I’m probably just stupid, to be honest.
But let’s be real, trying on and actually finding a purchasable item is an impossible task.

I just want pretty things to wear why it gotta be so hard

So uh saw this thing happening…a cool looking darkiplier ball (for muns and muses~ started from here)
…and we kinda maybe crashed in. Checking the buffet, roll around and such…but Oculus wanted to play it safe on the food side.

So here’s a new thing...

Witches getting offended by stereotypical witch Halloween costumes. 

I personally think people are being a little overly sensitive about this. Because if you look at it from a realistic point of view, the majority of the population doesn’t believe witches are real. And I honestly can’t blame them. Since childhood we are taught that witches only excist in fairytales and movies. I’m not surprised, considering the society we grow up in. They just want their kids to have fun, and get ‘em all dressed up in a scary costume. 

And if I’m quite honest, this is the least of my worries.

You don't have to pick just one.

i always see those posts about “i want to wear dark lipstick and black clothes but i also want to wear cute frilly dresses” and “i want to be a cutiepie and a sweetheart but i also want to be a bossass bitch” but like you don’t have to pick just one of those things???

like go ahead and wear cute frilly dresses but rock that badass red lipstick and don’t take shit from anyone

wear kickass black clothes but be a total cinnamon roll

wear cute frilly dresses some days and badass black clothes other days

be a fairy some days but be a member of the arctic monkeys other days

like fuck labels and trying to fit yourself into one box. be all of them. life is so much more fun that way.

Mutuals lms if it’s ok for me to draw u something I wanna have fun and do nice things for some of u guys but I just want to make sure it doesn’t make u uncomfortable

anonymous asked:

If Tony is invited to Sunday brunch with the Tiny Steve crew, I assume Angie is as well? Does she go?

I’m still not quite sure how I’m handling Angie, since her and Peggy’s relationship weren’t really originally intended to be part of the main story, I just wanted to be sure they got a mention. Now I’m trying to figure out WTF to do.

Peggy and Angie are in a different situation to Steve and Tony – Angie knows kind of what Peggy does, but they’ve skirted the official “you have to sign an NDA so I can tell you what I do” thing. Angie and Peggy started out as a casual relationship, they were just having fun and occasionally having sex, and it’s developed into something more for them but still open – they’re in deep with each other now but still like to have fun on the side. 

Angie knows Peggy does something dangerous and secret for the government. She has no idea what and hasn’t really wanted to know because she’s aware it would freak her out. And part of that is that she’s wary of meeting Peggy’s friends, who ALSO do dangerous and secret things for the government. So, much like Tony, she hasn’t usually gone to the weekly brunch, but for different reasons. Also, unlike Tony, Angie has more of a life of her own – not that Tony doesn’t, but Angie’s world isn’t as intimately knitted to Peggy as Tony’s is to Steve. So Angie doesn’t…need to hang out with Peggy’s friends. Whereas Tony loves to be loved and most of his friends are now Steve’s friends’ friends, so if he doesn’t go to brunch it’s a little weirder. 

Angie knows she has a standing invitation; she knows Peggy would tell her everything if she asked. But knowing that is enough for her – she doesn’t need to take advantage of it. 

In a Doyleist sense, outside of the story, I’m already having trouble tracking everyone because the cast of characters is vast. So I have to sometimes decide to sideline a character, and it’s easier, if not necessarily correct, to sideline characters who have less established footholds in the canon to begin with. I love Angie to bits but it’s a little easier to mention her in passing and give her side-stories, rather than bring her into the main story proper. 

i am just a smoll simple girl and sometimes i forget how much i have to offer and how much i am worth. i can be very good at moulding myself to be what someone needs if they are deserving. but i forget that and that makes it easy for people around me to look right past me and that sucks. i am worth a lot more than i remember sometimes and so is everyone else and i just want to be treated as such. everybody has something to offer u whether it’s fun or love or intelligence or compassion and it can be easy to forget that especially about urself and that is just the saddest thing

Just a question - what would you think if I started liveblogging reading books? I have a bunch of books that I don’t really want to bring with me when I move but I’ve also never read them, you know? And I thought it would be fun to quote things here and babble about them as I read. I’ll have a tag that you can block if you’re not into that. The tag would be “axonreads”. The list of books is probably going to be pretty eclectic. I think this would be a nice project to actually make me read those books. I used to love reading - before, quite inexplicably, that stopped too. 


Okay, so after a lot of time and consideration, I’ve decided on what I’m going to do in honor of reaching 1000+ followers! I’m going to be doing a MAP/MEP.

For those of you unfamiliar with these terms, MAP stands for Multi Animator Project; it’s just a complication of various artists’ works set to a certain song. I got the idea from Deli’s Avatar AU Collab . It was so much fun to draw for and be a part of and I wanted to give it a shot myself!

 1000 is such a huge milestone for me, I wanted to do something that would include some of you guys in it! After all, it’s all thanks to you guys that I’ve gotten this far in the first place! 

I want to know if any of you guys would be interested in participating in something like this! 

[ps im also planning on doing a separate video just for alfie too so ye]


I just want one fucking Virgo thing on a stupid zodiac post not to bore me please

holy shit

holy SHIT these Virgo things

holy SHIT

So boring

Holy fuck

books and organization guys


Look im all “let people have their fun!” but this fun is bringing me a nice little pocket of hope followed by a tiny wave of disappointment and wish that i was born like 48 hours later so i could be going right to the libra section of those postsor better yet capricornI wanna be a neat goat thing

I just watched the sixth episode of the Free! dub and it’s fucking hilarious.
They tried so hard to take away the MakoHaru gayness.

All the “it’s meaningless without you”s turned into “because it’s fun to be with the team”s.

