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Hi!The first,что хочу сказать,так это то, что рисуешь ты потрясающе!Мне очень нравится твой стиль!Кстати, отдельное спасибо за Куроо-сана :3 И еще, я бы хотела спросить у тебя, не могла бы ты показать как ты рисуешь руки?буду очень благодарна \(°w°)/

Спасибо большое!
Я напишу ответ на английском, вдруг кому-то из подписчиков тоже это будет интересно.

So making hands tutorial is very difficult thing for me ‘cause I think i don’t draw them very well (still working on it). I think there’s a lot of really good tutorials that can help you.
I can show the way I draw hands but I don’t know if it’s right (just reminding I haven’t been going to art school so I have no idea how teachers explain this theme) Anyway

usually it look like that, but I don’t advice if you are  beginning artist and haven’t enough experience

More details

Just remember: every complex thing you can imagine as a few simpler geometrical figures like ball or cube and so on.

I don’t want someone that always post his relationship on social media to tell everyone how happy he is. I don’t want someone who complains about my physical appearance, ask me how my weight comes from, and who complains about what I wear. I don’t want someone that I can only share my other interest with, rather than all the stuffs that I like.


I want someone who understands me. He would listen to all my shitty things and have a deep conversation with. I don’t know, maybe talk about the existence, how the galaxies are made, death, politics, history, philosophy, what is life, what life means, music. I don’t want to have a conversation that is just saying “hey, what’s up”, I do really hate small talks.

I want someone that looks me the way Johnny looked at Winona. The one that we have something in common, but also something to argue. Despite the arguments we would make, we still look each other in the eye and last the bond.

I want someone that is just okay for what I wear. Ripped jeans, oversized tees, sneakers, messy hair, all black outfit, flannels. Dresses, tank tops, blouses, heels, make ups. He would not complain for what I wear, instead we just have fun.

I want someone who I can call in the middle of the night just to tell him that I just ate a cereal. He would listen all those nonsense, and continue to talk about how did Socrates could have such a great minds.

I want someone who makes me laugh. Telling me his jokes even though it’s not funny, tell me how his day was and being lazy together. Maybe watch a movie, listen to music, read books, or just lay in bed all day. Or maybe, watch The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society, The sound of Music, Disney, Pride and Prejudice, or 10 Things I hate About You.

I want someone that doesn’t afraid to tell me if I behave rude lately. We just share our thoughts and being outspoken. 

I want someone that can also be my best friend. Instead of “Hey baby, I love you” he can say “Hey let’s have pizza, my treat”. He doesn’t have to buy me sweet things, like flowers, expensive stuffs, dresses, and all those cliche things. I would rather be given a mix-tape. Or love letters. Or a book about our bucket list. 

I want someone that photographs the memories and even though he would photograph the insecure me, he would just pause me to do other thing and capture it and he would say how perfect it is. Not to be posted in social media, but instead being framed or saved in the photo albums. We would look to all those photographs some other time, and how the person in it would never change.

I want someone who takes me to unpredictable dates. Not a fancy dinner, but maybe we could hike. Explore nature and go on adventure. An impromptu date night where we would just lay on the grass and stare at the starry sky, or maybe we could have a snack eaten outside a closed library. I don’t know, take me somewhere I have never been before, or somewhere that is your favorite place. Your sanctuary. 

I want someone that Winona hard to get over, and be someone Johnny really tried to get over. We just complete each other and we don’t know what to do if finally we are being apart.


Maybe this is too much for I could have asked for someone. But I swear, the way you give me your best, the way I do give you the very best of me.

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I think I'm straight but idk im really confused adc as lexa makes me feel some type of way and I noticed certain other girls do too but it's a very select few so idk if it's real or not I'm just confused af

Alright so if I’m going to be honest with you it started out the same way for me. Once I went to college and started noticing I always thought to myself ‘damn that girl is nice looking’ or ‘that girl is appealing face-wise’ but never even looked at a boy and thought something similar I realized what that meant.

