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Request- “Hi there, do you think you could do a reader insert where she is Hammy’s sister (two years younger) and he can’t take her to the mainland with him so he tries to stay. The reader takes matter into her own hands and stows away on a ship to France so Alexander could “let go” and live his life. Years later when Eliza and Alex have to set up a dinner for Jefferson’s return much to Alex’s dismay and anger he finds his sister is now Thomas’ wife. Lil angsty but with lots of fluff in between plz.”

Words- 2,894

“Y/N please!” your brother, Alexander, begged you. 

“You have to go!” you said, taking clothes out of his drawers and shoving them into a suitcase. 

“I can’t just leave you behind!” He threw his arms up in frustration. 

“I’ll be fine here! You need to get off this island! You need to change the world, Alex. For both us.” you said seriously. 

“I’m not leaving until I find a way to take you with me.” he stated. 

“Alex! I-”

“That’s final, Y/N.” 

You stared at him. Your fists clenched to your sides in anger. You picked his suitcase up and hurled it on the ground before storming out. You sat down on your bed and cried well into the night. And when you couldn’t cry anymore, an idea came to you. 

He was not throwing away his shot at freedom. If Alexander wasn’t going to pack, you were.

Tears filled your eyes as you stepped off the ship in a new land. You had no idea where you were. Hell, you could’ve been in New York and Alexander would have to come for sure. 

People passed by hurriedly, none of them looked all too happy. 

“Excuse me?” you asked, wiping the at your eyes. Nobody looked at you. “Um, hello?” 

Oui?” Someone turned to look at you. 

“Do you speak…English?” you asked carefully. 

Excusez-moi?” he said with a furrowed brow. You sighed in defeat and shook your head. The man shrugged and walked away. 

“I speak English.” you heard a voice say behind you. You turned around to see a well-dressed man walking toward you. The way people stared as he walked by told you that he was an important person. His gait was flowing and unlike anything else you had ever seen. “You’ve just arrived. Where from?” he asked when he reached you.

“S-Saint Croix.” you mumbled, in awe of this man’s large presence. “Where are we?”

He furrowed his brow. “France.” 

“Well yes, I figured that out for myself.”  The man smiled at you. “I mean what part of France?” you continued.

“You traveled here, didn’t you? Why don’t you know?” he inquired. 

“Well…” you looked out towards the dirty streets full of what appeared to be poor citizens. “I sort of just got on the ship. It didn’t matter where I went; I just needed to leave.” 

The man nodded. “Walk with me.” he said. You followed behind him. It was difficult at first to keep up with his pace, but he slowed down. “My name is Thomas Jefferson.” he said with a smile. You stopped walking. 

“Aren’t you…didn’t you…America?” you asked. 

“Did I America?” he repeated with an amused face. “Well, I suppose I did, yes.” 

“My…my brother’s a big fan. He’s obsessed with America.” you explained. 

“Is he? Did he not accompany you Miss….”

“Hamilton. Um, Y/N Hamilton.” 

“Miss Hamilton.” He grinned. “Where is your brother?” 

“Well he… it’s a long story.” you said, falling into step beside him as he continued walking. You had no idea where you were headed. 

“Does that story explain why you’re a stowaway?” 

“I…yes.” you said defeated. Thomas chuckled beside you. 

“I could turn you in, you know.”

You stared up at him in horror, ready to run. 

“But  I won’t” he assured. You breathed a huge sigh of relief, and he laughed again. 

“Thank you, Mr. Jefferson.” 

“Please, call me Thomas.” He held his arm out and you wrapped your hands around his elbow as you walked down the gray streets of this French port city. 

“Okay, Thomas. Where are we going?” you asked. 

“Well,” he glanced down at you, “Last I checked, they don’t give illegal passengers deluxe meals.” 

“Oh I couldn’t ask you too.” 

“I want to, Y/N.” He used your first name. “Besides,” he said, stopping in front of a small cafe. “I’m very interested in your story.” He looked down at you with an amused glint in his eye, and you felt your heart flutter. 

“Lead the way, Thomas.” 

“You have to come back with me to Paris, Y/N.” 

“Thomas I’ve just met you.” you said frustrated. 

“Who’s going to take care of you? Your brother has no idea where you are. You have almost no money or clothes, and you’ve no food. I will not let you starve!” 

