I want that unconditional kind of love. Where they have my back no matter how wrong I may be they are right there with me. I want that young love where we do the most stupid things together like race each other down the street. I want that fun kind of love where we go paintball shooting with our friends and go drinking after. I want that simple kind of love where we stay up all night watching the following or the 100 eating popcorn. I want that addicting kind of love where we always have to be touching not even sexually just our legs hitting makes our hearts race faster. I want that bestfriend kind of love where we can literally talk about anything and everything and not get bored of each other. I want that healthy love where we are both independent but have a life together. I want that kind of love that lasts. Where they never stop choosing you even on your rough days kind of love.

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I wanna make out with you so bad rn 😩


you know the one thing that to this day confuses me the most about fullmetal alchemist?

the fact that edward elric’s hair went from this

to this

in one year.

and it’s not just in brotherhood either

do you know how much the average person’s hair grows in one year? an inch. like yeah, there’s room for variation from person to person but he grows like a foot of hair at least (keeping in mind his hair is going to be longer when it’s not in a braid). from the first time i ever watched this series this has haunted me and i don’t know why no one talks about this

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People just don't get that sometimes I do things that I know will make me physically worse, but I need to be happy just like everyone else, so I'll do them anyway. If trampolining for my friends birthday is what I decide to do, I have already worked out I won't be able to do anything for the next few days, but I just want to have fun! Stop interfering with my health decisions please

We can’t exactly just… Do nothing, even when the things we do will hurt us. I can’t go out without it hurting me, but I also can’t just never go out, it’s going to make my depression so much worse, and I just want to enjoy myself!

We know ourselves best, we can make our own decisions.

-Mod Rhys

Claude Livingston’s BC! 

Claude, the younger brother of Nana Joy Livingston and an aspiring fashion designer, has always dreamed of finding a soulmate, but everything seemed to go wrong, although he’d never lacked natural charm. Looking how happy was his sister with her wife Rose, he couldn’t help but wish he’d also found this special girl that will make his lonely heart beat a little faster. The one who’s not just pretty but has a sparkle inside. Until he got an opportunity to host this new Top Model show…

I’ve always wanted to try this BC thing, but all I needed was a pretty special bachelor - otherwise it wouldn’t be much fun for me. I remembered that I always liked the cute brother of Nana that used to be a supporting character in Logan and Carrie’s storyline, but story progression messed up his further life and he never had a chance to be really happy with someone he loves. So now he has this chance!

Information under the cut.

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Hiya Peaches, just wanted to let you know that you're great and also really cute like woah?? Also you make me unafraid to challenge traditional masculinity, which is something I really struggle with, especially as a trans boy. Woops oversharing? Anyway you're just real neat thanks for bein' you.

Aww thank you! I struggle myself with a lot of traditionally feminine things as well. Like when I was younger I just wanted to be tall so I would stop getting made fun of but now that I’m older I want to be smaller so I could wear more clothes I want and be more “Desirable”? I guess. Which is a kind of toxic mentality I find myself in. I hope you find yourself in a more comfortable situation and just remember that you’re totally valid no matter how you want to outwardly present.


I love these guys, I just hope we can see Dawn today.

Huh, that’s not… exactly the voice I picture for Cyrus.

I imagined something deeper and with less emotion.

Fun fact, the red chains are made with the crystals found in the bodies of Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie.

Yeah I know they aren’t that many but you know how this shit works.

Cyrus’ motives were always the most… extreme of the Pokemon antagonists. He literally wants to destroy the universe and create another one on his image, where the human spirit will not exist.

Crazy shit.

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I'm sure you can draw stuff for fun? This just sounds like you want to trick everyone into giving you money. You posted art for a long time and now we have to start paying to see it..fuck this. Your another artist who only looks out for themself.

the thing is, i don’t have leisure time unlike you (since you’re probably around 13, i can guess) to do what i want. everything i do has to make money, so i can pay to get out of my country after tensions have been rising in it recently. i cannot afford to sit around and draw for fun. i can’t do anything for fun. everything has to be working towards getting out of here. so yes, i’m selling zines and commissions and nothing else. every drawing has to go towards my finances now. 

since you seem so adamant about my blog still having free art on it, there is a donation button on my blog in desktop mode. please input about $2,200. then i can keep putting up art at my leisure. thanks! ^-^ 

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Any advice on how to get into writing nice characters? I’m writing in 1st person POV and all my characters are, for lack of a better word, assholes. Whenever I try writing nice people, I get bored. Grey characters are just so much fun to write. Any tips that might help me change my mind?

