Okay so i have a really funny story that I just remembered now,,,,

I was showing my boyfriend who isnt very into voltron some voltron crack. And almost every single one of the scenes was the ICONIC “we had a bonding moment, i cradled you in my arms”

And my boyfriend knows i really ship klance and so after a few videos (NOTE HES NOT INTO SHIPPING OR LIKE VOLTRON AT ALL)

he says ,,, “wow that would be so funny if the whole bonding moment scene was real and not just a voice overed thing to make it more shippy and funny”


AND HE JUST SAYS “Really?? I thought it was something this person made to make it more gay???? What”


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It's just dat I wanted to tell you I REALLY like the way u look at ships&other ppl opinions. 2 d ago I watched MV w/ one ship&I wrote that I liked it (cause its really cool)&also dat i don ship them.&an h I had to face with many insults (some even called me a slut like wtf)&Im still really confused like Were from the same fandom so Y just wanted to tell u that I really like u so if you have a bad day remember dat many people not only enjoy your work but Also likes you as Creator so keep goin Ma

Thank you so very much! I think it’s always important to respect other people’s opinions as long as they aren’t putting other people down. Everyone’s different and we can all like different stuff and what use is it when I’m rude to people who ship something just because I don’t like it? I understand there’s a huge debate about ‘problematic ships’ but tbh I think that discourse got way out of hand. I always try to keep this blog a peaceful space that’s respectful to everyone. Thank you and sorry that you had to experience such an unnecessary thing. I love you!

The Andromeda we got is just so far removed from the Andromeda that I saw so much potential in…

When you ship a bunch of people of multiple species (who all have a wealth of history and politics between them) to another galaxy, the baggage of their past doesn’t just evaporate. I like the idea of finding a new home for all these people, but what exactly is that going to mean when the people living there all have good reason to be suspicious of and/or hate each other?

That is the set-up for a much more interesting story in-keeping with Mass Effect’s main themes of interspecies politics and unity, with the progression of the narrative’s tone in-relation to the choices you make basically tipping the balance of whether this is a positive step forward or a much more cynical future for the Milky Way galaxy’s former-residents.

If there had to be a central antagonist to this story (and there didn’t), it should have been Alec Ryder.

I, like many others, am generally tired of how Mac Walters has plastered Cerberus over every god damn corner of Mass Effect’s lore… but this is one instance in which their involvement could really work. ME1 and 2 went into a lot of detail in explaining and showing to us just how many pies Cerberus had their fingers in - certain spoilers from the game aside, it’s a situation where it would basically be inconsistent with ME’s canon for Cerberus not to be involved with the Andromeda Initiative.

Having Alec Ryder be the face of Cerberus in Andromeda, looking to propel humanity in ways that simply weren’t possible in the Milky Way, would be a much stronger and potentially greyer conflict for the protagonist (his son or daughter) than the Archon - who has officially out-lamed Corypheus. The very least you can say for Corypheus was that he was intended to be lame, but the Archon (and the kett in general, who are literally just the Collectors without the awesome Prothean reveal) does so much to damage this game’s story by having them effectively be what turns this story that’s supposed to be about exploration and interspecies politics into another popcorn action flick.

No Archon. No kett. No long-vanished precursor race. Mass Effect already did all that shit in the trilogy.

From my perspective, thinking about what this story could have been, it’s just really hard for me to not be disappointed with this from the outset.

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Bad news. I think Percy is aiming toward Kid/Rae in the TT Rebirth. I watched a video where Percy said he will building more into Kid Flash and Raven's relationship. I'm losing all hope now.

Originally posted by vaticofficial



First off, I need a source. Where’s this video? When was this video made? Pre-Meyers? Post-Meyers? RECENTLY?

Second of all, that’s some straight up DUMB SHIT.

They haven’t even…interacted…much…at all…

Like. AT ALL.

There are about two to three instances and more than 50% of those were insignificant at best. 

Also, I don’t know if simply saying “building more into their relationship” means romance. It was also said that they’d be doing that for Damian and Raven in this series, as well (which is obviously not going to be romance because he’s 13 and she’s like 18). 

THEN AGAIN. Wouldn’t be the first time DC fucks up with the TT series.

