A really big thank you to all of you!

Hello everyone! This month is not only SEVENTEEN’s first anniversary since debut, but also marks a year since this blog was created. Making my first posts, I really didn’t know what I was doing or what I was getting into. However, here we are, 3,000 posts and 21,000 followers later and being as trashy as ever. ^^

A big thank you to those who followed this blog from the very start and those who have just joined. Going forward, I really hope to continue providing quality updates on SEVENTEEN and getting closer to you all in the process. The #1YearwithSEVENTEEN Fan Project was my first time doing something of the sorts and I’m looking forward to doing more exciting stuff in the future. This blog still has a long way to go! 

In the meantime, I would like to thank all of you again. I go through your guys’s tags and comments on posts often and it’s so cute to see that SEVENTEEN has so much support from people all over world. Keep it up, Carats!


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The older that borrowed baby gets the clearer it is that not only is it not the right age, it's definitely not related to Louis. Danielle looks more like she could be Louis' child than that baby. And it looks nothing like Breep, new or old face.

Anonymous said: My mom said that kid is at least seven months, not only because of his incredible muscle control but because he’s really huge. My sister thinks he’s eight. Either way, now I get why DM always adds at least a month at his supposed real age.

Anonymous said: This is not the same baby!! It looks nothing like frelliot they used before. It looks like pic of young louis. This is not the same kid as before. Am I crazy?


I’m just confused by anyone who has said that what the kid looks like is proof that he’s Louis’. Sorry, but he looks like nearly every generic white, blue-eyed child, including one of my best friends’ sons when he was that age (that age being about 7-8 months old). Babies look the same.

The real thing to take from that ridiculous picture is that “Freddie” is WAY too big to be 4 months old. Like, significantly, obviously and clearly way too big. Anyone who’s ever been around babies or toddlers should be able to tell that on sight.

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so this will probably come across as though I am a pro lucas/maya shipper when really I'm straight up for rucas -- but --- I hope Peyton and Rowan can grow to become more comfortable and familiar around one another the way it looks like Peyton and Sabs are. I can't tell in a major way, it's quite minor, but I really, really hope when rucas do become official and start dating that Peyton and Row can relax into that relationship and feel completely comfortable together and find rucas' intimacy.

I’m pretty sure they’re comfortable around each other lol 

There’s a reason my favorite scene is the Knicks scene. That was a scene based off of improvisation and it showed just how well the two work together. 

Riley and Lucas weren’t ready to be in a relationship, but that will hopefully change in season 3, and we’ll get to see their natural chemistry come across even more, now that the two characters will hopefully be more at ease with each other :)

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Do you know a spell or way to help my hair grow faster? I just got a haircut today and I really don't like it (the hairdresser didn't do what I wanted and now I look like a guy [on me, it's not a good look])

Since you’re obviously not trying to look masculine, I’d stay away from herbs like saw palmetto. This is often indicated for people who are trying to increase hair growth, but it does so by increasing your testosterone level so it’s not suitable for you! Gingko leaves, stinging nettle tea, and aloe vera are all very useful though! 

Additionally, rosemary water is an excellent hair treatment, and works well for those who are trying to reduce their usage of hair products like shampoos. Add a large handful of fresh rosemary sprigs and a few sprigs of fresh peppermint to a 2L bottle of water, and pour in about a tablespoon of uniodised salt. Leave it to sit in a dark place for 3 days, and then take it out to use it as a hair wash! About a half-cup every time you have a shower should be suitable, poured slowly into your hair and massaged into your scalp as you shower. If you’re going to use shampoo and/or conditioner that shower, use it before you apply the rosemary water to prevent the soaps from washing it out early. Leave it to sit on your head for a minute or so before washing it out with water. It should be kept in the fridge when not in use!

Enjoy your hair growth lovely!

– Juniper

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NCT-U reaction when you start trying to intimate something with them and you're being really thirsty lmao

SORRY THAT THIS TOOK FOREVER OMG i wasnt able to finish it for so long bc of shitty internet but… here it is. From, Admin Krys,, enjoy….


