Oh hey, I’m noticed something interesting about the new DR3 episode again and no one’s talked about it! Guess I’m gonna have to!

Okay, so when Naegi’s talking about how he found the Remnants of Despair, it cuts to a scene where he finds Izuru standing alone in a ruined classroom, and at one point it cuts to a shot of a small vase of flowers. It’s just atmosphere you say? Nope, not even close.

You see, it’s customary in Japanese schools to place flowers on someone’s desk when they die. Now granted, you can’t really tell what the classroom looks like or where this desk is, but there’s no way that shot exists just for the hell of it. The thing is, the flowers look relatively fresh. But the only person who bothered to go there was Izuru. Meaning he was the one who left them there. But who on earth would he leave flowers for?


It’s already confirmed that she was on the Student Council, meaning that she had to have been involved in the first killing game with Izuru. And here’s the thing, only two people survived that killing and spoilers: Nanami isn’t one of them. And it’s confirmed that this killing game is what threw Izuru into despair. So I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, that Izuru feels regret over what happened to Nanami. Maybe he killed her and hates himself for doing so, or maybe someone else killed her and he blames himself for not being able to save her. Maybe Hinata’s feelings, platonic or otherwise, survived the surgery and remained in Izuru, or maybe Nanami interacted with Izuru at one point and we just haven’t seen it yet. But one thing is clear, he left those flowers for her. And my heart is gonna break when we get to that scene.

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In your cosplay your boobs seems pretty nice, i don't think anyone would be disappointed tbh

Nice is one thing but those things are MASSIVE… sometimes. lol

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All a Disguise

Request: Can I have an imagine where reader and Tony pretend they hate each other and are always fighting but they actually love each other, then they get in a really bad fight and reader runs away and Tony goes after her ‘cos he can’t live without her?

Note: I was picked as a guest writer for this amazing blog, so this is my first one on here! Thanks to anyone who likes it, and I do not mind constructive criticism to make my writing better!

Word Count: 1,167


You sat in the movie room, re-watching Greys Anatomy. You’ve always been a fan of the show, and when the last season ended, you needed to watch it again.

Just as a surgery scene started, you heard a voice. “How do you watch that shit?” Tony Stark. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Iron Man, major hottie. You had a crush on the man, but you hid it, because he hated you so much. If you told him, he would laugh at you, and make fun of you as well.

“It’s interesting.” You defend the show. “Interesting, my ass. All she does-” Tony points at Meredith, “- is drool over him-” He points to Derek, “-and do surgeries that mostly fail.”

“Actually, most of her surgeries succeed.” You snap. He sighs.“Any ways, I came in here to tell you there’s a mission. Me, you, Steve, and Sam. Hydra base has important info in western Greenland. Everyone else has two other missions doing the same thing, except they are in Norway and Japan. Get ready.”

You sigh, and turn off the TV. You saunter off to your bedroom, and open up your wardrobe, looking for your suit. After a while, you finally found it.

It was a simple dark red suit, that was loose and kept you warm. The reason it was dark red was because you could blood bend, ever since Hydra tested you. It came in handy, but scared some people. Like, really scared them. Screaming head off and going unconscious scared.

You quickly put the suit on, and went to the Quinjet, where everyone else was waiting.

“Finally.” Tony says, his voice oozing with sarcasm. “The princess awakens from her royal slumber.”

“Shut up.” You reply.

You all pile onto the Quinjet, and Tony drives. The ride there is around five hours, so you brought entertainment. You played cards with Sam and Steve. Since Steve only knew the oldies, you played old maid. Sam had lost six times, you had lost three, and Steve was failing with a whopping fourteen losses. You and Sam were taunting him when Tony called out “We’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

Steve stands up. “Let’s go over positions. Sam, you’ll bring Y/N down with you, and knock out the guards, along with Tony. Y/N, you’ll sneak inside and collect the information. I’ll back you up.” Everyone nods when their name is stated.

When you are as close to the hideout without bring noticed, Tony opens the door. It wasn’t that bad, blizzard wise, but it was freezing in your terms.

Sam gripped you tight as he flew down. You weren’t a big fan of heights, but you kept your mouth shut.

