I’ve been up late the last couple of nights reading through/studying The World of Thedas art book and it’s basically just a text book about this completely fantasy world and I am studying it harder than any of the assigned reading I ever had in school.


1. The smile that got me hooked onto BIGBANG

I was watching the MV from a friend’s laptop and I saw this toothy bunny smile and there was no turning back (I was a leeeeeeeetle disappointed he fixed his teeth)

2. The soft grin

This is very VERY rare. You gotta catch it when it appears and save it, like a rare Pokemon.

3. The ‘holding in them manly tears’ smile

Notice the chin, and the way his lower lip goes up to cover his front teeth.

4. The fake photoshoot smile

The smile never really reach his eyes. This one is a little creepy LOL

5. The adorable “Hey look at me I can still pass for a 5 years old boy” grin

There are different types to this grin. There’s his real 5 yrs old self with the grin, there is the same grin just before he burst out laughing, and there is this “It’s my birthday” grin.

6. The shy/embarassed smile

The cute little cupcake can get really shy sometimes, there are a lot of variants to this smile. I absolutely adore this smile.

7. The smirk

The gif speaks for itself.

8. The ‘biting the lower lip’ smile

Does anyone else look good smiling like this? I tried and I look awful as fuck.

9. The unabashed laughter

I have no words for this. This makes me feel really good. I get warm fuzzy feels when subjected to this image.

(Gif not mine. If yours tell me I will credit you)

I spent a while trying to be masculine enough to prove something. Lately I’ve been femme because I’ve grown really tired of hating myself for not passing as androgynous. The way I am has nothing to do with either end of the spectrum of masc/fem (these are terms that I usually don’t like to use for myself personally, but for the sake of today & understanding…) lately I’m just letting myself be. I have moments when I feel free of my body and others when I don’t. My transition is never ending and my identity will remain valid no matter if I ever go through top surgery or what I happen to look like. I couldn’t take a photo today that summed up the feeling so here’s a picture of me in Frida Kahlo’s courtyard. they/them

being non-binary #TDoV 💙

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I really ship Gintsu a lot but there's something that puzzled me and I'm not sure if it goes the same for you. When Tsukuyo was "upset" after her sensei died, Kagura, Shinpachi and the others wanted to cheer her up but Gintoki couldn't be bothered. Why is that so? I'm really interested to know why he didn't care about her at that moment though

but he did care about her. it may seem like he doesn’t when he says things like ‘i think i’ve done more than enough work’ and ‘let’s just go play pachinko’, but here is the thing: he doesn’t mean it. he doesn’t mean any of that, look at this

that second panel over there is not the face of someone who doesn’t care. i actually think he was genuinely worried about her and the way he acted was a bit defensive, like trying to push away that talk or trying to ease the seriousness. because the kids just don’t know how deep this thing goes. one thing is being told what happened, another is being part of it. so i’ve always had the impression that his dynamics here in comparison to the kids show how naive they are. while they can only try to lighten up the pain with a bit of cheering up, gin knows the pain won’t go away just by that and that it will take forever to heal, it it heals at all. the difference in their reactions make it so clear how damaged both gin and tsukki are but the kids are still innocent, strangers to this level of suffering. for them she’s ‘upset’, but he knows she is devastated, broken beyond repair.

in my opinion this is exactly what proves how much he cares for her. he relates to her situation so much, look at that last panel. he respects her space and acknowledges that it’s alright not to talk right now. so if she won’t open up because that’s not the way she is, he is going to do whatever he can to help her out. after all, he was in the same situation himself, and certainly only healed a little bit because there was someone doing that for him.

read the first chapter and then the last and you’ll realize how much deeper their bond became. actually, this entire arc is a masterpiece in my opinion. every time you read it you see something new and it portrays so well the strong bond that is forming between these two damaged people.

My gemsona Aquamarine! I’m not 100% sure how gemsonas work but she isn’t really meant to look or act like me in any way, just to be a representation of my birthstone. She’s super peppy and happy go lucky and loves making friends and going on adventures. She lives by the ocean and likes to swim around and scavenge for pretty things on the ocean floor so she can add them to her collection. Like Ariel or somethin… ;’) 

She also talks to fish like a weirdo.


Listen here:

It’s not a gift for most of us, it’s a fight! I remember as if it was yesterday. I was in the 7th grade when my dad looked me in the face and said: “You could probably be so pretty if you lost quite a bit of weight.” I was 13 back then, just getting into the whole difficult stuff that comes with puberty. And it hit me really hard. Like: I’m not even pretty enough for my parents how will anybody else ever find me pretty or attractive? In some way it kinda broke me. I tried to lose weight but it never really worked until a doctor told me that I have a hormonal disfunction that makes it hard for me to lose weight. I probably never will be skinny or as thin as most people find beautiful but I’m healthy, I go outside and stay active. 

