Okay, but real talk, Vriska is so dumb.  She literally could’ve just gone, “Yep, just gonna use Tavros to control the god cat, on account of the fact that I, Vriska Serket, can control Tavros Nitram, who can control animals, without fusing with them, especially since I’m going to have to keep him asleep anyway.”  Like nice job there, genius.  You really solved the problem in the best way possible, which was to create a supremely powerful being that’s ALLERGIC TO ITSELF and CAN’T STOP GOD-SNEEZING.


my mom is a jeweler and she works with certain stones that are mentioned in SU but she talks about them like ppl and its just so bad pls help STEVEN UNIVERSE RUINED MY LIFE

“Rose quartz is so pretty with pearls”

haha tru

“This amethyst is way too rough to be worn….”

ok rude she isnt that bad

“Garnet is sucha subtle stone”

mmmmmm tru

“Ruby looks really masculine but has a nice girlish charm”

put her next to saphire dont worry

“…….i think this string of pearls had blood on it”

holy shit it actually had real human blood?????

or the best one yet

“Jasper stones look awful with any other bead, maybe peridot is okayish with it but jasper is way to agressive next to it”

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Did I already mention

  • Ruby gets a unicorn tattoo because they remind her of Weiss
  • When composing new songs Blake and Ruby often spend all-nighters in a darkened room lit only by a single candle because Ruby insists it helps the music making process
  • Really it’s because she likes the way Blake looks in candle light but how do you SAY THAT how do you say that to a person? HOw do you form real words to say something ridiculous as that
  • Ruby is just as spunky and cute and quirky as canon but she’s got deep seated anger issues (and if the red eyes were a thing, she’d get them while doing guitar solos or during times when she takes over for Blake and plays the bass.)
  • Yang has a police record
  • Ruby is Puerto Rican/Chinese
  • Winter is Weiss’s little sister, she’s about 10 years old and she can perfectly imitate about 200 bird whistles
  • Ruby wins over Weiss because she hung out with Winter and was super charming and nice and good to the kid and Weiss left them alone for twenty minutes and when she came back Ruby had challenged her to a music battle, she was beatboxing while Winter made bird noises like this 

Yeah. I’m not convinced this A Series of Unfortunate Events trailer is fake.

Think about it. Daniel Handler is directly involved with the project. Netflix may have denied it but think about who this is. I can totally see him doing something like this - releasing a trailer under a secret account and then having Netflix deny its validity just screams “Snicket”.

And another thing. People have been linking to DH’s tweet, which reads, “Eleanora Poe, whomever you are, I owe you a gimlet, you trickster” and then links to the trailer. You can’t really see this as proof because he doesn’t actually deny that the trailer is real. And he wouldn’t go out of his way to tweet about it and LINK TO THE TRAILER if it was fanmade.

Finally, the trailer looks incredibly real. I know I can’t really say that as proof, but…this took a TON of effort. Someone spent a lot of time and money on this trailer. I’m not saying there aren’t fans out there who are willing to do that, I’m saying that it just looks so much like something Netflix produced to the point where, when the trailer was first seen, NO ONE questioned it, despite the fact that it wasn’t even the official Netflix YouTube channel that put it out.

Now, I’m not saying it isn’t possible this is a fanmade trailer, because it definitely is a possibility. All I’m saying is that I think Snicket might have the internet fooled on this one.

Girl′s Day Says Competing with SNSD is an Honor

At the comeback showcase, held at KBS Sports World in Seoul on July 6, a reporter mentioned that the girls will be facing off against top girl group SNSD, leading Sojin to say “I don′t know if facing off is the right word. It′s an honor just to be able to promote with sunbaenims who always show excellent performances. I think it′ll be like a festival.”

Sojin said, “I watched SNSD sunbaenim′s teaser clip, and they were wearing swimsuits. I think they pulled it off in a really refreshing way. We also wore swimsuits in our music video, but we wanted to show our own color. If sunbaenims were refreshing, we went for a whirlwind feel with our looks and choreography.”

Hyeri added, “We came out at the same time three years ago. We think that we′re the same as we were then, but I think the people around us have lifted our name up with them. We′re deeply moved and I want to work harder in the future.”

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What's your opinion on asian concept artists and the way they draw? A lot of me tend to have similar styles.

