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I feel bad for you because a lot of the people on here talk to you like you're an idiot when it's obvious that you do your research and know what you're talking about. Anyway, I just wanted to know you're thoughts about jasper this season and whether or not you think that the way that he's behaving is justified after what happened to maya?

Thank you! No need to feel bad, though. I really don’t give a damn what haters have to say. 

Anyway, Jasper! 

YES, I think his behavior is justified. Why? Let’s look at all the ways this teenager has been traumatized, shall we? 

1) Speared by Grounders

2) Tied to a tree

3) Nearly died of sepsis

4) He was barely recovered when he had to: 

   a) start defending his friends

   b) go look for his friends

   c) use a gun

   d) be depended upon to make sure a BOMB was set off…to save everyone

Ok, let’s stop right there, because…OH. MY. GOD. Did he get a chance to work through ANY of what had happened to him before he was being sent back out - away from the relative safety of their camp - with a weapon? NO. 

So then he ends up on the losing end of a noose INSIDE the camp where he’s supposed to be relatively safe. And where do things go from there? He has to not only save THEIR LEADER from that same noose, but then he has to flip the switch to save as many of his people as he could while knowing that not everyone had made it inside the dropship.  

Nooooo, no reason at all that this scared kid has major, MAJOR PTSD.  

And that’s just from S1!!! 

He wakes up in a place that feeds him, clothes him, shows him culture and demonstrates what a peaceful life COULD be. He’s SAFE. After everything he’d been through, is it any wonder that he wanted to take that at face value and believe the too-good-to-be-true existence he was experiencing? 

But then he finds out that things aren’t as they seem. Bellamy’s not there. Clarke’s gone. The delinquents are on their own without a leader. Except that Jasper has been their go-to guy a few times now and he’s got an “in” with Maya. He saves Maya’s life and having her by his side, encouraging him and helping him, allows him to step up into a position he really has no business being in and yet it’s a position that no one else is really any better suited for, either. So he tries to lead, he tries to create a plan to get them all out even though he doesn’t REALLY want to leave and…well, let’s just say that he annoyed the hell out of me in S2 with his escapist, erratic actions. BUT…those same escapist, erratic actions were IN CHARACTER for someone who’s been traumatized and can’t deal with finding himself in danger again. I mean, did you SEE his relief when Bellamy showed up? Did you see how quickly he ran to Clarke when Bellamy opened that door and there she was waiting for them to let her in? I mean, we all joke about Bell and Clarke being mom and dad to the delinquents, but to Jasper? Their presence meant that he didn’t have to worry anymore. They were going to fix everything. They always did. Except that they didn’t. They broke the one good thing he’d found on the ground. The one reason he was able to find the strength to keep going. 

So yes, his behavior is justified and very accurate for a scared, traumatized kid who’s been through everything that he has been through and has reached the limit of what he can endure. 

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Any word on when new issues of Brilliant will be out? That was such a good story that looked like it was just ramping up

I’m doing this new thing with my creator owned stuff where i don’t solicit the book until it is completely done.

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i know, genius!!  we love brilliant and have some really exciting stuff going on behind the scenes. i think you could guess what that means but i’m not announcing anything until it is time. another thing i am trying.

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so, yes, more brilliant to come.  more scarlet (3 issues fully in the can) more united states of murder ( second volume on it’s way)  new powers in time for the tv show second season.

and some NEW new stuff heading towards you towards the end of the year.

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Lazy Magic

so I’ve seen 2 or 3 posts on “lazy magic” and I really just feel like it’s not appreciated as much as it should be. As someone in a situation where it’s kinda dangerous to practice magic or even have opinions on paganism or anything of the sort (my mom’s super suspicious of my herb garden, and she uses it), lazy magic is the only really safe way to incorporate it into my life. 

Things like keeping a coin in my shoe, stirring a certain way, or just doing normal actions with intent are the only way that I can practice magic until I find a new living situation. 

I hope that no one looks down on those of us who practice lazy magic because it’s not full ritual work or anything of the sort. 

hey, I hope that even those who can practice freely can appreciate the simplicity of lazy magic as well, because it’s just an amazingly simple way to incorporate magic into more of the activities that we do on a daily basis. 

It’s amazing <3

Weekly Brallie Post: The Drought Begins

This episode was super dry, but nothing compared to what’s to come. I can’t stand the idea of Brandon kissing someone else. The only upside is that Courtney may stop him, atleast that’s what the promo looks like. I really wish Callie would confide in Brandon about what’s going on with the fost and found messages. I just know that together they could figure it out, but of course in truly Callie fashion she will go at it alone. Although it looks like Jack is sending the messages, I’m not completely convinced. Looks like a case of misdirection, to me. On the upside their will be no rekindling his romance with Talya. Can we all just put our hands together for Brandon Freaking Foster. The way he stood up for AJ should put an end to the Idea that he is selfish and only cares for himself. He stood up for a guy who kissed the girl he loves, so no more Brandon hate please.It looks like we are going to see Callie telling Brandon, that he is suppose to be moving on, this will undoubtedly be what pushes him on to the bartender. This makes me so sad because I’m sure hearing those words broke Brandon’s heart a little more.