When you were finally down on the ground, Sam let you go. “See you later. Have fun picking up those files.”

You sneaked around the building, until you saw two men leave through an exit. You leaped forwards, and as quick as a mouse, you caused the guys to fall to their knees with pain, and slipped inside the base.


The ride back to the Avengers Tower was silent. Not even Tony spoke, which was queer. As soon as you got back, you ran to your bedroom, ignoring Steve’s calls.

You lay on your bed, and the tears started streaming. You hastily wiped them away. You didn’t mean to do it, but…

Your thoughts were cut off by FRIDAY’s calm voice. “Tony Stark is requesting to come in.”

“Tell him to fuck off, and don’t let him in.” You whisper. Tony comes in anyways. “How’d you get in?” You ask him. “I can get FRIDAY to do what I want.”

You both sat in silence, before Tony started yelling. ‘Why’d you kill him, huh? He had lots of information! I had him!”

“No, you didn’t!” You screamed back. “One more second, and we’d be bringing back your dead body instead of those files.”

“I just needed to get a shot in.” 

“You were firing when I saved you!”

“Maybe you should have done your job and controlled yourself!”

“Do you know what?” You whisper quietly. “What, Y/N, what is it?” Tony snapped back.

“I’ve been controlling myself since the day I was taken from my bed when I was seven years old. It’s so hard, everyday, to not make you feel pain, because you’re such an asshole to me. So, yes, I have been controlling myself, but you’re not exactly helping.” 

And with that, you press a button Tony had installed for April Fool’s. It was a slide that ejected you outside. The ground falls underneath you, and you slide down to the rainy New York night. 

You began walking away from the bright Avengers Tower. You hoped that someone wouldn’t come after you, but fate and karma teamed up to become a bitch to you.

You felt a hand grab your arm, and it wrenched you to face the other way. You turned around to see, just your luck, Tony.

“Let. Me. Go.” You say through gritted teeth.

“No. I won’t let you leave, Y/N.” Those were the last words you thought Tony Stark, the person who hated you the most, would say to you.

“Tony, I can’t do it anymore.” Tears started streaming down your face, but the rain made it hard for Tony to notice.

“Can’t do what?”

“Everything. I can’t keep this up. Pretending to hate you, when in reality I really love you. When that man was about to blast your suit out of the sky, I just felt that I needed to protect you. ever since we met in that shawarma shop, how Natasha introduced me to the team, I had the most massive crush on you. But you don’t feel the same. You’ll never feel the same.”

You cast your eyes downward, so you couldn’t see Tony’s smug face. In reality, Tony was shocked.

“Y/N.” He said softly, the rain droplets in his hair. “I do care about you. I do love you. I was scared today that you were going to be killed. That’s why I’m so mad at you, that’s why I flipped out. Just like you said, I fell in love as soon as I saw you.”

You were about to say that was impossible, but Tony continued talking. “I came after you because I love you, and I cannot live without you. Even with your obsession with horrible dramas, annoying habit of leaving the pantry doors open, and terrible singing, I can’t live without you. You’re my one and only.”

At that moment, you weren’t exactly what had driven you to do what you did. It was instincts, perhaps. 

You leaned forward, and kissed him. Lightly, but long enough to be forever locked in both of your memories. Rain fell over the both of you, but at that moment, it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered, except for feeling Tony’s lips on yours.

When you pulled away, Tony gave you a dazed look. “Wow. Didn’t know you could kiss that good.”

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(Another amazing submission, please check them out @madwafandoms , I am obsessed and this was just great. Hopefully, in the future they’ll want to write some more of our billion requests :D - Ro)

Okay here’s the thing – I just want to preface this by saying, I’m 100% not trying to shut anyone up or tell anyone how to feel, I just wanted to offer up some info. I realize there are people upset about how the panel went down in regards to the whole wedding dress fiasco. I, for one, never thought the framing of that scene was intentional. And here’s why: I was there when they filmed it.

