Guys I could write a five page essay on this gif:

Like, I love the way Tom moves. He just exudes raw power, and honestly who the fuck moves like that? All he’s doing is taking off his shirt but he moves in such a way that says he’s going to kick some ass and just like. wtf. Actors couldn’t recreate this movement if they tried. And let’s talk about the way he tilts his head back when he’s walking back to the mat….likE EXCUSSSSSsssSESEEEE ME I DID NOT SIGN U P FOR THIS. He looks like a fucking predator that’s about to go in for the kill AND I AM NOT PREPARED.


I’m just. Tom’s body language is a sculptor’s wet dream. They sculpt marble statues off of this shit. Fuck Michaelangelo’s David, who is going to sculpt Tom Hardy and bring his physique to life???? Tom Hardy is everything the Greeks would’ve killed for like, I’m Sorry but have you seen his NOSE? HIS NOSE IS AN ART IN AND OF ITSELF:


I’m going to go lie down i can’t handle this anymore

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im cosplaying pearl and im so scared because shes so long and lanky and im short and wide!' i just imagine myself getting into the costume and hating how it looks and just cryinf, but i have no other choice than to just wear it because of all the effort i put in. do you have any photos of plus sized pearl cosplayers? all of the ones ive seen are skinny like her and im feeling really worried.

We have a few Pics: 1 2 3 4 5 

We’ve seen pictures of  awesome cosplayers of all body types and height cosplaying as pearl . Don’t let your body shape and height get in the way of cosplaying as your favorite character. It doesn’t matter if you don’t match the character’s body shape, Cosplay is all about having fun, dressing up the character you look up too.

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Good point Karen I mean I was with my BF once talking about how much I hate shaving my legs/pubes and he just looked at me and said "then why do you do it" and I said that I do it because it's the norm an you're supposed* to. He just said "if you don't like it, don't do it. I don't shave and you still like me, it goes both ways. If anyone has a problem with it then they aren't worth your time". So yeah, @shaving anon: you ain't gotta wax/shave if you don't want to

YES!!! your boyfriend is an example of a really good partner, males who think like that are very rare though unfortunately 

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Ur comic has made me think: WHAT IF the swirly feathers really ARE fingers and coatl wings are basically just like little feathery raptor arms that are always close to their bodies?? omg

you know it was just meant to be a joke but now im thinking about it too. like it could work depending on where the bone is. maybe??

or they could at least be tentacle feeler things if this doesn’t make sense

something people overlook a lot is jack being tougher than he looks. like. while the vault hunters were running around on elpis, jack was running around on helios. which was absolutely crawling with dahl soldiers. he doesn’t even get to the only safe space (his office) until half way through the game, the rest of the time he’s risking his ass to get things on helios functioning so he can continue with his own plans

i dunno i think it’s just a really interesting idea that no one really explores 

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Hi! I've been thinking of using OkCupid but I came across this site and now I'm worried I might come across as a creep. Since you're sort of the experts, I thought I'd ask for some advice! I'm 30 years old and have recently come out of a long-term relationship (10y). I'm not looking for anything romantic since I'm still trying to sort myself out; however, I'd like to go on a (platonic) date with a cute girl to see a movie I'm really excited about. Is this normal or will people think I'm a creep?

I personally don’t think that’s creepy at all. I think you need to be clear about your intentions, read her profile to be sure she’s into that, and then just approach her in a normal way and explain that you want to hang out with someone and see a movie. If she’s not into that, then leave her alone. That’s basically the general rule for any dating situation, in my opinion. 

Some things I discovered about Tumblr that are bad and not good when one of my posts blew up for the first time

So I posted a post that has attained a moderate amount of attention on the Tumblr website (creeping up on 20k notes at the moment) and in doing so sort of discovered Tumblr is the worst for giving you any usable information whatsoever. Here are some frustrations and ideas that could make all the NOTES notifications you get actually useful or something:

  • Sort between likes and reblogs so you can see the two independently.  
  • Or even better how about you let me isolate JUST the reblogs where someone actually added something? Right now the only way to do that is to scroll through 18,000 notifications looking for the ones that look slightly different. I’m not gonna do that. No one is gonna do that.
  • Mute notifications for specific posts. At 100 notes it’s like “hey cool 100 notes!” but when a post really starts taking off there’s really no longer any value in the steady stream of notes other than “hey look at this steady stream of notes.” And lost in that steady stream of notes are notes from OTHER posts. I’d sort of like to know how THOSE posts are doing, but since they’re not furiously accumulating notes at the same rate as my one SUPER POPULAR post they kind of get lost in the shuffle.
  • Also cool would be some kind of display mapping the spread of my post. Obviously when someone small time like me posts something that takes off it’s as a result of someone with a much larger following but I have no idea WHO that was who put me on the map. I guess theoretically I could click through EVERY reblog and see who as a lot of followers, but that’s irrational. Only an irrational person would do something so irrational.

