ok but momma-ran wrote an amazzziiinggg fic called “All I see are stars” (go read it!) and their Bill loves his deer plushy so much its sO CUTE 


 the love for the deer plush reminded me of my bill a lot so i drew some messy doodles of him in some scenes


its 3 am


★ skyeweek 2015 → day 4: favorite moment(s)
everyone thinks flowers are so delicate, but they really are quite resilient
it is the thorn that protects the rose. or in this case the d a i s y.

happy birthday, angel eyes.

EW: Does the rest of Graceland know that Paige sold Mike out?
Ferlito: No. She would be dead! That would be a war. Charlie loves Mike. She would never get out of that house without something happening. It would be really bad.

Graceland postmortem: Vanessa Ferlito breaks down Charlie’s big lie, Entertainment Weekly (x)

I always love that Charlie loves Mike. Can they just take a break from their exes and go on an extended mission together, I would watch the hell out of that. They can snack on pickles and she can paint his nails blue, it really makes his eyes pop, especially when, yannow, Oxy makes them do the werewolf thing. (Although, to be fair, I’m also really relieved we’re finally getting Paige/Charlie scenes, and that Charlie really likes Amber, too.)

In 2000, I was in another band and she was staying in the apartment below. She would sit outside my window and listen to me play guitar, a bit like a stalker. When we first met, she was painfully shy. She’d grown up in a skate scene in Florida so she wasn’t really aware of any bands. It felt incredible to be able to introduce her to the music I loved. She absorbed it all and loved it all. The first time I saw her perform was like watching Patti Smith for the first time. This awkward little sparrow on stage just had so much confidence and was obviously so comfortable performing. It was fascinating. I thought if I was going to be in another band it was going to be with her. She’s my best friend and has been in every aspect of my life.
                                         —written by Jamie Hince on Alison Mosshart


Doctor Who Gifset Voyage of the Damned-The Doctor struggling to fight off ship security to warn the passengers of an impeding asteroid shower heading their way. Plus it’s just really hot to see him manhandled and being escorted roughly about the place. And sorry, there is no text to these too much was going on in the scene and I didn’t feel like doing a huge text post for this, plus I just wanted to show him like I said being manhandled for the most part, and I think you get the gist of that without text being on the gifs. 

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hi! I love your page so much! i've also read your analysis and i love your explanations! So due to that I have a question for you i've been wondering.. In the 2nd Inuyasha Movie the scene where inuxkag were at the campfire talking about inuyasha turning full demon. & kagome says she likes him the way he is. She puts her hand on his shoulder then he turns around w/ this look then kag was gonna say something but Kaguya interrupted. What did his look mean? & what do u think kagome was gonna say?

Thank you! Though I’m afraid I can’t help much with this particular question, as I’m just a perplexed as you are. I even rewatched the scene as a refresher and I’m not really sure where they were going with it.

Perhaps he just had a lot on his mind, trying to decide between becoming a full youkai, which he’d continually been wanting to do*, and then what Kagome had just revealed to him, that she, at least, thinks he’s just fine the way he is. Perhaps some of that seriousness, confusion, and maybe sadness was reflected in his eyes when he turned towards Kagome, who was caught off-guard, expecting an argumentative or annoyed look. Once the surprise wore off, she was going to ask him about it, but, of course, they were interrupted. 

*Only in the anime universe. Supposedly the second movie takes place after episode 95 or so, and at that parallel point in that manga, Inuyasha had long since given up his ambition to become full youkai, ever since he realized it might not be all it’s cracked up to be when his youkai blood started taking over nearly 50 episodes’ worth ago. Dang it, Sunrise, stop regressing his character. ;_;

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Is it okay to still dress emo/scene? Because I love that style. It's awesome. But I have just never seen anyone wearing that except on the internet. The only people around here who likes the music wears really baggy clothes that looks nothing like it. It's not like I'm afraid of looking different, I honestly looked like a dork some years ago xD

I’ve never seen someone riding a unicorn down the street either but if they did then that’d be pretty fucking great.

Got7 Reaction: You watch a movie together and there is a hot scene

Thank you, sweetie! I know it’s not the best one I’ve done, but I still hope you like it.


