I don’t care what time it is and I don’t care if this post has no relevance to anything I want to make this post damn it.

YouTube has been recommending me some of Mark’s older videos lately, and I was was going through some old vlogs I found this one:

This was three years ago. And I’m sure others noticed this a while ago but again, I don’t care. Last year, he made a video with the same title:

Both of these videos have similarities and differences, but I’m not gonna get into that. The thing I’m pointing out is simply his progress; how far he’s come. He’s gone from influencing a few to influencing many. He did this by chasing his goals and believing in himself.

And now, a mere year later, he’s on tour. Doing something he probably never would have thought of in his earlier YouTube years. Doing incredible things.

I just thought that was really inspiring.