I assume you mean the ones that are actually in Asia. I’ve been told its because a lot of Asian countries don’t have proper educational resources when it comes to concept art. A lot of Asian concept artists are actually self-taught, and look to other pre-existing Asian concept artists to learn. Therefore it all becomes very homogenous stylistically, since they just copy what they like and dont learn how to properly use design elements.

However, a lot of work from artists that do have access to art school/education tends to be very similar as well because everyone is learning the same techniques from the same person. So I’m not really sure?

To be honest I think homogeneity is a problem throughout the entire industry. Concept artists everywhere tend to look to existing concept art for inspiration so it becomes very visually cannibalistic that way. A lot of it is technically excellent, but it tends to blend together. I can’t blame it though because I think a part of it is crucial to the job. Your job is not to produce a beautiful picture representative of you personally, its to solve design questions and communicate an idea successfully. Though ideally the best artists can do both without one hurting the other!

Imagine telling Owen you’re pregnant

Originally posted by haveigonetoofar

Imagine… Owen was pacing back and forth your dimly-lit hotel room. He had been stressed out ever since the incident last night at the park, and been grieving the loss of Echo, Delta and Charlie. You knew you could help his stressing, but how where you going to approach this problem? Your day was being spent laying in bed, contemplating how to tell him you were pregnant, and the only logical way seemed to be to just straight up tell him.

“Owen…” you said, standing up. Anxiety begun invading your body, and sweat ran down your neck like a waterfall. Ew. “I uh…”

“What is it?” He asked, bitterly. 

“I kind of have something really important to tell you.” You voice became shaky. He spun on his heels, finally looking at you for the first time today. He looked exhausted and angry. Oh boy.

“I’m not in a good position to accept bad news right now, (Y/N), can it be at any other time”

“No” you say, standing up straight. “And it’s not bad.” You opened your mouth to say the words, but nothing came out. You felt a lump form in your throat, blocking the news from escaping. 

“Cat got your tongue or what? Spit it out,” he commanded. 

Moments later you thought: Wait this is our fucking child, he will be ecstatic about it. The lump in your throat cleared and a smile creeped onto your face. “I’m pregnant” you cheered.

You excepted a positive reaction from him, but instead his face grew cold. OwEN WhaT tEh FuCk. Your heart sank like an anchor, and you could’ve sworn you shrank two feet, because Owen was not towering over you.

“You let yourself run around in the woods, being chased by dinosaurs when you knew you were carrying my baby? Our baby?”

“I…” Shit that does sound insane. “I’m sorry I just thought-”

“Like hell you were thinking!” He sat down on the bed and buried his hands in his face. “Oh my God”

“Well nothing happened to me so not like it matters anyways”

“No, (Y/N) if anything hit your stomach hard enough it could’ve hurt the baby!”

“Owen the baby is barley a month old its spinal cord is just barley developing”

“Something still could’ve happened!”

You begin to tear up, wishing you hadn’t told him. All you wanted to do was relieve some stress and make it easier for him, but your plan backfired. “I thought you’d want to know. Sorry I told you” you said, approaching the door.

“Don’t. Fucking. Leave” he said. You froze, afraid to move. “Come here” he sighed. You finally gained the courage to move and sat down next to him on the uncomfortable hotel bed. Owen rapped his arm around you and pushed you into him (that was awful describing, so like he pulled her closer but like only her torso so now she’s leaning on him). “Of course, I’m happy. I’ve been wanting to start a family with you for a long time, but figured it’d be best to wait until we were married. He paused to kiss your temple. All the tension and stress you’d been feeling had been wiped away effortlessly, and an indescribable feeling washed over you. “I love you, and I love our child who will be named after one of the girls”

You smile and tear up once again, this time of joy.

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I've been having sex a lot with my bf lately, but there's something that's been bothering me. I hate doggy style. It hurts, I don't feel that good from it and of course I know he likes it but it's becoming a complete turn off for me. I feel like he's being too pushy about it. I basically can handle everything else but as I was researching I saw it's normal to feel pain..I'm just annoyed cause I can pretty much enjoy everything else except that. It's the only problem we've had really.


Oh my goodness, if a sex act is consistently painful for you, you are not under any obligation to keep doing it regardless of if he likes it or not.

And if, for some horrible reason, he asks you to keep doing it even though you don’t want to, look him dead in the eye and tell him “It hurts when we fuck that way, and my safety and comfort is more important than you getting your dick wet in a way that is only enjoyable to one of us. Get right the fuck out of here with that shit.”

