Amethyst, such as Lars, has a rather bottled up personality- she hides her anger, frustration and pent up sadness inside until she’s pushed over the edge, and I can just imagine how heartbroken she felt when the one person she could really connect to started to become more distant from her as Greg came around. The one true person that she could really connect to, confide in, and just overall be herself around had disappeared because of this single man.

This side of her has become more prominent with each episode, and that’s a wonderful thing. She’s opening up and addressing her problems, though it might not be in the most conventional way. But I think we should take a step back and look at Greg and the emotions that must have hit him like a slap across the face when Amethyst changed into Rose. Besides pictures and cherished memories of her, he hadn’t seen her since Steven was born. And to suddenly see a version of her, the love of his life, standing before him like that? I don’t think I’ll be emotionally ready by the time the episode where Greg tells Steven more about his mom comes out ;-;

Seonam Girls High School Investigators - 1x11


Wellll.. This is pretty random, but seeing as it’s ED awareness week… 

I have been thinking about how I really struggle with a certain area of my body during the recovery process… my little tum tum! It can be the source of a lot of anxiety during the recovery. It can feel full, it can feel hungry, sore even! It sometimes feels like an enemy…like something that’s just in the way…Today though I realised something. 

Your tummy isnt like an accessory or decoration. It’s a part of you. 

It is your individual beautiful body, like your nose, eyes, toes.. and you need to look after it! 

Each tum is completely different and individual. (I some times feel like they are expected to all look the same!) I felt this was best visualized for me by giving it a face. To help me see she is just a natural and beautiful part of my body and completely individual - the same way no two faces are the same! Im so used to covering up my belly, so this is my (ever so slightly weird) way of embracing it! 

Its my BELLYSELFIE !!!!  - Why do I love it? Because It still looks after me after all it’s been through and deserves recovery!  

So I have this head canon that Eren loves to snuggle his face into Levi’s stomach. Levi wakes up in the morning and Eren will have migrated down his torso, arms looped around Levi’s hips just pushing his sleep mused face into Levi’s tummy, looking like the most satisfied little shit to walk the earth.

Taylor Caniff

Taylor has changed so many of our lives and now people are thinking its funny that he is really sick. This one boy saved lives and your laughing because he was in the hospital. what really makes me mad is some of his “fans” just sit back and dont say anything. Taylor changed the way i look at my self and i will be damned if i see one more person make a sick joke about taylor. He has traveled to so many different places to meet his fans and now he is sick. i may sound like a little bitch right now but just because you think it is funny that he is sick doesnt give you the right to go and say shit like i have seen. I really hope Taylor feels better because when ever he isnt smiling and laughing it kills me. I hate seeing him feel guilty because he is sick and cant meet his fans. so if you have a problem with anything i am saying please do send me something because i will be more then happy to tell you where you can shove your opinion. Just because you think he is just some Fuckboy doenst mean he hasnt saved more lives then you stupid people can count. I love him and i hope he feels so much better and gets well soon. I will send my prayers your way taylor. 

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I see you have a serger but do you have any tips for finishing the inside of garments as professionally as possible without one?

There’s so many ways you can finish a seam without a serger!

before I owned a serger I would just leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance and do a tight zig zag stitch after my straight stitch on my seam allowance. It’s probably the closest thing to a serger seam as you can get without actually using a serger.

OR you can use pinking shears to cut the seam allowance to prevent fraying if you dont feel like doing the tedious work of sewing your seams twice..

You can also do a French Seam — French Seams look REALLY good on finished garments — or a Turn and Stitch.. all techniques that are super easy and you can learn how to do with a quick youtube tutorial.


I went to the very first show of Pentatonix’s very first tour!

It was AMAZING, I recommend you go see them if you get the chance.

For the first part of the show, a super tall guy was standing right in front of me, and kept holding his camera up so I couldn’t see anything. When they went into the crowd to sing a song, everyone ran up to them, but I just pushed my way forward so I could get a better spot.

I’m not a stalker or anything, but I think they’re staying in San Jose, because I saw a limo with what looked like them in it on the way back home.

Oh, and on a side note, I saw a guy wearing a silver pleather jacket. It was bad. Maddy and Stephanie have trained me well. 

So I’ve been scrolling down my dash and literally every second post is about that dress so i keep scrolling and i have thus feeling of impending doom and my expectations are so immense and then i finally reach the original post and i don’t get it??

Is the joke that it’s obviously one of the options? Is this one of those “we’re all acting like we’re in on this joke” things? I’m so confused.

