On a related note, I also love how they’re posing in the extended intro. Like, to me, its not like they’re posing in the incidental way characters do in intros and stuff (like, where the characters aren’t themselves trying to pose, they’re just ‘naturally’ in that pose) but rather that they are actively posing like this because they think it makes them look cool. Like, they’re all smiling and happy about it, they’re clearly enjoying themselves and think they look cool and its really adorable to me.

A Tale Of Two Rulers FAQ

—————– Comic itself related questions/stuff———————-

  • Q- How often do you update?

A- Once a week (unless health issues or other major stuff like that gets in the way) Look for it on Mondays.


  • Q- Do I need to know anything about the Legend of Zelda games to understand the comic?

A- I’ve been told that you don’t by people who just jumped in like that. In fact, I’ve gotten letters from lots of nice people saying that the comic actually got them into playing the games. (It’s really cool to hear things like that!!)


  • Q- Are you going to draw explicit “sexytime” bedroom stuff?

A- If I do it won’t be on THIS blog. I try to keep this one at least around/under an ‘R’ rating. Stuff beyond that, (if I ever make it) will be on THIS blog.


  • Q- What Legend of Zelda timeline does this follow?

A- All of them technically. I use all of the games as “past lives” for the characters. But there’s GIANT spaces of time between them. I’ve even added a few extra past lives into the story. (Such as one where Zelda and Ganondorf were very lovers for a short time but everything with terribly wrong.)


  • Q- Do you mind if I make fanwork (fanfiction/fanart/other stuff) inspired by/about your comic?

A- I actually LOVE it when people make stuff inspired by my work! Please, if you feel the desire to do so, go ahead! I would really enjoy seeing what you made!


  • Q- Can I use your art for my avatar/ wallpapers/ or other random things?

A- Go ahead! I mean, give credit if you can, but with little things like avatars and stuff, I don’t think it’s necessary. All I really ask is that you don’t claim it as yours or sell it. Other than that, have fun. I made it for people to enjoy.

—————–Character related questions/stuff———————-

  • Q-Where is Link?

A- Link is Rinku in this incarnation. (So probably running around the castle getting into mischief.) The “Link” that was first shown early in the comic was Rinku in different clothing, not a different character. :)


  • Q- Will Ganondorf (the human-shape person) ever turn into Ganon (the demon-boar shape person)?

A- Yep! It’s gonna be an emotional train wreck!


  • Q- Does Ganondorf have other kids?

A- YES. Well, he DID. Since he reincarnates over and over, AND remembers everything really clearly, he remembers his hundreds of children over all his past lives. He cared and loved for them deeply and it was very hard for him to out-live them. Eventually he stopped having new families at all because he couldn’t stand the loss, but he missed it and decided to start again in this comic with Zelda.


  • Q- How old are the characters in this AU?

A-  Zelda is 27, Ganondorf is 40, and  Rinku is 9 at the start of the comic.


  • Q- Are Ganondorf’s mothers going to be in this story.

A- Sadly no. They passed away lifetimes ago. He still loves and remembers them though. Same goes for Zant, Midna, and any other non-reincarnating or extremely long-lived character. There ARE however ancestors of Major characters that are a lot like them. Impa in this AU is like that. 


  • Q- Is Rinku a boy or a Girl? What is their gender/ preferred pronouns?

A- I made Rinku to be like me in this regard. Biologically female but has the gender identity of being MUCH more male than female.

But also like me, (since it took her a number of years to understand this about herself), her family has been referring to her as a “she/her” for so long that is doesn’t bother Rinku to be called that because she’s accustomed to it. She’s fine with ‘him’,‘her,'they’ or any other respectful/well-meaning pronoun.


  • Q- Does Ganondorf know that Rinku is Link?

A- Not yet, but it’s gonna be a really bad day when he finds out.


More to come as people ask things in a frequent manner! :D

For emilybuttrickards, I’m really sorry for whatever this is…

“I can probably build that.”


“I’m just saying, Felicity. We don’t need to buy that. I’m pretty good with my hands.”

“A fact I’m exceedingly grateful for, but we you don’t need to build all or any of our furniture.”

“But, I don’t like the way this looks, Felicity.”

“You didn’t even sit on it.”

“What difference does that make?”

“Just sit on the couch, Oliver.”

“This is nice.”


“Wow, this is really nice. I could fall asleep on this.”

“And you just might some night, so think about that.”

“Are you threatening me with couch time? Already? I’ve been so good today.”