Take care of yourself, you are deserving of sexual experiences that are enjoyable for you.

xoxo, Shannon

One thing that really bothers me about the Poly community is the sort of ‘god complex’ that others feel when they’ve grown up on the island, speak fluent, have both polynesian parents etc. Being half poly and half ‘something else’ is looked down upon. You’re often treated like you’re not “really Samoan cause ya’ momma white” or you’re not “really Tongan cause you don’t speak fluently”

It really sucks tho, especially for kids who never grew up in a ‘traditional’ poly household. Kids who are just recently getting in touch with their roots.

Like just learning about your culture, and making mistakes a long the way is something they often make fun of. Like I don’t understand. Sometimes the only link that person had to their Polynesian side has been severed. Be it by death or other.

Sometimes the only resources others have is Wiki and other polynesian friends on the internet. Most times it’s not enough but they’re working with what they’ve got, and for you to unnecessarily make fun of someone for pronouncing something wrong, or using the wrong word in their sentence, is just not only gross, but irritating. 

Instead of being a complete ass to these kids you have also two (2) options:

1) Help them. Go into their ask box and explain to them what they said was wrong and this is the right way.

If you are unable to do option one for unspecified reasons (u just dont want to)
We have an option TWO!

2) Mind your fucking business. If you don’t wanna show them right from wrong then just go on your merry fucking way. There is approximately 0 reasons for you to publicly embarrass or harass someone online. They’re trying. Which is something you probably haven’t had to do since you grew up ‘on the islands” and practiced the customs since birth.

There is absolutely no shame in learning your roots ‘late’ in life. The only thing that matters is that they care, and they’re trying.   

Feels like high school all over again

A/N: So I wrote this as a way of coping with all the stress that comes with a high school prom, and yes, I do worry about those things. I really hope you like it because is the first time I do this and I don’t know what to expect so here goes nothing…

Summary: Dean takes you to prom but you can’t take a free night from the hunter’s life, it doesn’t matter is prom night

Part (¼)

“No freaking way” you said staring at your laptop screen

“What is it? Did you find something on the spell?” Dean asked lifting his eyes from the book he was reading.

“No, it’s just that…” you looked at him and laugh, leaving a confused expression on the hunter’s face

“What? What is it?” he asked standing up from his chair and walking around the table to look at your screen “’you are invited to the 15 year high school reunion’” he read “what’s so funny about?”

“Well” you said catching your breath “being in high school and having a hunter dad isn’t the best combination…”

“Tell me about it” Dean said

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A thing about Ruby

I feel like if I’m going to be reblogging posts to show I’m against Ruby’s new design I should write something showing my thoughts on the situation.

The reasons I don’t like the new design (other than the fact I just don’t really like the way it looks) are:

  • Power FX completely went against what the original designers wanted without saying anything to them.
  • They made a character that was meant to have dark skin white for seemingly no other reason than ‘to make it appeal to a wider EDM audience’, which is made even worse by the fact the voice provider has dark skin in the first place.

I do think Power FX should be contacted about this and told why the design should be changed back, however being threatening in any way will not help. A company should listen to the public’s opinions, but they won’t listen to hatemail. They just won’t. Make sure any messages you send are sensible and include facts. (Here’s a link to contact them).

Also keep in mind we should probably wait to see what Power FX say before getting too angry. If they say Ruby won’t be changing back to the original design, by all means do everything you can to force them to change it, but Power FX might hear to complaints and already be planning to change it back. We don’t know at this point.

I’m not ever going to apologize for not being a more social person online or in person. I try really hard to not be antisocial. I give it all I have.
I’ve said before, if I’m forced into it I will interact like a rockstar. I go from one extreme to the other. Naturally though, I’m more comfortable being alone anymore. I do push myself to get out of that comfort zone…it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot out of me. I feel drained a lot of times just from interaction with people.
Some cute short dude kept worming his way around me yesterday. There was something in his eyes though…kinda looked cold, hate like, angry..go away. Eyes don’t lie.

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I love your skin tone it's perfection! It's like pale brown and I don't know I just love it I wish my skin could look like that. I think this sounds creepy, sorry :c Btw I love your blog!

I’m completely speechless in the best way, I honestly despise my skin tone so much and never have I ever received such a wonderful comment on it before so I really, really, really must thank you from like the bottom of my heart this really means basically everything to me,,,,, thank you so so so so very muchly nonnie x

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In regards to the "why would Sebastian be on a bus" musing: What if his car broke down in the middle of nowhere or something, his phone is dead so he decides to walk down the road hoping he'll find like a gas station but finds the bus stop, so he decides to just take the bus? *Casually offers ideas because that AU prompt thing is really adorable for them*

This was in response to the single parent AU prompt (which I varied a bit):  “ I’m on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did.” Takes place in an AU A Happy Accident universe.