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*distracting you with headcanons* oliver drops by keating house after work as a surprise to connor. cue michaela and laurel teasing connor but connor doesnt even care hes so happy to see ollie. he only stays for a few minutes bc he doesnt want to distract them anymore. but connor walks ollie out all the way to his car. going super slow just to elongate his time with oliver any way he can ;)

that’s so cute. i don’t understand why coliver makes me so happy, but omg they really do. (like i’m so attached to this fictional couple that i probably need an intervention…) cute headcanons make me feel so much better. thank you nonnie <333

(but, really, could you see connor just walking slow and holding oliver’s hand so he keeps the pace with him? and oliver gives him this look, like what are you doing? and connor’s lips just turn up crookedly as he goes even slower. oliver would laugh and pull them to a standstill. they would gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment. and omg, YOU KNOW that the other K5 members are watching from the window… And Oliver sees them and mumbles “Your co-workers seem to want a show, so just say the word and we can start making out.”) 


Hey folks!

As you may or may not know, my little family has hit a serious rough patch; not the least of all our worries being that we had our almost all $300 of our heating oil stolen. This means that I cannot afford to keep the heat on at all, leaving my 6 month old daughter, fiance and I sleeping in the cold.

Its unlikely whoever did this will be caught/prosecuted, but rather than dwell on it, I’m just trying to keep looking forward. So, I’m opening commissions to try and help me offset the cost of having to replace the oil, as doing so will put us way behind on other bills.

If you can’t commission me, don’t sweat it. If you’d like to help, please consider reblogging this post, it really does help!

Thank you for your time! Info under the cut!

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“People with apeirophobia really shouldn’t watch this”

Someone on Twitter passed the video above along, entitled “Crushed between two portals experiment”. Apparently, what happens in the film 2001 actually exists in video game form. 

Since that’s the best way I can describe it, I’m just going to republish what’s said by the YouTube video’s author…

“People with apeirophobia really shouldn’t watch this.

Everything has been recorded at first-person perspective. It resulted in infinite psychedelic visuals such as giant spirals, never-ending walls, and gigantic perpetual portal rooms. Scary at first when you’re face to face with yourself. Such visuals potentially can trigger anxiety about mirrors and stairs to some people. There is no way to get out without restarting or using cvars. Chell doesn’t die by doing this, and it looks like there’s no gravity anymore.

For the record: Portals can move. In Chapter 5 (The Escape) at the thirty-third level of the game, you have to place portals onto moving panels to cut neurotoxin generator tubes by using a laser - https://youtu.be/B2gBNwT6aqU?t=2m11s - This gameplay mechanism is not activated by default, so a special command was used to achieve the experiment. I created that simple test chamber by myself in Portal 2 SDK. I will provide an download link in a few days with a readme.txt.”

BTW, thanks for the heads up @JBantha!

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i think reagan and sam this season are like catalysts for nick and jess, they have to be!! i think they're like a fawn the way she helped schmidt realize what he truly wanted.. look how that played out. we just gotta stay positive

I really, really, really, really hope so! I think things might be left between Nick and Reagan when they’re just on the verge of something more serious. So she might come back expecting to pick up where they left of but in the meantime stuff will have gone down between Nick and Jess.

Hey WITCHes,

I just found this composite of two blurry bathroom photos that I don’t think I ever posted?? Anyway yeah wearing blue is this completely new enterprise for me. I wound up with this dark blue fabric dye and so I dyed a bunch of my things blue and it’s been… weird? I like the way blue and black look together so I’ve been happy with the looks but it never really felt like me. 
I think it’s because when I was a young girl in the 90s I used to think that you couldn’t wear blue unless you had purely black hair or else it would clash. (At the time it was popular to pair jewel tones with black)  I had brown hair and I begged my mom to let me dye my hair black so that I could wear blue clothing and it wouldn’t clash. I think that little girl’s voice never completely left my head over the years and it’s still making me feel strange about wearing blue things. Like I’m still not quite good enough for them or something? Even though I feel a hidden connection with the color because I’m water aligned, and was obsessed with bodied of water all my life and used to stare for hours at cerulean objects. I don’t know. It’s all very strange. 

