i want you to smash the idea in your mind that there are “important people” and then, there’s you.  that there are worthy people, special people, and then, on the other hand, there’s you.  nothing is further from the truth.  you are important.  you are just as important as anyone else, and you’re the hero of your story– as heroic and amazing as your favorite heroes from your favorite stories.  you’re the protag.  this is your epic quest.  this is your Test.  and, believe me when i tell you, you’re doing so, so well

if you like crime movies ( i guess it fits in this category? ) and haven’t seen it yet, i will always shove nightcrawler at you. every time.

someone seriously NEEDS to hack into dj bonics computer and leak the entire version of see you again with taeyeon because i can’t live with myself knowing there’s a studio version of this track with queen taeyeon’s voice in it and not be able to hear it!!!!

I feel distant- so
Far away tonight
From my world and
Close to my thoughts.

Too close, I meant-
Lost in them, in fact,
And in particular
In the thought of you.

I’m probably not
Meant to think so much,
Especially these thoughts
About you all the time

And I hope you don’t
Mind all the names-
Sweetheart, my love,
That I shouldn’t say

But what can I do
When I dream and hope
So hopelessly of
A future
For me
And you.


the struggles of going for another route
  • zen: so you don't like my photo?
  • me, clutching my chest and cringing in pain: ...no
  • zen: hmph.
  • me:
  • me, whispering to myself: my heart is breaking

That feeling when you’re reading a book and maybe it’s a love scene, or maybe it’s a character learning something about him or herself, or maybe it’s something that you’ve always thought but never knew anyone else thought or felt that way too, and your whole body grows warm and tingly and there are tears in your eyes… that. That’s why I read. To feel. To connect. To understand. To have my whole body warmed while I forget to breathe.