Like so many things in writing, it’s one of those things you have to want to do, and you have to decide to do. If you prefer to write assholes or morally gray characters, write them. When you’re ready to write a nice character, you’ll write one. :)

Ask box will re-open soon. In the mean time, please check the master list or the main site for help. :)  

Dating Kate Callahan would involve:

  • She’ll probably be the one to try and drag you to a bar or something
  • And once there, she’ll be singing karaoke. Hey, as long as she’s having fun
  • Getting hurt = Nurse Kate.
  • “Put some coconut oil on your stitches, Y/N. Do you want to have a scar when it’s healed?”
  • “Why are you lifting heavy things? Last time I checked, the doctor said not to do that.”
  • Always at least having coffee together before work. If you’re lucky, you two might even have some toast and talk before having to go
  • Btw, Kate always makes sure you have breakfast, even if she doesn’t
  • She’s just really maternal that way. Even you’re dating, she’ll be the one taking care of you
  • Disney movie marathons and lots of popcorn

Requested by Anon~

day of chaos replies #2

GUYS ALEX IS BACK. SHIT. LMAOO JK JK. She just woke up from surgery so she’s still high on drugs, but the fun’s not over yet! Send her some asks too! And prepare to use her drug-induced answers as blackmail lmao jk jk 

oh sure lmao! I didn’t think you wanted to know tbh my bad. sorry if these aren’t as sinful as you wanted, i’m kind of a prude outside of smut writing xDD

- i would totally dom Obito tbh. alex said i have a thing for corrupting the innocent….? lol not really. or maybe i do hm. idk, all i know is i would top him. we have one obito getting pegged scenario in the askbox and i’m just like that’s some good shit lol guess i have a thing for subs lmao

- i would let tobirama spank me though. and rough me up a bit. and have lots of sex against his desk in the hokage’s office tbh ;)))

- i would roleplay the priest scenario with kakashi. alex has made me a hoe for this kink omg

omg i know what you mean. i was on this shikamaru high a couple months ago and all i could think of was fuck, his fingers must be amazing and fuckkk, imagine his hair like all tousled and out of its ponytail after he’s done you good, and fuckkkkkk imagine that lazy, smug satisfied smirk after he’s made you cum like…



“did someone call for me” 


(omg i’m sorry i’m a hoe i HAD TO)

kiba: *slides in in all his fuckboi glory* ;)) ey bb how u doin-


omg yes she has! she was such an adorable snowflake, and now she’s a badass snowflake omgomgomg. i’m so glad she’s happy and healthy and has grown so confident

OMG. if only they didn’t hate each other like if only hidan hadn’t killed asuma in front of shika lmfaoooooo omg. but can you imagine like

hidan: ey pineapple head. you gon move out of the way? it’s my turn.

shikamaru: *grunts* n-no dumbass. the hell? you said you wanted to be inside (y/n) today

hidan: *snorts* damn they don’t call you a genius for nothin. the fuck do you think? i wanna cum on (y/n)’s face. at the rate you’re goin, we’ll be here till sunday

@first anon ohohohoho ;)))) i see what you mean. honestly when i think of fucking hidan, all i can think is fucking him in skeletor wannabe/jashin mode lmao idk if that’s not a bone killer idk what is 

@second anon: Alex says: “Don’t we all”

I second that

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hi...a boy invited me to his place this weekend to drink wine & watch cartoons in our underwear....i think it will lead to sex but I'm a virgINNNNNN. How can i prepare for this ahhhh I'm so nervous

relax chill out remember you don’t have to do anything u don’t want to do ! sex can be really fun and nice and your first time doesn’t have to be scary! it’s just a new thing! go slow and you’ll be fine, your first time is not as big of a deal as people and movies make it out to be trust me, I hope u have a nice time, be safe use a condom ya goof !

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You know what's funny? Juliet is dissing Kylie even though they do the exact same thing: sell overpriced stuff, take selfies, and market fittea. Juliet also wanted to be a model. I can't stand Kylie but I love Kendall and Kendall deserves her modeling career and Kylie has made a name for herself unlike Juliet. She also dissed Kylie getting lip fillers and not even a week later gets her own lip fillers and does her own copycat version/knockoff of Kylie makeup. Juliet is a fucking hypocrite!

Remember when she made fun of Miley Cyrus and then took photos just like the ones she slut shamed Miley for? Good times. 

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I just have to get this off my chest. I wore a shirt to school today that said "girls just want to have fun-damental human rights" and one of my friends wanted to read it so I showed her and another friend told me she hated it. This girl doesn't believe in feminism and thinks down on it. I asked if she knew what it was about and she said "yes but I think woman have enough rights and should stop complaining". She is also super racist and will say things near me but I see her everyday. Ugh

Ugh that’s super frustrating. I think it’s time to find other friends


The 100 prediction game: pre-trailer

so, emily (@prosciuttoe) tagged me in this and i thought id do this before the trailer comes out so i’ll know, for a fact, how right i am. i think y’all know im not the BIGGEST fan of this show so my opinions are not the fun-est. mostly me just angrily ranting, but. i had fun and that’s what matters most. (octavia hate under cut bc i have a brand now)

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FastFood AU

Okay, this one is mostly because of @keiths-stupid-mullet​ and @katy-chan-needs-jesus​ ! It was for fun and… like a lot of thing that I make for fun, I ended with a ton of (useless) details. It’s quite easy for me to picture stuff because I work in fast food restaurants for more than 5 years now. 
(and I just want to point out that some stuff may seems weird because I’m french and some stuffs probably doesn’t work the same way elsewhere)

Okay, let’s start the non-sense! THERE’S A SPECIAL GUEST FOR YOU @paladindindin​ ! I KNOW YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH HIM! >D

General Trivia

- The team + Allura&Coran are working at McGalran’s, a big fast food restaurant chain
- The restaurant manager is Sendak and the franchisee (one who own their restaurant and a lot more) is Zarkon
- Sendak actually like to come for free food, yelling at people and stay in the back office doing… probably nothing
- The restaurant has a H24 Drive-thru but the indoor is only open from 9am to 11pm, 12am on weekends.
- Their uniforms are the most hideous thing that ever existed, like really…
- The crew bonded over being on night shift a lot of time, except for Pidge who can’t work by night because they’re too young but use the free wifi all the night even so.