JB: He would at first try to just ignore it, but if the scene is longer than he expected, he would try to distract himself from the scene by focusing on different things like eating the snacks you guys had on the table. Regardless if he was eating or ‘ignoring’ the scene, he would still look at you to see your reaction to tease you about it after.

Mark: Even if he is the oldest member, I still think that he is really awkward in this situation, especially if you weren’t together for that long. He would first look at you with an embarrassed smile and then would turn his head in another direction. He probably wouldn’t look at you before the movie is over, because he is still a little embarrassed about the scene.

Jackson: He definitely wouldn’t be embarrassed or awkward, because of the scene. Jackson would look at you and wait to see your reaction, if your reaction was anything that could hint at that you’re turned on, he would kiss you and just completely forget about the movie. On the other hand, if you didn’t show any signs of being turned on then he would forget it and continue to watch the movie.

Jr.: He would laugh and cover his face, because he thinks the scene is really awkward to watch. After he calmed down, he would cuddle with you to hide his face which is still red from blushing. 

Youngjae: He wouldn’t be embarrassed about it, but if he saw you being embarrassed because of it, he would try to distract you. Youngjae would make weird faces at you to get you to laugh and when he noticed that the scene was over, he would give you a quick kiss and would cuddle with you for the rest of the movie.

Bambam: He would be most awkward out of all of them. He would probably grab the TV-remote as fast as he can to turn of the sound so it would be less embarrassing for him. He also would try to avoid eye contact with you and just be really shy throughout the rest of the movie, but after the movie is over he would just be his normal, cute self again.

Yugyeom: I think he would just continue watching the movie even if he would be shy and embarrassed about it. You would look at him, because you didn’t want to watch the scene and when you see that he is still watching the movie while smiling. You would ask jokingly if he was happy that the scene was in the movie and he then would desperately try to tell you that he isn’t happy about it and that he was just to shy until you tell him that it was just a joke.

As always gifs are not mine Cr. to owner

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Hey, First up, TW for violence against women, brutality and sexism (also sexist slurs in the title). I was wondering what you thought of Rihanna's new video for Bitch Better Have My Money from a feminist perspective? I thought it was really gross in its depiction of violence towards women in order to seek revenge on a man. I'm also super disappointed that she would portray such a thing.


 I wasn’t particularly surprised by it. Rihanna kicks ass with her girl gang. It’s sort of in the song already. I feel like she just did what we all expected/wanted her to do - be provocative, nude, sexy, powerful. 

I think that the reason most people have their initial gut reaction of disgust to it is racism. 

In the first scene we see the kidnap victim doing typical white lady stuff - wearing a pantsuit with some fucking orchids and her blonde hair and tiny dog, listening to rich white lady music. She’s pretty well set up as being a rich white American woman stereotype. A symbol of purity and wholesomeness. 

And then we have Rihanna, a black female immigrant kidnapping her and torturing her. 

Nothing in the video is new. I felt like the whole thing was paying homage to cult movies. So it isn’t that this is the first time we’ve seen violence against women in this way.

It is probably one of the first times we’ve seen it enacted by a black woman against a white woman in a way that the black woman “gets away with it” so to speak. 

I think that’s a huge reason why people are so strongly adverse to it. 

And I might be wrong but I thought the wife survives in the end and the accountant is the one she kills before lounging in a chest full of money? Which again is not the narrative we as a society accept despite having no problem seeing it the other way around. 

It’s actually a way more complicated statement on race and gender than it initially seems.  

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Like I just can't believe Finn would ever give up on Rae so quick after like 2 years of knowing her ?? I really hope that nothing happened with Katie because it just wouldn't make any sense but I also think the scene with Finn and Rae dancing is probably raes imagination of what could have been ..

Finn has not given up on her. No way, I can’t believe that and I refuse to. Was he acting a little sketchy? Yeah but I don’t think he went there with Katie. I watched that scene over again and both of their communication skills suck… BADLY. Even some of the things Rae was saying had me literally scratching my head and asking her “What the heck are you saying?” He didn’t give up on her if he did, he would have just let her leave without even attempting to stop her, which he did. We even hear him beg her not to leave. It’s very possible that the little dance from the clip is her imagination but it’s going to be nice when she shows up at the ball and he’s there and they have their real dance. (This is me being positive about them don’t kill my vibe.) 

