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Larries acting like they arent pressed about the return of Elounor. So why so obsessed? Having to know every detail, nitpicking a 2 sec video- yeah so not pressed🙄

Larries: When I see or hear about Eleanor these days I feel nothing –

*Update all their websites designed specifically around hating Eleanor*

I mean it’s SO convenient she was seen right now because Babygate Is Ending again but –

*Rush to their emergency chat rooms and DMs to reconvene and regroup*

It’s like I can’t even feel anything anymore –

*Twenty empty posts with nothing but Eleanor hate tags posted one after the other in 5 minute bursts lasting over an hour*

I am SO numb to all this –

*Re-circulate Reasons Why It’s Actually Feminism To Obsessively Hate Eleanor in Public posts*

They could get married and I would just laugh –

*Sets up their webcam for their 40 minute daily Eleanor rant*

I just think it’s funny how she comes along again right now because it’s a day ending in Y and that’s like such a coincidence it’s like 1DHQ planned it to the minute–

*Elounor is fake posts circulating at the speed of light among teenage bedrooms*

And even though we’ve been on her tits every single day for weeks on end it’s funny how we ranted about her just like an hour and she shows up again, can you believe they stalk our blogs like this –

*Harass the people who saw her into deleting their comments and going private*

And btw not to distract everyone from how Eleanor isn’t ruining our lives but Briana is such a slut and Freddie is so clearly fake –

*Refuse to spell his name like he’s a demon who can’t be summoned, asterix out their mantra END IT because they’re afraid to voice their plea*

Yeah so I only wail into a moonless sky 5 times a day now when new Eleanor photos come up so it’s amazing how much this doesn’t even bother me.

A Mother To Be - fic

Characters: Koriand’r, Dick Grayson, bit o’ Bruce
Summary: In which Dick and Bruce receive a phone call from Kory, who has a request.
A/N: just because it kinda made me laugh and also I actually want it. I haven’t read a word of Rebirth Teen Titans, and things like Tim dead and Shawn dating aren’t a thing. Damian’s road to 1000000000 parents starts with me. I doubt this will be a series/au but oh well. Who knows.


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I wanna say this tho- training to be in a situation vs being in that situation is v different. Also allura IS like 16 or smthing so maybe she hadnt started training yet bc she didnt need to yet bc she wouldnt be doing diplomatic missions until she was an adult? I mean.. she is a child you cant expect a child to be in charge of the diplomatic aspects of inter planet relations.Like turning to your 16 yearolds "Hey can you make a deal for this company for you parents?"Ya feel? Allura is still young

oh no i know !!! i’m just saying she implied in season one she had prior training in diplomacy (or i least i think she did ??) and i just think it’s funny how she was basically like “yeah paladins i am a TRAINED and SKILLED diplomat” but on the inside she’s probably like “hey what the FUCK is going on” you know ?? like i know she’s 16/17 i’m just pointing out something i thought was funny in the writing


i just think it’s funny how she stopped by to check on her


A/N: An imagine where you tell Justin like it is and maybe admit something you probably weren’t ready for. Enjoy!(:

Alcohol was all around us tonight and we were of course indulging in it. Tonight, Justin’s seventh album went triple platinum and we are all so happy for him.

Everyone that Justin knew was in the building congratulating him on this
honor. Everyone except the one person who was supposed to be here.

His very on and off girlfriend was nowhere to be found. For the first two hours Justin wasn’t bothered by it but after some more time passed, I could see the irritation on his face increasing.

When does the cycle stop with these two? Don’t they know they’re toxic for each other? Meaning that they are in no way shape or form good for one another. They bring out the worst in each other and it’s unbelievable how many times they’ve argued, broken up, had sex and repeated it.

It was the same damn routine. Different day, same bullshit type of routine. I cared for Justin. I wanted him to learn how to rely on himself when it came to being happy. Justin didn’t need to depend on someone else to do it for him.

The four margaritas and two jäger bombs that I downed were getting to me. I really should have went with Fredo and Ryan to In and Out before the party. With no food in my stomach and a copious amount of alcohol burning through my system, my liquid courage was at a definite high tonight.

I left a couple of executives who I used to work with when I was at Sony Records in the kitchen and walked over to the group of people I loved.

Fredo, Ryan, Scrappy, Scooter and Kenny were all sitting around the fireplace talking.

“Hey guys.” I smiled.

“Are you drunk?” Fredo asked.

“What? Pft no.” I took a sip of my ice cold beer.

“You got that far away look in your eyes. You’re definitely drunk.” Ryan added.

“Whatever, where’s Justin?”

“He’s outside on the Terrance, talking on the phone.” Scooter pointed to his left.

“Well boys this has been a very fascinating conversation but I should be going.” I carefully rose from the couch, making sure I didn’t fall back or look like I was intoxicated. It’s the worst thing when you’re the person who can’t handle their liquor.

When I approached the french style doors, I could see Justin with the phone practically glued to his ear.

I quietly opened the door and closed it behind me. Justin turned around quickly but saw that it was me and smiled. He hung up his phone shortly after.

“Why aren’t you enjoying your party Justin?” I pouted.

“I was just seeing if she was going to make it.”

“And?” I looked up from the ground.

