niall had nothing to hide. I could be wrong, but there is also a musician named Ellie Rose who wrote a song called “Boyband” which she all but confirmed was about Niall. The biggest wtf was when Niall and Selena were in London before the X Factor final last year but no one knew she was there until she showed up at the red carpet. I found out from people in Shoreditch House before I found out from the newspapers, and even now there is no paparazzi record of most of their relationship, whereas there is years of evidence that he and Selena hang out all the time. If that were Harry it would be on the cover of every damn magazine and newspaper in the world, and I don’t think it’s because Harry is more famous, I think it’s because they are trying to negate his sexually ambiguous persona, which most people would take as him at the very least being extremely pro-LGBTQ+ with all his rainbow waving and studying, and at the most imply that he’s heavily closeted given that he can’t breathe in the direction of a woman (his sister included) without being incorrectly linked to them. 

They don’t have to build a uber hetero narrative around Niall if Niall is legit dating women, is how I see it. So, to answer your question, I have never considered that Niall is gay, but I have been wrong in the past, so who knows?  

Marco.. you know I love you, right? But in case you ever wonder why.. I love the smiles that you give only me, and the way you look at me, no matter if it’s tender or.. filled with want.. I love how you let me know that I’m your only one. I love your soft lips on mine or on my skin, just like your hands. I love it when you get possessive, and speak with that low voice of yours.. I love your eyes, ‘cause they’re so calming and have such a nice blue.. I love how you’re always there for me and seem to notice when something’s wrong.. I love your cheesy lines and presents, since no one ever did something like that for me. I love your flames, since they’re so beautiful and feel so good.. I love your personality.. it’s completely different to mine, but I feel so drawn to you.. I love your speech quirk, your hair, your sleepy voice, your body.. I just.. love everything about you! I hope you know that..” Ace finally finished, his cheeks bright red by now, since saying all these things out loud was kinda embarrassing.

External image

–Whatever Marco had expected when his lover had demanded his attention by using his name, wasn’t this, this heart-filled confession that honestly left the phoenix speechless as he was usually the one saying things like this. It made his azure hues merely stare at the freckled raven as he slowly let the loving words wash over him like warm water on a cold day, they filled him with warmth unlike anything else, resulting his heart to speed up before it settled down into a soft, pleasant rhythm that made Marco feel as if there was nothing else than Ace in this very moment. It also made a soft crimson color dance upon his pale features, making him look love-struck as a tender smile slowly appeared on the full lips. Was it even possible for someone to be this adorable? He had to ask himself that, because his lover was just the definition of adorable and even spilled over that line with the way he blushed brightly, highlighting his freckles in the process of it all. By the great sea goddess he just wanted to—

without finishing that thought, Marco went closer before pulling his lover into a passionate kiss, pouring all the love he was feeling into it, showing just how happy those words made him, he hadn’t even known how much he had needed something like that before this very moment.

Strong arms snaked around the warm, slim waist, pulling the smaller form close before Marco leaned back to gaze at the beautiful freckled features with a tender smile directed at the man before him and a light happy blush decorating his cheeks.

     “I love you with all my heart, Ace..
                         Thank you for telling me all this, yoi..”

“It made me really happy..”

He’s genuinely kind and positively brilliant
With just the right amount of twisted
He can hold deep conversations for hours
And just as soon make me laugh
He’s such a great listener
And genuinely cares about what I have to say
Plus, he keeps all our promises
And never raises his voice at me
Maybe we are both a little broken
But our shattered pieces fit together so well
His vulnerability in such a guarded and closed world
Is pure and raw and honest
He’s really handsome too
The best kind of handsome
The kind that makes even his flaws beautiful
Once you see him smile
He even remembers the little things I tell him about myself
And brings them up at just the right times
To remind me if I ever start to forget
He really is everything I could ever want
And maybe a few things I wouldn’t even think to ask for
Except mine

“It’s funny because I meet people in real life and they tell me that I am Andy. I’m like, ‘What? This guy is a homeless person, and lives in a pit in the backyard of somebody’s house. Give me some credit, I’m a married father with responsibilities!’Parks And Rec is a platform for me to do something that I’ve grown to be pretty good at, which is playing dumb. But Andy, unfortunately, is not able to turn it off.” - Christopher Michael Pratt (insp.)


biggest hyung couldn’t resist to bully daesung and the leader didn’t want to miss the fun~