It really wasn’t that difficult of a scene to shoot – it took like half an hour, maybe? Give or take a few min? It was super easy, they only did like 3 (maybe 4) takes, there was no careful placement or the director and/or director of photography coming out to make sure everything was set just so. Usually, when they block a scene and they want the actors to stand in a very specific place so the shot comes out the way they want it to, they put tape down on the ground so the actors know where their places are. Like the scene from the elevator during Firebird when Hook and Emma first get in it to go down, there was tape there because I’m guessing they wanted them framed specifically in the center of the elevator. 

There was no tape on the ground for the kiss scene in the finale. They also filmed a version that was more inside of the patio and not so much under the arch as well. If they wanted the dress between them, there would be no reason to do that. They also filmed a version of the kiss from the other side facing Granny’s as well, so they probably just like how it came out from the angle that made it into the episode. The archway of Granny’s is literally in direct line of site to that dress shop so the dress would have been between them no matter what.

Just some helpful info – I don’t think any of what happened in the panel was rehearsed but, I’m also not saying I don’t think they’re going to get married. I actually, definitely think that’s coming next season or the season after, if there is a season 7. I just think it’s being read into a little much – I really like Adam & Eddy as people and it pains me when I see people calling them idiots and stuff over stuff like this so, just throwing this info out there. Do with it what you will!

Ugh, OMG, fuck Henry in that scene.  “You’re just like Regina because you lied to me this one time about something that caused you lifelong trauma!”  

Stupid kid doesn’t know shit.  I really hated him in this little string of episodes where he’s shitting on Emma because he thinks Person is some hero, despite Emma telling him otherwise.  Like, kid, listen to your mom.  You can be upset that she didn’t tell you the truth, but don’t be an asshole about it.  Henry worked so hard to get close to her and then he pushes her away in favor of his deadbeat dad?  Makes perfect sense -_-

I think one of the moments in Star Trek Beyond that made me smile the biggest was during the climax when shit is really hitting the fan and they’re trying to think of a way out of their galaxy-ending scrape, and the camera just swings around the bridge as they rapid-fire nonsense ideas at each other in such a way that makes it sound like they’re all brilliant geniuses. It was a 100% genuine TECHNOBABBLE SCENE, and it still managed to include The Beastie Boys and massive explosions and things that are exciting. That’s how you do Star Trek in 2016.

The 5 Best Dolenzmith episodes of The Monkees

- as requested by Anon

This is honestly really really hard!! It doesn’t help that it’s been so long since I sat down to properly watch The Monkees, so I’m probably missing loads of little moments that occur throughout loads of episodes. Mike and Micky getting super close is a really common occurance, which is why it’s hard to sort of whittle them down. Like there are some episodes that are littered with Dolenzmith moments, and other’s that’ll just have one or two really big Dolenzmith scenes.

This is more going by moments, as opposed to full-episodes, if that makes sense. Because I’m having to base it off memory, but I’m hoping these will sort of cover Mike and Micky’s relationship quite well.

In no particular order….

1. The Chaperone

This episode features probably the most iconic Dolenzmith moment, which is their near-“kiss”. Like under no circumstances would two people ever need to be that close unless they were about to bump uglies, you dig?

Originally posted by pippielongstocking

But that isn’t the only moment. The moment when Micky first reveals himself as Mrs Arcadian, Mike certainly looks more shocked than anyone else… shocked because he LOVEs IT

2. Hillbilly Honeymoon

This episode has a few seriously cute M&M moments.

Look at them getting ridiculously close here

And then there’s this whole sequence where they’re basically a man (Mike) and wife (Micky) with a (pig) baby


3. Alias Micky Dolenz

This is an often forgotten Dolenzmithy ep, mainly for the whole beginning sequence. Mike man-handles Micky a fair bit at the start of this episode when he’s trying to get Mick to report his “attack”.

And then there’s the bit in the station where they’re super-close (duh), lots of touching, and the moment when Mike just stares at Micky while Mick describes himself as “handsome”

And then when they recoil in shock and basically hold hands

And then there’s Mike shaking his head when the detective guy suggests Micky impersonates Babyface, telling Micky it’s a bad idea and basically wanting to protect him. And then after that when Mike just randomly decides to pet Micky’s face?????????

There are waaaaay too many examples of M&M being touchy-feely with each other, and it certainly seems like Mike especially can’t keep his hands off Mickles. I don’t blame him because WHAT A CUTIE.