No way I’m the only person who sees him for the awkward baby he is. He would so be into it but at the same time he’s probably going to blush and look at the floor. He’ll try to talk dirty back but he’s going to be a stuttering mess. 

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Will be cheeky. You’ll be thirsty as hell and he’s just like, “Yeah? Well would you do…” and you’re like “heck yeah!!” and he’s like “You’re sick!!!” but really he’s gonna write that down in his planner.

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I think he’ll be similar to Taeyong. He’ll try to be sexy and whatever but really he’s internally exploding!!!

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Jae is lowkey extra lmao so I kinda feel like he’ll lowkey egg you on before hitting that SKRRRT and making fun of you for it out of nowhere. But then when you get upset he’ll give you a lil’ kiss n promise you’ll get what you want later.

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YIKES hes a baby n im calling 911 rn,,

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📖 = tell a story

Ok so this happened around mid last year. Was heading to my college early in the morning, approximately 6am. Doors don’t open till 6:15 so I’m like ok I’ll just wait out front until that time yeah cool…

Few mins later a massive, scruff looking biker stopped in front of me looking up and down. Being so early in the morning, I really didn’t want to deal with anything. Man, I have to get up at 4am, 3 days a week to attend college which is all the way in the city (having to catch a train and 2 buses). I hadn’t had any proper sleep that week because our assessments and tests were due that week.

He chuckled and spoke “Hey baby, how you doin?”

Now I don’t know if this guy was high or off his head or just wanted to pull my leg but I looked like absolute shit that day. Wearing track pants, hoodie, messy hair, glasses; I looked like a sleep deprived male college student (which is what I naturally am if I don’t bother with hair styling, make-up, nice clothes, etc.)

I look at him with the most annoyed expression, sighed and said in a low, blunt tone “Is there something I can help you with?”

His expression went from smug to absolutely horrified. His eyes widened and looked at me up and down one more time.

He then stuttered “Oh sorry dude… I thought you were uh… sorry…”

In the blink of an eye, he was gone. The last thing he heard before he drove off probably was the loud cackling I was voicing.

Moral of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover regardless if someone looks more feminine or masculine. In the end you may just make a big fool of yourself haha~

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The way jungkook smacked jimins booty! It wasn't just a tap like the guys usually seem to do, it's a full on spank!! *pterodactyl noises*

Lol well I don’t think he quite got to Jimin’s butt BUT it does look like that’s where he was aiming. Whether he missed cause he wasn’t really looking or at the last second he realized ‘wait fuck cameras’ I don’t know ^.^ But yeah, it wasn’t a soft pat lmao

Title: Dreams Do Come True

Pairing: Idol!Luhan + Fanboy!Sehun (HunHan)

Genre: Fluff

Length: 6,380 words

Author: Sehun8gfat

Description: “What’s your name?” Luhan asked with his head down, signing the poster.

“Oh Sehun.” He said with a wide smile and chuckled when Luhan looked up, only to be face with Sehun’s stomach. He then slowly looked up with a cute, faint blush on his cheeks that probably only Sehun could see it.Letting out a small laugh, Luhan stood up straight and looked at him from head to toe. 

“Man you’re tall.” He said and wrote his name on the poster before handing it to Sehun. “Which hat do you want Sehun?” He asked with his shy smile.

“The one that I really like?” Sehun asked, resisting the urge to smirk just because he was enjoying the way Luhan was intimidated by him.

“Of course. Whichever you like.”

“I like the one on your head.”

