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Dear kaye, sorry i know u are busy but im so curious hehe i know u are a taekook trash *well i am too!!* i just want to know your reasons tnx :) ily😘

Never too busy for my babies~ ;) always remember that

hahaha ahh my reasons? Well to be honest, I’m not really into this whole shipping two members thing. I never write member x member fics simply because as much as I think they look cute together, I still think they’d look cuter with me. LMAO kidding. 

I’ve always shipped Chanbaek though and it was because one of my friends is such a hardcore shipper that I started seeing the reality that they do look good together <3

In BTS, it was TaeJin which I liked first…but then Taekook just moved up my list like a rocket after I read a fic entitled: “Distant Dreams”

It was the first fic that made me cry in years. It was beautifully written and I started reading all of that author’s works (which happened to be a lot of Taekook and trust me, I’m very picky with fanfictions and it’s rare that I read from one author.) So I guess that’s how I started becoming Taekook trash…. just recently tbh. 

Right now, a specific reason I can give you is that I suddenly see the chemistry between them. Now when I watch their videos/interviews, I can’t help but notice the subtle glances and touches…almost like they’re sharing a secret or an inside joke. Or the way Jungkook doesn’t push Tae Tae away when he becomes clingy and all that and how Tae Tae looks at him like he’s so happy he’s right there. :”> 

I even wrote a quote before… 

Overall, they’re a very adorable ship and before I actually liked them as a pair, they were my top babies…meaning I cared for them the most (unnie instincts and all haha) 


PS: my friend told me not to read fics about them because she said I would never see them the same way again….

She was right. XD

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I... I... You... Are a year younger than me... Why are you a year younger than me? How? It seems like you have your act together. Like... You seem so hardworking, when you talk about your studies. And you are the queen of angst, and your writing is so good... And you are a year younger... And I just realised it, like, it's written in your "about" but I thought it was just outdated... And i'm sorry for my english, i won't even pass this for the traductor. I reall y love your page. You are great.


Thank you though! And I don’t really feel like I can take full credit for a lot of what I’ve done. I’ve just been really lucky. I grew up in a financially stable household with people who supported me. My classmates and teachers have been kind to me, more than I think I deserve. The recognition I get for hard work is more than I think I deserve. I wouldn’t be a self-sustaining system without it. I’m naturally very lazy and anxious and self-doubting, and I got majorly lucky finding appreciation from other people.

Anon, all I know for certain from this ask is that you speak at least one more language than I do! (Your English is flawless btw). So the only thing I know for certain is you have a leg up over me in that regard. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself at all. I’m not special or different (more than anyone else) I just somehow came out of the tail end of 19 years being really lucky in a lot of ways ^^;;;;

Thank you so much

Curious what’s everyone’s favorite fantasy books? Science fiction books? And what are you currently reading?

So I just finished two trilogies by Robin Hobb, they were really good, the Farseer Triology and the Tawney Man Triology..  Currently I am reading the Name of the Wing (The Kingkiller Chronicle) by Patrick Rothfuss.  As for favorite sci-fi, I love Ursula K. Leguin’s the Dispossessed. But the Uglies by Scott Westerfield is a second close favorite.  For favorite fantasy that is a though one, childhood sake would be like Harry Potter, but modern fantasy it would be a tie between the Dresden Files and the Greywalker series.  Epic fantasy it will always be Tolkien, but…Game of Thrones comes us second, but isn’t GoT like dark fantasy?


