I really feel like this image perfectly describes these two without even saying anything.

Bucky is the offense, Steve is the defense.

They’re both staring down Tony, Bucky has him in his sights ready to strike at a moments notice and Steve crouches with the shield ready to protect against anything Tony might throw at them. And this shot is so beautifully framed that you almost can’t tell that it’s two people. It just looks like a single being, posed, cautious, but ready to attack if needed.

And even later in this scene when Steve approaches Tony, shield still raised, and Bucky still standing on the steps with his gun raised it still seems like it’s just an arm being outstretched from the body.

And to think about how despite everything they’ve been through, being separated all this time, they still fall back into this familiar dynamic they always had - Steve and Bucky against the world. Inseparable.

okay so Bucky’s outfit progression is really interesting just hear me out.

In the newest trailer, we see Bucky hooked up to machines, lights shining down on him and his mask from tws on. 

It actually looks a lot like his winter soldier outfit, except the right arm is also sleeveless. Though this anomaly is probably because it’s easier to hook him up to whatever contraption that it with his arm bare. In this scene, it’s obvious Bucky is still the Winter Soldier. He’s passive, yet you can see the anger in his face. He’s in a constricting outfit and he’s trapped.

Later on during the same trailer, we see Bucky standing against a snowy mountain backdrop. 

Of course, we immediately think back to Bucky’s “death” scene in tfa. The important question here is: is this a memory? Is this a flashback? Is Bucky returning to the place he fell? Or, alternatively, will something happen here that will parallel to his fall? (The color of the mountains is pretty cool too, the blues and the blacks and even the slightly grey sky creating a very somber mood.)

It’s interesting that Bucky is, once again, in his Winter Solider outfit. Maybe while Bucky’s remembering, the contrast between who he became to who he was will be showed like this. In this scene he looks very reserved, but he’s standing strong. Yet it’s not clear if this is Bucky or the Winter Soldier; maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Eventually, we do see Bucky change his combat outfit.

This one looks much, much more comfortable. Less restricting. No straps. No belts. Nothing too form fitting. Just a vest with a zipper and a glove. 

I think this chance will come about when Bucky starts to find himself and get back his basic autonomy. He’s not the Winter Soldier anymore. He’s not going back to who he was then. Still, there are undeniable similarities between the two costumes. Gloves on both hands, all black clothes, metal arm exposed. It’s not his Winter Soldier outfit, but it’s not the stiff padded army uniform of his old days, either. It’s something new altogether. 

Lastly, we see Bucky in his civvies, which I think is just as important to note. They’re nothing like Sam and Steve’s tight-ass shirts, or Natasha’s stylish jackets, or even Steve’s hoodies. It’s warm and practical and looks really fuckin soft. He has at least three layers on here, maybe up to five. His hair is left down comfortable, and his backpack is clipped for practicality. 

Nothing here says dangerous. It does, however, say comfortable, and maybe even lost, maybe homeless. Bucky looks vulnerable. And sad.

I’m not really sure where I was going with this?? Just to recap, there are 3 distinct Bucky outfits so far: 1. TWS clothes, 2. Bucky’s new uniform, and 3, civvies. They help clue us in on Bucky’s mental and emotional state and also where the story is at in terms of plot line. (If it was up to me, Bucky would be in that warm jacket everyday, but I do appreciate his combat outfits just as much.)

Haru going for a run at that hotel almost seems like he’s getting a boner and doesn’t know what to do with it so he goes running until it goes away


Spoilers for 5.4

  • It was just a top quality bit of television wasn’t it? BBC and Heidi and everyone else that makes Call the Midwife just make everything so well and handle all the stories perfectly.
  • I like that there are more scenes with all the midwifes and Delia together, the one on the steps was really good before Trixie got all funny with Barbara. Again like I’ve said each time Delia’s really funny.
  • Patsy and Delia had a good wee bit there when Patsy got home from work, Delia looked so cute with her hair down and everything was lovely. It was clearly a perfect moment for a kiss mind you, but again classic Call the Midwife it’s pretty much lewd if a couple bloody brushes arms.
  • Everyone in our living room was going “Trixie no, stop it!” when we saw her with the baby cham, thank God Tom took it off her before she had any of it.
  • I’m really glad Trixie and Tom were talking and sorted things out between them. I’m not sure if everyone agrees with me but I think Tom and Barbara are great together.
  • Nurse Crane has suddenly become a fast favorite for me. She’s hilarious, mostly accidentally, and she gives quality advice, all of her scenes are the best.
  • You’d think there would be a limited amount of nursing related story-lines to keep everyone interested but apparently not. The Cunningham baby being left in the sluice with the windows wide open was grim. I’m usually not Sister Julienne’s number one fan but I actually really liked her this episode. I feel like she’s usually just there to calm everyone down and to be the voice of reason, also to represent the old way of thinking and to be proved wrong by one of the younger midwifes such as Trixie in 5.1. There’s nothing wrong with that, it was just nice to see her involved in a story-line completely.
  • I also really liked the Bible verse, I believe it’s Isaiah 43:1, that she said as the baby died. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the same one from 4.2 that Tom used at the baby April Bisset’s funeral, I can’t say I’m religious but I just love it.
  • One of my brothers and I thought the boy, Ian, was going to attempt suicide. Another thing I like about Call the Midwife is that they don’t just have characters kill themselves to get the point across that they’re in a horrible situation, they do it excellently without that. They did it in 4.3 with Tony Amos too.
  • Good to see the Turners having some good scenes, and two scenes with top banter from Tim. They haven’t really had anything since 5.1 so I’m very glad. Also I love Tim. Also Angela is cute.
  • I’ll finish with another top quote from Barbara, “Now, if you don’t mind, I really need to get on with these fuzzy felt apostles”. God I love her.

