why tyler joseph is pretentious

in message man he clearly states that pop songs/songs on the radio are inferior to songs abt deeper things such as mental illness, he said “no rappers wear bowties and play piano but i do i like being new” when travie mccoy the weeknd and a lot of other rappers have, he distances himself from black/rap/hip-hop culture by saying “this is not rap or hip-hop” and says hes just sings fast, NOT TO MENTION that hes continuously trash talked pop music because it doesnt make him think he shows no support to lgbtq fans and dodges all subject matter to it and has looked bored at every awards show hes ever attended all in all he thinks hes better than everyone else and has no hangups showing it but clearly distances himself from everything not in the cis white straight men agenda and lacks the extreme talent he claims to have

seeing all those abs pictures of jimin on my dash kill me cause i don’t wanna imagine how many meals he skipped, how much sleep he lost cause of working out all night or how he kept telling himself he needs to do this for the fans, and the guilt eating him up from the inside…. i just hope he’s resting well, taking good care of his body and not skipping any meals anymore and i hope he knows that some people love him more than just for those stupid abs or buff arms, cause it’s tearing my heart apart just imagining this poor little puppy feeling horrible cause of some stupid comments people leave on the internet when he’s actually the biggest caring sweetheart i’ve ever met 

I’ve been to Versailles two times now (well actually three times, two days this summer and one day in 2012) and I still haven’t seen all of it yet. If only I could’ve been obsessed with a different palace or castle. But no I have to choose the biggest one out there. 

Can we pretend this is their wedding? Just for me?
Look at them, all fancy in their tuxes, waiting to greet people after exchanging their vows…
And now I have all the feels.

A Birthday Letter

Dear Jungkook,

Happy birthday! ♥

I can’t offer much at all - I don’t make edits or gifs, I can’t make beautiful art, I really can’t do anything for you. All I have are my words, and even then, they aren’t enough. I’m not eloquent enough to express my thoughts accurately, and even if I were, I don’t think there would ever be the right words, or even enough words, to properly convey how I feel. I’ve been typing and retyping this out for almost an hour now, and I still can’t figure out what to say, or how to say it.

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Name: Ruri (I have another but I really prefer this one for many complicated reasons)

Nickname: Rue, Mel, Ru-ru (courtesy of a friend), Ru-ru-kazoo (he really loves giving me nicknames :I), Ruri-hime/Hime-sama (courtesy of my family), Duskie

Birthday: December 6th

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Height: ~5′5.5″ (Gotta say the half just because that 5-5-5 amuses me.)

Sexual Orientation: Ace (of hearts, ba dum tsh)

Average Hrs of Sleep: Well it can range anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, depending how I’m doing that day

Lucky Number: 5

Last Thing Googled: I think it was an Izana reference LOL

First Word That Comes to Mind: …. Bubbles.

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under?: One glorious down blanket. Yes I still use it in the summer.

Favorite Fictional Character(s): Jade Curtiss, Aragaki Shinjiro, Libra, Alphonse Elric, my list goes on and on and on…

Favorite Famous Person: shrugs

Celebrity Crush: shrugs MORE

Favorite anime(s): FMA, Princess Tutu (LOL), I recently started reading Fairy Tail??

Favorite Musician/Band(s): Kalafina, Sound Horizon (my CD collection is ridiculous for both of them, considering how poor I am)

Favorite Game(s): Persona 2 & 3, Fire Emblem Awakening (one day I’ll play the other games), Atelier Iris 1 & 2

Last Movie Seen in Cinema: The final Hobbit movie.. it’s been a while. LOL

Dream Holiday: Let’s see… Someday, I’d really like to go camping somewhere quiet, lush, and near a river? Simple dream, but dream nonetheless.

Dream Job: If we’re talking unrealistic, I wish I had stuck it out and kept trying to be an opera singer. Realistically, though, I’d just like to be a great English teacher.

Wearing Right Now: my pjs LMAO

Last Book I Read (or rather am currently reading): //grabs the book for the title; クルミわりとネズミの王さま (Nutcracker and Mouse King); I picked up a Japanese copy while in the Ghibli Museum, but never had the chance to read it… Which will take me like, three months because my Japanese is horrible.

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