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the way Amethyst's Rose hair move when she turned to look at Steven and they both looked all shocked, it gave me such a ghibli vibe, that whole scene in general gave me that vibe, I loved this episode

oh yea, the show does that a lot, they like referencing Ghibli in the hair movements and the tears and stuff, its really neat. They definitely take a lot of inspiration from Ghibli films, not just in the look but also the tone, its very nice.

*me wearing my Dallas Stars t-shirt today*

Kid in my class: woah woah Dallas?
Me: uh yeah
Kid: but what about the blackhawks? Don’t you like them?
Me: yeah I do
Kid: um well you can’t really like both so
*looks at the kid and just walks away*

No way am I going to deal with this right now….YOU CAN LIKE MORE THAN ONE HOCKEY TEAM.

Real life signs

Aries: thinks the world is against them even though they’re awesome
Taurus: could probably eat their weight in Taco Bell and look sexy doing it
Gemini: thinks they’re smarter than you. Probably are.
Cancer: angry but really just wants to be liked by everyone
Leo: overly excited about everything and way too fond of singing in public
Virgo: honest about everything except what actually matters
Libra: will make it obvious who their favorite is while claiming to love everyone equally
Scorpio: if you think they like you they probably hate you
Saggitarius: won’t get out of bed until noon and will make everyone wait in the car while they put on makeup
Capricorn: will tell you the same five stories for years and never realize it
Aquarius: not sure if they’re actually deep and philosophical or bullshitting
Pisces: way to concerned with seeming like they don’t care


NU’EST - I’M BAD LYRICS (English & Romanized)

nuest im bad translation:

Yo~ Baby I was wrong Is give me a one more chance

It seems I was really crazy
The way I let you go
Each and every step I take back home
Remembering all those times we spent together
My legs continue to come to a stop, and I can’t walk
I turn back for nothing, you’re not even there

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didnt i just say that it's here in my country so obviously i bought a ticket? i cringed the same way i cringed while watching RTN. What really bothered me in this film was the hanabi and hinata bond. I got more emotions out of sai and sakura when they saw hanabi and hinata's just like "oh you poor thing" wtf. They made hinata look like a girl who doesnt know her priorities in this film/the way she knits all the time/and when her mind was read. and yes im really rich thanks.

Wow. So let me get this straight. You, a SS fan, who’s clearly able to note the subtleties in Sasuke’s reciprocation of Sakura’s affection in Part 1 (something many a neutral and anti overlooked which is why SS got so much shit over the years) to the point where his forehead poke was no big shocker once he made it all the way through the light side of that Face-Heel revolving door, couldn’t understand despite the scarf being intended for Naruto, was done during the mission as a coping mechanism due to anxiety over Hanabi’s capture? Did you forget how Hinata volunteered to join the mission herself? How she had to leave Naruto hanging after he confessed to save her sister and destroy the Tenseigan? The mind reading moment was meant for laughs, obviously. The moment she woke up first thing she did was check on Hanabi. She isn’t shocked in that moment because we see through flashback Toneri already showed her condition at which point she’s this close to tearing his head off before Naruto reappears.

I mean damn, at least this isn’t a blatant ripoff of Kushina’s flashback of Naruto’s birth like RtN was.

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First, thank you so much for liking my work, it really means a lot to me! Perhaps I should write more prompty things in the tags, so I can get to write them. ;) Enjoy!

Connor is boilingwith frustration. It’s not that he has a big workload or anything. No. It’s Oliver. His stupid boyfriend who sendshim the most ungodly text messages at the worst possible times. Like when he’s in court, trying to defend a client, and can’t just up and walk out to go relieve himself in the nearest bathroom. So he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t respond to Oliver. Doesn’t feed into his boyfriend’s sick fetish of loving to get Connor all hot and bothered at the most inconvenient times. But he can’t retaliate too much, because he does it right back to Oliver.

            So today is the day. The day that Connor decides he’s going to get back at Oliver for all the relentless torture, all the frustration. Annalise had dismissed them from work, saying that she wouldn’t need them for the rest of the day and that they were free to go. This was his chance. Oliver would still be at work, and surely it would be a pleasant surprise for Connor to pop in to see him. And finally try to settle this score between them. With a devilish smirk planted on his smug face, Connor took off for Oliver’s office, determined as ever.

            Connor never thought particularly important to stop at the front desk of the IT department to check in, and would rather just barge in. Eventually, the front desk workers just got used to Connor strolling in and out whenever he wanted. It wasn’t that he visited Oliver at work often or regularly because Oliver always complained. Saying things like “you’re distracting,” and “I can’t focus with you staring at me like that.” And more often than not, Connor only went in to drop off Oliver’s forgotten lunch. But not today. Today wasn’t going to be a day of hovering over Oliver’s shoulder, teasing him. Not in the sexual way. Not in the way Oliver always teased Connor; getting a twisted pleasure from seeing him ready to tear at the seams with need and frustration.