It took until I was almost 22 that I reached a point where I could say: You know what? I don’t care. I’m chubby, squishy, my arms are flappy, when I sit down I have several rolls and I can’t see my feet because my boobs are too big XD

Do I feel uncomfortable in just a tank-top? YES; DEFINITELY! 

Do I look better when I wear layers, like shirt and jacket, than naked or in tops and skirts? YES, DEFINITELY! 

But I’m sick of hiding and I’m sick of not feeling like a valid human being. So I just do what I want to do. That’s the whole secret. Just take what you have and rock it as good as possible. 

And I thank you a lot for your message because messages like this help me a lot on my way and it shows me that it’s good that I’m not perfect because like this its probably way easier for me to help you guys out there to not give up. :)



idk like sometimes (e.g. right now) i feel really dysphoric about my gender and how i present but then sometimes (mainly most of the time) i’m like “yay i’m a pretty girl n i look fine as hell” and it’s just super confusing cause it’s not as if i’m completely uncomfortable being dfab and i prefer how i look when presenting as female but then again i get these periods of time where i hate my body and i just wanna be more masculine and just be male because i am more masculine than feminine in the way i think/act.

it’s really weird cause i do get myself into that mindset when i feel like i could/want to transition but then again i don’t.
it’s really hard to express and explain how i feel about it all ughhdhdshx basically i don’t really know what’s going on.

am i just androgynous??? what am i? idk???? help??????

I was gonna beg off and take a week and try to forget this happened today. But I decided I’d rather just deal with it and head into a glorious week off with a clear head.

In some way, I understand where you’re coming from, Anon(s). There are stories and authors that I don’t love, either. However, I don’t understand the instinct to come at said authors with this level of venom. It’s really ugly, and hateful. Like, grade school, pulling-hair, calling-names, writing-shit-on-lockers mean. It’s the shit that kids in my daughter’s second grade class do. 

Look, I never said I was a good writer. I don’t sit around and hold a gun to the collective fandom’s head and demand that everyone read my stories or else. I write because I enjoy it. I put it out there because hey, I guess why not?

If the fact that I dared to try to put some words out there into the fandom ether is so mortifying to you, there are multiple Xkit tools that can help clean up your dash so you can pretend my stories don’t even exist and save yourself the trouble. 

But there’s seriously no need to try to dragt me down just because you don’t love what I do. And I sincerely hope you’re not sitting around out there, proud of yourself because you succeeded in making me feel bad about myself. Because I don’t. And messages like this aren’t going to change how I feel about writing, either.

In conclusion:

everyone arguing about who they "ship" infj with
  • INFJ:ENFP, what are you doing with my phone?
  • ENFP:*typing furiously* Um. Nothing?
  • INFJ:Well, it doesn't LOOK like nothing. Give the phone back! *extends her hand and glowers*
  • ENFP:For such a nice person, you really can be intimidating, INFJ. Yeesh. *hands phone back to her*
  • INFJ:/Thank/ you.
  • INFJ:... Why did you text INTP 'I must profess my undying love to you or I will implode'?!
  • ENFP:Well... You guys are just so /cute/ together! *smiles dreamily* Especially how he blushes whenever I bring you up.
  • INFJ:*sighing* ENFP, that's just because you keep bugging him about us becoming a couple. Which, by the way, is NOT happening.
  • ENFP:Ohmygosh, he's texting you back! Squeeee!
  • INFJ:You did not just use 'squee' in a conversation.
  • ENFP:Yes, I did.
  • ENFP:You're so cynical today. *squints at her* ...Have you been hanging out with INTJ lately?
  • INFJ:*folding her arms* How did you know?
  • ENFP:*smirking* It's a gift. Oh, look, he just sent a response!!
  • INFJ:*flatly* 'ENFP, give INFJ her phone back.' Oh, so romantic.
  • ENFP:Hey, you two are a work in progress, okay?!
  • ENTP:*approaching them* Hello, INFJ. ENFP.
  • INFJ:Hi.
  • ENFP:Ooh, ENTP! Just the person I wanted to see. Don't you agree that INTP x INFJ /must/ become a reality?!
  • ENTP:Well, actually--
  • ENFP:Yes?
  • ENTP:--I think that INFJ with INTJ would be much more preferable.
  • ENFP:*scowling* No. Way. INTJ is mine!
  • ENTP:But, doesn't he hate you?!
  • ENFP:He's madly in love with me. He just won't admit it to himself. *sniffs*
  • INFJ:Guys, this is ridiculous. *glowers*
  • ENFP:Oooh, I know how to resolve this conflict!
  • INFJ:By admitting that you're being childish and immature, and stop trying to control my relationships?
  • ENFP:No, silly! By asking INTP who /he/ ships you with! *snatches INFJ's phone*
  • INFJ:Hey! Give that back!
  • ENFP:*gleefully* Nope.
  • ENTP:Just, ask him already!
  • ENFP:Alright, alright. *starts typing*
  • ENFP:...Aaand, I sent it.
  • ENTP:*to INFJ* Okay, he's typing... And he says...
  • ENFP:Oh. My. Gosh. ENTP, read it aloud so that INFJ can hear what he responded!
  • ENTP:*reddening* No.
  • INFJ:You guys are being ridiculous! *snatches the phone back* And he said...
  • INFJ:*glances at ENTP* Oh.
  • ENFP:*mockingly* "Personally, I think that ENTP would be most compatible with INFJ."
  • INFJ:...
  • ENTP:...
  • INFJ:Bye now. *snatches her phone and runs away*

