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I missed Fan Fiction Author Appreciation Day (or whatever it was called), because I was away. I’ve given up writing anything at the moment because I hate every single word I’ve written or thought about writing, because I suck, so I wanted to appreciate those people who are really damn good at it (and therefore who I HATE. Not actually you understand. Ok, maybe a little ;) )

@emilyevanston Playing It Safe is one of my absolute current favourites (and not just because I want to be that cool a single mother! Or because I want that hot a neighbour…), but everything you’ve written is amazing.

@knittingknerdy I’m going to go with ‘everything you’ve done’ as an option, but especially ‘Here to Assist you’ because it plays into my two obsessions: Bucky Barnes and organising stuff :D

@beccaanne814-blog I Hate My Job is fantastic. The nicknames! And some of the dialogue has made me teary! But I can feel the tension coming and I’m scared.

@eyeofdionysus It’s entirely possible that ‘Chance of Happiness’ will be listed as my cause of death you know. Particularly the line ““I think I heard that, but could you say it again without a mouthful of pillow”” That, or the awesome gifs that you send J

@daisykane535 Chris and Billie? Need I say more <3

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I know I will have forgotten someone due to my own ineptness. If you’re not on here, know that I will beat myself up about it for months. I still beat myself about things that I did in primary school, which was over 30 years ago.

Things you might not know about the production of Sense8

As found in the behind-the-scenes documentary, Sense8: Creating the World

  • All of the scenes were shot in the countries they were shown to be in. So they really did shoot in Mumbai and Seoul and Berlin etc. 
  • They hired local actors and crews for each of the countries, which helped increase the realism of the scenes.
  • Between main, side, and minor characters, there were around 180 speaking roles.
  • When the cast visited each country they wouldn’t break between them. They’d be in one country shooting one day, and then shooting in another in the next. 
  • The scene with Riley and Capheus, and also with Will on the plane to Iceland was literally shot on a plane to Iceland. 
  • The cast described traveling around the world together for 4 months as something that created a family bond between them. They all grew very close and considered the feeling of the few times where they could all be together as ‘electric’.
  • They described being in the different cities as having different vibes and feelings that could only be experienced by really being there, which added a lot to their portrayals and helped them a lot with understanding their characters. 
  • There were scenes that were shot two, three, or even four times due to having to do certain parts in different countries. This often meant that scenes could be changed a little as they had chances to watch over previous takes and see if they could improve it in some way in the new city.
  • The show really shot in the middle of the Gay Pride parade, and the scene where Nomi fell off of the motorbike was in the midst of the ‘Dyke’s on Bikes’ part of the parade.
  • They also had real wide-shots from the Mumbai Ganesh festival, however it would have been impossible to shoot the acting parts because of the vast amount of people that attend.
  • When shooting scenes where the sensates ‘share’, they don’t shoot one character doing the scene, shoot the other, and then put them together through editing. Clever camera shots where the camera pans away for a few seconds meant they would often literally switch places by one doing things like ducking and rolling away on the ground whilst the other jumped in their place.
  • Aml Ameen said that when he played Capheus driving the van, 90% of it was actually him. He got to drive around Nairobi, and was actually pulled over by the police at one point and the crew had to explain what was going on.
  • In Riley’s opening scene that establishes her as a DJ, she was playing to a real audience. She came on between two other real and well known DJ’s, and the audience wasn’t aware that she wasn’t a real DJ.
  • The very first scene Miguel shot as Lito was the sex scene in ‘Demons’.
  • The wrestling match that Lito, Hernando, and Daniela attended was a real match, with a real crowd and fighters.
  • Kala and Rajan’s dance scene was repeatedly shot all in one take rather than in short parts unlike traditional Bollywood movie dance scenes.
  • Brian sustained multiple injuries during the course of the show through Will’s action sequences including hurting his shoulder and his triceps, including an internal bleeding bruise. 
  • Doona Bae was extremely excited about the cast coming to Seoul as that is where she lives, and so she gave them all tours around the city.
  • Similarly, Max Riemelt cooked dinner for his cast mates and showed them around Berlin.
  • Jamie Clayton said that her favorite scene in San Francisco was when Nomi was escaping by bike and decided to try and steal a car to get away before realizing she couldn’t drive, mentioning that she herself doesn’t know how to drive either.