4. Monstrous Monkee Mash

First up you have the moment where Micky freaks the-fuck-out when he thinks that that book wants him to be a vampire, and Mike just stays perfectly calm and explains to Mick that that’s not the case; “it’s not you, it’s everbody.” I like to think this is how they roll: Micky freaks out and Mike remains completely calm and unfazed by Micky’s moment of madness and quietly and calmly reassures him until Micky manages to calm down.

But here they are being rather close while reading the book

Then there’s the bit where they’re left just the two of them and Micky is really scared

I mean are these two even real??????

Here’s them looking like they’re about to make out again

Can they not for like 5 seconds???

Also is it just me who LOVES the way Mike calls Micky’s name? Like there are a few episodes where he calls “Miiick, Miiiick” and I just…I fucking love it bYE

Oh and here’s a bonus pic of Mike touching Micky while Micky appears to be holding his crotch?????

ALSO. Although this scene didn’t make the episode, the “Save the Texas Prairie Chicken” outtake from this ep (that appeared at the end of Monkees on the Wheel) is probably my most favourite Micky and Mike moment;

gifs courtesy of heycarrieanne <3

These two just crack each other up the moment they look at each other and it is the cutest and funniest thing in the world ever, it makes my heart so happy whenever I watch it

5. ???????

Honestly, I’m stuck with the last one, purely because I’m torn between several episodes! So instead I’m going to just sort of do a little compilation of some great Dolenzmith moments…

Son of a Gypsy

This is a prime example how well these two work together and bounce off of each other - and their chemistry is just undeniable, and some of the greatest highlights of The Monkees is when Micky and Mike work together like this! And again…not only is it funny and cute and charming, but they’re SUPER TOUCHY FEELY and once again decide to hold hands. Blessss.

The Case of the Missing Monkee

If this doesn’t prove that Mike can’t keep his hands off Micky, I don’t know what does. He does give Davy a helping hand up the ladder too, but not by grabbing Davy’s arse?! If you watch this scene closely it looks like Mike hesitates for a milisecond before thinking “bugger it” and then just copping a major feel of Micky’s backside. Again, I ain’t judging. Micky has a good bum.

Monkees on the Wheel

To be fair, both Peter and Davy are touching Micky here, comforting him as he’s upset that he doesn’t have “magic fingers”. Mike, however, is the only one who pets Micky’s head/face.

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Because this is normal behaviour, isn’t it?????

(gif by alternate-title)

Micky is doing his werewolf impression (as you do), and Mike is not only completely unfazed by it, but he salts his hand so Micky can eat it ???????? And he doesn’t even care, as if this is an every day occurance????!! He almost looks happy to see that Micky is tucking into his hand????!!!!!

Also BONUS for this moment, which I seriously don’t think was scripted because of Mike’s genuine look of WTF/concern

(gif also by alternate-title)

I’m triggering my memory/getting inspiration from coolcherrycream’s website (where most of these screen shots in this post come from!), clicking on random episodes to see all the pictures and honestly…pretty much every ep I click on has at least one scene where Micky and Mike get really really close. So I’m sort of spoilt for choice really!! Like I said, I haven’t sat down and watched many episodes of The Monkees in so long, so honestly my memory is pretty scetchy.

Monkees in the Ring

This is quite a brief scene, but it’s another example of M&M putting their heads together and working as their own little team - all the while getting freakishly close (#STANDARD). There’s also the perfect moment of them trying to climb into the boxing ring!

The Monkees Paw

This whole scene is another favourite of mine, as even though they’re playing other characters here (sort of?!) they’re still bouncing off each other and just generally being hilarious and weird <333

Honestly, I could go on and on and on, so I think I need to wrap this up now! Last year I did plan on documenting every single Dolenzmithy moment from the show, when I started my episode reviews, but that was actually so so hard because there was literally just SO MANY.

But anyway, feel free to browse my #dolenzmith tag on my blog because I’ve written extensively about these two before!