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Cristiano ronaldo & james rodriguez.

Drinks all of the coffee: Cris. But mostly because James hasmade the coffee for Cris with authentic Colombian coffee and with that lookfull with hope in his eyes, how can Cris say no to drink the coffee, tho’?

Brings up adopting a pet: James, and he will bring a poodle because look Cris the puppy is really smiling and he really likes you Cris look at the way he’s wagging his tail so please please please can we keep him yes?

Kills the bugs: Cris, because every time James sees a bug he will start laughing and say hey do you remember that one time in the World Cup when there was that big BIG cricket on my arm and I didn’t even realize that?

Cooks the meals: James and he will spend hours on the internet and even calling Cris’ mom just to make sure that it cooks perfectly the way Cris likes it because isn’t the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

Starts getting into holidays way before they should: James, he would be as excited as a 5-year old kid and keep on asking Cris about what Cris wants for Christmas

Initiates the couple selfies: James, and oh he will have that wide bright smile almost splitting his face into two with a pair of blissful eyes because Cris is next to him

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Cris. James will always be the one who comes up with sweet small surprise to celebrate it.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: None of them. Cris counts his calories consumption meticulously, and as James helplessly sees Cris as his perfect role model, he will do whatever Cris does.

Nicknames the other: Cris and it will make James blushes whenever Cris calls him with that cute nickname




Man, You should-a seen the look on-a your faces! Wahaha! You guys are so gullible!

Don’t you know by now that there ain’t no way Waluigi would EVER let his beautiful Island get over-run by GREEN?? Seriously!

See ya on the flip side, dorks!”

lay on me like morning dew

[an au in which harry is a bull rider, and he’s just won the finals, but that’s not all he’s won. first-time narry, with top!harry because that’s the way they roll.]

“You’re not nervous, are you?”

Harry blinks, torn from his reverie, and looks up at Niall, who’s perched precariously atop the screaming red fencing that separates the crowd from the dusty arena, animatedly watching the men twirl the wax ropes faster and faster.

“I’m not sure yet,” Harry replies, shrugging, and he’s being honest. It’s the finals, and he’s standing still in third place behind two legendary bull riders, and he’s the rookie, the underdog predicted to lose – but he’s not nervous, really. He doesn’t feel the somersaulting jolts or the butterflies or cramps, and hasn’t since the first round. It’s round ten now, the finals, and Harry’s discovered the only thing that jumpstarts his blood pressure is Niall’s smile.

Which is odd. And Harry’s not going to tell Niall. Nope. Never. Not at all.

Niall laughs, loudly – because Niall laughs a lot, especially when he’s giddy and energized and hyped on adrenaline. Which has been every night for the past ten days. And every night, for the ten days, Harry’s felt Niall’s natural high rubbing off, and he sometimes can’t help but crack a smile at Niall’s exuberance, which comes at the strangest times.

Like now, for instance. Some things Harry just can’t help – the way Niall makes him feel is one of those things.

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Is there any advice you could give to a beginner cosplay-er like me? I've been wanting to try out cosplay I just don't think I'd have the time (or money if it is expensive) but I still really want to try it. I've been dying to do a Peridot cosplay and was just wondering if you had any tips on it.

Well, if you’re just beginning Peridot might not be a cosplay for you. IT looks like a simple design but tbh I needed like 12 different patterns for her top alone the way I did it and unless you have experience patterning that’s not gonna be fun.