I guess I’m just trying to explain that there is a lot more going on in this picture than a blurry ootd in a bathroom. *shrugs*

I feel really weird lately, I’ve been so self critical. Growing up I hated the way I looked, but I thought I broke out of that stage.. I can say I’ve grown into a beautiful person, but this passed year has really done something to me. Maybe it’s just growing pains. Maybe I need to go through this to help someone in the future. But I know that when I look in the mirror, sometimes I see my actual self, and I’m happy with who I am. But lately all I see is my negativity. I look tired. I look stressed. I feel like people can see this dark cloud around me. Smiling almost hurts sometimes. Maybe I’m depressed, maybe everything that’s happened to me is just reaching the surface. No matter what is it though.. So what. I have a genuine heart. I have good intentions. I’d give someone the shirt off my back in a second. I’m real. I guess I need to start looking at the bigger picture..haven’t had much balance. Just haven’t been myself.


Elena looked at the elder doppleganger as she curled up next to Elena. “ Katherine, how much have you had to drink and who do you think I am?” she asked laughing and giving her part of the blanket. Elena may not really like the vampire but she pitied her in a lot of ways plus Elena was always down for a good cuddle.

“Um…” Katherine furrowed her eyebrows together, pouting as she attempted to remember just how much liquor was in her system. “three… gallons?” She guessed with a giggle, looking up at her doppelganger. “Three gallons of bourbon–- wine? BOURBINE!” Katherine collapsed into a fit of giggles against her double, grasping her for support. “Three MORE gallons of bourbine!”

It was safe to say Katherine wasn’t handling her new human tolerance very well.

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(some-really-random-muses) (Also the 'Cat Anon' 'cause I forgot I added Mirror to the muse list.) Startled by Lucifer's voice being raised, the creature shapeshifted again. This time xe took on Lucifer's appearance; only staying 10ft tall. Xe back-stepped rapidly until xe was a few feet away from him and stared in much the same way as Lucifer was. It mimicked every move he made.

Lucifer would just look up at the shapeshifter with a shocked expression on his face. Only this time it would look like him, but…taller… Which made the devilbot upset by it. One thing to steal his look, its another to make fun on his height.

“State your business creature.. And probably it would be best to be smaller than you are. You going to burst through the ceiling!”

Lucifer didn’t want a new skylight in the factory. It was already bad enough there were holes in the ceiling from the fire and just rot itself. Also it gets really cold in the factory because of it.

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I don't know if you're driving there or what but the super target is in Hesperia, which is like an hour and a half (or 80miles) out of LA. I really remember it being closer but I guess it's not.

My best friend and I are actually going on a roadtrip from Indiana to California, and we’re hitting up San Fransico, LA, Disney (THREE DAys I’M SO EXCITED BECAUSE I’VE NEVER BEEN), and the Grand Canyon. I just looked it up and the most out of the way route would still take us about an hour longer. We’re packing so much in I don’t know if we’ll have time to stop there….That’s very depressing :(

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When people on the show say Felicity and her mom are nothing alike do they just mean on the inside? Because they really do look alike on the outside...I mean the resemblance between Emily and Charlotte, I think is astonishing. It's great casting! I mean when I first saw who's gonna be playing mama Smoak I was like "Wow, this definitely could be EBR's mom in real life!" lol. Am I the only one who thinks that?

They definitely look alike but I think it’s the way they dress and behave that make them so incredibly different. But that’s good. We wouldn’t want Donna to be a carbon copy of Felicity. Where’s the fun in that?

I really hate when people say ‘ryan evans is gay just look how he dresses and acts’. So? A man can’t dress fine and be straight? Can’t he be into musicals and be straight? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love representation and always liked the idea of ryan and chad but saying he might be gay only because the way he dresses it’s proof we live in a close minded society with the stereotype of how a ‘real man’ acts and dresses.

Alright, I had to come back for only this post just to say something about the situation with @askthe-wannabe-hero

I feel like I have to personally say something to avoid more conflict.

Guys, Come on, be respectful they say that it’s not intentional, for Estee to look like Polari.

We are clearing things up. I’m sure Estee is a very great muse that really needs to be further developed.

Jake mun doesn’t deserve hate because of one little design that just looks like Polari, I didn’t want to get involved in this because I didn’t want any DRAMA to happen.

Jake is being very respectful too and I really appreciate everything he is doing right now to change it.

I myself want to apologize too, I was acting really dramatic while all this was happening.

Either way sorry Jake to cause all that trouble, I truly am

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Hey how's things... love the blog... love the pics... love the way you are... love the way you look... Can I ask do you use the tumblr messenger? Thing is I like to write what I call my Vicious Vignettes... small pieces written for and about deserving sluts like you... But they are too long for Asks. I really liked your dream post... you should work on expanding it... just like I'd like to work on expanding your ass hole ; )

Maybe we both can expand on those things :)