Green Arrows and Silver Screens

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Small time actress Felicity Smoak is trying to make it big in Hollywood. With a chance to act against some of the biggest names, new and old, in the industry will she get all she dreamed of? Or will the leading actor Oliver Queen have more of an influence than she ever intended? From filming to promotion, what will life in the spot light really be like? Hollywood Actors AU

Authors Note: As always thank you all for the support, I don’t even know what this chapter is, it wasn’t part of the plan it just happened so I hope you enjoy it :P…

Chapter 8: Yes, Nurse.

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Idk how i just now thought of this but like imagine mcree being really attached to toy story because of woody and no matter which movie he watches he just cries and its a guarantee that itll be every time

he always cries at a different part. like there’s not one scene that makes him tear up in each movie. sometimes he just starts sobbing at the very beginning 

Xenoblade’s twists and turns

I know there have been a lot of these messages lately, but I feel the need to stress this: even if you decide to watch nothing else of the original game, I recommend watching the game’s cutscenes from 131 onward to get the general gist of the story here (it’s definitely a big shame to skip the first part but)

This part of the game has some fantastic scenes that I don’t want to cover here because I feel like they’ve already been covered EXTREMELY well by the game itself. So yeah the comics are going to cover bits and pieces throughout these story events, but the large story events themselves I’m leaving to the game - they’re just that good that I REALLY want people to see them from the original (partly because I don’t think I can add much more to them)

Things like Zanza, Meyneth, and Telethia business was all covered to a T in the game, and I truly think that those aspects of the story should be left to the game.


  • CAN WE TALK ABOUT BONES AND SPOCK THOUGH? that moment when spock volunteers bones up for taking over a bee ship and he just loses it. SHUT UP BONES YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HIM
  • JAYLAH IS LEGIT MY BABE. ngl from the trailers, i wasn’t really liking her that much and i thought she would be some sort of throwaway female romantic interest character or whatever BUT BOY AM I ASHAMED OF THINKING THAT. SHE WAS A BEAST AND A++++ FOR NOT FORCING HER INTO A ROMANCE WITH ANYONE SERIOUSLY
  • i loved that music bit okay legit it was so loud and i loved it okay AND WAS I IMAGINING THINGS OR WERE THEY TOTALLY ROCKING OUT TO IT IN THE SHIP?
  • AND HOW COULD WE FORGET THOSE EYEBROW RAISES? i see you, spock and sulu
  • AND EVERYONE LOVES SULU OKAY. WHEN KRALL WAS BORDERLINE KILLING HIM I WAS FREAKING OUT. and then syl gives up the artifact to save him like? i didn’t know everyone loved sulu that much dang
  • and let’s not forget sulu had family at yorktown like he was so subtle but you could see how worried he was when they were trying to stop the bee swarm from ripping apart the base
  • literally the damage that was done to the enterprise by that swarm though…gosh that was so extra omg literally it was DESTROYED AND RIPPED APART AND SET ON FIRE AND BLASTED AND IT EXPLODED AND WHY
  • honestly though that bee swarm was straight up savage? in the beginning when they were legit ripping the enterprise to shreds people were literally being sucked into space and dying; it was so freaking violent wth
  • i could literally feel the panic as people were falling into space, the alarm was blaring, the red lights were flashing, dead people were being littered everywhere…like i was thinking if i were kirk i would have gone batsh*t insane by now like…and he was freaking out, of course, but he tried to keep his cool and he kept thinking of ways to combat the current situation he was in
  • and that shows just how much kirk has changed throughout the years as a captain and that was the main theme of the movie and i loved it! over the years, life as a captain sorta became monotonous and robotic — kirk isn’t even properly sure /why/ he’s doing this anymore. yes, he has a responsibility, but he joined starfleet on a dare. he’s not even sure his heart is in the right place for this position. and throughout the movie, he’s reminded of how much this lifestyle means to him. how much the people, the experiences, and the relationships mean to him. starfleet changed him from some arrogant prick to an extremely loyal and resilient captain (who still has some of that ego l o l). him being a captain has become so much bigger than him. it’s about his crew. he is nothing without his crew. and he depends on them, and they depend on him.
  • krall became disillusioned. the loss of his crew ripped him apart. he was a captain, and he understood how to manipulate kirk at the beginning, by making kalara tell him some story about losing her crew and trying to save them. kirk immediately lowers his gun when she says this. that was how much that story resonated with him
  • i loved montgomery scotty’s (lol) and jaylah’s dynamic. they really clicked? and he was pretty much the only one who really wanted to listen to what she had to say and actually understand her. idk? like i really appreciated how he said he didn’t like listening to music but he p much respected how she enjoyed it.
  • gahhh i’m just really glad she’s with starfleet now!!!!!!
  • p.s. the soundtrack will continue to slay me. gosh darn it that THEME THOUGH GAHHHH SO MANY VARIATIONS OF THE SAME THEME YET I LOVE P MUCH ALL OF THEM. LET’S GO SAVE THE UNIVERSE
also: rest in peace, leonard nimoy and anton yelchin