That’s why shows like The 100 are so important to me they are showing that it really doesn’t fucking matter who I like? Have you seen this world it has so many other problems then worrying about who I like to kiss?

If you want my advice I’d say don’t sweat it. If you find someone attractive embrace it. It took me awhile to understand that my attraction to girls was more than I want to look like them and more of I want to be with them type of thing. As for thinking you’re attracted to a select few girls that is completely normal. I don’t walk around and think every single girl I see is attractive. Just like straight girls don’t want around and think every boy they see is attractive.

It’s not going to be easy to understand and it’s going to take some time. Hell even I still question myself and I’m as gay as they come. If you see someone you think you might like as more than a friend then go for it. People are people we can’t control that kinda stuff. Just don’t be strict on yourself when it comes to your sexuality let yourself explore and question everything.

You are ok. Your sexuality is valid. Oh, and I love you.

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(just a random, before I go to bed message) it kills me, y'know, any time I see taron, he looks like such a beast, his shoulders are wide and he just looks packed, wow! but then when he stands next to colin, it's like he's a little boy! and while he is a boy, compared to colin, he really isn't that small and yet he seems so... gahhhh. (hartwin/fitherton will be the end of me, I know it)

For his height, Taron is a stocky, solid boy, But he’s, like, 5′8″ and Colin is something like 6′2″ or 6′3″? There’s just no way for anyone under 6 feet to look not tiny next to a man as tall as Colin, despite Colin’s leanness.

I adore their size difference, though, it’s so cute. Dirty tol and angry smol, it’s Hartwin in a nutshell. :)

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it looks *to me* (keywords here, just my opinion. leave it at that.) that Farkle was *unknowingly* really trying to get Riley to tell Lucas that she still likes him because he actually was uncomfortable with the idea of Lucas and Maya, but just didn't know that's what it was or didn't want to admit it because he's dating smackle

I guess if you see it that way you see it that way…but there is legit NOTHING in recent canon to suggest to Farkle outed Riley for any reason other than his stated purposes: RILEY’S HAPPINESS.

Unless there are major major major changes to this show and everything Michael Jacobs believes about romantic love as evidenced by his previous work and his interviews, Farkle and Maya are not going to be a romantic pairing. Period. End of story. There is no evidence to suggest Maya will ever like Farkle romantically (No Sparks high five, chiefly), and Farkle only ever “loved” Maya in a friendship/childhood crushy kinda way based on his actions. Farkle is not in secret or unaware romantic love with Maya. If he were, he’d have prioritized *Maya’s* happiness above everyone’s else’s, not Riley’s. He’d have been sneaking glances at Maya on the roof, not Riley.

I do think there’s merit to the idea that Farkle is uncomfortable with Lucas and Maya as a couple, but if so it’s most likely because he doesn’t actually believe they like each other, he doesn’t want things to change, and he sees how it’s hurting Riley.

People can clap back at me for this all they want, but one thing I’m 250% sure of is that romantic Farkle/Maya is NEVER gonna be a thing, based not only on canon but on *EVERYTHING* I know about how storytelling and romance arcs work—which is a whole damn lot because I write romances for the bulk of my income.

So…idk. Cite me some canon I can’t drive a tank through for romantic Maya/Farkle and maybe I’ll see it too? I doubt it, but I’m open to hearing your reasoning.

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Hello there! This isn't a request or anything but I would really appreciate it and be super happy if you could answer this one question for me! Since Kris left EXO, do you think you could give me a list of all the dramas he's been in! I've been trying to look for them but I get all these different answers and I would truly love if you could give me like the true true answer!! Thank you so much! I love your blog by the way! It's amazing!! ^^

He hasn’t been in any dramas, just movies.
Right now, two of his movies have premiered, but more are coming out soon.
Five others have been filmed already.

