Pro tip: when someone is having body image/weight issues, don’t tell them that they’re not skinny/fat or that they’ll look better if they lose or gain weight (the opposite of whatever they’re trying to do)

It’s really harmful and counterproductive and makes us feel like shit cause we’re not happy with our body and fixing ourselves makes other people not like our body so it’s a lose-lose situation

So just listen and just try to understand where we’re coming from and if you don’t know what to say then “you look fine/you look great just as you are but if you want to go about this the healthy way then I support your decision since it’s your body and your rules” goes a long way ok.

This has been a PSA.


I didn’t need to actually see them to know, I just heard Takao’s voice and…

MY SHUUTOKU BOYS, I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. I missed you so much, I saw you in your game against Kaijo but still, OH BOYS, I REALLY REALLY MISSED YOU, YOUR ORANGE UNIFORMS ARE SO WELCOME IN MY LIFE (?)

Also, looks like Takao and Midorima are finally themselves again. And I’m so glad, so glad to be able to see them they way they usually are again, without all that sadness in their eyes, in their voices. Takao teasing Midorima and Midorima’s usual reply… Welcome back, my dear boys. WELCOME BACK

The softness in Jensen’s face...

…in all the recent photo ops from the past two weeks are just the most beautiful thing ever. He looks so much more at ease. There is just this certain… glow to all the pictures. It really really shows that he has grown more comfortable with allowing himself to feel the love as he has described it himself. I don’t know, it just makes me very happy to see him this way. :’) And the longer hair and scruff on top just adds to it. :’)))

Was it really necessary for Big Madam to go out of her way to tell Juuzou that she never loved him? Despite all she’s put him through, the flashbacks Juuzou had in this chapter suggest he doesn’t hate her and possibly even thinks of her fondly. That look on Juuzou’s face was really weird and I feel like Big Madam just saw that glimmer of hope in his eyes, looking for validation from the only parental-ish figure he’s ever known besides Shinohara, and wanted to crush it.

This kind of needlessly cruel behaviour is what makes this lady(?) my least favourite character, next to Yamori. She is literally a total monster who has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

I completely respect the decision not to bring back in the sprites, since they’re retired. Retiring items is a good way to set up a nice item scene on a virtual pet sites; it gives some people something to aim for, something for people to be proud of, and helps circulate large amounts of money between users, and also gives people with lots of money something to spend it on.

You retired the sprites and they’re really expensive? That’s fine. Sure, I’ll probably never had a light sprite, but that’s like.. One or two unobtainable items. Look at somewhere like Neopets: Have you SEEN the prices of just the most boring paint brushes? Most people on Neopets will never be able to afford even the most BASIC things. The economy is a joke.

What I don’t respect, however, is the staff not retiring any familiars after this. Retired sprites? That’s cool. Retired bears? Wait, what? You’re going to bring them back and make them worth absolute trash on the AH? 

I don’t understand the logic, and I don’t want to. If you’re going to retire the sprites, then retire every familiar set that comes after it. Retiring items that were only available for a limited time is fair. If you weren’t there, it is no one fault, and you just have to save up. Choosing to ONLY retire ONE line of familiars to me just completely and utterly rubs me the wrong way. What’s the point in having a familiar for sale at a festival if at NoTN they’ll just pop out of chests for me? I literally do not understand it. I don’t think retiring familiars is an ‘elitist’ move. I think only retiring ONE line of familiar is a bit elitist. 

Idk, long post, but I’ve been thinking about sprites a lot.

Also if you read all this I hope you have a cool day :D

Exo reaction bumping into a foreign girl and fall for her

Thanks for the specific reaction wowow (❁´◡`❁)

Xiumin: sorry i wasn’t loo- whoa!

Luhan: *pervhan mode activate*

Tao: I honestly never feel this way before. It feel  really good

Kris: *laxy need no time nor pick up line bc he already work his magic*

Suho: you look v nice and i would like to see that face a little more often in the fuutre

Lay: you look very beautiful


YN: aren’t you exo Chen?

Chen: she know my name!

Baekhyun: *gif*

Chanyeol: I feel so hot hyung-ah. Is this what it feel like all the time when you like someone?