I dunno maybe this is just the digital marketing part of my brain looking for “relevant analytics” to “optimize content” for “improved engagement” because my job has conditioned my dumb brain to actually THINK phrases like that, but these have been some thoughts about how Tumblr could be better about giving you more usable information about posts and notes.

cc: staff 

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Is there a misconception about the temperament of huskies? Idk but there was this beautiful Siberian that was chocolate color brown and white with eyes so bright blue that they almost looked white at work I mean ADORABLE But even so people went out of their way to avoid him and he had a really nice temperament ( as is usual with huskies I find they are mega friendly) idk what there problem was there had been dogs at my work before like labs and Pomeranians and such and there's never a problem

This just got really long idk and theres some personal info maybe not everyone wants to read? 

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BTS - The Red Bullet HiTouch Fan Account -São Paulo/Brazil 150731

Okay so the order on the table was Taehyung, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Hoseok and Namjoon.

When we were getting close to the table they were already with one of their hands ready to high fives and my friend had some issues with her cellphone so Taehyung looked at us really confused.

And starting with him, I said ‘hi!’ in korean and he said hi back smiling and considering I am 170cm sharp, he is way way taller than me and he looks heavenly and his eyes are very very black. His hand is like pretty big?? And it was very very warm and he seemed very happy there and there is no flaw on that human being he was just the sweetest to everyone and his hand is so warm and big!! He also has a very very deep voice that reaches the depths of the earth I am not joking.

Then Suga was next and my friend who was in front of me said “marry me!” and he said “thanks” lmao and he smiled. He’s smaller than me for good centimeters!! Maybe 165 or 168cm?? He’s around that I guess. And he was very very sweet and I said ‘hi’ and he said ‘thank you!!’ and he has a very very nice smile and he is sooooooooooo pale, plus his hair seems very fluffy and it was very very blonde. His hands are smaller than mine?? and are very very soft and cold. yes. And his voice is super raspy jesus yes

PARK FREAKING JIMIN. He is smaller than me and smaller than suga but wow it’s by little. He was super super cute and when I said ‘hi’ he gave that smile that made his eyes close and I swear I melted right there. He is extremely handsome and he is so built??? he looked very nice and he was thanking everyone for coming and saying he liked brazil and all that stuff and I swear I could’ve asked him to marry me right there, no jokes. He was giggling!! And his voice is wonderful I cannot put into words how it feels like to have park jimin directly saying something to you.

JUNGKOOK OMG THIS IS LONG. So my friend high fived him and she was about to leave when she looked at him and said “Jimin is in love with you”, but Jungkook didn’t get it at all and neither did I, so I looked confused at her and so did him and he lOOKED AT ME AND HE FURROWED HIS EYEBROWS AND HE WANTED TO UNDERSTAND BUT HE DIDN’T AND. ugh. He had his hand extended for me and I told him ‘hi!! I love you’ and he looked deep down on my soul with those huge black eyes of his and he smiled so bright and said ‘thank you!!’ omf he is seriously so handsome pictures do not pay him right he is so freaking tall (he is like way bigger than me lmao) and he was like leaning on Jin and he’s cute and he has like eyebags or something under his eyes and his cheeks have some pimple marks and he SQUEEZED MY HAND. I REPEAT JEON JUNGKOOK DID NOT HIGH FIVE ME BECAUSE I SURE WENT FOR ONE BUT HE HELD MY HAND AND HE SQUEEZED IT AND I DIED BECAUSE HIS HAND IS BIG AND WARM AND SOFT. EXTREMELY SOFT. and his eyes are blackholes be careful he is handsome i am so annoyed by that. 

Jin literally put his hands up high for which i had to go up for. And he is very broad like very broad and he’s a sweet pie he said thank you for everyone and he was smiling and I said ‘hi’ and he was quite surprised??? and he said hi back in korean and I was pghspdhgpgh i made him proud. His skin is perfect and his voice is perfect and his everything is perfect and a friend of mine asked to marry him and he said yes!! haha It was very very sweet of him. 

HOSEOK WAS SPEAKING PORTUGUESE HANDS DOWN. I looked at him and said ‘hi!’ and he said thank you and I was laughing because he spoke in my language and i spoke on his and he has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen it’s so white??? and amazing and his hair is amazing and his voice is amazing and his whole existence made me feel so blessed. He was so so so hyped I couldn’t not smile in his presence. Curiously he was like taller than me obviously but he wasn’t THAT much taller.

