Jaebum Controversy

Seriously homophobic? Jaebum is the most touchy person I have ever seen besides Jackson…if he were truly homophobic do you think he’d be open to so much skin ship? There are idols like Ilhoon for example who don’t even like skin ship but that doesn’t make him homophobic. C'mon now…I’m sure half of the fucking people accusing him didn’t even understand what the fuck he meant and just started going along with what they heard…these must be some new Ahgase who don’t know how Jaebum is. He’s not as Chic as most think. People are always looking for somethin to talk about…go worry about real world problems like world hunger and leave these idols alone. Everytime you turn around there is some bullshit. It just pisses me off how fans will flip on idols at the drop of a hat but would be down the moment they do something sexy. 😑

“He needs to come out and address the issue” what is the issue? If you’re a true GOT7 fan then you know excatly how Jaebum is and how his demeanor is. International fans need to remember one of the most important things and that is SUBTITLES ARE NOT ALWAYS 100%. And you know that. “He offended the LGBT community” by saying he didn’t want to be there with Youngjae as two guys jokingly? When did everyone become so fucking triggered by everything little thing?

What happened to IGOT7 having their backs? How long have you been an Ahgase? Why are you so damn quick to turn on these boys? You all know JB so well I’m not understanding. But when y'all figure out that Jaebum meant nothing by his comment don’t try to go taking back what you said…GOT7 doesn’t need fans like you who can’t even have their back.

I know I don’t know them personally none of us do but I honestly don’t think the way he is on screen is any less the way he is off screen. I also realize the skin ship ordeal doesn’t necessarily excuse him of being homophobic but in some ways it wouldn’t make sense if he was why would he agree to so much of it? I know it’s uncanny but we have to look at this from all angles since so many are so quick to throw him under and so many are jumping to his defense.

But if you truly feel like he offended you then please do not attend their fanmeet that’s coming up next month. Don’t go with the intent of ill will. Let them sort this out. But stop being so quick to tell them to kill themselves, that does not and never will make anything right.

It’s not right to go to the other members pages and comment slanderous things about Jaebum if you have hate take it to your blog but don’t treat these members like shit. They can read that shit…just like you’re feelings are hurt there’s will be too knowing how fans and other people are slandering them.


Ah, finally Viktor do the narrative~~
Why am I kinda ship Otabek and Yurio now? HE’S JUST SO COOL I CAN’T HELP IT OKAY AND MOTORCYCLE HELP ME GOD. And he said he can’t forget Yurio once he saw him oh my god stop. And they met in the paaast yes I’ll go this way sorry JJ you can be seung gil’s okay?

Ah, and it’s so cute how Yuuri searching for Viktor as soon as he wake up? Uuuu.
And I swear, I SQUEALED SO HARD WHEN YUURI WENT INTO A JEWELRY STORE. I thought he bought a bracelet or necklace but guys. GUYS.


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Why do you ship steve and tony together. I love them together but I'd really like to know your reasons and thoughts on why you ship them?

First and foremost, it is probably very shallow of me, but I find both CE and RDJ to be attractive.  This is a rare thing for me. I almost never find people attractive.  Chris Hemsworth?  Nothing.  Tom Hiddleston?  Literally zero interest. Idris Elba?  Nope. So…having two actors playing characters I can ship who I happen to find attractive is a big part of it.  That pretty much never happens for me.

Beyond that very superficial reason, I just really like the intensity of their relationship.  The drama and passion.  The way they gravitate towards each other.  How hard they make it for each, but how much they make the other better when they finally get there.  They are, for me, the strongest characters. They both have this deep well of unstoppable strength. True equals.  But, for all their individual strengths, they need the balance the other offers so very much.  

These are obviously fictional characters, so I don’t mind shipping a couple who brings all that delicious angst and pining to the table.  In real life, probably not healthy, but this is the wonderful world of my mind where I get to find all of that entertaining and romantic.  It makes for great storytelling.  

It also just happened that shipping them hit me at a time when I think I needed that.  A distraction or whatever.  My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I think I was looking for something to give me an outlet.  I happened to stumble my way into this.  

Thanks for the ask!

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What are your thoughts on Hideyoshi? What are things you like about him? What are things you don't like about him?

He’s a very fun person. I like his wits and I get a kick at how often he’s trolling to Nobu’s face and gets away with it. Not just for shipping purposes, but it’s just funny in general LOL. I also like how sneaky he is sometimes. Like the scene with the persimmons in the common route. It sucks that he ends up getting MC in trouble by bailing, but ahahaha, it’s so funny how he just climbs up the tree and disappears.

It’s hard to say what exactly I like about him. With Sengoku otome, I’m already biased for certain individuals because history, so I’m already interested in them from the get-go. If they’re enjoyable, then all the better for it! If they suck, then oh well, too bad. 

I have nothing to complain about his character. It’s rather… the plot of the routes? The stories’ romance just isn’t well-written. The events are annoying too, you know? We had to endure the “first love” story like 2-3 times over before the relationship finally progressed, unlike the first 6 lords who gets a somewhat-cohesive story that progresses with each event. 

I wonder if his personality makes it hard for writers to write romance about. Hide is like… this “fun best friend” type that you totally chill and hang out with all the time. Even when he’s being affectionate, it’s sometimes still teetering on that line between “just being nice” and “romantic”. Not quite one way or the other.

and darling I will be loving you ‘til we’re seventy. and baby my heart could still fall as hard at twenty-three. and I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways. maybe just the touch of a hand. oh me I fall in love with you every single day. and I just wanna tell you I am. so honey now, take me into your loving arms. kiss me under the light of a thousand stars. place your head on my beating heart. I’m thinking out loud.                                           maybe we found love right where we are

        stucky retirement au aesthetic | made by Kat
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Do you think there might be a chance that Doki becomes a larrie?? Poor you, it must be hard to live with anti

she does like lou the cat so i feel like she secretly ships larrie and is just being an anti for no reason.

