Late night theories, but, I’ma go ahead. I was rewatching today’s episode and like okay

Yes, Perry was acting a little fishy by the end there. (Let’s be real; I really don’t think that’s Perry)

But, okay. Let’s look at this again. 

“Until she takes the wrong risk.” 

Now, she says that. And it seems like Perry. Perry would be concerned, yada yada yada. But, they look into each other’s eyes (I think. Either that or Perry’s staring at the mark on Danny’s forehead). And after a few moments of staring, okay look at this:

“And I’m just hoping that… Someone,”

You see the way her head tilts? It’s like instantly, she changes. In a matter of moments something darkens in Perry and she’s like this manipulative, terrifying mom (DEAN DEAN DEAN DEAN). It’s like a switch. 

That’s terrifying, yeah? Now here comes the really spooky part:

“… Is there to help her when she does.”

Look at her. She’s nodding. She’s nodding. It would be cool and all, if she wasn’t acting insane, and Danny didn’t start NODDING WITH HER. 

To me, this looks like some form of mind control. It’s like Danny’s entranced or something. Like Perry nods as she says her words, and it’s like Danny can’t help herself as she nods with her. Like to me, that looks like straight up mind control of some sorts.

Now, Danny would protect Laura. That’s given. I’m p sure she would say that on any given day (even without mind control), but look at this. Just in that scene before Danny leaves, look:

You see that nod? It’s like a nod of approval. Like ‘Good. Now go get the job done.’ Or some sort of understanding. It just… it doesn’t look natural to me. It looks manipulative. There’s something sinister about it. Just looks off. Then Danny walks off, and blah blah. 

But once she does walk away?

She nods to herself, but this nod doesn’t look sinister in anyway. This looks like Perry. Especially with after, where if you watch, she takes dirty dishes and walks them over to where (I believe) the kitchen is. That’s very Perry like, and so is this nod.

Now, okay. This may be getting a little out of hand here, but stick with me. What if those marks on their foreheads have to do with, going off the theory that Perry is possessed, the Dean possessing Perry? Either the Dean took some acting classes in her many years of life, or she’s fluctuating between Perry and herself. Like when she stared at the mark, it just turned sinister. And something changed in her. And as soon as Danny’s gone? Back to normal.

Coincidence? Am I being crazy? Or am I onto something here?

Either way some shady shit is going on with Perry


liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike. let’s talk about their reactions here? because i 100% believe in my filthy trash bin of a heart that this episode was the point of no return for parker and eliot both, the point at which they both realised holy shit i am in way over my head. 

look at those reactions. like, it’s not simple relief, it’s relief and *total fucking whelm*. and neither eliot nor parker has–allowed themselves, maybe, the relative luxury of just thinking about what someone means to them. because it’s always been a liability. for eliot, caring too much about people would just be something that someone could use against him; for parker, it’s what archie’s cautioned her against a million times: we don’t get involved. 

and worse for both of them, really, is that they’re not–not too caught up in a job, not too wrapped up in their own reputations or…or things that could be forgivable, really. things that they could realise and chide themselves for and then pull back from, do better. no, instead they’re both of them way overinvested in another person, in a person who could be hurt, who could be taken from them because they weren’t good enough or fast enough or–or just because sometimes you lose. 

parker and eliot have always been aware of when they should cut their losses and get out. but this–this isn’t an acceptable loss. maybe neither of them can say the word love just yet, even to themselves, but this is where they realise it.

hardison doesn’t die, but he comes back to life anyhow, and when he does, the whole world changes.

I hate the fact that my art teacher doesn’t consider my artwork very legitimate simply because it is digital, is fan art, and is “anime”. (My work is not Anime…)

Just because she likes uber-realistic drawings done in pencil does not mean my work is not something that can’t be put into a portfolio.

Traditional artwork is REAL artwork.

Digital artwork is REAL artwork.

Just because I draw digitally doesn’t make it any less of an art piece.

I mean, MY GOD, it’s as if this is 2015 or something!

BTW, she deemed my fully original character, Princess Aelwen, “too much like Frozen.” What…? The art style isn’t even like Frozen. She was inspired by how I look, not Anna.

I don’t think she meant to be mean, and she did say that my work was good, but what she said also REALLY rubbed me the wrong way.

BIGBANG presents ‘Pajama Rangers!’

Drawn by: me ~ 

It’s in sketch form this time instead of full colour because I just liked the way the sketch looked and I had no time to do a fully coloured one. (Kind of lost the motivation to colour it, so I’m going back to the roots of drawing~ BW in sketch mode)

When I first saw the update, a lot of people saw it as a PJ version of their MADE tour poses whereas… I saw them as Power Rangers/Super Sentai…. LOL I have no idea why. Am I really the only one that thought of it?