Kai: *just acting cute hoping you notice*

D.O: what should i do? she’s looking this way, omo.. should i wave at her?

Sehun: *gif*

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I just got rejected from my dream college and I don't even know what to do anymore... I just feel like all I have worked for these last couple of years were for nothing....

I’m so sorry that you got rejected, Anon. That really sucks. However, it has happened, and the only thing you can do is move on. I assume you had backups? Because in that case, while you won’t be going to your dream college, you’ll still be going to college. 

I think one of the best ways to look at this that I’ve seen, is someone that said she would use the rejection as motivation to work even harder, to show everyone that the university was missing out on a great student, so really it was their loss. 

I can completely see how you’re feeling demotivated and discouraged now, but this might make you feel a bit better: Look back at the last couple of years. What have you accomplished? What has all that work you put in lead to? Maybe you improved your grades in a subject. Maybe you acquired some new skills. Maybe you learnt something about yourself. Maybe you grew as a person. The work you put in is not measured by wether you get into a university or not. Even when you didn’t get in, your work will definitely pay off, for example by making things easier for you when you get to college and start your next classes. 

In the end, I think one of the best ways you can ‘get over’ this rejection is to get excited about the college you will be going to. Look at their website, stalk their social media, message current students and focus on all the things you liked about it in the first place. Get excited and remember that you will most likely have just as great a time there as you would have had anywhere else. 

Good luck with everything Anon, and congratulations on all the work you’ve put down. You’ve been a champ! xx

I really can’t stand people who preach shit on Facebook like there’s no way you’re aiming to actually have an intelligent discussion in the comments… It seems to me as if it’s done for either a) looking socially aware and more informed than your peers as well or b) validation from the likes and comments and idk just does not sit right with me

Nothing was going right. Loki cursed under his breath as he fixed his shirt for the third time. His date with Darcy - the beautiful and wonderful Darcy - was in five minutes and it seemed like all of his shirts had decided to become rumpled. The bouquet of flowers he’d picked out for her, fresh and lovely just an hour ago, lay on his dresser looking forlorn. He frowned. He was already nervous, he didn’t need all of this.

But there was no more time to fix everything. He grabbed the bouquet and rushed out, thanking the stars she only lived one apartment over. When he knocked on her door, she answered it right away. “Hello, Loki,” she said, smiling.

He momentarily forgot how to speak and pushed the bouquet towards her. “Um, for you,” he mumbled. Her smile brightened as she took the bouquet. Loki raised his eyebrows as the flowers that had been wilting a second ago brightened as well.

“Flowers! Thank you. I haven’t had a date bring me these in a long while,” she said. “Well, uh, I…I own a flower shop,” he finished lamely, mentally kicking himself. But then she laughed, and it was such a sweet sound that he found himself relaxing and smiling back at her.

And that was when the lights in the city went out.

In the darkness, he felt her hand searching for his, her fingers sliding gently into the spaces between his own. “Did the power go out?” she asked. He peered into the distance across the darkened city. “I think so,” he replied, holding her hand a little tighter. “It’s not just this building. Oh, this is no good. The power at the restaurant will be out too.”

“Then let’s not go there,” she said. “No?” he asked, puzzled. “Let’s stay here,” she continued. “It’s a lovely night with a full moon out, and you’ve already got a table and chairs in front of your shop downstairs. We could get hot dogs from Old Sam down the street, and I’ve got a bottle of wine just sitting on my table waiting to be shared.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea,” he said, squeezing her hand gently. After she returned from her apartment with the wine and glasses, they made their way downstairs to the front of his shop. While he got the food, she set the table. When he returned, he disappeared into his shop for a second, and Darcy watched in amazement as a soft light started to glow from the flowers on display. 

“Did you light candles?” she asked, grinning. “Something like that,” he replied with a blush.

She handed him one of the empty glasses, which filled up with wine as he held it. They clinked glasses and enjoyed their unusual meal in the gentle moonlight. A calm, cooling breeze started to blow, finding its way through the street.

As more of the townspeople came out onto the sidewalk to enjoy the night, a song played on a kid’s portable radio drifted to their ears.