Oh and then I went to high five Namjoon and I didn’t know what to say so I said ‘You’re amazing’ and he looked at me and he held back his laugh and said ‘I know’ haha he is very big and tall and his hands ARE THE BIGGEST HANDS ON BANGTAN THIS IS NO JOKE MY HAND SEEMED LIKE A DOLL’S HAND NEXT TO HIS AND HIS HANDS ARE NOT SOFT. AT ALL. And it had pen stains also idk why I noticed that. And he smelled very good wtf I could smell from across the table and he seemed a bit tired but he was smiling nonetheless.

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Ahh, the Golden Maknae~ This guy’s personality is an oddball and hard to pinpoint exactly as of right now, but here’s what I think…

Jeon Jungkook. The supportive, quirky boyfriend.

Jungkook is quite a mysterious guy. He’s quite shy in general to people, but I imagine him totally being comfortable and himself whenever he’s with his lover. In fact, I think only his girlfriend would actually know his true personality or know him really really well.

I imagine him to look up to you a lot, the way you hold yourself, or the way you deal with things, your skills and talents. He would think highly of you as a person. He’d always be curious/interested in what you’re doing, and would often times observe you while you go about even just your daily routines. And whenever you notice, he’d just give you his full teeth smile that goes up to his sparkly eyes, acting innocent.

He would most likely let you do your own thing, but would shyly ask for your attention every now and then. He would also be playful. I could see him getting into things that you like just so you both can dork out about it. I can see him taking you to concerts of your favorite bands, complain every now and then that you should give more support to him and BTS instead of other artists, but takes you there and enjoys it with you anyway. 

With showing physical affections, Jungkook is rather mindful and contemplate too long about what he should do. It would usually end up him awkwardly going for a hug, or bumping into your head while trying to go for a kiss. He would probably be too shy for PDA, but would give you warm and loving gestures every now and then. 

I see him to be the jealous type as well, but doesn’t openly express it in front of you. When he sees other guys showing motives, he’d cooly ignore and just divert your attention away from them. As soon as you’re out of the scene,  I imagine Jungkook giving them a piece of his mind. By the time you come back, you’d just see him innocently smiling at you with a busted lip or bruised face, leaving you just confused as to what happened each time.

When you two get into a quarrel, I think he’s the type to just let you win the argument most of the time whether or not he’s right or wrong. I think he simply just don’t think fussing over stuff too much would be worth it, and simply just try to brush off the argument by showing his cute side, to which you weakly give in to. So technically, he does win each time.. haha!

I think Jungkook is the type that would most likely try and appear to have a cool and manly demeanor, but to you he’s really a cute and quirky boyfriend that always supports and protects you in more ways than you realize. He loves and keeps on loving without asking anything in return.

Send me a BTS or VIXX member and I’ll tell you what I think of them as a type of boyfriend – [BTS Jin , V ]

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Your skin is so beautiful and clear and soft looking. How do you keep it that way? Are you just one of the lucky ones that was dealt a hand with the "perfect complexion" card? I am not one of those girls, but lately I've been having success with tea tree and rosehip oils.

thank you!!!! I’m honestly so proud of my skin, lol. I haven’t had problems with it since I was like 13/14. I just moisturize a lot, and use primer before putting on foundation so it looks extra smooth. I’m not even gonna lie I don’t really use anything else, although I’ve been using African black soap on my body and face when I shower and it smells amazing and apparently REALLY helps with skin problems.

First 15 people to reblog this gets a free drawing

I really need to practice and I have a horrible art block. It’s not gonna be anything big just a quick sketch or more if i like the way it looks!

Put the character (1) you want in the tags and anything you would like them to be doing or any other requests for the drawing!

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hi there andrea i wanna ask you for a help again, maybe i can see your steps in sketching poses somewhere? thanks youu i really need help on this ahaha even i still have some trouble in tracing on irl poses as ref

Hm. I don’t really have steps when it comes to poses. I just kinda sketch them? Like If I think of a pose I’ll just draw it and hope it comes out. Or I’ll use ref and just draw. There isn’t really a method I use. I just use my basic knowledge of anatomy and draw the pose so the only suggestion I can make is studying anatomy so you know how limbs connect and what not (and of course feel free to use a lot of refs). 

I’m not sure if this helps but here’s a process gif of a Naruto drawing I did. Like I’ll do an initial sketch and if the limbs start looking weird along the way I’ll just fix it :o