Baby!Makoto saying “man” instead of “Haru-chan” killed me

Makoto’s saying he’s jealous of Rin became him “wanting to know where he stands”

I think Gou ships RinHaru lol

This entire thing was a disaster.

It goes from “You really are the best in the water” *adorable head tilt* “Haru-chan!” to “out of the two of us, you’re the best in the water. That’s awesome.”
I don’t even know what to do anymore

I’m dying of laughter

theheartofapatriot asked:

I feel like you have completely lost your patience with every liberal on this site and now you just make fun of all them, give them sass, and do what you want lol

I’ve been on the internet for a long time now, and “debating” on-line with liberals for 12 years.

Never attempt to teach a pig to sing.  It wastes your time and annoys the pig.  There really is no point trying to debate with liberals.

Seriously, I haven’t seen a damn thing from a Tumblr liberal that I haven’t been seeing for years already.  Liberalism truly is a hive mind.  The only thing I’m ever surprised by is the depth of stupidity, bloodthirstyness, and absolute irrational rage they display.

So, yeah, I’m just in it for the laughs now.  If it pisses them off, I have just two words for them:

Tough shit.

Hey guys,

So I’m gonna try a Fantasy Hockey League again. But its not gonna be as stupid as the last one. I’m gonna tag a few people who were in last year, and a few people who might wanna join this year. It’ll be head to head and I already have 2 people wanting to join. 

sonicsean89 michael-danger bloody-mary-23 dannybriereisaliferuiner heathaamurhiee braybay10 flyers-sinbin

If I did’t tag you and you want to be a part of it, reblog this post so I know who you are. Also, incase you wanna join and dont have my Yahoo email, its Bennythejet55@yahoo.com

Edit: Also it’s just a fun league. Its not like where I tried to do a full on Tumblr thing like last year. 

Silent in the Trees Net: Members!

Oh my gosh guys that was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do I hate making decisions omg. I had to have my friend help me decide some things but we finally have our net!

Our family is:

This is so exciting! So first things first I want you guys to check your inboxes for an information thing for the members page :) (if you don’t have a message from me v soon, don’t worry, I’m just being slow) Once we get all that cleared up, we can do introductions and all that fun stuff!

Since you got in, here are things to do:

  • Track/check the net tag #silentinthetreesnet
  • Tag triggers (I’m composing a tag page)
  • Follow all the members like the rad person I know you are
  • Tag any selfies and personal posts you want reblogged with the net tag from now on
  • Follow the net blog, where the selfies and personal posts tagged with the net tag will be reblogged to (maybe put a link to the net blog somewhere on your blog if you want?? Idk up to you)

If you didn’t get in, I’m sorry, but don’t be discouraged! I may do another round of members sometime, so you will be kept in mind :)

That’s all for now! Ily!

ENFP & INTJ Breakup

(Spans over the course of months)

ENFP: Hey do you want to talk about [insert subject]

INTJ: No, that’s dumb. Why would I even want to talk about it.

ENFP: Hey do you wanna try this new thing? I hear it’s awesome and so much fun?

INTJ: Ugh! You have the worst ideas ever. No, not in a million years.

ENFP: Guess what!! I just got the coolest new job. It’s amazing and I’m so happy!

INTJ: Really? You think that’s amazing. What I do is important. I actually am smart. You need to get off your high horse.

ENFP: Hmm. You’re not very nice at all. I always want to love you and share new stuff but you always put me down. Sigh. I think I’ll leave now.

To All The SSO Tumblrs

Hi guys! I usually don’t rant about things ‘cause I turn it into something funny (huehuehue), but today I’m going to be serious. We have A LOT of things to talk about and I’d like to give my opinion on it.

Last night, kajaseastar-sso started getting really annoying, degrading, and hurtful anonymous hate mail. It was escalating into something bigger, and then the hater decided to make an account just to hate on her further. We want the Star Stable community to be a safe, fun, humourous place for people to come. Last night, that wasn’t happening. I think that the Star Stable Tumblrs, after all of this, need to calm down. It’s okay to stand up for what’s right and make sure that everyone is protected from hate, but don’t milk it the day after unless this stuff continues. I think it’s a great idea to make a Non-Star Rider Appreciation Week (though I won’t be changing my home stable as I’m out of Star Coins huehuehue) as suggested by annabellemisthall. Instead of talking about it further, just calm down and the Tumblrs can be back to how they used to be.

Another thing I’d like to talk about is the argument between shadowmountainlegacy and ssomistystarwarrior. Though I’ve kept quiet so far, I think that now would be a good time for me to talk about it. Colette, if you have done something wrong, be the bigger person and apologize. It’s not that hard and you’ll feel better afterwards. Talk to Echo and there’ll be no more bad blood between you. I am calling you out publicly as some of my piers and friends have the same thoughts. You may block/ignore me if you want, just know that I am not mad. I just want to solve whatever is going on. Please know that this argument is a small one, you don’t need to worry.

That’s my rant. I am entitled to my opinion, however others would be appreciated. :)

Love, Mads

Photographs by Dorian Dawes

Trigger Warning: Violence and child abuse, fatphobia, misogynistic slurs, death.

Author’s Note: Ever since introducing Helena and Kara in Songs of Chaos, I really wanted to write a story where they would be the main focus. They were both so much fun and enjoyable to write. I was also wanting to write more about Dayabir and Gloria after the last story so decided they should come along for the ride as well.

The inspiration for this particular story actually came from a dream in which many of the same events occurred. While writing this month’s story I actually would remember scenes and images from the dream that had to be written in here at least somewhere. I just had to change the order of things so that they’d have a modicum of sense.

Thank you for continuing to support these stories. Your support is everything to me. I love you all.

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