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My friends really pretty and a lot of boys like love her then there's me who's just this potato and I sometimes get really upset by this??? Even though I love my friend we're buds for life but still??? It's so hard to shake off this jealousy.

i totally sympathise. this was me in my teens. two of my closest friends had a lot of boyfriends and received a lot of male attention, whereas no one looked twice at me.

it’s a pretty difficult thing to shake off. firstly, know that receiving male attention, especially in your teens, is absolutely not indicative of a) whether you will enter into a strong relationship when you’re older, b) how happy you will be when you’re older, c) how successful you will be when you’re older, d) how ‘attractive’ you are.

secondly, try to remember that receiving male attention is, in effect, useless and pointless. you must NEVER rely on romantic attention to build your own self-worth. that only leads to sadness. you have so many special things about you and ‘gets lots of boy attention’ is not worthy enough to be on that list of special things. just because one person does get boy attention does not mean that they are in any way better than you. if anything, it may just mean they are slightly more outgoing or are a little more comfortable talking to people they haven’t met before. that was the case for me, i think!

thirdly, consider what it is that you are actually jealous of. are you just jealous of boys looking at her? because if so, why? they just like her because she’s ‘conventionally attractive’? that’s not really any way to start a strong relationship, assuming that’s what you want (i mean maybe you just want to get with a load of guys, which is fine btw, but i don’t know you). would your life significantly improve if boys were looking at you like that? or do you want to find someone and have a genuine connection with them? i think the best relationships aren’t really founded on looks, in my opinion

ive rambled a bit here because i wasn’t really sure how to make you feel better but i hope this has helped somehow. don’t be jealous of your friend, she’s done nothing wrong, and she’s not better than you either, because receiving boy attention or ‘conventional attractiveness’ is no measure of how great a human being you are xxx

Okay, friends, I’ve finished Poldark (in less than 24 hours. No, I literally do not do anything with my life). And I now have many many (seriously, about 40) gifsets to reblog, the vast majority of which are Ross/Demelza. I seriously cannot remember the last time I fell for a couple this hard. They are perfection. I think what I love is that even though the circumstances of their relationship are quite fraught (he’s a member of the landed gentry, she’s his servant, they get married), at heart they are just two people who really like and respect each other a lot who build a life together and change each other for the better.

I also have to say that after watching so many kdramas where the hero remains obsessed with his first love long past the point of sanity (especially since said first love is frequently cruel, shallow, manipulative, etc.), I found the way that Poldark dealt with the first love trope really refreshing. Like, yes, Ross loved Elizabeth. And even towards late in the series it’s clear that he still has a special regard for her. But time passes and he moves the fuck on–and, here’s the great part, he moves on without the show ever needing to demonize Elizabeth. We start seeing her most unimpressive action (I get that she thought that Ross was dead, but marrying his cousin when he’d been presumed dead for max 2 years really isn’t cool), but she’s always obviously a decent person at heart. She’s always beautiful and kind and graceful–that never changes, and Ross never stops appreciating that. He might even still love her. But even if she didn’t start out that way, Demelza becomes the love of his life, the most important person to him, second to none, not even Elizabeth. It’s just so organic and lovely and the writing is so generous to all three characters. 

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how to be straight with her is so relatable for me it's insane. I've realized a few months ago that I'm in love with my best friend. she has a girlfriend at the moment and it kills me. but the thing is if she didn't have a girlfriend I still don't think anything would ever happen between us and it's just really sad for me to think about but thank you for your poetry. it's very interesting to read something I relate to.

often love is two parallel lines that will never cross the right way and it is painful and strange and heartbreaking to live through. but you will live through it. it will just take time. and probably lots of ice cream. be well my darling, and don’t be afraid of your love even though it hurts to feel. love is the best thing we do.


imagine walking around a new city with calum bc he invited you on tour with him while you were off work and you wanted some time together and away from the boys. so, he takes you out for lunch and then to explore and shop and a few fans have come up to you two but none of them have really asked to get a picture with you or even talked to you other than to ask to take the pic of them and calum which you would happily do bc these are his fans. one girl though, she comes up nervously and says “i love you guys. you’re really cute together.” and calum would smile bigger than he has in any picture from earlier and you’d smile at the girl and then at calum. “thank you,” you’d say still just smiling bc you can’t really put into words how much that means to the both of you. just imagine what that would mean to calum though bc he loves you and he’d be so happy to know that at least one of his fans is supportive of the girl he loves and he would really feel like you needed to hear it too since you were always upset to see the negative things a lot of his fans said.