“Look, either pay the fare or get out of the way so other passengers can get on.” 

Sebastian wondered again what had possessed him to attempt to use Kirkwall’s public transit system when his car had broken down in Lowtown. There had been no taxis in sight and the car service he sometimes used had informed him that it would be over an hour before they could pick him up.  He’d seen the line of people waiting for the bus, and thought why not?  He’d never actually ridden a public bus, but thousands did every day in Kirkwall:  how difficult could it be?

Very, as it turned out. Somewhere behind him a small child was beginning to fuss.

“And the bus is only equipped to take coins?”  He asked, knowing he was repeating himself.  It seemed a ridiculous system.  

The bus driver gave him a look that managed to be both bored and exasperated.  “If you don’t have a transit card then you gotta have exact change. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, mate.”  

“Right.” He pulled out a twenty. “I’m sorry, does anyone have any change?”

There was a chorus of grumbling from the passengers both inside and outside the bus.

“I’ve got it.”  

Sebastian turned in relief and stopped, stunned.  

It was the girl with the fussy toddler who’d been in front of him in the queue but had been trying to balance the child on her hip while trying to fold up a stroller and she hadn’t looked up when she’d told him to go ahead of her. All he’d noticed was her bright yellow dress and long red hair tied back by a white ribbon.

Looking at her now he saw she was beautiful, not simply pretty but so beautiful that she quite literally took his breath away: her eyes were remarkable, blue and green at the same time, her pale skin as translucent as a pearl and her lips were a rich red that astoundingly seemed to be natural rather than cosmetic.  

He only had a moment to process it before she’d pushed passed him with her transit card in hand and swiped it twice.  It took him a moment to realize that the second swipe had been for him and not the squirming child that she had perched rather precariously on her hip.  She must be a nanny, or perhaps an au pair.

“Go on.”  She told him.  

“Thank you.”  

“No worries.  I can’t tell you the number of times I get on the bus only to realize my pass is completely out of money.”  She gave him a smile that showed a dimple at one corner of her mouth.  

Beautiful, he thought again.

The child chose that moment to begin struggling in earnest and in order to keep from dropping her, the girl had to let go of the stroller.

Sebastian reached out and caught it before it fell to the floor.

“Passengers who’ve paid their fare need to move to the back of the bus to let the other passengers get on the bus.”  The driver called out without bothering to look at them.

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i really wish that among the many many posts that i see about abuse and abusive relationships on my dash that there were posts that talk about the fact that anyone can be an abuser? 

i don’t mean this in a paranoid sense, i mean that In General, abusers are painted as mostly big Men© who abuse their girlfriends physically and verbally which is obviously horrible, and yes those types of people are abusive and that is an abusive relationship..it’s really terrible

but not just Men© are abusive, literally anyone can be abusive, any relationship whether or not it’s straight can be an abusive one and i don’t think that’s something discussed often..or at the very least, i wish there were more examples of different abusive relationships that aren’t just the typical “man hits his girlfriend” because people, especially not-straight kids who are new to relationships, won’t necessarily know what abuse looks like if it doesn’t come packaged in just a certain way. and not just that but any relationship can be an abusive one? it isn’t just romantic relationships

i’m really really not trying to say that “man hits gf” is the only form of abuse out there but i think it’s one of the only ones talked about and i think that needs to change

My Heart Only Beats For You

A/N: I haven’t really been working on imagines lately and I apologize! I am slowly making my way through them! Again, I will tell you when imagines open back up! :) xx

Sam glared at the girl who was rubbing her hands all over Liam’s chest and arms. She would of just been furious at the girl for touching her boyfriend the way that she was had it not looked like that Liam was flirting with her as well. Not being able to take it any longer, Sam slammed her locker shut and stormed out of the school, not even bothering to grab any of her homework.

Sam didn’t even make it a block away from the school when Liam all of the sudden blocked her path. She tried to go around him, but no matter how hard she tried, he was always one step ahead of her.

“Where are you going? School isn’t even over yet!” Liam stated, confused by his girlfriend’s actions.

“No where. Just leave me alone, Liam,” she mumbled, trying to go around him one more time only to get blocked by Liam again.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently, sensing that something was wrong.