Already premiered movies:
Somewhere Only We Know (有一个地方只有我们知道) - Peng Zeyang

Mr. Six (老炮儿) - Xiao Fei

Already Filmed Movies:
The Mermaid (美人鱼) - cameo

Sweet Sixteen/Summer Tears in Paradise (夏有乔木) - Xia Mu

L.O.R.D. (爵迹) - Yin Chen

So Young 2: Never Gone (致青春2:原来你还在这里) - Cheng Zheng

Journey to the West (敢问路在何方) - Tang Sanzang

Movies he’s signed to, but not filmed yet:
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

- Admin J

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Oh so now Orihime is Ichigo's nakama, friend? last time I heard them saying he doesn't give a shit about her or her existence and basically every other character cares about her more than Ichigo does. Lmao Ichiruki shippers are so pathetic. why are you swallowing back your words now? ugh they need to stop with the double-standards, do they enjoy humiliating themselves this much?

Antis will say anything that goes in their ship’s favor. And honestly, admitting Orihime is Ichigo’s friend since the beginning of Bleach, was not in all a threat to their ship. It’s canon that he cares about her. Acknowledging that really isn’t a big deal anyway, but from the way it seems, they just hate Orihime. Whenever she’s anywhere near Ichigo, she’s “bad” for him. Let’s say Ichigo and Chad left, and orihime stayed with Uryu, they would be praising the crap outta her. 

The Anime makes it look like Ichigo doesn’t give a shit about her, I’ll give them that, but we all know the Anime is not accurate. But if they want some fanon ichiruki love story, they can by all means go back to that. If it makes them sleep at night. 

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I can't say you are not gorgeous, because you are gorgeous as hell, and you are probably goals to so many girls (including myself) so reading for a girl as skinny and pretty like you a "love your body", "be confident", doesn't really give me the vibes. Is really easy saying: "love yourself" when you look the way you look. I'm not trying to be rude tho. Hope you don't take it that way, is just that when I look myself at the mirror and then I looks girls like you... It's kind of pathetic.

I understand what you’re saying, and I get that you perceive me as attractive and “goals”, but I have spent my entire life hating myself up until recently. I’m not just posting shit like “love your body!! be confident xoxo” because I think it’s easy. I post it because I’ve struggled my entire life with body image and have finally overcome a lot of it so I want to show other girls it’s possible to get to the level of self esteem that I’m at no matter how much you hate yourself. Just because someone has your definition of an “ideal appearance” doesn’t mean they haven’t struggled with extreme self hate. Just consider that. You can’t invalidate someone’s body positivity just because they’re perfect in your eyes, because you have no idea how much of a battle they had to endure to get there. So, in summary – no, it’s not easy for me to say.

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i feel you, and i think you're definitely on to something with han. he and leia had a really strong relationship, so it had to have been something big that split them, bigger (i guess) than just ben falling to the dark side even, because we all know they're better at working together than apart.

it’s hinted at constantly that leia and han are trying to avoid some sort of argument - i assumed this was an argument over kylo in some way like the fact han doesn’t believe he could be redeemed but leia does… but they had that discussion and …no argument at all. 

look @ this:

in the novel it mentions that when leia says ‘if you see our son. bring him home’ han wants to say something but hes afraid of starting an argument and he doesn’t want to end on that note since hes not sure hes going to survive. maybe the argument is about rey??? some early theory suggested it was too ‘painful’ for them to talk about  and it’d hurt them but i never really bought that? maybe its more than that. maybe its that they don’t talk about her simply bc if one of them does bring her up it completely tears them apart all over again and you’ve got shouting matches and han running from it all?

 if hans somewhat responsible for what happened to rey then no matter whether it was a mistake on hans part its going to cause tension - even if leia understands and doesn’t blame him like its suggested. its possible han suspects who rey is but he can’t bring himself to say a thing about bc hes not sure and he doesn’t want to ruin this moment with leia over it when he thinks he might be walking to his death this time. then when he sees rey again escaping without help hes almost completely sure rey is who he thinks she is - hes ‘perhaps more grateful’ than anyone bc he knows if she is his daughter then theres a chance he can make whatever he did right and get her back to leia - he dies trying to bring both his children home. maybe rey is part of what motivates him to step out and face kylo. its all for his family. thats han solos legacy: he messes up but he always tries makes it right. always - and when leia sees rey again she just knows exactly what han died for. in the end he did make it right - at least a little way, and thats why leia is ‘grateful’. 