In the darkest night hour
I’ll search through the crowd
Your face is all that I see
I’ll give you everything
Baby, love me lights out

It may not have been the date he planned exactly, but as they leaned across the table to kiss, he realised that it was nothing short of magical.

Written for the Tasertricks Prompt Challenge. Apologies for being so late! I had so many artistic potato moments that I almost gave up on this one. Shoutout to pastatheory for keeping me going. Also shoutout to everyone who played a part in making this event a reality!

This is a continuation of sorts of my Flowershop tag fic, and also inspired by Kings episode 8 The Sabbath Queen. The song is XO by Beyoncé. Click on the picture for better quality.

What I think is interesting is that we always see Rachel looking at pictures/ videos of someone she loves the most and we saw Delphine doing the same thing tonight, though in a slightly different way, of course, but Delphine assumed Rachel’s power now and idk… I just thought it was cool to think about ok ahhaha

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I think its very easy to say Harry is in a glassier closet from where we are immersed in fandom but in my experience with casual fans and other sides of fandom, it really doesn't look that way to them. From their perspective he's still as straight as can be, or queerbaiting. I know some have given into "maybe bi" but still insist he likes girls too much to be gay. From a lot of people's perspectives he and Louis are coming from the same place.

I have to disagree. A ton of reports we have about outsiders watching just a single GIF or a video, or anything about them. They get the relationship vibes immediately. They see the tattoos!!!

And I also disagree with H being viewed as het. 

Denial that’s one thing, but deep inside everyone knows.

We could argue about this forever, but I just look at Louis, his mannerism, his stance and I cannot see not gay. And Harry?? Harry is basically out.

All depends on what you think yourself. Don’t underestimate casual fans. Real casual fans don’t care about their sexuality, they’re here for the music, that’s why they’re called casual fans.

And oh yes the fandom will always have fans that are never gonna be ready for a CO. Even on their wedding day they will say H photobombed Louis and Eleanor’s secret wedding picture.

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Childhood best friends Ian & Mickey - Ian starts talking about kissing bc he's never been kissed and he's really curious what it's like. Mickey offers to kiss him and Ian accepts, and they both try to pretend like they're not feeling a shitton of butterflies over it but then they're both looking for excuses to ask to kiss each other again. "I forgot what it feels like to be kissed." "I was watching a movie and they kissed in a different way - I want to know what it's like."

!!!! stupid piney babies who think the other doesn’t like them and is just doing them a favor!! so every time they kiss they’re both filled with angsty piney baby thoughts about how they have to savor the other’s lips and shit bc there’s no way they can have this on the regular! horrible sidelong glances when they’re hanging out! constantly looking at each other’s lips! falling asleep thinking about kissing each other, wishing they could kiss the other whenever they wanted! the secret thrill every time the other asks if they can kiss again!! finally ian’s dumb and he blurts out “i wanna keep kissing you” and mickey’s like “what are you saying” and ians like “IREALLYLIKEYOUANDIWANTTOKISSYOUALOTALLTHETIME” and then! they! are! boyfriends!!

something i really don’t like is that when you look up “bathing suits for small boobs” or “makeup for round faces” the results are always like “how to make small boobs look bigger!!!!!” and “how to give yourself a heart face shape!!!!!” like brotha no i don’t want to change how i look i just wanna know how to work it please I’m perfect the way i am  

Caryl in details #4

So I was looking at a couple of gifs of the water jug scene, and I started wondering… What if he dropped the jug on purpose? To steal a smile from her? Because the way he’s dropping it doesn’t really look like an accident, does it? I don’t really buy it. Daryl is way too precise in everything that he does, and even if the mere presence of Carol turns him into this:

it doesn’t look like something he would do by accident. Just look at it, I know it’s fiction and it’s just acting, but it does really look ike he threw it on purpose. 

And that’s not it. Right after dropping it, he just looks at it and goes like “oh woops hehe I absolutely didn’t see that coming *cough*”.
And then he looks back at her. You know… Just chekin’ if the bae is smiling.

And she is smiling… So once he’s made sure that his trick worked, boom *facepalm* - to make it look more convincing, you know?. 

Stop me if I’m wrong but if you dropped something in front of someone by accident, would you really just stand like that and do nothing for a few seconds and then look at the person with a straight face before reacting, or would you just go like “fuck *facepalm* right away? 