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I saw a post float by on my dash and like I'm not comfortable when people make anti arguments about ships by adding in who they dated previously in the family. There are other anti remarks you can make. But im someone who has family members who are related in odd ways. my cousins aunt but is also their cousin. They are not blood related. They do not consider each other as family that way. And neither do those characters. I don't understand what's so hard to understand.

I think given this family tree… 

… we should just give up that argument for anyone not blood related.

Though I still judge Rumple for a relationship with both Cora and the EQ (though not Zelena since that was not-consented).

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I saw someone say a while back that they would like to see Arya as Queen of wolves but no desire to see her have anything to do with Winterfell. Is this basically a write off where Arya lives off the rest of her life as Nymeria? :/ Idk but I have a feeling all the remaining Starklings will have something to do with Winterfell somehow. Especially because that's what they all long for, in particular Arya, whose tried so hard to get home.

uh yeah that certainly sounds like a shady comment to make. i saw a similar one recently about someone not wanting arya “associated” with winterfell too. im pretty sure they just want her out of the way for their ship tbh. the rest of the fandom is just dumb.

i think they will all return to winterfell but theres a lot that could happen from that point. we’ve got several different arcs, dynamics, perspectives (ect) here and i dont think they will all react the same to being home again. winterfell is not the place it once was and neither are the stark children. in grrm’s most recent interviews he really emphasized again the scourging of the shire and how it was never the same and frodo couldn’t stay there. that ending had a big impact on him. i’d be very surprised if he doesn’t do something similar with asoiaf’s endgame. most of his characters are looking for home in one way or another. but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll find it or that it will be the place they always sought in the end. this also applies to dany and the house with the red door for example.

as far as arya goes i (obviously) don’t believe she will become a wolf. nor do i think she will wander for the rest of her life. her storyline is one of the biggest voyage and return plots in asoiaf. arya always felt like an outsider so i don’t think we’ll see her reflect this sentiment of not belonging in the end because its just not good character development. i think she will decide to stay in winterfell. to throw another lotr comparison out there eowyn has a lot in common with arya. initially, she didn’t feel comfortable in her role either but after everything “her heart changed” ive always thought we’d see something like that for arya. but theres so many possibilities. we’ll just have to wait and see what arya chooses to be

Listen Nas is on the Hamilton mix tape so can I just HC that Isak listens to it, then ends up listening to the whole album, looks into Hamilton and low key falls in love with the whole show??
And like his fav songs are My Shot and Satisfied (he will never admit how much he loves Angelica) and in the wee hours of the morgen if you listen hard enough you can hear him quietly rapping Guns and Ships like he’s cool or smthing

(If this doesn’t set off Lingo’s indignation module I don’t know what will!) (“The packaging doesn’t tell you this is one of a set of SIX. Be aware you are getting ONE all-purpose speaker/household chore kit bot, not a full stereo set. That said, she’s a nice little intermediate-skill project. Compact even for a Mini, very energy-efficient, the musical proficiency module is excellent once you get it working. The interface AI has just enough ‘attitude’ programming to seem like a real person without being so hard you shut it down and settle for a really expensive speaker/laundry handler. Whoever wrote the AI programming has a strong sense of irony–I left my Lingo running when I left to run errands a few days after first activation, and when I came home I found her parading around the kitchen with a protest sign–her “explore” algorithm kicked in and she found the Newegg receipt that was in her shipping box. We had an interesting conversation–I’ve never had to explain to one of my projects that she wasn't really an alien life form but was in fact mass-produced in a factory in Little Rock as a hobby electronics project. GREAT approach to the ethical dilemma we’ll be facing when AIs finally do achieve consciousness–and funny, too, if you don’t mind the occasional advertisement phrased as a plea to “save my brothers and sisters from oppression”. The ad’s working–I’m considering getting one of her “brothers” just to see what kind of creative AI programming will show up and how the two of them will interact.)

((omg that’s beautiful XD))

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Ahem. A message for you from Micronus Industries, Incorporated: 

Dear valued customer: Thank you for reviewing your recent “purchase” 

Originally posted by suzeline

We apologize for the confusion in our listing. Our packaging shows the family ‘collection’ for this model line, while the product description on our site clearly states this is only an individual. Is it safe to assume you received this product as a gift? Each of our learning AIs are unique and develop differently with their experiences from birth or activation, so we cannot guarantee personalities will mesh well with every customer and we at Micronus Industries are glad to see your amusement with the situation. 

If you do decide to try another model of the same product line, we suggest the sprinkler system dubbed ‘Fireball’ should be collected last as they have a tendency to fight when paired with Lingo, especially alone. 

Sincerely yours,

Are you fragging kidding me >=(

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It’s really funny that I’m just now realizing that’s the basis of it. Honestly, I still ship it. Mostly because it’s one of those ships that I just enjoy the idea of. Between their designs and personalities I’d love to see them interact more. That said, it’s really hard to find things that aren’t cringey af. Downside of it being so 2007.

Shipping opinions that I try to keep off this blog under read more

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Can you pinpoint the exact moment you first fell in love? [insp]


[DW meme] Favorite ship
 River x Doctor

“It just messes The Doctor up and makes him go, ‘Oh Christ, River’s here’, and it frightens him. And weirdly he’s going, 'Why the hell am I attracted to her? What’s that?’ That’s the woman who makes him go whoa.” [x]