So I logged into the Emma Birthday Project Email today to see if we’d gotten any contributions yet, and instead of sweet messages I found this. I wasn’t going to post this publicly but it honestly bothers me that someone would go out of there way to make a positive thing for Emma into something negative. 

Yes, Emma made a mistake in the past, but let’s be honest EVERYONE does. But to continuously bring up someone’s mistake over and over is wrong. If it was really that big of a deal to the company she works for she wouldn’t have been rehired, but she was. Move on and let the past go. And as for saying she’s not even a good wrestler.. just go watch her match with Asuka at NXTLondon or Paige at NXTArrival and tell me she’s a terrible wrestler. 

Look to put it simply I’m not begging people to be fans of Emma, and I would never go out of my way to put other wrestlers down that I may not like. If you’re not a fan of Emma, or don’t want to contribute that’s perfectly fine, but please don’t send in negative things. We’re doing this project because we’re huge fans of Emma as a wrestler and a person. If you want to contribute please contribute and help us make Emma happy for her birthday. If you don’t want to that’s okay. Let’s spread positivity people, there’s far too much negativity already. 

Thanks for reading.. and if you’d like to contribute here’s a link to where you can get more info!

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93 +Selfie

Oh Gods, but Seth I’m looking so ugly right now

93) What’s the hair style you wear the most?

Just the normal boring hair down. I wanna grow it out really long, like down to my ass because it’s been forever since I’ve had hair that long and I miss it.

Selfie, huh? ok :P Keep in mind that it is 11:09 right now and I am in my jammies and in no way shape or form looking cute, ok? Cool

*coughs up a picture of myself*

I got in a Facebook argument about tattoos with, of course, a rude-ass person who is trying to talk one of my friends out of getting a tattoo they want as their first but like a normal human they’re having anxiety about it and now I just feel like yelling some more.

As a heavily tattooed person, I find that the “but what will that look like in 50 years” thing to be a really gross way of poking at someone’s bodily autonomy, since it’s absolutely never “imagine how fun it’ll be to tell your grandkids why you did that,” it always comes with a heavy side of “that’s why you shouldn’t.” I talk a lot about how tattoos are no big deal and I think more people should have them, tbh, because I know so many people that want them but are constantly confronted with this “oh you’ll regret it/ruin your body/hate yourself every day” thing.

(Also, I never ever see this specific “but think of your body’s aesthetic!” rhetoric directed at people who are not obvs afab, which is fascinating, but that’s an aside.)

Like, when you make that argument, you’re treating someone as though they don’t know tattoos are permanent, and perpetuating the “tattoos are only for things that are Serious and Deep and Forever” mindset, both of which are somewhere between rude and incredibly subjective.

Also, seriously, it’s a fucking tattoo. It’s a drawing on your body. While tattoos themselves can be really important, and the act of getting it can hold major cultural or personal significance, if you want a damn rose or a heart or something I PROMISE IT WON’T RUIN YOUR LIFE unless you, like, get it on your forehead or go to a scratcher who gives you a staph infection. Within a year, you will regularly forget that you have a tattoo and occasionally be surprised when people notice it. Having a tattoo is generally speaking not a big fucking deal.

But what if you regret it? You probably won’t. Get the damn Bernie Sanders tattoo. It’ll be fine and you’ll laugh about it later. Get the silly cartoon your kid drew that you think is great. Get your dog’s name. It’s a marker on the roadmap that is your life - it’s noting where you’ve been just as much as what you are.

