Yesterday we shot with the super funny mrdustinn, he seriously acts just like Naruto and he and Kevin’s dynamic was just great to see LOL they’re both self-conscious of their nips HAHAHA. 😂

WE ALSO VLOGGED IT (took turns) so I hope you will enjoy it when it’s up! Thanks again to the fantastic shutterfoo for the amazing photos and location! So excited to show you them! It was great cosplaying Sakura and making new friends, really cheered me up. 💕🌹

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Naruto: mrdustinn, Sakura: steakpresident, Sasuke: Soushike_cake

Coming photos everday from gym. Do you think Taylor is recording her new album and soon we gonna hear her new songs? Maybe. Because she did like that to 1989. Maybe she is not useing same way again. She just doing it for because in social media say Taylor took weight. Yes, I Know Taylor is shaking it off but she has a heart too. If she is really recording her new album this is a really good news. I hope we gonna hear TS6 soon.

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Hi! Love your post! For clarification, Why do you believe the fan pics are probably/definitely from Montreal? I'm a New Yorker, they look like they COULD possibly be Brooklyn, NY license plates. I've not been to Montreal so....? But with no geotags on the pic??

The license plates on the cars are all blue and white is really the only solid evidence that it might be Montreal. But New York plates were also blue and white until recently and the landscape could just as easily be Brooklyn as Montreal. The poster was likely in the Netherlands until the 20th but did not begin posting in Montreal until the 23rd so it is possible that she made a stopover in NYC and saw Sam on his last day there. Also possible is that her photo was taken shortly after she arrived in Montreal and she delayed posting, perhaps at Sam’s request, until he had left Montreal-The language in her caption is all in the past tense. The lack of geotag is odd, and so is the lack of any other sightings of Sam in Montreal if he has truly been there for the past 9 days. He was sighted daily in NYC.

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omg, do you have modern phone hcs for Shanks, Coby, Marco, and Sabo as well?

omg yes i do! :D


  • Has the latest iphone
  • siri as fuck
  • mostly uses it for trolling
  • a lot of music apps on there
  • probably has a dark red hardcase
  • I bet he has dumb ways to die on his phone


  • rather old samsung, that’s still in good condition
  • Coby is greek so he has got a bunch of really pretty photos from his homeland on his phone
  • His background pic a picture of Helmeppo and him right in front of the Acropolis of Athen
  • he doesn’t often use apps, he gets a little bit teased for having a smart phone but just using it like an old regular phone


  • has a sony, that’s already a year old but in pretty good condition
  • frequently uses it 
  • pretty sure he has a lot of organizing apps, being a teacher and everything
  • he has a habit for turning it off during school hours, when he’s working
  • He has a lot of pictures of his friends and family


  • uses plenty of apps like notice boards and a calenar 
  • plays doodle jump, pokemon go and has a golfing game app
  • everybody makes fun of his golfing app
  • has a plain silver hardcase
  • dragon background pic
  • has an LG

Because I like sharing pictures of my dogs.

Vincent, how can you look so regal and majestic in this photo when you’re such an goofball in real life? I really don’t know.

And then there’s Tuna, who always looks so sad and betrayed whenever you stop petting him even for just a second.

Vic is still my favorite. Just look at those ears. They’re practically as big as her head.

And of course as usual, Sal is too grumpy too stick around long enough to have her picture taken.

hey friends!! i’ve been getting a lot of fashion related asks lately and i just wanted to make a note of some things

  • i can’t answer every ask. i’m so sorry but i get a ton and sometimes they’re just repeats or i simply don’t know how to answer it.
  • please check my fashion advice, coord, and ootd tags and my faq before asking!
  • if you want to ask about a specific piece that you want to know how to match, it’d actually be a lot easier if you sent me an im or un-anon message with a link / photo to the item. reason being, sometimes i can’t get a good idea of what the item actually looks like through text alone and /or matching a specific piece isn’t really relevant to all my followers.

but thank u all for sending me asks and i appreciate all the nice feedback!! i hope you all have a nice day 💕


Pharah and Mercy as dogs! Gave Pharah earrings at the last minute to attempt an imitation of her hair decorations, so if it’s really lame just disregard the second photo.


So I personally feel that Mercy as a dog would definitely be some sort of herding dog, so she’s a sheepdog, while Pharah is supposed to be more along the lines of a doberman, even though she didn’t really come out looking 100% like one. 

No matter what tho, please enjoy these two pups!

There are some BP photos I just can’t bring myself to post. One: if it looks she really didn’t want a photo to be taken or she was caught severely off guard. Those are just tacky and uncouth. And two: if it looks like somebody crossed a personal boundary or Billie looks grossly uncomfortable. Granted in this one she’s putting on a good face. But this fan just… 

Yeah guys? If you meet a celebrity don’t glomp onto them. You wouldn’t like it if a stranger did that to you. And bless their hearts, they’re used to it. But there’s no reason you need to be that person. Mind their personal space just as you would anyone else’s. Celebrities are real people. Oftentimes they won’t or can’t say anything because if they tell off a fan it looks bad. So for the love of TARDIS rein in your excitement enough to mind their personal space. And tempting as it may be, maybe consider not bothering them when they’re on their own time (i.e. out with their families/loved ones, getting food, at the store etc). 