“There’s plenty of starving people in France. What’s one more?” you explained. 

“Y/N, don’t be so selfless.” He took your hands in his. “Please, let me help you.” 

“I feel…guilty.” you explained, looking away from him. 


You sighed. “Thomas, why should I be rescued by a knight in shining armor when the French people are here dying?”

“That’s what I’m trying to fix! In Paris! Y/N the French people have each other. You’ll die on your own. You don’t speak French!” 

Oui!” you said exaggeratedly. Thomas stared at you, and then burst out laughing. He fell into a chair, gripping his sides as his musical laughter filled the air around you. “Thomas this is serious.” you whined. 

“The only…word you know… is oui? And you expect…to live here by yourself?”  He continued to laugh at you. You crossed your arms and pouted. “Oh don’t give me that look.” He stood up and walked over to you, taking both of your hands. His laughter subsided. “You say you barely know me, but I’ve been watching over you for a week now, and I feel I know you very well. I’d like to keep taking care of you, in Paris.” 

“Thomas I-”

“I’d like to take care of you as your courter.” 

“You what?” you pulled your hands away from him. “Thomas you don’t have to-”

“Have to? Y/N, I want to.” He placed a hand on your shoulder, and your skin tingled in response. “You’ve captured my affection, Miss Hamilton. There’s no doubt about that.” 

“Thomas…” you said warily. You wanted to look away from him, but something about his eyes kept you mesmerized. 

“Come to Paris with me. Let me care for you.” he whispered. His thumb grazed across your cheek. 

You were confused. Thomas was an attractive man, but just two weeks ago, you had been in the Carribean with your brother. It felt like life was moving too fast. 

“Isn’t that kind of…inappropriate?” 

Thomas let out his signature breathy chuckle. “We’d have separate rooms, Y/N. I’m not an animal.” he smirked. 

“Tell me why I don’t believe you.” you responded with a cheeky grin. He laughed again and took your hand in his. 

“Listen, if it’s reputation you’re worried about, I’m much to respected here for anyone to speak out against me or our relationship publicly.” 

You rolled your eyes. “ ‘I’m much too respected here, Y/N. People love me. I’m so beautiful and fancy.’ ” you mimicked him. He smiled and pulled you closer to him. 

“Is that a yes to Paris?” he asked. 

You smiled up at him, feeling flowers affection bloom in your chest. “That’s a yes to everything, Mr. Jefferson.” 

Light flashed through your room. You sat up, and instantly felt your chest tighten in worry. Rain pounded agiainst the windows. A loud clap of thunder echoed through the room, and you swore you heard Alexander’s voice. 

“Y/N. You have to hide. The winds are too strong and they’re blowing trees over. I need you to take cover.” he’d said calmly. Without realizing that is was just a memory, you scrambled out from under the sheets and crawled underneath the bed. Another boom shook the household, and you let out a scream. 

You could almost feel the harsh wind and the rains like blades against your skin. Images of your hometown being washed away in the floods flashed through your mind. 

You heard a slam, but it wasn’t thunder. It was your door opening. 

“Y/N! Are you alright? Y/N?” Your courter’s voice was almost drowned out by the rain. You whimpered from underneath the bed. You faintly heard grunts and knocking and then a strong pair of arms around you. 

“Shhh. It’s alright, Y/N. You’re safe it’s just a thunderstorm.” he whispered. “C’mon, I barely fit under this bed.” He crawled out awkwardly, pulling you with him. When you were safely out from under the bed, Thomas sat in a kneeling position and pulled you into his chest. His nightshirt was thin, and your tears soaked through it quickly. 

You clutched onto his shoulders, your body shaking with fright. Thomas whispered soothing things in your ear. Your crying subsided somewhat. The sound of Thomas’ heartbeat started to drown out the sound of the storm raging outside. 

You weren’t in the Caribbean. Your friends weren’t dying. You were with a Thomas, and you were safe. 

Your sobs turned into small hiccups, and your grip on Thomas loosened. He continued to stroke your hair and rub your back, keeping you close to him.  

“Let’s go.” he said, “I’m not leaving you alone tonight.”  He picked you up princess style and carried you down the hallway to his bedroom. Thunder struck again and you cowered further into his chest.

He laid you down on the bed gently and rested by your side. “You’re with me. Nothing’s going to hurt you. I promise.” he soothed. 