Sam sighed and ran her fingers through her hair out of frustration. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong, Liam, is that you were flirting with Natasha and didn’t even bother to throw her hands off of you when she had them all over you! That’s what’s wrong!” she spat.

Liam stared at his girlfriend with a confused look on his face. “What? I wasn’t flirting! I was just talking to her. Besides, I didn’t even know she was flirting with me to begin with,” he explained.

“And the roaming hands didn’t make it a dead give away?” she huffed, crossing her arms across her chest.

Liam, not knowing what else to do to get her to calm down, attached his lips to hers in a passionate kiss and passed every emotion that he was feeling in that moment into that kiss. Although she was shocked at first, Sam gave into the kiss and wound her fingers into his hair, tugging slightly before the couple slowly pulled away.

He grabbed one of her hands and placed it over his chest where Sam could feel his heart beating. “Do you feel that, Sam? That’s my heartbeat and it only beats for you. No one else but you. Do you know why? Because I only love you,” he explained, giving her a chaste kiss on the lips to prove his point.

Sam smiled and intertwined their fingers together and decided to walk back to class even though they were half way through the period. She didn’t care. As long as she had Liam by her side, she didn’t care. She especially didn’t care about Natasha because Sam had the one thing that Natasha didn’t. And that was Liam.

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How about Yuu gaping/gawking or totally having crush on Guren's s/o? XD

{i like the way this turned out}

Yuu had tried to keep his feelings to himself, but he was just so drawn to Guren’s s/o it was actually kind of ridiculous. He’d always compliment her, whether it was the way her hair looked today or how her smile brightened his day. Yuu was absolutely infatuated with her and Guren thought it was so funny. 

He thought it was funny how he got really flustered when his s/o would ruffle his hair or call him ‘Yuu-chan’. Even he had to admit it was pretty cute, nonetheless, Yuu had to find someone around his age to interact and fall in love with. S/o was just little beyond his years; in age and maturity, physically and mentally. Though Guren was happy that Yuu had finally found in interest in girls, even if it was his own lover.

“Hey, Yuu.” Guren called out to him. Yuu snapped out of the current daze he was in. Guren followed his eyes to his s/o who was chatting it up with Mito and sighed.

“Look, kid, You gotta find someone your own age.” There he finally said it.

“I know…” Yuu mumbled, resting his head in hands and looked at the ground in a sad manner. Guren felt a pang of guilt in chest. Why him?

Guren wrapped an arm around his shoulder like a father would to his son. “You know you’re a pretty handsome lookin’ kid and a lot of girls here–believe or not–actually have it pretty bad for you.”

Yuu humphed and crossed his arms like a child. “Yeah, so what? It’s not like they make an effort to talk to me.”

Once again, Guren sighed.

“Well, what did you expect? Girls can be pretty shy, but sometimes they can be bold, almost daring. They’re not all the same, ya know? So that’s why you gotta get out there, sport.” Guren squeezed his shoulder and Yuu let out a laugh. A genuine one. The kind that made their bond closer.

“Yeah, alright, dad.” Yuu said, patting his back.

“There’s my boy!” Guren grinned, ruffling his hair. Yuu started to protest and flail his arms when Shinoa appeared clearing her throat.

“Hey, Yuu. It’s time for training.” She beamed, hands behind her back. The pair stopped to gaze up at her and then exchanged looks. 

“Yeah, alright.” He replied, nodding at her. Guren still had the same proud grin on his face and punched Yuu’s shoulder which caused his to blush.

“Go, get em tiger.”

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Well, you can marry them in the game, can't you? (i never played it, but I belive it is an option?) Now it's true they look like middle schoolers, but to be honest, just like most anime characters, in some way, their way of thinking seems to be rather more matured than real children. As long as we don't count the typical comical-purpose stupidness. Like... I don't really see any difference between their mindset and the mindset of any older anime character/shipgirl.

Yes you can marry them but (this may sound mean to some people) , the marriage system in game is called “provisional marriage”. This means that it isn’t a REAL one. Just a pretend. Heck some Admirals even gave rings to girls just for the stat boosts, not out of love. ( However, fandom shows Admiral proposing twice, one the provisional, and one with an actual ring after the war was over to ship girls)

It is true that Destroyers are probably more mature than real children but they’re still children. They may be battle hardened but war and sex are two completely different things. 

You don’t screw a still developing child. That’s wrong.