As I promised, if they do this, and do it sloppily or so fucking help me if they make a love triangle, I’ll be dropping TT. 

It literally has nothing going for it. Everything is rushed, the story arcs are weak, the art makes me want to GOUGE out my eyes, and if they pull a stunt like this, I’m out. Just like I was out of N52 the minute they published that garbage.

Percy, why do you hurt me like this?

Didn’t this man claim to be heavily inspired by Geoff Johns’ run? 



I found the video and now I want to watch the world burn.

Idk you guys soukoku is just such a good ship? Such a blessed, wonderful ship. I love it so much. There’s so much you can do with it. You can make it really angsty or really silly. There’s so many fandom-specific AUs you can use with them and so many general AUs. They can be adorable or sexy or badass or whatever you want them to be. They’re so good. So versatile. They make me so happy. I’m so glad this ship exists. I love them.

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Why'd you hate johnlock so much? Like you're under no obligation to like it I was just wondering why your dislike is so strong

I think it’s fandom is what made me actually loathe seeing the ship lol. I don’t understand how it became so popular? I really don’t lol.

I don’t see a chemistry for them past being almost brother-like. And of course, the physical violence and Sherlock literally drugging John lmao.

Its not something I find as a good ship, I guess? Like, Im not hatin people who ship it, ya like what ya like, but I just can’t wrap my head around it. XD

But its funny, Sheriarty is called a rare pair- which I’ve shipped for years. Actually canon Adlock (in ACD) is called a rare pair. Sherlolly is called a rare pair…..

Anything that isn’t Johnlock is called a rare pair and that also makes me dislike the ship. Why is so much of that fandom so rude to other ships?

Its just a major distaste in my mouth, and where I may have shipped johnlock before for a different sherlock holmes series- I now genuinely hate the idea of it 100% lol

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(I'm sorry people are being stupid about your picture of Jack and Ashi but that one drawing made me instantly love your art style and the fluidity encompassed within it!! I love your work, it's all really beautiful)

Thank you so much! 💖💕

TBH I feel like I might have overreacted a but eeeeh IDK. I’ve been suffering terrible crushing head pain lately and it got so bad I had to leave work and broke down in tears due to the unbearable pain but yeah… It wasn’t like a whole lot of people but just the small few who made fake assumptions that I was “shipping them already and missing the point of the show” made me eye roll to infinity and beyond haha! Usually I avoid stuff like that but anyways, at the end of the day it has 4K+ notes and I’m very happy with the overflow kind comments I’ve gotten on it! 💕

I’m so glad you enjoy my art and thank you again! ❤️

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A gruvia fan repeating 'Mashima did say he originally didn’t plan romantic Nalu' and 'Mashima liked the idea of Gruvia and Juvia was created for gray' what exactly are they getting at? They also went as far to say Mashima was contemplating Natza. I'm done with this fandom

LMAO the whole repeating it while Juvia remains irrelevant on the ground waiting for her answer just shows desperation. I’m not even anti gruvia. I just don’t really care but what I can say is that Juvia and Gruvia’s treatment this arc is bothering a lot of them to the point that they need to lash out at other ships and characters. Especially after the fact that Lisanna and Elfman beat a spriggan, I’d say things just got worse. 

Congratulations Juvia is confirmed to be Gray’s love interest who was created so he’d have one. Lmao. Is that a good thing? I much rather have a character created to be a character and then get romance. Mashima saying that he didn’t think about Nalu in the beginning doesn’t affect all that they have in the manga or what would happen to Nalu in the end. It’s the same dick measuring they try to do with Naruto and NH and it’s hilarious. 

Yeah Mashima apparently thought about Natza because he didn’t think of Nalu from the start and Juvia was made for Gray. That makes sense? 

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You know a couple is good when evenr their MENTORS gave possible shipping canon <3 Just imagine Ruby and Sapphire having a double date with Winona and Walkace xD

Not going to lie, Gracefulshipping is one of my favourite ships.

But honestly Wallace and Winona make the perfect beta couple (ok so there’s a little age gap but you’re practically considered an adult at 10 in Pokemon so..) and I’m pretty sure the four of them going to Wanda and Riley’s wedding counts as a canon double date. I’m joking of course :P or am I…?

