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I hope your day is going well :)

I’m just looking for some awesome blogs to follow in the Once Upon A Time fandom.
I’m really hating all the anti fandom rubbish at the moment with hate being thrown on all ships & pairings so I’m looking for blogs that don’t throw too much anti stuff around.

I’ll tell you what pairings I like : Snowing, Captain Swan, Rumbelle & (let’s take a moment to remember…) Outlaw Queen.
I’m just finding it difficult to find any blogs, that ship them all without hating on another.
So.. any help would be very much appreciated.

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19 Items For Everyone Obsessed With "Kiki's Delivery Service"
By Norberto Briceño

Oh my goodness, I’m in a Buzzfeed article!! 


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aw is doggo like temmie's big brother?

There’s two interpretations I like to go by for those two!

The first one (the likely canon): Yes, a big brother-little sister situation where they’re not actually related but they found enough in common that they want to support each other. The thought of them just being really close friends–enough to be considered family–always makes me happy!

And the second (my private interpretation for fun): I had teased the thought of privately shipping them together because of that closeness–nothing but fluff for me thank you though. There’s like, so much potential for them… and even though I think their canon relationship is more brother-sister, I just can’t help but think it’d be adorable. 



Day 16 - Papyrus & Chara
Do I ship it?: Not romantically. I really don’t know about my opinion of these two, maybe Pap sees them as someone like Frisk while Chara would just mess him around. I might not think about them too much tho

God I literally had the chance to draw for day 26 (which is yesterday), but I forgot to bring my cellphone w/ me for school (for connection) so I didn’t knew what’s the ship for that day until the next day so this was super late waaaaa ;A;

Btw second pic is sorta inspired by @nyublackneko‘s art~

I/H and Re/nrhuki are happy but they should know how unoriginal they ships are. Ohree is a girl who did literally nothing except chasing after Ichigo. No, he wasn’t even her muse to get better or anything, she simply had dreams about him. She fell in love with him just because he was kind. Ah, the only potential I saw in this ship was their past. Both of them lost their most important relative not to mention Ichigo was present when Sora died. The only problem is that they had never ever touched this area in canon. If they had had a conversation about how lonely they felt, that could have been a great way to make them understand each other and grow feelings towards the other. But we didn’t get to know why Ohree wants Ichigo so much ( they had 17 months to get closer and if she’d really  wanted him she should have taken steps but it didn’t came out  like that ) and Ichigo showed no signs of falling in love with her. They were always far far away from ‘soulmates’ tbh. 

R/henrhuki is even worse when it comes to Rukia. She always treated him like a bro. Nothing else. Not even a soft glance or anything. I/H may have some moments that can be considered romantic from both sides, but R/R? No, we only had evidence from the guy. I loved them as childhood friends, and I think their relationship got somewhat ruined. 

When it comes to shounen it’s too typical that there is a character who is in love with the hero, and she finally becomes his wifey. It was the same in Bleach. It’s boring. Rather than having some character development and growing out of a teenage crush, it’s easier to say that shounens are not soap operas, and the characters who are in love from the start are created to be spouses. Falling for somebody instead of your initial crush is too much drama for a shounen I guess.

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TFP Breakdown

How l feel about this character

Bless him for being the only Prime character to care about the Vehicons. He’s also the most drama-free Decepticon on that ship.  Starscream skulks around, Megatron experiments with Dark Energon, and Dreadwing is all “HONOOOOR”, and meanwhile Breakdown is just going around doing his job and doing his best to make sure his partner doesn’t get hurt.

All the people I ship romantically with this character

Breakdown x Knock Out. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  I just love these two.  

Maybe past Bulkhead x Breakdown?  I dunno.  My backstory for Breakdown is very vague at the moment.

My non-romantic OTP for this character

Vehicons.  He likes to hang out with them, play robo-poker, and so on.  I think he started out just feeling sorry for them because they’re, y’know, torn apart like tinfoil by the Autobots so much, but eventually he found they were genuinely more pleasant to hang out with than any of the other officers.

My unpopular opinion about this character

He and Knock Out fight a lot because they are both terrible at communicating, so some dumb little problem becomes a Huge Deal.  On Breakdown’s end, this consists of being passive-aggressive and giving an increasingly frustrated and snide Knock Out the silent treatment.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I was really disappointed at the abrupt way he was killed off, almost like it was a footnote in the episode it happened in.  (Apparently he was offed because his voice actor cost too much money.)