And I’m still not finished. He looks at her once again after the whole facepalm thingy. Discreetly checking if she’s still smiling, ya know… And only when she looks away, he finally moves to pick it up. 

How many seconds did it take? Do you really expect me to believe that if Daryl had dropped a jug of water in front of Aaron he woud have stood in front of him like the fidgeting teenager that he is and looked at him three times before picking it up? Nnah-ha, he would have just mumbled and picked it up without making a fuss about it. He wouldn’t even have looked at Aaron, and his self-esteem would have probably been offended for beeing so clusmy.
Does he look offended here? Not really, uh?  

And look what we’ve got there. He picks it up and woop, one last glance to see what Pookie is doing and whether she’s still smiling or not.

He had just tried the whole “we’ll start over” speech but it didn’t make her smile, or even cheered her up a bit. So that would actually make sense for him to try this and ridiculize himself just for her sake. Which reminds me of the scene in season 3 when Glenn tells Daryl that he cares more about Maggie than he cares about himself, by the way. Maggie, his wife… But I’m just saying.

And if this is actually what happened, then it’s huge. Because it would mean that Daryl Dixon, the I-don’t-care-bout-nothin’ guy who always wants to look strong and serious, would do that for Carol. That he would do the kind of things we never saw him doing with anyone else just because he cares about her way more than about anything else, including his self-esteem and self-image.

[.gifs by thewalkinggifs]

So somewhere around this time last year, I was having a blast at the Les Mis fandom meetup in NYC, which of course included everyone going to see the show together. It was my first time seeing this particular production, and somewhere near the end of the first act I started thinking, “where the hell have I seen this Marius before?” Because he looked familiar, eerily familiar, in a way I couldn’t quite place.

I should probably have figured it out when Valjean was singing ‘Bring Him Home’ over Marius’ sleeping body and I got a sudden, vivid mental image of Steve Rogers being dragged along on an awkward theatre date and getting hit with unexpected War Feelings in the second act. Like, that should really have been my tipoff. But it was a month after Cap 2 came out and I figured I was just in the stage of relating everything back to my shiny new fandom.

Here’s the thing: Marius in the first act was wearing a powder-blue coat, and during the revolt he was in his shirtsleeves. It wasn’t until ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,’ when he was standing there leaning stiffly on his cane with one arm

all in black

looking sullenly tragic

and singing about how all his fucking friends are dead 

that it hit me. Ladies and gentlemen, Andy Mientus:

The resemblance doesn’t quite hold up in nice clear headshot form, but from ten rows back? You bet this fucker was the spitting goddamn image of Sebastian Stan.

Which instantly made everything like three times more distressing, let me tell you. Phantom faces at the window. Phantom shadows on the floor. Empty chairs at ghnnnghablublublub leave me here to die.

That’s all. I’m done. I’m not sure there’s even a point to this story, except: don’t cross the streams, kids, it will only increase your suffering.

said: if you don’t mind could you say which bit you found upsetting? there were a couple of parts that made me uncomfortable but im trying to process how i feel about ‘how they were handled’ vs ‘just being fucked up subject matter regardless’

I am gonna put this behind a cut because I don’t know exactly how to trigger warn for it - violence against women and pregnancy like, in combination (and also spoilers obviously)

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But have you really accepted Ayano Tateyama as your personal lord and savior?

(I’ve been in this fandom for so long and I have no way to express how much I love this series, Maybe it’s just me but it feels like the community has been kinda dying after the ending of the anime.Since its now been around a year since then I just want to share my happiness for having been part of this big family. Thank you to all of you who have been here since the first PVs and to all of you who have just arrived and fallen in love with this amazing series for making this the best fandom I’ve been in, even with all it’s ups and downs. Let’s keep supporting the series until the end.)

KNK Screenshots used as base (X)(X)

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bruh u know after jake, joe, taylor l, john; i never really cared about them boys about tay, but when haylor happened idk there's just something between them like i never really shipped taylor with anyone as hardcore as haylor. then i saw pics of them and damn there's just something the way they look at each other. if only people supported haylor, i think they'd still be together. sorry just letting out my haylor feels xx