You had been living with Thomas for almost a month, but this was the first time you shared a bed with him. You blushed and hid your face in him so he wouldn’t see. His chest rumbled as he laughed. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I won’t try anything.” You looked up at him. “Hands above the blanket, I promise.” He held his hands up to demonstrate. You placed a hand on the side of his face and kissed him. His arms circled around your waist and pulled your body closer to his. Your lips pushed against his, but after a moment he pulled away. 

“Don’t tempt me, Y/N.” he whispered. You smiled and nuzzled into him. He kept his arms tight around you and kissed the top of your head before placing his chin there. 

“Dear? Guess what!” your husband shouted excitedly. You spun around to look at him. 

“What?” you said over exaggerating your excitement. He rolled his eyes at you. 

“We’re going to America!” 

Your eyes widened, and your mouth dropped open. “A-Ameri-”

“Yes! America! Love, I can’t wait to show you everything there! You’ll love Monticello.”

You smiled and kissed your husband. “I can’t wait, when do we leave?” 

“Two weeks.” he confirmed. You smiled and kissed him again. 

“I’ve heard things about this Jefferson guy. I really don’t like him.” Alexander said. 

“You haven’t even met him.” Eliza replied. “How do you know you hate him?” She put her hands on her hips and stared at him. 

“People talk, Betsy. He sounds like an arrogant prick who talks to much.” 

Eliza rolled her eyes, “Whether you like him or not, we are hosting this dinner party for his return. Washington asked us too.”

Alexander nodded and fixed the table cloth. “He’ll be her any minute. Is Philip asleep already?” 

“He should be, “ Eliza pursed her lips, and glanced towards the stairs, “but you know him.” Alexander laughed and nodded, kissing his wife on the cheek. 

“I’ll go check. If the Jefferson’s arrive, “

“I know how to host, Alexander.” Eliza said. Alexander smiled. 

“Of course you do, love.” 

Several people arrived as soon as Alexander went upstairs. Eliza let them in and offered them tea and drinks. Informing them that dinner would be served when the Jeffersons arrived. 

You walked up to the estate arm and arm with your husband. Nerves were exploding through you like lightning bolts. 

“It’ll be fine, Y/N. He’ll be glad to see you.” Thomas said. He stepped up to the door. You nodded and smiled at him. He shot a confident smile back and knocked on the dark oak door. A woman about your age opened it and smiled at you. 

“You must be the Jeffersons!” she said cheerily. Thomas smiled and nodded. “Come in! Come in!”

“You must be Mrs. Hamilton.” Thomas took her hand and kissed it. “This my wife, Y/N.” Thomas gestured to you. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” you said to your sister-in-law.

“Likewise.” She smiled at you warmly. 

“Can I help you in the kitchen at all?” you offered. 

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you.”

“Please,” you removed your arm from Thomas, “I insist.” 

“Well, Mrs. Jefferson follow me.” Eliza said with a smile. You looked back at Thomas, and he wore a proud grin on his face. You smiled back nervously and followed Eliza into her kitchen. 

It was great getting to know Eliza. You instantly felt a kinship to her. You wanted to tell her of your relation to her, but you couldn’t find the right time to do so. You opted to keep quiet until you saw Alexander. 

You were arranging lemons artistically on a plate when you heard the distinct sound of your husband’s angry voice. Your head snapped up and looked at Eliza. She too had just tuned in to the activities outside the kitchen. The two of you rushed out the doors to see your husbands in a not so friendly debate. 

“Alexander!” Eliza shouted. He looked over towards the two of you and his eyes widened. 

“Y/N?” he stuttered. 

“Wait…” you heard your husband say. “This is your brother?” he asked. You looked to him and nodded. Several gasps erupted from the crowd around.  Alexander glanced between you and Thomas with his brow low. You saw him look to your left hand, which you automatically held to your chest protectively. His eyes widened and looked to your face. 

“No…” he breathed. You looked desperately towards Thomas. For once, he had nothing to say. 

“Alexander, I need to see you in the kitchen. You too Mrs. Jefferson.” Eliza said calmly. You nodded. “Mr. Jefferson you should probably come too.” You all walked through the door you and Eliza had just run through. 

“You couldn’t go one dinner party without making a scene could you?” Eliza growled at Alexander. Thomas turned to you. 