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In Riley's "movie" all the guys are wearing blue and all the girls are wearing red ( except Maya and josh) does that mean anything ? Or am I just overthinking

First of all I don’t think you should ever assuming you are “overthinking” on this show. Or really any show, to be honest, because expanding your critical thinking skills in any context I think is healthy for the mind :)

Anyway, the blue could be associated with the ongoing allusion of Lucas’ as Superman, and blue is the “color” that I would say is meant to represent him, much like purple is to Riley. That said, I also noticed that it’s not just in Riley’s movie, but in reality as well, that Riley has been wearing a crazy amount of red. Literally in every scene lately. And I noticed that with no agenda, because at this point I’m not exactly sure what that means.

But good eye!
If you come up with a theory, let me know!

I think that our universe is really one of many
With many parallel me’s stretching to infinity
Doing activities similarly to me
Yet, at the same time, done slightly differently
And seemingly, right now,they could be
thinking this same thought as me-
Well, a similar thought but not the same thought exactly

- I am a Thoughtful Guy, Rhett and Link

Finished this drawing that I started a good while ago!

This scene always struck me as interesting, it looks really cool and it works incredibly well, so I just HAD to draw it bc it looked super neat and fun! c:

I worked on this on and off since I started it and I think it came out pretty well, I hope you like it too! uvu/

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The pevensie's + Caspian reactions to the new Wonder Woman trailer???

That trailer though omg yes


  • he loves her
  • literally dream girl af
  • Peter watches the trailer twice a day and swoons just as much as the first time he saw it
  • the level of excitement is ridiculous and he will not shut up
  • he admires the fighting scenes
  • good graphics and fighting are really important to him in a movie


  • she loves the scene where the archer jumps over the rock
  • Su watches that scene over and over
  • also is a huge Chris Pine fangirl
  • but refuses to admit it to anyone other than Lucy
  • total nerd for good graphics like Peter


  • he busts out laughing every time at the last clip of the secretary
  • screams “YOU GO GIRL!” when Diana is in the trenches
  • pauses the trailer to thoroughly inspect her shield
  • Edmund lives for when she says “what I do is not up to you”
  • he just really enjoys the banter


  • the clothes!!
  • and the scene in front of the cafe has her day dreaming of a man like Chris
  • she shares Susan’s love for the actor
  • sometimes they stay up late and talk about how they’re going to marry him
  • Lucy really does love how powerful Wonder Woman looks though
  • and she’s decided on her next Halloween costume


  • gives Peter a run for his money when it comes to how much he loves her
  • he hasn’t seen a woman that beautiful since he met Susan
  • and the fact she can fight makes him admire her even more
  • talks about the battle scene with Edmund
  • the two get technical and debate about certain parts
  • Zeus as a father-in-law? Caspian’s into it.
International Affairs

Jacob Frye x Reader

#17. Are you really taking his side against me?

Originally posted by mynamelessdream

“Are you really taking his side against me?” Jacob hissed as he shoved one of Evie’s notebooks off a desk. Anger tinted with a mix of hurt could be seen in his hazel eyes. His jaw was tense but ready to unhinge like a snake as he carefully watched the young woman.

She straightened her back, pushing her assassins hood back so that he could see the full extent of her disbelief strewn across her face. “I’m not taking anyone’s side here, Jacob. But there is no justifiable reason for you to strike Pierre across the jaw. The poor man just arrived in London a week ago and you’re already starting brawls with the Paris Brotherhood.”