Seriously though, the chapters in RS where the four of them are working together in Sootopolis city are pretty much just one big, we’re potentially going to die, everything is being destroyed, Ruby and Sapphire’s issues mixed with Wallace and Winona’s problems, will we live through this?, double date. Again joking… hehe

And yes, Wallace and Winona do make the perfect beta couple :). I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind going on a double date with a couple of 11-15 yr olds hehe. Every couple needs their beta couple.

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pls don't tag clexa. i try really hard not to get into the ship wars and i do that by avoiding seeing any bellamyxclarke stuff on my feed.

Okay. First thing’s first: I tag Clexa when it is relevant to the post. I don’t tag it specifically to hate on the ship. I tag it to make a point. When I make parallel gifsets, I tag the ships/characters that are paralleled. This is not unreasonable. Especially given that neither ship/character is meant to be seen as lesser. (It is not my problem that others seem to do so.)

Second: You can avoid getting into ship wars by not responding to every single post you see. It’s actually really easy. Just don’t click the reblog button and don’t start typing.

Third: If that is too much to ask, you can always block keywords like ‘bellarke’, ‘bellamy blake’, or ‘bellamy x clarke’. There are two wonderful extensions for this. I use them all the time for so many fandoms/ships. I’ll even give you links.

(New X-Kit) & (Tumblr Savior)

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matt boyd?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: literally everything about him. he’s been through so much shit, but he’s still so kindhearted and loving, and this boy is only outshone by Sunshine Boy Jeremy Knox. but just barely, at that.
worst quality: does Matt Boyd have any bad qualities?? maybe his spiky hair. could be a hazard.
ship them with: DANIELLE LEIGH WILDS ((*whispers* but i got an ask the other day about matt/kevin, and i’m starting to consider it))
brotp them with: ummmm Neil Josten 10/10 the only brotp that matters
needs to stay away from: his father and any other negative assholes he may encounter
misc. thoughts: when he and Dan get married, he’ll pay to fly all of her stage sisters out so they can join Renee and Allison as her bridesmaids. he’ll cry just as hard when he asks Neil to be his best man as he did when he proposed to Dan.


I forgot to post the rules on this blog, for those who aren’t in the chats/servers. My apologies! But here they are.


  • Be respectful of other members. Don’t send hate, don’t hate on art or writing, just be a good person. Treat people how you want to be treated.
  • Don’t force shipping/headcanons on people. Talk to them privately if you want to ship or make headcanons, don’t just assume. You know when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.
  • Please try with your muses. Realistic muses with real flaws, backstories that make sense (aka don’t give them a tragic backstory just because you want to.) and well-fleshed-out personalities are infinitely more fun to interact with, than ‘I’m so nice and selfless it’s a flaw uwu’ characters.
  • This also applies to research. Make sure to research as much as you can, and make your muse represent that drink. While realistic characters on their own are fun, this is the Drink AU. It only makes sense that they have the attributes of their drinks.


  • Don’t spam pictures. You can send one or two in a row, but sending a lot lags people’s devices. Plus it gets tedious to scroll past 80 pictures that have nothing to do with the conversation, just to see if you missed anything.
  • Don’t talk over people. This one seems to be the biggest problem for everyone. It’s not hard to balance 2+ conversations, or wait until someone else is done before talking.

If you have any questions about the rules (specifics, suggestions for other rules, et cetera), message Aaron or I! We’d be happy to clarify things. ovo)b

Also remember: These rules are for everyone’s enjoyment, so we all can have a good time in the AU! If you think they’re too strict, it’s simply because we want this AU to be the best it can! If they seem unfair, though, you can message either of us about it. ;;

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DUDE i never read charmer (there's,,,,a severe lack in the fandom im shook) and yours are so good!! i read them all last night and im in love i just love the way you write chowder and farmer

thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love charmer a lot it’s a rly underrated ship and i just try to do my best to fill fandom with more!!! this made my day thank u :-)