“I’m so sorry.” he whispered. His hand rubbed over your cheek gently. “Are you alright?” 

“It’s just a lot.” you said, looking over at the brother you hadn’t seen for 15 years. Thomas nodded and kissed your forehead. 

“Oh my god.” you heard your brother say. “You’re really married to him.” Alexander’s eyebrows were in a permanently raised position. You nodded slowly. “So you’ve been in France this whole time.” 


“Why did you do it? You just left me with nothing but a note telling me not to look for you, Y/N.” You had never seen Alexander look so hurt in your life. 

“I’m not sorry, Alexander. If I stayed in St Croix, you never would have left. You are so pivotal in this young nation’s history already. I knew you would be. I couldn’t let you miss out on that.” you explained. You felt a lump began to grow at the top of your throat. 

“That wasn’t your decision to make.” he said. 

“It was! It was my decision, and you weren’t letting me make it.” you argued. Thomas stepped towards you protectively. Alexander looked up at him. 

“So you ran away to France and married the first guy you saw.” He glared at your husband. 

“He was actually the second man I saw, thank you.” you shot back. Thomas hid his laughter rather unsuccessfully behind a cough. “Can’t you just pretend to be happy to see me?” you asked Alexander. His eyes softened and he let his guard down. 

“I am happy to see you.” He held his arms out and you gladly stepped into them. “I’ve been wondering about you for so many years. It’s hard to believe you’re really here.” he whispered. 

“I know.” you whispered back. 

“Mom?” you heard a small voice say. You looked up to see a little boy staring up at you from Eliza’s side. 

“Philip,” she said softly. “This is your auntie Y/N.” 

You walked over and kneeled down to his height. “Hi Philip.” you said quietly. 

“Hi!” he grinned. You felt tears spring in your eyes. 

“Philip, how old are you?” 

“Seven!” he said proudly. You gasped dramatically. 

“Seven? And you’re awake right now? You must be just like your father, Philip!” You smiled at him. His small eyes grew big. 

“You really think so, auntie?” The little boy was practically bouncing. 

“Definitely.” you confirmed. Philip looked up at his mom with the biggest smile you had ever seen. 

“I’m gonna grow up and be just like daddy!” he yelled. Eliza smiled at him. and lifted him into her arms. 

“Let’s get you back to bed honey.” she said. 

“I’ll help!” Thomas offered. He followed Eliza up the stairs, giving you and Alexander a moment alone. You watched Thomas with a smile on your face all the way up the steps until he disappeared. 

“You realize him and I are complete opposites, right?” Alexander said. You rolled your eyes. 

“I think you’re more similar than the two of you think.“

“We’ll never get along, Y/N.” 

You sighed and turned to face Alexander again. “I’m not asking you to be best friends, but you can be civil, can’t you? When you have to be?” 

Alexander clenched his jaw, but your stare was unwavering.

“Yes.” he sighed dramatically. 

“Good.” you smiled and turned as Thomas and Eliza came down the stairs. 

“Truce?” Eliza asked looking between your husband and hers. Both men looked to you and nodded. “Great. Now grab a platter. There are people waiting to be fed.” 

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I have so many feels about this whole end scene of Beyond. From the matching space husband outfit to "absent friends", fuck, there were ugly tears in the cinema, it's such a classic Star Trek line. And then the new ship and then the fucking classic intro with all of them saying lines. It hurts so much because it's Anton's last line... And with the where no ONE has gone before... And then the tributes... I shouldn't have so many feels about a ST movie. Bless Simon's writer heart...

We agree! Too many feelings and nods and just gah! This mod was pretty much tearing up as soon as the photo reveal happened!!

But yeah, Simon AND Doug Jung did a great job with the script! It helps that they were always Trekkies and they were willing to listen to the cast for any suggestions~! Plus knowing the crew well enough to know when they could just act something out instead of saying it.

Plus the scene with ‘absent friends’ was a brilliant last minute edit that Justin managed to put in was prefect and bittersweet and just… GAH. 

We really lucked out with this movie, both as trekkies and shippers (doesn’t matter the ship really, we all won). 

We definitely need to thank the cast and crew and make our voices heard that we want the same creative team to do Star Trek Four! (Or maybe add a lady writer too)

Amedot and Lapidot shippers.  Please.  Instead of making a dozen or so separate posts in an attempt to “prove” your ship or whatever, COMBINE them into one.