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You always draw people blushing and I think it's really really cute ôヮô and the way you colour is really cool, like markers or watercolours in digital and it's very nice to see (I just love seeing your art on my dash aaaaa ( ;´Д`))

thank you so much!!! you’re the third person to tell me my colouring looks like markers/watercolours and that makes me feel so happy and flattered since i really aspire to have a style like that ;o;


I was taking screenshots for the armour meme, and then, once more, I came across these things on the Inquisitor’s belt. Tamlen is a rogue, so I’m not sure if they’re the same for mage and warrior… But either way, does anyone know or have an idea what these two instruments’ function is? The one on the right, that looks like it’s of dwarven or maybe Tevinter origin, and the one in the middle of the two bags. The one on the right looks like it’s extendable (held together/ kept small by that hook-thingy), so maybe it’s a telescope or something? But what about the other one?

I really don’t know (and maybe I’m just not getting the obvious or miss the right information :’D), so I’d be curious if one of you does or has any other ideas :)

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I was wonderink if you could see pictures from online into a pillow and have it look exactly like the image on the computer! I'm just curious!

What you’re looking for there is a specialty printing service, not a craftsman. 

Remember to not just take images off the webs without permissions n stuffs.

I have seen WAY too much of that in dealers rooms and frankly it’s sickening. 

The bootleg problem is real, yo. Ugh. 

smolleweenie asked:

Hey, uh, this is awkward.Ive made 5 tumblrs already because tumblr wont let me talk to awesome guys like you. Just one answer from you is enough for me to be contented. Why do you like septiplier so much? this is my last tumblr. I tried so Hard ;-;

oh omg im sorry you had to make 5 tumblr accounts! xD well..I really think septiplier’s just really cute?? It all started when mark(?) was like “septiplier away!” at pax prime(??) and my mind was like “holy crap ikr they’d be cute together” and later on i just fell in love with septiplier and now im a noob for those two darn it ;;;;v;;;

if anyone’s looking for me in a busy crowd just shout “septiplier?!” and i’ll be like

“aWAYYYY!!!!!!” dashing my way to give you a hug lmao XD

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You know, I've been curious for a while. You got a really cute and unique art style, the characters look so bright, soft and huggable. How did you develop your style? Like, what art styles did you take inspiration from and made your style the way it is now?

Oh gosh uh…I dunno that I can pinpoint specific influences I guess? I have always strived for bright expressive eyes and I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from animes I’ve enjoyed and comics? A lot of Vocaloid PV’s influence my style as well. I mean the best way I can describe it is I just see things that I like in other works and go “I’m gonna try to do my own take on that” and it developed from there! 

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winter soldier song: goner by twenty-one pilots. post TWS-steve song: brooklyn by woodkid

Oh my god I was literally just listening to Goner, and I feel the exact same way about it. Like Bucky at the end of TWS where he’s literally only just starting to remember who he was before Hydra, I feel like it really works well. Also that Brooklyn song is actually perfect for post-tws steve. Or even for those deleted moments from TWS where he’s on the train looking real lonely, or at the cafe drawing etc. 

i always want to have more of a connection with all of you guys and this site in general. i sometimes wish i didn’t run an aesthetic blog cause i never really talk about my interests or anything. but idk it’s probably not gonna change soon just cause i like the way my blog looks lmao

Every time I feel tempted to buy a BJD-like doll, I look at this blog and at the drama on some patches of Flickr and blogs and remember why I don’t. Sure, having a beautiful doll and the resulting sewing/photo ops would make me really happy–but people in these communities just seem to go out of their way to be petty and hateful. I left another completely different doll collecting community eight years ago because of the same type of drama, and don’t ever want to be sucked back into it.


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Are you looking to date? What do you want in someone ? Qualities? Looks?

im really not sure if im looking to date. i just want someone to be here for me ya know. i really dont care what qualities you have. honestly if i like you i like you. i love sweet down to earth people. i like people i can be sarcastic with and they can counteract with my sarcasm. i want someone whos down for me and for me only. i want someone to be utterly obsessed with me. its always the other way around for me, im not going to make anyone a top priority anymore. i want to be sure that someone has me as one of theirs. i want to feel like im wanted. idk i just want to be happy. i guess thats what everyone wants.