“I just love race to the edge so much. I don’t see anything wrong with it where I stand. There were amazing character moments for all of them, awesome action scenes, a pretty cool soundtrack, new and interesting plot lines, toothless being his awesome self and even some really sweet Hiccstrid moments. I don’t see any reasons to complain, & even if I could come up with something I don’t like about it I know it will be fixed. The episodes out now are awesome and I know the new ones will be more so.”

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Do you really think Cassie hates the show? I always see pics of her with the cast looking really happy, so I guess I assumed that she was completely on board.

she just does that for publicity I think, she constantly shades it on Twitter or in interviews. she’s likely really unhappy with the fact that they don’t let her have much say in things, the outfits they have izzy/emeraude wear and that they’re changing things a lot from the books and not including many scenes like the ten percent scene. she went to the set and praised the actors and all those pictures from that circulate, but then she says pretty much nothing about the show except that she hopes it does well with all of the changes they made and slut shames the actress who she literally complimented on her outfit like ??? you can tell if you pay close attention that she kind of low key doesn’t like

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sorry if u have answered this but what do u think about that coldplay hymn for the weekend video?

I thought it was okay, personally speaking (I’m not that educated on culture appropriation so I’m not the best person to ask this to…). The only part that really bothered me was where Beyonce played the Bollywood actress… Like they literally had Sonam Kapoor in the music video, an actual Bollywood actress… 

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Honest thoughts on PC music? More specifically as AG Cook and Sophie's production styles as a more feminine answer to the largely testosterone driven EDM scene?

This is funny, because I think of music as not gendered. Or as having both masculine and feminine traits at the same time.
I was talking to this female dubstep producer who wants to make bangerz with heavy distorted bass about that on SNAPCHAT the other day.

Honest #realtalk opinion on PC music.

It’s like eating a PBandJ sandwich, but like your mom bought a really fancy jelly with like sprinkles in it and it’s all neon.
Another metaphor is it tastes very much like eating wiggly french fries with green ketchup. It’s novelty and fun.

I believe the TESTRONE EDM SCENE is more of a societal thing. Encourage girls to produce music, encourage women to make sick dubstep wobbles and BROSTEP. Which is why I loved Grimes so much cuz she was a girl who was mixing and mastering and producing her own stuff. 

Girls can do anything just as good as boys… it’s mostly society telling them to box into roles. Like when people tell me I’m too this, or too that, I’m like fuck you I do what I want. 

I think that some of the scenes from Civil War trailers are scenes that Wanda showed them what COULD happen if they fight. She has the powers to do so.

For example: Bucky being in that machine, Rhodey being injured, and Steve “dying”.

I’m really hoping that’s the thing. I don’t need to cry in the theater.

What I really hope is that at the end, Bucky and Steve wake up from their dream with Tony on a couch inside Avengers Tower and they’re just like “Damn. Let’s NOT do this thing.” And Wanda single handedly saves the day.

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Hey! I have a question about prologues. I know they should generally be avoided, but I'm facing a small problem here. Bascially my prologue is just this: My main character leaves her workplace and gets killed on the way home. It's a very necessary part, but basically just two pages long and not really a chapter in itself. Chapter 1 starts with her waking up in Limbus and meeting Death. Should I keep it as a prologue or flesh it out a bit and put it as chapter 1? Thanks!

Well, bear in mind that a chapter can be any length, even just a few sentences or paragraphs. So, never feel like you have to add filler to a scene that needs to be in its own chapter. 