I don’t want to block because you’re not really doing anything offensive(much?), but you know you’re just spamming right now and drowning out the content people want to see.  The eye candy, art and fanfiction.  Not this “fighting”.

Just some thoughts on Peridot

I like Peridot, but the way she acts around various characters changes a lot and some of these “versions” of Peridot I dislike. Particularly the Peridot around Lapis. She acts desperate to get Lapis’s attention. It reminds me of the comedic way a lot of films portray an unpopular character becoming infatuated by one of those incredibly popular pretty people who show no interest or little interest in them whatsoever. It bothers me to see Peridot like this and I don’t find it cute at all because she seems to lose all that intelligence. Please don’t take this as ship hate, I by no means mean to insult those that ship the two. In fact I would love for you guys to tell me why you like them together so much because I just cannot see it.

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"Getting high with the French": yes. Also, do you nt supprot the enjolras and grantaaire ship?

(My blog title references a hamilton song yeah oops) and MATE


I live and breathe enjoltaire i support the fuck outta it. Support it into the sun. I see enjoltaire and i cry tears of perfection because this ship,,,,,tHis SHiP,,,,THIS SHIP,,,,,,,is my life support. The very reason i am alive. I just *clenches fist* love them so much

it’s sad when people become so afraid to like a ship bc of all the negativity that it gets from people who have a different opinion
listen if you don’t like the ship that’s fine but bash others for it
if you have the right to an opinion and a liking then so do other people so leave them alone and let them be and for God sake stop hurting REAL PEOPLE over your FICTIONAL wants I love our characters just as much as you do but they aren’t real bUT THE PEOPLE ON THE OTHER END OF THAT ANON BUTTON ARE

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okay i really don’t ship remadora (i know it’s weird but i just can’t, and it’s not even cause i ship wolfstar) but i will give you some anyway about if they lived and could be happy with teddy because teddy should have gotten that

  • so i imagine them taking a trip to the beach once teddy can walk
  • i feel like tonks hates the ocean?? like it scares her
  • so she just sits on a blanket and watches remus play with teddy in the water
  • i imagine teddy giggling so much and splashing the water
  • and remus just smiling so big that it warms tonks heart
  • then teddy just begs his mom to come into the water
  • so remus takes her hand and slowly guides her to the water
  • and it is just a really cute moment and teddy changes his hair to bubble gum pink to match his mom
  • and tonk gets over her fear of the water to make teddy happy and remus is just so in love with her
  • and they just fall asleep all together later on the beach and remus runs his hands through her hair and they listen to teddy’s soft breathing and awe idk it’s just really cute

no more please 

danaya x aquil headcanons


bunga ng pagwawala pag-uusap namin ni @girl-in-a-well sa twitter just after an episode of the reboot bc we deserve more backstory/screentime on how these two interacted back in enca while amihan and raquim stayed in the mortal world i mean there mUST be a relationship build-up???

[insert the iconic frustrated I LOVE YOU]

