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"Felicity" was a freaking ad-lib. How dead are you Matty?

Combined with the fact that the 1x03 script was basically flipped on its head by Stephen and Emily, improvised to give us that perfect first meeting we adore so much… and then this

Suffice it to say I’m very, very dead. (So dead that I’m urging you to join me in my graveyard.)

Because it just reinforces what we’ve always known :

No one ships Olicity like Amell ships Olicity 

And the two of them have improvised on the script to give us some of our most squeal-worthy Olicity moments.

Stephen and Emily - Destroying the Olicity Fandom, One Ad-Lib at a Time : A Saga

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Ok when writers write about bad things like abuse or serial killers or whatever it depends on the tone of their writing. Are they romanticizing these things or are they writing about them to show they're bad? If they're romanticizing them then that's wrong of the writer and yes it's just as bad as incest shipping

thank you so much!! I didn’t get much sleep last night so I can’t seem to form a proper argument but THIS IS WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY!!!!!!!

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You're getting some much unnecessary hate like omg. The problem with Bensnavi is they literally don't care about any other characters. They just kinda ship Vanessa and Nina bc they don't know what to do with them and honestly it's so annoying. I agree with all of ur opinions and honestly people just need to chill the fuck out. God bless.

That’s what I’ve observed as well. I mean, I do tend to focus on Vanessa in my writing but I think I’ve covered many other dynamics and characters as well, even characters who are harder for me to write like Benny or Pete. I think that all the characters are interesting and intricate and deserve attention and fan-created content around them.

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i feel kinda bad cause i dont ship ruby and dorothy.. like they didnt have enough time to make me believe that they True Love. idk why im sending you this but i just saw a gifset and then your blog so yeah

i’m assuming it’s the sq parallels one? because that’s the only gifset i made that i can think of.

either way, there’s no reason for you to feel bad. i don’t ship it, either. like, not only did the writers disappoint the sq fandom w/ their lgbt ship, they managed to disappoint the anti sq side when they tricked them into hopping onto the ruby/mulan/merida bandwagon. which, homophobia much?, but, whatever.

i firmly believe that ruby/dorothy was not for lgbt people. it was a token. it was a, “see, you have this, so why’re you upset?”. and people in this fandom pretend that it’s somehow Radical, like supergirl, htgawm, eyewitness, shadowhunters, etc somehow just Don’t Exist, that bringing in two random characters from several season ago, giving them one rushed episode of romance, and then throwing them away when done is what representation should be. it was a silencing tactic. it’s a muffle for sq shippers/lgbt viewers of ouat who wanted something genuine but now can’t complain because we have it all, now, don’t we?

i also find it really dumb, because they lost the homophobic part of their audience. only the semi-tolerant suburban moms watch ouat now… so why they decided “hey we’re gonna put on a gay couple and lose that section of our audience but it’s gonna be a throwaway couple instead of sq”, i have no idea, they’re fucking idiots probably lmao

I think Skam know us. They know how we feel so the don’t make us sit and suffer with that shooking ending, they give us a clip just the next day. They know we love Evak and the show that how things work out in real life. They know people notice things in lines and they’ll know so they put secret meaning lines. They think about everything and as much as I want to hate them, I love them.


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In celebration, I was thinking about doing fandom ships.

The fandoms I will be including with this are:

Sidemen (obviously)Other YouTubers if I know themSupernaturalThe Walking Dead (limited knowledge as I am only on season 2…)MarvelSome musicals?? dependsI’ll take suggestions for other fandoms, just ask before you submit

When you request a ship, specify which fandom before you start telling me about yourself. I might give details on the ship scenario depending on how many or how little I get.

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You have 24 hours

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Thank you so much for answering! I myself am hetero but I absolutely support lgbtq+ When I ship two people together, regardless of their gender, I do it because of the chemistry I feel between them. For Ereri I just feel like they can make each other happy, they can make each other feel safe. That's what I love about them. They care deeply about one another and my heart just melts when I see them. Same for Viktor and Yuri. This is what counts, the love they can feel. Ugh I'm sorry for my rant

It’s okay!

It wasn’t directed towards you, it was directed to girls who have no common sense!

And same. This is why I started shipping it… their chemistry.

And victuri gives me so much life atm. Seeing such a loving relationship every week makes me so happy. I pretty much live for Thursday evening when I come back from helping the kids with english and maths…
A cup of tea, self-made Christmas cookies and the most loving and real relationship that I’ve ever seen in anime.

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honestly i love how salty you are over bensnavi because i am too like as a wlw i know a bad ship when i see one and when both men have canon female love interests who are so much better suited to them so many people (read: straight girls) ship it just for the sake of shipping two men together ugh

Yep. Like, it’s not that I’m against gay ships, at all. I’m literally a lesbian. I also ship Nina/Vanessa and Sonny/Pete. I wouldn’t be nearly as offended by Bensnavi if the shippers weren’t so homophobic and sexist. 


okay also straight shippers have this weird obsession with “winning” when it comes to which pairing is endgame, esp when it’s a gay vs straight pairing. with certain people it comes off as them not even caring that two people got together so much as they’re glad they “beat” the rest of us.

generally? we know we’re going to lose. unless some gay pairing is extremely explicit in their interactions, the writers probably won’t pair them—and even if they do they might just decide to kill one/both of them in a violent way.

straight people don’t understand this, and I’ve seen this in every fandom where there’s a m/f ship and a gay ship (especially with f/f) that I’ve been involved in. y'all have a variety of straight couples to watch and relate to and enjoy, and we’re lucky if we get one that doesn’t end up getting killed off.

this weird “winning” mindset is gross and so is the implication that it’s “toxic” to hate a straight ship.

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Do you have any sonic ships? (Including comics/games/shows)

I’m a pretty big Sonadow shipper to be completely honest anon, I just love the way Sonic and Shadow work together as characters they’re so gay for each other and so happy together and I want them to be happy you know??

And I guess that’s kind of it….? I mean I love Antoine and Bunnie in the comic, they’re a lovely well written couple, and I like the idea of Sally and Nicole as a thing. I also like the idea of Amy having a crush on Blaze, that’s really cute.

But other than that I just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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boi, have you been introduced to the amazingly wonderful TheShatteredRose? their EO fanwriting is actually to die for and they ship Flavnir so hard i kind of want to combust. some scenes from their works are just *perfect*. If you haven't seen them DEFINITELY go and check them out. seriously. x

omg i’ve been their secret fan since months ago i love their writing style and their flavnir fics so much (◉ - ◉;) i combust

well few days ago, i’ve been wondering…what if US!frisk meet UF!sans and what happened if we pair them up :v
pretty much i see both as a tsundere person  so shazaaam!!! this happened!!
also i’m want to make UF!sans Human ver, cuz…idk, i just curious :v

i think i just…change my style :v
but still suck at drawing hand, damn

Art © @kitagami-san
Undertale © Toby Fox
Underswap © ?
Underfell © ?

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AMBERPRICEFIELD…. the first ot3 ship i ever actually wrote for, so its very near and dear to my heart xoxo i love amberpricefield so much, just because i feel like their dynamic would be very interesting and very balanced! i think they really do bring out different strengths in each other; just Rachel and Chloe is a little unbalanced ( kae sent me an amberprice ask so i’ll explain more in depth there B) ) but Max, I think, definitely evens them out a little. amberpricefield is a ship that i v strongly believe would be the catalyst for a lot of growth with the three girls, especially Chloe and Rachel.. basically i love them a lot and theyre So Good


Hunk, you big, gassy genius!

i can’t believe this ryan goes to square up and lindsay just