It’s not a car, so stop talking about tattoos like they’re bumper stickers. It’s a body, belonging to an adult person. Tattoos are a hugely important way for people to culturally and personally claim and present their bodies, not to mention their own fucking business, and I’m tired of watching people get talked down to about it. (But then again there’s a reason my artist refers to me as The Enabler ;)

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weeaboos or koreaboos go around saying "all cultures should be shared" just for an excuse for them to fetishsize Japanese/Korean culture like I can literally see the bullshit through it when I hear or see them say it, like we get it weebs/kboos are sad af just because they finally find out that their sick fantasies are shattered and we Asians aren't tolerating their bullshit, sorry i'm just annoyed after meeting a racist kboo who threw the culture should be shared bullshit

Seriously though!! It’s always the ones appropriating or stealing cultures that say that, as if they get to decide how a culture they are not apart of gets to be shared and consumed. How can you look at someone and demand they share THEIR culture with you…can they cut the bullshit and say “I get to steal and use ur culture however i want” since thats what they really mean. Like spoiler alert cultures were never made to be shared lol

Its such a gross, entitled way of thinking esp against colonized and indigenous cultures… like ya we attempted cultural genocide on your entire race but that was like a billion years ago so now you have to let me bastardize and commodify ur culture because i said so :)) share your culture sweaty :)))

I always thought there was a special kind
of heartbreak reserved for those who 
could have loved each other and been 
good to each other but, through a cruel
sleight of hand, never made it past polite
hellos and glances that last too long.

I thought only love could find such joy
in causing pain to those who seek it, but
then I saw the way his face lit up so brightly
it could have never survived the dark.

I knew you meant well when you said they
looked like they were really good friends -
like they’ve known each other all their lives
and were just waiting to finally meet.

“Yeah, we could have been best friends,”
he said, and even I could see the smile on
his face start to falter and fade.

I have never experienced heartbreak, but in that
moment I swear I felt it in the way his words drifted
away in soft and strained resignation.

I hear people say that the love between friends
can never surpass the one between lovers -
perhaps it can’t, but there is a sort of pain
among dying friendships that twists itself into
a knot that no breakup song can ever unravel.

“We could have been best friends.”
“I thought I knew him.”

Maybe if I was a better friend I could have seen it sooner.

Week 3 of 52 - The Alternative to Heartbreak is More of It | Kanika L.

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I do really like most of her videos but I think she's unnecessarily mean when it comes to Shadowhunters (especially when she's mocking and exaggerating Doms American accent). There is a line between giving criticism and just being rude for the heck of it. And Harry Shum said in the video he thought he saw her on YouTube before.. Which makes me feel so bad that he could ever potentially see her talking so bad about the show he worked so hard on.

yeah, she shouldn’t make fun of the way someone talks, that’s really rude. i thin she’s just looking for stuff to complain about at this point because she wants to continue to be funny and get viewers, even though she’s just being rude


“There’s a ton of weapon-type stuff here.”

“Weapons…? Is there someone here you wanna fight? Are you gonna fight Monokuma? …W-Well, I guess with things the way they are, I guess it makes sense to have something for self-defense. I think it’s good that you’re being cautious. Okay, for my self-defense, I want…you! Will you keep me safe…? Just kidding! Don’t worry, I don’t actually expect you to do anything.”

It looks to me like she had a really good time.

Yep. she totally needs defending. from naegi

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I love awkward in these situations. I can't wait for the awkward bit before, I wanna know who asks and what they say. Does Robert not ask because he thinks he'll get rejected and Aaron's just waiting for him to ask. Does Aaron have to start giving out hints? I need to know these things!

I wonder if they both just kinda edge around it.

Like, swaying (as they do), not really asking but like, asking.

Just loads of hints and stuff like, I’ll be in the pub later, oh yeah? probably me too. Dunno what time I’ll be there, like. No me neither, probably about 8ish. Yeah, me too. I’ll probably see you around, then? Yeah, probably. Cue the cute smiles, they walk off, both look back, more cute smiles.

And boom.

Date has been arranged. In the worst way ever.