Anyways, hope you guys like it! 

lassiface104 asked:

Um, hi first, I guess. I'm sorry. I've never done this before so I'm kind of nervous. If you don't mind and it fits all your other requirements, may I request the 2p's reactions to having a childhood friend/someone they've known for a long time? Like, would they act different around them or something like that. If not, then I just wanted to tell you that I honestly like the way you portray them the best to be honest... thanks for reading anyway :)

((uh, you’re welcome? lmao, no need to be nervous))

If you were a 2P’s childhood friend (modern AU)

2P!America: Would be protective of you, always shield you from harm, and worry about your wellbeing. This is unusual for him because he usually doesn’t take on the ‘hero’ persona. You’d be the only person he’d really look out for or consider the feelings of; you’d be the only one he’d trust or open up to. With his other friends, he’d keep up the ‘badass’ facade but with you, he’d show his soft side a lot more. He wouldn’t hesitate to yell at or beat up anyone who made you sad.

2P!China: You’d probably be the only girl he didn’t flirt with. He’d actually listen to the things you told him to do and always come to you for advice– probably for help with the girl he likes. Only a person like you could get him to do drastic things, like consider quitting opium or stop being a school truant. Overall, you’d probably become like a big sister to him no matter your age.

2P!England: He is normally a very polite, kind, and cheerful person. But if you knew him well, you’d know that he forces himself to be that way. On the inside, he’s more cynical and judgmental than he lets people see. When alone with you, he’d complain about things or even say bad things about people he’d just been sweetly conversing with only moments before. With you, he’d be more open about how he felt than with anyone else.

2P!France: You’d probably be the only person who got him to speak more than four words in a single reply. He would have real conversations with you, unlike his usual quiet and emotionless self around strangers or even other friends. He would be capable of smiling around you, and he’d share his thoughts and ideas with you– something he’d never do with anyone else.

2P!Russia: You’d probably be the most tolerable person for him. Normally, he prefers to be alone, but he wouldn’t mind spending an entire day with you. He’s annoyed easily, but he’d probably be used to your quirks by now so they wouldn’t bother him. He’d still occasionally say rude things to you, but he does that to everyone, and you would understand that he never means the rude things he says.

2P!Italy: Would probably drift away from you, especially if you didn’t maintain the same interests as him. He’d acknowledge that you two were childhood friends, and definitely say hello whenever passing you in school halls, but he wouldn’t keep you around if he didn’t see a reason to. He’d let you make your own friends and then make new ones for himself; he wouldn’t want to get you involved in any of the dangerous things he did.

2P!Germany: Would basically become a puppy whenever you two hung out. He’d be like this all the time. Around other girls, he’d usually take on a more flirtatious/ seductive persona, but with you, he’d just be looking to have innocent fun– like toilet paper'ing a house or egging cars at night. He’d make a lot more jokes than usual around you, instead of trying to act cool around people he hasn’t known as long.

2P!Japan: Similar to Luciano, he’d probably drift away from you if you didn’t make an effort to keep in touch. Even if you didn’t speak to him for a long period of time, and then contacted him out of the blue, he’d still treat you as casually as he did back when you were children. He would even make a (sarcastic) joke or two and tease you a bit if you stayed close to him, and be more open about his emotions around you.

2P!Canada: He usually prefers to do things alone and just be by himself in general, but with you, he wouldn’t mind if you tagged along with him to places. Your presence would never bother him the way other peoples’ normally do. He still wouldn’t be very talkative, but he would never push you away. You’d probably feel like family to him, even if you were rowdy and loud– which would be similar to his relationship with Allen.

2P!Romano: Would always be especially friendly with you, even if you grew apart or didn’t talk to each other much. He wouldn’t force you to stay with him, but if you chose to, he’d always keep you close and make sure to check up on you, such as texting you to make sure you made it home okay, or to wish you good luck on something you’d been preparing for, etc. If he ever heard someone 'talkin’ shit’ about you, he wouldn’t hesitate to screech at them for it.

2P!Austria: If you were a childhood friend of his, then you probably grew up playing wizards and witches, immersing yourself in a fantasy world and using a lot of imagination every day. If you maintained the same interests as him, he would probably deem you some type of 'assistant of darkness’ and always keep you updated on any experiments or new rituals of his. He’d be pleased to see your relationship with him never changed over the years.