“I know, but I’m thinking ahead. To a day when you’re potentially not so good.”

“Do you think there’ll be many of those days?”

“Don’t know, but I think contingency plans are a good thing.”

“I really love you.”

“I love you, too. So…the couch is a yes?”

“Mhmm. But I can still build us a better table than that.”


“What? We need something sturdy. You know for–”

“Yeah, okay. I’m good with that.”


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Growth. :)

I subbed a class at the East Y last night and had SO MUCH FUN. Class was in the gym and I was on the stage with no mic and no mirrors and no comfort zones. This use to paralyze me with fear or at best, make me super uncomfortable.

But last night I was on fire!. Can I say that about myself? LOL I hate vain statements but I just want to convey how fearless and free I felt. I absolutely loved it! I usually do like teaching without a mic because it forces me to use larger body movements & facial expressions. It’s a challenge, but in a good way. And then last night…something about that stage and not having any mirrors around…I felt free to get a little wild and silly and the class was really eating it up. I’m sure it’s partially because I’m fresh from ZINCON and I’ve got all that greatness still floating around in my head.  But looking back I can totally see how much confidence I’ve gained and how I’ve grown in the last couple of years! It’s exhilarating to think about it! :)

After class several ladies came up to ask about my class schedule. They all said they had a great time and one of them even told me I had “a gift.” SAY WHAT NOW. I told her that I loved Zumba more than anything I’d ever done and she said “well you communicate that very well.”

And then I probably smiled at her like this:

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not using tumblr for one day will not get rid of the update, sending them multiple complaints will not get rid of the update. doing shit like this has never worked, stop wasting your time.

i, personally, don’t mind the update, it’s not THAT bad. that’s my opinion, it’s okay to not like it. there is things you can do to get rid of the update if you really, really don’t like how it looks.

here is a script that makes tumblr the way it used to be.
here is a new x-kit version that can put blockquotes back.
here is a list of scripts that can help you some more.



“It’s weird… the feeling of someone actually care of how you feel. You know they do… but it’s just the feeling when they both comforted me that I won’t forget. I definitely will miss. It felt like… them, being my family now… Including Rosemary, Lynn, George and Rhys of course.”

Mortimer cleaned his glass, what once had wine in it. “What did you thought of when that happened?” Mortimer asked her. “How stupid I was to fall in love with a boy with a history like that. To make me really nervous about the fact that Jake could be the betrayer of the group… But Jake understood me of everything, it even felt like forgiveness. I think Kaidria just knew more than we both did… She felt a person that… That I should deeply love. In a- It’s not even in a friendship way or even love…”

Mortimer didn’t look back at her while cleaning the glass. “Like a parent loves their child?” Mortimer added to her sentence. Elly looked at Mortimer, wide-eyed. “Well… Yeah but… I wasn’t her mother… I obviously wasn’t. Maybe in a previous life, I don’t know.”

I placed the glass back to where it belonged. “I would enjoy to listen to what happened next.” 

Beginning | Currently

this is Mikey Way. I drew him for you a few months ago, and I just found it now looking through my old sketchbook. seeing it, and all the preceding drawings, makes me realize exactly how much of an influence you are on my art. The only reason I really got the motivation to start drawing (or, rather, pursuing it) was stumbling across your blog in the late December month of last year, and thinking ‘I want to draw like that’. And so I did. I studied the art here and how it was created, looked for mediums I could recognize, and found a lot of other amazing art accounts branching from here (ex. fearlessvampiredoodles). This day, I can create far more realistic drawings (I think I might have a style now? Instead of taking influence from other artists?) and express my ideas far easier than I was able to at this point last year. And I owe most of that to this blog, and to the wonderful person who runs it. So here I am, giving you this small, messy, slightly strange drawing of Mikey Way as a thank you for existing, for creating, and for inspiring.

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So do guys just throw themselves at you when you're out? I look at your pics and make out with my phone hoping that when I open my eyes it will really be you. I don't mean that in a creepy way either, I only use mild tongue 👅. Also, describe what kinda guy you check out when you're at the bar or out on the town, like what gets you going?

I love this anon, Kasey and I laughed and laughed. 💗💗💗💗

No one throws themselves at me when I’m out. Sorry to disappoint. In fact, the guy I sat next to tonight, got up and left ten minutes after I sat down.

But my current crush at the bar is actually a girl!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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What tool do you like drawing with the most (excluding your tablet) ? Do you do shading when you draw in real life?

