and Cya drawn by Christian (you can find him here =33)

i honestly don’t know how often i was at his place there… can’t help it he is a nice one and to my surprise he remembered who i was from the other cons. °blinks surprised°

this might be a “you have to visit him!” every con i know he is there xD sorry if i am a bother for you Christian!

as well… i gave him three refs, Cya, Karnas and Lucci there… and let him choose and surprise me with his choice =) a good decision ^^

i’m having a moment ok. today i place my new king sized mattress on my new king sized bed and as i looked around my room and saw all the cool shit i had brought i’d realised I had just brought my own bed. i know thats nothing to some people and in no way am i trying to shove this in any one’s face but a year ago i could barely buy a mcdonalds for myself. i never thought i’d earn money doing something i love. because of my anxiety i’d be in some shitty job with shitty pay and thats it. but all of this, all of have is because of you guys. everything i have is from my commissions. never did i think when i made katniss would she potentially become my job. i never thought because of my beautiful followers i’d be able to live off of doing what i do. i owe everything to you  ❤

“See how cool my rap points look!” Ok, really see a) my terrible white girl awkwardness b) my phone not picking up the song in the background as well as I thought it would, but getting my gf’s occasional “hey” in there just fine. But for real, I have a lot of internet friends now, and they may or may not be aware of how silly I am irl, so here you go :p

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why would most of the fandom hate Sophie?

Mod Pollux: Well, I feel is maybe because she lied and manipulated several characters, mainly Agatha, Tedros and Hort, but not limited to. And she’s also a little vain sometimes. She does have redeeming qualities of course, and she has matured a lot over the series, but her flaws overshadow her.

Mod Castor: my co-mod has said it but let me just expound on the topic

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other stranger things thoughts:

  • my fave characters are nancy, dustin, eleven, and hop. idk they just really resonated with me. all the characters were fantastic though. what incredible casting, wow.
  • it was really cool what they did with the steve character. he totally had “80s movie douchebag” written all over him, but at the end, he turned out to be kinda better then he first appeared. i mean he pulled some dick moves, but then he actually realized ‘oh hey i’m a dick’ and actively tried to make up for it and be a better person. that was a nice surprise.
  • ok i love hop. but then he did the thing in the last ep, and i was gutted, i was like “NOOOO HOP. I FUCKIN TRUSTED YOU”. so now i’m conflicted in my hop feelings. i can kinda sorta see why he made the decision he did, but otoh it was shitty af. i’m kinda hoping they give him a chance to redeem himself, specifically by making it up to eleven somehow (bc eleven is still out there somewhere, i refuse to believe otherwise). idk, the eggos in the box give me hope.
  • i loved how throughout the series, you had three different groups all working on the same problem from different angles, hop and joyce, nancy and jonathan, and then the av club kids and eleven. it created this kind of frustration early on, of wanting them all to come together and share what they knew with each other, but it was good because then that’s exactly what happened and it was so incredibly satisfying.

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Ok so I was just going through your storys again and the "one step closer". OMG . I dont kno if there's supposed to be a secret message, but really...I thought about fans who were hating on biases gf and even not liking them anymore. This is so good.

Hi there! I just reread it and wow my mind is kinda blown I didn’t even mean to do anything like that, but it’s cool that you made that connection. That’s so interesting because I can kind of imagine that’s what it feels like. Fans probably feel like the daughter, and the idol’s s/o must feel like the reader in that case, now that you mention it.

Okay so I just had this really funny thought. Idk how old you guys are but if you’ve experienced some form of high school English class (AP Lit anyone??? lmao), you’ve probably had to annotate something and try to find a deeper meaning, right? And I swear whenever I was in class (although I loved English don’t get me wrong) I’d always just think in the back corner of my mind: what if the author was just trying to write a story? What if there isn’t supposed to be a meaning?

I guess I know what it’s like to be one of those authors now haha ^^” Seriously though, it’s so cool that you saw that. LOL anyway, thank you so much for pointing this out, I’m really glad you did!

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thought u were a cool blog until I switched over to ur likes and saw u suported ichihime. sucks to see that u ship soething that makes no sense how can u say u love bleach and support such a halfassed result.

Thanks for Not Blowing Up When My Theory Blew Up

Earlier this week, like a lot of fans, I posted a detailed theory.  A few hours later, a new episode blew it out of the water, into itty bitty pieces (if any landed on your yard, sorry about that). 

I really liked that theory, worked it through and was sure it was perfect.

A lot of fans post theories, and some work out, and some don’t.  

Part of what makes the universe of SU fans cool, is that when someone takes a chance and posts a theory, no one goes ballistic if it doesn’t turn out exactly right.

OK, almost no one.


My point is, SU fans are really cool about encouraging everyone to post ideas, thoughts and theories. Which is really great to have.


Just wanted to say thanks!


Ok I saw that post about Ritsu and it was rlly interesting and I wanted to!! Say my own thoughts!!!! Bc he is a Mystery and I really really love deep characters like him…. they are just so fascinating to me!! Written media allows us to see and analyze people in a way you really couldn’t in real life and it’s so cool to me so!!!!! I love talking abt it!!!!!!!!

I’m on mobile it’s not gonna be organized and prob not very long but

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