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is there any advice you can give to an artist who gets halfway through their art and just gets sick of how it looks and just cant carry on

its easier said than done but keep at it; push yourself to finish it. Even if you dont like it, maybe in the future you will make something youre satisfied with (and hopefully start a chain of appreciation for your own work & efforts). I mean whilst not finishing stuff is okay if you really dont feel like it; if you find yourself never finishing something and wanting to, the only way is to force urself..
If youre unsatisfied with a sketch for example & cant seem to like it no matter how much you tweak it ( this happens to me) - tell yourself “it can only improve from this” - and generally, it does. Your expectations are low so youre pleasantly surprised? Some of my fav drawings came from sketches I wasnt gonna continue with LOL
If even then you cant seem to get around it, maybe try switching to a simplified process? For example if you do complex shading and stuff why not try to just make flat colors for once? Speeds up the process and might help you discover something you prefer / test out new things.
I remember over a year ago i was still painting (over my finished linearted drawings) and I had SUCH a hard time moving from the flatcolors & basic shading (what i do now) to the “time to start painting over all of this” since it took AGES and bored me; so i cut off the whole painty thing and tried to polish off my process with the “middle ground” as my final result. Here i am… and enjoying myself more without the burden of always ditching my art halfway through.
Either way though try your best to get around it cause that’s a bothersome situation to be in if this happens to you more often than not :( But remember all artists have unfinished work, sketches, abandonned drawings though so dont fret; not everyone produces finalized high quality content everytime they sit down and draw! and ofcourse, as long as you keep drawing (even if you cant finish) you will improve and hopefully become more satisfied and motivated to finish work
Good luck to u :*

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Take care, darling. We are so fucking proud of you (((((intense hugs for u)))))

Yeah, I think taking care of yourself is an important part of recovery. Its easy to feel like life is pointless and like why bother do anything but actually its a really good opportunity to really take care of yourself in ways you maybe never did before. I’m getting my hair redyed and I plan to get a manicure soon. I want to look up some make up tutorials and maybe just make myself a new look all together. Its small adjustments, but it goes a long way. 



“Oh my gosh, (Y/N). I am so sorry. Are you okay? I didn’t see you. I guess this is why they say you shouldn’t text and walk at the same time.”

“I’m fine, Crowe.”

“Are you sure? I hit you hard. I’m just so… klutzy sometimes. I really got to watch where I’m going. It’s just like my body was attracted right to you. I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. I’m so sorry. Maybe we should have you looked at by the doctor.”

“Really Crowe, I’m fine.”

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You should try a vegan diet, it can help sooo much and it's really easy just to tell people you're vegan and stick with it! Try looking at people like Essena Oneill and Freelee the banana girl, they really helped me figure it out! I love eating this way, I feel so good and never have to worry about calories xx

I’m well aware that veganism exists. I was vegetarian 9 years and vegan 2 of those years. Freeleee the banana girl is the worst though like???? If you’re gonna shove veganism in my face at least use someone people respect :/

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"I don't really know." John shrugged. Usually, he'd have a million plans. But tonight was odd for him. Mainly because he watched his friend die and it felt like all of his plans just went poof. They didn't exist anymore. John sighed and looked at Jake. He certainly didn't look dead anymore, he could tell that by the way his face was colored. Usually a dead person's paler than normal and Jake definitely didn't look dead. Just asleep.

“Perhaps we could watch one of those movies you like or tell a story. Write a book, read one…there are many possibilities.” Kankri suggested, trying to crack a smile.
“Hey, it isn’t the first time you’ve witness another one of us die. Cheer up. It could’ve been worse, we could have been ambushed by Hunters as well.” he said, patting John’s back.

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Hi! I absolutely love your blog! I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a quick question? i just started using Tinder in my search for POTs (I've only really used SA before), and I'm kind of having difficulty easing into the conversation that I'm a sugarbaby not a girlfriend. Do you have any tricks for how to make that a little easier? It's already in my bio.. I just feel like I don't quite know the right way to bring it up... Thanks!! <3

Your profile should be the key to saying everything hun, if they try something remind them to look at your profile.

A phrase like “Someone didn’t read my profile properly haha”, something playful, something sweet,

Always ask them what THEY are looking for, then you can move on to what you’re looking for. “Chemistry, a bond. Someone that has the means to invest in me and my future, someone that understands my worth etc etc yadda yadda yadda”. On Tinder, I’d recommend catering to the guy you’re talking to. 

By this, I mean making out like all your intentions are not purely selfish. So, if a guy messages you, talk to him, form a bond maybe, make him like you. Then bring out the ‘I know I’m not after a conventional relationship etc, and you seem so lovely, we genuine click but I don’t want to waste your time or lead you on.” Then proceed to talk about the kind of relationship you want.

With tinder guys, they’re vanilla so I say focus on how you want chemistry and mentoring, then say you want financial aid as you’re ambitious, you want to save, you want to become the best version of yourself and show him that you yourself know your own worth. That you  love to be spoiled and you like nice things. 

❁Hellucinations❁ (M!A)

dokuganryunooshu ❁ Previously

She was doing nothing, just standing here in the middle of the garden, next to a tree. At first, she was looking at the bush next to it, but was still doing nothing. Her image was not even blurry, she looked like she was really here and when the man started to shout she slowly turned towards him.

﴾❁﴿–“Bontenmaru…. Is that a way to greet your mother?” She spoke quietly but clearly, long locks of ebony hair gracefully slipping down her shoulders at her movement. She did not move more though.