Sorry this is a video and not audio post but tumblr mobile won’t let me upload my own audio so I just had to record video of myself on my phone instead

Okay so basically I have a song stuck in my head I heard it in this dinky otome game app I tried out today but I have heard it somewhere else before I just know it. It’s too familiar. I need to know what it is but I can’t find it. It’s driving me nuts. So I’m humming the tune here in the hopes that someone will recognize it.

The song starts at about 30 seconds in. If someone recognizes this song please tell me what it is!

sinsinnatus  asked:

your stuff is absolutely gorgeous! :) i was just wondering, on the 8-gif reylo gifset you recently did, was there a specific psd you used? the colors on the last few gifs look so nice!

thanks! I made the coloring myself. I just uploaded a psd of it here though if you/anyone else wants it :)




I made this Sasuke AMV a while ago and finally uploaded it. I’m just gonna leave this here and go throw myself away now.

[Gonna go to bed but I’m yellin. My paintie for my dragon was finally added, I’ve been waiting for this since I joined the site… (ok well i had to get the costume before I could upload it but still)

I’m just mad at myself for accidentally uploading the one with the white bg smdh but hey! It’s up! The bg-less version is uploading now… but aaa u guys… ;v ; this honestly has made my whole week better…

ok goodnight all!]