I’m assuming you mean traditional art? In which case, there are three types of ways I like doing my traditional art (all of these are photos taken from my mobile):

1) pencil shading

I rarely do traditional art but when I do, this is usually how I do it. Just a quick sketch+some shading

2) watercolor

I don’t use watercolors much at all. I’ve probably only used them about five times (this drawing being my fifth lmao) I really like the way other artists utilize it though, so I’ll practice it eventually haha

3) markers

I love using markers and used them all the time back in middle school. Once I got into high school I stopped. This is the first drawing in a long time I’ve used markers for.

(these were all done within the last two hours for this ask so they don’t really look too nice haha sorry!)

these are the supplies I used:

nothing fancy ;u;

I feel like it’s been awhile since I last really gushed about how amazing Amuto is. :3c

I will honestly never stop being in love with the relationship that Amu and Ikuto share. Their relationship is just so loving and wholesome and it makes my heart melt every time I think about it!

Like we have Amu who is shy and awkward and has a hard time expressing herself and we have Ikuto who is a huge nerdy dork that basically has to act cold just in order to survive. They both meet and almost immediately are comfortable around each other. There is no presser to have to act a certain way or something like that. When Amu and Ikuto are together they can just be themselves. 

Amu and Ikuto’s relationship isn’t based in looks or outer characters. It’s based in actual true love. Amu and Ikuto both love each other very much. The relationship they share is the kind of relationship that I strive to have one day. 

Amuto is very much centered around love and trust. You really just can’t get any better then that. 

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Could you recommend some UV bulbs? I've been reading your posts on the benefits of UVA and UVB and would like to buy some for my ball python when my T8 comes. I'm from America so maybe our options are different, but I'll see if I can find something similar if they are. I just need something to base off of what I'm supposed to look for. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

Hello anon, 

Firstly I am glad you are considering offering UV to your snake! The kit avalible in america IS a bit different yes.  Most reptile people here use these ballasts that are outside the viv like this. And the bulb is put into the end caps and can then be put in a reflector and positioned wherever. I think in US the all in one units that the bulb slots in to are more common? 

Either way.. when finding a unit to run the bulb. Try to find an electronic ballast unit if possible. Magnetic units have a flicker which can be irritating/stressful to people and animals. Electronic units are also more efficient so even if the initial price is slightly higher you’ll save money in the long run with an electronic ballast. 

As for bulbs- always Arcadia if you can get them. There’s an online supplier for US here .   

As for what size and %UVB you go for that will depend on your enclosure size and height. Ideally you want to illuminate ½- 2/3rds of the enclosure, with the light on the warm side of the tank and the darker area on the cooler side. So your photogradient and your thermogradient match up. 

In a tank with less height you can probably get away with a 2% T8 bulb,  and If you have a light sensitive morph definitely don’t use anything higher than a 2%UVB bulb. If the snake is not a light sensitive morph and your cage is higher than 1ft I might go for a 5% bulb. If its 2ft or higher then you may want a UVB 10% or look into T5 bulbs.   

Provide the snake with an elevated area (such as a platform or a piece of slate on top of a hide) where it can expose itself to a higher UV index if it wants to bask. Also be sure to provide the snake with plenty of cover so it can avoid the UV too if it wants and can self regulate its exposure.  

Hope some of that helps feel free to ask any questions if you still have any!  

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(1/?) So last year my class and my teachers we're awesome ( the majority). And me and this guy were like friends but everyone thought we liked each other (we didn't) but we were very close and we were very alike and talked way too much in class..

(2/2) “But our Portuguese teacher liked me alot i was one of her favorites and she was one of the funniest people I ever met. So me and my friend were talking in the classroom not really paying attention to class when we hear her yell… Just kiss already!“so we looked at her to see who she was talking too and everyone was looking at us some cheering some laughing at our blushing faces. When class ended I was talking to her about it and she said almost every teacher shipped us”

That is such a cute story!! It’s also funny how all the teachers agreed on it too! But if you’re just friends, I think that’s even better

I one time had a teacher ship me with this boy who’s last name is Allison and she said in front of the entire class “if you two got married, you’d be Allison Allison.” I pretty much died of embarrassment that day

It’s Sleepover Friday yo

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Ginzura and Mamihlapinatapei?

Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.


“You look at Zura funny.” 

Gintoki’s eyes didn’t really see Takasugi. The boy was always conveniently off eye level so he had to force his eyeballs to look down. Takasugi was looking at him with something akin to loathing, but he knew it was just Takasugi’s resting face. What a riot. “What the hell are you on about now?”

