Every time you’re with me, I can’t help myself to hope and dream that somehow, deep inside you… You like me too. I know this is completely absurd because we’re just friends in everyone’s eyes, but can I dictate my soul? Can I stop myself from dreaming that fate will bring you closer to my life? Can I stop this feeling that I’m feeling for you? If you make me feel every single time that you like me too? Your actions, those words, your stories, the way you care about me. Everything. It makes me fall even if I don’t want to. I’m helping myself to get away from this mess, but it grows every day. It pulls me closer to you. And I can’t help it. It slowly consumes me and it drives me insane. Everything around me reminds me of you. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but I don’t want you to be with someone else. I want you to be with me. Please hear me out. I’ll risk everything because I don’t want you to get hurt again. I don’t want to see you cry and beg again. I want to protect you with all of my strength. I want to love you for the rest of my day. Please, let me introduce myself once again. But this time, it will be better.