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thanks so much for your advice, but sadly fjallraven kanken don't ship to Australia :((( 💛 guess I'll just have to come to the US...

Are you sure? A lot of my friends and half my uni classmates had them (although a good majority of them have been to Europe haha)

I’ve seen them on ASOS too but for double the price :(

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Opinion on Kuro x Sakuya/Sakuya x Kuro? Any headcanons? I hope I'm not bothering you I just love your ideas😆

Seriously, what would I do without you and your endless list of rarepairs? XD Where do you even get those. Just surprised, not that I mind~ Kuro and Sakuya, huh? Well, I have kinda considered it because I enjoy KuroMahiSaku as an OT3– not to the extent of shipping it myself, but I’ve seen some very cute content for it and if it involves Kuro being happy, I’m all up for it! Although to be honest Kuro and Sakuya are more of a crack BROTP than a crack ship to me… I really wanna see them as friends, you know? Seeing as they both care about Mahiru so much and experience similar struggles with being monsters and all that. I like to think that Kuro and Sakuya didn’t like each other or get along at all until Mahiru got fed up with their crap and told them to behave because they’re his two best friends and he wants to spend time with both of them at the same time without hell breaking loose. So they very, very reluctantly tried to get along for Mahiru’s sake, which resulted in awkward bonding and the realization that they’re not all that different, and from that point on they became closer and started seeing each other as friends and confidants, knowing that when they needed to speak about vampire struggles they could always talk to the other because he’d understand. They eventually got so close that Mahiru sometimes started to feel like a third wheel, although he totally supported it and helped his two oblivious friends realize their feelings and played matchmaker. Something like this? It’s more of a fanfic plot than a headcanon… but I kind of like the idea! I hope you do too ^.^

I wanna draw gay things

And by gay things I mean cute fluffy scenes between lesbian rocks

So yeah, send me a ship and maybe a concept and ill try to at least sketch em out. I dont expect this to get much attention since I have like 9 followers so if you know someone who might be interested please let them know!

Please only canon su characters (If you see any of them as non binary or trans feel free to specify)

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The first time I saw your tumor I was like "what the hell" buT NOW I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH IT'S DRUG FOR ME And thank you for kuzusouda drawing I started to ship them and IT'S YOUR FAULT BUT I DON'T DISAGREE THAT


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I have this friend who's new to kpop and she loved exo so freaking much, she noticed kd stuff and just laughed it off , I though she was homophobic and I was so afraid to tell her I ship them and I think they're real, but I got stupid and told her about the "jagi" thing and some stuff she was so upset like "LET THEM LOVE EACH OTHER THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER. PEOPLE ARE MEAN" and I just wanted to kiss her lol. I guess she ships them too? (English isn't my language sorry for butchering it)

Don’t worry about your english. And the girl’s reaction was so adorable, omg ;.;

I just booked a 7 day cruise that leaves Miami on Saturday for a good price on a brand new ship. My twin brother, his husband and all our friends are going but they are not aware that I was able to get the time off and I’m really excited about surprising them. My work pretty much approved the time off to the very last minute because they’re assholes like that.

But either way, I fly out early Friday morning (4AM) and will not be back until Sunday October 9th. I will not have internet access while I’m on the cruise ship because one it’s crazy expensive and two I’m on vacation and I’m all about turning my electronics off and enjoying myself. 

I’m going to queue up all I owe on all my accounts and have it start posting while I’m gone, then obviously I’ll catch up when I get back. 

- katrina

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Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

Hooooboy sure they have. Usually it’s the one couple everyone in the fandom keeps pushing onto others as “tHE ONE TRUE CANON COUPLE EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE“ pfft. While some I agree with, some end up being ruined by the constant bombardment for me… And my initial feelings of curiosity are tamed to annoynment.

To name a few, Lissa/Lon’qu, McCree/Hanzo, and Siegbert/Shinonome. I mean, I don’t hate the ships by any mean, but they’re just…. tiring to see in these days lmao. THERE’S SO MUCH OF THEM and I tend to get a lot of hate for not considering them my main ships for these characters pfft.

i can’t believe this ryan goes to square up and lindsay just