Team’s Trivia

• Allura

- Allura is the main manager of the restaurant
- she is in charge of the customers services and also the formation of newbie managers
- she is really kind with everyone but when it’s time to work, you better work with her
- she totally helps on every shift, in the kitchen or in the front line
- she stood up against angry customer with a very pretty and very threatening smile and it never fails…

• Coran

- Coran is Allura’s assistant manager
- he is in charge of all the equipments maintenance and the recruitment
- he likes to “accidently” lock Sendak in the back office and going to check some equipments far faaaar in the stocks… for an hour at least
- he makes the most weird recruitment interview ever and probably scared some youngster
- he is the only one who can make the first coffee with his “little girl” aka the stubborn coffee machine

• Shiro

- Shiro is a newbie shift manager
- he was a staff until really really recently and is not really at ease at his position yet
- he is the only one who can make Lance and Keith work on the same shift without any fight (verbal or not)
- he hates when Sendak come on his shift only to piss him off and to take over his shift, putting him on “cleaning duty”
- he knew Keith and Pidge (and Pidge’s brother) before working at McGalran’s

• Lance

- Lance is a cashier, mostly at the drive-thru and does the birthday party with Allura or Hunk
- he was supposed to be an indoor cashier too at first but since he spent most of his time flirting with everybody, they put him at the drive-thru with an headset to take order
- he is really good with children and probably have as much fun as them when making the birthday parties
- he is also in charge of welcoming customers and help them with their orders when there’s a lot of people indoor and he actually works well to not put too much on his friends
- he knew Hunk and Pidge before working at McGalran’s and actually begged Hunk to come working with him

• Keith 

- Keith works in the kitchen and as far as possible from the customers
- he’s got the job thanks to Shiro after losing the previous one because of “discipline issue”
- he’s actually quite efficient in the kitchens and can do alone the work of two or three people, that’s mostly why he does a lot of night shift
- he is often send on “dish-washing” duty by Pidge or Shiro when he starts to glare at Sendak harassing people or customer yelling at his coworkers
- most of the time, all the kitchen can hear him yelling at Lance to stop flirting and actually start taking “the fuckin’ orders” before they’re overwhelmed by work

• Pidge

- Pidge is the only real multi-purpose employee
- they’re packing the drive-thru order and work at the fries station most of the time (or keep an eye on Keith and Lance)
- they are unofficially the administrator of the restaurant’s network after they hacked the system to change the “awful McGalran’s radio” to put some good music
- they’re the only who can’t work on night shift because they’re too young for that but they spend their time using the free wifi anyway
- they’re the only one who knew everybody before working at McGalran’s and also got a ton of blackmail material about everyone (except Hunk because there’s no way to blackmail an actual angel)

• Hunk

- Hunk is a cashier, mostly for indoor order and is on lobby’s duty time to time
- he is the most patient cashier ever but is also the one who takes most of the order during the rush hours
- he never use his free meal for him (he doesn’t eat fast food) but always take a full meal to give it to some homeless nearby and does the same for the edible food they have to throw sometimes
- he didn’t really need to work at McGalran’s but could refuse when Lance beg him to apply with him (Hunk can’t fight Lance’s puppy eyes)
- he helps a lot Coran with the equipments and sometimes Pidge with the software for the cash register… he’s kinda a multi-purpose employee but more in the background

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Hi! Just passing by to say that your stories and commentary have been such a great destresser for me during finals week. :) I just discovered your #fic tag haha I thought all your writing was on the link in your sidebar, it's been so fun reading your stuff on my study breaks

Thank you!  This is so sweet!

I need to update the fic page, I know! I’m terrible.  I actually want to re-do the whole thing and make a page for modern vs historical stuff vs. stuff in like a particular AU, etc.

Unconventional Advice for Making an OC blog (from a long-time rper)

Taking on rping for the first time can be an equally  fun and exciting experience– as well as an incredibly vacuous and overwhelming process. To complicate things more; you decided to forgo playing an already in-universe character and instead opted to establish your own original character; or OC for short.

The life of an OC is riddled with people who’d rather not read your rules, or your backstory, and admittedly it’s very hard to make an OC just as engaging and interesting as the main cast of characters. Even content creators who do this for a living sometimes have problems living up to their own past works. For you, a writer who mostly just wants to have fun- it can be an intimidating process. There are tons of books specifically designed to help you through the process of making a character…

And today I’m not going to talk about any of that. HERE IS A LIST OF THINGS I’VE LEARNED AS AN OC BLOG

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