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Do you have any headcanons or thoughts on dark!Annabeth especially after Tartarus? I love how much you talk about dark!Percy but let's show the queen some love! Tbh, I just want the two of them to be a romantic, dangerous couple and let their darker sides take over and be a chaotic neutral force that even gods low-key don't wanna fuck with. UGH. Percabeth. Dark Percabeth. I love them too much.

Well here are few dark Annabeth/Percabeth headcanons I have. (I guess they would count as an AU though since Annabeth didn’t really have dark moments in canon but oh well)

  • Where dark Percy is angry and heavily influenced by his emotions and powers, Annabeth is apathetic, cold, and calculating. Every action has a direct cause and reason. Tartarus made her an empty shell but she’s smarter than ever.
  • She starts hiding throwing knives and daggers along the inside of her clothing. Before her enemies even realize she has a weapon, the blade will be embed into their flesh. 
  • Where Percy drags out the enemies death to painful extremes, Annabeth is quick and efficient. If she wants you dead, she will not draw it out.
  • Annabeth starting to train non stop to hone her skills and to help cope with Tartarus’s trauma
  • Annabeth struggling to feel alive. She’s hollow and everything is numb to her and the only time she really experiences life is when she’s battling her enemies.

I think I’m just needing to add in a few details here and there, mostly around the eyes. I really like how the veining turned out. And let’s not talk about his lips. I really think that adding the green made the shade correct. God though, I would love to see how other people would blush this head. I mean certainly this is different than Taijo, who was a fire demon, and then the original gaunt staring ghost that is my Cain. There are at least two more that I will being doing that are planned with a third on the way. I will own the third one as well but I won’t get that one cast until I complete the body. I want my drow to be cast with bronze powder and I want him to look marbled. I had thought of using silver powder but I think the contrast of the dark skin that feels so cold and the warmth of the bronze powder will make him really dynamic. Crow is another one that’s going to happen but I know I’m doing his face up. And then the one with winged ears. art-iculated did you want me to blush yours or leave him blank? I should have asked…

Funny thing that happened yesterday.

So I was visiting an old friend of mine from high school who I haven’t seen or really talked to at all since September. She doesn’t know anything about my obsession with this god foresaken band. I really don’t talk about it with anyone in my real life except my parents. 

Anyways.. I was visiting her.  She is my age and has a 3 year old daughter, she’s married and basically adopted her husband’s two kids from his previous marriage. the two other kids are 12 (girl named Alex) and 13 (boy named daimon).  We were just sitting in her living room catching up and she was telling me how Alex was starting to go through the normal pre-teen shit and how she’s really into hard rock music lately. Then she goes “yeah but I mean she still loves like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Though not One Direction anymore. She’s over them. They’re not “cool” anymore apparently.”  

I just sat there and laughed because yeah… they really aren’t cool anymore for a 12 year old huh?


As most of you know, I am leaving for military camp on July 20th. I am very nervous about going, and to calm myself down I ended up creating a College AU for Haikyuu that i have become very much attached to. 

Due to my leave being right around the corner, I have decided not to write for it, but i have compiled all the HCs i made for the major characters (Ushiwaka’s team is not there as i am not caught up in the manga). 

If you could please just read over it and maybe make a drabble or two while i’m gone or something so i can cry over them when i come back, I would love that very much. (though u dont have to please dont stress i mean??? i just really like this au okay)

You can tag it with my url if you want me to see it, or send an ask (which i’ll look at when i return home in 20 weeks)

College AU 

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Please, please, please, please, please don't make Arthur gay. There's nothing wrong with it, but this is one of the very few ask blogs where Arthur is straight-well, not even straight anymore. All I ever see is guy on guy, and I never see the ladies getting any love. The one time I was given hope, Arthur went and slept with two men in a row. He's suppose to be really into women the biography implied, but I've yet to him go after any women beside settle hints towards Amy :(

[Ah, yeah. Don’t worry, he’s not gay, he’s bi. I’m sorry for all the gayness thing going on lately, haha. But I gotta admit, even though he’s bi, he’s still more attracted to women.