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I’m just gonna keep drawing bishokukai!Komatsu forever 

but yeah, maybe he’s apart of them from the beginning (and just skips meeting toriko all together) or maybe he officially joins up after the cooking fest (unfortunately Joa is the only one who seems to be able to change people’s personalities through cooking, but whatevs) but either way, i want this

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You so into yourself but 9/10 times you answer nice flattering anonymous messages by complimenting the person back. HOW self absorbed of you.

That’s because I used to be all about getting the compliments. I only just turned my anon messaged back on not too long ago and from receiving sweet messages it really got me thinking, hey I wonder if this nice anon has been complimented today they should know how wonderful they are just by spreading positivity and love. Even if I can’t see what the anon looks like the fact that they went out of their way to be lovely to me is something to be respected.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)


10 FRIENDS?!  Well…I might have 10 friends…  Okay. Let’s go.

1.  I have the cutest, most pixie-like voice ever. 

2.  I can play the piano, flute, ocarina, xylophone, somehow I can play the big organ with two keyboards and foot pedals, and I can tune glasses of water.

3.  I look (way too young)  adorable in leggings and big sweaters.

4.  I am a reliable healer? *puppy eyes in …no particular direction*

5.  Something I am actually really proud of, which sounds weird to say…is that I give a lot of free art.  I began pushing myself to get better at art not just to realize my own dreams, but to help realize the dreams of others that either didn’t have the time, didn’t have the inclination, or somehow didn’t have the means to learn to draw on their own.  I don’t mean to sound boastful or anything at all, it’s just …always been something really important to me…and I’m proud that I developed that way.  I’m even more proud that I chose to become that rather than be taught to become that.

I know it wasn’t too long ago when I went on a ramble of Amy Acker’s performance as Root, but wow she just keeps dropping one exceptional performances after the other. There might not have been that much of her in this episode again (better than Q&A though, right?) but I feel like she has this energy that constantly pulls us in.

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Honestly I don't know how to feel about Dan's new header...one one hand, it's nice that he's getting comfortable with "phan" but on the other hand, it could seem like queer-baiting or playing up their friendship into something it's not (and personally I wouldn't like it if anybody was faking the closeness of a relationship just for views). What are your thoughts on it? (I'm sorry if some of that didn't make sense, but I just really needed to get that off my chest)

no i get what you’re saying
my point of view is that theyre not queerbaiting….
i do believe that phan is real, in one way or another. i’m not sure they’ll ever properly ‘come out’, that doesn’t really seem like a thing they’d do. but they’re not exactly hiding it, are they? they’ve given up on denying it and have kind of embraced it. Like, look at dan. he hasn’t identified as bisexual, but he almost definitely is. He talks about crushes on male celebs like Dane Dehaan, Ezra Miller, and Evan Peters openly, and I don’t think he’s ever denied liking guys. he’s just clarified that he also likes girls (infamously, via ‘fyi i like vagina’). So he’s bi, but he hasn’t labelled himself. He’s not a “bisexual vlogger” for whatever personal reason he chooses not to do that. I think Phan is like that. They show enough to let us know something’s up, but not too much that they’ll be concretely labelled as a couple to the public. Theyre probably more comfortable like that. 

They’ve marketed themselves as a duo, which is a pretty big commitment, one that will last indefinitely. and theyre going to be living with eachother indefinitely. and neither has had another relationship that we know about over the last several years. 

dan tweeted this once and it might be about the girl he was dating right before he met phil (or not, i don’t know) but a feeling like this probably doesn’t change

if they’re not a couple, i believe they definitely have a queerplatonic relationship. I was in one with my friend and i can definitely see this relationship between them, whereas a real life romantic relationship between them seems questionable. everyone at our high school thought me and my friend were a lesbian couple, including some teachers. it’s way more intense than a normal friendship. it is like ‘just loving someone’ and it being worth it. and this kind of goes in line with how much they’ve been joking about phan lately… poking fun at the idea of them being a romantic couple when they love each other so deeply as friends.

tldr; based on my 2 theories, they’d only be queerbaiting if we find out that they have secret girlfriends or something and /everything/ we’ve seen is just an act. if we somehow found out that they don’t genuinely like each other very much (which is hard to imagine since they spend all their time together). or if they had thumbnails of them almost kissing/whory titles like “British boys do the Chapstick challenge!! 👬” and/or still denied it they’d be queerbaiting… but i think what they’re doing right now is fine.