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Miley, you are a beautiful human being and your experiences have shaped you in such dramatic ways over the years. How do you cope with the stress and pressure of fame? How does the fame affect your family and friends? I know you've probably been asked this a dozen times, I just really look up to you and who you are as your own person. Thanks!


Favorite Record (road trip au) - Chapter 15

Summary: They have an old beat up Thunderbird convertible, twelve thousand dollars between them, and no destination in mind. This could very much be the worst decision both of them have ever made.

Words: 6k



Just wanna thank you all for the continued support! Y'all are literally the best readers and it makes my day whenever I get an email telling me someone commented on this. It makes me smile so much. Please continue being the best people in the world.

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BIGBANG presents ‘Pajama Rangers!’

Drawn by: me ~ 

It’s in sketch form this time instead of full colour because I just liked the way the sketch looked and I had no time to do a fully coloured one. (Kind of lost the motivation to colour it, so I’m going back to the roots of drawing~ BW in sketch mode)

When I first saw the update, a lot of people saw it as a PJ version of their MADE tour poses whereas… I saw them as Power Rangers/Super Sentai…. LOL I have no idea why. Am I really the only one that thought of it?

Anyways, hope you guys like it! 

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How did you learn how to draw clothing folds so well?

hnn i think it was a combination of really paying attention to clothing folds in real life and studying from photoref and… staring at nicely drawn clothing folds

i think what got me really interested in how folds work was leyendecker’s art! i like how there’s so much energy in every stroke that make up the folds.. and at the same time it was stylized but made sense in a way that you could really learn from just looking at his work? because he liked to chunk things down it was easy to understand things from the way he renders things. 

so after that i started looking into drapery and studying those and trying to understand the weight/consistency of the fabric and how that’d affect the way it folds. I’m no where near mastering drapery though lol but T shirts and simple clothes are really easy and fun to draw for practice so i draw those a lot

hope this helps somewhat! 

Lately I’ve discovered some weird pattern in situations like these. They all start with a few lines of rly dumb small talk which 99% is compliments about your looks/body, and then BAM a creepy inappropriate question like this. And this is what I noticed: they will always try to make you feel guilty for replying mad/irritated/disgusted, or try to get away with it by saying “I didn’t intend it in a creepy way, it was just a normal question in a polite tone, and look at the nice casual conversation we had before which showed I was also interested in you as a person and of coooourse I didn’t just had that conversation as a mandatory process, just so I can use that to guilt trip you to point out im a nice guy without creepy intentions so there’s really no need to react so negative". Like wtf no we both know you’re just a creep bye

I find that collecting old books is one of the most comforting things in the world.
I think maybe it’s because their old, thin pages remind me of my grandmother’s skin.
When she asked me one day in a confrontation-but-not kind of way why I didn’t confirmed, I told her it was because religion hurt more than it helped me and I think maybe that was the day she stopped seeing me as her granddaughter,
which was a start.
Because maybe, like a book, the only thing that can hurt me from my grandmother are her sharpened edges, you never really look at a person’s edges.
How her pages turned in the way that really bothered your fingertips,
and she didnt smell as good as a book should smell,
and her font, just small enough for you to enjoy her story significantly less.

She was the kind of book that old people like.
That you feel like you should read, but if you’re being honest with yourself you really can’t read–
She was the kind of book that the philosophy major asshole brags about having read.

My grandmother had skin just thick enough so it would withstand fingertips but so thin that annotating her would rip her to shreds, the kind of skin that’s so easily stained with tears, the kind of skin that you doubt could cut you,
but it does anyways.
She was the book that you tried reading over and over and kept coming back to because maybe you’re smart enough for it now,
she was the kind of thing that made you feel bad for living maybe because she called you an abomination every other day,
maybe because her pages gave you the papercuts that no one can see but that you can definitely fucking feel

On Sundays, she fastened your noose of a cross necklace you got for first communion around your neck,
cinched her own waist with the Bible belt,
And sat on a typewriter pew, letting the apostles come and write her story for her.

—  i wrote this less than a minute ago, here you go by kip

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Oh, come on… Writing IS a gift- and it’s a rare one, at that!! Not all people can write like you can! Take a look at me. Can I write? Nope. Can I draw? Barely. I may get praise for it, but it isn’t as good as I want it. You are /AMAZING/, Sai.

I just don’t feel that way a lot. I don’t know why. So many people say I’m good, just… I don’t know why I can’t believe it.

And hey, you can do both! Better than me!

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Why am I seeing so much lilo is real just look at them.. Like really liam acted the same way with harry last tour and had been like that with Zayn too like what liam is sleeping around with them like people come on. Everything but harry and Louis together. Everyone else but harry and Louis. Like it's time for some to open their eyes up and see. LARRY IS REAL!!!

People can’t see beyond their own noses.

I personally think the majority of shippers just look for ways to push characters into a pre-designed mold they’ve thought up or picked up from yaoi. They’re not actually paying attention to the character interactions. Just the baiting and whatever stereotype it is they can box them into. Like deciding a really shitty aesthetic is more important than the actual substance and implications of the series.


Sooo… Today is my 23-th Birthday (Getting old, I’m aware xD).

I just wanted to share with you photos of my favourite guys, who make me smile and happy everyday. “My Dorks”, as I call them privately (it’s a secret, don’t tell… too many people). And everyday looks way better with some eye-candy in it, doesn’t it?

Hope you like this photoset!