2P!Prussia: If you were his childhood friend, he would never let you go. You would basically be all he ever knew and much of what he thought about every day. “I wonder how she would feel about this” or “I wonder what she would think of that” would be very common thoughts of his. He’d become very clingy over the years and constantly worry about if he’s bothering you or if you’re sick of him yet. It would be very difficult for him to make new friends.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:we know so much about our universe but we also know so little. like, do you ever think about aliens? don't you think we sort of, like, project our own humanness onto them? why do they travel in flying objects like we do? there's no way of knowing that that's how they travel. and they're always stealing humans to experiment on them so they can learn more about us. like, doesn't that sort of reflect who we are as people? i mean we're always on these endeavors to learn more and more about our universe, but who is to say that aliens would be doing the same exact thing? like, it's just a reflection of who we are when, really, there's no way we can predict the way an alien would travel, act, or even look. what if they don't even have bodies, and they're just entities? like, they could be functioning on a totally different molecular level than us
“Mrs. Potato Head” is a good example of my writing process. I wanted to name a song “Mrs. Potato Head” and wanted it to represent plastic surgery. I didn’t want it to bash plastic surgery or people that get plastic surgery, but, I was so drawn to the visual that you could pull off pieces of a Mrs. Potato Head and that could represent plastic surgery. That was the interesting thing to me, and I just wanted to have fun with that, and express that message - you should be comfortable with who you are and what you look like, because everyone is unique and everyone has things that they can’t change about themselves… If you change your face, or the way you look, you’re not going to really deal with the deeper issue, mainly insecurity.
—  Melanie Martinez on Mrs. Potato Head

chocopie420 asked:

How did you learn how to draw clothing folds so well?

hnn i think it was a combination of really paying attention to clothing folds in real life and studying from photoref and… staring at nicely drawn clothing folds

i think what got me really interested in how folds work was leyendecker’s art! i like how there’s so much energy in every stroke that make up the folds.. and at the same time it was stylized but made sense in a way that you could really learn from just looking at his work? because he liked to chunk things down it was easy to understand things from the way he renders things. 

so after that i started looking into drapery and studying those and trying to understand the weight/consistency of the fabric and how that’d affect the way it folds. I’m no where near mastering drapery though lol but T shirts and simple clothes are really easy and fun to draw for practice so i draw those a lot

hope this helps somewhat! 

fanfic-obsessed asked:

Head cannon for you: Bucky and Tony actually get along really well. Not only is Bucky a giant science geek but also Tony's recklessness reminds him an awful lot of Steve.

“But what about transhumanism? That’s gotta be in the near future. I mean, just look at me.”

“A bionic arm is still a long way from what you’re taking about Barnes. I mean, we’re talking about downloading a personality like software-”

“Yeah, but you said yourself that brainwaves are just electricity. It’s just information, same as in internet cables. Why can’t we-”

“For one thing, Asimov, you and your boyfriend aside, the human body is nowhere near resilient enough-”

“Synthetics. Clones. C'mon, Stark, you know as well as I do that the possibilities-”

“Are totally unethical, fifty shades of morally grey, and way beyond what we currently have the capability to-”

“Yeah, now, but imagine twenty or fifty years from now!”

“Said every science fiction writer ever.”

“Yeah, and just look how much stuff from my time and after actually came to pass, huh? Way more than you wanna accept, buddy.”

“Okay, let’s say for a moment that the human body - synthetic or no - can withstand that kind of invasive surgery, and the physical trauma of a transfer, what about the psychological ramifications of waking up in a body you don’t recognise?”

“Alright, you got me there.”


“Okay but what about-”

anonymous asked:

What's the big deal about a non-canon hetero relationship when a canon lesbian relationship exists and still exists whether or not the non-canon fan pairing exists?

it’s a good point u make that the lesbian relationship still exists

u see tho, i didn’t really have too big a problem with pewey (i thought it was a joke ship tbh but for the most part i just looked the other way like w/e, and also it was mostly just one-sided dewey-into-pearl stuff which OK THAT’S ALRIGHT kinda creepy sometimes but alright because in canon those sorts of interactions happen) til i saw how gross and lesbophobic the shippers are, looked more into the ship, and broke down the fact that there are people actually envisioning pearl (who is coded a lesbian) as mutually attracted mayor dewey when she has made her disinterest and discomfort perfectly clear in canon. to me it just ties into that lesbophobic mentality that lesbians just ‘haven’t found the right guy yet’ and can ~learn to be happy with one~ especially if the guy who is interested in said lesbian is insistent and nice enough to them

i’ve had to distance myself from guy friends who were attracted to me because despite the fact that i am loudly gay, have told them directly many times, and even had a girlfriend in one case, they continued to tell me about how attracted they were to me and how they would date me, and it affected my friendship with them because they seemed to thrive on some hope that i’d date them eventually and it made our interactions uncomfortable for me

pewey shippers remind me of these interactions so much. and the fanart where a tall handsome mayor dewey is holding pearl gives off this disgusting vibe that’s like THIS IS STRONG KIND MAN! SHE NEED THIS IN HER LIFE! NOW SHE IS COMPLETE! just makes me feel so sick. she doesn’t need a man. she canonically doesn’t want a man. why is it so important to people to see her shipped with a man? why…..