The male paced back and forth in the confines of his private quarters, the swaying of the train doing nothing to take his mind off what had just transpired. “What else do you expect me to do when some French prick decides to come onto my fiancee?” His voice raised in anger as if the the answer was obvious. 

Her eyes followed his fists as they furled and unfurled at his side. When he noticed her observation, he stopped in his movements and made eye contact, urging her to continue. “Pierre was not trying to seduce me.”

“He had his lips on your cheek!”

“He’s just… French!” she rebutted, less sure of her response once it left her lips.

Jacob scoffed. 

“Besides, you’re one to talk.”

Jacob huffed, making a sharp turn to face her. His top hat flew off during the action but he hadn’t bothered to even glance at it. She supposed it was his way of saying he meant business. “Excuse me?”

“Every day, those female initiates just hang over you. Oh Jacob, how do you use the hidden blade? Oh Jacob, I love watching you flex your arms. Oh Jacob, hold me closer while I swoon.” She crossed her arms over her chest, brows furrowing in anger. “Jacob, we both know how you love to have your ego stroked but pretending to be oblivious? Come on, we both know you better than that.”

“I’m not pretending!” His fiancee arched a brow. “Evie left with Greenie for India, and someone needs to rebuild the London Brotherhood now that Starrick is gone. We have to ensure that the templars don’t regain footing and that is a job bigger than just the two of us to handle. You can’t expect me to just leave those women alone. They need to be trained.”

“I understand that Jacob!” she bit out. Her eyes bounced from the spare top hats thrown across the floor to the maps of boroughs pinned the corkboard. Really, they did a fine job at staring at everything but Jacob. “But how hard is it to say, ‘hey, ladies, I’m about to be a married man and I’m not comfortable with how intimate you’re being.’?

“I can’t believe you even let them call you Jacob. It took me a year before I could stop calling you Mr.Frye or Boss.”

“That was your choice. I was more than fine with you calling me Jacob. You’re blowing this out of proportion!”

“Jacob, we’re supposed to be married in a month! I know you’re handsome, Jacob. And I know, you know, you’re handsome. You’re used to the female and… occasional male attention. It wouldn’t be unusual for them to make a move on you but I want to trust that you will push them away because you love me. And I love you, Jacob. So even if Pierre had intended to court me-”

“He was!”

“Damn it, Jacob!” She slammed her hands onto a nearby desk. A quiet stillness overcame the train. Only the steady sound of the wheels on the track could be heard. “If that’s all you got from what I said.” She took in a shuddering breath. “I can’t keep doing this… feeling this way.” 

In that moment, Jacob could have sworn his heart stopped. Anger and jealousy ebbing away. 

“It’s extremely taxing. I think I need some time.”

His breath hitched. He took a step forward. “To do what?”

“To figure this out. Whatever this is. Whatever this will be. If this will be anything.”

This time, there was no hesitation. In two long strides Jacob had his arms wrapped around her back, pulling her as close to his chest as he could. He had messed up. Gone too far this time. And the fear of potentially losing her… It was getting harder to breathe. 

She didn’t return the gesture

A sad numbness seeping into her voice. “Please don’t touch me, Jacob.”

He squeezed even tighter. “No. Not when there’s a very real chance that if you leave, I’ll never see you again.”

“Jacob, please let me go. There’s just so much going on. Our thoughts are too clouded by emotions right now to see clearly. I don’t know what’s going to happen to our relationship. Or,” They took a deep collected breath together. “if there will still be a relationship after this but if you ask me to make a decision now, I promise it won’t be the answer you want.”

I honestly don’t know where to start with this but I’m gonna give my best review on this episode because it’s been a mess
• OK first of all brostavo can go fucking choke I don’t know who she is is she new?
• I miss Jake Fitzgerald📢📢📢📢📢
• Gustavo can choke for putting is crusty ass lips on Brooke
• yaaaas @ haley dyin
• Quinn Maddox can choke
• tag yourself im piper’s rotting body
• I miss Jake Fitzgerald 📢📢📢📢
• Jake just died like a week or two ago and Brooke is really gonna try to jump on stavo’s dick?
• the zoah sex scene was so fuckin funny • brostavo can choke idk her
• Did i mention i miss my beautiful poc son jacob fitzgerald 📢📢📢

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Lol I am so glad im not the only one who enjoyed kung fu panda, i honestly wasnt expecting much from the series but goodness. Im a huge animation nerd and I cried in 3 because the scenes were just so pretty

3 was beautiful. i feel like each entry tried to outdo the last in terms of animation, and while the step-up might not have been immediately noticeable with the addition of fireworks in 2, 3 really outdid my expectations with the beautiful hand-brush style montage sequences and the beautiful visualization of chi. the soundtrack was also great, and kai’s theme still works its way into my head sometimes.