“She’s not coming. Told me that since we aren’t together then she’s not "obligated” to come.“ Justin said with an edge to his voice.

Who the fuck says that? I could see he was hurt from his conversation with her. The main thing Justin lacked was independence.

He hated being alone and didn’t know how to be. He thrived off of having people around him.

When the Believe tour ended it was bittersweet for him. He loved being able to perform for his fans every night and it was fun for him. How many twenty year olds performed for hundreds of thousands of adoring fans as a career? It’s one in a million chance, trust me. However the silence was the bitter part of the tour ending. He was so used to having girls scream his name and professions of their love to him 24/7. 

"But we’re just going through a rough patch. We’ll be fine.”

I rolled my eyes so far back that I’m sure you could see the scleras of my eyes.

“Justin that’s like the 20,000th rough patch of the month.” I forgot that I still had my drink in my hand and decided that this delicious beer couldn’t go to waste. So I took a hefty sip of the amber liquid.

He narrowed his eyes at me, “We’ll work through it, like we always do.”

I scoffed already annoyed with his hopes of them actually working out.

“What’s with you?”

He was mad now. Oops.

“Nothing.” I shrugged.

I turned my body so that I faced the Empire State Building.

“Nah, it seems like you have something to say so say it.”

Justin stayed behind me but stood a few feet away. Sometimes he was a little over dramatic about things and you had to reel him in.

“I just think it’s funny how she can do no wrong in your eyes and you’ll always be at her beck and call.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He wasn’t yelling but he did raise his voice a couple octaves.

“Just forget it Justin. You’re obviously really emotional right now so I’m going to go.” I tried to walk around him to the door but he wouldn’t budge.

“Move. Justin.” He still made no move. He wasn’t going anywhere.

“Not until you tell me why she or actually why we bother you so much?”

His tone implied that maybe I had another motive other than me caring about his mental and emotional state. And we? Oh so they are suddenly a we.

Shoot me now.

Everyone else in the crew always tell me to leave it alone but if no one says anything then it’ll never stop.Maybe it wouldn’t help but someone had to step up and tell the kid how it is. Plus, I’m done with watching this accident happen over and over knowing that I could do something to prevent it.

So I drank the rest of my beer and got ready to let him know exactly what I thought about him and her.

“You guys are a we now? Come on aren’t you tired of this? Either you’re together or not. Make up your minds or how about this, be mature adults you both claim to be and let each other go for good.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about this is love and—”

I held my hand up so that he’d shut up, “Love? No this is obsession, comfort, stupidity and it’s unhealthy.”

“It’s not—”

“It is! The sad thing is you don’t see that you deserve so much more than this. You deserve stability, respect and honesty. All of which you don’t have. You deserve someone who will stay through all the bullshit and lies that get thrown around every day.” My voice was getting louder as each word left my mouth.

This man didn’t get it did he? Is this one of the times where he accepts the love he thinks he deserves?

Justin was slowly breaking down, his tough exterior had multiple cracks in it.

“Just shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

I was glad that the music was so loud inside so no one heard us arguing.

“I do. That’s why you’re getting upset because I’m right. Why is it so hard for you to admit that you deserve someone who is proud of you rather than someone who is embarrassed to be seen with you?! You have every right to have someone who will love you, all of you.”

I paused so that I could get a breath of air, “You also need to love yourself because you obviously don’t if you’re alright with someone toying with your heart like this.”

“Okay since you have such a strong opinion about me and my relationship then who do you think I deserve?”

What? Was he seriously asking me this?

“I don’t know. Anyway, you’re missing the point.”

“Answer the question.”

“I. don’t. know.”

“I don’t know isn’t an answer.”

“Well I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

Oh My God! Could he be anymore annoying?!


“Just answer the question.”

“Fine! You deserve someone like me!”

Oh fuck.

new ceremony part II / incomplete

Author’s note: goodbye sweet fic i loved you once
word count: 2300
new ceremony part 1 plot synopsis


The first thing Mako noticed about the Spirit World, during Harmonic Convergence, was the color: the deep, pure tones of the sky, rich purples and blues swirling together like precious gems melted down; the skin-crawling red of Vaatu’s markings, pulsing as though the Spirit were a beating, living heart bursting through the blackness of his own form. And the portals, huge, humming towers of starlight, every color in the world streaming through them in lines as fine as wires, cutting through the light with razor-thin edges. But there’d been no time to look around.

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Why do you think camila and lauren react so differently to the Camren stuff?

I feel like camila doesn’t care as much because she was a fan girl herself. she had a 1d twitter account and she knows what goes on in fandoms and how far people take ships but she knows it’s harmless. if you’re really good friends with someone and you guys have an adorable friendship then people are gonna ship you guys together (don’t forget they hashtagged camren after EVERY FUCKING THING SO IT WASNT US WHO STARTED IT) and she also knows there are people who are gonna cold heartedly believe the two people are romantically together no matter what so I think she just finds it funny. Lauren on the other hand feels like people are attacking her about her sexuality and it makes her so fucking mad. ((idk why it makes her so mad so I’m just gonna leave it at that)). but anyways yeah, I could be completely wrong about all of this but that’s just my opinion