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Serious Ask: Stevonnie. Less Serious Ask: Me n u bby

Stevonnie (just, way older than they are now. possibly married and all)

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?: Connie, surprisingly enough. She likes to mess with Steven like this.
Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?: Steven cries in practically all Disney movies, in both sad and happy scenes. Connie thinks it’s adorable.
Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?: Connie, much to Steven’s distress.
Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?: I think they both would do it, but mostly Steven, I guess.
Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?: Connie, definitely.
Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?: Steven. He never really watched this type of shows before, and when he did, he just became grossly fascinated with them. It was probably worse than Greg and Amethyst’s obsession with Lil’ Butler, and Connie had a hard time dealing with that.
Who laughs more during sex?: Probably both. Connie is too ticklish and Steven still is a little bit marveled with the concept of sex, one that he didn’t know for a very long time.
WHO IS THE LITTLE SPOON?: Steven, hands down!

Me n you, well, all of the answers are just me. I’d do all of this stuff. I’m trash.

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well this was when exo first came out. Baekhyun was my bias, his singing was my life. But then Kai just had to ruin it! His dancing and his handsome looks lured me in. I tried so hard to deny him. My friend would be like just bias Kai already and I'm like nah I still belong to Baekhyun. But I saw a behind the scenes video and saw how sweet and hardworking Kai was and now a couple years later, he's my ultimate bias and I regret nothing at all. Now my bias wrecker is Lay and sometimes Baekhyun.

(I love your user name omfg lol)

LMAO DANG KAI TOOK OVER HOLY SHIT THATS CRAZY. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN LIKE WHAT?! Kai really gotcha I guess dang. He really IS a bias wrecker.

But yeah Lay and Baekhyun also seem to be huge bias wreckers lol

Originally posted by exoxoxo365

^ they know they are bias wreckers too PFFT


Okay, I interrupt everyone to SHOW Y’ALL the quintessential Marrish song. 

We’re like firing gasoline, in the final movie scene.
You’re the beauty, I’m the beast.
More a nightmare than a dream.
And we’ve made enough mistakes, we should probably walk away. 
Cause it always ends the same, with us bursting in to flames.
But we can try to right the wrongs, you and I.
And I bet my heart on it, and I bet my heart on it.

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Baby phile here who loves your art and listen I'm on s8 and Mulder just showed up dead and I know he comes back and all but this is still a very difficult time for Scully and me. Anyway, how 'bout a fan art request: Mulder and Scully just hugging REALLY REALLY TIGHTLY? Please and thank xo your drawings are beautiful xo

**gently takes Baby Phile Anon’s hand**

I was in your shoes a year ago. It will be okay. It will be okay…the scene where Mulder comes back almost makes it all worth it.

And yes—I’ve had a couple of similar requests like yours before. I’ll add it to “The List”. :)

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10, 11, 12, please?

Cool Asks for Fic Writers

10. What inspires you the most?

Sex and wanting to have it with my favorite characters LOLOLOLOL

Well, for the smuts anyway, pfft

Idk??? Just if I get a really good scenario that I think is really fun and entertaining that I just have to write it.  Like for Payback, I just liked the idea of MC singing and being so good at it that it shocked and turned on Takuto so much that she got a one-up on him for once and showed she could actually be effective on a mission. Or when I wrote the recent Caught that scene with Prince Leonardo popped into my head a while ago and I couldn’t get it out of there til I wrote it down. Just random stuff, I am a very random writer.  

11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?

Ohhhhh you guys are going to think I AM A TOTAL WEIRDO PERV WHEN YOU READ THIS

Okay I haven’t written these two but I thought about writing them then thought NO TOO PERVERTED MUST NOT WRITE OR AT LEAST NOT PUBLISH IF I DO:

1. After reading how Kyoga thought MCs blood tasted really good and addicting I imagined a smut fic about period sex I’LL LET YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS

2. When I wrote Unbridled I briefly considered Ed & MC having sex while on top of Arionne BRIEFLY


12. A fic you wish you had written better, and why?

ALL OF THEM.  Well, I guess I would say my very first ones Hey Jealousy and Pickles, they suffer from first fic writer syndrome where I wrote like most fic writers do and hadn’t quite found my voice yet.  Description is very lacking. I cringe when I re-read them.