 I’m sorry, I just like imagining this guy being gay over my two favourite ask blogs okay bye]


Q: What’s it like to be two female forces in a male-dominated cast?

KATE: With great power comes great responsibility. Although, honestly, we’re kind of boyish if you look at the boys we’ve got.

HEIDI: We’re lucky that our cast is a really likable group. No duds.

KATE: Just a bunch of nuggets. We have to share a bathroom with them, though.

HEIDI: The St. James has a lot of really wonderful things…

KATE: …but there isn’t a girls’ bathroom. We need a Kickstarter: Bathroom for Bea!  Peehole for Portia!

“alright don’t judge me on this okay I just want to know what the mfw guys would do when mc is making them binge watch a dumb show because my new drug is my little pony and I just want to know (sorry if it’s kinda spam I just need to send this in before I forget) but specifically Saeki and Ren and Yamato *realizes how weird I am*”

Saeki would be (or at least pretend to be) super excited, snuggling close to you on the couch, and if you questioned why he was so close, he would laugh and say that it’s gonna be a lot of binge watching and you two might as well get comfortable.
He would do his best to sit through the bullshit because he loves you, and eventually he’ll start to accept his fate and just try to enjoy the show as it went on. When he did get really really bored of the material though, he would start to creep his hands on you (which you promptly smacked away with a laugh). At some point in the evening, he’d lose it completely and just call it a night (well more like call the show to a stop but start some other stuff).
“I think it’s time we give the TV a break and do something else, Honey~”

Ren would comply with your wishes without much against it, and sit down next to you on the couch with tea and fluffy blankets. At first, he seemed perfectly unresponsive to the trashy(?) show, and nodded occasionally when you made verbal commentary on the material. You can see him yawning often, and you feel really happy that he would still try to binge watch this stuff with you while being extremely tired from work.
Eventually, you would see Ren nodding more and more, even when you weren’t commenting, and you realize that he was falling asleep. His head falls on your shoulder, and you stifle your laughter. He was just so cute.

Yamato would question everything. Why are we watching this trash show? Why are we wasting our lives on this? What is going on? That’s not logical??? You’d sigh and tell him over and over that it’s just a show and he would finally shut up and just watch.
He starts really getting into it after a couple of episodes though, and starts asking more and more questions that make sense, such as who this character is or what they’re like normally. Yamato still criticizes the dumb parts of it, but you can tell he’s getting a good laugh out of it like you are. At the end of it all, he sighs and tells you that you have to treat him nicely to make up for the stupid stuff you put him through.
“This show is lowering my IQ. Why are we doing this?”

Yuta would be actually really excited, probably because he secretly like the stuff but didn’t want to seem like a child to you. The two of you happily settle in and watch it together, laughing at the inside jokes and enjoying the silly and immature atmosphere accompanying the TV show.
You get cookies and snacks and pop and the afternoon breezes by really quickly. Before you know it, it’s been like two seasons into the show, and Yuta is still laughing and energetic beside you.
As late afternoon rolls around, the changing of episodes become more automatic, and you get tired. Eventually you fall asleep against Yuta, snuggling close to him. He puts an arm around you and turns the volume down as he continues watching with a smile on his lips.
“Oh I love this show! You watch it too?!” 