Any advice I could give if you’re just starting off is this:

Practice. Practice lots. Sew with Muslin, its like 2 dollars a yard at Joanns. Practice with a sewing machine. It’s okay to mess up sometimes. Follow tutorials if you need help, there are tons of them! Ask for help if you need it. Start small and work your way up, and work within your abilities. If you want to work within the parameters of SU try working within skill level.

Easy Mode (Items can be bought and altered or made easily. Natural hair can be used.):

  • Steven
  • Sadie
  • Lars
  • Greg
  • Jenny
  • Any of the Mahashwarans
  • Anyone from the Pizza family
  • Sour Cream, Onion, Yellowtail
  • Mayor Dewey, Buck Dewey
  • Any of the Frymans
  • Jamie the postman
  • Mr Smiley
  • Stevonnie

Intermediate (Requires sewing and wig experience):

  • Amethyst (Can be easy mode. Fairly simple design)
  • Garnet
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Jasper
  • Peridot (sewing or crafting experience needed)
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Lil Butler

Hard mode (Requires advanced sewing and wig knowledge):

  • Rose Quartz (If you’re intent on getting her hair correctly. If not she’s fairly medium difficulty)
  • Opal
  • Sugilite
  • Alexandrite
  • Malachite


  • Lion

artemispanthar replied to your post: When people respond to the SU/UG cross…

The gags in the preview are pretty common cartoon stuff, just with more awareness of the 4th wall. It’s surprising how many people seem surprised by the humor style since they probably grew up with cartoons like that

Exactly. That’s why this behavior astounds me so much. This is the kind of humor we all grew up watching, the kind of humor that succeeded in making all of us laugh way more often than not and made itself the default image in your head when you picture “cartoon.” I know there’s a really similar kind of humor style that just about everyone over the age of six seems to hate that’s nothing but “lol bathroom jokes,” fart noises, gross-out stuff, & spontaneous butt cheeks, but Uncle Grandpa isn’t one of those shows. I know it might look like it if you judge by only the commercials, but that’s true for pretty much all cartoons that are nothing but (random) ridiculousness/silliness for the sake of being silly. If that kind of stuff doesn’t annoy you, then the show’s jokes are actually genuinely funny, and from the small handful of episodes I’ve watched myself, I can vouch that Uncle Grandpa has really good comedic timing as well. If you’ve never watched the show then you’d think that it has the kind of sense of humor that wouldn’t amuse or interest you if you’re not in its target audience’s age group, but surprisingly, the jokes in Uncle Grandpa can make people older than the target audience laugh. A lot. Seeing people react so negatively towards the new preview and say such rude things about it is extremely baffling and sad because the gags weren’t anything ‘sincerely’ stupid, just extremely ridiculous and wacky. Again, this is the kind of stuff we grew up with, and it’s not really a sense of humor style you just ‘grow out of.’ I’m not saying that it’s impossible to, but it’s ludicrous to be all “Oh, this is so stupid and brainless and shitty!!” as if you’re all high and mighty now for mainly watching cartoons with deep messages, engaging stories, and *GASP* continuity! You’re not. Both are good. Shows like Steven Universe are fantastic and I’m incredibly happy that they exist and want a ton more of them to, but how good Steven Universe is, and all the shows like it, doesn’t lessen the quality of shows that are solely about being silly and imaginative like Uncle Grandpa. Liking SU and not UG and being extremely vocal about the never-ending hate that you have for the latter show and tomorrow’s crossover isn’t a symbol that you’ve undergone some magical-ass butterfly metamorphosis into a ~sophisticated human being with superb taste in shows~ after childhood. It just indicates that you’ve undergone an unfortunate transformation into a giant ass over the years. A giant ass that hasn’t been wiped since asses first came into existence on the planet earth.

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I think a live action Mulan could be really good. They did a good job enough with cinderella. It will obviously be the same story, which would be awesome to see. And its not like they could white wash a movie like this. How bad could it be?

I’m extremely cautious about a live action Mulan.

And I think a lot of my caution is justified. Just look at the way the media has already reacted to the news of a live-action Mulan. MTV dream cast Vanessa Hudgens, JustJared’s list of dream castings included not a single Chinese actress as Mulan, and the general Tumblr reaction of dreamcasting the latest popular East Asian actress off Tumblr’s darling show/movie.

And the comment sections on pretty much every media outlet has been the same straight up racist trash equating all East Asian actors as “ethnic looking enough”.

The only dream casting I’ve seen so far that has not fallen into the “All East Asians look alike” trap has been Buzzfeed’s. Buzzfeed is literally the only place where I’ve seen a dreamcast for live-action Mulan that’s cast actual Chinese actors in Chinese roles. And their dream cast is good.