And for my Birthday… I just wish that I’d find that special guy who’d make me laugh and who wouldn’t be ashamed of me and would accept me as the person I am. There were too many bad things in my “love” life in the past 6 years but they made me the person I am today. And I learned that it’s not bad to show who you really are and friends who don’t like you and want to change you are really really bad for your health.

Anyway. Sorry for the spam. Hope you all have a great day!

P.S. Why these guys are so beautiful? It’s strange that they aren’t illegal xD Don’t make them illegal though. I don’t wanna be a criminal ^_^

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Can I do an angst-y one? "I hear the way he (boyfriend) treats you, and you don't deserve it." With Gabriel, or if you don't do Gabe, I'd be happy with Cas, too. I just need some angel lovin' right now. Thank you!

I’m not really good with Gabe, so I will write some Cas :)

“Cas it’s not that simple-”

“Yes, it is, Y/N” he says and shakes his head, “He doesn’t get to talk to you like that, you’re not his possession”

You sigh and look into the angels blue eyes full of worry, “He loves me” you whisper, “He just gets frustrated and sometimes he takes it out on me”

“It shouldn’t be like that” he says simply, “You deserve so much more”

Huffing a laugh, you sit by him on the bed, “Well, no one else is willing to put up with me”

“I am” Cas says, looking at you honestly, “And I wouldn’t be ‘putting up with you’” he says using quotation marks, making you smile, “…I would treasure you”

Blinking up at him, you find only sincerity in his eyes, and you feel yourself leaning into him, resting your head on his shoulder, “Do you mean that?” you mumble. 

“Always” he mutters and takes your hand, “I’d do anything for you, Y/N”

With a soft smile, you feel your eyelids drooping, tired from yet another argument with your boyfriend, you make a mental note to break it off with him, and to see what would happen with Cas. 

Just finishing up!

I’ve also always wanted my philtrum pierced (aka a medusa), but when I told Rob he was all, “Eh, I’ve never really liked the look of that piercing.” So I was like, “Oh. I guess I won’t get it done.” He’s never told me not to get it done, but after I get both nostrils done, I’m gonna think about it. I just really like the way a vertical labret looks with a medusa. Just with a cute little gemstone on my philtrum? Idk I think it’d look cute.

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Damn gurl why u so bitter bout zarry

i like zarry actually, but i have problems with the zarries who shit on louis all the time for his looks (when he was obviously going through something around the time people started really calling him a rat and a drug addict, etc) and his voice. which definitely isn’t all of them! i follow a few really amazing zarries, who probably just muted me lmao

when i JUST got into 1d, the first fan i talked to in real life was a zarrie and when i told her i liked larry her exact words to me were, “but WHY? he looks like a rat,” which would make me KILL now, but at the time, i was just kind of like, “….?????” and i know it’s petty, but that’s informed the way i see that ship ever since, and yeah, i’m a kind of a bitter bich about it rip

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I know, right? Ash is, like, probably the gayest person I've ever seen, and that includes Pinoe, Abby, and also, myself. :D And Ali... well, there's no doubt in my mind that she's a straight girl, but she fell in love with Ash and that is SO obvious I won't even argue on that topic anymore. It's the looks they share, the things they say and post on various social media... :)

No one has the kind of relationship that they do unless they are together. Like I’m sorry… it’s just illogical. And I personally wouldn’t say that Ali is straight… the way I see it is she never really had a reason to even question her sexuality until she met Ash. Kind of like Ella… as far as Ella was concerned… she was going to spend the rest of her life with a man until she met Erin.

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Fantastic response to that anon who was so wrong on every count. You dealt with them with far more grace than I could have done, so have a clap on the back. You know what really annoys me with people like that is not that they have that opinion, but they share it because there could be someone out there who identifies with Kageyama and is just starting to be accepted, and then reads rubbish like that. Well done!

Ahh thank you! I don’t know I just feel immense protectiveness over this fandom because everyone is so nice and adorable and it needs to stay that way. I figured the best method was to just keep spreading the happy instead of jumping into the argument they were looking for.

And YES i have to post this because YOU’RE RIGHT. Kags is such an important character because he’s so real. He’s just an initially awkward, emotionally blocked kid who’s trying super hard to do his best and didn’t mean to step on people in the mean time. And hey he maybe hasn’t figured out how to have serious conversations yet and reconcile with others but he has learned to be a more selfless player and is even trying hard on a regular basis to interact with his teammates and be nice and man that EFFORT is what matters. He shows people that you don’t have to do anything just right you just have to try and look how loved he is now by his team okay see I’ll shut up but he’s an adorable little blueberry and I hope everyone remembers it 

Please tell me if i'm overreacting...

My friend has been on my case about wearing makeup ever since school started and i hate it cuz i just don’t like make up and i keep saying i won’t wear anything. And today in bio she was like noor you’ll look really really pretty if u had makeup on. She didn’t mean it in a mean way i think, but it felt like she wasn’t pretty and idk i’m really upset by that. I’m not overreacting am i?

It really sucks that I only really get compliments on my hair on the days that I freak the fuck out about it and chop at it and obsess for an hour trying to get every little angle perfect
I hate it so much.
I don’t wanna have to go crazy every morning (and almost always again later in the day) just to feel presentable and actually like the way I look.

Honestly looking back at the watamote anime, it feel way too limited. Like if you only watch it and don’t read any of the 80+ chapters it sort of does feel like 12 episodes of laughing at someone’s failings. And worst off it pretty much ends right before Tomoko starts to get more heavy character development (which seems to be the biggest complaint many people have).

I’m not saying the anime is bad (I love watching some of my favorite scenes played out) but you’d really be missing out if you didn’t read the manga afterwords.