  • aquil vowed to love defending lireo and the whole of encantadia before anything, or anyone, else. he kept this vow for all his life, until that vow itself was changed and added anew.
  • he didn’t know it at first, didn’t notice what was already there. but he did fall in love the moment she was born. what he dismissed as admiration and loyalty at the youngest sang'gre was actually something else, something deeper.
  • baby danaya cried very much often. mine-a tried every dama there was to care for her child, but to no avail. it was only in the ynang reyna’s arms did danaya cease crying. and only when alena played with her.
  • mine-a strolled around the palace one day, carrying danaya, with alena and a few damas following close by. guards kept watch, and some carried news of sapiryans paying a visit to the queen of lireo. mine-a attended to the visit immediately, leaving danaya to one of the damas. danaya woke and cried, despite alena’s efforts to distract her.
  • aquil was there too; at ease, awaiting further orders if there happened to be. and alena, ever the kind one, asked him if he wanted to hold danaya. he declined politely, saying he did not know how to carry a child, but alena persisted. in the end he followed the sang'gre’s request and gently, like a prized glass, took danaya from the dama’s arms. he was afraid he might let her fall, or that his hold on her might be too hard, but he did well. at least, that’s what the baby thought. as he looked at the tiny face and twinkling eyes of the child, danaya stopped crying. and looked at him too.
  • mine-a returned to that part of the palace a moment later. and she knew, right then and there, that aquil was not going to be just a soldier forever.
  • danaya grew up to be the playful and adventurous girl she was. she had a chubby figure. pirena always teased her, but she never minded. once the youngest sang'gre learned how to speak more eloquently, there was no stopping her. she had a curious mind, and she wouldn’t relax until her questions had been answered. she followed damas, imaw, and soldiers everywhere at home.
  • as aquil headed for his training with muros, danaya tailed behind. he turned a few times to see who it was following him, but there was no one. danaya managed to hide behind his back, struggling not to giggle. he walked on. when he turned again, he caught her; the giggle escaping from her lips.
  • she asked him where he was going and what he’d be doing. he said he’d be getting ready for a fight. she wanted to know how to fight, but he promised he’d teach her soon enough if she promised she wouldn’t follow him secretly again. they settled on the agreement.
  • danaya still followed him around, though. see, she somewhat developed a little crush on him lately. she still asked him questions. and he still gave her the answers she needed; not complete truths, but enough to satisfy her curiosity. one instance she told him she’d marry him someday. he laughed, patted her head, and said he’d await that day. she held on to his promise.
  • getting older, danaya learned how to sneak out the palace and wander aimlessly in the nearby forest; where she felt most connected with. during one of her walks, she ran into some bandits. they attempted to hurt her. she fought back with whatever skill she had at the time. she kicked, punched, screamed for help. aquil came to the rescue. the bandits gone, he scolded her out of worry and fear. he almost lost her, and they almost lost a sang'gre. he blamed himself for the most part. but after that incident did he make another vow of protecting danaya at all costs.
  • she stopped following him around, or the others, after. she stayed put inside the palace and rarely spoke. mine-a and her sisters noticed this. when aquil tried to start small talk, oblivious that she felt cold, she simply ignored him or replied sarcastically. he did not give up, however. when he brought up the topic of training her how to fight, much earlier than her sisters, she regained her happy disposition and hugged him.
  • that one promise fulfilled, they grew closer as friends. much closer than her relationship with pirena or alena, or her dama, even. when amihan and a bigger threat from hathoria came, aquil returned to his original vow. danaya understood the obligation. and she understood she should not cater to the feelings she kept.
  • she grew into a young beautiful diwata. aquil stayed young, but his mind grew older. his heart grew softer. he watched her become independent. he observed her beauty and strength from afar. sometimes they spoke, but only for the sake of civility. danaya still held on to the promise of marrying him someday. aquil had a lot of things in his mind; another upcoming war, but he did not forget. he never did. although, danaya thought he did. and it ached her. just a bit.

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Many people starting to left kaisoo for other ship and i feel so sad that they are all leaving and i feel like i'm the only one still ship them hard i feel so lonely also with all the drama going on i just want to leave but i can't stop shipping kaisoo i'm in so deep i don't know what to do anymore :( sometime i look at jongin i feel so hurt i just want everything back i miss the past so much. People may think i'm being delulu but i can't help thinking that.I ship them and belive in them so much

Okay, I’m gonna be real for a second, do what makes you happy and stop caring about what other people think. If you like something, enjoy it. If you don’t then leave, it’s that simple. 

For the people that don’t want to ship them, that’s completely fine, it’s their decision, their life and there’s nothing wrong with difference. Believe me, if everyone had the same opinion we’d, as the human race, still be at square one. Respect people’s opinion and decision and just 

Do what makes you happy! 👏🏼

I can’t stress this enough. Why would someone want to spend their life supporting something/someone they don’t even like or enjoy anymore? 

No one is forcing anyone to do anything. Do what you want, support what you love, end of story. ✌🏼

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She might?? To be honest, as much as it would be utterly AMAZING to see Nessian and Moriel be mated pairs, I don’t think Maas is going to do it. We’ve been told repeatedly in the series that finding a mate is a rare occurrence, but we’ve also seen that love can be just as powerful and consuming for non-mated pairs. I think that Maas would be willing to put both of these ships together without the mating bond and still allow them to be perfectly happy in those relationships, and also give us the security that we wouldn’t have to worry about their true mates coming along in the future to break things up.