And plenty more. It’s on Netflix. so you guys should definitely watch it if you haven’t already!

想いよ 届いてよ
物語が終わる前に …

i wanted to make up for my low effort nageki drawing with another low effort nageki drawing. this song made me cry twice yesterday. alternate color version and a detail thingy under the cut!!?!?!??!!?!?!?

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Only tru 90's kids remember elsword aisha rena raven eve chung ara and elesis :-)

and Cya drawn by Christian (you can find him here =33)

i honestly don’t know how often i was at his place there… can’t help it he is a nice one and to my surprise he remembered who i was from the other cons. °blinks surprised°

this might be a “you have to visit him!” every con i know he is there xD sorry if i am a bother for you Christian!

as well… i gave him three refs, Cya, Karnas and Lucci there… and let him choose and surprise me with his choice =) a good decision ^^

i’m having a moment ok. today i place my new king sized mattress on my new king sized bed and as i looked around my room and saw all the cool shit i had brought i’d realised I had just brought my own bed. i know thats nothing to some people and in no way am i trying to shove this in any one’s face but a year ago i could barely buy a mcdonalds for myself. i never thought i’d earn money doing something i love. because of my anxiety i’d be in some shitty job with shitty pay and thats it. but all of this, all of have is because of you guys. everything i have is from my commissions. never did i think when i made katniss would she potentially become my job. i never thought because of my beautiful followers i’d be able to live off of doing what i do. i owe everything to you  ❤


Like can you see it calm cool Lance pulling them off to talk and walk down the halls. He sings it and it echoes through the castle walls. It calms them down every time. They all always cry

Hunk is the one who knows it by heart and he hums it as he works,
Pidge is the one who always hears it whether Lance is singing it with Pidge or Lance is singing to someone else. She/they adore to hear how the others sing with him though
Shiro is shocked the first time he hears it and he hugged Lance for so long after because he needed that song
Allura cries every time
Coran and Lance came up with a dance for the song.
Keith….. Keith hates to admit who much the song calms him. It still calms him in the midst of battle he hums it to himself

They make it the official when all else fails this is how we form Voltron song.

When Lance is having a tough day?

The team sings the song back to him together

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ok so this is going to sound really awkward because i'm a really awkward person but i think that you're really awesome? you write AND draw??? so cool! and i thought i was following you before but i guess not so i just started following you and anyway i hope your having a great day!

*flailing* thank you????? so much????

anyways i’m probably just as awkward, if not more awkward than you are so THANKS ILYSM……….i hope you’re having a great day too! *pointy finger guns*

other stranger things thoughts:

  • my fave characters are nancy, dustin, eleven, and hop. idk they just really resonated with me. all the characters were fantastic though. what incredible casting, wow.
  • it was really cool what they did with the steve character. he totally had “80s movie douchebag” written all over him, but at the end, he turned out to be kinda better then he first appeared. i mean he pulled some dick moves, but then he actually realized ‘oh hey i’m a dick’ and actively tried to make up for it and be a better person. that was a nice surprise.
  • ok i love hop. but then he did the thing in the last ep, and i was gutted, i was like “NOOOO HOP. I FUCKIN TRUSTED YOU”. so now i’m conflicted in my hop feelings. i can kinda sorta see why he made the decision he did, but otoh it was shitty af. i’m kinda hoping they give him a chance to redeem himself, specifically by making it up to eleven somehow (bc eleven is still out there somewhere, i refuse to believe otherwise). idk, the eggos in the box give me hope.
  • i loved how throughout the series, you had three different groups all working on the same problem from different angles, hop and joyce, nancy and jonathan, and then the av club kids and eleven. it created this kind of frustration early on, of wanting them all to come together and share what they knew with each other, but it was good because then that’s exactly what happened and it was so incredibly satisfying.

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thought u were a cool blog until I switched over to ur likes and saw u suported ichihime. sucks to see that u ship soething that makes no sense how can u say u love bleach and support such a halfassed result.