But do I trust Hollywood to do that due diligence? Do I trust Hollywood to not fill the cast with a hodgepodge of East Asian/ethnically ambiguous actors and call it “good enough”? Nope. I fully expect the live action remake of Mulan to follow the original Disney movie of throwing in a hodgepodge of East Asian actors and ethnically ambiguous actors regardless of their actual ethnicity. And while that worked (sort of) for an animated film, to do it for a live action reinforces the idea that all East Asian actors are interchangeable, that all East Asian people look the same regardless of where they’re actually from.

And if we don’t get Chinese actors, I have zero faith in there being authenticity in the movie. I have zero faith in having Chinese pronounced even remotely correctly in the movie. One of the things I love the most about the animated Mulan is that Ming-Na Wen is able to have Mulan sprinkle a little bit of Cantonese into her speech, in places that are emotional and real and it was right. It sounded right. When Mulan talks to her father, when she calls him 爸爸, it sounds like me talking to my dad. And that’s so important.

And frankly, I don’t trust them to do that without Chinese actors. Their track record isn’t good.

I hope it’ll be good, yes, but I am balancing that hope with a hell of a lot of caution, because I simply don’t trust Disney. I don’t trust a corporation who casts the same person to play Mulan, Pocahontas, and Silvermist at their parks as if we are all literally interchangeable brown eyed black haired vaguely olive-skinned women, to show any sort of nuance in doing it right.

As for “how bad could it be?”, I will always point you back to Firefly.

I feel like crap today but…

Agh, well I wanted to show off my range of expression, but then I thought that maybe I should just show you how I look every single day.
Today should really be affirmation that trans people can look like anything- there are lots of different people with varying ability and wish to present in varying ways and…
You don’t have to conform to anyone’s standard. You are who you say you are. Always.

Sorry if I worded any of this badly. Genderfluid, They/Them only.

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Hii, I was just watching Connor's new video (What Popular Songs Really Mean). He was reading Thinking Out Loud lyrics, and he seemed very in love with that song. Then he reads the following line "Me, I fall in love with you every single day. I just wanna tell you I am". His face after reading this (also with his hand on his chest) was so lovely! He looked up just like he was feeling what the line was saying. I like to imagine he was thinking about Troye <3 go see it! xo

YES! Adorable. I thought the same thing. The other bit I really love is when he says “And my darling, I will be loving you till we’re 70.” Something about the way he moves when he says that makes it look like he was thinking about someone. It’s. Just. So. Freaking. Cute.

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Hullo I'm new to drawing, any tips when it comes to digital painting?

yeah, try every technique you can find. look up tutorials and try them out. even if you find something that’s easy and looks good, try not to settle into a routine because that’s when you stop learning, and when you’re just starting out you should be trying to learn as much as possible! that kind of happened to me when i was learning how to do digital art, i found one technique i really liked and kept to it but now it’s kind of become a crutch, i have to force myself to do something different if i want my art to continue to change and improve. there are tons of ways to do digital art and most of them won’t be right for you but you should try them anyway

In need of Coyote parts!

While I desperately try to ignore Coppy, Tumblrs latest April Fools prank (because I just really needed to know) I figured I’d take the opportunity to ask the VC community to help me out!

I was recently commissioned to make a dream catcher that incorporates coyote and/or hyena. Since hyena parts are probably way out of my budget range I’m likely going to co the coyote route.

Legal Information: New Jersey/ New York. As far as I have been able to find out, coyote parts are perfectly legal to own/sell/trade across state lines.

What I’m looking for:

toe bones (about 4 should be good; preferably pre-drilled with one small hole, as I do not own a drill. Or wire-wrapped so I can attach a jump ring works well if you’re good with that sort of thing)

claws (drilled or wrapped, as the above, if at all available)

small fur scrap (1 square inch) OR long fur strip (1 inch wide, anywhere from 6-15 inches long?) [idk maybe you have a pelt that didn’t tan so well and is virtually useless or you’ve got some crafting/taxidermy scraps left over from your latest project that you wouldn’t mind parting with?] Craft grade fur scraps are perfectly fine! They don’t need to be super high quality or taxidermy quality! Just so long as there are no noticeable bald patches on the scraps I get.

Willing to purchase or trade! I’ve got a bunch of shells I’ve been trying to get rid of, and I’ve got some spare deer verts and an extra tuft of reindeer moss that I wouldn’t mind parting with.  I also have this resin pendant that has, like, a mouse jaw and some moss inside it? I got it in a giveaway and I don’t wear it and it didn’t come with a chain of any sort but it might make a good keychain.

If you know anybody with these things and are ready to sell/trade, hit me up! Gonna tag a few of y’all to see if you can help me out~

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