*INFJ and INTP are on their way to the mountains on an impromptu adventure for some well-deserved R&R*

INTP: “You can turn on whatever music you want.”

INFJ: “Okay! I don’t know if you’d like this…”

INFJ: *Plays hipster song*

INTP: “I love this song!”

INFJ: “Really?! This is this is kind of weird, but I can feel music most of the time, and this song makes me feel like I’m flying.”

INTP: “That’s not weird at all! I’m the same way! Except this one makes me feel like I’m drowning, but in a good way.”

INFJ: “What!? That’s amazing! I’ve never known anyone else like that! I just thought I was weird.”

So grandma, it’s been exactly a year since you passed away.. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, or think about the memories we’ve shared. And I really miss you, and I know that so many other people do too. You were truly a great person for the most part. Sure you had some flaws, but who doesn’t? I mis playing monopoly with you, and singing random songs. I miss those stupid jokes you’d make, and I miss your silliness. I miss how you’d stick up for me when someone didn’t like who I am, I miss how I could talk to you about random shit, and then we could change to a serious discussion and you would be okay with that. I just really wish you were still here… I don’t wanna be selfish, but I want you back. And I’m so sorry for everything I ever did that upset you, and I’m sorry I didn’t come see you as often as you wanted. I was having problems, and I couldn’t see past them. But oh how I wish I thought more about you and your health.


Okay, while I’m ranting about music, can I entreat everybody to listen to Big Mama Thornton’s version of “Hound Dog”?  It was her song originally, not Elvis’, but because of the way music copyright worked in the 50′s (in that it was almost nonexistent), she’s been all but forgotten by mainstream audiences.

By “mainstream,” though, I of course really mean “white;” that was really Elvis’ draw in the beginning.  He was recording black music, but he was just a white kid who danced funny, so he made it almost respectable.

(Seriously, also, early descriptions of Elvis’ dancing are hilarious.  They all basically boil down to “wtf are you doing, fucking nerd.”  He was a really shy awkward kid who didn’t really know what to do with himself on stage.)

BUT COPYRIGHT - this is interesting.  Early recordings were not protected at all by copyright, so as soon as one record company put out a song, their competitors would scramble to make their own version.  It’s called “covering” because the goal was to literally cover up the original.

But sometimes they at least tried to make it seem like they had a new song, and then you get things like Rufus Thomas’ “Bear Cat” which is, you guessed it, almost exactly the same song.  But about a cat.  It’s honestly kind of funny.




that girl was meaannnt  toooo flyyyy





Lovely King and Lionheart cover by George and Jane Ogilvie