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18 w SpaceButterCadi for my girl Cadi

send numbers & ships blease

I HAD TO GOOGLE WHAT A BOARDWALK IS JUST SAY PIER YOU LOSERS okay so pbg tries out all the arcade games but jeff is the only one to actually be good at them and they have competitions as to who can win cadi better prizes and on an utter fluke (or a perfectly executed shot if cadi is good at games) cadu wins them the huge toy because they get the highest amount of points

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First let me say that i Love Your Writing! :D It is incredible the way you write. Keep it that way girl!! <3 (: And what do you think about Emil and Michele? Like sometimes i want to ship them but with Michele attitude i am Not comfortable with them being in a relationship, but also Emil seems so happy when he is near Michele. A one sided crush? It hurts but it feels that that is what it is :(

Aww thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

Ooo that’s an interesting theory!! ;o Tbh I feel like I need more information about both of them before I can form an opinion on that ship (same way I feel about a lot of YOI ships haha) but omggg a one-sided crush would be so sad D: </3

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combeferre 🌠

oh my oh my oh MY

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life  ??? What kind of question is this anyways
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: A super nerd? Cares about everyone? A babe? The best™?
worst quality: Has to be taken care of, if not, he would get himself killed of starvation and sleep deprivation
ship them with: Courfeyrac, Enjolras, Grantaire, CER. yes 
brotp them with: Grantaire, Jehan, JOLY, Bahorel
needs to stay away from: Roads, museums, the coffee shop across the street (do not mention the coffee shop across the street)
misc. thoughts: Idk, i just love him so much? He is the love of my life? i need to find a real life Combeferre for myself

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neil josten for the ask game ✨

thank you sweetheart!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: he’s so ridiculously clever about people
worst quality: fucking reckless stupid child getting himself into trouble all the time
ship them with: andrew
brotp them with: matt and allison mostly but everyone he needs frenz
needs to stay away from: EVERY FORM OF DANGER and knives mostly
misc. thoughts: i could talk forever about neil josten, my actual son, who has gone through so much and still so desperately wants to survive? he started the books with nothing except that will to survive and that’s all he needed? like he just kept going. and then he throws away any chance of survival he has for the foxes? he started caring like even a little bit and he’s literally like “I’d lay down my life for you.” BUT HE’S TOO CLEVER FOR THAT he fixes the foxes and then he fucking plays the stupidly intelligent moriyamas like.. can u believe……….. and his drags are just fucking iconique. he’s more than just a pretty face and i love him very much

send me a character and i’ll answer this for them!


Why does our ship get hated on it really doesn’t bother me bc I mean it’s just a post woopty do you can hate on a ship good for you do u want a gold star like they can only say so much bs all of the hate is the same crap mon el owned slaves he’s toxic I hate the show blah blah just don’t let it get to u it’s just words most of them just want to piss us of so don’t let them

Originally posted by msluthor

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a) Wow! your new SE vid is sadly beautiful. Watching it makes one think that the writers didn't screw their love story up. Seeing how you talk about Goblin and the few scenes I've seen of them do remind me of SE in the earlier seasons and just makes me frustrated thinking about the scenes we should've had with them. Damon should've stayed the obstacle he was suppose to be and will be bitter that Plec allowed fan service to ruin what could've been a beautiful redemptive love story. Simply amazing

I didn’t get your b! But thank you so much! Yes, I think that Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin in Goblin are an even more intense SE which is why I ship them so much but yes, Damon was always supposed to be the obstacle that made an SE reunion sweeter, like it was always supposed to be Stefan and the show went back on that.

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Polytinue with 1?

send numbers & ships blease

okay so they go to the aquarium and josh fuckin… he wants to see the sharks just take him to see the fuckin sharks, paul but PAUL wants to see the tropical fish and nick wants to stroke the stingrays so they’re all bickering but then they get into this tunnel where the ceiling is also water and the fish are swimming over their heads and they all go quiet and hold hands in a big line (and block the pathway but it’s fine)

and then when they’re in the gift shop nick picks up a bunch of plushies and gives them voices and ‘talks’ to josh like ‘buy me !!! buy me’ and josh gives in and buys him a turtle plushie that doubles as a key ring and paul picks up all the generic toys like the yo-yos and the bouncy balls and stuff and plays w them all and the cashiers suffer so much