sweet-apple-analysis asked:

Terui's tight pants vs Chase's tight pants

This depends on which aspect of tight pants we’re judging them on honestly because

Look at Terui’s fucking crotch bulge. That thing is ridiculous. HOWEVER his pants aren’t even really all that tight comparitively in any place other than around his junk. I do not have a picture of his butt on me and googling ‘Terui Ryu’s ass’ did not give me suitable results but judging by the way the fabric is gathering it’s likely that his butt does not look all that great in these pants. The focus is on the package here. 

Chase, on teh other hand, rarely has a prominent crotch bulge but look at his fucking ass. It’s like his buttcrack is a black hole sucking those pants in. His butt just in general looks REALLY FUCKING GOOD in these pants. Like really good. I appreciate them. 

to answer who is the winner: we’re all the winners here.

Steven Universe blanket review

Hey guys, I just got my Garnet blanket and I wanted to give a little review and post some detailed photos. This way people can get a better idea of what these blankets are like, considering how expensive they are. I paid about $60 with tax for mine. 

It comes in a plain plastic linens bag, nothing exciting here. 

Obligatory Marceline photo, this is a twin sized bed for scale. Mar likes the blanket and gives it a 10/10. 

The colors are really nice, it’s a good looking pic of Garnet. 

Garnet close up

Here’s the back 

It’s made out of that furry textured fabric that looks different when you slide your hand against the grain of it. It’s a nice texture. 

The blanket is thinner than I expected but it’s very warm, and it’s a good size for one person to use on a couch. I like it, and so far I’m definitely glad I bought it. 

My only concern would be washing it, because the colors are very intense and I’m not sure if they’d fade or run in a washing machine. The texture might also get messed up if you wash it. 

Lately I’ve discovered some weird pattern in situations like these. They all start with a few lines of rly dumb small talk which 99% is compliments about your looks/body, and then BAM a creepy inappropriate question like this. And this is what I noticed: they will always try to make you feel guilty for replying mad/irritated/disgusted, or try to get away with it by saying “I didn’t intend it in a creepy way, it was just a normal question in a polite tone, and look at the nice casual conversation we had before which showed I was also interested in you as a person and of coooourse I didn’t just had that conversation as a mandatory process, just so I can use that to guilt trip you to point out im a nice guy without creepy intentions so there’s really no need to react so negative". Like wtf no we both know you’re just a creep bye

anonymous asked:

Why am I seeing so much lilo is real just look at them.. Like really liam acted the same way with harry last tour and had been like that with Zayn too like what liam is sleeping around with them like people come on. Everything but harry and Louis together. Everyone else but harry and Louis. Like it's time for some to open their eyes up and see. LARRY IS REAL!!!

People can’t see beyond their own noses.

I’ve also always wanted my philtrum pierced (aka a medusa), but when I told Rob he was all, “Eh, I’ve never really liked the look of that piercing.” So I was like, “Oh. I guess I won’t get it done.” He’s never told me not to get it done, but after I get both nostrils done, I’m gonna think about it. I just really like the way a vertical labret looks with a medusa. Just with a cute little gemstone on my philtrum? Idk I think it’d look cute.


I personally think the majority of shippers just look for ways to push characters into a pre-designed mold they’ve thought up or picked up from yaoi. They’re not actually paying attention to the character interactions. Just the baiting and whatever stereotype it is they can box them into. Like deciding a really shitty aesthetic is more important than the actual substance and implications of the series.


so the other day i got an inbox being like ‘you’re ugly without make up’ and honestly it hasn’t really phased me that much but what has phased me is the attacking someone’s appearance and it happens all the time. I can’t help the way i look, just like anyone else in the world. I’m not happy with my appearance, in fact I’m from far happy and have been most of my life, but I don’t care anymore because i can’t change my face. So if you follow me and are reading this, don’t let anyone base your worth on what you look like. You’re all beautiful and don’t need someone else’s approval. If you wear lots of make up because it gives you confidence then do it and if you’re more comfortable without it then do that. 

here’s my face that’s apaz ugly so suck that  


these arent the best pictures cause my dad was taking the pictures and kept telling me to smile normally and i couldnt do anything really in character

except for the shadow picture. i didnt like the ones that were taken today so that was at a different time and i was playing games (hence the wii remote)