By all means Daddy ~Naughty November~


Prompt: Daddy kink smut with Klaus

Pairing: Reader x Klaus

Word Count: 815

Warning: daddy kink

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Confession: Real talk though? I bought the Origins Edition for both PC & PS4 solely to get the Slipstream skin for Tracer. I couldn't help myself, it looks so badass! The aviator shades, the scarf, it all just screams “badass," and Lena rocks that look so well, unf. I just had to have it! Now, if I could just play her well (lol XP).

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[ PIRATE TWIN! Honestly tho this is a better Quinn than I and people should follow and just UNF! I always liked the idea of Corsair Quinn but I suck at developing skin lines so I just have to side-eye this marvelous blog from afar, wondering if my thirst will descend into selfcest. ;) ]


When people ask why I ship them. Just honestly take a moment, look at how they look at each other. The smiles, the laughs, the tiny giggles. Its all just so cute. I just cant. unf.