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Okay! Just why?! What possessed you two do this??? ? I thought askthatwolfboy was sweet and cute now here we are and my life has been one big lie

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(( OOC : Ryu has a whole side to them that you don’t even know about lol. To be real though, we were all really shocked/scared by the acting skill of Squad Father, so you are not alone. As for what possessed us to make the thread… Angst ))

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When I saw the number on Facebook I immediately rang it and didn't really know what was going to happen so I thought I was having a real conversation with Mikey when it rang through but then found out it was pre-recorded. However, it was still the highlight of my day. They're such adorable dorks

Aren’t they?

That’s really okay babe. I did the same thing. 

It was just…..too cute. xo