If they are mated, then yes, Mor might be aware. I’ve seen speculation that when Az is hurt at the end of Book 2 and Mor looks at him with fear “and something else” as Feyre puts it, that maybe that’s the moment she realizes the bond. Personally, I think the bond is too hard to resist over 500 years and had Moriel had it, they would have acted on it by now, but we’ll see. Only time will tell!

I honestly think that at some point Ruruka is going to betray Sonosuke or vice versa...Is that just me?

To elaborate on this point, I think this because Sonosuke doesn’t trust Ruruka to tell her his forbidden action, and vice versa. I think its pretty clear that his FA is that he can’t eat her candy, but he doesn’t tell her this. He just keeps refusing to eat them, and he must have a reason since we saw him eat them in episode one (And the fact she keeps offering them must mean he eats them often.) So if neither of them have told the other their FA, they must not trust each other enough to. It would actually be really interesting to see them turn against each other (as much as I ship it, It would be cool to see)

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My friend dragged me into this wonderful hell of Reaper76, and lemme just say u draw hella good. Looking forward to more of Jack and Gabriel in the future :3

you’ll see a lot more of them in the future 

they’re my main ship right now aikfjdad I love them so much

I will no longer be doing ships.

I’m so sorry you guys, but I will no longer be doing ships. I’ve been getting so many, which is wonderful, but I don’t get requests for anything else anymore. I miss writing and I miss making imagines. 

And with me moving and then going to college next month, I just have so much on my plate. Every time I post a ship or two, the next day, I have seven new ones in my box. 

I’m so glad you guys have been enjoying them, though and it has been fun. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time and I’d really like to spend the time I do have writing or doing other things :(

I will be finishing the requests already in my box, but it will take some time seeing as I have a lot. I hope you all can understand. Thanks so much for your patience with me.

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do you still ship lucaya or?

i’ve never really hardcore shipped them.. like i think they’re cute but lucas pisses me off so much, i just think maya can do so much better. right now i ship joshaya more but if lucas gets his shit together maybe i’ll start shipping them again.

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So what's your opinion on sheith? Just curious

Lolol if its just curiousity then thats ok ;) though once again this is just my opinion, no judgment. I honestly just don’t get anything out of sheith, other than their both beautiful, and together they make like me eyes weep cause i wish i was as beautiful lol. But other than that I find the pairing a little bland, they only really have little moments in the first ep. Keith and Lance have such good chemistry throughout the series, I really can’t ship them with anyone else. And Shiro I like with Allura because of the whole space parent dynamic, but even more so because of the last few eps. Where they have great moments, and I can see the relationship develop… (and if I’m honest I love interacial relationships, they’re beautiful and I just don’t see them much *sobs*) But yeah, if you like Sheith, than that’s cool :) I like to think that they’re like brothers where Keith looks up to Shiro. And Shiro’s always there to support Keith.

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Finally I got a creative kick!!! So I drew these two dorks. Sometime I might upload a coloured version, instead of this outline/highlight version.

Cassidy is wearing a Snow White shirt, because in one of the first episodes, I thought he would wear a Disney-shirt and the idea kinda stucked. One of the buttons is a bisexual or pansexual flag (I’ll probably decide when I’m working out the colours), just because I ship the two of them like a little bit.

I can’t say much about Jesse in this picture… It’s just Jesse lighting a cigarette. You know, just the preacher. 

Reference pictures are: Jesse and Cassidy


I was tagged for this game by @peaceliliesandtheworld!!

The rules: name ten obscure facts about you, tag fifteen people :)

(Idk if I know fifteen people on here, so I’ll just tag as many as I can)

1-I once tried to learn violin

2-I highkey shipped Harry & Ginny when I was around four or five

3-I haven’t shown my original stories to anyone for four years bc im afraid of letting them see my work only to later realize that it’s complete crap

4-my first word was gato (bc yes i DO love cats that much)

5-I started riding in a motorcycle at age one (I was in a side-car okay) and rode around on them with my dad every summer, but recently developed a fear of them for unknown reasons :(

6-I will probably never not be suspicious of authority figures.

7-I adore brightly painted houses

8-I go nonverbal occasionally (shocking, ik)

9-I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Alexander the Great

10-I made a burned offering for Athena one time

I’m tagging… @lacketylac, @drarryisart, @gotta-luv-them-books
& @helpmeiamtrappedinmyfandoms :)