Takasugi got in his face, which meant that he was shoving his stupid tiny head into Gintoki’s neck area. “I see the way you look at him whenever you guys are looking at maps or planning or whatever. It’s that sort of weird flashing of the eyes, like you’re looking up at Zura as if he’ll disappear if you don’t look. It’s weird and it’s weirding me out.”

“Do you hear yourself?” Gintoki said. “Here I thought you only had delusions of grandeur, but apparently you just also have delusions.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Like a bad smell and the relative in the family that no one liked, Katsura appeared and was walking toward them. “Are you guys arguing again? It’s honestly midway; how have either of you done anything to offend each other?”

“It’s Gin,” Takasugi said quickly. “He’s been looking at you weird so I’m just calling him out on it.” He hated his disposition, shorter than most; Gintoki and Katsura looked up at each other from looking at him, although in that strange way where only their eyes angled up. It was strange, very strange.

“It must just be you,” Katsura said slowly. “Gintoki hasn’t been acting strange at all.” Takasugi threw his hands up and stormed away. Gintoki watched him walk off with a disinterested look. “Have you?” Gintoki did not look at him. 

heres something really weird and specific. before i learned how to shop for mens clothes & take the right measurements and stuff i would always get stuck wearing pants that were loose on my legs and tight on my hips that made walking nearly impossible and made sitting a nightmare

and sometimes i see characters wearing pants that are drawn in a way that makes me physically Feel like im wearing pants like those (judai in yugioh gx ALWAYS looks like this) it really messes me up i just want to get them pants that look comfortable

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Is there any particular reason you headcanon lis as a lesbian (I don't have a problem with it, I'm just curious)

There really isn’t a reason to not have Lis’s head canon as a lesbian honestly. Have you seen the way she looks at Sinon? Not only that but like just overall why not? She seems to be particularly jealous over Kirisuna’s relationship and half the time it doesn’t even seem like it’s because of Asuna. And I say again, not everybody gotta be straight and I know you didn’t mean it this way, but I would never get an ask saying ‘why do you head canon Lis straight’

gambling-rxngs ]

Lucy gave Lance a confused look “what are you talking about? You look great… Really great” she winked playfully, blushing slightly at her own remark, she could afford to flirt a little now and again…

 “Seriously though, Lance…” Lucy turned to the mage, her expression loving as she went  up on tip toes and placed a light kiss on his cheek. “I like just the way you are, okay?”

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This probably sounds stupid but I start college in a week and I've decided to go natural the whole school year because it's just easier and I'm learning to love the way it looks, I'm just worried because when I went natural in high school white people always made comments and wanted to touch it and I know some people didn't find the look cute and I'm just feeling kind of insecure about it and I was wondering if you have any advice on gaining confidence about your natural hair?

I was scared when I went natural for my first day of university that I just transferred to but after a while, I got used to taking care of it and really, I feel like I have my own identity and distinction with just wearing my hair the way I am. Not to say you can’t wear weaves or braids because I miss my box braids and want to go back soon! LOL But nappy/kinky hair is so unique that only people of Afro descent have, so be confident no matter how gradual the process may be. If you have any black female friends with similar hair textures or hair products, I suggest you start with them first. Ask them to borrow some of their products (a real girlfriend would help you with your natural hair and not be stingy with her products because she knows how deep hair is to us) and even help twist it every once in a while until you get used to it. My main advice is to just tell yourself, “I’m special, unique, and the girl with the ‘wild’ hair and I don’t care what anyone things.” Trust me, it can be very convincing. Having a ‘wild’ kinky fro is fun. Sure, some people are shallow and anti-black enough to not notice you when you don’t have straight hair or a “good “weave/braids,but those people are irrelevant. True people who like you and are used to you as a person will appreciate you no matter what your hair looks like. 


twisting isn’t mandatory but it keeps your hair from getting matted and if you hate shrinkage, it can really help expand your fro or kinks. I don’t see shrinkage as a big deal because it’s curly hair, so hair is SUPPOSED to shrink when it curls up. Duh. 


If any white person or anyone who is not your friend or close acquaintance asks you to touch your hair, tell them that you either just got it done, don’t like people touching it, or that you don’t want their nasty, oily hands fucking it up! Now, I’m more timid with confrontation so with me, I let them do it if they ask “nicely,” but don’t be afraid to give someone a nasty look if they just start touching it (which flattens out your kinks/naps) without your consent. That’s considered an invasion of boundaries.