Thanks for asking!!! XD

if youre following me and considering watching carmilla dont read this im about to spoil it for you

i really wanna rewatch s1 of carmilla just bc i remembering the hollstein buildup and just like. how unreal it was. going from outright antagonism to little things like making a cup of hot chocolate or offering a trash can for used tissues and then moving on to being honest and open and trusting with and protective of each other

and then i think of the waltzing scene…. SO well done…. how expertly carmilla pulls her in, chest to chest, and twirls her like they were made for it and laces their fingers together, “it may as well have been sex” holy shit hololyly shit THE BEST HONESTLY

and “of course i’m doing it for you” maybe the most genuine we’d ever seen carmilla up to that point BUT THEN. THE KISS. there is literally nothing about that scene that isn’t perfect - the way you can FEEL the air leave the room as soon as they both say “hey” and laura’s perfect, relieved, totally overwhelmed rambling and then carmilla stands up SO ABRUPTLY and is right in her space and you and laura are both holding your breath and she tries to go ON and carmilla just CUTS HER OFF and its so desperate and so “finally” and laura tries to keep talking but finally gives in with this overjoyed, delighted giggle and then has that last awed, stunned “wow” and theyre looking at each other like theyre the sun and carmilla is smiling totally freely and wow i just wanna DIE theyre perfect

I had this really bad scene phase in 6th/7th grade so 12-13 years old god that was terrible From BOTDF shirts, face paint all the way to bright pink/black raccoon tails and bright blue eye-liner. I was one of these “XDDDD I aM SO C0oL foR LikING mETALlica oMFG DAHVIE VANITY AND JAMEZ HETFiELD ARE MY HEROES SAME AS KELLIN QUINN OMFG XXXDDDDD” people. Just get-rekt-rachtman  you should be so glad that I have completely moved from that phase and soon enough I will probably show you really bad photos from that stage.

New Leaf part 6

P/N: Hi guys, how are you liking the story so far? Am I disappointing people? I hope not, I’m just super excited to have some really nice scenes. Drop by and leave some suggestions or just to say hi. Thanks for reading! :)

Avengers X Reader

Part 1. Part 2. Part. 3. Part 4. Part 5.

“Well, looks like you’re stuck with me,” Pietro teasingly chuckled, and gave her a playful shrug. She flashed him a small smile. “Let’s start with the old man. You might be seeing him often once you’re fully healed.” He said, walking out of the doorway. She followed him out, the door automatically closed and locked after her. She couldn’t shake the nervousness of meeting new people. She’s never really been in such close contact with people other than the doctors or scientists operating on her.

They take the elevator down a few floors. “He’s probably going to be busy training. You might get trained by him too.” He said, making light conversation. Once the door opened, like a gentleman, he let you off the elevator first before following behind. Like a good tour guide, he pointed to each of the huge sliding doors, “Behind every door on this floor is a training room. Each room is built differently because everyone has different powers.” He explained as he walked beside her. She nodded, trying her best to take in as much information as possible.

“What power do you have besides being really fast?” She finally added to the conversation. “Everything about me is fast. I can move really fast, also my metabolism is pretty fast as well.” He smugly smirked, excited that she was finally curious about him. “Oh.” She nodded and continued walking. “You’re not really talkative, are you? He asked, leading her down another hallway. She shrugged, “I guess.” He sighed at her short response and scanned his hand on the touch pad.

The door opens and he brought her around to the observation room within the training room. “That’s Hawkeye.” He pointed to the man shooting multiple arrows and training a group of people shoot arrows. “Hawkeye? Is that his real name?” She asked, watching the agile man jump around the room and shooting multiple arrows at targets. “No, his real name is Agent Clint Barton.” Pietro chuckled.