OKAY so I’ve been working on my partner’s anniversary gift for about two weeks now and IM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! to give it to them!

my partner is working as a camp councilor this summer and rn they’re just using a crappy old drawstring to take all their stuff around the campus SOOO i bought them a kanken and personalized it with a bunch of patches that i thought they’d like (theres a few more on the sides that aren’t shown)

and then INSIDE

i put together a photo album filled with pictures of the two of us from the past year 

sometimes my partner feels really guilty when i give them gifts or spend money on them so i’m hoping that something really personal will make them feel less guilty bc they deserve to be completely showered in gifts and the last thing i want is for them to feel bad ahhhh i love them so much


so in lieu of my selfie of the day, i’m going to talk about my binder that just arrived from @gc2b-apparel. it’s my first-ever binder(!), and i wanted to offer some photos and observations for my fellow large-chested people considering gc2b binders.

just for clarity about my goals: i have no idea what my gender is right now, but whatever it is, my chest is a huge source of discomfort for me. looking masculine isn’t really my objective; looking like i don’t have breasts is.

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Smiling like an idiot, because I like the book I’m reading in spite of it’s flaws, and I like the photos I’m taking even though I know it’s not what the masses prefer, and I love the people in my life, despite the freqent lows I experience with them.
Ah I’m just having a really good day, and I hope you all are too!
Oh also, let’s all wish our beloved Neville Longbottom a very happy birthday!

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Olivia, George and Dhani Harrison, Heathrow Airport, August 1988. Photo © Mirrorpix/Newscom.

“Then there’s the other gutter snipers that come along. There’s a bunch of newspapers in England, in particular, which just write anything that comes into their heads – any sordid little story they want to come up with about anybody. And they pursue it. In one way, if you can rise above that, they can still say nasty things about me but I don’t really read the papers and I certainly don’t let it affect me because I know what I am myself.
On the other hand, I think occasionally they need to be put into their place too. It’s certainly not harmful to have a little attack on them occasionally. Because most of it’s brainless. I view it more as a situation where they are read by so many people that it’s like a plot the keep these people’s consciousness down. That’s the moral shame of it all. That’s what I don’t like – where it’s real ignorance that doesn’t do our society any good. That’s why the gossip papers are the Devil’s Radio. It’s not really an attack on them – it’s just to remind them… and me, because I can gossip just like the rest… just to remind us all that gossip isn’t really good – it’s such a negative thing.” - George Harrison, 1988 [x]

“Some media coverage of the documentary [Living in the Material World] has concentrated on George [Harrison]’s attraction to women and the difficulties that caused.
‘I don’t actually read those papers,’ says Olivia, who describes her husband as 'a very creative person, a very charismatic person, and just a fascinating guy’.” - Liverpool Echo, 26 September 2011 [x]

“'My dad was always, "Don’t be famous. Don’t envy this. Be a musician, but don’t be famous. You lose all your freedom and you can’t do anything. You have to live a different life,”’ [Dhani] Harrison recalled. 'We were both private people, and he did a really great job of keeping me out of the press all my life.’“ - New York Times Syndicate, 15 March 2013

PSA I’m unfollowing people.

First of all, calm down. I’m not going to unfollow all my lovely mutals because I love you all, so, so much, but honestly enough is enough. 

I’m sick of seeing people posting photos of Freddie, even if it is with good intent like ‘yay six months old’ or ‘oh look how cute he is’, because he is a child who shouldn’t be plastered across Tumblr. I’m not even getting into the Larry stuff because that’s not what this is about in my opinion. All I need to say is that it really is an invasion of privacy and Louis has stated THIS IS NOT WHAT HE WANTS. 

I have sat back and bit my tongue, just scrolled past for so long but honestly I’m sick of having to do it so I am unfollowing people who are constantly posting Freddie’s face over Tumblr. Mini rant over- have a nice day. 

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I'm pretty sure I saw that photo. Like really, at first as I thought it's not 💚 but it is. I just don't know who the other girl was.. Probably it's a manip. I'll submit it to you if I ever find the photo in my gallery :)

okay i will wait for you to submit the photo

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I wish I could go to cemeteries with you. 💕 I've tried to get friends to come with but they just think it's super weird and creepy thing to do. I really love going by myself because it's nice and quiet; I just wish I had a buddy to stroll around in silence with.

i wish you could go with me, too! i only have a few friends who like to go with but its always lovely to walk around or take photos with them ♡ im sure youll make a friend to go with, or you can always read some books or poetry out loud in the graveyard if you dont! maybe there will be a ghost listening =)

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Slightly following on from the ask I sent you a few days about about visiting Harry on set and drinking with his cast mates. Imagine if later on in the evening when everyone's a little merry, Harry pops to the loo. And one of the cast pipes up and says "he's doing so well, he's really impressed everyone" and everyone chimes in with agreement and little anecdotes of nice or funny things Harry's done on set and you feel as if you could burst from pride at the amazing boy you get to call yours

I feel like that now… just watching all the set photos of him being proud, and happy, and making friends, and laughing/skipping/throwing bread rolls… they love him, and he’s having a time trying out this new thing and meeting new people. It’s amazing. x

I’m super excited, I got my glasses today!
I really wanted to show everyone, but I’ve been feeling so great and happy lately I even forgot how ugly I am, which I guess you could take as a positive!
I took a million photos but just couldn’t look decent in any of them. My good mood started to get pretty wobbly, so I had to stop trying.

Going to enjoy my newly improved vision and go read my genetics textbook out in the sunshine instead. Work on my strengths instead of dwelling on my weaknesses or something. <3