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I know it would basically be a repeat but I wouldn't mind seeing Josh in hospital again. Just because he is older and has all those different relationships such as Maya and Riley. I think Josh being in hospital would be a good arc for some more Maya/Shawn comfort scenes. It would also be good for a nice Matthews reunion. A lesson could be slipped in as well. Maybe he ends up in hospital for drink-driving or any type of reckless behaviour.

honestly that sounds really interesting but I would prefer if it was like Josh wasn’t doing anything but like was hit by someone texting and you could have a texting and driving storyline

So, I saw The Killing Joke in theaters last night and I thouroughly enjoyed it. It’s probably my favorite animated DC movie so far. Yeah, the Batman/Batgirl sex scene was kind of weird but that was the whole point of it. I really don’t think that Batman just used her for sex as some people have said. She initiated it, they both acted impulsively and then it was awkward for both of them and neither one of them knew how to get past it and that combined with Babs “seeing the abyss” made her decide that she could no longer be Batgirl. Also, at least in this movie, they are not shown to have a father/daughter relationship like they do in the comics, so I think that the scene worked in the context of this film even if it would never happen in the comics. I really don’t think that the prologue was sexist or made her a weak sex object (yeah Batman had to save her but she had to save him too). And yeah, he was controlling and over protective but he’s like that with the Robins too. So, yeah. In all honesty, I was expecting the movie to be much worse regarding Barbara’s character, and I was already planning an equally long rant about how the movie did not do her justice but I think that it did and I will probably watch this movie 100 times when it comes out on Bluray.

part-timeslayer  asked:

I really like that moment between Clarke and Lexa at the beginning of S3 when they're arguing/negotiating and Clarke says "You don't give a damn about my people, I know why you're here. I made you look weak at Mount Weather" and was wondering if you had any thoughts on it? especially the part where Lexa visibly gulps and keeps quiet for the rest of the scene right as Clarke's saying that, or if you think that Clarke really thought Lexa would kill her for the "power of Wanheda"

p2: or if Clarke was just saying throwing that out there, or about the way Clarke’s eyes shoot up when Lexa says “bow before me”. Just y'know thoughts in general about the scene? I know that you really like the tense political leadership part of their relationship too, so I figured you’d be the one to ask lol

hmmmm this is actually really interesting to me and i have been thinking about this moment somewhat recently, though i don’t know how much actual insight i can provide outside of my own personal interpretation.

at the baseline, and i think what it ultimately boils down to, is that clarke absolutely read lexa, and this moment (in particular lexa swallowing) is when she realizes that her plan hasn’t worked. you stressed the political aspect of their relationship, and i think that’s almost entirely what we’re dealing with when we talk about this scene. contrary to some interpretations i’ve read, i don’t think lexa was necessarily looking for any sort of forgiveness or redemption in this moment. she’s coming from a place of duty here. she knows clarke’s angry with her, but she’s banking on her ability to separate the past from a potential future arrangement. she’s trying to sell clarke on her plot, because the coalition is on the brink of collapse and her ambassadors think she’s weak for walking away when destroying the mountain definitively was clearly possible.

she underestimates clarke’s ability to see through her politicking, however. clarke knows what’s going on as soon as she says “bow before me”, and that switch is immediate. lexa doesn’t care about skaikru, not really, but she knows that that’s her best bet for getting clarke to agree to joining the coalition, and she isn’t expecting to get called out on it.

and i think in this moment we see an exchange between two cunning leaders, lexa trying to appeal to clarke’s care for her people, and clarke recognizing immediately that she’s being played (after all, it’s a trick she herself utilizes on the regular).