Takao would agree to join you and say that he was curious as to what you wanted to show him. Being always interested in your hobbies and guilty pleasures, Takao sits with you through the episodes of TV shows, blowing through seasons of dumb cartoons and intensely sexual-murder-dragon things. He keeps a straight face throughout the series and seems really into the watching portion of the marathon.
Suddenly you ponder aloud something about the show, and Takao answers without thinking, revealing to you that he had actually watched most of this stuff before, and was just too uncomfortable talking about it to anyone.
“I don’t really… Sometimes. I watch an episode sometimes…”

Kunihiko would laugh at the request, but agree to it on the condition that he had to do a bit of work first. So the two of you ended up on the couch together, with the TV volume turned way down low, Kunihiko typing away on his laptop and you snuggled up against him, giggling. Soon, you saw him peeking over the top of his screen and giving the occasional huff of amusement at the silly show.  
He finally finishes up his work - the progress was slowed due to the distraction of the TV - and joins you to wholeheartedly watch the show you put on. He wraps you up in him and smiles, commenting here and there on the things going on, proving that he was paying attention to your interest in the show.
“Ah, isn’t he the guy who did that horrible act three episodes ago?”


Although Soryu’s Season 2 Twist of Fate had it’s sweet moments, it did seem a little repetitive to his Season 1 Main Story. All things considered, though, I really liked Twist of Fate. (Haha, let’s be real, I like ANYTHING that has the hubby in it!) 😄

Here were my thoughts to some memorable scenes:
#1 It’s absolutely adorable how little animals love Soryu! I really liked Baba’s name for the puppy - “Jasmine” - it’s one I’ve always liked. And even though Sor has to keep up his scary mobster image, he’s just so precious with her. ❤️
#2 Hehe, I like the way Soryu thinks. I only wished the MC took him up on his offer. On the other hand, it’s cute how she’s just happy being with him; I can understand that.
#3 Goddamnit Soryu, not again! The amount of miscommunication in the story seriously aggravated me. These two goofballs are too selfless for their own good. At this rate I wouldn’t care if the MC was the one proposing to Soryu! They need to get engaged quick so it gets through my thick, mobster boyfriend’s head that she is completely and solely devoted to him.
#4 I love how badass the MC has been since becoming a mobster’s girlfriend. I knew as soon as Soryu taught her the self-defense move on Baba, it’d appear later in the story. Go MC!


Characters: Castiel x Reader

Words: 643

Request from anon: “Can you do a cas x reader one shot where the reader is a doppelgänger and There were many versions of her throughout time and castiel knew each one and fell in love but they all died horribly so when the cas meets the reader who hunts with winchesters he is very protective of her and they don’t know why.. I hope that’s clear..😅 love your blog! ❤️❤️” 

I loved this request! I tried to make it longer, I really did, I just didn’t know how….I hope you like it though! It’s been a while since I’ve done Castiel, it was nice to do another one. :) Enjoy!

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care to tell us about your family?

Mashu: “I don’t know much about my folks to really give you a full detailed story. I lost them when I was seven and then I moved in with my grandpa. Kizu, Snake and Stone are my only real friends and I was loved my whole life…. Why though? They were killed by two low life thugs trying to rob them… They were cooperating too.. I.. I don’t understand why it happened, why did they have to die?..”

Kizuato: “It’s okay, ojou.. Let them out, it’s okay to cry…”

Mashu: “..Kizu…Why… just… Why!?”

Kizuato: “I don’t know, Mashu.. I honestly don’t know..”

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Hey, what r ur views on billdip? Personally I don't really like it. I mean that's just me. I don't hate anyone at all who likes it. I just want your opinion on it. Thanks.

*sweat nervously* Erm well, what is my opinion on billdip ? 

live for like billdip, its currently my otp for now… Im spending my days reading fanfictions and drawing fan arts ^^’ . Though Billdip is a dark side of the Gravity Falls fandom and i’m trapped in hell ever since I started shipping those two dorks. I mostly love it when Bill is human (shipping the triangle is weird) and Dipper is of course aged up (underage things disturb me a lot), I could spend days reading all the fluff and the cute stuff. (I like lots of other things with them but It’s just because im weird and I won’t tell you >:p *cough* smut *cough*) Platonic Billdip is a thing I enjoy a lot too ( bipolar-berry-crunch yes im thinking about you). 

I love Billdip, but only in fan works, like I can’t see them together in the show, like ew nope. 

There now you know please don’t judge me *runs away*