They stayed to watch Clint train the agents for a while. The action and the aggressive shouting was intimidating. Honestly, she wasn’t sure if she was up for the challenge. Next, Pietro brought her up to the floor of labs that Tony and Bruce spent in most of their time. “We have the metal man and the green monster next.” He jokingly said as they walked out of the elevator. “Metal man?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. “He’s not actually made of metal. You’ll see.” He chuckled. “Wait!” She reached out and grabbed onto his arm. He stopped and turn around. “What wrong?” She released his arm, “Um, I’m not sure if I’m ready…” She nervously fidget with her fingers. He chuckled and nudged her playfully, “Don’t be scared. He doesn’t turn into a green monster unless he gets angry. You’re safe. I promise.” He smiled gently and slung his arm around her shoulders, shifting his weight onto her. “Let’s go,” He gave her a light tug. She sighed and tensely walked with his arm settled around her shoulders.

Tony and Bruce were examining a map with tons of dots that marked certain areas. They pointed and read the illuminated files that stacked neatly in the air. Knock, knock. “Stark. Banner.” Pietro called out. They looked up from their files to find Pietro standing with the girl that sent them on a goose chase around tower. “Looks like we have a visitor,” Stark said, grabbing a handful of illuminated files and minimized them with a hand gesture. She cautiously stepped forward. Wary from Pietro’s warning, she scanned the room to find only two men occupying the lab. No green monster.

“Hi, I’m Tony Stark. Welcome to my tower.” He dramatically lift his hands and waved them in the air as if he was a conductor. “That’s the metal man.” Pietro leaned down and whispered beside you. “He… looks human.” She said, causing Pietro to chuckle. “Actually, I am Iron Man.” Tony stated. And with one swift movement, red and gold metal pieces fly towards his direction, suiting him up completely, except his face. Her jaw dropped, astonished and impressed. “Wow, that was so… magical.” She breathlessly muttered. Catching the compliment, Tony arrogantly shot Pietro a smirk. “I like her already.” Stark smugly smirked. Pietro rolled his eyes, and moved on. “And that’s Dr. Bruce Banner.” Pietro introduced the conserved and friendly doctor and scientist. In the meantime, Tony got out of his suit Iron Man suit.

Bruce stepped up and held out his hand. She reluctantly took it and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you,” He smiled warmly and shook her hand. She timidly returned the pleasantry with a soft smile. “He’s also the green monster I was referring to earlier.” Pietro whispered, earning him scowl from the doctor. “I’m not sure I understand.” She quietly asked. “Oh, I know what will help.” Tony walked over to his computer and pulled up a couple of files. Hologram videos files of the Hulk popped up. (Y/n) was beyond fascinated by the technology, but the large green creature ripping through a city, captivated her. In fact, it terrified her. She glanced over at Bruce, unable to picture such a warm and timid man turn into an uncontrollable green monster.

“How?” She carefully asked, seeing how ashamed and uncomfortable Bruce looked. He wouldn’t even look at the screen. “The other guy… comes out when he’s angry.” Bruce reluctantly explained, not wanting to divulge into more. “Hopefully you don’t have to see him turn green,” Tony patted your shoulder, offering a small smile. “Right, let’s get a move on.” Pietro impatiently said. “Okay,” She obediently said and started to follow Pietro out. “It sucks you don’t get to meet the Asgardian God with his magical hammer.” Tony added.

“There’s a God?” She turned around and asked, Tony, sparking her interest. Pietro groaned and rolled his eyes. Tony snapped his finger and pulled up Thor’s video and information. “Amazing,” She breathlessly said, entranced by the flashy armor. “How does he do that?” She asked Tony. “He’s a God, he strikes lightning and thunder with his hammer. And his brother is a war criminal.” Tony bluntly said.

“Oh wow, that’s unbelievable! Like fairy tales.” She was entranced by the video; she almost looked like a child reliving her childhood fantasies. Pietro was growing impatient and being in the same room as Stark is not his idea of fun. “Alright, alright. Let’s go. There’s more to see.” Pietro interrupted and practically dragged her out of there. “See you later, kid!” Tony waved and shouted after her. Tony turned to Bruce with a grin, “You know… she’s not so bad.” He said, in which Bruce chuckled in return.