• Modern music lovers:Damn, the concert I really wanted to go to just sold out!
  • Classic rock lovers:Damn, the concert I really wanted to go to sold out... forty years ago!

“You could be a person I look to, pour my hopes and dreams into. Someone I would fight and die for.”                                                                      

                                                things her heart whispered against her ribs

  • Reiji:*can't find any of his brothers in a crowd except Laito*
  • Laito:"This calls for drastic measures."
  • Laito:*Uses his hands as a megaphone* "BITCH-CHAN IS MIIIIINE~"
  • Literally all of his brothers, including the Mukamis, from across the street:"wHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY"
  • Laito:"Okay we found four more than we wanted."
If I had a grain of sand for every instance that I thought of you, I would have a beach to walk along for my entire life. Sorry Ralph, but I don’t see the point in these types of lines. I don’t want a garden to remind me of her eternal beauty. I do not want a beach to walk along to remind me of her seemingly endless affection. I do not want any of that Mr. Emerson, I just want my lover.

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Pls make all DL characters react to heavy metal

since i love metal myself i highly approve this request! uwu

Shu: “What is that?”, he asks, being clearly disgusted by the sound of the music. “It’s too noisy, turn it off, now.” (he will forever stick to his classic music)

Reiji: “Good grief, is that the music you listen to?”, he asks, furrowing his brows. “Turn it off, it’s giving me a headache.”

Laito: “Bitch-chan, I don’t like it, please, turn it off~”, he asks you, but already turned the music down by himself. (an obvious no)

Kanato: “WHAT KIND OF HORRIBLE NOISE IS THAT?”, he asks, the music was clearly upsetting him. You told him that it was Metal and he knitted his brows. “Disgusting. Turn it off.”

Ayato: “Hell yeah Chichinashi, these are some good tunes!”, he said, having a satisfied grin on his lips. “Do you have more of that?”, he asked after the song ended. (show him Limp Bizkit, a mixture of Metal & Hip Hop will make him go loco)

Subaru: “Too loud”, he told you. As you turned the volume a bit down he nodded lightly. “It’s okay, most of it..” (he prefers punk rock)

Ruki: “No”, he said from the first second on when the guitar started playing. “I don’t like it, so turn it off.”  (Ruki u so mean)

Kou: “That’s obviously not my taste of music, Neko-chan”, he said turning the music off. “Let’s listen to something else, kay?~” (i can imagine him being a huge beyonce or nicki minaj fan

Yuma: He nodded to the sound of the music. “Sow, that’s awesome!”, he said grinning. “You can turn on your music more!” (he loves Metal and Rock)

Azusa: “Ah, uhm…it’s…a bit…loud..”, he said, almost impossible for you to hear him because of the loud sound of the music. As you turned the volume down he didn’t say a thing. He will listen to your music for the sake of yours, even if it’s not his type. 


Will Young - I Just Want a Lover

And lots of Will Young too.


Ear-entertaining song. :)