Prologues are really meant for scenes that take place outside of the main story’s timeline. So, if your story takes place from March to April in 1978, but there’s one scene that takes place in June of 1977, that would be a good candidate for a prologue.

In this case, I definitely think I’d make this scene the first chapter rather than a prologue. If you’re using the scene to establish who she is and what her life is like prior to dying, that’s more than reasonable for a first chapter, even if it’s very short. And, even though you never want to create filler, you might be able to extend the work scene to do a little character development. If you show her interacting with co-workers, maybe calling home to speak with a loved one, and making plans for the future, that will help your reader get invested in your character before the accident.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to do a lot of build up before the waking up moment, you might just start the story with her waking up, then have her recall the last thing she remembers prior to that–talking to co-workers, leaving work, driving home, then nothing. Either one could work well. :)

Have a question? I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to read my ask rules before submitting your question or it may not be answered. Thanks! :)

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I don't watch reaction videos, in general, but I would love to read your thoughts on the last episode of The 100, all of it, and in details about Clarke and Lexa :)

Fair enough, I don’t expect everyone to have 40 minutes to spare to watch me be an idiot! Hahaah.

For me it really felt like this episode returned to what became the norm in most of season 2. High intensity, high suspense, and riddled with emotion. There wasn’t a single point in the episode where I found myself waiting for the scene to be over, and I was surprised at how quickly the episode seemed to have flown by – always a good sign.


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I personally don't get why people would lose hope for Bellarke if C/exa gets a sex scene. Yeah, it's suck, but it really doesn't mean anything. People are allowed to have sex with more than one person. People are in serious relationships then break up. People can love more than one person. I just don't see how Clarke having sex with Lexa affects Bellarke's chances of becoming canon at all, and it just doesn't worry me.

No, it doesn’t worry me, either. I’m more just trying to figure out when ad how a sex scene would fit into the next several episodes when it looks like everyone is headed to war…

I feel like something needs to be said about this scene.
First of all: that facial expressions. When Rey is speaking, Finn just looks confused - like, “Really? I mean I know you must have been on Jakku for a while, but yeah there’s a lot of green”. But then, look at Han. That isn’t confusion; it’s either concern or a yearning to tell her something. I have a theory for both of these possibilities.

(1) Concern. (This theory leans heavily upon Rey being a Skywalker, so bear with me) In a post I recently reblogged (search my blog under the tag ‘reference’) they stated their thoughts on Rey’s backstory. In this post, they mentioned Rey being a student of Luke’s, and when the attack lead by Kylo left her crying over her mothers body…he could neither order the knights to land the finishing blow or do it himself. Their solution, they mentioned, was leaving Rey on Jakku with her memories erased/repressed. Now - back to Han’s concerning look. I think he looks this way because he is genuinely worried for his nieces memories and how they may never resurface, and how he misses her, and feels for Luke believing his daughter to be dead (also in this post).

(2) The yearning. Based on the Rey Skywalker theory again (but maybe not as heavily), he could be debating on whether to tell her where she really cane from in the universe and how the desert planet of Jakku was never supposed to be her home.

(Bonus) It could also be Han deciding whether he has met Rey before. As we know, Rey was left on Jakku when she was about 5 years old - so she has grown up a lot. No longer the small child any of her family would remember her to be. Now, assuming Han was under the same impression as Luke and he assumes Rey was killed in the attack, he could be coming to the conclusion that Rey may not have died then.

I’m really not good at reading facial expressions, and I don’t tend to draw my own conclusions from minor details very often, but I thought this may be worth writing.

These are just my thoughts, though. Who knows what the truth will be?

the other day after i met nat i was walking through town n like this group of scene emo ppl walked past me n one of the guys shouted ‘mcr saved me life’ at me (bc i was wearing my hoodie) but like i couldnt tell if he was mocking me bc he said in a really weird way idk how to describe it tbh, it didnt bother me or anything but like im just curious as to how mcr fans are perceived?? especially by other ‘emo’ ppl who arent necessarily into mcr

before the season 3 premiere, i rewatched the first two seasons of rwby with my friends, and we came up with and talked about some theories. those theories made me fall in love with raven branwen, a character i was neutral about previously.

i came up with headcanons, analyzed her actions and mentions of her, theorized about her relationship with her team and yang/ruby, and i loved the character i came up with.

season 3 came. qrow talks about raven, and most of my interpretation is blown apart. she is not the protector i thought she was. she might even be working with Team Bad.

was i upset? yes, i really liked the person i thought she would be.

was i mad at the writers? no. because i based all of my interpretation of her on one scene and a few off handed mentions of her. i don’t get to cry “OUT OF CHARACTER!” because i was wrong. 

so shut up about adam being out of character just because your interpretation was wrong.